The Daily Register from Harrisburg, Illinois on January 20, 1948 · Page 4
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The Daily Register from Harrisburg, Illinois · Page 4

Harrisburg, Illinois
Issue Date:
Tuesday, January 20, 1948
Page 4
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;.TtfK .DAILY REGISTER, HARRISBUKC CLASSIFIED ADS Charge Accounts: 15 Cents Per Line for Each Insertion. Special Discount for Cash-with-Order Minimum Ad Accepted TWO Lines (1) Notices WELCOME TO THE GREEN Lite Cafe'. The place to eat' and meet your friends. Discount to (4) For Sale (Continued)! (5) Wanted (Continued) Embezzler Says Took Money to Make Ends Meet INDIANAPOLIS. Jan. 20--U.R) --Frank Dillon. 50-year-old branch ELECTRIC WASHING MACHINE. MORE REAL ESTATE TO SELL, bank manager who" confessed em- 1H5 V. C.hureh. 170-3 Rncinrc« wciHonrp. or farms. We \ i:..., ,,!...,,.,» Menrin -,-.:,! »~ truck drivers. "171-3 ALEMITE LUBRICATION SER\ice. See K. Dunn, Saline Motor Co. 170-31 Business, residence, or farms. We mz,ke farms our speciality. If you have one for s»ale let us know about it. L. E. Gass. Real Estate In Memoriam la loving memory of Larry Dale ^today h ° PaSSCd "^ °" C yCar condlTgood liST-fil. 592W? T'was a year ago, little darling. That we had to let you go To be up in heaven with Jesus, Oh, how we miss you so. 132-tf | Broker, Ridgway. 111. · i 171-1 411 W. Locust. GOOD * 170-2 GOOD FEED OATS. SUGAR Creek Produce. 1G8-4 (5o) Help Wanted We mfss the' little smiles you gave · us, . ! The liltie finger prints here! and there, ! And when ,God saw fit to take you from us, It seemed more than we could bear. Though your smiles are gone for- ev ?, r » " AhoVyo'ur hands we cannot touch, We shall, .never forget sweet memories, Of our baby we lovod so much. Father,- Mother, brothers and sister. c 17l-i WASSON COAL AND STOKER. Jackson Ice Coal. Tel. 256. 132-tf QNE AuTQ MECHANIC: ONE QUICKIES bezzling almost $15,000. said today he used the money not for horses, women, liquor, or the stock market, but simply to make ends meet. "I just needed the money to live." Dillon said when he surrendered yesterday to U. S. Dis Eldorado Groups Study Athletic Field (Continued from page one) bl! M the park board and IURM school board held their niectiiu;s with the council Chamber of commerce mcmbcis joined 1:1 the discussion. The was to sec how far! the three taxing bodios could , in a inoro or-less joint effort to j build a playground, lighted soft-; ball field, football field ;uul stadium on the grounds. U \\as pointed out that the high school board could issue bonds lor money to improve Jie "icld .is :t still had S221.000 in bonding po\\- WASHINGTON - · (Xi:.\) er left. The newly-formed park fmLMoiu' opinion i , p i o t t v genboa: d. too. \ \ i l l have bondiny; pow- cral nott t|wl UHI c;m xva f k \ nM cr. but Ally. Argus, the p a r k ' U K - j,^,^ iim f , u: ,. tlhnos , an board attorney, posed the quov, t i ) i n , N o u t t : i ! 1 , V o n - c a n evoii i«. 1. __jl'- Correspondent Uui , ,| K . C( ,,t cl lood .s H'»"»; down, i l f i u . Ilk.' amis, ·rims and r.