The Hutchinson News from Hutchinson, Kansas on September 10, 1918 · Page 4
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The Hutchinson News from Hutchinson, Kansas · Page 4

Hutchinson, Kansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, September 10, 1918
Page 4
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THE gTJ-TH I N S ON » ••VtJBSDAT. SEKW&fBKtt 10, 1918, ^THUJIUTCHINSON NEWS OFFICIAL PAPER OF RENO COUNTY W. Y. MORGAN, EDITOR. fc&TABLISHED 1872. EntcrM ul the rostoUIre In Hutchinson, Kan., for u-ansmiarlon through the moils as a<tcond-(4a*s matter, TELEPHONES. Business Of/leo No. 3 AdvvntsinK l>t-'i»arlinent No. 3 ISdttolml UwmH No. 461 bOoU-ty IXlitor No. 24iM TERMS OF SUBSCRIPTION. Dally edition delivered l>y carrier to any lurl o( Hutchinson, 10 cents a, V\«OR. Uy mull, alio year .,...18.00 Uy iiiull, Hi montlu l.MI iiy .-nail, tine,.- mujuns .00 Py mini, unu munih • .10 Wfiti./ .News, one ywir ,60 To CHANGE ADDRESS. In ordtinig tho uddrc&s of your papor chitnsi-u, suite whether It Is Daily or Weekly .Ntwu awl UlVti VOUH I'OltMf-'U J'OSTol' KICK AUlMUiSS as well OS tlio change. ADVERTISEMENTS. The Ni'Wo leservtv* the right to rcj.xit any udvtit tislhtf matlor that it may oeotn linpmpfr iuul not Hcorjiiig to contract. The News IK hot rw|i.wallil0 lor advertisement* ordei >*i or discunUnued by telephone. Culls lor nudity meollngs. cards ot thanks, obituary u'-t'-eca, reMiictioim, so- ci'.ly u/td churi-ti <KJCIH.13, lecture nollcos, call.* r>l' cltui:h nie«t,,ias (.except Sunday ceruiuiii IU-II iiusldurnl us advertising r.iitl will he i'>.jtKe*l lor. Ths aVus'.ein ullliui, of this paper ftrn ut 16-111 liuot itth ell out, New York City, Olid Itootns tX-Mh llaidB Truat KulMinK, Chicago; Jilt Wnldheim Hid*.. Kansas City. Mo., K. Kali AdterLlsliuj Agency In churc/e. Advertising rat's made knovfn on nppll catfun. 1'elephone No 3. Talephuno news items to Edlt'.TlaJ Iln.jina, No. 463 or 2103. thing when Die war Is over, it they continue to obey the wnr chiefs. N Tho Rusfilnn Soviet republic tlltlti't seem to fill Ihe bill and the folks hrc doing things lo It. If they keep It up long: enough they may make It sufficiently Interesting to draw a few (lef 4 man armies away from the west front, which wouldn't worry anyone In the United States. The Oeniinns are telling the ftus- sinns that the Indians In America are flshllng conscription. If tlx: lndlanaj In tho volunteer armies and In the selective draft armies get wind of tfils they're liable lo go Into Germany and start a rough house. The Huns, made a lot of trouble for the world when Ihty worked a rabbit's foot on the Russians and broke up their armies. Hut It may react and If It does the boehc had better find a now lluslncss rather than war for a vocation. MEMBER OF THE ASSOCIATED PRESS Tho Associate 1= exclusively civ published herein. «,Ji...K W h.r. l .. , V..-"ii»-r«.rv,d for tepubl t or uol otherwise and U.S.. tie local n«. The Sidlinger. Drug Co. PRESCRIPTION SPECIALISTS Telephone 31. • No. 17 Ntfrih Main Street. Hutchinson Germany needs a new chancellor, one that will say the things the kal ser and his bunch don't want lo say but have lo say, and will then kindly resign. German diplomacy Isn't having an easy time. The men of America, IS to 4Ti years of age, art? ready and willing for (he registration. It is ihelr time to got into the war with both feet and they'll probably be found there nhert tho time comes. "I'd just rove t' have an ole lime rive- cent palm leaf fan, but I'm afraid t' price 'em," said (iran'maw Turner, t'day. Su,ulro Marsh Swallow Is able t' set on Ut' porch t'day, but he's still so weak he had f take a ten-bar rest on a Golden Hantnm roastin' oar. Tho River Rhine runs through country that Is very valuable to the Germans, if the Americans should strike into it like Sherman did with his inarch to the sea, Germany might realise that it was high time to end the war. * GOODBYE SUMMER. * * —— » * Oh, summertime, farewell! It's * * time to loll your knell, and no one * * sheds a sigh; you've been on deck * * so long, you've spread It on so * * sirong! Oh, summertime, good- * * bye! Ob, summertime, In books, • * you, with your babbling brooks, * * have had a lot af praise; but peo- * * pie now on earth have had their * * money's worth of sizzling, scorch- • * ing days. The poels, lyres in arm, * * have often