The Baytown Sun from Baytown, Texas on August 24, 1987 · Page 11
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The Baytown Sun from Baytown, Texas · Page 11

Baytown, Texas
Issue Date:
Monday, August 24, 1987
Page 11
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THE BAYTOWN SUN Monday, August 24. 3-B SUV CLASSIFIED 122-8323 WtH! M«-l:00 p.m. Monday thru Thursday for ads stor- ting the next day. 1;30 p.m Friday for ods running Sun day and Monday's Paper. The some deadlines apply ro cancellations. Oiiptjy A<t-(Bordered Adver tisements) 2 Days prior Monday thru Friday at 9:30 a.m. (For Example: 9:30 Monday for Wednesday) Ads for Tuesday due at 5:00 p.m. Friday. : , 103 Trucks-Vans 104 Work Cars "105 Autos Wanted 106 Antique Cars 107 Auto-parts Service 108 Motorcycles 109 Utility Trailers 110 Aircraft 208 Sport Leases 207 Campers/Covers 310 Houses to Move 311 Mobile Homes 312 Trailer Spaces 313. Monuments-Lots 101 Automobiles 102 Imported Autos 201 Boats 202 Boating Equipment 203 RV's 2toR\ n stoRent 20* Sporting Goods 301 Houses for Sale 301 a Condo/Townhouses 302'Acreage 303 Business Property 303a Multi-Unit Property 304 Vacation Property JOS Out of Town Property 30fc Farms & Ranches 307 Waterfront Property 308 Lots for Sale 30° Property Wanted 401 Houses to Rent 401 a Condo/Townhouses 402 Apartments to Rent 402a Motels/Hotels 403 Trailers to Rent 404 Bed rooms to Rent 405 Roommates Wanted m Articles to Rent 407 Business Rentals 501 General Services 502 Child Care 503 Building Contractors 504 Instruction nllll Articles tor Salt 601-General Articles 602 Furniture 602a Antiques 603 Appliances 6W Musical Instruments 605 Building Materials G05a Machinery-Equip 606 Livestock-Supplies 607 Pets-Supplies 608 Food Fare 609.Soil-Fertilizer 609 a Nurseries 610 Articles Wanted 611 Garage Sales 612 Articles for Trade 613 Games-Hobbies 704 Medical 705 Technical 706 Trades 707 Clerical 708 General ; 709 Part Time 710 Temporary 711 Work Wanted 712 Business Opportunities 805 Lost & Found 806 Car Pools 807 Card of Thanks 808InMemoriam 809 Travel News 810 Entertainment 701 Professional 702 Management 703 Sales" 801 Legal Notices 802 Lodge Notices 803 Personals 804 Special Notices HOURS Monday thru Friday 8 a.m.-5 p.m. AMC. 1M REBEL SST-' Almost 3 cljsstv JS.C-AI actual miira Very cl*as. Ut*wl condition $2500 I27-SJ3 INSTANT CASH For your can. v -is*, t Irudu 1014.S AleianJer 12 WK BANXREPO'" l** HuH-V Cmtun Limited jl.iwt 3iii«"\ Kucrilrr: c-ond;'»o!l J£>.»> Ca! Mr Brjur. <r7 ia»| RAYTOWN NISSAN- .lii'buv'v'otu irr. ',*x\ |:a«! kit a; rut Lile mixiei ciru CHEVROLET. 