The Hutchinson News from Hutchinson, Kansas on November 19, 1924 · Page 6
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The Hutchinson News from Hutchinson, Kansas · Page 6

Hutchinson, Kansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, November 19, 1924
Page 6
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THE HUTCHINSON NEWS. WEDNESDAY. NOVEMBER 19, 1924 THE OLD HOME TOWN r HOLD EE NEWT SUES AR.EARIN YOU SAY OTEYS TR FIRST CHIEF WE EVER HADj .WHO USES VHIS MEAD? w— NO-NO-1 'SPOSE THEM HICKORY NUTS ARE QETtW \HEAVY AS UEAO" ILL STOP 7) THIS HITCHIWA HAY WAGONS r )N FROMTcgfl ' THE MAIN / DOOR'.'./ I 5INCE OTEY WALXEI5. WAS APPO/NTED FIRE- CHIEF HE HAS PUT THE DEPARTMENT IN TOPNOTCH SHAPE MAKING MANY NEEDED /M PR CN£f*\ ENTS n-it- 2*. whom ho was to engage In tho boarding house business. TEN YEARS AGO, IN 1B14. ,T. L. Pelham wan conduct Ing a probe Into tho truck garden matters for Uio «tala. horticultural society. New houses under construction were those of .1. I'\ llohletler, Chas. Greenlee, A. 0. Mulloy, C. D. Jennings, iind Dr. .1, Jl, Schrnnt, Charles Carey Jett for Jersey City whero he wns to lie mnrWed soon to Miss Alice Degnnn. Mr. and Mrs. O. F. Wright gave a masquerade dancing pnrty at their homo to a number lit their friends. The K. U. Debate* Lawrence, Kan.. Nov. 19— Tho University of Kansas will hold lior first debate with the University of Mlssonr', Dec. 11 i pon the question of abolition of capital punishment. AETNA-1ZE NOW. Drehm's. Phone 42. S-m.w-f-9t PRAYED FOR EMPORIA COLLEGE Kansas Presbyterians in Supplication for College Fund. Emporia, Kan. Nov. 1!)—Prayer wan offered all over the land Sunday for the College of Emporia. This day was designated by the synod, at its meeting last month In Sallnn. All ministers and churches In tho stale were asked to remember the college and her needs in the day's services. Tho college has been without an adequate administration building since December 2, 1915, when Stuart Hall burned. The fire cut C. of K.'s claes room accommoda­ tions In half and left her without nn aBsemply room of any Ulnd. But when the fire weflt out C. of E. began to build. Tho trustees, officers, faculty nnd students displayed a fighting spirit temporal and strengthened by the flames. Classes met in laboratories, in unused basements, corners of tho library, nnd In the gymnasium. Steps wore taken to obtain a now administration building. The basement of n building which would be adequate many years was finished. A chapel nB beautiful as any In the West was completed and furnished. Kansas Presbyterians and other friends ot tho college already have put $125,000 Into the unfinished structure. Community Chest at Topska. Topoka, Kan., Nov. 19.—A community chest campaign is bslng put on here to raise $112,72. This amount l« to represent the aggregate public subscriptions for the ensuing year In behalf of 21 local lr.-"tutlons nnd organizations. HUNTSVILLE Ilovlvnl meetings will start nt Huntsvllle, Sunday evening, Nov. 23. Mr. nnd Mrs. Oten Mackoy and family vlBlted friends nt Hutchinson Sunday. Ornn Saxton shelled corn Saturday. Tho Sunriowor club will meet with Mrs. Ralph Salmon Thursday afternoon. Tho Ladles' Aid will hold a bazaar and food sale at Uuntsvillo, Friday evening, Nov. 21. Mr. and Mrs, Will Spalnol and family, Mr. and Mrs. Harry Stlg- gins and sons, Mr. and Mrs. Chas. Ramsey nnd Lee Havercroft were Sunday dinner guosts ot Mr. and Mrs. lid Holmes. Mrs. John Wlthroder and Daughter, Gladys, spent the week end on the farm. Calvin Neuenschwander, Toiv Golst. and Harry Stigglns attended the Shuler Holstcln cattlo sale M Hutchinson last Tuesday. Geo. Frisk, Glen Mnckey and Harry Stigglns shelled core Tuesday. Mr. and Mrs. Chas Johnson, Mr. and Mrs. Vera Johnson and Mr, and Mrs. Earl Johnson visited relatives at Hutchinson Sunday. Smugglers Aeross Irish Lin*. Lndndorry, Irolando, NOT. .19-* The smuggling of dutiable goods from Londonderry Into the Free State has reached such alarming proportions thnt Free State troops have boon drafted to tho Donegal border in order to suppress the traffic. Modern Incandescent lights have about four times the efficiency tt those of IS years ago, exports say. OI924 Bt NtA tCRVKt. tMC. FARM EXPERTS