The Paris News from Paris, Texas on July 17, 1934 · Page 8
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The Paris News from Paris, Texas · Page 8

Paris, Texas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, July 17, 1934
Page 8
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MiCE EIGHT THE PAWS NEWS, TUtai>AY j^Y 1? ,-» ^ - v ' . • Cotton Price Rises Again KEW OHi-EANS. (3*>- —Cotton •"!>ene<3 easier Ttiftsdio. Liverpool as about as due but New York •at in rather bearish advices. A? «• result, first trades here were ,1 to i* points down, with October -t 13.02 and December at 13-lS. Ttecember lost an additional point after the start, both active points trading 12 points net lower. There was considerable liquidation at the start, but prices later rallied f!v«> points, reducing the n*t loss compared with Monday's close to seven points- Strike (Continued Jrorr. Pase One» their siecre lines, relaxing! somewhat so as to reduce the dan- j ger to life and health. I^aw en-j forcement. agencies of the city and ' state/-, meanwhile intensified their j precautions. Almost the full ] -strength of California's militia,; numbering 7.000 rr.?n. i-o-v is con-< centrated here. i Streetcar service was partly re- j stored here but was at a. stanu- ; still in the eastbay cities.. | Y-e-ij-i^v •ferrvbcats of ".he Xev . i route system, under the same ov-r.-- ership as the traction 1-nes. have; falle-n under the force of the j strike. The extensive conimuts.- j tion from Oakland a-ic! other cit-| les *~.~2.?» *n con?~eo •.„*?noc-. •• -. ^ L_C^.IJ, V : disrupted. • TVith Tuesday's v.s'kou:s. union I «rrike movement, -^hieh. leaders; say. is 1? defense of "the American 1 O""er PcTt'ian.d. Ore,, also block-i a-ded for more :5ian two months! genera! strike ck-uas hover. The I central labor councri;. representii'S: ever step* as may b* necessary for th« general good/* The lessening of the strike pressure here included resumption of service of municipal street cars. \ Two privately-owned traction lines] remain tie< up. The strike com- j mittee also announced union res-j taurants, in addition to the 1 9 al- j lowed to operate Monday, will be opened to provide food for the | stricken city. A military airplane brought General Hugh Johnson. NRA administrator into San Francisco from Portland Monday nisrht. He declined to comment on his plans. He said ho did nyt expect to stay in Sara Francisco longr. San Francisco's board of super- j visors, the city-county governing body. adopted a resolution requesting President Roosevelt to come to the city and direct the attempts to restore pesce and normal activity to the community. Scattered violence kept 2.000 police on constant watch, ready to rush in force to troubled centers. but four "test" street cars sent | over a municipal line were not I molested. The food problem remained! acute but the decisioi. of the strike steering- committee to per- ::;:t open ins: of those of the city's t 2.000 restaurants which employ j union help was expected to lift the | barrier which caused thousands of I hun^rv r>ersons to wait r>atiently i •.aurants Mor.da:>. • Safetv for prod-ace trucks! Hog Market Holds Steady FORT WORTH. (.??, (U. S. Dept. ASr.>—Hogs: l.'OO: truck hosrs steady; no rail bogs; top 4.70 paid by packers; good to choice 1SO-2SQ Ib. truck hogs 4.60-70: better 140170 Ib. averages 5.±5-4.50; packing sows steady. 