1M3 SUBURBAN- W.CJI) miltt, lully ittadtd Asiiflg SS150. Call allff < p.m «»-;5»-79a_ '' ~ _ GOOD Custom Van GoodcoraJUion.rS.SSO Call fn r HAMPER "V'AS- Slrep! <, M.Ki) ir.l!«. 318 Kigme Nr» Urtv tuUery fcsuncr $l?t*Jor Nriiot- IK, ortriMlorlrjvtiirsiltT 3S3 -aff! : »i- Pa) sU le>» FORD. Mb Auta.air, AM KM Balance of»ltC3 or <•*"««) ^as-rra u no j *!.\ M . i " ft .._ , faswjmcaast- ___ BEEN TURNED DO»T<-"B«li»T"«"ji FORA ITT! F-l»-"Sari TSeT w» i ir' 1 CM itri ,«, !ir_!r».>ni Cor.uoi j Automatic. pn w l air New tires SLICK, 1S81—- l^rSstirr L-frtiitfC FREE HOME MARKET EV ALUATIOS No cost or obligation,. Call Orole Opryshel at 42T-ITH. Nighls. 4Z!-)lWi REOCARPET __ iwrTraanwd al 'iwT p,'ni j y fears i.Tfl;rar DrtorahLanr. If no ansuer, ;JT- FOR SALE— 5-1 on s acrr, w» Houses for Sale H 'i'l House- tor Sale RED CARPET ! BECKYCLAYTON | Mary HaydenRealty |ssr» Opryshek& Associates REALTORS. LNC 427-8910 427-1382 LOTS- Pretly. wooded. Horaesites S5500- S7t«iO. OWNER ANXIOUS ^ 1 HeaxrtubSe offers considered OR •;-:!'uur becjwm. two oath in Laiiett* j Financing available i COLDWELL BANKER ! WEST BAY REALTY 4X-13S, 4nl Houses in Ken' ! BEDROOM TOWNHOUSE- Nice neishborhooo. 221U Buchannan. S'ZS montti plus deposit Call -CH-3730, if no answer. 427-3346. ?' , 7 7™_T ZT i: ! H2S !<>rraais ' »<"-Wx>P aim f«Kea vara i'' ?l«i. front fenced yard*'.ih;^^ T j W . - :!" ..>!!• norx bant w Jin amu j " inwcnRTnt i BRirrOr. CRAVENS ADDITION- Api pnw £L6«> move-in on this extra n:ce 2! FAMILY PfJUASER [bedroom with central beat & air. N:cr; WHTTPIT I TOJW bednwrn on !arif:« with formal! carpel, custora drap« *55% Jixsii in- : INUIlulj! S'.vins room covet.-, pn;« ami-terest rate No cretin checii PaymentsJ T AWT) I i 212 W. WRIGHT- 2 bedroom . So bills paid. r275'raonUi Call 422-3357. p! only cali «<-!T87 afte^j .» pra ~""" ..... " ....... " " " ..... OMT21 REAL ESTATE .SETH'OHK. LSC LARGE CORNER LOT • S330 mo. ILEASE WIT"H"OPTION To PURCHASE- Townhouses Washer, dn-er connections, many other 'i^l 0 ! 8 ™^^ 1 ;^ '™. R J WEST CHAMBERS CO. ESTATES- 6 ^enities "2 bedrooms, r^month. 3 With r*at 3 bedroorr. elder home »nh; room, dimna room, fenced yard. 2 ear sun room to : CS.30* '! "'mlv Ira'^Norjieasl of Bay-town Exit off 146 - i on 565 East I acre L '•-. acre. No Down i Payment, Financing available. 383-2243. CMC l Ur,U. (S»J s. k a)>« * Hh 10 UK I irulrr !i.3.«! S3 '.Hi. BU1CX. we REGAL- iWi : SjiH | JEEP, iw LAREDO CJ-:~ HIM i wit i KV* r^v«fF ut^-r::*: & trues Uj>j \ '.^ riv-r^ifn! ix*v:!!n«i !•£*•.