^ms. w i n c h au^ii.l long .supply, h u e dio|jK'd t!;ey don't make u p ( :u the f a m i l \ toovl i / u % . f . « " Demand lor ia\v cotton lo.' '·»' rope may p i c u n l cotton i' O-H fioin comm;: doun. even 11 U' U'\ !i!c s i t u a t i o n i - ' ! l ··'· ";' ' :is m u.u-liine. S u p p l u s ot t l o ' h i n .ite nune t h a n adeijtMl' 1 Kt-nts h a \ v - 1m n . oin-. up o "' IKI cent .1 month ii'ider Hi-' u ' ! - 1 ··control" l.i\\ of last \i'..i. x \! 11 '" permitted volume i . u i 1:,\. expires l-'el) :.!). H w i l l !»o l::b!y be re.u-v.ed, m.iy be stu'iuUi 1 . 0'iul. Hut the piesuu upv.:u«. trend, at uie l a t e ol 1-i pel MEN -- BOOKKEEPER OR AC- count^nt with supervisory ability for retail establishment. Write Box K-15, in care of The Daily Register. 167-- of Newcastle. He has manager's position for Last year, he said, he a S200 bonus from the 3 YOUNG MEN 18-23. AMBI-I Dillon surrendered voluntarily . * . . ' f _ i _ r _ . i l r+ » f trict Attorney Howard Caughran. Rv K*n Ri»vno1ilc lbod y man. Main Motor Sales, 711 tween S By Ken Reynolds g Majn 17M the past i(I % t a A J f . Dillon was paid S165 a month c G " e t"Ap'inovai"' as manager of the Spiceland, Ind.. ' branch of the Citizens a year, is bad news lot t e n a n l for Hie housing shoilaM' '- J l ! as bad as ;.t Hie end ol the \\.ii elianee t h a t ne\" const rue! ion t o s t - \u' -upply ol s h t l i · demand. of home f i i i i ' i - I t - lii!_;s aie at prewai icu'K t'j 1 single except ion o i t m d tious, neat appearing, free to travel, average earnings $50 week with traveling expenses paid. Drawing account to start. See Mr. Ellis! iJul, aside no'ii aulos :u park board could go. 7 to 8 p. m., Commercial Hotel.["juggled accounts" to cover his No phone calls. few days after the General B u 1 reau of Investigation and state au- i '""Brown" wlieir'asked about sccur- thorities began looking into his' " books. He confessed that he had SIX NEAT APPEARING YOUNG "171-31 embezzlements. i No Attempt to Post Bond ' S l j n g motor fuel tax funds to im- {'"" ol '^-'^-uold neci^.ta-, u,!- · d . prove Fourth street and build a J ;~ s o a " K!U -' - soi.icno i;, --uiu^ 1S i street over to Washington street. t ' Ctir - , lu:a " J s arc I J I t t l - v V l C i l in fro'nt of the hieh .school, saic 1 tjv -?'" m . i , ltv "; ! ., |that the funds must be spent tin-, A Ku " CI!1 e! ln ,. dcr the jurisdiction uf the state Ot !,- tl1 \° bo ase. nioro puces M iiouii. - i nai s. EAGLES REGULAR MEETING i "No, nothing serious--I'm just tonight"at 7 o'clock. Lunch will be resting it from answering so many served. 171-1 Register Want Ads." EXPKKT CA1HNKT MAKERS STOKE K1XTUKES ' TKUCK IJKDS IUJ11-T-IN KITCHKX ('A HI NETS "ANYTHING M A D E Op WOOD" W8 ISDN'S CAJMNET SII01' .~12 West Sloan Slm-l Tel. 561K1 146Y MATTERS (2) Business Services WE* ARE* EQUIPPED die commercial and home, tion of asphalt and rubber-tile. Seten Furniture Store. He was nervous when he ap ;. hat the men saiu, ai mission. Earnings S50 to S70 - 'Ihon \ou'ii -cc prices l a l l - j :J1 0%v?r Design too expensive a ing cook. Apply mornings in per-; 171-3 MAYTAG WASHING MACHINE, son. Margaret's Cafe. Dillon asked federal authorities stages. Howe\ er. the east^w est street Oi cl P-riicuiar cu n:e- good condition. MOVING -- LONG OR SHORT distance. Also coal hauling. No. 5 vein lump and stoker coal, oil REGISTERED treated. Harrisburg Transfer Co., j e l puppies. 