Arizona Republic from Phoenix, Arizona on November 4, 1969 · Page 60
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Arizona Republic from Phoenix, Arizona · Page 60

Phoenix, Arizona
Issue Date:
Tuesday, November 4, 1969
Page 60
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Page 60 article text (OCR)

ALL ED I'l Oal , Tiff any ones ft> oceounKna far R&UM» Fred Basset SORB TUB n?AlTC FUm OP THAT/ jto be even cleaner r .Be realistic/Ws will ple didn't-boss YOUQO around luck on •that one, Popf m out In we • 111 1 ----..— w-v_ — , wv What we need fe more tip old cans that . out of 'their cafe? Gasoline Alley \ BUT,StR,ybU ALREADY Burivtrreb Xsnpoy «->t < ...m-vftf».»rvu.W»l ***- w >«>fi TAKEOFF SURE/ GO GET A-HEAD SLASSES- 1 CHANSEMV VWVNTTol VOTED oHes/ you CAN'T Mutt and Jeff wizard of Id NOW\OUKNOW The Kyatts UP IN ALASKA I SAW LOTS OF TOTHM POLES IF- WE ABQlir HIS TRAVELS AGAIN, I'LL WE HAVE tors OF VOTEM POLES OH, OH —HERB COMES ROULO, THB RICH KlD SO WHAT? wWW^ :^B?MP^WWw^w^ W^^Ww WwW^^W — —- I.NKI AHl^Ol IJ illlll III. UnscramblethewfourJarablflii one letter to ttch square, to form four ordinal? wordt* AMfPS FALLOR tamos I Now arrange th* circled fatten to form the mupriw answer, as suggested by ttw www cartoon* MOOO Who* sfa told whenIfutelan* Astrological forecast •y SYONBY OMARR NBWJ SPOTUIOHT on monrtarv veluw. SOITM »p«alc up oealn$t thw» With W>w«r, •xpsrlenet. Couxw market to BO dlpsy-<joodlt. Inflation I* argument used against thoM who jnake demand* for pay rafsw. Con. fllct r»iult». NOV. 4 • what you need. Make contact*. LIB &;W H»W» 'Mt«*»" *18S2*^^WSS Sl^F^t"'? «¥ 8W*^J*WrT RI»ifh pr ^ fo i n ^,, A £ cent ,". »Q wp"*' "L I distance, are concerned health end how you re ate to close whet you say. do. associate*. Communicate. Accent on pressure spreads. mance, crea young pertsons. cafed, Bu« you extravagant. iTnafy, 81 )l . Yo Bn> IAOITTARIUS (Nov. 22 pha*l» on career, anft.tlons. You ar» abw^to make »lgnlf leant advance. rises —.and so dies stand- unity, profwjlon, Of Know ^ rwt a» . Ins In . community, p •War* of subtle nuance*. %«atfo M n W wl Jun p?ac??^l^:-'-You what you want — flq atter It. w.te"i SOffiB y?el|.me?V,lns APRICORN (Dec. 22-Jan. 19)t Accent on what I* at a distance, ,K«y iHo Keep KB With corresponaence. Return caffs, .answer messages. Ba consider* ' 1 persons simply are factors Involved. . thought, a aware of all fc6t«t on mi AQUARIUS .(Jan. 20-Feb. 18J| Flnan ' ciaf. be nvolved. M - UE0 (July 23} how you can f fhose^...,, mportant, PISCES (F»b. l»-March JO); Accent on Tiarrlaae, special relationship. Cycle ~f i—H".—••.,— J?.«Mcn that you should <Jo more icfel affairs, y^u fsten no theo f« Mnfr. cl affairs. , you can u ,ln part. " IKl " 1l8t IP TODAY |f YOUR BIR -ft frank •to be youi •nvironmi 3IRTHDAY you fio for.the taste ft Is Important • nBJMO hwnt Ufa ) 32 The Arizona Republic Phoenfar, Taes., Nov. 4, PLUMP- LOOKIMS CHICKEM I'VE BEEN«.WElL»'.UNREA56NA8l£ , WITH THE Bpy!-.