The Paris News from Paris, Texas on July 18, 1934 · Page 1
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The Paris News from Paris, Texas · Page 1

Paris, Texas
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Wednesday, July 18, 1934
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TODAY'S NEWS WHILE FRESH FOR NORTHEAST TEXAS and SOUTHEAST OKLAHOMA * Yw *•«» Nm U Hot Om Yov Poreb By 5:15 o'Clock. Cdl TW N*w, Office B«for* 6 o'Clock For Proa** Defer* My. Phone 164 or 1<5. totting Full AMoelated PT«M» Lewd Wire Servi (AND THE DINNER HORJV) Complete Regional and Local News Coverage HOME EDITION VOL. LXV NO, 230 PARIS, TEXAS, WEDNESDAY, JULY 18 ; 1934 TEN PAGES ESTABLISHED 1M* Conferences Are Held To End Strike Officials Clash For Governorship Of North Dakota; Martial Law Decla red Held Not Qualified to Serve In Office, Langer * Calls Soldiers Neal Myers Russell Out Of Race For County Post BISMARCK, N- D.. (&*- —Two men acting as governor of North •T>akota clashed in exercise of ex- e<utive authority Wednesday as I4eutenant Governor Ole H. Olson, acting governor by court order, called, on The adjutant jtener- aTs office to withdraw national guardsmen and end state-wide martial law ordered by William iaicger. recently convicted of a felony and ordered ousted by the state supreme court, Olson also issues a proclama- -revokins T-ancrer's call for a session of the legislature, to convene Thursday noon. For the time beins it was uncertain whose orders would be followed, _ National guardsmen, armea with T>avonets. were scattered throughout The statehouse.. still act! under -Lander's martial law order issued Tuesday ni^rht. Althowrn Tjanser declared martial' law to cover the entire state, Bismarc* OllUieaiVer p . f r^OlJJi^ClS Recaptured I ™ rls 3 r " s Charged In Paris Woman Killed And Companions Are Injured In Wyoming Car Accident Proposal Is Seen As Way &ROCK SPRINGS, Wye., 05 9 )-— ; north, of here on tlie Rock One of a party of Texas vacation- ! Springs-Pinedale road- Confirmed As Paris Post-J ists was dead ^"ednesday and) Mrs. George Griffiths, 50, of master.. Withdraw* Commissioner's Race !A TTENTION has been called to r fact that there is no observance of a "quiet zone" about the hospitals of Paris. There are Girl's Death 1 Expresses Appreciation to can attention of mo- j Murder Count Follows In-! p O r Cooperation Shown r»*4 «»TM^S* ^-jaTt'tl V Ttf^ r\T^\or r t • — ._•_ . J *^ . By Officers O. B. Nkliols, Held For Chicken Theft, Returned to Lamar Jail Kauled from the back of a coupe driven by Al Skeen. O. B. Nichols who with three others escaped from the Lamar county jail j the night of Sunday. July S. wasfXjEVKR before has Lamar county j Myers, El Reno .youth sought for recaptured Tuesday nigcht by Sher- j 1 " been so conscious of the need I investigation into the death of iff C. O, Shelton and Deputy Jack | uf work to improve our high-ways. « -"^arian SLills. University oi Okla- Reeves at Bonham. He ' was i T^IS county nas for years had the TO TAKE NEW POST FIRST OF AUGUST no torists and apparently __ admonition and as a result motor cars blare past these places without any attempt to keep down noise. This situation could be remedied at very little cost and it be done. vestigation Into Campus Beauty's Death Ofcla^ 65=?. — A znur- der charge was filed Wednesday ; in the court of J. D. Grigsby. jus- j tice of the peace, against Neal '[ brought back to jail here, Klchols was being- held on several charges of chicken theft when ii-e broke jail here. Skeen was also being held" on similar chajrgcs at the