The News from Frederick, Maryland on July 9, 1948 · Page 11
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The News from Frederick, Maryland · Page 11

Frederick, Maryland
Issue Date:
Friday, July 9, 1948
Page 11
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Montgomery Makes War On Jap Beetle By O. W. AXDEKSOX XoatgomerT Couxtv Agent The Mo»t£omery County Japanese Beetle program now is in pro* gress in three parts: U Spraying or an preferred food plants along roads, streets asd in public parks at public expense. This assures all property owners whether residential or farm that public property will not be allowed to serve as areas of infestation and thereby nullify ihe efforts of property owners to control ihe Japanese Beetles en their respective hold^jgs. (2) Farm control measures designed to protect crops and done at the farmer's expense regardless of whether it is a home remedy or applied by the Farm Bureau or airplane. (3) Control on residential property at the owner's expense regardless of method used. The work to be done a l o n g roads, streets and in parks is definitely planned and has been rtarted. Therefore, the efficiency sf control will be determined by the amount of cooperation received from property owners both in the towns and in the country. Most farmers have definite plans for protecting the corn crop and have decided on the method to be used; however, this will not reduce infestation very greatly unless augmented by spot spraying prefer- HOMES FOR AMERICANS red food plants about the farm. In other words, pasture and hay k sods will be cut to pieces by grubs w again next spring. Whether through the Farm Bureau or otherwise, it is hoped that farmers will look after this important matter and thus avoid egg-laying to the greatest possible extent. This brings us to the part the home owner can play in controlling beetles on his own propertv and contributing to a lower infestation another year. Some home owners believe in traps and if set in the sunlight and not too close to preferred food they will catch a tremendous number of beetles, but not all of them. However, there is nothing complicated about spraying or dusting. t If a home owner has a hand sprayer he can invest a few cents*in"50 per cent wettafale DDT powder or in 25 per cent or 30 per cent DDT solution and with a little effort can kill all the beetles that light on his property except perhaps in the tall trees that cannot be reached by this method. . Every county citizen can be a part o£ this war on insects but to do the most effective job, the following facts should be known- CD A new crop of beetles emerge each day until about Julv 15 Judged by -whether or not beetles die vnihin 35 minutes after thev have made contact with soraved surface and not by whether beetles are seen on the property (2) Beetles have distinct food preferences. Spray only those p-ants which they feed upon. (3) DDT is the best control material known because it stavs on surfaces longer. Pyrethrium will Mil quicker but will last only a fexv minutes. C4 DDT spray applied by hand methods should remain effective 10 days if proper strength is used. Co) Proper strengths are: When 50 per cent wettabie DDT powder is used--four tablesooon- *uls per gallon of vater; When 2530 per cent DDT solution is used --eight ieaspoonfuls per gallon of water; When dust is used--made up from 50 per cent powder--« AP Newsfeatures A built-in porch that can be left open or screened in summer and glass-enclosed in winter, is a feature of this small home \\ ith ' "big house" appeal. The porch opens from living room, kitchen ! and one of three bedrooms. This is Plan 618-B by the Small Home Plan Service. Shaw Renneker, architects. Box 2821. Woodlawn Station. Birmingham 6. Ala. It covers an area of 1266 square feet The architects suggest an exterior of frame, brick veneer, or concrete blocks with a roof of composition shingles. Heat is supplied by two floor furnaces. Xo basement is required. Good Stand Of I Corn, No Weeds Hesry Hopp. a research worker with the Sod Conservation Service, has been trying out a