The News from Frederick, Maryland on July 9, 1948 · Page 10
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The News from Frederick, Maryland · Page 10

Frederick, Maryland
Issue Date:
Friday, July 9, 1948
Page 10
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Fn*«rtek, IMU Frttar. *, Long ore est Face ·rMtra n»sox Emmitsburg July ».--NEA.-- Emmitsburg -- Miss Lillian Gelwicks. R. N. of Veterans Hospital, J*ew York, is spending sever*! days with her sister, Mrs. Thornton Rodgers and Mrs. George Rosen- Rescue Crew From Burning Ship to spend E1!iot ' s their get the _ thought be' - wtt goinf to get at th* Pailadel- . pfrij GOP convention IF now ex- ^j* ^UjjMd br Indiana «-Sen. J^ ; ^ ^ ^ ^ ^.^ ^^ of Long Island. X. Y. --Myril Baker of vacation with i brother-in- 1 * I VaUoo. who was go-between. Dewey caUed up Watson at Philadelphia and asked if anything cotud be done to bring the Indiana delegation iato the Dewey camp. Watson explained that the big question among 'Jtie Koosiers was Halieck. who had vice-presidential ambitions. Dewey was asked if he Baltimore. visited on Monday with his father. Charles Baker, who is spending some time at the home of his son. ' Guy A. Baker and family. -- Mr. and Mrs. Richard Zachar:as. of New Hampshire, are receiving congratulations on the to sTi-ered that if the convention nominated Halieck. De\vey wouZd take fr;-Ti This was relayed :o '.he Indian* delegation. HaUeck immediately jumped 10 the conclusion that "be had the nod. He swung the whole Indiana delegation into the Dewey camp, overcoming opposition from ex-Senator Willis and others who were for Taft. And the word got oat that Kaileek was to be vice president with Dewey. iriss ;s the son of Mr. and · Mrs. John Zscharias. West Masn stree: --Mr ana Mrs. John O'DonneU. of Cynwyd. Pa., are spending some time at the home of Mrs Euphemia Roter:r:g. --A wiener roast was held on Sunday evening by Cnar!:e Baker and Frank Stnson at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Guy A. Eaker. Those present were: George Damuth, Richard Frock. Mike Bovle. Fred - was pretty bothered He called up h , t D;a;j ,, 2 Watsoo and «ked nim if he had ,, h · Dorothy Fitr-i .0 misrepresented the situation to J Hal!eck. Watson said that he hadn't, and put all the blame ors Halieck for letting his ambitions geraid. Xancy anna M:!Ic-r. -- The June Wachter and Sar- meeting of She ' of Railroad _ Row Settled To Haul New Wheat Crop Foxville Kansas City, July 8 yp,--A new wbeat food struck grain centeri j Wa«*ington. July S -.JP-, -- The today as the southwest's harvest wage dispute which threatened a' r a u at **s fastest clip in history, j nation-wide rail strike and caused j Railroad yards here were choked ' government seizure of the rail- ] v -"«th carloads of grain. Sidings had j roads was settled peaceably late to- i car after car lined up. Grain day. " I elevators were hoplessly swamped; The settlement was announced. w ' 1 fa the task of unloading them.' by the White House. Representa- \ The largest number of cars o f : lives of management and the three; w heat ever to arrive here in one j railroad brotherhoods which call- i ^y--1,945--piled in to add to a \ led the strike adjusted their differ- ' J 31 " that began last Saturday. Since j.ences in a- series of conferences t Saturday, 8.081 cars have been re-' [there arranged by John R. Steel- ceived. Railroad officials today called upon country elevators and growers to slow down shipments or face a shipping