time of the escape- He was in the same eel! with the four who escaped- Skeen was also brought j reputation of asking for very little dl the highway department. But within, the past few years this has been chansred- beauty queen, in a. purport- > ed effort to prevent motherhood, j Although preliminary findings -. an autopsy into Miss t^ onlv -itv ^here" Boards- back to Paris and placed in jail. were used T ~° of ^ foar who Location of the state highway ; e and headquarters in Paris, j c ^ Tr -^ us the ' t the building o. Highway orders members of the follow remained have death not disclosed. tDe cause i of death. Hazel Brown, fraternity ] i house cook at whose home the • beauty died eigbt days i investigators that tne j I tragedy followed use of a quack j ' remedy to prevent motherhood. ; to the legislator* fce^had <3te<* a proclamation secretary of estate rev •*s' special ca.H. _. ..-- . i.. x. ' - - ^1 after abancl But this is onsy the beginning <?f j v legislature , Problematical. Lanser in a tcie- Tuesdav night informed f Ty offi "^Thursday- Olson I northwest of Tdabel, Okla.. last f of the results of the increased-ac' Thursday night by a. posse of Tex- j tivfties. as and Oklahoma officers, indud- | ing Sheriff Shelton. Jailer J, B. j i Sappington, Zteputf es A. TV, Payne j a highway program for Lanaar | } und Mr. Reeves. [ county. We need at least three; . ^ X D. ;j* Governor j Rob*rt Pringle. a Federal pris- i n lore cardinal roads and we need" a j a » !ater ^ witness. LanderWednesday ruled ! oner, and JesseT Lancaster, charged j belt-line system entirely jtroand i County Attorney * ^ Ijv military force ir» with theft, are.-still- ; ; a$.? .-lars«,j. the county Qeing into vtJi« -ntain ' «;tJLt* -supreme court Ujougb afJ&cer-si.naTe'-'-be.eii follow- | roads: Itwijj;=take ne Dim frt>m office- iJng. ela^a^ to 'thefi' whereabouts .. , . ."•-••.-. :.••-..--•••- >.--.»••_.* -fsiac* ihe escape. .;,.-.-> v. .--:-•-. He clung tenaciously ^o his «c--:{ Xojrtfr and •" was last reported seen in Browns- : ville. Tex., and Matamoras. Mex.. i rig tiis motor car a-t | Houston. Texas. : s. Brown is detained here as { Pa.ul tJpde- •'. in drawing up the murder i e, against, t3ie pharmacy sty-i but Qur Chamber of {' i * nt specified that •-tfee -a7CTrcsa?£on * ComTnerce- Is : -working at the jot* During Term of Office T. W. Russell, new Paris postmaster, lia*. withdrawn from the race for commissioner in Precinct 4, he announced Wednesday, Mr. Russell receix'ed coufirmation of his appointment 31onday afternoon and expects to taJce over the duties of the postmaster August I. succeeding C. W. Cothran. -who has been acting postmaster here since I>e-cember, 1933, The withdrawal of Mr. Kussell from the cominissioner's race leaves a clear field for Tony Booth, who \vas his only opponent. Mr. Russell will resisti from his present tenure as commissioner Ausust 1. when he begins his duties as postmaster. tn making his announce- iiifwt of with«lra\val. Mr. Ra?sell expressed his appreciation for tile support s"" en him in the commissioner's race as well as the cooperation of citizens of Precinct 4 while serving a^ commissioner. He said serving as commissioner has been a pleasure as well as an honor and, praised the of cooperation slipwti by *newtbers~ <yf-"the three more lay in the Rock Springs j pa^T^T™ kiUeTlnd M- and i StHke Central hospital suffering from injuries in ? Mrs . j^ _ a j H»we--ton antj Geo'-se = Agree After Seven HoUTS an automobile accident 75 miles Howerton, al! of Paris, were in- j Qf Debate jure<L : Coroner T. Penrser