427 W. College.' 169-tf FOUNTAIN Tel. 87. COCKER SPAN- Parti-colored and 127-tf black. Tel. 917W1, 415 W. Logan. 0 j." w u A I J. *~IA»^ \jlrllj* xVi A JL* j. j.i ·« i ujoci^/^suiiJi^u » nt 11. M M in. vi. jiito i. vi vi JJUIS 1^111111111? I UC V - U I i ' I i H ^ ^ l U l l IIS 11UI **"'*· **'v *« o 1 * 1 -*;?'- vo » * « · * - * . * . * * - i » « ^ » « i * ***~ ·.-- \ person. Andy's, beside Grandjhim he would have to wait to ap-jiement to new-grade crossings. '·- ho\»c\ei. unlimited. And suil) Theatre. 171-1 pear in court for sentencing. ] "But this is not insurmount- :-i ice* don t Kirn jie. j "I want to get this thing over - able." he added. WEAVING. CUSTOM WEAV- ing rugs and carpet, any length. ROSE-COLORED RUG, SIZE 121 Lolta Schmitt, Stonefort,"111. x 12 ft., S25. 205 W. Park. Pho.! NIGHT PORTER. APPLY IN 171-1 person Horning Hotel between 7 iand 9 p. m. No phone calls. 170-2 Ti.e only u-int lay ol hope came! ^171-3 644R2. 170-2 VACUUM CLEANERS ARE OUR MAN'S GRAY WOOL SUIT SIZE onlv business. O. R. Buford, City 38; record player, cheap. Phone ; Hall Bldg., ML Vernon, 111. 132-tf, 676R5. -1/1-2 CAR Durfee at Saline Motor W R E C K E R SERVICE D R V A T HAY - BEAN AND LESPEDEZA. UitVAJj ,, \ I n r - f J n 9 rni XT 1? n t r-ji-n'oi- iQot-t sam iManin, z mi. i. Ju. 01 earner l z - u «170-6 DEMONSTRATORS wanted for Household Plastic Products. Display products to church and club groups or to organized house parties. Over 100 --curtains, table bed spreads, etc hours a day. Our lowest paid demonstrator averages $75.00 per week. Excellent opportunity for advancement. Be the first in your with as quickly as possible," he Principal T. Leo Doud of the - f TMm Ger.oial hl.cuics recent an- said ''But I feel better now than high school pointed to problems nounc.eir.i...i o: a i.ucc-to-tc.i peri I have at any time in the last 10 of field design. ter.i cut 0=1 a ly.^ line ol cor.-' vears " ' "You either have to ha\e a foot- sur.ier ap^liance^ " His attornev Eu«ene Yer^en i bali field with « ui S^ss or a soft- \\ m.e Usis is good news, there said1 DiJlon had been[^ acUve^Tn ball firid a«ay _from thc S r.nd- ^v DO ^verai mv^iole tactor- the religious and civic affairs at stand," he stated, ard continued- asetating move. One the Snicriand "like anv small town " l sl 'g§ est we seck tiie advice iclationsnip pt compciilor s price* bSr'' for 30 vears and that Ws of some man Iike Abe : » larlin ' alh " A n o t h c r IS thc G - U;N ' P'°TM *TM banker for 30 vears and that his \ l t i director at carbondale, v.ho invenlory situation, which w i l l be 1 C Work 9 ^fo "4 1 salary simply was not adequate t,' * n ·* ^ o-,xo o D ^ Y CORX - BY TRUCK LOAD ONLY - ^wm^umn pM'QTTrc: -n phone 69, mte phone 214R. Saline Eugene Hughes, mile west and 1-4 ' HOUSEHOLD PLASTICS CO. Motor Co., "Chevrolet Sales and mile north of Liberty. '171-3 127-tf , J CALENDAR REFILLS AND NEW calendar pads. Harrisburg Printers, 22 S. Vine St. Phone 1180W. 166-15 pTIppTTrs; r TM PUPPIES. ELGENE (2A) Bus. Opportunities A-$10,000,000 NATIONAL SALES] organization can give the right man in this countv an excellent ~; ulj .r' .. , chance to make unlimited profits. Hu ^ es - c m .