TO ADDRESS A FARM MEETING It Will Be Held Friday Night at Chamber of Commerce. IT'S FOR EVERYONE FARM! KG Dairying, Poultry Raising, and Intensive Farming to be Discussed. A. Swanson ot the Farmers Cooperative Vnlon nt Lyons, shipped a cnrluad of Sudan grass seed to the St. Louis market last week. He paid the fanners about 4 cents per pound for Hie product, it is estimated that an acre uf Sudan will yield about half a ton ot seed to the acre and at this price will return 5-10 per acre. Last year Sudan grass seed brought the grower as high as 111 cents a pound In some Instances. The average price was about Hi cents a pound. The big drop in the price of the present crop is ascribed to the phenomenal Sudan grass seed crop that was raised in Texas this year. One uf the linest agricultural pror-rums ever held In Hutchinson will In. /;iv« n at (lit- Chamber of CnuuiH 'ive rooms at S o 'clock Friday night. The speakers will be a group (if experts which have been conducting agricultural short rtmrs.'s in the western part nf the state tor the Inlernutlomil Harvester Co. I K. T. Kb'.rsol. formerly instiue-1 tor in crop prodm-iion at the t 'ni-l v.rsily ot Illinois and who was for] s.n,-nil .wars rounty jigrlculluni] ' advi -nr. will discuss the subject of '•'flic Farmer's Cow". He will lake! lilt the important (tiaracteristics ot'i r,nod dairy animals, and securing i returns from them. i To Discuss Poultry. , Mis.-, y .i .-lla rt 'luiTit, the other ex-i pert, who will speak, will discuss j "The Care of Farm I'oultry." Her' talk wilt include such topics as I housing, feeding and culling. | L. A. Hawkins, a practical farmer and horticulturist, who was formerly assistant, horticulturist at the Alabama Mxpcriincut Station, will preside at tile meeting. A two reel moving picture film will be shown to illustrate the points which are to lie brought out In the speeches. The titles of the "movie" reels are "Make More' trom Farm Poultry'' and 'Miik Natures i 'erl'ect Food". All Aro Invited. All the farmer-- and town lolks wlio are interested in Hie dairy ami poultry industry in tills vicinity are invited lo attend this meeting. The international Harvester Co. is Doted for Hie fine extension work which it carries on and the speakers are real expert or they would not be sent out by that company, according to Ed. iiaekett, secretary ot the Chamber of Commerce. it's time now for those u inter accessories on yuur i onl and of course IS*, proof ai.oiiol. I hone ,-». Raglaud-Kingsiey .Motor Co. l:i-U Icicles due in a lew days—let's Clean your winter clothes. Lewi* iUeaners. I'lione 1 :];t.",. Il-l»i Farmers everywhere are busy burning weeds and grass along fences and hedge rows. These are the places where the chinch bugs shelter during the fall and winter months. When fires are set to tho sheltering grass and weeds the insects perish by the millions. O. L. Toadvine, of Dlghton, returning from a trip which took him through the wheat bell of Kansas, reports that the wheat looks very good along the route. He was in lie 1 following counties. Xess, Hush, Hodgeman, liarlon, Pawnee and Kiowa, lie. reports that the poorest wheat lie saw was in Rush county. In Kiowa the wheat was pretty good as It was in Pawnee comity. "Hut. taking it as a whole," said Mr. Toadvine. "There isn't a county that had as good looking wheat as Lane on the entire trip." Farmers are complaining of the continued dry weather. Wheat l not coining along as well as it should nnd cows aro showing a depreciation In milk production because of the lack ot good wheat pasture. There is plenty of alfalfa and other dry feed for cows and cattlo however. The corn production of the county will exceed expectations. Husking is going along nicely and the yields aro above original estimates. Orville Kills of Rice county is experiencing difficulty in obtaining pickers for his cotton crop. One man stayed with it long enough to pick about 400 pounds nnd then complained of his knees. The principal trouble is that Mr. Ellis is not prepared to board bis pickers and but few of them are fixed to camp out. A man, woman, boy or girl should bo able to make from r 3 to ?,"> per day in the cotton patch. In spile of a heavy run of cattle al Kansas City the. other day, made