Arizona Republic from Phoenix, Arizona on June 30, 1973 · Page 8
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Arizona Republic from Phoenix, Arizona · Page 8

Phoenix, Arizona
Issue Date:
Saturday, June 30, 1973
Page 8
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Page 8 article text (OCR)

REPUBLIC ,r CITY : A*4 tlrt Arltona Republic B MAIL Sit,, Jun* 3«, 1W5 :.-,-. Republic Photo El Mirage Town Manager Nelson Payne, left, and Ernest Scritchfleld, councilman in Surprise, expect the water shortage to last through the summer. Above, they're inspecting a storage-tank pump. More about -El Mirage's water shortage Continued front Page A-i low pressures kept evaporative coolers from functioning properly. Contributing Jo the problem .was the shutdown for two weeks of one well for pump repair, reducing the storage. The town's five wells were all in production Friday, Payne said, and water storage was up by afternoon. Tapping in the private well, used previously by the town, cost about $1,000. The town' must buy the water. Payne said that with the additional water and conservation, the community should be able to make it through the summer. "We will just have to face up," he said. "We must have more wells and more water storage. But how are we going to do it financially?" El Mirage is an incorporated town and provides its own . services. The manager said he was going to seek relief through a federal grant. "This is a low-income area," he said. "I hope there will be funds available somewhere." More about Accusations in guard's death t Continued from Page A-l he came. home on .two occasions with injuries. One time his hand was smashed in a door by an inmate; another time he was kicked and came home limping. •• .'..-.,.......-. . "Every time his wife would say she didn't like- him working at the prison 'with bad men, he'd assure her no guards had ever been killed there;" Soviet ballet troupe plans American tour MOSCOW (AP) — The famed Russian Bolshoi Ballet's twonnoritti tour of-the United States will include performances in New York, Washington, Philadelphia and Boston. With the ballet will be the winners of the Moscow International Ballet'Compe- tition, 17-year-old Nadezhda Pavlova and her partner, Vyacheslav Gordeyev. Miss Pavlova, from the Urals city of Perm, is considered as a possible successor to Bolshoi prima ballerina Maya Pli- setskaya. She is not related to the famous Anna Pavlova. On his $597-a-month pay, the 230-pound guard lived frugally in a three-bedroom, apartment and saved $60 a month toward an education for his children. He planned to move into a house Aug. 1. His family was left without insurance, Buckley said, because he had failed to convert a Jree $15,000 military policy to " continuing^ insurance, even though he had filled put the forms. "Probably he couldn't afford the premiums," the brother said. Denver, he said, pays lifetime salaries .to the widows of policemen killed in the line of duty. ."If's death is going to be worth anything," Buckley said, "we'd, like to confront members of the legislature about bills that will protect men in that capacity in the future." Several of his ideas already are in the works — transfer of prisoners to other institutions, more guards, better security at the prison. But he said those reforms will come too late for the non-English-speaking wife of his brother and their three children. Cons told cell lockup ends soon FLORENCE-Afizona State Prison.inmates were told Friday that their week-long confinement to cells will soon end but that their prison life will not return to what it was before. . The 1,400-inmatc institution is settling down after last week's stabbing deaths of two guards* and an - inch-by-inch shakedown 6f the prison by state officers, said Dwight M. Carey, new chief of security for Warden Harold J. Cardwell who took command of the prison Wednesday. The 1,100 men housed behind the main wall of the prison have .been kept in their cells since the June 22 slayings. Mess-hall feeding of the men began Thursday afternoon after a week of sandwiches and cereal served in the cells. Normally, inmates attend vocational classes, go to work assignments and participate in other such activity. "They've been told that the present situation (lockup) will not continue much longer but it won't be the same as before," Carey said. "We 've laid out some ground rules for them and we will attempt to hold regular visitations this weekend," he said. "Next week we'll begin an evaluation of the previous programs and daily activities of the .men and then begin to blend into the programs Mr. Cardwell will use." Carey said Department of Public Safety officers completed their week-long search of the prison Friday. Final areas checked were the trusty dormitories outside the wall and the women's section. "Both areas 1 were fairly clean of unapproved items," Carey said. "Before the officers went in, however, we passed out lists to the trusties and women informing them of what were, considered ;acceptable possessions. •;' "They were given an opportunity to turn in anything that was not on the list, have it tagged and held for shipment home." Foter apathy denied in Sonora election By ROBERT L.THOMAS HERMOSILLO, Sonora Manuel Gurrla Ordonez, a delegate for the Party of Revolutionary Institutions (PRI), denied there is any voter apathy toward federal elections due to be held in the state Sunday. Despite the fact PRI, the dominant political party in Mexico, has been in power 44 years, there is a great deal of enthusiasm for the elections, Gurria said, Gurria credited the interest -in the election to the candidacy of Carlos Armando Biebrich, PRI's youthful candM date for governor, Biebrich. is certain to be elected, since he has no opposition. The PRI has controlled Old caverns upstaged by closed-circuit TV STANTON, Mo. (AP) - Upstaging multimillion-year-old formations at the Meramac Caverns on U.S. 66 here is closed-circuit television. Tourists enjoy seeing themselves on the tube. "More of them are taking