^ e , west and That man must be able to devote north of Liberty. -1/1-8 full time to this business, have mi? A ' some sales experience and have j M A V I T op cppif^np-Rc: ahilitv to or«*ani7e a sales force ' WAIVUKfc orKJbAIMbno duuiij w ui e dm^e d Srfies ^rV" QAVRAMTCA FAT?\T FOT7TPATT"\!T 1_In TTJItC]* rl*JVO 3 f*3T* Of* T1 mTlf*13 11V* '-'*»··· Ai***^iV»X X ^XAWU. J-^V^WAJL. liAJLj^^ JL responsible and of good standing ^°- 170-D in his' community. For detailed 1908 St. Louis Avenue St. Louis. 6, Missouri to maintain his standing in the lean community. see the overall picture with- revealed when the company issues prejudice and let us profit bv :'s 1S47 financial statement. Fm- MARKETS 170-31 (6) Employment Wonted | PAPER H A N G I N G . FRANK ' Livestock: Bond, 516 W. Lincoln, tel. 1208W1. i Hogs 14,000; salable 13.500; mar*159-- |ket slow; uneven, 75c to $1.25 low- out prejudice and let us p. his advice. Let's not take a short ally, GE has important uage ra'nge view of our facilifies. auiiations coming up in the nearj Still in Idea Stage future. The price cut may turn, "It seems silly to spend big out to be a good counter-move i n j -money just for " football. Lei's hiding oil pay increase demands build it so we can use it almost. \V!iaevc.T the 'cause, it ;* thc the year around. We need the cfi^ct tnat is r.iool important. Wnl counsel of an athletic director, an r. load competitors lo follow sint ; engineer and a finance commit- \ al suppliers meet the cut? Will ST. LOUIS NATIONAL STOCK- tee." . i :,, iprc.--u to othe.- lines of rner- Further discussion brought out clianciise? Wh:.t are tlie hofcs more pointedly that the enfirc pro- ."cr general price cuts that will ject was still in the idea stage., ic.ll urir.^ dov.n the cost of that the project \\as so big it Ihing? YARDS Jan 2 o-aa»-- (USDA- er than average Monday. Bulk C IF YOU can make regular monthly payments, a personal bank loan can: · Clear up a group of hills · Finance emergency expenses · Pay for medical or dental attention · Help eelticttte your children · Improve your home · Accomplish many irorth-while objectives It's wise to borrow for sound reasons. The Firs! Hationa! Bank of Harrisbursr m ·would take much thought, ?nd up- Government econo.v.ists are pret- (7) Lost Jto S27; 160 to 170 Ibs., $26.25 to add advisory members from ail or- t/. c C os: 01 livi:i_; index 01 $27: 130 to 150 Ibs., $23.75 urbanizations in Eldorado that are L . pt , ct , lo ^:M a d-j^cn catc-- ,,·,,,, T, T T T r,^ T T , ^,-TM ,^-v" $26.25; 100 to 120-lb. pigs, $19.50 ' interested in the movement. (LADY'S BILLFOLD CONT. MOV tn S 23; good sows. 450-lbs. down,' RS information, write Rexair Divi- NORGE REFRIGERATOR AND' e y and valuable papers of Lorene $2350'to°S2425- few S24 50- over'Carrier Milk Ma« -- Martin Perry Corporation, TM conditioned fan. 701 W E m . Da vis. Ret. to 5 W. Raymond or goT bsl ° S22.? 5 tv S23ML Stagslu fl? . il · Illinois Branch. 