up largely as It was of range stock cattle. M. C. Campbell and his brother. Jim Campbell, owners of ranches In Clark county, the latter having 20,000 acres, and the former 20,000 acres some 10 miles apart, made high sales on yearling Blockers. They havo been shipping these yearlings for some time, each having sold about 1,000 head, and all at top prices. When they start, ed to move these stockers they had about 2,000 head each. E. B. Frlzell, Galloway breeder ot Pawnee county, will judge Galloway cattle at the International Live Stock Exposition at Chicago November 20 to December 6. LOOKING BACKWARD (Wttm «w FIIM M TU New*) 0— FIFTY YEARS AGO IN 1874 A five iliotisand dollar suit was filed by \V. c. Edwards against W. II, Cadwell I] 111 it. wa> hoped that the matters would lie settled out ot court. The old soldiers of the county had a reunion, hail an all day meeting ending with a dunce, at nighl. A Texas steer kicked Charles Chambers while he. was out at Hie stock \ards. causing a severe injury. FORTY YEARS AGO IN 1884 The o. A. K.'s lutil un enthu.siatic meeting with a dinner served at the close. 11. W. .Means was conducting a select school at Pariridgo and was having a great surcess. The school teachers visited the sugar factory and were shown over the plant by Superintendent Sweet ser. ' THIRTY YEARS AGO, IN 1894. A meeting of the Arion club was belli at the ovster parlors of Will Allen. -Mr. and .Mrs. Kenneth Mcl'her- son were hack from their wedding trip, having heen.married in Ohio. -lames Milne was home from a buying trip In the east or the Leader Dry Goods company. Rev. William Quayle spoke at the. Methodist church, a number of the lecture course. TWENTY YEARS AGO, IN 1904 J. W. Jenkins was here from KansiiR City looking after the installation of the, new store hore in the Krous building. Mrs. Mary Richards entertained for Mrs. 11. "w. Ladd of Kansas City. Fay Smith nnd ills family were moving to Excelsior Springs, Mo., AGRICULTURAL EXPERTS TO LECTURE Special Values and Special Service To Be Given on High School Day Tomorrow, Thursday, November 20, The Rorabaugh-Wiley Dry Goods Company will be turned over to the salesmanship students of the Hutchinson High School. rr"B«ra [5 BJrr Cross Word Puzzles Are you interested in something new? Cross word puzzles are all the latest fad. Children delight In them and they aro not only entertaining but help the youngsters to increase their vocabularies. The children's cross word puzzle book is delightfully arranged to hold and keep their interest. The regular copies are $1.00 and a smaller paper edition may j r be had (or I wu A large book for grown ups with the puzzles arranged In order of their difficulty sells J J jg Buy Christmas Toys Now Your Choice From the Following Assortment. IS in. full Jointed, kid body dolts real hair, sleepy eyes, genuine bisque heads, $.2.75 value at Dress dolls, 10 to II In. long, with real hair, sleepy eyes, some with bisque heads, values up to 50C $1.85 $1.00 will sell for Strongly built, white enameled doll 15c furniture, values up to 29c, Your choice Santa Claus will be here soon and we have all the new - toys that can bo procured. Have you seen the Faml- lee Doll? A whole family of dolls In one. One body, but several heads, and each head makes a different doll. An Extraordinary SALE OF DRESSES Values to (89.50 Included, $39-Z5 The three predominating' fashion hints ot the season are represented in this group of new street and afternoon dresses. The Tunic, the Rcd- ingote and the Rever are the 'avorites of Milady's -ward- tobe this year, and the models shown have both short and long sleeves. The season's most popular colors are made up in such materials as Bengaline, Satin, Crepe Faille, Charmeen and Paton Crepe. Such frocks are suitable for street, sport or afternoon wear. This group of dresses includes values to $89.50. For Thursday OIMV the entire lot will sell, each,"$39.75. Real Values in Card Tables These tables are finished In dark mahogany varnish which is not easily marred. The fibre-board tops aro six times ns strong as ordinary table tops and are covered with green waterproof leatherette. Tho braces are of nlckled steel rlvlted to tho seasoned hardwood frames. Although these tables