sung your charm, their * * melody enchants; but no one sees * * I hem rise to sing about your files, * * your chlggers and your ants. They * * sing of bosky dells and zephyrs * * wcai'laB bells, and sunsets rich * * and red; they have no language " * swoet concerning prickly heat, " * and sleepless nights in ibed. Oh, * * summer, fade and floe! Your * * name is Twenty-three, your motto • * Is "Avaunt!" "You've put us all * * in bad, and all of us have had a * * lot more than we want. Oh, sum- * * merlime, so long! You live >#n * * tale and song as something grand * * anil fine; with mo you make no * * hit! I'm willing to admit I've had * * enough In mine.—WAJ,T MASON * • * * • * J. Barleycorn and the kaiser are running neck and neck these days, both riding for a fall. There's much about these two that makes them look like twins. It begins to look like tho national government would heat the Btatcs to It in making national prohibition an actual thing. There must he many graveyards In Germany, so much whistling is g0 ing-|-»"aterway. on there these days to keep up the courage. city lo Great lii-ud can hardly be equaled for a dirt road. Catching lro%t is all right in Its place in Colorado, but there's nothing like sneaking the festive cat out yOf.lhe waters ot Cow creek. Ford county sent twenty-eight youug men to war a foWMlays ngo and Is getting another fine bunch at fighters ready for tho next request. "Up to Monday night there had b*en but one long distance telephone call to ths office asking about the ball games. Whatever I B the matter with the people? The new Tenth army division forming at l'\n)3tun is soon to go to Europe, says the commauder, General Wood. AntbWood says il is a first class division, too. There are some good Kansas soldiers within a score of mles of where the Rhine river gets Itu start and thoy may conclude to take a little rldo down that stream one of these limes. Silver creek, Reno county, Is as dry as a bone this fall, an Tmusual thing for that stream. But Goose creek, bard by, is sending the usual flow of spring water down its narrowed A WORD TO"CONSTANT READER." By Ruth Cameron. THE FOOD ADMINISTRATOR'S FALL. The fall-down of tho food administration Is /not in lis good intenllons liut In Its lack of nerve to do what the people want done. It took a year for the administration lo get through its head that the compulsory buying of "substitutes" was a bad performance. Thejre is good work done on such lines ns sugar, but the people aro left with practically no protection on tho price of foodstuffs, anil the profiteers keep raising the prices muklug the public sore when u TjOod stiff food administration would stop a lot of il. The farmer Is not getting the great ihi'tieflt of the high prices. The profit is lost between the, producer and consumer. As for example a can of tomatoes w,hlch costs three or four cents, is retailed at twenty-five cents; and the l>oor folks whu must pay the profiteering have reason to resent the Inefficiency of the food administration. dm I nisi it h/s which tell the story numerously and •well. But il fulls down scandalously when ft Is culled upou to protect tho consumer. The food administration does » lot of good and It h/s publicity agwits ITALY AND WINE. The Italians in Huly are objecting . to our new proposed law which will stop their Importation of wine to Ihe United Slates during the war. Italy nuiy feel that way about It but tho facts uio that we are shutting the vine off from llaly for the name rea . f.ou they will nol be allowed to come ' frolu France and that California ' will also have to go out of tho wlue '« tousliiesii as far as American Irad'J is concerned. America really means to Jiavo a brand of piohibl'iou that docs the business. Jluly Is all right as a war.Ally but wo can't aflorito meet lior bull way in tho wine usufe, €><?><>.«••?> '5><5>.t><!