little practical research on his 275-acre farm in the Yellow Springs section. Mr Hopp like-; to grow corn, but dislikes cultivating it. To g^ around this job he is using 2 4-D, the chemical weed killer, both as a pre-emergence and a post-emergence spray. So far, he has a pretty good i stand of com. And never a weed. | _ln some of his fields, Mr. Hopp i planted the corn and then applied i the 2, 4-D a few days before the! corn came up In other fields the j spray was applied after the com j had started to grow. He hopes to \ tell \\hich method of applying the " spray is going to give best results. Ridge Bow Experimentation j This experiment with the weed i killer is also coupled with an ex- j periment in tillage. Scientists at j the Sod Conservation Service sta- .' t tion at Eeitsville have been ex- · perimenting with ridge row cul- j tivation. mostly of tobacco Mr.! Hopp wanted to see how this ] would work out on a farm with · corn. s At Beltsville. scientists have got- j ten greater yields with ridge row i cultivation because of better aria- | tion and better utilization of plant f food. Mr. Hopp goes a step fur-' | ther and reasons that the ridges j ; in his fields also will, keep weed \ I seeds from sprou'.ing and will keep ! · the chemical weed killer at the J proper place in the soil. i Check Plots Retained Mr. Hopp. a true researcher has End Of The Trail The *»-§. Frederick. Md.. Friday, J«Iy 9, W4f at all--and will allow a lot of time to be spent on other farm jobs. Help From The Neighbors Mr. Hopp. who lives at College Park, and gets to his farm only oa week ends, had a lot of help from his neighbors in making the experiments. The implement for making the ridge rows was loaned by a farm machinery dealer at Thurmont. and a neighbor. Bill Feaga. brought his tractor over to I do the work. "Mr. Feaga was interested.'" said Mr Hopp "because he figured the experiment might save him money in years to come" Experts at the Unirenttr of Maryland also helped out ia planning the work, which WM carried out. for the most part, by Mr. Hopp's manager. R. C. Ellis. The spray v/as applied by a reconverted orchard sprayer. Mr. Hopp passed on thi» tip to _ farmers who might us* 2, 4-D: j Don't mix chemicals--use all from : the same manufacturer. j This tip comes from hard «- j perience. He mixed chemicals one i day. got a percipitact and spent I several days cleaning out his spray equipment. Seized in connection with a handbook robbery near Western Springs, a west Chicago suburb. Jerry Malek, 27, weeps as a police officer questions hlia in Ihe Lyons. II!., police station. Mxlek. who has an artificial leg:, is believed by pelice to be one of the four bandits uhose chase Is regarded as one of the greatest manhunts in Chicago history. Police said he confessed to the robbery and implicated three, companions. i left check plots in all of his fields. sections that were sprayed For his pre-emergence spray. ures that $375 per acre will be cheaper than cultivating-- that is Fogle, Mrs. Schultz, and Mrs. Weatherman on the opposing team. The program closed by members Reporter's Quiz giving the names of the farms and j It is seemingly the pretty general opinion among residents of the city and county that there is homes where they now live. New Market Grange met June 23 and voted to entertain Frederick County Pomona at its next quar- a long, long trail winding in the direction of the period when there will be anything like a parity be- terly meeting which will be the tween supply and demand in the first Saturday in August airs.! automobile industry. Some look John Stiles recommended that an for the desired goal to be attain- effort be made to reorganize a juvenile grange here, and Mrs. Richard Hammond, Mrs. Charles Collins, and Mrs. Upton Howard Quinn were appointed to the committee to consider the recommendation. Miss Charlotte V."est. C. W. Kent, and Mrs. Rebecca Mainhart were named to contact Medford Grange to try to organize a joint picnic for some Sunday this summer. The literary program was in charge of Charlotte West and the Youth committee, acd consisted of songs by the grange, a reading. "Daylight and Darkness." by Jean Crickeuberger, several humorous limericks by Jane Crickenberger, solo from "The Desert Song," by Virginia Mainhart, and a spelling bee by ihe entire Grange won by Pauline Wilcofh. Next meeting will be held July 14 when the County Deputy will instruct in Grange ritualistic work. Thus, he \\ ill be able to determine _ ,, -.