3.25-75. Cattle: 2.600 commercial. SOO government; calves 1.200 commercial; very dull peddling trade; steers and cows frequently on catch bid basis; all classes except bulls and calves weak to lower trend: stood fat cattle scarce: grass slaughter steers !n 3.00 rangre: 2:00.3 fed yearlinjrs to 5.S5; cows mostly under 2.00: butcher cows 2.75-2.^5.- bul.'s 1.50-2.00: stocker outlet narrow: heavy fat calves j 2.00 down: better grades scarce. Sheep: ".000; fat lambs and •wethers steady: fat yearlings scarce; feeder lambs unevenlylower: medium to good fat lambs 3.50: other ies« desirable lambs j 4.00-5.2?: aged fat wethers 2."*0: ; feeder lambs and yearlings 3.«."?•: | advance estimates July 15: com- i meroial cattle anc calves 3.2i'0: ; governmem cattle and calves: . FACE TRIAL ON MORALS CHARGE In a packed t_os Angele* courtroom, Gloria Marsh (left), film extra, and Dave AHen (right), head of a movie casting bureau, went to trial charged with an offense to public morals. The magnet for the crowd was the expectation there would be a disclosure of secrets of .Holly wood's legion of chorus girls. (Associated Press Photos) BRIEFS About Town Constable Frank IMTis and .Jus* tice of the Peace Dave Weaver of Roxton brought a negro man to the county jail iioc^ay Sheriff C. O. Sheltou air«rted a man on a charge of fceins drunk Monday night and placed him in the county jaiL City officers were called to South Eighteenth street Monday night to investigate a disturbance there. No arresia were made. Five prisoners are being held by the city at present. Three are iu jail and two are working: on the streets. All are white men. Archie ~L^ Ernest of Ft. - Sill* Ok la., formerly of ^Detroit is visiting friends and relatives in this section -while on an 21-day furlough from the army. JEd Bell reported the theft of a wheel and tire from his automobile to local officers Tuesday morning. The wheel and tire were taken from the car Monday night. Stock Mart UpTuesday XEW TORK. <#)-—Stocks appeared to view the western labor upheaval with somewhat more serenity Tuesday and prices, in most cases, displayed a much steadier tone. There was a carry-over of sellins: in early transactions, but this did not last long. While trading was still at a low ebb leading equities recovered fractions to around a point. A. sharp rally In grains may have aided in briffhtenlns the securities picture. -"Wheat jumped more than 2 cents a bushel with the December contract selling: above 51.02. Corn also stepped j up around ± cents and rye devel- 1 oped strength. Cotton edged up to another new high since 1930. t'ilver and rubber futures, however, failed to follow the upward movement. Bonds turned a. little irregular, with secondary rails especially exhibiting: heax-iness. The dol- j lar was about even in foreign ex,' change dealings. vegetables and j also "svss promised by the genera! j strike committee- The c-ommitte'sj ur.der union supervision, also call- j & c for continued operation of the | baker;.-, milk and ice service. j Efforts to meet the emergency, i a citizens" eoiumitt-e-e of SOO. t\ j M. McAir-iff-?. attorney and chair-i COMMERCE SCHOOLS OPEN SEPTEMBER lOj i CO?>!MKRCE. — Announcement I is made that the Commerce pub- j _ic schools will ot>en on Septem- > ber 10. football aspirants reporting \ for practice on August 27. under ! direction of Coach "Kappy Jack" j -vlorris. "who na.s coached the teams | TO two district championships j within the last five years. j <Continued trom Page One! i function of,' re. firs* of a'.', j mass walko-t. Pleas for c:-as 132.5- s -~ spp^-ai f carne from Sa enormous cast o out swelled into lars. Acting Gov 2Ierri3J"-'i dec.