«L05T MY T£MPEfU~AND BUT WE'RE ALL TIRED NO\Y.»AN6 TOMORROW, BEFORE 160 TO WORK, WE'LL HAVE A-A FAMILY CONFERENCE AND DECIDE ABOUT DICK'5 FUTURE! OKAY? Mary Worth THE FIRST CASE SPECTRUM CHARTS PROVED IN WHICH MOON GOLD THE CUFF LINKS WERE/MADE FIGURED -AND PLAYED OF 'MARKED' COLD FROM THEWOON AND IDENTJF/ED A BIG PART." SCORPIO AS THE BU^R. Dick Tracy I T BBEY,! HWTHE-ONE TRIEP TO eer 10 KILL ME.' .... ALOM6 WITH WE ON THIS! IFTM WRON^rLL APOLOGIZE TO MATERE AMP* EVEKV OTHER KOOK YOU'RE SUPPORTING OH THAT LOOM FARW OF YOURS! BUT THIS \s WHAT,! WANT yotf TO PO.. I THINK YOU SHOULP HAVE A TAIK PIMJl MATEKEl SAM, WHAT ARE %» TALKING ABOUT? 7 GOODV- V6GOTHOMg JEST IN SOON AS I SLOP MlfsJE tOOKV WHATSILRS QUARTER!! Snuffy Smith nwte Pf Sfor&lamet Ask Andy ™ Whomade up the alphabet? rom Suzanne Dougherty, Eastlake, Ohio History, they say, began when our remote ancestors discovered writing and reading. Then they could record their day by day doings and report the passing historic events. The great invention was bom when people began to settle in a few widely separated fertile valleys. Each community seems to have invented its own method of <'AN$WBR» FOR LITTI.E IIOM3V writing. The Egyptians by the rich, muddy Nile made an early start, perhaps 6,000 years ago. Some of our letters • descended from their first attempts at writing. v The early methods were different but almost everywhere the basic idea was the same. The alphabet progressed from pictures to letters. The first writings, were picturegrams. An ox was a simple sketch of a four-lejgged animal with horns on his head. In time, the pictures were simplified to sketchy hieroglyphs, The hieroglyph for the ox was just, a square with two. spiky horns. But neither pictures nor hierb- glyjJhs could be used for words such as if and but. It took ages to figure how this could be done. But finally the hieroglyphs were used as letters, each'one with a sound of its own. Its sound was the first sound of the word it once represented. For example, the ox symbol would be the first sound of the word ox. Several different phonetic symMls. coujd fee .strung" together to sound.out those inv possible ifs and. buts. The phonetic symbols that descended from ; ancient pictures finally became letters. The ox letter was borrowed and modified by the' Greeks and later by the Romans. Finally it became our letter A. Each of our letters has its own ancient story tp, tell.. You tracj? ttKeir separata histories in an encyclopedia. , • • Some years ago, one of Andy's helpers .figured that this information could help a young persqn learri the alphabet. For example,, you .can draw a picture of a snake that looks like letters. When the picture and the letter are: placed .together, the young reader sees that S makes a snakey Ssss sound. Suitable pictures were made ; for all the letters. Young;'readers soon learned their phonetics and strung them together to sound out whole words tacliirF ing the ifs and buts. Learning to read was the way our ancestors invented writing—from pictures to letters. Nowadays^, many school systems have re«' discovered this nice old to teach the alphabet. •Send questions on postal card to Ask Andy, P.O. Box* 2406, Phoenix, Ariz. 85003^ The author of the published' question won a ^volume set? of World Book Encyclopedia;"'" LITTLE PEOPLE'S PUZZLE; , AlrtWtr to Thll PUWH Will Bt FOWtld Under "N»W" '

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