The News from Frederick, Maryland on November 26, 1951 · Page 9
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The News from Frederick, Maryland · Page 9

Frederick, Maryland
Issue Date:
Monday, November 26, 1951
Page 9
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Th« Frederick, Md., Monday, November 99, 1951 The Nation Today By JAMES MARLOW WASHINGTONJSTov. M Now the Xusavw ar* Indignant. They're complaining this country is playing dirty pool. It goes bade to « phrase tucked away in a bill passed by Congress which the Russians took more than * month to discover. In September the House was debating the mutual security bill to give $7,500,000,000 in arms and supplies to our allies. Up stepped Rep. Charles Kersten, Wisconsin Republican, with a few ideas he wanted added to the bill. If able-bodied men escaped from the iron curtain countries, he wanted some of the money used to form them into military units which «ome day might be able to fight for the liberation of their homeland. And he said, further, that some of the money could be used in helping underground organizations in countries behind the curtain. Except for Kersten's own brief explanation, not a word was said about creating or helping underground groups inside the iron curtain. Nevertheless, the bill as passed by Congress and signed into law in October says: Some of the money should be used, whenever the President thinks it's worthwhile, for arming escapees "or for other purposes." That little phrase--"or for other purposes"--is as wide as the sky. It would certainly cover--anytime the President chose--Kersten's brief mention of helping un- dergrounds behind the curtain. This week the Russians started screaming. They charged the act was intended to finance "subversive activity and sabotage" in Hus- sia and other iron curtain countries. They want Congress to repeal the act. and have carried their complaint to the United Nations. If, this country poured some money into undergrounds behind the curtain it would only 'be reversing the deal a little. But the State Department kept a straight face. It said: The Soviet complaint comes with "singular ill-grace from a Soviet regime which consistently has supported subversive aclivties against the V. S. and other nations of the world." But then the State Department added 'something which is difficult to understand. It said the Russian complaint was "groundless ... propaganda." Propaganda it may be, and undoubtedly is, for no one expects this complaint to change relations between this country and Russia a bit. But the State Department might have trouble proving the Russian complaint is groundless when Kersten, who fathered the phrase--"or for other purposes"--which excited the Russians, explained his intentions about the underground and Congress approved th£ phrase. And it seems a pretty safe guess that this country not only was encouraging undergrounds behind the curtain before Kersten mentioned the idea but that the Russians knew it. If we haven't been doing it, we've been sound asleep. Reporter's Quiz The majority of the residents of the city and county are in :favor of scrapping direct wage And price controls If we are to trust the results of an informal survey conducted by a man who favors continuation of said controls. The general sentiment, seemingly is that any change of any kind would be a good thing. Six persons interviewed during the week gave the following answers to the following question: Eric Johnston, retiring Economic Stabilization Dlreotor, recommends that direct wajfe and price controls be scrapped. Do you think that would be advisable? The answers: H. H. Hahn, Frederick: "1 think so: supply and demand should govern." John Crone. Middletown: "1 think that they should be." Clarence C. Jessee, Frederick Route One: "I do not entirely agree with that proposition ' as of the present. I am in favor of changes but not the entire scrapping of the controls." M. R. Coleman, Pearl: "I think that all controls should be dropped and this made a free country once more." Mrs. Bascom Neal, Pearl: "Price controls are all right to a certain extent but I feel that they have been over done and should be dropped." John Frank, Frederick: "J favor scrapping them." TRUMAN HEARS "DINGER" KEY WEST, Fla., Nov. 25 /P)-President Truman warmly congratulated a young Baptist chaplain today for what he called a "dinger" of a sermon condemning "uninformed" a n d "malicious" critics. Leaving the little white Navy chapel with Mrs. Truman and his daughter, Margaret, at the conclusion of Protestant divine services, he grasped the hand of Lt. Commander Harold F. Menges and remarked: "Well, that was a dinger, Chap lain." The chaplain, flushed with pride, then turned to greet the President's wife and daughter. The chaplain at first didn't seem to catch the President's congratulatory remark, and Mr. Truman repeated with enthusiasm that the sermon was "4 dinger." OUT FOR STASSEN WASHINGTON, Nov.' 25 Supporters announced the opening of Stasseii-tor-President headquarters here today while professing not io know'whether they will have a candidate in the field. Daniel C. Gainey of Owatonna, Minn., headquarters