-; a r al-e to ev- —!---•;.-int o- c-'*'-5 -•" ; s-'"'" 1 I" | "usT~"a'' •* =s•'>'-• is. r ' < ^r i co'^*- ! ' - - - - - - -^ ; _ ^ i "S.' ST'-a-rd 'was ni- I the l^n^-blf-'clis.ded -"*. t " " "— r -,.. ..,' nocent" persons a,nd appealed to union labor "not to be a party to acts that are fraught with disaster." "He cnar**-?<3 that "there, is am oss: us what amounts to Insurrection and assault, upon our As the second ca3" of the mass strike ca".vned. the jreneral situa.- tion in Sar. Fraucisco indicated imtv;-rntive need for replenishing: dv-t>3?tec~ shelves of retail estab- 1 to lisriTr^ents from the abundant sup- n'ies sn **.-ai-enouses and in the' ^ rural agricultural resrlons or•which the city depends for its dairy products. i r J-iErht and power arid telephone service *-vas uninterrutMed and bace disposal. ~ere reported nr:ee.t- The mayor nominated as a library board 5. B. M. Long. Richard Blyth. Thomas Justiss, Mrs. J. C. Vv'hite and Mrs. 3.1orsa.n Alexander and the nominations were confirmed. The board is the same a.s last, year frith the mayor ex officio chairman. "R". K.. \Vright, who had been appointed presiding- officer of elections for Ward. Two tendered his resisrnation on account of having to bo absent from the city. The resignation was accepted and the nomination of R. G. Berry to the vacancy was confirmed- A petition of 41 citizens, asking; that if a franchise be granted for a bus line in West Paris it contain requirement for the vehicles to run the city limits instead of stopping: a.t First: street, was read and filed to be considered when the franchise comes up for second reading. The application of Paul Jackson for this franchise was made at the iast. resrui3.r Tneeting and since making it the applicant desired to make some changes. using rwo five-passenger cars instead of .the bus. as he considered the cars Things you may not know—about your telephone ^\X ^-i ^^^ ^^~^^\^^^>^ ^^P\^ UJ'.3J&&£ T\ /'"/ / \ :V>/._i i--if^^-^ V^T/* < -*V'> \ \'> ,' '. /~^ \ : ':,' ^ t_^ ^ ^C' ' - ! 5="-'"rx x 'r-~jX^ sf^ • \Vi-O '//'i A KP^^J^^^ ..VtO^iM Ky&^s* \ \'j , ! '^'/i 1'^^"^^r •: \'-^ i &€•/ ; Y i (-.A i _^= i & ^^^^fti§i ISfeP^ ' I lu^^^^^^teMlli^^ "^^^^ ',-/ / i. ^ / • ?/$ ~^=^ ^ •^A\2\^^ Tbc little group of men vrb? aided Alcx-indcr Grsham Be!I in the vnvcnc;on cf t.*;-c rcicphcnc is perperirjLtcd rocav in mzny of the pohcses, 2.--J even in the form of c'2a.:";;zi*tcn of the telephone service. Be'.l himsr!f, the research worker, has for example been sucCct-dcc bv Bell Telephone L-2bor£ -vhose sc:en::s-.s have contributed inn^merzble invennons and irnprovements to the telephone £.-. i nonias A. ^"zrson, who mzde the nrst telephones, w-as the forerunner of Vv esrern Electric Co.. suppiv unic of the Bell System. From its srrc-ps the equipment and supplies nccceii by the 24 associated Be;I companies arc furnished at a cost which, as a proven fact- is lower than would be charged on the open marker. As a telephone user, you profit indirectly, but definitely, by these sa vines. ' * • ~ ; H n r; ^~^T:; j^Z^-^C- ; '-^ ^~rl^V>l ^ ^L/ ~^M-=^L^. '- =^ h^^^>^-^^-Hii:i -fC!