The Racine Journal-Times Sunday Bulletin from Racine, Wisconsin on July 4, 1965 · Page 30
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The Racine Journal-Times Sunday Bulletin from Racine, Wisconsin · Page 30

Racine, Wisconsin
Issue Date:
Sunday, July 4, 1965
Page 30
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Page 30 article text (OCR)

THE HOUSE OF THE WEEK 6C KACINE SUNDAY BULLETIN Sunday, July 4, 196$ Solid Design Gives Ranch Resale Value By Andy Lang (AP Ncwsfcatures Writer! People are not only funny, they're different. Some want big houses that look small, others small houses that look big. Some want upright houses that do not appear too vertical, others low houses that do not appear too horizontal. Architects thus have become skillful, in varying degrees, at designing roof lines which change exterior appearances. Somewhat like manufacturers of wigs and toupees. Low Roof Line In the latest House of the Week, no attempt has been made by architect Lester Cohen to produce any such effect. On the contrary, the length of the three-bedroom ranch is emphasized by a handsome low roof line with a minimum of breaks, which means savings on contruc- tion. There's a good, solid, basic look to the house with no sacrifice of eye appeal. Large windows and a sheltered, flagstoned front porch leading to a recessed door provide an air of graciousness. Once inside the house, the room layout becomes almost instantly apparent. The foyer is king-sized, visually offering additional area to the living room at the left and to the dining room at the rear. The foyer thus is an important part of the entertaining area as well as the center from which all sections of the house can be reached. It's the kind of arrangement most often asked for at housing conferences, a certain indication that it has a high resale value. The living room has a smart, off-center fireplace on the back wall, with built-in alcoves for TV and hi-fi. Interesting furniture placement almost suggests itself here, aided by an unbroken side wall, a front picture window and the arch from the foyer. The dining room is rectangular, not just an ell. There's a sliding window wall at the rear, leading to an alcove dining porch. Always vital in the room layout of any home is the kitchen wing. Here it includes a compact appliance area forming an ell of counters and cabinets. Alongside the range is a pleasant optional addition, a kitchen barbecue. Down a step or Basic design of this three-bedroom ranch results in construction savings and insures continued popularity over the years. Cut-and-dried appearance is avoided by two, next to the kitchen, is a service vestibule, adding facilities of a laundry, mud room and extra storage. This adjoins the stairway to the basement, with a back door opening outdoors and servicing traffic into the house, keeping the kitchen free of drafts and mess. Flexible Area An excellent flexible area is placed behind the garage. It can start out as a jalousie- enclosed porch for play, or it can be turned into a family room, extending the informal living assets of the house. Closet space is shown in the two-car garage, with an indentation for a work bench. There are plenty of closets in the bedroom wing, many with sliding doors and divided among the three bed- ^ ^- <^Q rooms and access hall. The master bedroom has a little dressing room and its own bath. The main bathroom has a tub and vanitory, with a linen closet at its door. The children's rooms are at the front, scaled to fit the demands of growing youngsters. While neither of these bedrooms is large, one is big enough for "doubling up" if this is needed. Design H-90 has a habitable area of 1443 square feet, placing it in the modest category but overlooking none of the essentials necessary for good living. For those who want a practical house that will retain its appeal over the years, this home is worthy of consideration. interesting door mouldings, large windows and attractive porch. Architect has utilized all available space in this contemporary ranch, as evidenced by placement of an enclosed porch in back of the two-car garage; if desired, area can be turned into a family room. DIG YOU MUST? If you are excavating for your house foundation, and suspect there are underground utility lines or pipes in the area, contact the local utilities first. It may save severed lines and disrupted service. What Would This Home Cost? Full study plan information on this architect-designed House of The Week can be yours now. It comes to you in handy folder with a baby blueprint showing each floor and all elevations plus "Tips on Building a House" The price is only 50 cents. Send enclosed coupon to House of the Week, Racine Journal-Times I J Enclosed is 50 cents for baby blueprint I on design H-90 • i ! Name J I Street I City.. (please print plainly) State A PRACTICAL, DAINTY DINING SET— The young newly married couple starting out in the inevitable apartment, are usually long on ideas and desifes, but short on funds and space. And there are times when even with the necessary funds available, the correct size or type of furniture can't be found to fulfill their needs. Such a dilemma might very well be locating a practical but dainty dining set. When the leaves of this one are folded down, it requires but little space, when up, the table will easily seat six persons for a meal. To build it yourself send for pattern No, 378, enclosing $1 to Steve Ellingson, Racine Sunday Bulletin Pattern Dept, P, O. Box 2383, Van Nuys, Calif. To Fill or Not to Fiir Is Usual Query on Wood Pleasant setting for outdoor dining or just plain relaxing is provided by this