The News from Frederick, Maryland on December 23, 1931 · Page 12
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The News from Frederick, Maryland · Page 12

Frederick, Maryland
Issue Date:
Wednesday, December 23, 1931
Page 12
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TWXLVK THE DAILY HEWS, FBXDEBICK, MD.. WEUHMDAT. DECEMBEB 23, 1931. 332 CHILD mm TREAT ON TUESDAY Auto Tour Suggested For Today! Empty Stocking Club's Annual Entertainment Held in Grace : Reformed Sunday School. YOUNGSTERS RANGE IN AGE FROM TWO TO ELEVEN ·ntertaining Program Rendered For Poor Children Of City. More than 300 children-- 333 to be exact -- wert read* glad gifta from the KEPT Storking Club at the annual Chrastsias entertainment and treat in the Scncay school room of Grace Re- Termed clsurca. R*~- Ralph E. Hart- raas. pastor, Tuesday alteraooo. The erer.t was scheduled for 1 30 ockx*. but in anticipation o: the good TJi'pg* la store many of the axle fue«ts ar- r.v*d in advance and returned home wer-supplled with gifts that otherwise might not have oonse their way. The children. bevsreen the ages of 2 and 11, came from every section of the city. The younger ones irere accompanied by their mothers and in eases where mothers were busy with household duties others irere in charge of older sisters and brothers and a few ·with ne^hbors and friends. Since last September the club members. Mrs Ida M. Maricey, president, have been busy piaraung tb^s very interesting and ·worthy event. The- final details included filing stockings with oranges, nuts and candy and assembling dolls --sad books for girls and toys for boys. To give the occasion a real Christmas toach, an mumicated Christmas ewe ·with sparkling ornaments was erected, while the stage was fined with p2e» of stockings bulging with their contents of good things to eat and quantities of toys were conveniently arranged to be passed out to the kiddies. Santa Class himself, with his red coat trimmed with fur, flowing white beard, was there. By the appointed hour the room was fliled. With *o much to see. the youngsters soon settled down for the good things that awaited them. Coats of many varieties and different colors were discarded and whU-e many of the little "guests" were thinly clad, these visible effects merely emphasized the meaning of the occasion. On the front row sat half doaen or more boys and girls wearing the stockings they were given at last year's entertainment. The fact that some were Just a little the worse for wear and others still good for service, was sufficient evidence to indicate the durability and usefulness of the main gift of the club. After everyone had been seated, Hev. Dr. Amos John Traver, pastor of the Evangelical Lutheran church, opened the event with prayer. Next on the program was the singing of Christmas carols. "Holy Night" and · O. Little Town of Bethlehem," led by Miss Kath- etiae Ratenour. The singing was spirited. Rev. Dr. Traver then made a brief address in which be related the Christmas story in a very appealing manner At the conclusion of his remarks. Rev Dr. Traver called oat the names of the children In _ twos. three and fours and they came "forward and were directed by !Mrs^_M3rkcy to the ^stase where other members of the club distributed the gifts Those on the stage were" O£rs. William Schmidt. M-ss Eleanor ·Houck Mrs Darner. Mrs Wil- in»Tn Shoos. M-ss Rosa Burger. Mrs. ··Mary Notnagle Mr= Rov L Leather- dan. Mrs Harry Hacc'.