The Paris News from Paris, Texas on July 17, 1934 · Page 7
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The Paris News from Paris, Texas · Page 7

Paris, Texas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, July 17, 1934
Page 7
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JULY IT, 1THE r AMS KEW5, ews Classified Ads Get The Quickest Rental Results CLASSIFIEp AI> Information itt "btMinwt « »• t» tii« oKic* of tb* Part* tf*w»TMt I**** Uiaa • PL.D*. tfc* p«r *orcL p*» word. 20e. «amb«r or word*, tb* for s to tor tm *• New* wii: " cot o* »j,<3 e«uaor all «dv*rtu«i and r«ad*r. Box eumtMnt car* . »<lor*»»«*. Ad to win »»«1t' TOO tn »ordl»* tfc« oopy. •i om tMs Axmoujicement* JJJBMOCKJlTJC PRIMARY July "28. 1»34 \ for Keiweaentatlve from th* **i (He-election Seeood Term.) Ft* Kepre*ent»Hve SStbDisirlc* C. C. CANON • - c-Re-«lecttoD second term.) For County Aiiom*y. O. WEAR . ' ILERBSRT i- JONBS GRAl>T STURGEON. For C ' C, A. MARTIN " J. M_ BRASWEU^ VAN £>- ANDERSOK. Tor Sheriff : Stny«d or Stole* IX>ST—Brown f«m«l» German polic* dos. 3 y«ara old. Reward. Dr A- Moore. 102 S. l»th »tr**L. Phone 666. ' $20.00 REWAKB tor mny information concerning two bounds poisoned TV*»t Shiloh. Toss nard. ••'...'• Prof CHARLES PRICE Phoa* sat, * Wcct HouctoD General Invir&ae*. Special Koticcv TOUK JOXICOW& AT IiAILK CROOK ISc and 15c Per IXwen have all kind* of bait and priz« of 100 minnow* each month for largest fish canjrht our shiners. BU W. HIGHEST cash price for iron beds, other furniture^ Furniture Exchange. 35 Clarfcsville street. Phone 47S. passengers. Call 1044J, •.. •- AutomobHem Wanted—Miscellaneous Ettmt* for or SmU «Alc« to Ren* TO OEKTLEMEK bedroom clo»e ia. Fhon» 122*. USFURKISHED apartment, "d«- cirable neighborhood close in. Permanent to desirable couple- Address "Apartment" care Apartment. Phon« want •mall first floor lurni«h«d apartment, utility bills paid, must b« very reasonable. Addresr. Box D, care News, APARTMENT, famished or un- fttrnished. 1S3 Bonhana. Phone FOUR-ROOM furnished apartment. All conveniences. 193 South 2$th_ NO. 1T74—t4T Acres fiv* mile* west or OarkSYtile on p*ved fi*ate HiCbwmj Xo. ft. HO acre* level black -wax]- coil In cwltivatloti, !•• acre* additional black inter tillable now in Johnson and Bermuda jcrass, 33 acres pasture. One «dtd four room, bouse, barn, one old bouse and barn, tbree room I bouse. Price 445 per acre, , if. rTTTT». Gibraltar Hotel, Paris. Hovses for Rent S Rot. Fum. Hnx and Dup.