>4><5'<$'<J>*'J>« > .?. A letter came to me this morning (jBo typical of many I receive, that I am going to print part of It. "1 wonder," writes my letter friend, "if you could let me know any one that would want a girl to work in the evenings, doing little/things ot various sorts. Some folks would gladly pay a dollar to bo able to get a night off from their families so they could go out tor an evening's enjoyment, but where are they? You can't go to your friends and tell them you are doing, that, becauso you can't accept money from that kind of folks. "Again 1 should imagine somo people would be glad to have someone come along thai wouhl do some business for (hem that tfToy simply can't manage themselves. For instance, you know how often people receive company and If thoy had someone to como right In and help theni wouldn't It be a blessing? And they don't know who to get and I don't know who thoy are." My - letter friend Blgns herself "Very truly yours, Constant Reader." Now if 1 did know any people who wanted a girl to work evenings, how could 1 let her know? She would hardly erpect mo to publish their namcB in this column, would she? Granted that they would bo willing, that would hardly make interesting reading for the rest of my friends. And yet 1 am constantly getting letters of that sort, appealing for personal help and signing a nam dc plume! I agree with my letler friend that It would be a boon lo both them and her If she could get into touch" with tho people who need n helper. And since 1 am using her case us a bad example 1 am going to pause and Bay hero just what I would say lo her If I were writing a personal letter. The answer to "And they don't know who lo get IUU I 1 don't know who they aro," is always the same. Send out a drag net lo bring ihem to you. Let Ihem know whom lo gel, und you will find out who (hey are. In oilier words put in u simjlle advertisement In Ihe classified advertisements telling clearly and fully just what you staud ready to do. fe'o much for this specific example of "A Constant Reader;" As to Constant Readers In General, •—once mora let ino repeat what I havo so otleu said, if you want personal uilvlco please sign your real name, and enclose a stamped envelope. Surely If my advico Is worlh anylhiiig it Is worth three cents and that attiuunt of 'confidence. "Tommy of the Voices." Clifford Reynolds Knight, tho author of .-"Tommy of the Voices," was born in Fulton, Kansas, some thirty odd years since. He began to write for publlcatiou^in 1910 and succeeded in Belling trfe first two.stories •>he submitted to magazines. Since then he has appeared frequently in the leading periodicals and fur three successive years has had the distinction of being mentioned by Edward J. ; O'Brien In his yearly collection of the best short stories. "Tommy of the Voices" is Mr. Knight's first novel and he had two things in mind when he wrole it.: First, to show something of tho romance of railroad life; second, to add his mite to a solution of the great problem of national unity. The book has just been published by A. C. McClurg & Co., of Chicago. GERMAN WAR PEMANDS. Tho Germans aro asked to give up llieij' dour knobs Ip help alopg in the >< war, If Uiey'rd wutlo out ot copper or fcrorwe. Some of the Germans are ob- '^eotlnB. Thoy shouldn't for the _ r ... •taUHaiy chiefs also^tavo Iheljveyes on '„ £Lo tUpgea and iboso way also later "H-.fc"'^ 0 ' lity tho fe't'ueral iueHiJi£ }K>t to m0M» itong «io crime q( the world, TUp H^flomwu »he»l*. CPU M ''-UMtyteelvm OVER OUR STATE. Douglas county expects lo register more than 2.C00 men on Thursday in the IB to 45 class. Tli u water question Is crying for soluiion down at El Dorado. The people need more of it. Jjeavenworlh 1ms a ney Jewish Temple, Just erected ant} readjr for use as A bouse of worship. llavlland has a girls' baud and it' Is salt) to be the "life ef tho commu- itlty." "We can easily Imagine it. i'ho followina casualties are reported by the Comuumdlng General of the Amer- icun Expeditionary Forces; Killed in action, 1A; missing In action, iU7; wounded severely, 226; died of wounds, 26; died from uccldent and other causes, li; died of dlsciisc, 5. Total, 442. KILLED IN ACTION: Lieutenants: John If. Fellhom, Jr., Newport, R. I. Robert Suulfer Helxer, Osage City, Kan. 1 Howard t-ee Strolrf, Hcllerlown, Pa. Karl H.. McComb, Noioleon, O. Sergeants; Crover 12. Sunderland, Newton Hoiuil- lun, Pa. l J aul U, Farrell. llajndcn, Conn. \ Corporals: Tom C Cromin, Porterdalfl, Gtt. Arvld L-trson, Kane, 3'a. Wllllum C. 1-4-inke, Ionia, Mich, / ixjyd Shrlaley, Toledo, O. Arthur Julius .Stuurt, Lubt'r, Me. Jos. I'. Fullerlon, Jr., Philadelphia, Pa. Ueorse McCann. Shulbburg, "Wis. Bugler: tiiay Ii. Miller, l'"aji-\'lew, Mont, Privates: .liwon Altlllser. Olive UllilBC, N. Y. • John A r llaccus, Wundhaven, N. Y. John 1Jail>:ulno, Ijuslou, Mjisa. Ralph