The News from Frederick, Maryland on May 21, 1932 · Page 6
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The News from Frederick, Maryland · Page 6

Frederick, Maryland
Issue Date:
Saturday, May 21, 1932
Page 6
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THE DAH-T NEWS, FBEDEMCK. MD. SATUBDAY. MAY 21,1932. Olympic Hopes by Claire Bcrcky Forced To Come From Behind in Last Event To Take Victory. CHURCH STREET IS THIRD The Frederxk high school track ana 2ejd teaa was forced to cense froas , behind ai the last event to win the s*c- ; ond asn-Jal triangruUr meet from the I Marv'jurd State School for the Deal j and 'cburch Street sciraoi on the at-:- · leuc field of the SUentee inst.tution. j rriiay af cernoon. The cadets nosed oat , the Mut«« 112 points to 106 Church Street compiled 24 points. ! The Maryland School took the lead · in the ffif teeath e% - ent on ihe proKraa,' the 660-yard icediey relay of th* tun- jor uniiauted class, and held it untU ^ the fipai event, which was the running j high jump in the senior tinllmiiec j class. Trailing by the margin or lour pouiis. the Cadets in tlus event--Ned . Stevens, Robert Himes and Frank j Jame*--tied for first place and gave the Orange and Black the margin or | victory. : The Maryland School unearthed the ; individual star of the meet :n Arm- I strong Elliolt, Tiho rolled up a tot*! of , 30 points for his team. He was first in ' four events and played a prominent! part in the mile relay, which was won . by the mutes- j Officials were: James A. McVerr.on i EYEREDY TIES OX FIBRE j FOR INDUSTRIAL HONORS; Defeats Iron And Steel--De- { molay Wins Again. foe Bvercdy team of the D.'.is»n of the City Speedb '' »'«nl into a sse «ith the Ox Fibre Company t«am Friday eienmg by atmt tc« lo»ly FreJerick Iron Steel Part ANS ALSO . 'BRUNSWICK AND FIREMEN MEET THIS AFTERNOON Sport Tips i Arthur Kauver's fl^r Into | baseball bis eadec -itth hi rejeafe Other Games Also Scheduled To ' :rczs '.he Cusiberland Co'.is of the Mxi- Be Played Today. and It ·sill be a fighting Brunsiiick base- V ^ ^ f y n ^ ^ otn., at T--_ D.. n- i sail '.earn that takes tne field tins after- I Yankees Stay At Top By Des =aon a . 3 30 O . c:o ,. a aga ^. :he m: .. i , .. ... . . i more Ftretnen in E W S-heer Staciuai feating Washington. ! T r.e Railrcacers. taaaipions of the Cwapaay outfit. 7-3. is Bake?, Toe *iaaer* ***rl up tile !i WILSON GETS HOME RUN Frecertti Cvunty League, drcppec thrir £rs; jam* ol the ;»twi last aeec *hen Boc:is:xro r4l.:ed in the St to r.cse out tne Potomac r.'-er nine, 3-2. Ta» Ra^roaders 2gire a M;- tory over the F^enien ».ll atone :n a meas_re for la^t Berk's unfortunate ex- .