usually sell for 14.00 each, wo nre offering them to you VI CO tomorrow only «P4 »iUw Pyralin Ivory At $1 a Piece A wonderful opportunity to purchase inexpensive, tasteful gifts for Christmas. This lot of 200 pieces consists of plain and grooved patterns in white and shell. Cuticle knives, nail files and button hooks, will be counted together as one piece. There nre combs, talcum powder boxes, bud vases, cream boxes, clocks, trays, jewel boxes (velvet lined), scissors, puff hoxos, hair receivers, photo frames, tooth brush holders, baud mirrors, hair brushes and shoe horns. These pieces aro regularly valued it; 11.20 to $6.00 each. Come in and select your set al per piece ;. i .oo Jacquard Comfortables For These Cold Nights Nice, warm Jacquard comfortables, heavily bound with strong braid, are the best thing to throw over the bed these chilly nights when a little extra warmth is desirablo. Warm, rich colors such as Yellow, Blue, Rose, Copen or Tan, will be found in fancy block patterns. Regularly selling for $4.50. Specially priced for High School Day, at 3.98 Part Linen Huck Towels Better than cotton towels at lower than cotton towel cost. Ordinary price is 35c, now selling ut, 1Q«t each IOC Buy New Linen Now All linen table damask in various patterns, such as leaf, clover, rose, poppy, and Fleur-de- LIs. Cream colored, but bleaches beautifully after a few washings. Looks better, and lasts longer than ordinary cloth. 70 Inches wide; usually sold for ?2.25 the yard. Now, per yard $1.79 Enter The Cadet Contest Every boy or girl under 10 years of age can compete. The one forming the greatest number of words from the letters used In CADKT HOSIERY will be the winner ot thi3 beautiful Blue Streak Coaster. Use the letters, only once, ami the words must al! be standard Kngllsh words ap pearlng in Webster's Dictionary. All answers must be received In the Hosiery Department by (i o'clock Saturday evening, November 29. ** Ladies' Hose Special Special sale on Fiber Silk Hoso tomorrow. This Is a new hose which Is guaranteed to give bolter service than the all silk. It is a regular $1.00 hose with u C inch double fiber top nnd plain cotton toe and heel. It comes In all the new shades: Iliege, Black, Log Cabin, Racquet, Suede, Light Grey, Sunset, Alrdale, and Flesh. The hose is special for Tomorrow Only, Pair 75c Paul Jones Middies Needed by School Girls 1.49 On Thursday only, wo are selling an all white Pahl Jones Middy of super-jean for $1.49, regular $1.9S value. These middles are useful for gymnasium wear, and are made with a two button cuff; straight bottom; large collar and dainty pocket. The sizes run from 10 to 22. This fine quality und unusal bargain is offered for one day only. Dainty Knit Capes to Keep Babies Warm $2.98 These knit capes offer both warnith and daintiness for the baby's wardrobe. Ot the finest quality of wool, they can be had in all the pastel shades em- brolnored delicately with rosettes and flowers. The garments nre made with short Bleeves and large collars, and are both beautiful and serviceable. Regulauly priced at ?3.0S they will sell on Thursday . only for $2,98 SEE OUR WINDOW DISPLAY OF THESE ARTICLES (This advertisement was written and arranged by the following students of tho High School Journalism Class: Pauline Cost, Ralph Kldwell, Mercedes Ellis Mar- ;uret Crlpe, Esther loung, John Gnagy, Frances Baxter. Supervised by W. V. O'Connell, Instructor In charge of " rge of the class.) E. T. Ebei-kol, agronomy and d.ilry f v |( S8 ^ e || a vviflcnt, poultry expert. L. A. Hawkins, practical farmer', ~ •xpert and horticulturist. , \/*»jim*+t****l+ RoraAauyfi-WIIey's A Splendid Choice Offered in Handkerchiefs Hand made colored handkerchiefs with the em- ' broldered corners, and the uew novelty powder pull handkerchiefs ure included in this assortment. Anniversary Sale price 75c. Special B0o All linen handkerchiefs with %-luch hem. In pink, bluo and white and embroldored corners^ These 15c values, 6 for 79c Knit ami silk scarfs, from ¥3.00 to $3.95 values. Special $2.24 Silver und gold head bands, $1.50 to $2.00 values. Special $1.24 Wool gloves, fine lor cold weather, $1.50 to $2.00 values. Special '. $1.24

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