embargo. Ralph E. Clark, manager of box several changes in operating rules.'"car distribution for the Association jsorne of which will increase the' ! c ' American Railroads, said unless i railroadmen's take-home pay. ', the situation could be ironed ou j Railroad management repre- on a voluntary basis definite action i sedatives aaiu ihe settlement was; w ould have to be taken to "regu- I virtually the sa^ne as that recom- a e the movement." amended by she President's emer-' igency board March 2. ; Congratulated By Truman j Fres.acnt Truman cailed the - j labor and management represenia-' jtives into his office to congratulate! · them. j | "It is great for our country," he : , told them. . " ! i "I wanted to see this thing set- I s tied as it should be done, by bar- i {gaining and not in any other way. i You did - this on your own hock jand I feel very good about it. 1 man. Presidential assistant. ! The Engineers. Firemen | Switchmen accepted a wage in-' i crease of 15 ^ cents an hour, retro- ' I active to last November 1. plus' Foxville -- The Mount Mori«h Lutheran Sunday School will hold an outing at Braddock Heights on Sunday. July 18. --The Fox reunion will be held on Sunday, Aug. 1, with services in the Parish Hall and luncheon in the Bittner grove, at Sabillas-Jf %-iUe. * --Mr. and Mrs. H. K. Testermaa and children. Bob and Sara, visited recently v.-lih relatives at Princess Anne. --Mrs. Grover Buhrman attended the funeral of her brother, Frank E. Leather, at Egan, IIL --Miss Pauline Hauver, of Washington. s:»snt the weekend at her home here. --A daughter was born to Mr.. and Mrs. Robert Fishack at the! Washington County Hospital. Hag- erstov.-n. on June 29. Mrs. Fishack was the former Miss Carolyn Brandenburg. : Simple country life on a farm · is said to be the : ost hazardous. Baltimore's AH-Steel Streamliner'^! ^- -f * get the better of him. On the last Romans .I^.onarj- Society day of the convention, when !;as Lutheran church was held in Dewev and his advisers we.-e try- connection with ing to" decide on who the vice-pres- -'"PPcr June 27 idential candidate should be. Hai- leck was hanging around in the halls of Dewey s headquarters, wearing the longest face in the a covered dish at the Lutheran · Parish House. Thirty-eight members and guests attended. The ' topic was presented bv the leader. ! Mrs Mervin Tate. The business ', convention. He thought he had session was in charge of the presi'-; been double-crossed and let down. ??«'-. Mrs. Ph:!:p Bower German Ration To Be Raised U. S. Army of Occupation au- Swedish freighter Dagmar is pictured burning 30 miles off Cape May. N'. J. The crew abandoned ship in lifeboats and ail were taken safely aboard the U. S. Coast Guard "Cutter Gentian. The Gentian poured water into the burning ship and brought the fire under control. . was adorned with two! f\ ,· A t Allen Bollin scr. Mrs. R. \M. | birthday cakes. Many gifts were re-! IJuestlOHS And George Eyster. chairman of nom- i Daugherty, Mrs. Brown, Mrs. Donald Harner. Harry McNair, Mrs. John 5KK^-i=^-"s i SSSF "arsus- ss* Stoner. Mrs. Jacob Charles Rowe. vice-president. Mrs'.' Adam "' ^ S '. hC ^ rle t °" n S er . . --Thf? i\Tf*!horf i:i R'.nHnv ; Q--Which baseball league is the he American or the National re-elect-on of the present officers \ " art2e!1 - . M 'ss thorities in Germany hope tney, Mrs Bo president. Mr* I' I r s ' Louis will be able to raise the German ration level from 1550 to 1800 \vil!:am calories a day. Food outlook