The Baytown Sun from Baytown, Texas on March 26, 1956 · Page 1
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The Baytown Sun from Baytown, Texas · Page 1

Baytown, Texas
Issue Date:
Monday, March 26, 1956
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No BAYSIIORE XVEAllfEIt— Piirtly cloudy nixl not muuli change in .'. temperature* • through 'Tuesday. Teinpcrulurc r » " f c, . ..•./ '. Gnlveston Tides — Hi«l» l-«w For Tuesday 3:21 a.m. • 1.1:07 si.m. 4:13 p.m. )0:t» p.m. mutt YOUR HOME NEWSPAPER VOL. 36, NO. 247 TODAY'S NEWS TODAY Monday, March 26, )?5i BAYTOWN, TEXAS TELEPHONE: 8302. Fiv« C«nh P«r Copy, DEER BLAST ROCKS EAST is' mrttwy I, < world news in brief • By UNITED PRESS NICOSIA. Cyprus—British lift 21-hour curfew which had placed 200,000 residents of Cyprus under house arrest. LONDON—UN five-power disarmament conference enters second and perhaps decisive phase with optimism still high. . ALGIERS—Huge accidental fire, nt first, believed started I))' Algerian U-rroriMs. destroys part of French Army gasoline depot. LOXDOX—British name Egypt's Premier Nasser as No. 1 trouble maker in Middle East ' HOLLYWOOD—Robert Kftwton, English stage and screen star who ivon fame for his role of 'ixnig John Silver in "Treasure Is'and," dies of heart attack. He was 50. AUSTIN—House committee reopens inquiry into U.S. Trust Co.-with session .at which nine senators who received money from the folded company were invited to appear. NK\V VOItK—A 3950 ''Plymouth, powered by a revolutionary "cyclonc in a box'* ifas turbine engine, begins history-making- 3,000- mile jaunt across the country. . Proposal Wins, 1,018 To 857-Housing Units Get'Go The go-ahead signal for addi- been anticipated by election-offi- the fight bj the Bay to A n Housing Three Injured ' In Flash Fire At Shell Plant Uonal federally supported housing units rang- clear in Baytown Monday after final tabulations of Saturday's election were posted. cials. The final vote was 1,018 for and' 857 against. The election was the culmination of weeks of controversy- be- Authority and other groups. The election: was called by. the'' City Council after controversy arose over, an earlier council ap- The issue was approved in all twecn opposing groups. pro\al of additional-federal nous- bufc two of the eight precinct polls, realtors and the Baytown Home- ing units m Baytown. Precinct 102 at the Mexican Rec- owners association led the opposi- Here's-how the precmct -voung reaiion hall and Precinct 248, Carver school, were .reported as having a majority vote against the issue. Precinct 101 (Gitj Hall) — 204 DEER PARK, Tex.—TIP—An ox- lo? and 161 against plosion and flash fire rjppeci apart T, i. «n ,IT -D «... an operating- unit at the Shell Precinct j.02 (Mexican Recrea- " - -° - - - tion hall) — 39 for .and 50'against T»recinct 103 (Cedar Bajou school) — 106 for and 50 against Precmct 149 CSan Jac.r-to school) — 179 for and 119 against Greater. Baytown Improvement association was organized to sup- 191 for and 389 acamst. Precmct 100 OVukenfeld's) Voting was not as heavy as had port the issue and wag assisted in 120 for and 96 against Prfcinct 248 (Carter school) — 17 lor and 41 against. ^Precinct 249 (Antle P'umbing C'o) — 162 for and 151 against. r LA-Tt-DA — This crown and intertwined Gs is the personal monogram which will be carried on n 11 personal belongings of inovii^ star Grace Kelly "after her marriage to Prince Rainier III-ot. Monaco. (International) ' ! 4 sun spots Yarborough Here JUDGE R.ALPH. -Yarborough will spealc at ":30 p-ni. Monday in the WCAV hall. He is sponsored by the East Harris County Democrats. The public has been invited. Sister Dies FUNERAL SERVICES for Mr?. Dorothy Lee Synott. 37. of Houston, were held Saturday at-Memorial Baptist church i" Beaumont Among- the survivors are her sis- tor. Mrs. M- A. Parker of 1 Gfiar, , Bayou. Nurses Meet LlCEXSKD VOCATIONAL Nur- \ses will inept at ~:30 p.m. Monday ' cr. the. San, J r :ucwu>,>''-'-mpri:jl hos- "I'.ipjriilss Carolyn Morse, phywal t -rirapist, will be guest speaker.- Po?