pictures in front of the TV set than in front of the, formations," says cave owner Lester B. Dill. "I don't mind, Mother Nature being upstaged," Dill claims. "The customer .is always right. Hearings set on valuation reductions Protests by the state valuation director against a total of 868 home-value cuts by Yavapai and Pima County supervisors will be heard next week .by the State Property Tax Appeals Board. ; The Yavapai hearing, involving cuts on .795 residences, will begin at 9 a.m. Monday at Yavapai College, in Prescott, according to board clerk Jeff Ferris. The Pima hearing, involv- ; ing 73 residential cuts, will be at 9 a.m. Thursday in the State Office Building in Tucson, Ferris added. He said the gist of the protests filed with the board by State Valuation Director Arlo : Woolery is that the cuts upset equalization of values in the two counties. The property owners concerned have been notified to : attend the protest hearings, ||erris said. The protested reductions in borne valuations originally set by county assessors were made by their county supervisors sitting as boards of equalization, Ferris said. He said some similar State Valuation Department protests in other counties were taken up by the board in individual hearings for the property owners involved, because supervisors in those .-•counties did not make their ,*euis in such large blocs at a }ate stage of their board-of-e- '(Jualization proceedings. WIN A FREE completely furnished DELMAR MOBILE HOME Come on out to WESTERN PALMS MOBILE HOMES and register today for the Nothing to buy...register for free home or one of 1197 other prizes. 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WESTERN PALMS MOBILE HOMES 936-1488 500 N, 67th Ave, and "won alf the major races in Mexico since 1929. Probably to combat charges both within the party and from PRI's opposition that PR! has grown old and stodgy through the years, PRI has been working hard to stress that Biebrich wiN bring a new look and a new youthfulness to the office of governor. Party posters depict Biebrich in a c a s u a 1 leather jacket rather than a suit and tie. The posters proclaim his candidacy as "a new generation, new times, new men." Gurria, a slim, handsome professional politician, said PRI is not seeking a young image to woo disenchanted students back to the party by State vehicles to get temporary fuel supply The state will enter its next fiscal year Sunday with at least a temporary fuel supply for its vehicles at all points except Littlefield. State Purchasing Director Russell Leach said Friday Union Oil Co. of California has verbally agreed to furnish fuel to state tanks in several counties for the next 90 days at no increase in price from the current fiscal year. He said he is awaiting Union's agreement in writing, spelling out such details as responsibility for d e 1 i v e r y costs in the counties of Maricopa, "Mohave, Yuma, Yava- Inge's estate left to sister -.••..< . >-, .'. - ,•• ' '• •'' LOS ANGELES (UPI) Playwright William Inge left his estate of "over $50,000"' to his sister,;• Helen Connell, .it was disclosed Thursday when his; will-was admitted to probate, v; ' ,-,'. ' ' The document dated March 28, 1972, i named Mrs. Connell as the executrix of the estate. 10. Inge committed;suicide June pai, Graham, Greenlee, Final, Apache and Navajol Leach said a few tanks in those counties will be served by other suppliers, such as Abajo Petroleum Co. of Utah, serving Kayehta and Teec Nos Pos and a Continental Oil Co. dealer from Utah will serve Fredonia and Jacob Lake. State vehicles without access to state tanks will carry service station credit cards which they will use to get fuel at regular retail prices. Leach said. He said he has arranged for credit cards from two major companies and hopes to get two more. For state tanks in Pima, Coconino, Cochise, Gila and Santa Cruz counties, the state has a bid from Standard Oil Co. of California to continue supplies next fiscal year. The bid came in two weeks ago at a few cents a gallon higher than last year's prices and .subject' to change as federal price controls permit. In addition, state drivers have been warned to expect 15 per cent less fuel for their Vehicles than they were using . ;before the fuel shortage became acute. deliberately running Biebrich, a 33-year-old attorney. "Naturally, a change'is good," said Gurria. "Not only men change, but methods change too. We are not trying to change completely to youth. There is no set rule that requires the old to step aside for the young. "We are looking for quality in the candidates, whether they be young or old," he said. Gurria also denied claims that students at the University of Sonora in Hermosillo are going to sit out the election and not vote for any of the parties—PRI, the Party Of National Action (PAN), the . Popular Socialist Party of the Authentic Party of the Mexican Revolution. He said that like the last American presidential election,, in which there were widespread predictions of student apathy, many Mexican students will vote in about the same percentage as the national electorate. "Many of the students have participated i n Biebrich's campaign," Gurria said. "They have become acquaint- ed with the PRI issues. This is not only true of the university students but is true throughout the state. "Much of this improvement in government-student relations is due to President (Luis) Echeverria, who has had many personal meetings with students and has listened to them on an informal basis," he said. (Echeverria, political observers said, has had a bad name with students since he ordered Mexican troops to put down the pre-Olympic game riots in Mexico City in 1968, but since has made special efforts to win over dissident students.) Biggest problem the PRI faces, Gurria said, is trying to maintain the coomnetitive edge while the other political parties remain weak and ineffective. "It would be better if we had a stronger and more worthy opposition," he said. 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