manager, told reporters with a grin that he and others hope to "persuade" Harold E. Stassen, Iformer Minnesota Governor, to bid again for the Republican aoAiaatiOB fat didn't win in im Inflation Held To Be Nation's No, 1 Enemy WASHINGTON. Nov. 25--·«»)-- Bernard Baruch was quoted by Senator Maybank (D-SC) today as saying inflation is "th.i» country's No. 1 enemy and, unless halted, will destroy the taxpayers." ·Maybank said Elder Statesman Baruch also told him in a telephone conversation that Congress should strengthen the economic controls law when it reconvenes in January. Maybank is chairman of the Senate Banking Committee, which handles economic legislation. He also heads the Senate-House "watchdog" committee on"defense production, which is starting a series of public hearings tomorrow on wage-price curbs and other emergency' controls. The first witness will be Price Director Michael V. DiSalle. He will be followed by Manly Fleisch- mah, Chief of the Defense Production administration and the national production authority. The joint committee has asked DiSalle for a report on operation of the revised economic controls law Congress enacted last July. In signing that law, President Truman criticized it sharply and asked for quick repeal of certain provisions which he said would make it more difficult to control inflation. Congress adjourned last month without action on the President's appeal. Lawmakers are expecting him to renew the request in January. Strength For Today By Earl L. Douglass A PERTINENT QUESTION A prominent editor in this country wrote an editorial recently which struck such a responsive chord in the minds and thoughts of people that he was deluged with ·nessages of congratulation. The theme of his editorial was. What has gone wrong with this country of ours? The books we read, the plays we witness, the customs we condone! In heaven's name, what is happening to us? Just the other day I was reading about youngsters of both sexes gathering together and staging par- Lies which were characterized by liquor, narcotic drugs and sex orgies. These were not hardened criminals; these were kids. The position taken by this column consistently has been that juvenile delinquency is the result of adult delinquency. Children and young people have never established the prevailing customs of any generation, and they never will. Those customs are established by adults. If the adults behave them- .sclvep. the young people behave therrfselves. We need many laws to correct bad situation,'; and bettor enforcement of the laws we already have, but laws by themselves will never correct any evil. What, we need above everything else is that our adults t u r n over n- new leaf and begin setting better examples to the kids. (Copyright Babson Newspaper Synd.) FIGHT WEDNESDAY NEW YORK. Nov. 25--(fPi-- Welterweight Champion Kid Gavilan, who broke Johnny BraUon's jaw and took his 147-pound title last. May. gives the ChicnRo fighter a chance for revenge Wednesday night when they clash in a non- t i t l e ten nt the Chicago Stadium. I£ BrnHon makes a ROOCT showing against the Cuban flash he may earn himself another Chance at the title. The 10 p . m . (EST) bout will be telecast and broadcast by CBS. The Friday night radio-TV show will he a "rubber" ten rounder between singeing middleweights Paddy Young of New York and Ernie (The Rock) Durando of Bayonne. N. J.. at New York's ' Madison Square Photo by Frank Keefer SANTA COME6 TO TOWN--Youngsters and their parents lined North Market street last Friday afternoon to get a,glimpse of Santa Claus and receive candy canes as he made his way via sled and automobile in a parade that formally opened the Yule buying season. Garden. Durando evened an old score with Young when he beat the New Yorker in their second meeting Nov. 2, WINS ROAD RACE JUAREZ, Mexico. Nov. 24 (At-Piero Taruffi, Italian racing ace. hurtled across the finish line a split second ahead of a fellow- countryman, Alberto Ascari, to win the second annual Pan-American, road race today. GIVE UP SEARCH ROME. Nov. 25 (/P)--The general air search for an American C-47 transport plane m i s s i n g since November 10 on a flight from Munich to Belgrade was abandoned tonight. At Revise, U. S. Air Force search headquarters.north of Venice, Captain Marshall Frederickson said a skeleton organization comprising a helicopter, two other planes and a ground party would remain there to run down any rumors or reports on the missing craft and its crew of four. Maj. E. H. Armstrong, veteran radio scientist, contributed a great deal to modern circuitary in. all types of receivers. His superhetero- dyne circuit is widely used today, eVen in television. FREE! FREE! FREE! Now You Can Gel That HOLIDAY TURKEY FHEE with each Kelvinator Electric Range or Kelvlnator Freezer purchased before December 28, 1951. LIBERAL TRADE-IN - CONVENIENT TERMS FISHER'S APPLIANCES "Kitchen Specialists" 13 E. Patrick St. ' Phone 151 Take a carton home for easy entertainment ' bottle carton or it eltfarr .,. both trade-marks mean the same thing. iOTTUD UNDER AUTHORITY OP THE COCA-COIA COMPANY BY FREDERICK COCA-COLA BOTTLING CO. 1801 N. Market SU Frederick, Md. Phone 726. Chas. K. Taylor. Msr. O mo.Th. 