is j lrs j oy improved, and if tius raise in diet c^^ty ma d c Mrs. Edna Tressler; Au- i ceived. --Visitors with Mr. and Mrs.. Wil- ; !iam O. Toms were Mr. and' Mrs. | Kieffer Green, Mrs. Martha Har-i baugh and daughter, and Mrs. Bettv ,,,,.,,,, ,, ,,,_,, DeeS! 3nd daUShter ' ° f ^j^i-V * _ and Mrs. Charles Kooniz. j Q_Did the Indians have horses and Mr. and Mrs. | before Europeans came" »nd children Ruth j A--The American Indians did not j r^uited~~in ; and George, of \\olfsville. visited j have horses before the arrival cf -an Wedne* j on Sunday with * f - ---' ^*-- " - - to«»«« »»eu«c_ i Charles O. Harne. congratulate all of you on it. The settlement means that the! railroads will be turned back to ' private management as soon as necessary papers can be draxvn up. jSteelman estimated that that could 1 be done in "a day or two " Nominally, the railroads have The Methodisi Sunday School will have a food sale on the church lawn on Saturday morning July 17. at eleven o'clock. League the American , ,, · -- ^- ·»«···«»« i»i:«aa »neanesaav night and continu-1 and Mrs.: Europeans upon this continent The ed this afternoon. Steelman told ' been under government control! since May 10. with Secretary o£ the Army Royal! directing their operations. The government got an injunction against the threatened strike. Numerous unsr-:cessful efforts had been made to work out sn agreement. The conferences which ettlement be- S. S. BAY BELLE · ETTEXTON cmb«t, Jon* 13 tfarovsh S«pt- 13. ten* Bella. 9-.3O A. M. Cock 7:15 P.M. (Hocjui»Jun19) Week. 4er», S t; ScmA» r ». hcCiby t. S1.25, f ed. tranl. tu bd. MOONLIGHTS n^Stiy thro»$h Sept. 13. Leoe C:3O. tmt*. 11:3O. Dcncias. f«re $1. «cd-lr«n». loi bid. All Schcrfulrt en Ocylighl Tine. WILSON LIKE Kir t. ti^t St. laila, 1UL. Kss* 3517 ment that diet in Displaced Per- re. , , turned from Honduras: Sister! son camps must be iowcred xroni F:ora Bc|!(V ohlc , of Baltimo ' present 2000 calories a cay to level A ; e j ;er from a ai5 China was read Gowe. Two new added. Mrs Herbert and Miss Charlotte Miller. : Garfield Garfield.--A family reunion was of the German peopie. before of funds can be made available to International Refugee Organization which runs DP camps. Congress took this action deliberately to force DP's out of camps, claiming shirkers preferred the good free diet in the camps to harder work for less food outside the camps. IRO officials clam proper corrective action was to raise the German diet, not cut the DP ration. Cut from 2000 to 18000 calories a day may not be so bad. but cut to 1550 may be difficult. Army and IRO have until early next year to work out the problem. * * * . Scramble is now on to find some other source for S65.000.000 which [birthday of Mrs. Guy Harne. Mr --Mr. and Mrs. Rodgers Topper, j Harne's ten children were present. of Mt. Airy, visited with refbtives in town on Sunday and Monday. --A picnic supoer was held on the lawn at the home of Mr. and Mrs. "To^s" Shorb on Monday ex'e- ninj:. Thos." enioyins; the evening were Mr. and Mrs. Donald Stoner and sons.'Allen nd "VToodie " Mr and M _1 first horses seen by Indians were ! --Mr. and Mrs. Gaither Lewis, of | those brought over by the Spanish | Smithsburg. v/ere recent visitors in ' invaders of Mexico. i the home of Mr. and Mrs. Benja- Q--Why is the President's home called the White House? A--The origin of the term White House is obscure. In 1814 the British burned the building and when I it was restored the blackened walls Those attending were Mr Mrs. W. D. L. Harne, \V. and Glen weeks at Camp Penn. Pa. and Mrs. Kenard Smith ! - vere painted white. From this cir- and children, of Foxville, and Miss j cumstance. according to tradition. .! 