• Cii! tz; BtlOi 1»- LrMftrr AittreitK j NISSAN^ I«BP!CXfjP- ;t'»r- rfn-r-.r* Icikn Hvrrstvt Aif j to »:.;n:Jr» MustwKi' iiJ«rr» CADILLACS. PONTUCS, CMC' TRt'CKS- Nro j»i -JKT<< Vc »JK X FOR TOR ^ OR RENT -.;r>rr, COURTYARDS OF BAYTOWN Tf.'.i split l«!iwnr. !k«rpii'. rahsn tirduoo«i floors arid SJii's B,t»L NEW USTLSG - EC'S The : n<£< -Alii !ovtr fe '*hcn vou buy this co !-:. "Exwtitivc mater oath, pretty j TWO BEDROOM TOWNHOVE- iu x »_ 3 jvednwn. I balh ,8!t jth*ner finar-ced at 10% iii^«:' SiJ<j: - u. An ^ r ovner will finance or i : oo»n ±uo Buchanan Call 427-246 j ' ca!h ' o! , K 941^52 bedrooms, 5395' month. Colony Madrid Townhouses 427-3346 NEAR LAKE HOUSTON- Beautifully wooded subdivision. 3-2-2 Fireplace 4nl H(iuve> to Hf-n- When you can OWN your borne! V'A-HVD Banks-Savings i Loans Foreclosures Lm move in-Low insert's! rate Call i see how EASY it is New lutings weekl.. ' REAL ESTATE NETWORK WH1SPERLNG FIVES cor.'.err.p^rar^ 1 on oo bivou 4^i..; r^Tjuu 1 ' PRICE REDUCED J BEDROOM HOUSE Corner lot.30 IE Wright. aw month i22-TOsS. 602 wTARCHER RD.- 3-1-2. S4S5 month £2tiO deposit. Central air/heat Includes horse pasture Call 427-0781. BAYTOWN OR HIGHLANDS- Un- all extras! Golf, swimming, excellent | furnishec houses Kitchen furnished I neighborhood Will tnaice good deal to] Washer i dryer connections. No pets **-•• neht party. Jim Stafford. 6i#-SI71.i Deposit required Responsible party nn ":V.8to5 ly.4iI-594€' BY OWNER- j uke. '•; jtr? ITi '.••! j K'iB « COl'NTR V Uvi.SC- " : ra ;2 4 3 BEDROOM TO»-XHO!0S-',7YTcOUNTRYsibE-' Island k,t-t : iWMer finance a: !u%. »,in »»• move- chen 3 5^^^. 2 bath Shraeled roof.! ( i in 3 oedroom- K2.aic- 2 bw)rwni-. ma g, ;1 [ icCT1 home . i^u down pa vmeni.[ -i S37.5M CaU4I7-J346 : Caliw£37__________j ^^^^^ IS78 REDMAN- Mobile home 14 X 8» j Al J KS'BROOK ^^^^•^»^M««»14^^^^^ 3 .; Assume note of S2l)l -K). j 1 ; yean s rr.iw i> yam («r this: LARGE AND SMALL TRACTS- 1 Acre ;i *« <ifr-«11 or 42fr-gai .MustbemBvgi. JO'S i 2 BEDROOM. 1 BATH- Needs repair i , As is saon 2 BEDROOM, 2 BATH- U'j 7iy -jiith raiM^d aimrig area. $5500 New carpet. Nfea.-, minor repair. Ml-7881 13 BEDROOM. J BATH- 14 X »). 1S74 >-'• m6_ ', 3i'Xlel Needs to be moved. H.SW. Call 2 wodDED"ACRES- "oif"of "FM"":M." i ''^jw^z itr.mi:' rv.w Real EsUte Nrtwort 411-J7I1 or; 65 FOOT. M^s- Good shape. Must selJ i.iss ^eek A steal at SISMj. or best offer CHAMBERS "aU'NTY- "" s -,-r.~ off FM >o Real Estate Net- 1 ABANDONED 3 BEDROOM- 2 bath. Center kitchen Excellent condition : \isumeJ16S mo Call!MH>J27. . : bate, central air'heat. Call TEy package. Flonda a*om. ap- Delivered >;thair S3it month, n 2W months 13% APR. HI- 0^-NER ViTLL nNANCE >cu- a T' : - : *'',ri [orrruix SMITH'S AUTO SALES CADILLAC. 