427 S 3rd bt - '1/1-2 ; Schmerles. Reward. -171-2 S17s n tA soi. j n e l d Or Marion on sion St., Springfield, Illinois. *170-3 j (COMPLETE LINE OF DU PONT T $17 50 to S21. FOR PRIVATE banquets phone The Country Club. _,, , Quality Paints. National si » _._,V, an d WaUpaper Co. County 54F11.' * * PARTIES Paint 103-tf 1 Cattle: 5.000: salable 4^00: calv- Hl"t-and-Run Charge es: 1,300, all salable. Market rath- 3 MERCHANT cation card of Rhodenck D Harer slow with bidding interests ex- Tood, cloth:..:,, lent, fuel and light. houaC lu.-rti=.hin;;s a:iu miscellaneous items like ta\es. schools and health csre. \vhich arc lumped together. T.ik'_ a look at i the trend in each field. State Policeman John D. S\\eat, Xc ore can s:c ar.y indication . nu.-^., _ 103-tf 1937 CHEVROLET TRUCK NEW I · irn Harris ' K t D ' " R ^ U , . _ » _ _ - , , VI 3iUY 4 V 1 L I 1 UiUUlU^ 111 L^i. OI,O \~A- kJLAbC i VX4^VJ11«»1 « V 1 » » » X/. O l ^ ^ t i V ( " s ; bearing New York address. erting pressure . Several loads and | today said that John Chavos. Jr.. ^. " (3) For Rent m o t o r w r a , end g r . lot medium to good steers steady ; 24-year-old Carrier Mills coloreo' at S24 to S28; but general under- ; man, was held in tec Williamson 'Main Motor Sales 711 S Main wam Jioior bales, /n b. Aiam · LG. MOD. SLEEPING RM.. WITII tonc eas "- M edmm to good heifers county jail on a hit-and-run cnarge j state am} mixed yearlings steady at $20 following his confession to Ig. closets, adj. bath. 115 E. South.. 3 LARGE fireplace in livivi water furn.. $22.50 month. Corner UNFURN. IIOOMS. j ivivig room, lights and ! NEW IDEA 1 7 1 9 ' MANURE SPREADERS 111.'',SAFRANKA FARM EQUIPMENT " Co. 170-5 ! LARGEST S T O C K OF WALL- ! MAN'S BILLFOLD S5 and valuable papers of Milton {"o"s^V^Wws'slow "and' barely police here last night. B Sadler Monday afternoon bet steady . a fcw good COWSf S20 to The incident occurred about 1:30 Skaggs Pharmacy- and Rays Drug $22 . common and medium beef a . m . Dec. 27 on a blacktop road Store. Ret. to Daily Register Re- cows Si650 to S19 . canner s a n d , near Carterville. Sueat said that ward - "1/1-1 cu tters, S14 to $16.50; bulls and ' a side of the truck Chavos \ws vealers, unchanged: medium to driving came loose and hit an ap- good sausage bulls. $19 to $21; · proachin? car. This car was kncck- - Raymond and Shaw. 3 UNFURNISHED ROOMS. 119A , - -V £ j paper in Southern Illinois. Na- "-'"-·tional Paint and Wallpaper Co. 103-tf West Church. *1702 4-ROOM HOUSE. Flower Shop. (4) For Sale CROCIIETED ARTICLES IN- j eluding divan and chair sets and ,1""' 10-piecc luncheon set in colors. l'l-3iA!r C c. T. Barnes. St. Rt. 142. El- 171-2 dorado. Pho. 23F11. BOOKKEEPING SYSTEMS. COL-| umnar pads, ledger sheets, filing equipment, filing cases, indexes, J O R TRADE: '40 CI1EV. i truck, baruain. 1227 : STRAYED OR STOLEN the W. E. Funkhouser home at Galatia Sunday \\hite full-stock old. inknouser home at good becf bulls to $22: good and . ed into the path of anolher car aiu i ay night: female choice vealers. $25 to $32: com- ] both machines were badly damaged, v Collie dog. 1 vr ^ and mediumf S15 to S25 Sweat said that Chavos did not stop, led sore under n 0 nt cv.oor. "i^nn- coi^Wo 5nnn- ro.. T...