'he President's residence came to :e Harne. Baltimore; Mr and Mrs ' Iris Fogle - ° r Th '-"-mont. were re-! ' ne President s re: Edgar Draper, Mr. and Mrs. Ralph cenl S uests in the home of Mr. and j De called the^Vhit Lewis. Mr. and Mrs. Lee Harne. Mrs ' Ira Le - vis Mr. and Mrs Herman Lewis, Mr --Visitors in the home of Mr.' Q--When was Arbor Day first nnrf A.II-*. TvTrt^Ki** ~u n _ n A ·»»_ \ · ^nri AT,..- T\T^^i_- T n ..*;*. ... A .-*v ^T^ ..--i ! celebrated'* reporters he had put in more than 300 hours trying to bring about an agreement. j The rules changes provide.' among other things, for paying j freight engineers and firemen who have to \vait at their terminals before going to work, rules changes were , and Mrs. Merhle Harne. Mr. and air s. Mark Lewis were Mr. and and Mr. drew Shorb and fnmilv. --Mr. and Mrs. William Topper ; spent Tuesdnv eversint at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Andrew Shorb. Mrs. Lawrence Harne. Mr. and Mrs.! Mrs - Ralph Weagly. of Foxville.! A ~. It: was first observed April 10. ~ " Mrs. Guy ? Ir S- Emma Lewis and son. Dick, j !872 - in Nebraska, when more than '.000.000 trees were set out in that Mrs M R r ob a e n r1 |Gc0rgCHarnC - Mr ' and Mrs. 'An- Albcrt -^ ne. of Burkittsville: O of Hagerstown. --Mr. aielvin Lewis. Mr. and S i c e then ofaser^-ance . Congress failed to appropriate as ji j --Miss Elvira Little, of Baiti- uoa-interest bearing loan for fi- j more x'isUetl in (own on Tuesdav. nancing construction of United Na- ! --Mrs. Henrv Gerkc-n and daugh- tions headquarters in New York. ' ter. Nanc-.". visited with relatives U. S. Export-Import Bank and the in Westminster on Tuesday. World Bank have been canvassed.' --Mis? ?.Tarv Lou Muenah rebut they can't make the loan. Priv- j turned to Baltimore on Tuesdav ate bank or insurance company | after spendini? the weekend with construction loan is out because of , her parents. Mr. ar.d M^rs. Walter ·. of Baltimore: sisters.! Mrs. Carroll Draper and Mrs. Ed- Winficld. of this place:! sar Draper spent Sunday at Vni- Mrs. Mae Willnrd and Mrs. Mag- i liams Grove Park. Pa. Cie Lewis, both of near Foxvillc. j --Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth King grandchildren. Mr. and Mrs. Car-land children spent Monday eve- roll Draper. Mr. and Mrs. Gaither j ning with Mr. and Mrs. Jesse Win- Lewis, -a Arnold Draper. Eillcen. j Seld. Donald and Lois Draper. Mr. and j --Mr. and Mrs. Edgar Winfield. of Mrs. Robert Wiles. Marguerite, i Hagcrstown. are spending some Bonnie. Miriam, and Meredith | time with Mrs. Creola Winfield. Harne. Mr. and Mrs. Eugene Lewis.! --Miss Pauline Draper is spend- Mr. and Mrs. Lester Harbaugh. Mr.! ing some time with Mr. and Mrs. has spread aU over the country, on Some of the recommended 1 by the emergency mediation board j · appointed by President Truman: j others were worked out in th.2 White HouSe meetings. The dispute had lasted more than a year. The three brotherhoods i made different demands in early 1947 than the rest of the railway unions and had a seoarate set of negotiations with the carriers. Among other things, they demand- j ed a 30 percent wage increase. various dates. .and Mrs. Charles Caufman. Mr. i Leo Blank of Frederick. She is em- Melvir croo the no-interest feature which UN . Muench. _ _ demands. Various societies inter- ; --Mr. and Mrs. William E. JMelvin Lewis. Misses Pauline. Mary I ployed"in Frederick" ested in promoting United Nations Thirlkcl. of Baltimore, spent the ' Jane and Ellen Lewis. Donald Hef-1 --The raspb«rrv reason has be- are now trying to work up a cam-. Foi-rth o£ .Tuiv wrrkcnd with Mr.jcn. John. Paul. Nancy, and Howard ! eun in this vicinitv and the paign to raise oie money by pop- snd Mrs. Joseph K. Ash and fam-! Harne. Mr. and Mrs. Judson Evler.! promises to bs a good one utar subscription. ; ilv. !Mr .and Mrs. Leon Cooper. Es'ther -Don t Scorn A Good Try ! --Miss Patricia T.ingc. daughter j Robert and Richard Lewis J u n e ' Heres size-up by one American ; o f Mr. and Mrs. Edward Lings is! Glen. Harold. Patsy and 'Nortna i S^T M SMISSED spending a week v'^tin-! wiih Mr. I Harne. Janice. Leo'ta and Do-is i V" 11 !" 311 - A!a " J , ul v 8 ' ;ff '-- A ?nd Mrs. Clarence Lingg and fam- Jean Harne. Janet and Glvndon j ?1 l rnuy . SU A l seeklng T to ha Yf ' Uy. Baltimore. i Wnm« TK,.II,-- TM^ ^".....rSPfL.. I Alabama s Governor James E. official who has been working on U- S. relief projects in Europe for past year: "I'm sure the United States would get along better in its international dealings if Americans realized we can't judge other - F: people by American standards. My argament is that most Americans" miJtces expect an overnight transformation to American social and moral standards from people who are still highly illiterate arid terribly backward. I agree that American in- "Spanish Moss"' is a true flowering plant and not a moss. Cole's Jewelry Trade in your old watch for new or recondition watches. All Makes Of Watches And Clocks Repaired WE BUY SELL 323 NORTH MARKET ST. NOW AT YOUR OEALERS Now Is The Time For all carpentry work, repairing, remodeling, new construction, see Thomas Constr.Eng. Co. 310 Jefferson Street Phone 2144-J for the mona ?, 0 E5 r . C r Sr/S^ReranofS^!^? ST "" beC ° mG ^^ :ust and Sentcrrher nre: Julv 12. "Mrs. continuation of this suit R fluence must push for morai pro- Hahn. an gress. But I think it's going to be 9. Mrs E a long, hard puli. and we shouldn't - McClcaf. Mr Walter Peppier. Sue hecKis people while they're, mak- Hays and Polly Ann Knoz: August ing a good^trj-.'^ ^ , 23 . .i rs . R CV ?.iaxell. Mrs. Louis * ' Stoner. Miss Charlotte Miller. The new araft law. while giving ' Helen Bushmsn and Doris Clinser: U. S. armed services much-needed 5 C pt 13 Mr« Charles Linn. Mrs manpower, is proving embarrass- · Carroll Frock. Sue Stinson and Pcnir.a McNair: Scot. 27. Mr?. Geo. Eyster. Mrs. John White. Mrs. Gco Nayler. Carolyn McDonnell arid . T^ « i " i j T x-w J^ ^. ' -- * " - ...^- ^%... v . t . u t . b l v ' . t ^7Jt k l l . O ^ U . L Mrs. Robert Daushertv. Mrs. *M Emm-. frirS: ^f F * * ? l Can aval1 n ° ^=d to the cause of Aaron Adams. Xancv Beeele and i«* !LT \T ^' o 1 *TM**TM^,TM* infant complainant for mui- D:nn Shuff: Julv 26. Mrs. Rov Bol-j^' . 3fnd ^ K fV-^T"^ ° f = tiplc rcasons -" linger. Mrs John Hollincer. Carrie L cwstown: Robert Willard. Mar-, The case was dismissed "withou Shirlcv T ^ x c l \o" '· - ; preudice." -eavine the way open Shriver. Mrs ' A L' 1 E)inncr was served on the lawn i for a similar action in the future. ~' ing in some vsy-s Most of the men will go into the Arrrsy. since Air Force and Xsvy have had better luck in recruiting. But Army will soon 5nd itself short of officers. Nerir.a Flax. --Altar committees for July. church are: July. Mrs. particularly in the ranks of cap- · August and Seoterr/oer at E'.ias tain and ::euienar.i. savs Anr.v T ...