-jer.ence and a.11 be o^t to buaip 7ft Mike Thompson's hard hitt*ng crew Several more games »ill be played t ·--; af-.ern'wn. The Frederick Eagles ivil! in_ _ _ \ade Carroll county f.i- a game ntn between thL-d and ;hort. ! hit off French and In '-he n:nth. w u h ' i; 'e Union Br.m?e team of tne County ' ,o center ana took second »ben Tuen , -ej fumcled tii* b»U. R. Kennedj Sled to left. MareciJ'. taJca; third after the ' eaten He scored a moment later on a »--d pivch Haroe »ali*d and ad- -,anc«-i to »«coccL Boon was safe at _ ar»'. ar.i Har=« at tiurd *h*n D Gear- | . ^ Cardinals. icjer !uasbl*d hai jrro-JUider Bonn » * - ! . . . , . . · -,ar. ,-d to *econd. Bob Lebherz smash[ «* » toab!e ^ a « « for tr.e flrst ed a. i M.or.rig Harae. Crone, Celdm? the ball., t»o out, Oelker made a ivo bagger f--r ·-h«»- wild to Hat. Bohn coming home, j tc orl¥ other j^j ^ the Clrds , Lebntrz »env to third and Rr.ocenck ,,. _ i t o h r s t o n h l a t n a e l d t a p Hhodenc, ! p; ^ -: « « ^ cle A-.lartic League, aad he w^l be i a\ ailable again tisis season for Middle- | i :o*'n of rise County league. Kauver j .oi'ch'-c out one game and ~as touched j :-_c 14 h.ts. CU3AerZa£d ios:rg x Johss- j -.JIT., 6-3. i Alec Taylor, v.hB learned tie %iiys ' .slid 'i^refores of g?lf in bocnie Scot- I roll Mai-Master as professional at tie . . Rolling Road Golf Club He sill report : . on June 1. The selection of Taylor to j ^1! the ;xst ias announced Fncay by ; LOUU, May 20.--Larry French, urgh soutbpaT. allcnred ooly t»o his* today in ihe Pirates' 5-0 shutout of CoIlir-B kcock- M. K=.-pp. chairssan or advanced to second and Hauler hi:, to ' -.hort and reacned flral when Crone Lou-s . tried CR«uccc**fui!y ror Lebherz at the. "'" e ^ "-"· French and Grace. . . plate. Rhodertck »a» out at the plat* J 'on his attempt to score on Hamilton'*. c ,,_,,,,,..( | grounder to Crone. Sharrer J^«d to . d .,,.h'Ir" ,7w , _ _ , .. j. · \lvVO.9G 1ft.,11 : ft. scoring Slarendt ground- · ec out to end the innnmg rleton and Mancuco. of the ledger. Myersville -Kill play its first game this afternoon on sis -''An diamond against Burkitts-, ille at 2 CO o'clock. Plenty Of Games Sunday McC..rdy Field -.\ill oe occupied by ·he Frederick Athleti,- Club Sunday af- o'clock. Middleto'xn will entertain Boonsboro in the Valley tour '.r._s a:- ?e at the Ca'.onsvUle j .luij MacMaster ·aill lea'.e Rs'-linj j Road en May 31 to tike up the profes- ' .-10.121 duties a: H.lle:icale. He nill sue- j .eed Dooglas Brookr. 7bo nox is re- i c ..pirating from a serious illness. Brooks ! plans '.o re'.'^rn ta his home in Euglaad. i Ta;.l;r IIJT is ser.-.ns his fourth year j *» professional at the Fountain Head i Country Club, in Ha;ersto»a. Previous i ~o acve;3t5r.5 thu post he served as men- j or at a cl..b i.esr Scranton. Pa. Mac- ; Master -A as pro 2t tie Catoctts Country Club, th^ ir.'.y, n\a \ears ago. Predenclc Iron and Ste*l--Cror.e J! Ben Eastman Ss ;o be corj number one in raT-iis Ur.cle to «-in :he Olynip.c SOO meters I ^ charnpi^ruhip. then Da.e L»tts can t be any aorst- than uu:!ioor t w o or ihree The form'-r I'ntverstty of Ch.cago star The smooth, parallel trails fol!o-.ved ; ·;. Joniii H3pk::i^ ^nd the University of Maryland in the c:tase for the national , :_cro*je title re^ch the inevitable cross- : .:.; today it 3 o'-lo..