-—S66J. •ITVB room furnished house, close la. Piion* 704 A iNlCE six room house, located across street from 4th -ward school, A** modern conveniences. Recently remodeled. Reasonable rentaL Telephone 2259-J. Notice XOTlCEi Said bo&ds mttnria* Mci&Ur at Uk*" '*»- i »p*«!T» tua«« AA4 la th» r*»p*ctlr« { *JEocct». as «iajr b* fixed by th» City i C»M»eii: no bond 4o b* i»«u*d 'or * i period «xc**d!nc tlrlrty years fross fe* I 4at% as<S . aU bonds to b* Sssafed tor \ the porpos« of b&Udtac S*«*r 3>ls- J po*«J Plant*, contraction of Ei»n-lio!«s i *ad «nlari*ro*nt *aa !^aprov*m*nt of I tb* pr*«*nt S««r«r SJSI«RI an* to b* t known ast S*v*r Coasrrttctioa Bosda. " Held By Bandits ROXTQX KEVIVAL IS - I --1T'>*?TVE % WV-OTTT*r¥"* A "V TVWf The pollint plac*s and »r*«I<llQs; of. fic*r« of satd «!«ettoa sh*U b* resp«c- tlv«iy as ?ollo«». WARD J: C«-ntr*l Flr« Station D- P Codbold, presid-ns; offir*ri WARI> 2: ilasonle »•<!».. Graad A»«.. W. H. Wriest, presidios; oi«c*r; 3t Court Hoase. A- W. >:«rilt«. FIJGHT IS BELAYED :RAPH> CITY. s. r>.. (£•}.—wti the weather map unfavorably stratosphere flight workers marked time here ^ to * the City Council of th* City of Pa.r1» oa tb» 6th day of July 1934 I b*r«^y give, aocic* cha.: *s e"I^eiJQ= by tit <lt;al!r5«<S* vot*r» of the City of IParia who own t*xab3« j>rop«rty in **i<J City property lor taxation, tri!! b« h«M be^ iween Ti;« ioiira or s:Q9 o'clock. A. 31,. j and 6; 00 o'clock. P- M.. on *i« "tii day ! of Aticnst. 1934. 2or th- perj>ose oi <I«- tli* roilo-wini: proposition: or not rts* city of e**rl« sia-ll b« authorized lo issue Bocds of th« City la tli* suiss of S«venry Thon_ M3<3 <J70 OOQ.OC> dollars, and !*vy a tax «wfffei«at to pay th« lnt«r«st on st*id bocds. *=<* erca.i« «. siskins r=ad su'ficieat to red«era tfc«r= at raatnrity: the *aid bonds to bear tater««c froJB <j£t« it a. rat* sot «jcc«<iins 4 per oeat anaatu. laterest payable semi-anaoally. WARD 4: I*arl« Hieix School. L. W. JacSssoc. prealdiaK oCic*r. The forra . of ballot to" b* tesed in *»U election J)pr iic*« votiag ia favor of tbv* of bo^da <tha!l be an Tee- tiie ts»uaQ«* of . Sewer Coa- •troctioa Boada. Series -1534." Tb* forrn of ballot to b* a»*d la •aid *2ect£ot2 for chos« votiai a*aJs*t is*o&sc« of bo=d« shall b» >s .foilo'ws: trectioc Bosds. Series *-!33*;" } Th» e'ection to b« b»*d tn accordase* with tie GerseraS ^Eltcsion ia«rs of tie i State, in so far" as tis« »a.m« ar* ap- pl!c£b!n arsd not in conflict -witli tie provisiocs of Lt* City Ciarttr. Every o-wn»r of taxab'* property !n tliw C:;y of Parifi. who Jia* duly r«ad_ ered said property for taxatioa. and wbo !» c.aa.Iifi»d to vote for laesabers of th* Iee!slatcr« of th& state and who ias resid^fi Ja ;ii« llnijts of ib*- Oty for six <«) months and ti* Ward in which he o'fera to vote for toirty (30> daj^, next precedlas tir *!