-Se. Miss Alice Kolb and Mrs Clayton Dixon Miss Florence Garner public health nurse. assisted Each crc.S received three pair of stockings, as crange. apple, half a pound of candy and peanuts, in addition to each girl received a doll or book, and each boy u vov. Organized 20 Tears,' The club was organized abo^t 20 years ajo and ha? become one of the most worthy cnantics o! the c.ty. It a rcAiE'sined through voluntary eSort cc part of the memoers. ·aho give much to the sp=did wors in wh.-ch they are cngaeec. Th« c:ty is divided into d-stncts w.'h a -ppreK-.tav.e in charge o: earh ar.d t^ro^gn the repre- sentat-T-e -nJaren are l-sted and given tickets masc tnem r'.r.ole for Sifts The e-^; lasted about snd hour and a half anc: frc~. =»rt to £n_Jh :t T-as one of sraoc iapp-rsess far -.".."."T. the OCC3S on aflorc,;; the ana tae cheer tnat -' 3-"_crt :o Much Curiosity, Little Mourning SENATEAPPROVES DEBT HOLIDAY BY VOTE OP 69 TO 12 Hoover Gardenei FEWER GET TAGS Both Goldsborough AndTydings Of Maryland Support issue. BAN AGAINST REDUCTION SET BY HOUSE STAYS ON Decftae la Action Of Upper Body Follows { That Recently Taken By j i House. Litftut Ftetec. less than the figure for the same period last year. Fw Ami* j 9aily orders during the period, his i reports indicated, had dropped 800 be- j low the 1930 figure. I i Baltimore. Dec. 22.--The office of the .Commissioner of Motor Vehicles an; counted tonight that in the last 19 jdays 143,022 motor vehicle owners in ' Maryland had purchased 1932 registration tags. The total, he said, was 15.126 In December 1930 the office distribute ed 223.6S4 sets of lags. If the nus ber this vear equals that figure The office must distribute 10,000 sets of plates » day. between no* and the end of the a tree birth- HOOVER GOES CHRISTMAS SHOPPING WITH KIDDIES : I XEA Washington Burwn. There was some tery special garden- Washington. Dec. 22--Congressional :r.s to be done on :he Wait* House ratification of President Hoover's one grounds the other dav, so President year moratorium on debt payments was Hoover took spade in nanc. as ..ou see completed tonight »ith Senate approv- him here. He ias planting al brought from Kocgeville. Ky, By a vote of 69 to 12 the Senate place of President Lincoln, formally endorsed the holiday on intergovernmental debts, which went into effect last July 1. The ban raised by the House against any further reduction or cancellation of the $10.000,000,000 in war debts outstanding was left untouched 1 . Two days of vigorous debate preceded the Senate roll call taken just before 10 o'clock tonight before -crowded galleries and fliled chamber. The Senate then recessed for two weeks. i JzE I Six Republicans and six Democrats Wosh-ngtcn. Dec. '22.--President i -| voted against ratification, while 36 Re- Kaover -Aent Christmas shopping to- i -I publicans and 33 Democrats supported cay--plumbing all its crowded joys and · == ···ouoles for tuo little fair-haired, blue- ! ^s Both Senators Goldsborough. Repub- eyed children, wnose combined years -iota: less than ten. ( -They are Peggy Ana and Peter Hoo- i SS vrr. And for them, Herbert Hoover ' = Washington. Dec. 22 --The Senate to- changed for a whUe_the titte of Presi- night rejected an amendment to the a-nt forj.iat of ' grancdadcyT' [moratorium resolution requiring ~ ~~ ~~ * '"' ' sion of the Versailles Treaty party of the debt holiday. Carty's Gift Ideas A Sewing Cabinet i is always useful Convenient nan- =j die for carrying about _ j = A Magazine Carrier = is always useful A large selection to choose from. A very unusual one at President Welcomes Gjrand- ; = children To White