A. Belden/ Lebanon, Kan. Floyd 10. llerry, Jticksun, Mich. Clayton C- railg,- Sotuervilte, Mass. v'iore Francesco, Olaaaport, l'u. John IJ. Ili-iilcy, New Haven, Conn. ' McCarthy, Wehpervlllc, Mich. Hill Ur.uu.funt I'lpvr, SOottsville, Ky. Vlrdli-k SaliiiBlnn, Eust St. Louis, 111. Ili-JiJy J. Ncliinlu, Now Jlaven, Conn. Waller Slier, Kln«, Mont. William Veil Bund), Harvey, 111. Chrl« .s. Vilinlovo/., Lua Angeles, Cal. John lOlnier Westfall, Mcelianleaburg", Fa. iK 'r.ilne Vnrk. Majulun, N. Dale. Itt'lnliold ItciiKon. oskurstrum. Sweden. J-'rltlie C l-*or»inan, Omaha. Neb. Jainfts A. Jewell, Henttle, Wash. I^UUM A. I.ybnk, llrumov, Austria, Nicolu FIM'CIU, Cuutulupo, Italy. lfarn;<ou It. Taber, Kopuy, CuJIf. Manuel U. Valaut, Aica, lluwuli. Furl U:ikor, (, Wis. . HnlllBT F. Ballard, gulcnvOre. / Anthony Charles licieal, Detroit, Mich. liauibluo 1,. Cnti'ltnl, Crockett, Calif. Dan 11, Clancy, Butte, Mont. Abraham Cooper, ttultiinure, Md. t'liai'lca C. Coppus, Little Chute. Wis. William Willis Cumm!nss, Morrow- vllls, Kan. p ItoKsllei- H, Fllseorald, Howard City, Mich. Stojiln Kxesick, lx>s Allude*, Calif. Rny IT. Mo*e«, Medford, Ore. Mrs.P. Peterson, Keninure, N. I). Hubert 1* " Kedil, Durneyvllle, Uklft. Ixjyd If. Riffle, ChlcaBo, 111. Ixjuls Ring, Chicago, 111. Vernon Rodgers, Ijiconu, la. Oeorgo if. Tanner, Kuincrvllle, Mass, Walter J. Theus, Alameda,, Calif. Albert Thomson, Auitiahury, Mass. Joo F. Thutnan, Nioilaway, towa. J.oraln.A. Welsh, Kicckeiirldiie, Mo. Arthur White, Aduir, Ilk. • i Jaui(\s A. Wood. 1'atmur, Muss. William Woodrmffe, Howe, Okie. Aulhony W. SUrboa, White Karth, N. D. Vaul.ltay Shields, Oblong, 111, Luther Bhlve. York, Pa, Robert Hbut tiesworth. Irwin, Pa. John Joui-pb Billions. Detlllehcin, Pa. Androw J. Sinitto, Brooklyn, N, X, Roy H. Stovar, Lurey, Va. Wealcy a. Straltyell. brookvllle, Fn. , hldear B. eiltton Wulnwrlalit, St. Mury*. ra. Audoi .Wollsareft WlrU. Ya, Jaiuas Wernttld, Brooklyn, N. Y, Alex Wia»»omer«kl, : Clevoluud, Q,.- ^. Dlghloii mau claims that the bv,o(Ji'ed »lle« ot Wjtiway (row Uuit^ CfaTr wlsl^^i^nrtw*. V* Horace 3. Wolfe. rhllArtelphui. I>», DIED OF WOUND8: .. LteuUnaftii il, Edward Arthur Wurton. Ull.lboro, WIS. Corporals: Wnllnce M. BUIer, Bvnnston, III. llnlph Richard Cnrr, Coldwater. Mich. Wdward l^wls Zuver, Greenville, ra. Privates: . Ix-stcr W. Aldrldse, North Muskogee Ofcla. C'lnfenco 7A Bell, Baltimore, Md. Kntmler* W, Uukolt, Huffnlo, Nt Y. I^roy fi. Clouser, Mlddlrtown, Tn.". l.ynn E. Davis, Most OronRO, N. J. James Alfred Dougherty, Philadelphia. Pn, John a. Duvall. WnynenburB, I'tt. Thomas Herbert Elliott, I'lttilburB, Pa .bonis Flebmer, Morahfleld, Wis. Clarence, ll. Geyef, cbathnmr^yit- Charles,A. IteaJIs, Philadelphia; Pa. Vcrn U. ltyre, Palestine. 111. Angelo lnvcrsn, PhUndelphla, Pa. Roy V. Ijinailon, Reedaburg, Wis. Albert lA'ftora, Jamestown, Calif. ' Frederick Matoch, Ulmlro, N. Y. Arthur O. Morjran,, txignn, Mont. Archie J, Miles, IlArUitown, Pa. Samuel J. Perkner, Blrmlnfrhnm, Ala. Julius Strauss. RockWay Park, N. Y, Ira Welllvcr, Kddyvllle, Nell. DIED OF DISEASE: Captain: Oscar Uoyd Housel, Clnrcndon, Va. Sergeant: • Cuy A. I'essrnden, Faaton, Pa, Corporal: 1 Verne : IL Downs, KprlnKfleld, Maaa, Privates: riestor Jnmea Burke, Chlcapo. 111. Petor Krawfcyk, Jr., Lone Prairie, Minn, DIED FROM ACCIDENT AND OTHER CAUSES: Sergeant: George 3. Onken, MlnOnk, III. Privates: . Alfred J. Rislghanl, Jeamtp, Pa. lrwtn Clllliund, Knsclnko. Miss. Nathan Laznar, Philadelphia, Pa. Jnrry J. Klssane, Omalia, Neb. FranclSco Miirt.-s, t^ahe.ion. N. M. WOUNDED SEVERELY: : Lieutenants: Stephen O. Brighton. ,Mmillion, Wis. llnrry A. Dnrllug, inrl»rtiajiiton, N. Y. StatUey F. Grlswold, Cnnton, N. Y. John T. Harninn, New Yolk, N. V. Francis .Henry Mlsslg. Detroit. Mich; 14riu-«t"V. Ryall, Ludvitritith. Wis. l>n A. Sullivan, Jr., Uiurena, H. C. Joseph B. Tvrrence, Cynthiami, Ky. Sergeants: 1-cwls Franklin Aekner, Meadvllle, l'a. Donald Agar. Khefflchl. Masy. Henry Aubrey, Cecil, Pa. TCdward J; Harrle. Palerson, N. J, Vli-Bfl-Beatv-, Wilder, Tenn. Wilbur J, ltovd, Marlon, o. Clyde- W.' Clftiupe, Clnremont. Va. Hubert IS Conwnv, Portlanil, Me. fitlo V. Comhot, Dayton. O. John .1. Crowley, Ashuiunt, Mass. John Shepherd llancoclt, Rlnmre, Mlt.h. Krank J. Htuley. rtoxlnir>'. Mans. Clinrlea A. Knudson. New York, N. Y. William G, Miller, Dillon. S. C. John