«ctioa is entiilfrii to vot*. Given -u-nder tsiy band -"-Jtb tbe Seat of rh* City of Paris aifii.ed this tt<r 6th day of Jcly. ^_ !>„ 1S34. X M. CSOOK STsyor. Cic;' of r*aris Attest: Mrs. Odotis Park. City secretary, city of Paria. J - ** McCoy ° f Moreland. Arb.. and Morgan of Paris. H*I«I ROXTON. ^— The revival meets at "Us* Chtirch of Christ 'in pro- here the jtast ten days conducted by BHlr Wolfrunj of San- l$er came to a, close Sunday even- ting. Mr. Wolf rum wUi begin sirni- ** Faradise cosnmun- .__„„__ {3IETHODIST REVIVAL HOIlCnf AXTl HOWLA2CD. — The M«titodi*t { At the ball game here Friday | afternoon C. I*. OJiinjushain*9 Ja-w ! was broken in i-sro places when he iwas struck by a foul ball. j Mr- and Mrs. Carl TUdgeway and ! daughter Carol are visiting rela- jtives in Columbus. Miss. 1 -Mr. ar.d Mrs. Clyde Pierce have i returned to Pueblo. Colo. I Mr. 'and Mrs. Homer Boy<2 spent j Ssuday In Greersvine. I Maurice Branntrrh and Tmman ' ' P^- an<i Rev. C. E. tlie pastor, closed Sunday with several additions to "the church. Mr. O-nrens of Paris preached at the Cb-crch of Christ Sunday mornin?. La wrence ^rood-u-* has retcra- ed to Mabel. Okla.. and Garland Woodruff of Grand p^rie is he-e to help Horace Woodruff la fh*. store. Dr. Sven Kedin. noted Swedish explorer, wa* reported held by bandita in Central Turkestan. H*. and twelve companions were seized by the Moslem general, Ma Chung Ving, and held in an inaccessible camp near Asku. (Associated Press Photo) tand at Gose. | Sam, son of Mr. and Mrs. Eb : Jones has been quite ill the past i two weeks. ! Mr. aind Mrs, Jim Halliburton f Of Paducah and Mr. and Mrs. B. I £>aJ!as Smith aud son and Jnlian j Brecheen of Dallas -were here to I Attend tl?e funeral of 3Irs. F. r>. I Julian,. j Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Echols of I Enloe were g-uests Sunday of Hr. I and Mrs. Barkley Poteet. ': >lr. and Mrs. Gus Gousrh had as i guests Sundav Mr- and Mrs. J. T| Jordan and children Jo Ann and of Idabel, Okla.. Mr. and Mrs. VSTILL, PAY CASH for dual -wheel Chevrolet truck. Must be In good condition and a bargain. H- F. ] Brocka-es-ay, 212 .N. 161h St. Aato Repairing and Painting " Incary of Palo Pinio are- Mrs. Xe^tle TViZsoa. Hubert Braden and family of Z-on^rvie-w. G. B. Tmlock and Mrs. Trulock and Verda Trtilock ar.d family of Glory and Sam Baxter and Mrs. Baxter of Paris sper.i Sundav -with th*m_ Mr. aucl Mrs, Karrj- Rea of X>e- troiu. Mich., and Mr. and Mrs. Ter,"on Smart of JZ>a!las are Tis.ItiKg Mrs. TV". R. Jasiiss and Mrs. Joe Hamilton are visiii-g in Mt. Plea- • 1-a.mar Cream ery nine lost to Holland Sunday. 