--: 1 -,, 1 Wk ~ ^^^^^ : ut> ^' "XSaurdiwer G- Hubba^d, first business adviser of the infant te'ephone inaustry, has been replaced fay the American Telephone 2nd Telegraph Co., parent orgarozation of the Bel* System. A, T. & T. staff experts develop more economical operating methods for the associated companies of the System. Its financing facilities make available, at a saving, fun<i* for necessary additions to telephone lines awd FOR YOU . . . Good Service at Fair Cost N ot only were th« beginnings of the present form of organization of the telephone service, with units for research, for manufacture, for business and financial guidance, to be found in this handful cf pioneers . . . the source of many of the policies of the Bel! System lies there as well. Thus, for more than 50 years the savings from c specialized telephone organization have gone, not to swell profits, but to give good telephone service at a fair cost to the user. This policy has been adopted because we fee! that, from your standpoint as much as from our own, it is sound and workable, in an undertaking planned like the telephone service for the long pull, we beHev« that whet is best for the telephone subscriber becomes m the end the course that -will bring us the surer, more enduring success. SOUTHWESTERN KELL TELEPHONE COMPANY v\ould give a.11 needed service and the licenses and insurance wotild be much less. The council agreed that the provisions might be amended to allow two such cars rroni the west city limits to the Plaza and return, on 10-n^Inute schedules, and two on the east Paris loop "it!i the same time schedule. The cars to be painted a distinctive- color and bear such lettering- as would easily distinguish them as being five-cent cars and running: on regular sched-ules, These amendments will be incorporated, in the franchise ordinance at the next reading. Department reports for June •were presented and filed. The abattoir showed slaughter, of 170 cattle. ISff hoars, six sheep and 75 •--a'.ves. the figures not including the slaughtering done for the relief cannery. Receipts were ?733,70 besides 24 hog 1 -? sold for $154.54. For hauling: animals to the incinerator S2S was pa;.<2. Police report showed 23 arrests. 13 fines paid and 10 served in jail, the payments totaling: $132.40. Engineer department reported 4i repair and three ne*v building permits for a total of $37.361, Water pumped was 40.000.000 gallons and receipts S5.5S1.15. Alderman Sam Payne was not present, beins; confined to his Sergeant Fred W. Ccowell of Kl j Reno, Oklahoma, formerly in: charsre of the United States army ] recruiting: office in Paris, is spend- ] Small (Continued From Page Oneins: a. part of his 30-day furlough here visiting friends and relatives. AYmfrcd Garrett said Tuesday crops on his farm in Red river bottom near Direct are in got*! .-nape- He said he has better corn than last vear and that there is an excellent prospect for a good cotton crop. County officers Monday nisrlit raided a home on North. Twelfth street and seized R Quantity of liquor. A white man wa-<? -irrcsted and placed in jail on n charge of -- liquor for sale. Firernen were called, to a filling: station just outside the city on Larrrar road early Tuesday moraine: '.vhen fire originating: ii: a pile of rope spread to an auto mobile nearby. X-ittle damage wits done, according to Chief Jodiu M oss- . J •s. Odons Park, city secretary. • :;? notifying: property owners ivno I have appealed from the city equal! ization board to appear before the | revision board trie afternoon of j July 25. The board will continue its heariti,£T throu**h July 25 and .17. she said. DU?sAGA?s FUNERAL IS HELD MONDAY i-iist Rites Conducted at The First McLhodist Church Trre funeral of Roy H. Dtina- can. county commissianer for Precinct -. who died Sunday n-.orrLinsr. -wras iaeld Monday afternoon at First Methodist church, '.