flag- stoned patio, separated from formal dining room by sliding windows. H-90 Statistics Design H-90 has a fireplace, living room, dining room, kitchen, laundry- mud room, enclosed porch or family room, three bedrooms, two baths and a foyer, with a living area of 1443 square feet. This does not include the two- car garage, rear patio or basement. The over-all dimensions are 70' by 32'4". From the front porch one can enter the main door of the house or the garage. There is a rear entrance leading to either the enclosed porch or the mud room, with access to the garage from the same porch. WHITE PINE PRIZED The handsome Idaho white pine grows in extremely i mountainous terrain. The fine silver-white lumber it yields is prized for room interiors. Hand and Power Lawn Mowers Sharpened • Saws—All Kinds • Machine Tools • Knives and Scissors H. J. TESKA SAW fir MOWER SERVICE 1700 Villq St. By Andy Lang lAP Newsfeatiiresi To fill or not to fill pores of mahogany, walnut and oak is apparently of considerable concern to many persons who want to finish pieces of furniture made of those woods. Most letter writers seem to have the feeling that there is some pat reply that will satisfy everyone. There isn't. As with almost everything else in the wood finishing area, it's a matter of taste. If you want an absolutely smooth surface for the finishing coat, then such woods require the application of paste wood filler. But if you like the textured, woodsy appea ance of the open pores, then by all means forget about the filler. Flat, Glossy Finishes Experience has taught us that mahogany, walnut and oak seem to need a filler if the final coat is to be glossy, no filler if it is to be dull or flat This, however, is opinion Form your own by looking at furniture in your friends houses, department stores and furniture showrooms. If you decide to use a paste wood filler, you will need some burlap, a clean cloth and a liquid thinner, usually either naphtha or turpentine When buying the filler, read the directions on the con tainer to determine which liquid should be used. ' Only enough liquid should be mixed with the paste to produce a combination that flows very slowly, like thick molasses. How to Apply Apply the filler with a brush, moving with the grain and in generous quantities. Immediately go over it again, this time across the grain and with light" strokes. The filler quickly begins to lose its wet, shiny appearance—in a matter of a few minutes. Now take a piece of burlap and, using a circular motion but bearing down as you go across the grain, rub the surface. The filler gets into the open pores mostly from the movement of the burlap across the grain. Finally, clean the surface with a dry cloth, moving in the direction of the grain and with a light touch. Wait a few minutes and inspect the surface thoroughly, being certain' there is plenty of light during the inspection. You will be able to tell quickly whether the pores of the wood have been filled properly. If not, repeat the entire operation, this time using a lighter mixture. When the filler has dried thoroughly, preferably a day or two, seal it in before applying the finishing coats. The sealer can be thinned shellac or any similar product recommended by your dealer. You get both with BUILD OWN CAMP KITCHEN— If you and your family embark on a camping trip this sum.mer, will it be a joy or a fiasco. That depends on two things, essentially attitude and equipment. Don't jump into the wilderness without a little preparation. Take a weekend before you ^tart and build a camp kitchen. Nothing pays bigger dividends in pleasure once your trip is under Way. Like all armies, c^-mpers travel on their stomachs . . , cooking is the one department that shouldn't be neglected. To obtain the camper's kitchen and stool pattern No. 336, send $1 to Steve Ellingson, Racine Sunday Bulletin Pattern Dept., P.O. Box 2383, Van Nuys, Calif. YEAR-ROUND AIR CONDITIONING Here, in one compact package, is an efficient central system that provides comforting warmth in winter, refreshing cooling in summer. It makes living a year- round pleasure. Call us for a cost estimate. Norrh Side Heating & Sheet Metal Works Heoh'ng & Air CondiHoning JOE VISEK, Owner Phoni 632-9283 1^36 Charlei Streef YOU'LL BE LOOKING FOR The RACINE JOURNAL-TIMES and SUNDAY BULLETIN, tool • NO MATTER where you spend your vocation this exciting summer, you'll wont to keep poce with important events — especially each day's happenings bock home! Best way is to have this newspaper forwarded daily to your vacation spot, with its FULL coverage of local Kind global news; plus all your favorite columns, comics and feature pages! NO EXTRA charge for this added vacation treat! Just give us your hdliday address and dates, several days before you leave. We'll mail your copies there, and resume delivery when you return. Thus you'll enjoy your newspaper every day, at home or dway, and your carrier will enjoy full profit all summer long. To place your order for vdcotlon news service, qive this coupon to your rorrier, TOGETHER WITH PAYMENT, SINCE VACATION MAIL SUBSCRIPTIONS MUST BE PAID IN ADVANCE ... as well a«! all straight mail orders. Your paper will be mailed daily. • Please send the • • RACINE JOURNAL-TIMES and SUNDAY BULLETjN • ; by Mail to • • • Nomi Mail Address City Statt Racine Address • I Dates from fg • Should paper in Racine continue? Yes No I Dote to Resume Racine Delivery CARRIER FILLS OUT R""** Amt. Pd. Carrier's Comm Net Pd. SUBSCRIPTION RATES Up to 500 Miles 60c Weekly OVER 500 Miles 70c Weekly P/eose present this coupon to your Carrier Boy J

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