10-3. Thimble Theatre, starring POPE YE Forbidden Fruit* By E. C, SEGAR second t*rm.) NOW IS THE TtME TO PAINT YOUR CAR! We have an easy pay plan on Auto painting, fender, body sjcd wreck *vork. Asfc about it- Grand Are., at 19th Street Morse B«e Line Station Telephone 9O3 Aniomoblle* for Sale II Supcrttttenilent Lztmar Co, School* 1929 STUDEBAKBR panel truck. good condition. See at 38th and JLainar, JONES UND5AT Second Term.) r. G, BRUNSO:<. CHARLIE R^ DUGGEK ; 24AB-T MA_NESS FIKRCH P. JL. CHXSM. For County Clerk.; K. V, (SOB) KAMMACK: t Re-election, Second term) for XHfctriet Clerfc: JR<Rc-£- J ect!on, second rot Assessor and Collector of Tastes: DOHOTHY i-ATlMER.' CLTI>E HUMPHRBT for Mattress and Rug Renovating 28 NOW YOC CAN HAVE TOUR MATTRESS RENOVATED On The Easy Paymenc Plant - Oac Day Serricc Pajri« Mattre** & Awning Co. SO "W. Sherman Pnone 370 Miscellaneous EL.ECTRIC FAN and motor rewinding. 3ilam Salvage Co. 2S Xorxli 3daia St." Financial GALHRfcATH. DEWEESE AND PROCK General <l?or Ra-«J«ciioa. Second Terra. > Commissioner, Precinct 1: GEORGE THRPIT Tor Conunissiotier Precinct 2: JEtOT H. DUNAGAN .. (Re-eiecaon second tersa) Need Cash? See Ray Morse for Auto Loans. 43 Grand. REWJLV, CAH*T YOU OOS- GOT TO/OK €ARTH CORf ASPE I MIGKT HELP TO M£r}!CPSL _ AND TH JH THE UX5RUD 31.O-ZO iS Me FREtS- NEVER. BEEN HER .SOT THERE VOUV6 SEEM THE } E ^Gtec Bnatn nabs Matgg C 19>». KJSJ re«!Ses Sraetooc, lat- / i*VE -Rc^vO OF A LOT OF "X f exPuoR«.Rs o)Ho uaeMT \ { IHTO MORTHERH KPCTJII^ BUT l^VE M£V£R-RcfM5 OF / OF THEM 5VER S, THE BUNGLE FAMILY Warned By HARRY J. TUTHILi: Employment Tor Commissioner Precinct i^ R^ Koi* CAVINESS CFor Re-election. Second Terra.) MARK KENNEDY - J. H- JOHNSON. For Commissioner Prectnct 4: Ti.-'yr. (BUJLy RUSSEXJL. tKe-elecnon S T. li. BOOTH. T WORK—GOOD PAT Reliable mas wanted to call on farmers in I-atmar county, No experience or capital rsteded, today. McXESS Co^, Depu Help Male or Female *br'public Wclsrhcr, Pi»ce t. Wlli. THOMAS <Ke-c3*ct:on Second T*rta-> For Cotton Weisbcr at 2 man and t<rlfe. , good cook and ciean- Altliia. Thompson. Pine B2u** roa.d. T, <BOB> NA.SH, For Justice ol i be Peace Precinct No, 1, Place No. I: A. W, AXOTEER baadaess force* me to se5S K7 ^^ s^ 3 ^*- Priced rigrlit fo _ cash or wil j trad* for lisrht de- I'.very truck. Ci~a.trfon!'s Pis Stand, S6 For Ptibltc (Koxton.) •JL X£- f Marvin > COOPER. For Jttstloe of tl»e Peace. Precinct I, Place 2. I^amar Coanty. J. A, <Arthar) JOHNSON. For ro-«l«sct!on. second term. CHARLIES PAKROTT Livestock Bird* Docs. Pet BEAtTTIFUI* Phone 240S-J. Feed Plant* and Seed For Constable, Precinct 1: SAM GARLAND. {R«-B3eet5otu Second T«rm>. J. C. (JOHN) PRir>S- Announcement* All