The Sandusky Register from Sandusky, Ohio on December 15, 1955 · Page 40
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The Sandusky Register from Sandusky, Ohio · Page 40

Sandusky, Ohio
Issue Date:
Thursday, December 15, 1955
Page 40
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Page 40 article text (OCR)

tmilHIUIIY RCOtSTCR-STAR'NEWS thm*«hy, I)«c»inti*r ts, lUSS iif >ll7t Capt. Jered • Mw Iwnil at whaliitR. the South Atlantic • •MKley orew and briitnl R« has yet to prove hJs m • master of a whaling IMA8H dnimmocl Ms fiiiKri-.'; •n •bo table. Ho closPfJ and idl\ MOn*d.and closed the imirnal In* ship oppressed hitn. TIK- •blp In her prespnt asport was 4 prison. He roiild identify h\ ihtir snores or Iho lossiiifi of ttMir sweaty bodies Mr. ("upp Hind Mr. Botliwick, and Hlat^een, Alfy, who had a siiKhl nasal drip and made a sTuiffling whisllc approximately ever y olhfi- breath, Lamed, TatcMn. DicMo, Kitchen, Oliphant and Tilcoinh. The carpenter, ho locallcd, bore the full name of \('l )Ufl- ehadnezzar Oliphant. It, \\as a religious name, one from the Bible. Nebudchadne/.zar, h" liad been taught at srliool. had hvvn King of Babylon. It was old Neb who had carried the .lewisii people into captivity. But Oliphant came from Halibut I'oint on Cape Ann. Both he find the cooper were from the Cape. Titcomb was out of .\nriisquani, although originally liis folks liad lived on the Isle of Shoals. AVhen he was ve.vxed with liim. Oliphant accused the cooper ol being a "moon-curser" and that made Titcomb angry. It was the term for a wrecker, and meant tbat Titcomb's folks had made tbeir living from sunken ships. There had been more than a little wrecking done on the Isle of Shoals. He knew that behind his back the fo 'c'sle gang now called Mr. Cupp "Hoiigry-IIongry" because of the mate's Arctic cvperience. Mr. Finnic's wife, Rachel, was supposed to be unfaithful to him With a snuff-grinder from Lynn. —Checkers, the— c«eife -A J'equot. Indian from .Stoninglon. had killed a man in a sealer once off the Chilean coast and been tried and acquitted in Valparaiso on grounds of self-defense. Blageen stood in quiet fear of him; he never entered the galley unless at definite invitation. But since they had been aboard together, the steward hadn't done much to corrupt Alfy The boy had been previously educated. week, Mr. Cupp had caught him in the forward lazar- ctte smoking tobacco stolen from r.^arned in a pipe that belonged to Diego. His explanation was that he had been hiding from his uncle's wrath iifter he had f6und him stealing sugar out of ship 's stores which he insisted Blageen hoped to sell at a great profit in some port. Mr. Cupp had been so impressed by the story that he had almost forgotten to use his belt end on Alfry. UP on deck, his sextant in his hand, he felt keen, certain of every gesture, all his jierceptions acute. When he and Mr. Bothwick had taken the observations and Bothwick had entered them on the log stale, he turned lo Mr. Cupp who at foui- o'clock must have moved past him in the cabin while he slept. "Enough of this, mister," he said. "All we've done on these courses is gather Sar.gossa weed on our bottom. You've told me there's a chance of whale on the Brazil Banks." "That 's right, sir," Mr. Cupp said. "But mind NC. no guaran- tes. Whale are wiieie yon find i "I'vf; learned as much," Naishj said. "But head her around. Put | her on a west -iior 'NTTTTtr From j the cloud, we'll caich wind out of the sou'east it is, sir," Mr. upp said. "Soon as tliere's wind, The DONN LYNN fioauty Saion DYES and HLCACIieS I Air Conditioned For Your Com tort. I IMS Rs .Tes Ave Ph. 2175 NOW! Gel It Al Gray's Give a package of family FUN deluxe: ^ Sift-pak The famous Vi t w - .\J ii:, ivr \i.uir, ehoice of till ee, f asi'infil 11 c .'; i • . : i - ture packe !.J . . , fill iii a i ' ; ( i! '.l box. Thai's l )(iiixe Ci 'ili:!