•OP.c.uete'1 by the Hev. C- M. i?iinp- son. :>re*:diriS elder of Paris Meth- odisi district, Hev. W. M. \Vri:?ht of Firs': Baptist church and the R.*i'v. J. K. Hicks of TerrelL Faris lodg* No. .7 A. F. ar:d A. ?-'., had ciiars^e of services K.- rh-a grave. paHbearers "being- Clarence Murphy, J. M. Caviness, H. C. Gantu ?. M. \Yeiss. \V. S. Hancock ar:d Hoyd Msn^srs of che county commissioners court pailfcearers- An unusual:;- iar;;e number of Mr. Diinag'ar: is sur^'iv-t* b-y his v.'ido'.v. the for'r.'rr iliss Ai'ie;- rr^ord. two sorr^. .Roy and Ti^on::II. Erar-a-gran o' o^=. 2. crotner. Hou«:ton. and i s:s-* Allen oT Amarillo. DEATH CALLS J. E. DEMENT 0> TUESDAY \VfIl Known West Paris J. E. 2>*ment. 75 years old. die«i at ":l"i o'clock Tuesday afternoon at the ho:r.<=- of h;K *.':n. Hllrner H>e- ment, 31 North First street, after a SorsE: ii':r:e5.s. r'uriera! ,*«rvjc-e-s had not b*;c-n announce'd latir ir: the day. He is E^r-,-;v»d by five sons, ^^Jrrjer ^'is.*^! "w^o i** 'IT* & ^JacJc*^/ 1 ^ — cider.t a f-?v.- tizys. x%o. K'-y and ElTrin*?** r.v»m«?nt». siIJ of PI;i.;r;V!«»v.' ^nd a siTrter Sivinsr at DR. E. H. STARK HAS FOOT AMPUTATED Dr. K, H. ~r.-t.rk L»r. StiJ.rk <»uff*r-'i ars injury to hH foot On a r*r*r«! fSuhin^: trip Ralph E- Walker and T,on Z- Brj-son, both of Paris have enlisted in the United States army and have been assigned to the aviation corps at Randolph Kield, San Antonio Warrers F. Albertson. Carl Kirkland and Hubert Carroll of "Paris and Ben 1^. liars-rave of hear have also enlisted ITS the fund of the state. He also endorses reform and reorgan- isation of the state court system. including: a decrease in the number of district courts, establishing permanent terms for the remainins: courts and requiring: Jitij-ants in civil cases to bear a. j-reatep- part of the court costs. This plan, he said, will KJSO save many Thousands of dollars for the state and counties. In <iisc-ussi7i?t law enforcement. Senator Small said there are four businesses which haxxr shown hujco profits durlrsr the las.t two years, lie nan*ed th^sc as cramblinsr. rttD.—, nine: of "hot. oil." peddling: par-dons and selling: liquor. He sa"i<T all of these have been in violation of state laws and that two "Jinjs" have been responsible for the practice. James E. "ergruson -tnd James V. Allrec. He made the statement that the case asrainsi the Mid-Kansas Oil and Gas Company in -wrhjch more- than 51.073.000 was recovered for Texas school children was instituted by two predecessors o£ Allred in the attorney* general's office. Claude Pollard and H. L- Bobbitt and that Allred had no-bin K to do -*."fth the case other than to file suit after the Court of'Ap- General Proa O*4) f •• k i volunteer* operated trucks &zul busem. Th« disturbance, cost Enylutd % bus* -sum. estimated aa bJ»h aa $1,500.000.000. The trad* union* j wer» left bankrupt- Seattle's general strike, i* i»lt. lasted !esa than two day*. Doublo- i fisted measures by tbe city"» -inay- or. Ole Kanson crashed it. The mayor organized, 1»00« men into a special polio* army. He armed them tvlih shotgun* and ordered the shooting "on sigfht" of any person causing disorder.;' The general -walkout wa« called Ril by Seattle'* central labor coutt- *f ai cil in sympathy with a «trik« otj* 3 " Puget Sound shipyard workers. \ Thirty-five thousand worker*, -wer* / involved in Seattle. 10.000 walked out in Taconia and other communities, ton-i Winnipeg's general strike, call- i* cd May 15, 2315. lasted 40 <£ay» I u and cost one life. »f Involved were 25.000 workers. 