11C BIARRITZ.- Lc V:a?* (-'..'»».' r.;*1.. CASH TOR LATE MOCEL CHEVROLET >,«t XAUBL'- Se» Vrs 1 W.ti s : AM KV. If. (•;«: Les Marks Chevrolet . r»:ra> 7>;; \' SPARKLING POOL:: 2 ACRES per acn- *=;. CHEVROLET. iM< CA\ ALIEK- t:Tx MORE LJST1.VGS NEEDED RED CARPET.. 427-1711 LARGE RACE TRACK- •* JO'S RE.ALT:- VLHCINLA R.A.MIREZ. 4U-4M LINDA KRLSHER.CS-1UI V.V t . •'»,< c" r.x EASY FJ.V MCI: CLEAN CAW 1 THWTU KAIKi » CHEVROLET ENGINE- at« : Bay Area Real tors, Inc. 427-7556 . ASSX HVMBU: STREET- Fr or.' '.-\ • _ .! U is M. • CAU. ,AB<XT VA ALSO OTHERS [V aitlij DH-t» Freda ChafldJer ReaJt- OVT » ATT am RIISXED CONA-EMENCE STORE TOR SALE Jo i Rfilt> COMMERCLAL LA.VD TOR LEASE n N H:crr«i; !« fill «— SD A tier ' COCVTllA O.tB-4 BEDROOM '"'I-;s**i>ri«-": l ^.l^;|lltn) L>J*N PAYWKVT .MOBILE HOME P.ARK- '• Ir^crr.w foxi** tfi ^ .u*n-5 PKLOKKS KLAC& O4-OM KATiiKYN STKPHHSSON CT MM H HEAVY DL'T> L0» BO TTUIUER- :;i 0 t tt uovernrnent Homes LARGECLUB- !or-jlr S REAL Cl-«510 NKAL mtXKNSi *OTVW CO IN THE TWENTIES t •*•:,: K STR-M^JCK PROPKRTIKS HOMES AND LOTS .'rteO * rih covered porches $5^} anil up per month (,k l t norvat Bra Mor RED CARPET j ' _ . . a>-,v. i.i--^.-tH %..>,.-,'• i-ittai at.ui-— >ia*ic up i Dacn "^ UprVSneX & ASSOCiateS : ACRES Tu ACWS- !V Kt .;* : i R, WI: ; pj.ments : Brooms,: bath.. 14 x so : * >.':ris,!:iit« Jiun i>:r.i.-rt BOBBITTi • l ""* : » IA -' Hi«»o«j sitog Call «!' I HOXKORBlSIVfSS PROPERTtES. 430-1977 j ^ >_"« 5-WI^CT^ Exxon Baytown Credit Union REPOSSESSED Cars and Motorcycles,Travel Trailers. Boats For Sole Financing Available Prices Negotiable contort The Collection Department 422 3611 Under New Management APARTMENT CENTER Apartments $50 DEPOSIT Wntfy <«t«i ALL BILLS PAID! • QtiWrtn Wilcwn* Wt Affntittt Our KttUmti 301 Tri-City Beach-427-5673 SEW 4-J- £S« month Appliances' liariiT. Mih Delivered »ith air 10% !)o«r. JlSJjnort!-. 13% APR H1-7B1 RENT TO 6w>'- yourowr, mobile ;r. '* months From Iw tiS month. .2M20S | USED 3-3— K ft Financing available, or ssjuocaili lir%ao»n 1M Imunais 14% APR «41-TSSI p»>i ? car parking, 40 ft palio. strift.* Alton Piacr Mobile 1 :! Homevomrasnitv CS« Wa>lf Road 4J* 1« FHAVTUM - haw MU)>MO»ILl: IfM DELTA M- REDCARPET MARY DUNN AGENCY: ^"J'^^^j^'SgE 1st 4 3rd lot rent Scto'il t>us ptck-up *nT«iff(tarten, Bowie Klemen'jr>. Jr.. I Lw Hith. Travel iit 1 42-1333, T'RAfLE"B""S?AC"E-' For 'rent". t>.dir.f*i'r> C'ouniy. Bavtowr. school Jlts!r!i"t Ste mo (ias i water furnished. :iit KONA J»rr BOAT- 383-3386 UWVDELL (WTISC. !«• TKA-V5 VX • X)> BOAT-' -> [ ler <r AS: . SfORTSJtA.S, !• ^OLVO 1 A v.-: ,-• i|» !.;.