-. . . . 11 Iflft Ih &l ihllCs «-vci li.'iv V. :\\\ "come 10 life" iji -'t !;i <-.i in f . : in:../- md til! ee (iiiut n.sioii, tiw iii.v,- litiuAL* W «-Pak, here nov, : Miftcr ciiisiMAs eif ! FCfi inum Mllf, 99< * 3 for $'..00 •••m WCTURI /p #ACKCTi »1.00 *i ••^i; GRAY'S STORES , Tf-— BY ROBERT CARSB whale for the old her .seaweed skirt. * * * I'll • ml her." NaMi went helow feelini? oddly nt peace. He was ver.v hun- gr.v and once he had worked hisjat once. ob.servatiohs and plotted them Obis wHh;"i' white wat-m:" ! AIf,v handed him a gla.'^s upi j; rough the scuffle before he I wa.s , Mr. Cupp said, a fair- was on fhe second step, "Mr. si^ed pod of right whale. They j Bothwick," he called as he ran lav some six or .«!even miles dis-| •""''^^a''^ '«> mainmast, "back | tant over the .slowly heaving seal*'!'' 'lo'f' hf'' <'<"sy off^ and .swam in almost geometric! "i<', wind till 1 tell you differ-| alignment through the broad; .yellow field of brit. I On the main topinost cross-; "Brit brings 'em," Mr. Cupp! trees he slipped under the pad,said, hoarse in hi.s excitement. - ded hoop and braced himself and "They llv • on it. Shall I lower i swung the glass on the pod. sir," Five. No. six. Big fish, loo. "Lower, sir, and I'll go aloft'and when they breathed the twin spouts wei'e ai'deni white tufts THE THREE WISHES Cupp moved with -supple speed! that trembled yards above the and had his breakfast, he'd-sleep, {toward his boat. Diego was al-| great gray hunch of the heads. .'\ id the wind was coming!ready preparing to lower. Astern of them, broad as a aboard; on deck, the watches ran to get at the sheets and braces, hrii ,r "e ship to the new course. A ay. away Brazil. And let there The Sailors on lookout at thre mast-heads were still crying in Ihfc iilulating fashion they had learned from the harpoon.)€ whale, plenty and aplenty i ers, "Thar she blows! Oh, blo-ows i the!township hue, marvelously rwn. were th-^ spaces they haci eaten through the brit. Mr. Cupp, Ml'. Wilson and Mr. Finnic were sailing theii- boats A Christmas Sfory BY WALT SCOTT I 5AY RlM6ER ,OLD TH i M 6, WO 0 l O VOU CA»?e TO JDW A ^G IW A SPOT Cf TEA AND A OROMPtr OR TWO OBVCItW KfWO, OLD CHAf? BUT RATCfe IS 'MAVIwe SUeSTS FOR DIMMER ^ AWOI MOST BEOFFJ) nto the brit, their plan was to come upon the whales from be­ hind. This was the safest way, because hea.l-on a beast of the size of could .see his en-|tail and flukes to smash a boat, emy in time to sound, or usei (To Be Continued) 4.95 VALUE NOW FOR 369 7-Ught, Multiple "Holiday Tree tight Sets 2.29 VALUE « mg^ MOW FOR ONLY 1.9 7 Add color Jind luster to your Christmas tree. Each light burns Independently. Lamps made b.v G.E. 1.5LIGHT IIOIJDAY TREE LIGHT SETS 3.19 m III JIM* tdiMt fey li« Aluminum pan and haaling unit witH Oloii cevsr and black |ilatfi( hondl*. Iar9« «a|Mtity. MoiiM parfod earn. MuUlpi^ Outdoor Tree Ughi Set toch light burns \ndep»n6' •nt\y. Lamps by G.E. U. I. APPROVED 5<29 GENERAL ELECTRIC «eplacemen| c I»a>np« WITH ITKIMO Cl,H C-G for I.5c 'ifdits. 'ndoor type t^^^ C-7"<. SERIES 2 for "c 10 for L35. Indepcnd- ently burning: lamps. CxieiMfen Cotd Set cord. U. L. ap: proved. WITH CUBI TAP RfCMf mtnU k ihilt MMtlllN Columbus Ave. & Market St 1956 ST. JOSEPH CALENDAR WITH WEATHER CHART ACT NOW! SUPPLY LIMITED Tree Top Decorations ILLUMINATED CHRISTMAS TREB STJIR Whit* tparhly star with rtd rcflocter. M. L ap* provad. 98c •V wo UTI PLASTIC DCCORATION ASSORTMENT Box of 14 ornamtnlt. In r «d, •ilvtr, groan and blu*. UNIMAKAIU 1.79 ILLUMINATED Radiant Ray ANGEL GLO Unbroakobl* plodic for mantol docoration, troo top or night light. •y Oil mi 1.49 ALRiADY -^Jj/^ HOLIDAY CANDY FOR A MERRY CHRISTMAS MINIATURE GLASS TREE ORNAMENTS For toblo troot, pack* ago tiot, tproyi, or con- torpiocot. 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