of Sublerte county said that from al! Indications ilrs. Griffiths was driving| the large sedan oxroipied. by the party and sought to pass- another car. The heavy machine struck | the soft shoulder or the road, cata- j pulted off ice bigrJi-pray and turned i over several times in the ditch. | Mrs. Howerton is suffering i from shock and severe lacerations IS INTENSIFIED to Place Issues In Hands Of Board i about the face and Howerton sui- j lered a fractured arm. His • brother TVHS reported not so seri- j ously hurt. I I Funeral arraiisements bad not i been announced Wednesday noon, { pending ivord as to tvhen the body j of Mrs, Griffiths will arrive here, ! ] It is expected to arrive via Dal- j has. _ * 1 The widow of George A. Grif- j j fiths of the firm of Griffiths and 1 J Kreese. operating 1 the Paris Coca- | j Cola Bottling ivorks, Mrs. Grif- i | fiths \vts active in various clubs. | I civic i»id church -work- She was \ I before her marriage Miss Moilie i f Mattice, and one brother. Joseph ; i Mattice of Paris, survives. WASHINGTON. (AP) — l*resident Roosevelt in a- mas- sasre to Secretary Perkins Wednesday expressed confidence that "common sense and. :rooct order" would enabfe a "reasonable solution" of the San FYanci^-Co strike. ).—Strikers said by police to number 12OO stormed pier 41 here Wednesday but tvere repulsed by sraaxds equipped with tear gras bomfo?, N'inc ships at die pier iverc beinsr unloaded by non-anioa nien behind the police Hnes=. E. R. Annona Man To Speak On SAN FRANCISCO, (S>>.—Two v^I iai conferences were called here _ . , ... Wednesday in efforts .to reach an Mrs. Gninths aevotea mucn of ,; imm * diate 5e ttlerr,ent of the sen- era; strike. \ her rime to the Red. Cross cha.p- ter work here as a member of the 1 board" and To" Central Presbyterian ! .. Mediators.^ eacuurased by tne j church activities.' She teas inter| ested in Girl Scout work from tiJe [ time of its formal organization ! here, having- served as its commfs- ; sioner. an<2 was a of fh^ I Garcen club of Paris, t>? . tht accident strkers" offer of arbitration, sought -ways and means of bring:- ing^ the union representatives and ernp!overs tojrether for a quicfc terminatioTs of the \va!kout irtvolv- inp 100.000 men in the bay resign. The shipowners «-ere~ to co-nsideir fi^». placing: the entire state martial law in a move to prevent | jj&ot. GOT. Die H- Olson from talc- , to~ -yvtrr the duties of governor, j Service of a writ of quo war- ranto on the governor was necessary to complete the supreme court proceedings in which the justices ruled, four .to one Tuesday nigrht | that X-anjrer's coitviction of a con- j spiracy to solicit contribution* f from federal relief workers dis- j ed him from holding: office j _ N D-. '.—* SNAPS of the CANDIDATES "| '-"See 3 land shield be supported by- all.- -==— — fth* people. { 10. Co!. BISMARCK, ernjor William dt fiance NO. 1. E. K. RUSSELL By THK ASisvXriATED PRESS Kdward Kyl« Russell is a. sue- ; way. t-ttssfu! sttxricman-farn>er at An- • nofia, fte-d River county. Ke long j an ambition to be - Other highway -svork is going on. including the widening of 24 from the railroad tracks on North Main to the city limits. Then there is the bea.utifica.tion work being carried on b— Engineer J. I. Pirie and | 1 his force. The west highway (5) ] ^ _ „ | has beer, widened for a good d!s- S Onare Croppers l^ome to twice' and with other improve-1 Federal Relief Bureau I merits is looking like a real with \vlM>m he has -worked m a<lininisteringr the aTFairs 01 tbe county- Mr. RnKsell also commended the