-:, v hen the Jays Aiid Terrapins r~*l-' at Baltimore Stad- I-.T. in a ;ai=e richer in regard than P. Houck. third oast; D Gear- sec-?nd base: Taentey. c«n:er- M Redmond r htneld. , E-.erecy--Mareudt. catcher. R. Ken' ncdy. second base. Harce. snorUtop. cff his records of the pa« three years. , g^; ..^ ^ '^oj,^ fl 'rst --. to »lmo* sure to face t!^ starter »:tr.; E Rnodtr , ci -_ ^..a,; d: H o«.'. «r.ler- Eastman in the finals of the :n p er- j j field; Hamilton, rlgr.tfield; \Vin* Afain. c Junior O. V. A. M. ipc-edball of the Fraternal Division of the League led xith its chin a;am errors paved the way starter; Leonard Dowries and Charles j national race. H. Remsberf, timers; Hubert Derr. clerk i Letts is an amitious oung niaa. j * of the coarse; Harry G. Benson, fleid ! He was Kraa-.:ated from Chicago last | judge. Blue Ridg* College which was j June «-ith every academic honor the j , expected to participate Jailed to put in j unh ersity could bestow upon him. lie \ ~ an appearance. The summary. SO-Foand Class 50-yard dash--Shellhorse. Frederic first: McXznzie. Church Street, second; | OSyjsp.c 800 meters run. The other.! McConnell, Frederick, third. Tune. 6 1-5 j held down to secondary' importance for ! j' ar ' seconds. 440-vand relay, won by (ShelKsorse. Stapf. FaupeL McConnell) Charch Street. second: School, third. Tune, 59 seconds 95-Ponnd Class 80-yard dash--Keller. Frederi. Craaier, Church Street, second; tins. Maryland School, third. Time.|«i co:i«t-3te*. Lator m the summer , nian third ba.-: Blumenauer. leftfleld: T w"9 seconds, 440-yard relay--Frederick Wolfe, Thomas. Myersj. Srst; J School, second: Church Tune, 57 4-5 seconds. 115-Pound CUsc 70-yard dash--Marrone. Frederick.; Competing for the Illinois AlWeUc ncn'Se'd Poland flrst base 5rst; FTT. Maryland School, second; j club last winter. Lews established him- j I_ nOffman. Frederick, third. Tune--8 sec- · se if stroncly before eastern audiences. oais - !He ran a-*iy from a fast field in the, 530-yard medley relay -- Maryland ! ir .ox)r A A. L'. games He captured j School IW. Kelly. Fry. Kaltnosk!. Click) j the half-mile title in the Now York A ; Srst; Church Street, second; Frederick. · c. came; In ail. he -aon three \ i c - ' rcll; Vance. Thurston and Lopez. May 20.--Andy High two ahead of him and l»o s'.r.kei called againi him today to dr:\e in tv.o rjns and defeat the C:iica- i temoon. The F. A. C asgre-zaticr. -Aill ij CUDS 3-2 In il innings. i be c ". for its nfth ·-.^tcrj' agaaist the The score. R. H E ! BruiiS'Mck All-Star». Play -aill start 2". Chicago -- 2 7 O ' ^ 3 0 o'clock and e.tner Frank Frul-.y C-ncinnaii 3 8 3, -r Buck Stockman ·».:: toe the slab :^r ( a-:v plaved in a '.jr-3 tl.i:e. As the Hop- Batteries. Warneite and Hsrtuett. i the Ijcal team. Lef:y Gaither TM!! .