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RiiKKert, precise pulsator holds set milking speed without adjustment, Tf. Safe, easy cushion-top Inflations. Calf action, maximum milk flow. S Lid's check-valve stops any back flow ol milk Into air lines! mMp Ausii " 42 S. MARKET ST. FREDERICK, MD. PHONE Places Seventh In Livestock Judging CHICAGO, Nov. 25 W)--Maryland's 4-H livestock judging team trailed Oklahoma and Indiana in placing third in competition at the International Livestock Exposition. Maryland Coach M. E. Gannon reported that his squad ran up 1,497 points, taking a first in sheep judging, third * la cattle judging and ninth in the judging of horses and swine. First place Oklahoma had 1,576 points. Raymond Zeltman of Ellicott City was high individual scorer on the Maryland squad, with Donald Garst, of Frederick, second. They placed sixth and seventh, respectively, in the national standings. Results of Friday's junior competition were announced yesterday. Other members of the Maryland team are Robert Wilson of Brandywine and Francis McGrady of Rising Sun, team alternate. HELD IN KILLING CENTREVILLE, Nov. 25 W) --Sheriff Frank Whiteley said today that Sam Gillette, 50-year-old Barclay, Md., Negro farmhand, was being held here for questioning in Recommended By Many leading BABY DOCTORS to relieve distress of CHEST COLDS And Brack ty Patnfirf Localized Congestion A number of baby doctors today are recommending Child's Xfild Musterole to promptly relieve coughs, sore throat, localized inflammation and to break up congestion in nose, throat tnd upper bronchial tubes of the lungs. Just rub it on: Musterole instantly creates a wonderful sensation of protective warmth on chest, throat and back and brings amazing relief. There's also Regular and Extra Strong Musterole for adults. CAS The AH Automatic Fuel For Water Heating TODERICK GAS CO,, Inc. TeL 2575 107 East Patrick S*. JOIN HOSPITAL AID TODAY WITHYOim A COMFQKT! 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M ....«..w**.."-«,.«^«Iw*^ ADDRESS .,,.,,.-..«....«.-- ..._._.,, the shotjun kfllin* of Jim Ridgley, 44, Negro canner worker «t Price Station, Md. Whiteley said Hidgley was shot in the chest during an argument si the home of Madeline Hinson j Barclay last night. j Gillette was arrested by WhitH ley and Stale Trooper Charl! Kirkpatrick. » HERE AOAJN! y#«f It* i ss of bomes^eople w$ fc« MfttS And receiving NORjpROSS Christmas CArds --the gay, eoforful e««fe lV wh the heartwarming message of Mmembranee. Da«§ned to capture die of fms£mac and ffw smeenfty of year berger's book mart and gilt shop 145 NORTH MARKET ST. Freezer^ Freezing n the save money and with laceroatioa Harvester's features: · Over- oa ALL 5 inside so* facet · Dri-Wafi · Silent-Sealed oration units--·wai ranted 5 years. Model ra. 388 ttw. of food Jnjoy summer's abundance afl year "round--bay and fiM aa EH freezer at height-of-season low prices far fruits aod vegetables. 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Hoffman, deceased, the undersigned Surviving Executors will offer at public sale on the premises one (1) mile South of Loys Station, two (2) mile North of Creagerstown, Frederick County, Maryland, on SATURDAY, DECEMBER 15, 1951 at twelve (12:00) o'clock, noon, the following described personal property, to-wit: 2 old wagons, one horse wagon, 150 bales hay. one bale of barb wire, 3 saws, one bushel of potatoes, lot of jarred fruit, 4 bedroom chairs, old wood bed, oak bureau, small vase, 2 drawer walnut spool cabinet, oil lamp, old rope bed, blanket chest, 5 gal. can of kerosene, walnut lap desk, chestnut corner cupboarfk galvanized bushel measure, old stove, 2 rockers, kitchen table* small table radio, clock, and many other articles too numerous to mention. REAL ESTATE Immediately following the sale of the above personal property, on the premises, on the above date, the Surviving Executors will offer at public sale, all that real estate consisting: of seven (7) room frame house, in good state of repair, improved with electricity, metal roof and outbuildings, poultry house, corn crib, stable and well, being all that real estate consisting of 65 acres more or less of .which the said Charles H. Hoffman, died seized and possessed, four (4) acres is in woodland and balance is tillable. ("* For further title reference see Liber S.H.H. No. 13 Folio 5Z one of the Land Records of Frederick County, Maryland. TERMS OF SALE: Personal Property--CASH. For the real estate $750.00 at the time of the sale; the balance upon ratification of the sale by the Orphans' Court of Frederick County. Possession upon ratification and payment in full of the purchase price. Taxes to be adjusted to date of sale. Conveyancing costs including all United States Internal Revenue and State of Maryland Relief Stamps at the expense of the purchaser. GEORGE HOFFMAN WILLIAM KEMP Surviving Executors of the Estat* of Charles H. Hoffman, deceased. EARL H. HOFFMAN, Auctioneer ,*\ RAYMOND LI KELLY, Clerk *^ f|' ^ I i|» tij H II \i Ma I WSPAPEM

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