spirit of cooperation shown by all citizens of the county in \vorkinff •\\-irIi all members of the court. He said he ha* found all members of the court to be fconesr. straightforward men. wtoo have the best interests of heari. lE. K. RllSSelL Caxididatehl5 South Twenty-seventh street. I -r- /-i , c i i Mr 'riowerton beinsr enirjlov^d ov I For Governor to Speak j John Scarboro ^ h / Inc ..' aut onro- 1 Here Wednesday \ bile agency, and his brother. j " j G-eorge, connected . xvith the J- C. ' Penney compa-ny siore here ' s. *>er of years is now with the E. K. Russell of Annona. The shioovrners previo*JS«y li agreed 10 abritrate with the inccrnatjona: lortp^horenien's assecia- :: ; on hut Kad refused arbitration time unions. Mayor Ar.sre-o Rossi and: -.tile For Aid With proper cooperation on the! rORi SMITH. Ark. i!P$ —share: rt of property owners Highway cropperr fleeing drouth-blighted- 134 from Paris to Red River can farms o* eastern Oklahoma and \ western Arkansas thrcnsrec the' ederal transient bureau here on i suddenly state's . .... . ,. . . More than $50 transients are only candidat* j wid . ninf -. Th{s is one O f the ?^te- ! bein^ cared for at headquarters, es: c«urt ruK-,! that he was j whv is opit>sed tv alteration.- even j ways ln . o Tcxas and ^ hox! id by i roorainc house and private to hoM office because. U« submission lor a referendum of j aU n, eansi , b e widened and beaati- } homes " >f his r*oem conviction Jn fc<I<-rat | the electorate, of the prohibition j f?e<? ^ede-aa and <=t-=te of f5 c^I-= 'H all Paris and I^amar county citize«s in enabling him. to render service as postitiasxer here. He experts to make every effort to keen the post- office service here at the present hish point of efficiency and is' asking all patrons of the office to help him do so. Elected commissioner is 1932. Mr. Russefl win have served 20 months of hfe first term Auirust l. , and [ officer here. e>ns: I -- i on the south, side of the Pla i will open about S o'clock- fa citizen of Red River councy and ;>I4RTVE SUBSIDIES well known in iliis seer.on. Mr.? AJtOl 1 \J olL WASKIXGTOX, -^P- sys- ct>art wj-h ft:.«ur on n chars" flaw?!- He !ike for Texas* dry i in just a* it is, faitce jf rs«*crj«»a.rj'" any niteEnr"", | to re-move hsn'i a?= •'ht actual jrov- | «rrnor of Xonh DakoTa.- I>anK:er j remained elosetei.1 -^"Jth his politi- \ ral adherent?; thr-jusrh th»- nicht. | He likes to let! of his fine live- i - n sr another ock. including: aristocracy in | rsh. but he is as unalter- [ y opposed to betting: on races as | is to l«-spa!iza.T5on of the barter { i Arkansas. Missouri anc The Highway d-epartment is do- i bonia. promised to iir piece oi See GKAFS. Pasre 10. Cot. S. meteorologist | in r~ort Snii~Ji. said there still was i no sicn of relief for this district, j a Next about th* that the .1ee3nrs:SoT7 Tncanwh!5e! ^«» ** Pro.iiD-.uon. aoout tn* , menM fro f rnar^ial i Ir ' o;: * sacred plar.k 4n the JKussell | j- 0 -^ 7 • .-p rrvcr , T | platform is "agriculture." and I .f.+^r u'^-ti TO PROBE MURDER SAX AXTOXIO. Texas. (/P> — AI center of the north and west Ark- prix-ate invesUiration of develop- ! ansas and east Oklahoma drouth | Police KiU Man In Bed TTis j»-. | "education.*" He wouM rcscae a^rt- | . a followed closely on :h» -h^ls 1 culture from, son^e of the draw. U itofry df Tnon.<r^Mon5 by I-aris^r ] *>acks that now beset th* farmer y h^r^n-i ' ^* »' w "*y* has befriended boys an<S } want an education a.Rd, • from the killing o? 