-:.;.a a:'a;k is the one weapon ^ith trey, Johnson and Lombardi. ; proyabiy rr-cer.e the a^signmer.t for \hi h it hcpco to v Inp the Oljmpic --^---- · BruiisMick. ;. ;;. -.l-.e j a i v..11 be the aggressor tc- Boston. May 20 --Hu:k Betls held the The Frederick Eagie.s sill pl?y a-,\ay ' c.-y. Maryland5 delcr;-.-. cue of the Phillies to fr.e hits today as the Bra\ea js;ain Suiiday afternoor, by meeting Mt. jx-t ::: tne race. \v:ll be the ob:ective took the flrst game of the current series, j Airy. Leonard Deques ·*'!.! co the hurl- ,,; uiurh team - ork and the j !0-0. George Davts made three of li-.e , in;. The Y. M. E. B. !931 city cnam- Tv'rra.niis' ability to »:and up will have i Philliey five hits. Schulmench smaih-, pions. ·»·!!! move over to Middletoa'ii , j lot to io -.\it.i the outcome. Jack Fab- «i out t-vo hoaiers for the Braves Sunday aiterr.oor. :jr a ;ouft with the i t r. Maryland co?.;h, iiai the !ir.est bal- The score: R U E ' Middleto^n Indipenden'-s at 2.30 A r.ce attai:.ed by ::_y t-eam. From the Philadelphia 0 5 3 , o'clock. The Frederick Card^iaj ?.ill B-Xi'.on . 10 12 O . s e t into action again after a "Aeek's Batteries: CoUias. Grabowak;. Dadli-y; layoff Sunday against Adanisto-An in ai-.d V. Da\^. Tod; Betti and Har- -he county to-.\-n at, 2.30 o'clock. Tne Srave. j Terminal Nine is also o-joked to play i Sunday afternoon on the Potomac Brooklyn. May 20.--The Giants blaot: Zxiison diamond. ed Dazzy Vance from the lull in the Do You Remember Year .\go Tod-iy--\Vest. S.d; lam^on won the $3.700 v,:n- · purse or the H:ll_s claunin; : p:lr.ts to the homes, the Terrapin team is fast and sturdy. Gordon Push, lead- J cr of the mtc-fieldin; sroup. is the" c^tstancis; center of the season, and 1 H\3klns ss expecting a double dose of trouble from this stickntan. It. was I'ugh v h o scored the d?c:din; goals r.gitnst Hopkins lasr year ivhea Mar;-i land v.:-n. 8-6. Such Strange Bases! ! Perfumes are now mace from strange ntat-^rials. castor oil being the ra* mater.?.', f^r certain scents, and coal tar rr3\-dir.g a var.iHa perfume as s?.eet it the natural s:ent. H. 15 AMERICAN LEAGUE third. Ttrne. 1.23 1-5. , tones and one second place ;n four ] ^QS Ih STAPS pbq it Running broad-jump -- Everhart. !ea.v.err. mee;s. One o: hui triainphi Maryland School, first; Insley. Frecer- I coined fcr liim the h-fthly pr.zod Bref- ! ick, second: Cramer. Church Street. · ner cup. " ' third. Distance. 17 feet. 8 niche*. i · 1 Junior Cnlimit*£ Class | SO-yaid dash -- Stjrens. Frederick. Srst; Grubbs. Frederick, second: W. j Kelly. Maryland School, third Time j 8 4-5 seconds. j 320-ygrd dash -- Elliott. Maryland j School, first: Stevens. Frederick, sec- j ond: W. Kelly. Maryland School, third Tune, 24 4-5 seconds. | Running high jump--Steven*. Frederick. Srst: Willis. Maryland School. second: Moles-arorth. Frederick, third Distance. 