^ Luck Supper \VO.M KN^S AUXILIARY and members of Post 912. along; with their families, will have a pot, luck sup- i>er at 7:00 p.m. Tuesday at the VP\V hall. Each family is to provide a covered dish. Warm, Dry Weather Is Here Awhile By L'NITKI) PRESS Warm 'and dry wenthcr hung; on In Texas Monday and was expected to continue Tuesday. Temperatures wore cxpoeted lo be near those of Sunday when the mercury climbed as high as W degrees' at Presidio. S9 nt Chil- dff-s:; and SS at Wichita Falls. High clouds covered most of North Central nnd West Texas Monday nnd gulf clouds were over the central and eastern portions. Some fog formed early Monday In coas'nl sections of Texas with visibilities as low as one-eighth of n mile nt Victoria. No rainfall was reported or predicted by the bureau. Main Bridge <a:r Let HOUSTON NAACP CALLS SEGREGATION MEETING IIOTjSTOX—;»—The Houston branch of the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People has called a mass-meeting lor Thursday. Francis L. Williams, local'.NAACP president, said the meeting will' be held to "discuss desegregation of Houston's recreational facilities ana the public schools.' 1 ••• . "Action wil 1 commence soon to follow up our announced policy of integration and desegregation of Houston's schools," Williams said. He added, "the schools will be our main order of business. 1 ' -Williams also said he believed the city-owned and operated re* creational facilities "should be desegregated immediately." Daniel To Take Plunge Tonight Bv JERK COX "If so (if there is confusion), I he said. y car> . general "of the -state and held the O ffi cc j or thi-ee terms, a total of L—Tagc T\vo)' '• •"•; '' APPEALS UOYCOTT CONVICTION—Convicted on charscs of " conspiring to boycott sr-jrrejrultHl city buses in Montgomery, Ala., Kcv. Martin Luther King, Jr.. 27, is accompanied by hk wife as lu» leaves the court Ordered to pay SGSI.SO in fines and rojsts or sorvn 380 dnys at hard labor, Rev. Kinjj inmmliately appealed to the Alabama Circuit Court of Appeals: Execution of sentence wns postponed. Baytown Churches Schedule Week Of Easter Services DALLAS — UP—U. S. Sen. Price hope it's in my favor." he ss Darnel all but announced openly "I didn't get- any of his mail. Monday that he will run for gov- Daniel entered state politics In ernor of Texas. _ 1039 as a state representative and 'He said that if he runs and is by the time he-was'33 was speaker nominated as the Democratic can- jn the State House of Representa- didate for governor — which is the lives. He entered the'' Army in same thin? as being elected in Tex- World War II as a private and as—he will resign 'from the S>sn- came out in 1940 as a captain, ale, so he won't have to .appoint -r^t ycar> . j, e van -for. attorney his successor. Daniel will make known his decision at G:30 p. m. in a television and radio speech that will blanket the : Slate. His spainslj .will .be car- Tied by 21. teleyi'svotr' stations" and-' by tiie Texas State and Texas Quality radio networks. Ho held a news conference Monday in Ms suite in the Baker hotel and while he did not come right out nnd say he will announce he is in the race, he disclosed so-many plans on an "if" basis that there remained little doubt as to what he intends to do. wou ) c j ift e to change the electoral In the first place, he said that co j] e ge system for choosing a pres- his appeal in an earlier TV—radio icjcnt speech for messages from the ajuno been overwhelmingly in favor of his running;. He said the ratio was 60 to 1 in favor of his runing. "In my speech tonight, I will make a definite and positive announcement as to whether I will run for governor,'' he said. "The TUMBLES OFF ROLLER COASTEK—A police officer stands over critically-injured Mickey McGuire, )9, of I-omita, Calif., after the youth tumbles out of » speeding roller coaster .cat 90 feet above thp beach »t Tx>n)r"Beach. Calif. His screaming; sweetheart saw McGuire pitch out of a: rear seat. His brother James, 30, "ww in a-forward seat and was unaware nf the accident. The victim J received miiliiphs fractures, head anil internal injuries .and m possible broken back.' • (International) Chemical Corp., plant early Monday, injuring: at least 'three men. However, a spokesman for the " company said "it's not serious" and no one was hospitalized. Ha said the three men suffered only "minor burns." No outsiders were permitted on the plant grounds, guarded by a fence, for first-hand information, and fire- departments from H3gh- faytontons Alarmed The Shell explosion, ftt Tteer Park early