'Ralph ; area. n Duval county last Oc-j Fort Smith Tuesday his arrest az Kio j for 1 Officer* Say Man Had had lost Xrained On Room de City xviil be launched by [ day. Since June 20. the tempera- j Bollina:. oil operator, who'ture has averaged 101 decrees* , charged with the kilting, here. 1 aftfr tl r, cusrt!.''Jti*>rj n»:n'*^**r ;<^ r ^ took UP Thi'sr post.*!*- made governor, pronslses to us« i ^«>mons«trat!on*. '<• tt ^' ^* *- a! ' r Snstrximentalities o' the \ Stv of a cor.fMrt between I ?ovcrr:TRent to make that plan a { jt-ate and f^dTst aisthor!T*«y wa.* 1 permanent one for all time to j *<*en as a ht^th judk-tsl r>ff«r5a'« ! come, witjj Trxas the benefactor. I ~ * i ».«. * * f*k Id Tbjit i^^T^rT^• tT" rt *>r*^ ms> n-^ j — ni —- ? n«.kT-d for !n vf-w of T,nnccr> dcfl- ' .AHOMA CITY. —-—• : ~ [ ider.tified tentatively as J! O"Do"ne" "- s was shot and Drouth Aid Asked By Delta '* - --- I Russell's talk is expected to di-a-.v j a large crowc- ; S "\Ir Husseil. who has lived in i Red River coustv for more than ; *«« of suteidles to the A^encan [ 40 years, has devoted his -previous i Merchant Marine ^^expectec to • work to farminsr. livestock breed- ! und-e.^o -ar-reacn:r~ iins: and cotton breeding. [^ J-^^^f 1 onth ^^^_, | Known as the bone-dry candi- i ^^^./""^"^^i, ^l^^t | date. Mr. • Russell announced for''" ' "" i srovernor with two ptirposc-s in I The first was to serve the ; of Texas at a time and u-der su I stressed conditions when business 1 experience, honesty. vision and I courasre are much rteederf ir. the ,; 5'; S personality of grovernor of the I in orcor that Texas may ?o i waj-d socially, commercially I politically. The second purp< ; Mayor Ross:. "TV'e know what the unions are witlins: 10 do and are waiting: t^ scf yj^-K" t^ic snipo^-'n^rs ivcl ;.bout it." SAX FKAXCISCO. (.•?> — ATT arbitration proposal g^ave new hope '•Vednt-s-iay TO San "Francisco arid the <jiher strike-prostrated bay cities. ^- e .,_ r . s .j,;^ con^-la^i- 3 ^ w'-^'oh j The sreneral strike committee ~a r —.- ^>je "—.-s*! T>-Q' s -i3 i -, T v TT--I1 -j>j; called opposing- forces In the ?a->a^d' o^~ a w^ic-ht bas : s 'a chance ! '-ific coast niaritime dispute for a. nost office cepartrnent si->.000,000 ! aifferen^s. a: = « send ail strikers a vea~. ; i5ack to vrork as soon as sh:pt*ivn- As to ne^v means of helninsr buiM • ers a.?ree to recognise the niari- ointe-d otit to a recent report of i Tiiousrh the proposal, failed to i Secretary of Co-rr.~-erc-2 Roper. ' forecast sv-eciiically an end to the ~^~1 | After recomniendin?- -hat the pres- ; s-*?r:erai Traikou'. of nearly 100.000 j ', t-r.t idea of ma:", subsidies be scrap- | i*r:JC'r: '.vorkers. -.vhich has paraJz- 1 nlty, respec-t an£ esteem*. .^ ; —A man j deserves and tr.-ast have for Texas [ oper as J. R. i and its people to maintain pro?- ; '~ • ress in the march of time. PROPOSED. Pas:e 10, Col, S- County; Whole Area Suffers of Th<- cowrt'se ord«T late H, OIs«on v«- DROUTH ADDS TO FOREST FIRE MENACE WASHINGTON. Bay aft*T day of blistering heat. <-ven hay in s*>me instances has j ;l by only occasional on a oec :- -^ ^ . hotel room here, training a ptsto, | .j^,,^ Recovery program as ar: on the door. { aid to sericulture- Ke also o?A pretty blonde woman who of- \ poses repeal oi the state prohi- «cers'W:d was Mrs. Myrtle Bolen. j bition laws, the landlady, screarr.ed and f!e<5 j jj e advocates creation of revolv- Spectroscope To Forecast Death Of Man Announced ; breezes, sometime* of the temperature as the static | been lessened a* to yield. | l ^° a ,5^"^^ >eiT . s qa estionea ,. Sosne sections -which in the pa^-i • _.:*>, v^ r mother. Mrs. F. E- Bine:-; CAMBRIDGE. Mass.. ?.