5 : including civic employes, atreet { 1 railway operators, bakers, milk i \vagron drivers, motion picture op-,: bj erators, musicians. clerks and 5 nearly a.11 factory and shop em- ^ ployes. They <quit work in support of ,? <* *$K *-*f metal trades workers who struck for higher wa^es. had ib!*l St.1 *-M PUSHMATAHA CLUBS §£* TO 4-H ROUND UP ANTLKRS. Okla. — E>ele--ates j selected t«> represent the 4-1 j of Pushmataha t-ounty at 1 nual s^tute round-up in Still water * on. Jfaly -5, met here Saturday at ;' the baseball park, and rehearsed ia the program the group will present fft-| at ziie -me-'rt. .under- direction oi Mrs. George In.iwss. Home Demon-"; j stratloiJ Agent,'' and Mrs. J. M. | Goin., c!ul« super*.'ii?or of the Rat- j '!^± . ks\ peals hid affirmed 1 a trial judgment by the trial court. Senator Small advocates repeal o* the race track betting law. saying that betting: on races has taken, over $3.000,OOO from Texaiv >• He recoitiBtends placing th«-. ad- 4 ministrati-on of relief in cOtnpe— 3 "tent haittts' and. said .that oa*y-th» , people of 'Texas' thg-pselves could* establish old as^-:,|j>*-nsKms- H* ^ closed •with a».-ii^Sftaiiou for« > | | voters to- InvesftJsiSrtV'hIs record- •- ' of "*Vard Z are requested to collect 3.11 trash and rubbish en promises and place at the curb "Wednesday afternoon, or early Thursday. John Howerton. city sanitary officer, paid Tuesday that city tracks collect rubbish in thai section Thursday. Ai* cars.*-. bottSes and •other articles '-vhi^h wiH hold water *hou?d fee ro!5ected. in order to prevent breeding or rric Guard r(Unt:e;3 From PSE* Os eon- i p'»rn»«t of the 49 affected • lc«caJs "o walk oat between 9 and 10 a. nr. < Central Standard Time> roday -it more than tivo-thirds of I Alabanta's textile mills. \ The liurjtstville plants a.5f«-cted j by the walk out -were the Liirscosn. er:ip!o>Ing r 1.400 persons*, the Merrima'-k, -.viih !,3C-c and the Dallas. with. ^00. The worker? den;:in«i a 3<>-ho*v:r and changed (Continued Fiurn Tzz* One) r-rov cc-s^i against more ta*ces is not. In • ca-c. sufficient arjsrument \ n«<t the bon*: issue. Paris could i ; -«*ved money by not voting ! I^ake Crook h^rid^. but chances j we ^.'cu'd b-c doin«r -wrlthot 'r in Paris. The sc^er Ins- j em*.-rst prc-srrsrn !•» on« of nc- | ty. Bat, let's hea.r what others •; e to »ay. BROTHER OF GEORGE | LACY DIES SUDDENLY j 5 G^'^r're I^.^y f>* Paris r«c*lv*<3 j j r.••><-•'.»..;• !;•••: «-':'»rtly aft*r noon on ] '', :ir-vf\tty f t f '^.^ /J*»»th of h5s bro- thtr. y,, A. ".j*»cy. •who di** denly ar h;^ horrs* in DaHas. Th» This I*, th*- »»COTJ<! of th*; I HKV f V AJ. M F.KT INf; AT VOl NG'S CHAPEJ Th» R«>.v. V.". XV. \ViI-oR ter, win conduct a. r*!vSvat; ns- »t Yt:»ynjit> Chap*! hejicin- Thursday nj«ht, .Inly I?, ar-'I :r»K for I'.' nijfhts. »r war? horn Fnn'i.-**, *--> rs. F^i Tolb'-rr s'. ?h* Cf>ot>«*r r<TS'-i«T«-f5 a Mr«, J- H. ftmi'h. H5 at. \\f-r hom-K South Th;rt!*fh wtrr-ct.« r? * ! -' :t } a? «p'»n»or. MfftM Mab^J Dlck- :t hart rharge of Th*» !««*OTI, wtrr Mathijs -wHI ha.v* charge CROSS CHILDREN i;r<.p»>-<J «har{»?y but •*»* o inrreaii*.* in Oklahoma. «tt<f Cfclt- forrria that brought total UnSt*d H.t»*t<?» cMj<i« o!I output «j> 2C,»2S barrets 'to 2,fi*T.9I4 bstrrsJs a <J*y * t*»« Oil *n<l GIUI Journal Whim w*^l%t^ h» t*»Uce I>m« Store. ummer *25.00 Value* oijaHty. TIy<S« Park tropicals tn to ho!<1 ih*Jr tthn.p^ and * maximum comfort. JJc<» th«nt in f

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