E. Personett, Lenora, Kan. Thomas W. Stoma, Natrona. Pn. Francis C, Sullivan, North Tonawanda, N. Y. • John Sutton, Tazewell, Tenn. Charle.s Jrimes VanDyke. oil City. Pa. Andrew Warhnlii. Koi-est City, Pa. Till with, Chicago, 111, T.eland A. Wood, Troy, Pa. « Coroorals: Hiram Franklin Unll, Jr., Detroit, Mich. Cbuido W. Brlnson, liulliinanolis, Ind. Adoiph S. Husk, Chicago, III . Homer Cleveland Denton, Jacksonville, Tex. Harry* Alvln Detar, Kane, Pa. Bay K. Doughty. Shaw, Mb-s. lnueH W. K. Duke. Troy. Tex. George Samuel Falridl, Iowa City, la, George C. Kile, Slout, O. Fdword Lee llahner. Pottavllle, Pa. Chalmers l^awson Harmon, Brookvllle, Pa. Alfred F. Hendry, Dnde City, Ma. Oswald Howeils, Taylor. Pa, Bennle If. Hudson, Wewum, Mo. Samuel-' Householder Ickes, Wolfsburg, Pa. Itnss Gilford IngalLs. Butler, Pa. Carl A. Jurknon, .SallRbury, N. C. Crockett C. l.aik, Kevll.,Ky. John Aloysiuy l.leb, Connellsville, Pa. WIUIam/McCurthv, Dorchester, Mass. Zav McCluIn, Danville, Ind. Thonuia Mazsa. 10. ftoRton, Mn-ss. tJeorge Mowry, Kejy;.. I'a. Mike MrykiUo, Newark, N. J. ' James. 1..^Padgette, Poison. Mont, lilward W. 1,'uulln, Williiuusuurt. Ind. Aiiloni Pi-cvua, Kvanaton, 111.- .. Mark S. Phillips, "HarrlMburg, Pa. • Jit tots M. flkf. Alexander, ,N.' C. Thomas M- r Price, Eldorado',' 111.. Filzhugh 1,. Klehurds, 'Bevier, .Mo. Bernard Roberts, Montcoinefy. W. Va, John C. Sanderwon, Terrtf-Haute, Ind,'' George Sorenson, Verdena. Soak. Joel D. Thicker, Orrlx. Va. Crtirden G. Thurlow, New rtnchelle, N. Y. Anthony II Tillman. St. Umis, Mo. Overton L Turner, Dexler. Tex. lv»-wls M. Wlllla, Cloversporl, Ky. Claude Wlltraut, Junction City, Kan. Raymond Yoimg, Kansas t.'ily, Mo. Allen B. Casady, Milton, la. Jesse Centers, lx>st Creek, Kv. Charles Cliapirnn, Richmond, Va. IUiyinond J Fay, Jamestown, N. D. Michael Kerrcn, MHwirukee, Wis, Arvld Iteidenberg/ Sarilsh,. N. D. Ozey A. Horton, Noodle, Tex. Clarence AV. Jonefl. Iberia. Ky. Joseph P. Kelly, Blmlra, N -Y . Harry J. Mitchell, Chester. N. J. Truman Hugh O'Brien. Detroit. Mich. William I-aull. New Orleans, U, Theodore L. Root, North Topaka, Kan. Ctilien Itoyse, BreMing, Ky. ,^ Buglers: Byran Clark, lilsscx. Mo. lA'wls l^?o Frlacb, Kvaus City, Pa, Paul H. Rau, Hamburg. Pa. Mechanics: Charles H. Abels, Akron, O. George M. Agnew, Franklin, Pa, Clwirles J. Uuataiaoii, New York, N. Y. Tony Thomas, Dayton, O. Wagoners: Rdwai-d Fischer, Nellgh, Neb. Chailea 1,. Walt-roan. Horrlsburg, Pa. Privates: Konstant Armonavlczlno, Jackson, Miss. Stanley Biuiatt, New York, N. Y. Richard Riddle, Jr., Thorpe, Wis, Frank lllno, Bhelburn, Ore. Albert Bluggeil, Home City. Kan, Chiules Bliss, Pine View, Mont, Kmll Hons. Frceport, lib Kdwln P.rendal, Starljuck, Minn. George Hulala, Hcrimton, pa. F,m.niett Caldwell, Advance, Mo. James P. Ctiuuon, Roxbury, Mass. Warren W. Caswell, Bay City, Mich. Charles W. Cirulltlns, Littleton, Mass. James L, Duffy, Walnut, Kan. John V. Chase, Chicago; 111. John T .Cheatham, Corham. III. Maxie S. Clyburn, Blshopvllle. S. C. Max K. C.'ochraii, Ipswich, S. D. Peter CoiKlle, Salt Luke, Utah. lA-onard Cunley, Omaha, Neb. , Mike Conneiv, Oladstone, N. D, Leroy P. OIIIK, Mansfield, O. , John William Crandall, Walson. Mich. Richard Crunk, North Hudson, Wis. John 1.. CIOHS, SmRlifleld, W. Va, Henry V. Curtis, Story, Ark. •' David W. Drake, Chicago, ill. Ashley G. Duvall, Washington, B. C, August (I. Mdinond, Bertha. Minn, (lustav W. Kk. .Los Angeles, Calif. Jesse O. Fvuns, Wlucliesler, 111. Richard Fulirer, New Hockford. N. D, Antonio FlletU. Capanoti, Italy. Franklin R. Ftlkey, Uiguna, Calif Reuben If. Flneinan, Bronx, N. Y. Frank II. Flynn, Lynn, Moss. Van W. Flynn, Ashevllle, N. C. Doiulnico For*se, Bon Feriunn. Italy, Herman Foth,Wittenberg, Wis. Milton W. Fowler. Waslilngtoti, D. C, John Bernard Callugher, Syracuse, N. Thomas W. Mushi-oe, Chippewa Falls, Wis. . • • - Axel L. NlehVon, Aurora, III. William O. Brian, lament, la. Harold A. Okoll, Sart J-raiiclsce, Calif, lieonard Palltier, Douglaavllte, lis. George Pelse, Chicago, 111, F.i nest W. Perkins. Bllnots Benfl, Tex. Chnrles O. Ptlgfelder, Millndelphln, Pa. Arthur T. tiuinn, Ft. Myer, Va. Andrew Recik, Chlcnflx>, ill. . "David Reed, lyxlngton, Ky. / Otto M\Relnhnrdt, St. l/nila, Mo. Cecil A)] Holey, Washougnl, Wash. Perry Ifl lln-n, Ptirt Anieles, Wash. Dlllnrd C. Hnnynn, ltumei-s, Wash. William