=• Hr'.l-i'i o»rr JR-*.* i-n'.af.n IT, Jm 1985 CHEVROLET CAMARO WiAT TKAIUIK SIDCWLVDER.- He«> In M Wlal «*U »«! fill <* I»>Mr. »f.< M> USTINO- .-•<• f .'i!7« l :••• :. BOlBEKi HILL SCHOOLS- <"*!*•;• [OUt RIVER COfXTRY- < • ;. | BIO HOCSK TO FINISH 1 - »!,.<• VIAIJ tlei; \t4lr oi'rr ^^ i, 1 -^ t -^ IN THK THIRTIES -iiOUi t<> Vii pT-fr i OVER TWO ACRES ^nH'i.ll \'jrT*T nf. •..AlW^Oifa "">-. : r.i ir,-., J^-i-'i-i-: V ; i-ii v N4i; CAROLE< KENNETH McNL'LTY. 42-4714 BILUE WXlUt 42-03» SHEIU S.UH.' KEITH OPRYSHEK.' fi nc'i! S»?'-i > m&er o Kn* i-r»«o' »ry^ jcf. rr » •»J77w^>- FOR SALE OR'TRADE- HOUSE FOR SALE- 3 2 1 RED CARPET.. 427-1711 Srs,.^?^^ ..<»r cwr. :TOWSHOMES- Larpe 3 bednwm. :j : v.ivir, 4J2-tu'^ Ct>vcri-d parking & fenced yard | 'irsrtio V.I,P. LOCATORS, 4S1-CT1. .it^llSopj^*" _____ ! THREE BEDROOM DUPLEXES- jBay'u^r. In vicmitv ofHwv 201 i Texas \\r 1. rfumished. no appliances No CC.WM; Hen; SiS TS4 3427 I BEDROOM- Ufurni.sJipd Bayimn arej Vicinity of Texas and Loop 2)1 ' !i BEDROOM. I BATH- Brick home j i mo - S.-v>! deposit SENIOR CITIZEN SPECIAL Bills Paid! W DEPOSIT IsHMh FREE Rent 1 1 2 Bedroms We Care! 427-1869 JL'ST HttTO ,1- TTirtr N>.tn*->!r. forn-.Al i Bayshore Dodge-Toyota Uwp ai at Market C3 » OH MOTOR'S INC. l c«n COACHMEN » PRO»^ER RV PARTS »SERVia: POP-fP RENT.ALS- RED CARPET Opryshek 4 Associates IN THK TORT1ES i uarpc wx»p am; o"ice FIRST BAY REALTY j««"««•""« «• 422-S4S4 427-6633!*" ""'"^ 0\"ER AN ACHE r^arnVr* Cixjnt)'* AM*<- a 'S Virw J < 3 ?.T « itr. fortral- ihnrr iiicr »t*j [wl Apaiiiwn: V nu IpicTl'RE PERFECT- frfsM> (JUAILHOLLOW irrnrvjin; k ri! ».•:! m.vr:Uii»d !l 'iilMrilf »v4i;>Wr«i:.'ii>4:::.r\Ait«j r r« )n .., 1; hair, tVjturr, rwny ; K!-,i-r«-r,. Urtv ,!<r., axl ;iatm »;th sa« NM.'l'ii'lrnnRVCffiirr 1*N. McTirelrr 4.*7 47! 1 ALTKOR1Z.ED ONAN GENERATOR S.UJ5S AND SERVICE *»rr»nt) Honof*d WHY WALK? IU:VV U W !mm I SAVK Auto Km ! COACHMAN POP-UP CAMPER- l»7Il • ji rail 4^! (ISC } Slrrp* i -Movr H^bo\. Jlwnir.K air DISTRESSED SALE j TRAVEL TRAILER- .M ft Terry Pufcceot Porsche <wmr t-™-t ] n , Kfi r »m «»•« -.. P J-. t -. 4 I t->lrtom I'av balance of 11.1™ or Mercedes, Fiat, Datsun *»„*«• ^4 „.„,* W^.TW »* Toyota, Audi, Triumph Volvo, Subaru, Renault Honda, VW, Etc! CHAPAKRAL VILLAGE or * !»*tf r\».»iri tn t.V jf fonli HIGHLANDS illy. ,K-rr KffHt^ lias I >. ,u--t>W^rS ! .. I'v I ni .: UKEWW£V - " r/m !ICT "" '" r <I WATERFRONT Urr-a^n^^le ^t^^^^^i^^K^ S np !TO w | •-*»«'M««i2»p«* M^«" ,,»«, ,ith m:cn»avr AHS Arrant. I B^AlTim SETTING- for „ ,m l^'""- »"«.•«» «'*» DM TO" ITW * " "* vf ClM4nc«U(n tor your Imfotu" S*U ynr's lAmttk the Biylo'd S«i LlwtflM. 