-^—The the shots ran? i jj,^ coun : y funds irt order to bring i spectroscope, which records the ; Techr-oiosry the Mai-sach -setts- Institute of ectroscopi'..: confer: birth and the decay of stars, cart er.c-?. we*ks were fortunate, enough { fare better Mr. Russetl advocates financing : also foretell the r, 0!s«on v^-t*fl wjth th^ Pow,-r?| on rapoBUlta . O p, W3 . c he« the na-1 ovenlilte 'temperaiure »=• *..* -^^ j XQ haYQ j^^^ fare be . ter . j. an , f srovern^r <-n.n not bpc^m^ r ' : '-i - v : O n'» forests anxsoa^y \\>dne»<iay I »lr. is fast reducing Northeast I others which have had unbrokev. j Will Rogers menace grew j -r*exass to the sarrsc parched, pant- j drouth. The rains were spotted.; ^j . ' «at« SMI the midwest, and at; some comntunities benefiting rt-.a- [ w j, Orn There h _ ve ^ n 4 _„. f . compared with *n a of 2,411 during 1931-IS35. SANTA MONICA. Cnlff.. — Tou know we ar<? ju?«t findinsr out In lots of ways *h»t -w*» Arr- not as "bic" »* w«» ns'-d to be. I had breakfast away up tn Boston Saturday tnorninsr. and B«*v- ^rly Hillfi for breakfast Sunday All that xvould delay us !d b*" t\aiiinsr for the post! »«• » «. -IT -i to br,n S tb« rn.ll out. F«rl.y. Monkey Trial Judge 1« .out her* and I am jroinj? to tp«ak to htn. »bc»ut that, T mlss«»d th* lfn« lhat runs n»al sle^prns. but lo It or they will be lik* * r*U- a» the ?or«wt fire mor* ^minous, Fir« rayed in a half dozen j Iea5 . ont cout , ty . national forests and althoasrh :h« ^^ a< j v ftam**~'ijriht4nfT record so far this year hx* be*n pood, the most dan- RCTOUS steason lies ahead. Drouth has made th* situation mor« s«- The I>eha, has al- \ teriajly from them and othvt> not | lied for federal droath ( S«t"ii>E: enough to help. ch i? meeting- bere this reaching: . week to discuss boi^s practical arsd • c * farr." homes by the st;-ite, the •' death of man- i scientific uses of -:his instrument. c*rs D. A. Brycfi ar.d Charles ; jjorneowner delivorinj: to the state | A spectrosccpic death cur^-e. ' The report wa^ rr.ade by ?. a:->d had gone to the b.o*»i to s.r-} one-third of ali crops crown on | which forecast a human d^ath ^ Leccntte ce N\ i uy. of the Fas- r.ore accurately than the phys:- : - e - r Trszittite, France. M. <i* Xouy rian*;. was described VL>dnesday \ ^-^ y.;,,, attend, but rrsaileti his Harvey Fu?h, •d as a form- Barrow. s'.aiTi Practically ex-ery community j within fifty to a hundred miles of Paris report crops, except cotton, suffering from the century mark OPINION'S I>IFFKK CI*\RKS\TUL.E — Uith scorchinjf sun *tiU pouring out rays froni a. cloudless sky thst of- ! policemen. rriperature?, and water for 1 f ers no prospect fora much r. purj»o«««»5 and for stock j *d rain, conflictingr oplrtiosi- area bum^J this y«.ar has be*n \ » ***vins to b« bauled except held M* to the outcome of 7S.503 acres*, only" *Ught3y more j where the are municipal syst *- »— » A -'— of *4.SS« acr*^. j Ko«r.:r#f. county of ln K^d Kiv*r county, mers contend that the hot dry {door sr.*! wsir? Dell*, county, in s letter addr*ss««d weather is favorable to tlso cotton I steady aim. land until the debt is paid. Je sa.ys the state ad valoresn shouM be cut at least 5i> per Texas outlaw. Fusrh was not in the j c ^, and .- avors t v e su^r.tution of room. *• an income ta?c for the ad valorem Arrix'ins: si the place- they went ; Iax displaced by red-uction, to the door of the. room wr.h Mrs.: ^^ Russell sajs- encourasren^err? dr "X\> ar * j should be s'ven school teachers. ' as would better enable ; to •sse ar:<5 they 1 happily ar.d satistactorily assur.i* tn*:de. they j their rightful responsibilities'. Such on the bed. | adjiistrner ; t;? should be rr.ade or pistol ar the |-> r ocedurt5 adopted as -^ ill make hands for a T!e the -imr.