Walter Rycraon, Kipon, Win. Bert Saltklll, Palmetto, Miss. Harry A. Shearer, Tj^moynr, Pn, Clyde Venoy Shll-ey, 'Corry. Pa. Rftlvatore Shlrrrple. Youngstown, O. ^ Albert Showalter, Lnwbitown, Pn. Milton Slimtmtt-i, PotLtvllle, Pn, George Skltnrelleli, Wheeling, W. Va. itoliert F. Slaughter, I.09 Angeles, Cat. John Slinks Chicago, 111. BeiKillt Soltnn, Springfield, Ma»s. Wnltei- Raytmond Spring, Worcester, Mnss. George Steever, T^bnrion, Pn. Kdwln Truman Stiles, Olnnd Rapids, Mkh. Frank Stoltman, Mllw-aukee, Wis. Curtis K. Str-nusbaugh, York, Pa. Alexander Sutton, Pnyonne, N. J. W111, J. Tanlev, Yorkvllte, O. Lawrence Trimble, College. Point. N. T. <*l«iude Ilndcrdown, Harrison,. Ark. Vnsllle t'rsnchy, Lhiylon, O. Guy William Wallace, Polk, Pa. Francis W. Wr-bb. Platlsburg. Ma, Rlchiu-d Welbor. HnnkJiuion, N. D. 1'klwnrd "M. Well, Kunice, 1 M. Win. F. Welch, Loudonville, N. Y. Henry A. Wldiner. SI. l^nlls, Mo, Jo P. Witt, Irvine, Ky. Curtis Young, Princeton, Ind. John E. Young, Cleveland, "N. C. Dtto Arthur Schinutxler. Denver, Colu. Maurice Schultz, Washington, D. C. Frank Scorield, Norwalk Bridgeport, Connr- Widlcntl Sculskl, Newark, N. J. Wilbur a. Shankle, Hydro. Mont, Ross R. Sherwood, Almont, N. D. George Suell, Hlsble, Ariz. AVUllnm Stanbnrh. NewiMirt, Ky. Tony Stawulkowskl, Milwaukee. Wis. Finest K. Vi'ek. Semlnot. N. D. Alfred Weber, Huffnlo, N. Y. . Oscar Weltmnn, Chicago, 111, Powell WypycK Niagara Falls, N ,Y. Irving C. Young, Suhope, N. II. John Zakuhowskl. Detroit. Mich, Adoiph Zcllniv tlumWrd, Wis. August V. Zimhieruinn, Detroit, Mich. Henry Zimmerman, Staunton, 111. Paul Zolbe, Johiiplown. Pa. MISSING IN ACTION: Lieutenants: Wlllard K. Mushy. New Haven, Conn. George A^-McKiulock, Jr., I^ike Forest, 111. Sergeants: Charles A. llelse, Seattle, Wash. Loon A. tjlckinson, Camden, N. J. August F. Luudmark, Gayloi-dsviue, Conn. Corporals: Frcl Remix, Schenectady, N. V. Lyford C. Mitchell, Son Autosio, Tex Charles Warner, cotitnibia,-. John Lyden, Letterfn^k, Ireland, Bugler: HiUTy Gordon, St. Paul, Minn. Privates: James 1. Allen, Gra.-!*! Saline, Tex. Ignace Riilcimas, KiCvlrit,.', CUir*nce Ueulon, Clinr-m, Iowa, Grant Bodwcll, Boiatn, l'cv. Lee C. Roland. Klkader, la. Felix Brainbrldge, Marlow, Okla. Willie D. Uurgi-r, Healing Springs, Va. Thom-ui Anthony Byrnes, Brooklyn, JN, John, New York, N. Y. " Hubert T. Clay, Riverside, W. Va. Raymond P. CUid, Colfax, Waall. Karl Cilrnow, .luntura. Ore. John K. Dorr. Manell, Ark. Mlchele Dcdh.nlirl, llotrolt, Mich. William N. Dow. Astoria. Ore. John IMett, Coatesvllle, lud. Jolin W. |i*rwtii, Cleveland, Miss. Henry P. Flack, Albany, .N. Y. Harry R, Ferguson, Pittsburg, Kan. PUul M. Baldygti, 1-last Hampton, Moss. John L Bcrlin-li, Spokane. Wash. Arthur Rurkmuu, Newcastle, Ind. Charles K. Byrd, Fallsvllle, Ark. Mike tJEcrulejewakl, Toledo, O. John It. Dleruieyer, Cleveland, O. Jes.-ie M. IXuIge, Seattle, W:wn. •Stlliaitce Kouigiuutukis, Ci-etc, Greece. Anton J Kramer, Berea, O. Calvin Kretzer, Independence, Kan. Chnrles P. «iutJulre, t^iiubridge, Mass. Gulseppo Mamu.v.111, .Monteacugl|o«o, Italy. - so. V, Joseph[Ma7.xaaq;te, JJprlh Maston, Mass. Jiian Moras, Beten, Arabia. Jodie Pope, Nlxa, Mo, Samuel V. Reed, Buston, Mass. ltany John Schmidt, Seville, O. l,ouis Seefeld, Milwaukee, Wis. Adoiph K.,Seertb, Philadelphia, Pa.- Kmile Solar, Morgan City, IJU.. Harry p. steltz, Philadelphia, Pa. Knuuelt Story, Plainvlew, l^i. l^lwin J. Swt^et, Bridgeport, Corel. ' Martin Symanowlex, Chicago, III . Luciano Tassoni. Wiklwood. N. J. Benno 'flmm. .Michigan City, Ind. Kara Todor, Indiana Harboc, tnd, LMwatd Wamlry, Knots, Ind. Harold J. Ward, Mt. Vernon. III. Luther S, Williams, Rutherford, Tenn. Theodore Wong, Sanleh, N. D. Y. Ifarland Gill. Wenatchee, Wash. Gcorgn A. Goode. Portland, Ore, Fred L. Hall, IXiyon, Nl D. Arthur M, llaitdstad, Syuth Minneapolis, Mlnu. Frank ILiIph llanson, Wasirrfirt, Conn Aubrey W. Harrison, 1.,OB Angeles, Cul. Clifford 11. Honw, let. Atkinson, Wis. William Claire HIekcy. Saginaw, Mich. Harry B. Ilolllater, Three Forks, Mout, Filing laakson, Big Fork, Mont. Fugcao a. Irwin, Granville. N, D, John T. Jackson, Butte, Mout. Fdword Jason, San Antonio, Tex. Thomaa J. Jenjoiugs, Bridgewuter, S. D, llurlan M. Jones, Denver, Colo. Waiter S. Jorgonson, Konmat-o, N. D, Roy M. Kesaelrlmr, Blglcrvillo, Pa, Ivy W. Keatorson, Fowlkes, Tonn, Hewitt