Sorlctte* and Lodges OF KASTEHN STAR FARTS N*r«. * O. K, S. »*«« *X-«TT <*>« T5 1 ,«r»it*r nJ*ht» «t *:»P r»or.» Martla, T»AJtr» IX5IXJE XO. 5T A, . W. M.. H. O- Br*Ts#tnmi» S»«. LATATETTE CHATTKn NO, 4« R. A >T. St«t*<d convCK-jtiort 3rs3 7Tsar«4»y *vm«tn» #»<-h rr,-"n;h. *:i» p. m. VS.sjtlns T»T»p**»?»n* w«*tr<5-ir;<!r<t. J J OanMr«» hai» X, E. H. I". H. <5 tjr*n*n»«n. TTC COVNCJl. NO. 5* R. S Si, s:»t<-4 n^-rnbty «>h KNJCHTS -"t>t»ri Huryf f>. JkiKrssen E. C.. K. r«R«'TTO M. O V, P E. R. in»»TttTi» !*l KrM*y «»*n»n<f ftt ?•;-.<> p m VixtTtnj; I*r«nvh*t» f»f »^<i J w H«rrt« Moa- «»?*»>£« <uP TJfS BAST CRN STAR iliJit Ch»tit«ir *?•* OTif#T1» ttH» Jlit of moftlh, Mr*, Queen of Dixie Poultry Feeds Sore Naff Stock F««d Fteid Seed — Garden Seed ultry remedies. Balk Bird B'rd Remedies and ? «.nd Pxippy Food r Cbaaer. Guaranteed to Keep th« Cbiiejcers Off HARRY BOOK S7 Grand Are, TcL «O4 IS THAT M5U MY / GOSHI YOU I SAJDVOU I WOULDN'T | HERE USTJL 1 • rU_TALKTO ELDORADO WHILE t AN-D SHALL-WE DRESSING. 3JtJ - us OTHER AFFAIRS 2 JDVE! SY JOVE' HOW I WHSf-5 I KNEW j | AT flHbl «.?'•" Av-"o" / ^^-^ ^ou,sur AL liv'Xlir-^- C V OHE*MS>.I „,.,„ t^lT 3 V s — ^f PERSON SOR ,UdOJ ^v-Si. | > DECDED NOT TO TELI. KY WOULD "TALK TO THAT NERVY FELtDVV. SAY A SORING THE BOTTOM (^ OF >it?UR YACHT JUST FULL. / OF HOLES. WELL., OF COURSE / I E£NT B2LJ2/E IN DREAMS—. } MUCH, f V BUT. V OH IV. NOT AFRAID CFTH.^-T. HOWEVER tU. WARM !^ CAPTAIM AND TELL KIM TO DJ5CHA^6£ EVEFCY SAILOR EVEN THINK "or TALK»J6 TD THIS OAXDALE. Ptl i .,411..! I DCN~ LIKE TO AOMfT sHAT.^W PERSON WOULD STOC? S3 U3W AS TO SINK. 5CSA.T OM THE OTHER' HAND I WCULDMT B£ TO HEAR 5T HAD OCCU3RED- DIANA DANE Barter Systent HOMER HOOPEE In The Right Place At The Wrong Time for Good Things to Eat ANGKI, FOOD CAKES. SOC. TSc, $1.00. J1.2S. Mrs, Rocer Coanc4l. Machinery for Sale Jtt TWO XO. 6 McCormJcJc mowers Both in i?oo«S cos<SlU«m. Priced Laniar Track & Tractor Co. ASL*coitan«on* for Sate PLUMS for . Phon« IS7S. Wanted to Bny MEN'S worn oat shoes, cash pay. S ClarkavlU«i Stre«t. WANT TO BXTT a irood tis*4 aoto- mobil«, pr*ferabl^ *29 to '30 morteL Will consider a wrecked or burned job. If the motor and th« rest of th« car ar« tn {rood condition. «inc« th« car will be rtoI>tiUl T«r a. customer of oora. JPric» ma»t b« right, Ca»h paid. Writ* «*, «r drtv* yovr car t« MORSE B1EJC STATION. 4t Oraji^ AV4W . "Moli: SHE MR. J SHE MR. ABOliT TH AFTER YO CAU-U? / \VJTHt SAID HE't> ScHKI OiST vO i \MH£V E \VAVJT ? YOUR HOUSE AKD N«=R€vir ~^^ TOOK A TAX\ SCORCHY SMITH Voices y OPSH WCtfDOWf, HIAI — Ft-STc*ISR-/ A SZfPSR WOk3E. WITW A

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