---.-. ~ just what effect his various meth- Mr. Hopp used \'-- pounds of 2, 4-1" lhc weath er permits cultivating ods have on corn yields. In his I D per acre, as a cost of $3 75. 'HC · '_ -ridge row Selds there are sections \ used U pound per acre for the ' that are planted on the level, and [ post-emerger.ce sorav. applving . each field has an unsprayed sec- j the chemical after "the corn reach- tion to check results against t liose ! ed a height of 10 inches. I_ i fig- ' Concrete and Cinder Blocks Crushed Stone Tree State" Masonry Mortar Transit-Mix Concrete M. J. Grove Lime Co, TELEPHONE FREDERICK 2000 ed in a couple of ears, others think five years while still others who have been consulted in an informal poll conducted during the week won't say but fear that it will be a very long time before the automobile manufacturers catch up with the demand for new cars- Six ^residents of the city and county, including some in the au- [ tomobile business gave the 'following answers to the following question "How long do you think it will be before automobile manufacturers will catch up with the demand for new cars?" The answers:. C. F. Wastler, Liberty-town- "I would say approximately three SWEEP RAKES FOR YEAR-ROUND USE IB. pronhalite. (6) not to 5 pounds epels beetles years."' W F Eyler, Harmony Grove"My- opinion, judging from the way things are going at present, is that it will be several years anyway." Vemon Rippeon, Ceresville: "You certainly have asked a mighty hard question as well as an interesting ofie. It will more than likely be a couple of vears The modern cultivator is des- ; any way before this happens." The control- One not in adjustment requires more power to pull it, leaves more weeds, and may waste moisture, Cultivator Can Do Weed Control Job to do s. good job of weed j demand certainly is greater, much 1--if it is properly adjusted, greater, than the suonlv at the present time." supply at the There's lots of work for this sturdy Dearborn Sweep Rake between haying seasons. It unloads just by lowering it and backing, away. Let us show you how easily it lifts and lowers a load by Hydraulic Touch Control. Durably made for years of hard use, in haying season and out. Phone or drop in for complete Information. Ton can't beat Ford Hydran- l i c T o u c h Control. Farm Store Lifts load by Hjdraulic Touch Control. Automatic Push-oil unloads it. THE FREDERICK MOTOR CO, FREDERICK, MARYLAND FORD FARMING HEADQUARTERS t IMS, Pnrtxga Motea ROEBUCK AND CO. I4fayette Wastler. Grange Neics Lewistown Grange. June 24--, J Grange opened in reg- n «. ·»- ' With Worthv Master Brother 2Vierle F. Soffinger, presid- Mg. Ten officers -were present The recoros of the last meeting «ere read and approved. There was a communication from Virginia Nicodemus Metcalf thanking the Grange for a wedding gift ^ rg f_ I !^ ror -J ras chosen chair- Eor the Soil booth for Lewistown according to Guy Gienger, Exten- 1 "I am rather reluctant to answer j sion Agricultural Engineer, at the j tnat question in view of the cur- will University of Maryland. j rent uncertainty in everything. He has these four suggestions on j I would say. however, in the light how fanners can get proper ad- · o£ ^jat information is available, justment on cultivators. ! ^ at it would take a long time." I. Cultivator shovels must be Conservation Dav Pomona Field Day. --. ^ Grange expects to have a softball -·*· iPSTTl ^ti-f o-~n«3 Z_ .*.*_ . entered la Youth Field Day. is the proposed sick in e Walter Reed Hospital He was sent a card. Literary program opened by spaced on the gang frames to cov- i er all the ground between the ! rows _ , Schwearing, 347 West - st F£ et ;. x do ««t believe at the situation you describe is 2. All shovels should be set to ! s ° ! " g to .materialize before 1950 penetrate to the same depth. (This j av lbs earlie st£ _ adjustment can best be made_ on j Herman Orrisoa. 