4Z-4DB jini*»rr, leave mrKsjiRf IK SPART.AN- 1'ark mo.Jd 8 i » » nh J tip-outs Call sr3-91oo 1«B TRA\'ELrEZE- 24 ft travel trailer air & ne* rvfngeratar $!.&.'* k 'l 2 Tor over hall i CEDAR COVE Boat rnthuvast" Cttnxlrr this 42 2 Ret! 1 Cjrpet exclusive Formal I'vir.g cnrr iprev«ive ^!ory an\! half home Formal ' living plus Irr. 4 N-<iroo:ni 2 baths and T v-urrounovo t;v lanie oa>; ant] pine •s J7v ^ [)!4nU | ELEGANT ROSELAND O.AKS- You'll i Invr entpr.a'niric f;im:l> anrf frientlv ir. this spacivHi* 5 hedrwir.. :I-T bain home : piemect* der. Tuoal Inwt cut o> vjc k*t K«'1r!ij«rrjit<»r ' l CLT: REDUCED' SLASHED in tV $?Vs Mnve in rr^ilv frear. paint ami rtf* carpt-aaaat^ I . Ifcx-^rr Terrace .'1.1 hav fireplace ; HAS GAMEROO* AND POOL j In popular Klatnem-o near Humana j Hospital 3 22 ha^ sp.tcit>u» dinir.f; area ; fireplace, ami a low WO s pncr FEEDED FRONTAGE iBortlm the leeder under rtmslructmr, on. »<•: Mr RBg .ind nf storage S J*-* 1 , NO DO»-N PAYMENT - Special [i FREE MARKET EVALUATION ( mjj availahti 1 on this roomy 2-1-2 »nh i97-l7l1i r ^ 0 " :a " c '' jp ' ir;mi ' r ' ; '•"»*•*'» M l«iacrv heavilv vmvW | 0 V Coxl restnc-' ••'"'i'll| SHERRILLBATES,4K-JT5* [tiore a.liliWo.™rfinance 1JJJK3 ' CLAIRE SINCLAIR j REPoTwobDED ACRES^-Black top road Community Water System Small i down, pick up payments :tK3-22St or 40i» l«UEEPCJ-i-4s<>eei! Standard ,vrv linrter GMC- r -. ton Bluck »nd slver tinted Air Po*er slrer- nij.nrakes Till «neel. a.tni miles «<» Call ;HEVHOLET. ,(lvrrai)o Clean Fully loaded Mnf> \t». 1W3 FORB FNW v>«\, »ir, IM9S 'all Reggie al <3|.2WOor 457 «M7 ''~ DCKR FtEDERS- Kits or rompletf, ,„ s r X{ T »o hedroom on Schillinc ;fcrder» B«l prices Call Came i;etterj rul ,„ , :5 (M)0 o , nfr ,, njncin( , ! fmlr '?-r 0 ? IDS1 _. .. , _ . (available ..MID. CHAPARRAL VILLAGE In the affordable f-VTs This 3-2 J his a sun rpom overlooking its fenced yard Kitchen 'dinmj with huilt-ms, AHS Warranty 11.4.1131 BR1ARCREF.K Two twdroom suner has family area ith fireplace Kitchen equipped with microwave Fencfd UO's iP10> _ T iw? Matin""- li« mm m all new 354) motor. 302-JT: tirts Mnamt C<ms«)»r fminc- Bill Blake Motor Co WOW TexasAvc, Si* PISTOL— Modri 4». *' mm 2 clips US Ruger Security 6. 257 mapnim I speed loader COO 424 1134 w» tp. Kvinnide. all accworifs. II wo 9 n cab over camper, kviKjcd, II3W W WlTttX- l.'ied pick up covers MU. tmct mm* cannon I.** nnr 5*0 G»yl» Will K«pt any e oner. 4V-2473. On Tnmty Bay Has one two bedroom and one Nirw bedroom unit. Workshop hpelt has bay view Special 9% fixed note financing lOIOSOJt REOCARPFT..C7-1711 ANCHOR REALTY 427-1747 OWNER TRANSFERRED- 4.; .