l<lrby,.Bnattlo, Wash. T Russell Jerome Kirk, Pittsburgh, Pa, Frank Kracmer, Chicago, III, Alhert (Cruelty, lrouwood, Mlcb. Plnjli) (). Uiboy. Sioux Falls, 8. p. Frank c. Ijadnor, Cupertino, Oalit Caa.i-10, Liupll, Oramlo, Mont, Robert I* MfoCarflle, Now Bagland, N " irarryp. Mllan'der, Bodfoi'd, N. O, Chester it. Singling, Altoona, Pa. Albert Wm. Yoaer, Richmond, Ind. Dean Zeilcr, WnShbum, N. X>. Walker Perry Floyd, Comanche, Okla, . Jacob tlreenbcrjr, Chicago, III. Joseph F, Grysklovlcx, Nontlcokc, Pa. . Albert lialvoraon, Klgln, la. Wllthim W. llnney, Knmas, Utah. Charles A. Harp, Oznnnc, Okla. John Hcntlerson, Rocklnmf, Mass. Charlie Havens, Salt AntonJo, Tex, Albert Holt, Ramllett, OKVn. Boleslnw Jnnkoskl, Jersey city, N. J. . Oozler Johtisuh, Pltie Level, Fla. Homer M. Knllaher, nirmlnghnm,' Ala; Lyoucl 3 .Hern, Bloomrield, Ihd. Ilollct T. Knight, Pnlatla, N, V. Karl L. Kims, llcngal, .Minn. Ftahels 1>. LenrMtil, Ungclown. Mich, Noah B. Llvlnghouse, Ijiporte, ind, tleorgi^ I.uebker. Ijiporte, ind. Mnthlax Lynaugli. Madison, Wis. Fnv s. Mcltec, Madison, Ark , lllfarv F. McCiuro, Wuynesvllle, N, C. Paul "Jtunes MnDonnid, llmiford, Conn. Henry W. McWachern, South Brewer, Me. .lames McLaughlin, Philadelphia. Pa. Joseph Mathleu, Fall Itlver, .Mass. Roland 10, Moberg, Rockwell City, In. John Moorehead, Parkerabtirg, w, Va. 8am Morrone, Mulberry, >Kan. Jam^ Frlgnr Pelton, Richmond, Ind. HdWftrd Peterson, RockiwrL Mum. Daniel PlctroKtaoomo, Seattle, Wash. Victor B. Rice, Ashcvllle. N. C. Ijimkln Roberts, Mlndeli, I,a, Russell C. ltobert*i, Hannlbnl, Mo. Pnul Herman Roberts, lyiveiand, o. John Rog«lskl, Westrleld. Mass, Joseph Itolewskl, plltshurg, Pa. Kverett 15. Smith, Howes, Ark. Vlncenzo Siwtoto, Philadelphia, Pa. Clmrles Aioj-siuus stunn, Indianapolis, Ind , Samuel CI. Tnmdjs, Oakland, Calif. Kuiiultt Tltlelt. PolKK-ruve, Ky. K ltobort A. Vldenn>.|aidditurloti, Mich. Reoily B. Walker, Chobarhnt, ljji. Arthur D. SteveiiN, Kalrhaven, Marts. ^MARINE CASUALTY LIST^ Tho rollowing^ amuuJiles uru report by tho ComnuimJIiiK U^ncriU ut lliu Ajiiork'au J'ixpeOltlonary I-'OI-IVH: lit action, 7; dl«l of wnuinln rccolvtHl lt» uetlon, 4; woumtcd in notion, severely, 7; diod ot diKetwo, 1. Totnl, J9. KILLED IN ACTION: Private » John \V. WltiHton, Moinphin, Tenn, KILLED IN ACTtONt (Previously Reported Wounded IA Actloft) Privates: Louim A. Tloltnes, (liUvesIoiJ, TVK. Alton 1 4. Chortl, Newport, Ark. fhurlos I. U-offtn, IiiiHea, T'-x. John It. IXlvhiM, Chlc-iiRo, ill. John V. Golilaburry, Warwood, W. Vtt. Utorgd \V, Knt'ljlt'r, Mound, Minn. DIED OF WOUNDS RECEIVED IN ACTION: / ' Privates: Ktwood A. Uonnett. Ht*lel('8VlJ|p, I'a. HaiiHi'.'l A. ltov«ei', MuiuisvlHc, N. V. DiMivor A. I.*Gshpr, I.cltrhftt'ld, ICy. Jftici^i Marcus, IIuirirtoii.^N. J. WOUNDED IN ACTION: (Severely) Second Lieutenant Win. V. UuiimtfT, JA»H AnjfelcR, Ciillf. •Corporal: JnniL's K. Kk-.iardn, Konkvalc, Colo. Privates: K«rl S. Undor, Uumlna, III. lOdwanl J. O'Nclt, KanM-i.t City, Mo. GHICII I-L t'Souffh, Henton, Ky Kr«?d -\- Thornton. Gloast-i", O. SEVERELY WOUNDED IN ACTION; (Previously Reported Killed In Action) CorpOrnK John C. GttlK'^r, Ja^pi-r. Fla, DIED OF DISEASE; Gunner Sergeant: Arthur II .Johnstun, nu addrcia. In Hospital Recoverlnq, (Previously He- ported Died of Wounds): V Private: Godfrey W. Anderwon l'roctor, MIn.i. Returned to Duty (Previously Reported Died of Wounds): Private: f Itayinond A. AndersotfT Mlnnftapolls, Mln ii. Appeared Before Disability Board (Pre wiously Reported Missing in Action): Eugene M. Brown, Grenola, Kan. In Hweeteniup anything uue haif Blrup an^-hnir B»gar. ThiB Is patriotic und at the same thus moro practi' cul than using allj<irup. \ When one uses BubBtH^te, make dropped biscuits ;T.oiead of rollod. McVAY LIVERY TAXI-BAGGAGE Phone 86. Opposite Convention Hall. AUTOMOBILE DIRECTORY Accefttory, Stpply tod tapir Howes AUTO SUPPLY COMPANY 114-116 Sherman St. East Auto Supplies, Tool» an,d Qaragi Equipment. Dlitributora: Bosch, Connecticut, Atwoter, Kent, 8tromberfl Cirbu- retors, and Leak Proof Rln^s. Phone 3000. ' A Tottic and Health Builder , "take dAtCtonttS ta rid yourRCir of that wfitktsnltiB, |i*rel»tpnt COOKII, which la, lln-flAtehliKr yon With thrnntw limits trou-A , bles. Kven In Rntitp cuaea arfeotlng Ihrnft). ^ ano" lunga. CAIiCBRBS littvo Riven muoK> rHIef—in many caaea lietMmt to health, They glvo atrength to dotnbitt III- nosii. Contain caelum (a llwe aait), n eohipnuthlea aa to lip easily tthBorbeg. Caleerbs, BO cents a Box. At all drunalit, or from /n»nut «elurer. poatpald. ECKMAN t^AHOIlATORY .rhllnrtplphlt , Mnkef* ot Eckman's Alterative PR0FE5SI0NAL CARDS. PHYSICIANS. H. S. BREVOORT, H. D. Practice Limited to Ofllca Treatment ef Chronic Diseases Raamlhntton and Dlunoals Free. IU Went First St.. llutehlnsan. Kansas. Kate Williams CITY VISITING NURSE Office with Dr. Louise P, nichmond, Bulls 621 Horatiauirh-Wiley BUIIdlnt, P'none 265aW. TESTING EYES AND FITTING SPECTACLES Is our specially. Prices reasonaklt; accur.