716 Kbrth as a snop , lr?rket street . j bslieve tfaat it j will be five or six years aayway." a level surface such floor.'* 3. Shovels should be adjusted to make a 45 degree angle with the j The Leaning ^Tower of Pisa i ground, thus giving even, and easy j built as a bell tower, is used f penetration. | rarely for its original purpose, lest i 4- Sweeps should be mounted to ' vibrations increase its tilt. ; run level, at a uniform depth ! . ' and parallel with the forward cultivation is needed to keep the movement of the tractor. i crust broken and the weeds des- 6 Big Pullets · · ! ... in every bag of PURINA GROWENA ! Tandem Wagon David Bradley Brand For W«ar 129.50 Thanks to its design yon get * smoother ridingr. easier hand- line wajon! Easier to tarn, pull, longer service. Hay Loader for Green or Cured Hay While They Last .50 EASY TERMS Strongly constructed. Interchangeable wheels for used auto tire. No-wrap axles enclosed in torque tube. Antifriction bearings on all high speed shafts. Features you'll appreciate when you want to do a thorough job quickly, when you want years of usage from your loader. Heavy Wash Tank REGULARLY 36.95 30.00 Not the usual 20 ga. steel, but extra heavy 14 ga. Will last for years and years. .t or maximum results use the ' troyed without injuring the crop j proper cultivator shovels at the roots. For the last cultivations j right time. If the soil is wet and wide sweeps running just beneath i soggy around ihe crop roots, then ' the surface are adequate, deep cultivation with long narrow shovels should be ° !3oo£ea ·oracticed to the soiL If «r^ D "- 1 nd " Homs Sw eet Home." the soil 'is dry, shallower cultiv- £»ma_.e,yler gave a reading fol- ation is best As the season prog- iovwea oy the rail call of members resses, wider shovels and shallow naming tneir favorite dish. A j _ table serving contest -was held with Mr. Bill, Rev Sollmger. and . Green on one team and Sirs. Arizona contains eight national forests, covering a iota! of 11.400,859 acres. FOR TOCR ELECTRICAL REPAIR WORK and HOUSE WIRING SEE HARRY TINNEY 12 Hamilton Ave. Phone 1601 V V KILL the JAPANESE BEETLE Use 25% Liquid Pestroy for the Japanese Beetle and Corn Borer. Costs 1.30 per acre By high-pressure spraying methods. USE economical LIQUID PESTROY a product of Sherwin-Williams Co. Frederick Motor Farm Store 128 West Patrick Street Phone 1092 NFWSPAPFR! Yes. there's enough of the vital food essentials, all properly balanced, in every bag of Purina Growena to raise 6 Ifig pullete from the feae they go off Purina Starlena unSl they're ready to Icy. Growena is a complete growing ration, Grows pullets big, thrifty, uniform in size. Purina Growing Chew balances your grain. R bag with grain wiH grow 12 big pullets. V/e scry--it pays to grow 'em rightl P U L L E T WORMS* --Worn pullets for large roundwonns at 10-12 weeks. Use. Pursna Chek-R-7oa. It's effective, shockless, easy. Just rnix Cbek-B» Ton in ihe siash. Clearance - Binder Parts For Most Popular Makes Canvas For Deere, McCormick, McCorrnick-Deering- Elevator Canvas REG. 5.75 NOW ONLY Mower Sections For Emerson, Wood, McCormick, Etc. REG. 1.45 PKG. OF 30 LOW PRICES ON ALL REPAIR PARTS NOW Farm Master Aluminum Sheets For Roofing Or Siding Regular 14.80 : SALE PRICE 1 1 100 Sq. Ft, RAMSBURG FERTILIZER CO. South Carroll St. Phone 148 immmmmm Durable Hog Trough Famous Farm Msitcr Quality REGULARLY 2.49 1,99 Practically indestructible: 20 gauge zinc grip galvanized steel. 2-ft-x-12x4'j-in. dimensions. Sec it at Sears! it's so easy to have attractive roofs and sidings with these aluminum sheets. They're tongh and strong, ·will never rust, rot or burn. So economical, too. your low initial cost is the last, once applied, no further upkeep is required. USE YOUR CREDIT - Ask About Sears Easy Terms 40 S. MARKET ST. FREDERICK, MD. PHONE 15SO 1EWSP4PERS

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