Monday shook Bay- ' town awake and stirred scores of calls from excited Baytonians wanting to know what had happened. lands, South Houston and • Pasadena were denied admittance at the gates. The explosion, at 4:45 a. m. was heard,; for miles. Flames from the burning unit deep inside the half-mile fenced tract of the company, could be seen from a half-mile away. The fire was still burning two hours later but company officials said the blaze was "under control." Workmen -leaving the plant at the 6 a. m. shift change "declined to discuss the explosion but one 'did say that he. saw a four inch valve "buried 'inches deep in the asphalt of a parking lot -iOO yards 'from the blast Another man said : he saw; a' tank; that had held 70.000 gallons of solvent lying "crumpled" about 100 yards" from • where it had: stood' before ; the explosion. Harry Dufresne. industrial relations manager of the firm, said tanks, pipelines and operating equipment were damaged by the blast and that no damage estimate could be made immediately. Q1U.S., Congressional Roundup-- Canada And Mexico Daniel Sure On Electoral Change To Get Acquainted WASHINGTON' —UP — Sen. However, the Texas Dernoci-at constitutional amendments now Price Daniel said Monday he is said, "we'll just have to wait un- pending, before it. __..'. .... jt • JT_ _ f i» *•»_.._ 4_ V T*hr* Cn«"1 trt •»«• c-r*l certain two thirds of the Senate ... „,„ ,. see" SENATORS FEAR BRUTAL MOVIES HARMING KIDS response to my sincere and frank request to the people has been heart-wanning and encouraging. "The latest count of my cards nnd letters is 29.352, who approve my candidacy and offer my support. Of the others. 429 were either opposed to my candidacy or want- Holy Week services are sehe- Methodist and First Christian on c( j mo ( 0 sta y ,„ y^ Senate. That duled'for several Baytown church- Maundy Thursday. j s a m y o ot - GO to 3." es. First Christian's service will in- He wouldn't say whether this rc- o sny he did WASHINGTON— ttfv-The Senate Juvenile Delinquency subcommittee said Monday some movies are becoming- more bruta', violent or sadistic and could touch oft ''anti social Iwhavion in emotionally disturbed children.*' The sub<;omntitt<H« said the average child, vicwlnjr violence on film. will not imitate it. But (he report strid repeated heavy do-K-s of violence. s«x or sndism could create a ''permissive atmosphere . . . on impressionable younjr minds and, in emotionally disturbed children, could actua'ly trigger behavior of a violent or brutal nature.' 1 By MEUKIMAX SMITH WHITE SULPHUR SPRINGS.. Senate is scheduled to start Va.- —UP— President Eisenhower voting; on the various proposals arrived by train early Monday for whether the Senate will do the job Tuesday. They would need a two- his "get acquainted" conferences by approving any o£ the proposed thirds vote to pass. • with the president of Mexico and Fifty-three other senators have Canada's prime minister, joined Daniel, in a compromise The special. 1-i-car train that proposal aimed at attracting the brought Mr. Eisenhower here from greatest possible support' for the Washington pulled into. the. station changing the electoral system. here at 6:30 a. m. cst. Under the compromise" proposal. President Adolfo Buiz Cortincs the- electoral vote of each state °f Mexico and Prime Minister would be divided in proportion to Louis -St. Laurent of Cairv-a : wiU the popular vote of major presi- fl >' in later, Monday, dential and vice presidential can- The setting- for the conference didates. Or, as 'an alternative, w a s the plush Greenbrier hotel, lo- state legislatures could adopt -a cated high in the Allegheny moun- system whereby each concession- tains at one of the nation's oldest al district would have the right to health and pleasure resorts. Sul- decide one electoral vote and the P hut ' bat hs, golf courses, bridle stole at large would have two ad- P aths and olher sports facilities ditional ones. Other congressional news: announced. The theme *'oiiz. pnstor. will read the narra- "If the response had not been of tlv pro<T«ms will' be "Jesus' tion aml til0 Chancel choir, under favorable, I would have been guid- TeaehW About Himself." , the direction of Gerald Cox, will present the music. The Rev, \V. S. Graham, pastor of Trinity Tabernacle, has