5 feet. 2 inches 660-yard relay -- Maryland Schoul ("Click. Fry. M. Kelly. W. Kelly;, first. Frederick, second. Tune. 1 20. Senior Unlimited 100-yarcl dash--suio: School. Srst: Kimes. Frederick, second. Hopkins. Maryland S:hool. third. Tinie 10 1-5 seconds. HUE ran--S?:c?r. Frecerirk. Srs:. Ambers. Maryland School, second: StancIiSfe. Mary'.ar.c Sense!, ih^rd Time. 5.0S- 220-yarcl cash--Ell-c-tt. Marylar.c School. Srsi: James, Frederick, seccnc: W. Kelly. Maryland Srhsol. third. 25 secorxis. 440-TBrc caj-h -- Eluott. Maryland Sch.3.3!. Srst, Ambers. Maryland Schocl. secancl: Molesworth. Frecerici, third- Tune, 58 2-5 secon-is. 3SQ-yard run--Ritch.e. Frederick. £rst: L. Amberc. Maryland Schv:. sec- end. Stan:li2e. Marvland Sch^?l. thirc Time 2.18 3-5 Mile relay--Maryland Srhooi 'Elliot' Sebly. Stancli^e, Amber*-. rirst. Frec- ertck. secor-d. Tin-.r. 3 55 2-5 and Himea. ill of Freder.c.c tied. Distance, 5 feet. 2 inches. iiarylanc School, f.ry:. Jer.iuns. Free; ^^ " b ' ertck. secon-d: Seblv an-d Gr.iesck?. ' '^" .,. Marylar.d School, f^r '.hire. Dis- ^ 0 ..^ tance 17 feet. II inches ' 8-posad shatptst--Warner. Frecer.rJc. ond. Le-jH3.ri. Maryland S-".aol. tr_rc Testerday's Results. w York. 6. Wafhicgton. 3. Philadelphia. C; Boston. 1. ·Detroit 8. Chicago. 5. Cleveland. 11: St Louts. 11 innings. Games Today. t lyviut a.: Cleveland. Washington a! New York. St Lou 1 ^ at Cleveland. Detroit at Chicago. The score: | Detroit _.. j Chicago 5 7 1 t Batteries: Bridges. Herring, Hoggsctt and Hayucrth; Fraiser and Berry. Five Years Ago Today--Jesn Ecrotra and Jacques Brugnon. tenr.n stars, defeated Bill TUden and Franc _ T. Hunter in a three-set match at St. Cloud, but failed to interest, o.^OO French spectators alter they had rc- coi;cd v.orrl that Captain Charles A Lindbergh. American trai-_;aCin.ic Philadelphia. May 20 --Heavy hitting jy the Athletics, iiicludir.:; :tvo doubles ; by Jimmy Foxx. gave tlie Athletics a 6-1 victory over Boston today. Waiberg and Grove held the Red Sox to five hits, ' f · e r liad bcen signtea near ihs Waiberg; getting credit ror his first vie- ' ot Irelarid - tory or the season. ! The score: R H E ' Ten Ycars A 5o Today--Babe Ruth B-ssiou 1 5" l rcaoe hj s firs; hi; or the IS2J s;aion Philadelphia 11 Batteries: Durham. Kline. Mi?ore and Standing of the Clubs. W. , Cicveland 1 Detroit i Philadelphia S St Louis . ; Chicago i Boston ......... _ ...... 21 ..... ____ ......... 19 ........ _ ......... 16 .................. 15 ............... 15 ................ 9 ...... 5 L. 8 10 14 1 * !4 18 23 24 NATIONAL LEAGUE Tale. Connollv; Walberz, Grove and I b y Cochrane. " " Kis pet.; }x ^ .714 I Cleveland. May 20.--The Cleveland .677 ; Indians rolled ap seven runs in the j .576, fourth innir.g today to bj-x'l o - .er the i .571 St L/iuis Browns. 11-7. 