-ite service. SHIPMAN BROS. Over Commercial National / •' Bank. Phone 3359. I RAILROAD TIME TABLES. SANTA FE No. 1 Th« Navajo No. 4 WCUBO l.imlua No. 6 ChtcliKo lil,pn.'"» No- s Bantu Bight •Jin. 10 The Scout..... No. 12 Kiuwu City l'Uer..,., No. 46u i'usaenKtM No. 508 l-ara.'iwur No. 6uS II. St S. l'a»«emcr Ar. No. 11 V.'av IPrtlKht <veitbound, »<o t ' rll ° Scout . 3:0b p. m , 4:oe p. m. • 11:36 a. m. • 12:111 a. JB. . aas a. tn. .12io0 a. m. . 7:40 p. m. . 4:46 p. m, . i:3o p. m. .11:47 p. in. 1 Tlio Scou No. i The Callturnra UmltoiT No. 5 The Colorado Kxpieaa. No. 7 Knrfio l.'asl No. 3 The Nuvajo No. It Colorado l>'aat Joa.ll,. No. 606 l'aasenKtil No. 607 t J ua«etit;t l r No. SSJ Pasieniiisr „ No. 607 II. &. 8. I'asseiiKor...) s|v6 a. m. No. 73 Way i'rrlKht (Main C:6fi p. ja. 8:4u p. m. 6:ifS p. m. 4:ou p. m. 4:85 a. m. <:56 a. to. 4:6U p. nt. 8:66 a. ni. ».lo a. in. lino) • 10:00 a. m. No. ?7 Way rreight l Branch ""«> 7*5 a. m. MISSOURI PACIFIC, eatTOciund, No. 434—laical ras»enBBr . No. 434—Local l'atmunaer , No. 4'J6~i*oca; l-'relghi .. Weitbound. No. 423—Ixical Pa.ssun,.ar , No. 433—Local Paasenger No. 49b—Local Freight ... ..10:10 am .. 4:36 piu .. 1-':I0 ptn .. 8:34 am ..11:40 am ROCK ISLAND. SMit Bound. No. 34..Ar. S:J3 n. <n., iltpart J:45 a. m. .} 11:16 a .m. No. i 10:10 p. ni No. 80, Local Fvelgut ;, 12U6 p. m; Wen Bound. No. 1 7-.20 a. m. No. 3 6:10 p. m. No, S3..Ar. 0:26 p. m.. Depart 6:35 p. m. No. 81, Local Fitlght 1.S0 p, m. ARKANSAS VALLEY INTERURBAN. Eastboundc" Electric tr. Ins for Newton, Wichita and Intermediate potnta leave liutoa'nbon at 6:30 A. M. 8:30 A. M.. Umltol; 7iV, ,\ *. , 9:16 A. M., 10:3J-A. M.. 12:30 P. M., Unti­ led; 1:16 1*. M.. «::!• P. Al., J:6J t'. At. Umilad: 6:35 P. 11., 7:66 I'. M„ 9:16 P. M., 11:20 I'. M. We^i.,.ound, Electric trains (mm Wichita, Newton and Intermediate polnta arrive at liutch- l.ieon at 7:40 A.M., 3:30 A. *l„ Uinltwl: 10:15 A. M.. 11:36 A. 11.. 12:65 P. II., 1:60 P. M„ Limited: 3:36 P. M., 4:55 P. M„ 6:60 P. M„ Umlled: 7:35 P. M., 8:66 P. M„ 10:16 P. It.. 11:36 P. M. 1:30 A. \X- r —"QUALITY IS ECONOMY"- THE VanZandt IMP. CO. DISTRIBUTORS 13-15* 19 First East REO Automobiles and Trucks HASKARD MOTOR CO., 17 First West Phone 243 WICHITA HUTCHINSON Arnold Auto Co. Marmon—Haynes-,-Dodge Brothers Phone 2707 ~~~ AutOroObUeS «5 Eust First 8V T> A fr* 17 —"The Most Beautiful ITI%L\JM!A car in America" ^ TJie Salt City Motor Car Co; 123 Sherman East Also Stadebaker Parts and Service Electric Battery 6c Re pair Co, msTRiBWTORs WIZARD STORAGE BATTERIES Ussd by »7 Psr Cent »f AH H»nuf«ctur»r« II LARO.MT BATTtBY R*PAW #TAT10N IH KANBA8. t» Shsr,it»iv B «t» PtWO*??*' Fftee IN«P*CTJQN 9f AHY BAT^BBY AT ANY T(M» Directory of the Rorabaugh-Wiley B1 d g. Elevator aervlce day and olfiat. ARCHITECTS MANN A GEROW Rooms' 721 -22. Phone 216s, ATTORNEYS WM. H. BURNETT Attorneyat-Law 608 K.-W. Bids. DENTISTS I. J. JONES, OtniUL Suit. <12.1I. PHYSICIANS AND SURGEONS H. M. STEWART, M, D, Suit* 611. Ipsclsl Attention to Eye, Ear, Nosa and Throat. Classes Accursuty Fitted. . Dr. Ett» llundeU. Dr. W, N, aiuul «a DRS. MUNDELL, Hull* in B--W. Bid*. Pbons 3ICI\». Q. A, BLA60CL PHYSICIAN AND SURGEON Suite 111. Office Phone 22IS. , Rs». Phone 2741, DR. LOUISE F. RICHMOND. Suite 121. Office phono 2M2W, Residence WR Q. A. CHICKERIMO, Physlclsn-8ur|scn. Ra. Jjisn. . onice 'f«L suite m. PR, A. 0. BEALL Physician and Surgeon Bpeclai Attention to t>)u*-uo*!s. » Boom 608 Phonos: OHlce 83J9W. Bes. 8661 pp. H, P. STERRETT Practice llmttwl to Eyo, ear, nosa and throat, llocm 506 BoraJiwusrU-WUey Bld(f. PJiono 8620. mAL ESTATE AND ^^jJgBURANOE__ L ; s. PAVis, „L*»o* •««) Betvjfc . nam w> t»nsM 1«*

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