~ nn«»-nno ,,-n^r. ; n ;,...n/-i ;,-, «:^,. (8) Found Sheep: 3.300; salable 3.000: re-. Two persons were injured in the IS J?. r ^ i ceipts include short deck yearling ' accident, a splinter from the side- A / 1 '^; wethers: several lots clipped lambs i board going through the neck of " -in*-? V%ilr»n/n tv*ncf l^f tt*/\rtlo/1 I f i m H c * ,-«. ^ w T «lm-» K A n v * . l , 4 l H*»*.» C M ,and balance mostly wooled lambs; | 0 ne of them, he added. The i.n: market slow: short deck strictly jured xvere from Marion., igood and choice wooled lambs t o , PEN AND PENCIL SET IN RED'small killers. 25 to 50c lower at alligator zipper case. Inquire Daily,$26: others not established. DUMP, Longley. j Register Office. -16S-3 171-2 (10) Instruction Producers Dairy Buys Walter Morris 'Plant Near Eldorado index cards. Harrisburg Printers. · COAL. COKE. AND KINDLING. 22 S. Vine St. Phone HSOV/.jCail City Coal Yard, Tel. 55R1. Delta Theta Tau 165-tf' 132-tf I _ {Completes Mailing of FULL LINE MAYTAG AND er washer parts. Service on makes. Williams Appliance Co..' 615 E. Poplar SS:^ci Q V;gg- DELIV ?7%! Birthd °y Calendars Mrs. Morris Skaggs today - fl »" MODERN STREA^ILINE STORE. LUMP COA^SS TON DE- j shelving counters and fixtures, j ASBESTOS SIDING. BUILDERS Write or call Tarter Fixture Co.. - Dumber Co., Carrier Hulls. 169-Zeigler. Pho. 96R3. * 166-6' Thcta Tau sorority birthday calendars has been completed, and the calendars should now be in the ! I Ct III i Chicago Produce I Poultry: 19 trucks: firm to unsettled: hens 33. j Walter Morris, who has opciv Butter: 623,8oO Ibs: weak: 9 0 j t e d tnc State Road dair- near i score 81 1-2. i Eldorado for the past 31 vears. i Eggs: 21.391 cases: weak; ex-.j l3S sold his dairv to lhc - ,..,, Uras 1: 46: extras 2: 4o: 3 a n d . duccrs Dair;.- in Harrisburc Ti.o ·· 44: standards 1 and 2: 42: o new owa ers assumed charge Friday. Equipment at the dairy w..- not induced in the dc^l. it v.^ stated. Mrs. Gertrude I'carcc. L O. Trigg. and Mabel ar.d Lula Young had been customer^ o»" 4: 41: current receipts 41: 'dirties 38: checks 37. p resi J e ntiar Test dairy s'ncc : l was started. HOUSE AND 2- , 30 GAL. GALVANIZED "A'ATER 1 hands of . lhc ^civcrs. Anyone on in ^ an ^ ^ aun dry sto\c with water i the mailing list who has failed to (Continued from page one) Ho?c Flow vAvv/v/.»4 AAW^J*^ .-i.4^i^ *--ik\^\^.»4 j . - . - - .*-« *%· - « £i3C *jriJ«£ Strcoin corf't Bouse, \vatcrandlights in big house., Jacket. 104 \\. Lincoln. ia-2. receive a calendar is asked to no- ing his announced candidacy for jj- on ;cns o£ Barn, wash house, side walks. · ~ j tify Mrs. Skaggs. chairman, grapes, dandy place in D o r r i s ] ( 5 ) Wanted governor. An aide said he prob- this week. Members of flic organization ably would dp so. were unable to contact everyone, liannony hlate hi M !i AND AS LITTLE AS n THE BALANCE We Have Elements I V In case you didn't :cno\v. Lady, thst's usually vJiat p;ils \our iron on .slnkc. Lrt Skates put our iron back in circulation onco ir.orc. Nominal charges you'll appreciate. A l w a y s t;!nd *o ! :nc T;cc estimates. ALT. TV-'::S