517. The score: R H E .455 j St. Louis _ 7 11 2 .3-10. Cle-.eland 11 9 2 .172 s Batteries- Hadley. Keber:. L Coonev. , r.r.d R Ferreil. Ber.gotigh: W. Ferrei:. C^nnaily and Sewcli -n his second game follov. ing the long period of suspension imposed upon hirr. Judge Landis for insubordination hi: was a double and the Yankees the Browns 6 to 5. THE GREATEST BARGAIN OF ALL --INCOME ^ Store Mark-Do-ros occur everyday--But income opportunities such as oSerec tsday come as a rule only twice in a generation. Monthly Income Investments Not SlQ^Ls. Bor * pr Insurance \Vrite -- Wire -- Czll or Phone for Particulars --Xo Obligation Direct Royalty Sales C o r p . 4 W. CHURCH STREET PHONE 1543 We Buy, Sell or Trade Securities 12TH GAME TODAY I Mt. St. Mary's College To Play Lebanon Valley. Results. Pittsburgh. S. S' LOUJ:. 0. ·Cincir.i-.r.t. 3. Cuicas''. 2. B?stor.. 10. Philadelphia. C New Ycrk. 9: Brooklyn, 4 Gamr« Today. irjh at St. Louis. :a?j at Cmcinnat: York at Brooklyn Standing Of The Clubs. W L N'e-*- York. May 20.--The Yankees i .'".ir.d Monte Weaver for four runs in \ :ne third snrun? i-^day and defeated j , Washington. 6-3 to hold *L-« place, j i Tony Lazzeri led ·sith a trip".?, couble j sr.d single I ! The score: R H. E. ' ' Washington 3 9 1 i New Ycrk _. . 6 S 0 Ba:ter:=s- Weaver. Burke sue Berg; and Dirkey CUBS ARE TRIMMED Watch :orr.e at '" .'.o' rruj* r.~-' rirr. a^av ... v^-.g I* must N" kep' a'.n:is: .n the ^an-." pc-.-.'-rr. is at aaciress rhvula be rtra.^ntcned in ihe bac"- Chicago Bast or. St. Louis :c t -» York ?.-.r.adf:r-h.a Doubs Team j ternoon a: 3 v.'cl.Tck The M" S" Mir;. ^ i baseball nina ·aill niert its f* fifth o;:! potent of the current .«ea»on T-hen Mylin'5 Lebanon Vallsy t?,N5ers ir.- [ -,ade Echo Field To (la;e t'.ie have f on fi-.e of 5?r.ies. a:-r, .t is most, likely that Sill Erair. v. .11 roe the slab Saturday afternoon, in the Blue arid White's attempt -.3 run tne present strea.-i :o tr.r-e stra.ght. Erx'.n nas yet to »"in a c?rr,c this year, although it is r.o fault c: his tiial fxo chaliers are not rcjister- ec in the TVJI crlumr. ur.oer his narr.c Erratic fielcinj in the earlv seas:r. games ceprivec the Boston College hurler of hj earr-.r.;;. In the last game p;,iyed by Ih; Blj_ ar.x .... IS 19 - . 1 5 ...: i _.. 13 14 IS IS K43 44? ' 419 , ._,,.,;,,. -..,. .. K _ c5 ber.:.TM · arir.ins. Defpatrd BT Bnckinjrhain ! ^ ^ _ _ ^ School. i after three years .lUharn School baseball' v .-.h Grav"^vlc%Vo: tl^"*"-"pl ON TIME 393 am con.-nuec i:s ainrung stresl iiursday; bv ccfe3tir.; the j_os Cuof in a se - .rr. mn.r.g fracas at jckcyslo'xn. 6-5 Caprtotti and De- -it^r engaged in a pitrhir.g INTERNATIONAL LEAGUE I' Meeting Ends. Fiir Asscc.a'.^n's fi-.e-iay rare - i-augura'ec TjescaT. cr.-cls tocay ar.c .f -" - tse weather .s g»c the rlar.t c;uot- '·- rr less ·s'-ll be craoimsc vo caoac.-y. fc-r -' the program f.rures ts rroducc ranr.; ^^ r.2h! c be th- Yesterday's ;..«*,-. 4. Rochester. Z O:her cljbs r.v; sched lead in t.-.e first inn.nj. The score tharn A3 Db ,,.. 4 a.l to a O 0 A E or. -he ball ^f Aorccht c Today. P -..- j and Er-.r.. Or. Wecr-sscav Gray lc: a hard St. Fr.-,r.c.s C?ll?;»"cr?-.' · .^hj'.c,.: b^i: ·hrvti;ltrut t.-.; r.^r.c the -.1.-1--V-5 c-ra-. --.1-1 c: -r cr.