House. | = '· = -TO THOat OF FUKJOTCRE IS TO THINK OF CARTT* = C.C.CARTV ESTABLISHED 1868 llcan and Tyd»ngs, Democrat, Maryland, supported the issue. At to B PATRICK EAST FKEDCKICK. MD. Washington, Dec. 22--The Senate revi- ? -" them at breakfast, luncheon and · as a -upper and bowed happily to the seep- j :er they wield unknowingly over the , I Wrute House occupants. With their parents. Mr. and Mrs Curious neighborhood women, loungers-by. children, stood hi the rain to see the body of Jack Diamond carried In a plain wooden coffin Ironi the home or his m'e's sister in Queens to burial in unconsecrated ground In Mt. Ohvet cemetery nearby. Only a scant handful of friends stood bv the widow or paid any tribute to the nvrdercd racketeer. the holidays. An all-day attack upon the debt suspension agreement brought some replies as darkness gathered over the capitol by administration leaders confident of a b:g majo-ty, were trying bo call off tne defense advocates. Sen. Johnson. Republican, California, led the assault, accusing President Hoover of violating the Constitution 05 putting it into effect withou- formal approval of Congress. Demanding more attention to domestic affairs, the Californian attracted attention with a declaration: mas. The President awaited their coming : ! before 9 o'clock this morning on the , portico of the executive mansion. As ) ' ;ney rushed from their automobile. i small pictures in blue, with blue hats, ; coais. rompers and leggings, he gath- j er^d one in each arm. j ' ' Hello, grandcaccy," they shouted. }, Gift Suggestions AT HENDRICKSON'S No smarter, more useful gift BUYING CHEAP AUTO EXPENSIVE ANYHOW DIAMOND'S FUNERAL HELD Seller And Purchaser Fined Police Court. In In Talks To Local Dentists. Dr Wiili?m I. Ogus, Lieut. Commander U. S Navy and special clinician r-nd instructor of die tf. S Naval School. I am ready to stand before the Am- .Washington. D. C, was the speaker at encan people on a proposition such as , that advanced here today." He has been mentioned as an opponent of Hoover for President the regular monthly meeting and dinner of the Frederick County Dental Association at the Hotel Frederick Mon- dav evening. Dr. Ogus, one of the lead- t/VVCi. iVi A- A^.O-i*tiiu ~ . , T From California, also came the first mg oral surgeons of tne country, took defense in the two days of debate for for his theme "Alveolectomy ana Den- the moratorium. Sen. Shortndge, a Re- :al Replacement." He also spo^e on publican, asserting that debt suspen- diagnose, mcluding raciograpny which Funy Body Of Gangster Reposes Shallow Grave. pucnican. iu»beiv*jj£ tiiav vrcuv- *u^^"- ' New York. Dec. 22--Through most of ! sion was a help and in no way modi- he illustrated with lan.ern slices. ±ie .his adult years Jack "Legs" Diamond i fled the existing debt agreement with stared thas all aides to cuagnosis are | lived outside of the laws of the church | the other powers. ' and the state, striving by bloodshed j · Cincinnati Police Baffled Search For Slayer. h Christmas Play Presented. A capacity audience attended un " ' regular monthly meeting of tne no; infallible. Those present were Dr. ; B M. Davis. Dr. Thomas S. Eader, Dr i 1 R. C. Campbell. Dr. W. E. Trail, Dr. ] ,,, A K. Leon, Dr. A. A RadchfE. Dr. " Joseph T. Pyles and Dr. F. V. Swear- OF LITTLE GIRL, AGED SIX heer and The t3J those ·srhs -: s~- -"' -- a - .on ~e~ to "^i-"c :r.e r^ Cmcftinat!. Dec 22 -- The mightiest man hunt in this c.U's history Tias under way icTUcht for the dcsjer.Tate slayer of McLcar.. s-x-vcar-o'ti school girl Marian's body va-s fo^nd toda;. in the basement of a tci.emeni bu'; She had died a. slow death from U-c ioss of blood ar.d Irom injuries suffered In repeated criminal attacks inflicted by the ir-in. «ho lurec her awav from her hoinr Disco-, ery of the body er.dd a Irve- day search and scried as the spark blazec anew in a more ii.'