cr EIXCTKIC APPLIANCES REPAIRED Electric Co. " Harrisburg Phone 37 IRES ° TUBES B A T T i R S E S R E C A P P I N G Enjoy qualify--immediate use of the things you need a personalized credif plan. OPEW AM ACCOUNT TODAY ON OUR :: ·Xvwu, 17 S. Main STORE H. V. McDaniel HARRISBURG Phone 17 , . v MIMM . V w ---- w ^ v V . M .. v , . . Owners Jive in Pcona. quick sal? TO BUY A GOOD FAKM. GOOD land therefore a number of names' Thc cnUre Green harmony price $2750.00. JIauptmann Ke.-.l roadi- and electricity preferred. J were unintcntionallv omitted this slatc for stalc offices filed yestcr- Estatc. 323 West Church St. 1702 Ksdon Patton. 881 First street.! vcar Anvonc who" would like to da ' CXCC P 1 for u - s - , Scn - P- , w f- v ' VERY SPECIAL Eldorado. 111. . 171-1] , , ] have a calendar, even though his £ nd B"^^- The slate includes '- Green and Brooks for re-election: VERY brfc.t-l.\L, ----'own name does not appear mav ^recn ana OFOOHJ. iur re-viccuun; MACHINELESS OIL PERMA- TO BUY 50 SINGLE ACTION]purchase one for 25 cents from Mrs Slalc Treasurer Richard Y. Rowc ncnts $4 complete. Hawkins Beau- discs. 12, 15, 18. or 21-fL Johnj s k . . ,, /. j .for lieutenant governor: Auditor tvShop. Pho. 433. 170-|Dccrc. I. H. C.. Roderick Lean. , atS _f' , L. has a smal1 suppl ol ,Arthur C. Lxaeder and Attorney j; new type David Bradley, Masscy 1 calendars left 'General George Barrett for rc- CONGOWALL, THE ECONOMI-,Harris" or Minneapolis" Molinc.! .election. cal, permanent wall covering in- \Vritc G. R. Borg. Biggsvillc, 111. n on Cossack Sinaina ' Of lhis slatc ' only L . ucdcr and stalled by factory trained mcchar.- Pho. 38F4. r 170-24 J. W»»MWIV ,»iiisf»»«»j .Barrett found opposition--Lewis « r-_«^--. Tr.._ n ;4,.T-n C«/\T/ i"7i.' i urAun Srnnc M*r* ics. Sctcn Furniture Store. j Group Stops Here !D. Yacgcr of Litchficld and Jack !TO RENT 5 OR 6-ROOM HOME.] ^ , . . J- Ruben of Chicago, respectively ONE o businessman. Pho. 260W. 167-lf! The Don Cossack singing chorus.!--among those who filed ycstcr- ,..^ ,^ ,..'c tract. and tnc ' r director, Nicholas Kos-;day. Former Congressman James Also 40 acre farm with Rood builc'.-iWANT TRANSPORTATION FOR tTMkoff on winter tour, stopped i Simpson. Jr., Wadsworth. filed for ings priced at S3.500 with immcd- 3 to Michigan. Inq. 614 W. Sloan j overnight in jlarnsburg^ at Jthe.thc GOP nomination for treasurer. SMALL FARMS. acre tract and one 10 acre tract. -4 acre farm with good built'.- i\VAN '. iate possession. L. E. Gass. Roa) St. Estate Broker, Ridgway, III. 171-1 -- 171-1 i Horning and Saline hotels. The* I male chorus, numbering 30. Democratic candidates for top offices were expected to file 'CALL 430 E-Z CAB FOR DE-iI carc{ ' last night in concert forj| a | Cr t n j s wcc j- FOLLOWING GOOD CLEAN pcndable 24-hour service. I67-tf j :ht f airfield Community Concert, Among thc petitions filed today .Chevrolet cars a n d , - i^foaation and archer route to «crc the following: 1 OCX'TUEtD OH-OW-\N14 A^ SOUND? OH.VJELL J CAH 'OUT LOUD- Vv'HT'=, TO MY NOVN P L L H \ V £ . TO E IT :*«» W1MDSH1ELO WIPER. H05E \VASOPF 1EWSP4PERS

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