-c-jnr ?ers T HEKE'LL never be any question about promptness of delivery when you order your Ice from us. Rest assured it will be whenever you order it. PHOXE 39 Hillside Coal Ice Co. Offk-r on Water Stre^t- SI ^tIER CO It, PRICES NOW IN EFFFCT THE FREDER1CKTOWN SAVINGS INSTITUTION ORGANIZED IN 1828 Commercial and Savings Departments 3*/2% Interest Allowed on Savings Accounts P E A R R E ' S Modern Pharmacy DRUG PRESCRIPTION SERVICE TELEPHONE 208 BEAUTIFUL f -OUT fceauty is only one of the things these new spn'nir designs of Armstrong's Linoleum have to offer. Stop in at our floor style show, and let us tell you all about these modern good-housekeeping floors. THE RUG STORE BEXTZ 4 EAST PATEICK ST. Haines' Stock Market I will have my regular HORSE SALE, TUES., MAY 24 12 M. j T will hare for this sale one carload of horses and mules bought ' by Harry Dosh in south west Virginia, 10 head of which will be single j line leaders. I Will have mv COW SALE Wed., May 25, 12 M. If yon need Horses or Cows, keep these dates in mind and be here sure. Place--HAINES' STOCK MARKET FREDERICK, MD. CITY U:\GIF. ;o s'if:cn tne Standins Of The Cint«. W I. Cobs s'.ccasofui TT^f^iir^ 3- 3^-s;?. Hs'.rs c-- Grs-t a-c ?^r_-:.. T.IS scss-cr; .-.* beer. anazini:.:,- SX-- W-ere tl-,r rrj»-;r tracjcs «xpe-t=cec c;r-s.ierab.y :=ss b.j-.-x'.^ ·_'.ar. they er; :-y«J .r. 1931. the fvr 2.=- scuat.on itas c'vtrene.icec ir.rrea-=c pa- tranags. ar.d^ei b?t".r;r Harry t-iTirc Bfr?:*". nre:c c n' of '.-.s criar.:- zatljn. ar.d Wal.^r D W;_-cr. ?.re r.-gi- ly elated «·;:.: - r" «M:-VV o: :.-.·- -.·»--* ture. B«-?r sr.d W .nr. se^.r.^ f-i- D' a r.fTv " i-ci ar.-i BATTALINO DEFEATED Beaten BV Prtrolie Second Time In Two Months.^ C ,- ,... -- \r -- t^ _ -- j A - * - . , ,, . _ _ ,«^3 S ' IA, _ -- s-i. s. . 3.:r 5S ... -*r D .445 241 AB J . 4 5 s :i H O Kc«niis. T .t S . RC Of The CITY SFEtDBALL T.e-d to -..m» abc »-d P.: fp'l 5es-.ce ;-.f' ra.X b'^ec.rE en b.t 'S\-arfJ« ;.· ·;·· -T Pr- (Fraternal I»ivi«iin 3 c : o ; 2 A M . .-.- Y M C Standini Of The Club-. W I A 3 '"· Aluntni 2 0 .cges, and rtferce P v ' t . ; ceo i of-o 500 "33 .;-co Csr«-.. if I D'l.v:;.-r. rf B H.,^rr.-,r.. ?-b . T ·-*'.=; 31 5 5 :s 7 4 core BT Innin^s. , B : '-c.r^'.-Arn 4 0 1 0 0 1 x--S 1 n -io' r..b5 : o : 3 o o 1--5 P'.-r.rr.-.r-. Tao ba-e .:.-.---Ear .if. Br,mr.. Ca:e Staler, b.vti\--3arc. - o: M H.:ma:i Dxiale plar--D Dcla.::cr ;·- Sp-^c'.r Str-..-"-c o-'--by Cvpri^tt: 8: , b-' Dria.-rr 5 Hr \- ^-.--l-"---bv T- t^vorcr--A-eixin«t..n. Frrs.hrn T p. F\f\ R\Dtn K U I \ R I F ROGER F. LIPPS EXPERT R\IIO StRMCE. HOCSE \V1R- ING. rixTrREs \xn REPAIRS v» .Te^ T-« ?.-ri.'.--Nor* TCJJ Large There Is No Substitute For Quality A large loaf of G-ARBER'S BREAD gives you more nutrition than a dime will buy in any other form of prepared food. Order it from your grocer; he is your most dependable source of bread supply. The Garber Baking Company

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