.ens.- ficc seacr. than ev»r for the man *vho er/.iced her :o accojrparv rrrsi A kr~e tias fourd p'.nr.gcd :.;c dirt in the cellar near Manac s body It vas not blood} The knife vras a ruse, pol cc sa-f 1 ;o co'.cr -P the r^.! ca^c of dca*"" A coroner = inq'icst shewed death ^a^ 5.ow ;n orerta^ir; ·'" c.rl wh? si.c- Curr.bed tD ;oss of blcxvd ab-"u* 15 he 1 ;.-, before her body was Je-ir-.d Off.cer? also f-urd a p ece of M.\'i- p pe near ihe b?tiv Cnarlrs B^c-i-ff ·i- a shoemaker and ·encmcnt t .."c- r* o'RTer. cisoo*.erei the tx'd".^r. re TTt *o h^ AI It appeared in Police Court Tuesday and trickery to become a "big shot" in .iist'it that it would have been cheaper ^S? 14 ,"?; .,. vTM, , =_ Tor »S"t his puny body lay in un- · Te °iiiar moniaiv meeun^ 01 tue ^-areii.- - ^_ » fo- xe-year-OHl Rarmond .Morgan, of Allowed ground-hastily shoved into a Teacher Association ofPar'^-ay School eagen. T» oc l ,^ 0 f!^n- -^ur L-mon Bridge, to give Harry Lee. 21. . nalio* grave--deserted by all save Jus ' Tuesday night and witnessed a P lay. Tn ° ma f ^^ ? ^"T;.' T ttr,"h^ta of the same vicinity, a second-hand relatives and a few family friends, and , - On Christmas Eve," presented by stu- D ^. £ ' r . Da ? d ^^^^ wa^mrra .-.utomoWle recently, instead of selling : % ^ , h % had , ^^^'._ "ents of the school. The play was ; and Go.aoa_W. Spurrier. Wa^oington. , - , » . . » l n No overlords of gangland stood around -written by Margaret J. McElroy and -° n ' m '°- ' I0 - ;hc grave in the drizzling rain today as was well "received by ;he audience. It J city officials Dinner Gnests. 3.ty. officials were guests of E C. Valentine, local contractor, at an oy- roast in the gnll room of the Frederics: Tuesday evening. The ·oast started at 8 30 o'clock and oysters j all descriptions were served. Short ( talks were made during the eiening by i various members of the party. An ' enjoyable time was had by an. Those j present- Mr. Valentine, Mayor Elmer ' Whiskey Abandoned. F. Munshower. Aldermen August T. ! Burlington. N. C.. Dec. 22.--One Brust, Herbert S. Scnroeder, Charles T. thousand cases of bottled in bond whis- Butcher. G. Hunter Bowers aad . key were abandoned near here early Charles P. Hiteshew. City Attorney E. ·oday when a track skidded off a high- Austin James. City Eng.neer Elmer St. Clair ifaxwell. assistant C.ty Engineer Frank W Rothennoefer. Superintendent of Water Works Frank B Keefer. City :hat the church whose 1 Mary.and consistently disregarded gh he had he had permit and MBB V-Tpnla Wenner. prm- and fr:e2ds - ,ce -nas stopped recently by Sta'c :r Wristx for driving without lights. T-IC officer learned that although Lux -'3i been a resident of the state since March he »as still using his Pennsylvania license. He said Lee tcld him he bought :bc car from Morgan, who aisled o\er the card and 'he markers, but neglected to give nm written pcrm-ssion to use them for ?\e diy, until :hc entire transfer could M^r^ar. said he di-d not know the -r.