% P Secretar;.- Kenneth Roys':. There ; " " will also be shortage of medical contributed. Worst of all. there personnel, which may force Army · may fce snrre shortages of equip- to call into sen-ice youns doctors to whose education government ment for fuKy divisions to be arming all trained. of the COUNTS G R I L L DKUID THEATRE BUILDING, DAMASCUS. MD. FULL COURSE DINNERS STEAKS, CHOPS, FRIED CHICKEN JULY SPECIALS Gent's Wrist Watches Were S29.75 to $45 ^W S17.50 to S24.75 5-Pieee Silver Service Was $60 .^ Odd Pieces Silver Flat^eai Were up to S4JJO -- NOW 50c to $2.00 87^50 Aluminum Sandwich Trays, NOW S4.00 $1,50 Sheaffer Pencils, NOW 75c Up to S6.00 Earrings, NOW S2.40 S17.95-S12.25 Electric Clocks, NOW S12.95-S7.95 Clearance of Costume Pins and Necklaces "Gifts For Baby" -- values to S5.00--50c SEE OUR WINDOW McCLEERY'S JEWELRY STORE 48 NORTH MARKET STREET THE HOME OF "KING CUT" DIAMONDS The World's Most Brilliant Diamonds Plan to visit Damascus and cat that juicy, tender fried chicken dinner; tender T-boae steaks that you can cut with a fork. SNACK AND SODA BAR SAM M I L L E R ' S Army Surplus Store 33 35 South Market Street Genuine Army Shoes and Clothing ALL SIZES Ideal For Farmers And Working; Men COMBAT SHOES, COVERALLS, T SHIRTS, COMBAT PANTS AND JACKETS. BELTS, FIELD JACKETS, PUPTENTS, SOCKS, ARMY KHAKI PANTS SHIRTS, WORK GLOVES. New Work Shoes and Slippers NEW POLICE AND MOTORMAN'S SHOES MARINE, ARMY AND NAVY SLIPPERS NEW Khaki Pants and Shirts KEEP COOL - Electric Fans $4.95 up PHILCO Refrigerators $237.00 up Freezers $159.50 up THOR WASHERS Wringer-type, S129^95 Automatic, S199.50 D . F . 'S 103-105 X. Market St. LEARN BEAUTY CULTURE and pfgrn bitj Finest training in all phases of Bcaa- ty Cultcrc. Day or evcninsr classrs. Individual instruction. HANG IT UK--;· r«~. res Lac- KM re. .'. 'c ii -^ L . GE7-UKDE3-ABILITY S I N G E Vacuum Cleaner From its "Magic Handle" to its low, streamlined Lousing the oH new STXGEK- "Vctraurn Qecner is b-ailt for c perfect clecn- ing performasce. Its design -- its exclusive -wort-saving lectures spring iron the suggestions oi c million housewives who fcno~ -- from experience -- ·57-10; tsev nseci in clecadng equipnien:. Yes, here is the clea-er yaa cl~avs ·wanted. It is redly sew -- -with 5 all new. ez- cJ-viciTa fectares: COHD i3£".Vj.VD iee!s is cord -wiia PER BOfW CCnD HEEL stores cord fcr you · er itself. SPECIAL LOW RATES Small Enrollment Fee APPROVED FOR VETS Under G. I. Bill of Ri^Jits NEW SfMMF.R CLASSES NOW FORMING Approved for G. 1. Training For Information Phone Frederick 47S-R Or Write Frederick Beauty School, Inc. 12 S. Market St., FredMck, Md Robert E. Lee Hotel Bids- ~A"X F.-..VS 3cir.;c:3 c stro-g. tsiiona cur- rsr;: of suction c'.o^g s -K-.ce clecnung zcrr'.?. To-: ccn c'ecs -nnth tha ei:ds of ihe sortie ps -s^sU cs ^th !he ce-:er! P.VOTtD FIOAn.VG 3?.USa requires HOUS7.VG has qrscler "^e»- ilily" because ;J is only 5" high! i MAGIC HAN-D1Z -- o v c r r , i~-^ 7^« rcoa to ccc"; 9 , r^'.' c.o""T *· ,".- : ~^e~" ^ BUDGET TERMS Ailovrcnce fcr your presszf siocfe/ w s'H arrange a stratioa in year V-S-Pat.O-. ry TI:c S^^rrMrfc. Co. sold--serviced--guaranteed only at youi " SINGER SEWING CENTER 72 South Market St. Phone 1611-J -ORANSflJRIM v : *ftm;---yL,; ' DONALD E. LEATHERMAN Distributor PHONE 178-R

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