-.ediate payment I to al! school teccher* their sala- a ts.; There- was r.^ res pi the door op-?:v Youth Faces Pen Charge ' paper to Professor George R. Har< risen, chairman of the conference. ! The death curve ^vas fo-rd ir. a ? spectro^copic ex;im'.ria-:ot7 of hu- : ma^ blood, Soeotroacopic carve* itre like csty <kyl:r,re> which reveal wide arehiteeiur:*! differences. See DEATH. r<«i<S that run» nothing but day incidentally sine* th«*y mad« rat«» -wtthin r««- son, are «»n3oytnK a big boom. America *5 n*v«r In n, better humor or fftwHns; b*tt«?r th«n "when moving. So «I1 this* trave-lins if 1C* walking) i# * mtshty otnen, Tours. Will* | to United States Senator Tom Con- j crops in ss much as most ot" th* i nally. Governor Miriam Ferguson I plants are holding up. and boil Up for Election | and Congr-WRtman Wright Patwsan. f weevil damage Is betnK restricted. DATTON".-T«rnn^ ! has re<jue»te^l John T. I p?so"*! OR Delta county b« They say that a rain now would federal drooth re- cause the plants Bryce. a, crack shot, leaped to \ nes as they become- due, without one side, drew his own pi*:*>.!. and ' discount in any the man fsv<? tiTTEes before he J; Ke also favors a re-drafting of Charges Follows Suicide of N'efirro Doctor In Oklahoma j MUSKOGEK. Okla.. 5.-7* 1 '.—Low- • ell Johnson, "0. of Tahlequah, ! WEATHER the trigsrer. tie died in- ; the state constitution to be sub- j sweetheart of a 19 -year-old £'«"! ! : throw offjslantlv. i mitted to the people for adoption. ; near death ** the result, of an it-j tor : v. e " ^ Eaulston. Th« judire In th* famous i S:*r rc!b-. rvh-r* H« tbtnks a nva- 1 forni!., thus .Joins tnor* harm thanJ T>,» ? T*nTajivc tdentlficaiion was i : 5esal operation, faced mansSaush- ;| Tuesday. . Oihcr, stms the need of »} nw'de ^w wird* in tb- dead man's j CK.\SH Kll.l^ TWO : ^' ch«w Wednesday in conrtec ;<J nj • • ; tion wjth her attempt to avert ; i irt j fl : when iJ -AHS decidecj *o Mii' rw . ibuUt lhe . , A -Bather. m« ed to * .--.<• evolution trtal which was i jortty of Texas counties trill soon nearlnj; a climax her* n!n« a«o I be listed. He xsys the situation Is Wednesday, is Jn th« midst of a! fast Krow-tnir serioun. due to scare-i cnmpaijrn tp on the be,t»ch. 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NA^Al. !>!>•*. 1 >a.w»-» i ajred 3, children of M. U E*hou. ; _,,. r(B> i««,,rt OY , *=ift.> ^ nf ,,j LONDON. was released on $500 borul. Jajvanese-j seriously injured Tuesday night in j Dr Edward A. Kins, ne^ro ph\ Ameriran naval discussions sup-; an automobile accident three m ( .!e» |; s ieian, who plementary tr» the 1?35 conf»-rence i northwest of here on the may be heUi in Wushjnjrton in j highway, when the-ir mother, Mrs- early August, it \va« Indicated on | Ida EUJott. *S, and baby brother. further affecting *}*« surplus and »near furure to provw of any value, t Wednesda; Ktvio^;r.?r this. Tu*-»»'=> '.e:r..p^ratui-e tfrvtJtgjK i to rarisi-an*. thoustb a brisk northwsst t i reez*j <*"a» ftiow- ITI.^ r »Vedn«*dst.y. Ter«pcratsire» Tisexiax ransred from 7& to I 1 *? TEXAS — r.ei»«r»l)y fair |« nfcaht *m ] Koneke Lee, one, were killed. tion to his home Monda; the operation, drowned. himscli . , rather than, face arre« after the ! Thni^te.,, €««pt nosettfe.1 KlrVs screams attracted investiga- th<! ««**•• Modcrwur. «mibwe»t wind* on fh*

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