-tei. perm-t was necessary- He was r.r.E'.l $5 and cosls and Lee S10 and r:\?:s by J-^stice Sherman P Bowers Morcr.n paid and Lee returned to Jail C^ni-able Charles W Smith scncd as w.thheld and he was buried without benefit o' clergy in a non-sec- ·arian cemetery. Lawycr Killed. Vatican C.ty. Dec. 22 --Marco Vet- tisso, yojng lawyer, was extricated from the ruins of the Vatican l.brary late tonignt, birt died oa the -say to a hospital News advertising pays. triaL 7, ay and overturned. The track's tags had been removed ·anen officers reached the scene b-ol a label on the ·Kiridstuelc showed that it reg^tered in Marylarid. PHOENIX SOCKS for Dad and Brother Watch his eyes flash thanks on Christmas morning when he opens your g i f t -- a n d sees the n a m e PHOENIX. We have these socks inthecolors, patterns and weights that men like--silks, wools, silk-and- wools. Check over your Christmas list and shop early while our big, new assortment is complete. Forester C Cynl Klein. Chief of Police William F. Sterner Superintendent of Give Jt a The officers made large pyramids Streets John T. Best and Irving Ke- of the wh.skey cases and bjmed them, fauver. 5O 75 $|00 Bernie And "Santa" Wish All A Merry Christmas ·t s s s To Present Chn^tmas The a.nnusZ Cr--is'rr.a* rr^TStr. cf t^c S; J"hr.s I.T-.-rar. -.-.--cr. S--.- dav Sch^-l. Crcacc-.-c^r will K .-.'15 at the ch-_~li cr. r-xiar (.-·*--z f~~r+^ ^ » . » _ « , * o - ~ "· ~l -, -.* -JT; A program apprcpr-ate t- Cnr^^sas. ·R.ll w.ll be presentee unoer the of i!rs i^ C Sm tn. c*er a v-a.ll .-. s;- Trc -n-x! *o ha^c fo de hj» r ·:--- sar- -~n a x a · STICKLER SOLUTION i PALES ^ l = ' AN BACK ,~^ LAPSf that o' """ sod .e'er v..-;.- -- r f d to ha-;c ·Raited up f ·«- s^rtly bff-vrc the o»dy --as fv.r.d bs"osr-' v d ?.·-- n"thir-C off the ^"»rds Mass= *t «t. JohnX tam. a sc.err.~ r.izh rnv- - ,,". " c L. TKr ^rvf «-tr(k, aS .-KicK vi f-r (X-*T. I SO of the -4:x3nE f-om K ict'c-s. : nil's Calho..; cr.-.-e- '--15 r ·-. ." " - 1 r-^ .^ual r.,.~ber cf nasses "- a^^ 5c r^- · K- a d cr. Christmas Dcvr T.-" cl-vr? of Ke" A- J-*. -:« church inlk be ciTt-oc -r.v.l " 30 D-rX"*, JCA- SU-v."er clock. A special rros c^l r-roET'-n 1= K^i-y I ".-vTi VS.-T. -.he ?jii; arranged for w actilt c "o.* bv Jo-,^ E.-.--' W.IT J-^c ·--·· E-s' C^TV C n e " ' C '. ·- 'j Sp.r. I-o-r; '. i B-.r.^ .--: \V-,.-, P - I - - F , . : T.ijrrrcr.' - j .r.d Lniri-t^-j .t: ... al.-,- D i « W 7 rr - K r-~. g-jil:v of drunkenness. f.r:cd So ar.d costs in .ail H? was arrested .ff W.l'.ara F. Stemcr and Of- Free Stray -n in the " fas li'rr referring r- C~-.rt H ^ To --. Ess' T.-d s'rcc* ron- v -' c.--' : .",: on a r.c and :o i.\ rr.or.'.j; .n the Ho'lsc :-er t v .c vcrd.c To Render Christinas Pageant. -j- Af--r Chr^ " rfo-n coJorsiflcs or fancy verficcrf sfrrpes in fwtr toned mixtures. "Extra mileage" foot for/onger Smcrf embroidered r;^ co'a-sd cfcx or p'ain Jif or hvo-foned bodies, ^y "Long rof/eoge" foot Heavy weight sf/fc, sfffc- cncfwook. Plain colors, fancy patterns. Wi'h the famojs re'iforcec/ "Jong mr/eoge" foot - also - FOE MOTHER AND SISTER GIVE GOTHAM OR TREZUR SILK HOSIERY. 1 S|.00 _ S|.35 _ S|.65 Also Several Patterns in Mesh Hosiery at SI.50 pair LET HOSIERY PCX AX EXD TO TOCK GIFT WORRIES 5 M»rv. Mar- K-ce Miily. Earl old rnar.. raoti-er cf y W W W « y ¥ s sr ? «5y Tliis Store Will Close All Day Saturday, December 26th . . . A Legal Holiday! Again, Merry Old Kris will visit the TJsed Car King of Maryland to con- f ! vey to you the season's best wishes for a Merry Christmas and a Happy and * l Prosperous New Year. "Bernie" has found that friendship in business counts .1 j for much and he is grateful for yours. H , ERCHANDISE OF ESTABLISHED /8T7 £i2£Qt2i2£i^^

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