an- rcvival services durin Monday Dr. McCleskey's topic xvill be "I Am the Door.'' Tuesday he will preach on "I Am the Good Shepherd." PI! by that. T wouldn't have made the change, if I hadn't had wholehearted support by the people. ''If I run. I do not intend {o Gov, Shivers Not Sold On Sen. Johnson As Candidate FARM Rep. W. R. Poage (D-Tex.l. a FORT WORTH —UP— Gov. Al- surround the sprawling hotel. Ready for Mr. Eisenhower's occupancy at the Greenbrier was the celebra'ted 16-room presidential suite, which normally costs $250 member of the House-Senate Con- a day without sneals. ference committee charged with Before the arrival of his guests, drafting compromise farm legis- the President hoped to- get in a lation. wants safeguards in the round of golf with an old friend, new farm. bi ! l to prevent the ad- the veteran Sammy Snead, pro at ministration from using the $1.2 the hotel. Shivers has promised to go into billion soil hank-as a "slush fund The conference between the U.S. the week, with the Rev. and Mrs. for governor, engage In personalities. If I run lrl » Shivers named Gov. Frank detail on what he thinks of the to buy the election." Unless such Mexican and Canadian leaders The Rev.. T. P. Hendrick, pastor Bob Alsup of Oklahoma City lead- the of Highlands Methodist, will con- j ng . {) 10 programs. duct services each night of Holy Week for his church on the "Seven Last \Vord.s from the Cross." The W. F-. \Vorthnm contracting Litany will be read nt 7 p.m. lay preaching, firm of Houston Monday was Monday; Tuesday and Wednesday The annual missionary a Slfi.OOo contract to re- by the Rev. P.'Walter Henckell. Coadv Baptist church is having possible choice. I doiVt want to a revival at 10 a.m. and 7:30 p.m. a PP mnt m - v successor. each clav with htc Rev. O. D. Hen- „„.„...„., I will resign from Lausche of Ohio Sunday as the t ._. Senate, so that the people only man he could think of at the (So c SHIVERS—Page Two) moment ns acceptable to him for the Democratic presidential nomination. He said flatly he could not sup- suggestion _ when he speaks Tues- safeguards are put in, he said, was billed as a "hemispheric soli- (See'cOXGKESS—Page Two) clarity" meeting. may make the freest possible He indicator! that if he runs, the convention is being- conducted at Central political situation will work out P° l 't Adlal Stevenson, the 19o2 somethinc like this: He will re- Democratic presidential candidate sign so thct a special election can whose stand on the Tidclands is- pair the bridge over Goose Creek pastor of Trinity Episcopal. Holy Asesembly of God church, stream on West Main. Communion will be observed at Speakers will be Mrs. Alta Harrift County is paying for the <?:3u n.m. Tuesday and Thursday, Washburn. Phoenix, Ariz.; Mrs. Job. .iiu.l the award was made on with a candlelight communion scr- Annie Stnlfsholt. Liberia. Africa, the Wortham low hid. vice -Thursday night. Tho repairs were mndo necessary Holy Communion also will be and the Rev. Raymond D. Mooreland. Mexico. by barges using the stream brush- given'at St. John's Methodist, Ccd- The Rev. Lonnie Bowlen is yms- ing- the piling. County Commissioner V. V. Ramsey said that two concrete pilings will have to be replace.!, mid that a cluster of timbers will be placed around the foundation to y>revciit recurrence of the dom- Around Town- A ROBERT 1C. LEE class ring for i;i5" and inscribed with the initials H. \V. N T . i.s ftt The Sun office nnd way be claimed by the owner . . . Nell Dickerson, worried about everybody else taking the mumps, turns out to ibe a victim, too . . . Carolyn Bolmnn.skie an,! Jerry ar Bayou Methodist, St. Mark's tor. Rites For Drowning Victim Crosby Youth Dies In Lake Houston Alfred (Butch) Ricklefsen Jr., 17-year-old son of Mr. and Mrs. Alfred Kicldefsen Sr. of Route .1, Morton said Johnson then threw the rope a second time to the drqwning youth who again missed. Crosby, drowned 1 at about t p,m, submerged aiul was not seen acain Saturday while attempting to cross, on horseback, an inlet to Lnko Houston. Two companions of the dead lad until a rescue party pulled his body from the water at about 2:10 p.m. Using grappling hooks owned by the Highlands Emergency corps. be, held in November. That would be an "overy-man- for - himself" election, without party nominees. As