}. fireplace, celling fans, huilt ms cv cellenltHiy JAi's FHSrtn CLEM ARBOR- 31'; 2 roroplelely rertone Central air and heal Fenced HO's. G-W5 LAKEWOOD— 3-21. lormals. plus t)en Fenced t» s II 2Ki COUNTRY- 2 bedroom. 2 bath mobile- home On large wooied lot mi's. H-220 CKEEKWOOD- 3 r : -Z. new air and heat. Has stove and refrigerator $40's 1 PPIEWJIlSt- S-3 2, Corner lot Island Kitchen, separate bedroom »ing Wi's p-«ca DOUILCWlDe MOfHUE HOME- on apprnx 4 wre I'osslble owner finance Mid ISO's. R-S004 TOWSWOUSE— Reduced 3-J'j 2CP. Z story Fireplace Redone IW's W-l.tW GRIEAT STARTER HOMG- in «f*blBh«! wiKhhorhond Scifarate rtm mif.RO's 1.0501 V1-f7N 4H1-4MV COLDWELL BANKER WEST BAY REALTY 420-1322 LARGE LOT- in Pinehurst and lovely lot in Mission Viejo By owner, CRAIGMONT- Npi>iles.« home with hi- Reasonable C,ill422-7249, efhciency air. Living room and den ' Large kitchen L-S3M EASY MAINTENANCE- on this bnck home with new roof Oven in kitchen is new. Large family room 32-2 L-W9 FRAJfE HOME WTTH A4TREAGE- 312. 2S5' frontage with nice barn. Other small bnildms. MT-61S OiDCR HOME- Income producing garage apartment Corner lot 3 bedrooms. 2 baths Storm windows, ,M- 3202 COMFORT ABLE BRICK- 2 bedrooms 3d' X 12(1' lot Woodburnmg fireplace. separate dining room rool recently replaced Very neat. OJ11J SPECIAL— Four very clean Near l*e College Rriclt Furnished, Window air m each unit PossiMe owner fitiance WP-510 VBTt US NEXT TO THE TOST OT- ncC OK RAKER KMD ! GRAYWOOD ARMS 1 & 2 Bedrooms Ideal Location * Small Complex Swimming Pool 74 Hr Maintenance & Setmitv 1305 Memorial Or 42? 9436 FM 1*O- J miles Kss! ot Hanumcr IS S jcrrs»itti 4 tvtfrwm IWXJ.M' ^ Mrr.s -Jwp am! oilice Ourx-r tinam-mc 77 Kver.incs an(i LAKE LIVINGSTON WATERFROVT- Retirrmeni h»me> all pnoes Free Bnvtiure The Hancock t'u TollKre.-: MOBILE HOME LOT FOR SALE- Natrr and septic Owner financed 3S3 REPOSSESSED MolLEHE LOT— Water 4 sewer hook-up l-ow rto»npjyment B.ARBERS HILL Tslix OLD RIVER-CARRIAGE TR.AILS- REPOSSESSED WOODED LOT- readv i to move-on $^5ft d<.iwrt. owner financed LARGE WOODED LOT-lM Ore Drive, m Tier™ Dei On\ Oays 42! -5711, Evcn .ps tt weekends 422-7793 Why nurcnas* a lot in Chambers or txswer taxes, excellent schools, fantaslic APARTMENTS country livmR. several subdivisions to choose from 0»mr financed. l.ots as utilities available Barbers Kill Schools lessor 424-13M WOObeD CORNER LOT- CalUS3-34MorS7(-S(«S (j ACRE— «wded W 1135 f*r month Read for mobile home Sterling schmls. near San Jwrinto Mall 4J?-S»4t

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