regards the Democratic presidential nominee this year, he said. "T am a. lifelong: D'emoerat and will support the, party nominee unless they force me to do otherwise." He said that he supported President Eisenhower in 1952. as did the majority of Texas Democrats but would not. necessarily do so defending on tho nominee. Daniel took note of the fact that mer Gov. and U. S. Sen. W. Lee (Pappy 1 * O'Daniel is running for governor nnd it might confuse some voters to see "Daniel" and 'O'Daniel" as Democratic candidates on tho same ballot. sue caused Shivers to bolt and lead Texas into the Republican party. Shivers appeared on the nationwide (NBC) television program •-.Meet the Press," and refused to say if he would support Senate Majority Leader Lyndon Johnson of Texas as a "favorite son" caiv riidate. This was recently proposed by House Speaker Sam Rayburn of Texas. Houstonian Hurt In Accident Here were rescued "by a quick-thinking Ray Monicon .Tiv, of Houston, and relative of one of the rescued men. two Baytouians, R. A. Wolf Jr.* 244 Cone Johnson, 53, father-in-law Arbor, ana* Walter Kocpka, 12S of Herman Koska, 24. one of the M>Incr Dr., pulled the body a Mrs. Man- Whitt-head Byrne. 36, of Houston, was reported resting well in S«n .lacinto Memorial hospital Monday after being injured in nn automobile accident Sunday afternoon. The car which Mrs. Byrne was nwstn'l hare fingertips. But driving and another driven by Karl ihfc tip of YOUR, index finger Oxendjne of Baytown. were in- 5s all VOl* need lo dial for a volved in the accident which oc- Did You Know- lhaf in Central Asia women Canps popping up in mysterious Koska and the dead boy's, brother. •places . . . Martha Lilly taking her Carl Ricklofi-on, 15. and towed the, rescued persons, throw a rope to boat fr om the approximately 15- Bnvtown Sun nn-writrr when -"urrod at 5:20 p.m. Sunday at the ••••---•••• "">' -' ............... u..,. .,..,«.... ' turr, with the flu. feet-deep waters, while the Baytown corps was preparing to launch another scorch boat. Morton said that he and Richard Mock, emergency corpsman. who pounding the uniqueness of her which rushed to tho ,«cene of the accompanied' him to the scene of pair to safety. Xdl Guthrift staying away for J. I>. Morton, first assistant chief lortff timo . . . Thelma Drew ex- of the Baytown Emergency corps. y(MV c a problem tft solve. Dial SSO'i wliether you've something to j*ll or rent, neod intersection of Spur 201 nnd West street, Investigating officers said Mrs. , help or nro eager to recover Byrne was attempting lo make a something you've U-turn around an esplanftde when Keba Denny siill looking for a light fixture to be returned . . . \Villftdene Hines tfown VM Pelly freeway trngrdy, s^id Johnson threw the ropo to young Alfred" who missed it and went under the surface. He then towed (i>c rescue lariat to the tragedy in. the Baytown emergency vehicle, wore told the horses on which the three men wre riding apparently becari*.o entangled, A few finger flieks solved her car was struck by the Oxen- Mr*. T,. K. Hlnimfc's rental -line vehicle. pr*»Wem '>t only 2 dnys at tho eost of SI..iO. . . Johnny Chandler getting his the other two men and pulled them and one of the horses knocked \itri;t:c's V»i'i,' 'ss.vtiiV text, and sermon a bit confuted. to sdfety. OROWMXr—rage Two) Mrs. Byrne was taken to the hospital by Paul U. Loe ambulance. Oxennine was taken by police car to San Jaeinlo where he was treated amf r THE LAST SUPPER—When the day of the feast of the unleavened bread arrived, the disciples asked Jesus where they should prepare the Pnssover. He instructed Pclcc and John, "Go ye into the city, and there shall meet you a man bearing a pitcher of water: follow him. And wheresoever he shall go in. say ye to the goodman of the house, The Master sayeth, Where is the guestchamber, where I shall eat the Passover with my disciples?" This accomplished, Jesu§ and the twelve disciples gathered to eat, but, as they did, Jesus warned, "Verily, I say unto you, One of you which eateth with me shall betray me." Breaking He said, "This is my body which is given for you: this do in remembrance of me."' Then He took Ihe cup, saying, "This cup is the new testament in my blood, \vhich is shed for you."

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