The News from Frederick, Maryland on December 23, 1931 · Page 11
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The News from Frederick, Maryland · Page 11

Frederick, Maryland
Issue Date:
Wednesday, December 23, 1931
Page 11
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Page 11 article text (OCR)

1KB DAILY HZW8, TREDBMCK, »,, WEDNESDAY. DEOKMBEB 23, 1*81. LOV BY KAY CLEAVERl STRAHAN ; I93«, by bleday, Ooran and Co. BKGIX HFfE TODAY AXSf, OBCO.Y mm* KAKY- I !!*· with i ! that A»»f'» ·pport thr n* (feter* fc«« *·«· ·l »··! *!»*· fhll«h««« Thr tlvety ·» " R O S A L I E " -GKASD- Md they lufcu m fatC op yzcteuc* or iketr foncri wraith. Anne. 28. u« OdlT. 2S. *· ·*«- reurlal work u* M«ry-FimM»». 15. IB »tlll !· MkaoL Wke» tkr Btarr o»en» ABBF taut b«c» «*- KB«r4 to PHILIP JECBOYD. y«*»B IXWTVT. «· dckt y«*n. _ Ocfty krtBcm BAKKT McBUEKl. koBte 10 ln»er. She BBB le»«w» Blm o*lr m amort ttee tat IB fBllIBS: te tore with hJte. Mwy-rw- ee» Bad her £rien«. EKSMSTat'DK. ·r* excite* «*·« th» mrrtvml «C » Btoek eomputy Bet** *»··» ·* EARI. DE ARXOrXT. They Bmer him OB .the street next «*y BBd he Bpealc* to them. 3fOW CO OX WITH THE STOR1 CHAPTER XI A MAZEMEXT. not wausemem. filcked for an Instant acxea* Mr j EeAnnonnfs face. "Well." he said. · "that's *LT« flnfc. How sbont some Ice cream?" T9B, than* yon T«T much." said Mary-Prances. Ho took hold of her small, sharp elbow to guide her across the street. Ermlntmde trotted along slightly In the rear. The trio paused midway In the Intersection to allow a trundling fnrnltnre Tan to pass. "I." gasped Ermlntrnde, unheard. "I got to go home.'* Perjured, she turned and fled. Mary-Frances, steered by Mr. De- Armoont. proceeded across the street. They had reached the Testl- hnle of Blandsen's Drug Store before Ermlntruda was missed, and then it was Mr. DeArmonnt who In- qulred. "Say -- Where's the other one? What's became"-- Mr. De- Armount errer felt bat slight obligations toward his verbs -- "of your girl friend?" "Her?" said Mary-Frances, and searched space bewilderingly empty of Ermlntmde. "Ill bet." said Mary- Frances, her woman's wits instantly sharpened by necessity, "that she Just happ-»ied to fhinfr of another engagement some place else." ' They went Into the drug: store, past. the counter, and back to one of the round tables In the cool- scented gloominess of the room. Earl DeArmount looked again at Mary-Frances, reconstructed hastily some, previously formed opinions. and ordered a small coke lemon flavoring. "A banana special." Mary Frances pushed the words through the cramp In her throat, "WeH." said Mr. DeArmout, "this Is sure fine." "Yes," said Mary-Frances. "How about going to the dance tonight after the show at the I. O. 0. F. Hall?" he suggested! "Oh. I couldn't!" said Mary- Frances, and all the shock of it was In tha saying. "What's the matter? You dance, don't your* "Some. We have classical dancing at school. I did the solo dance In parents* assembly last month." "What's the matter, then? Why won't you go to the dance with me?" "My sisters--none of my family ·would let me." "A banana special." Mary-Frances poshed the tfords through the cramp in her throat. "Gripes! Do yon have to ask! to start for home, aad ehe was' leg. "Well, Indeed you w!lL" No. your fo)ks ever*" time you turn] greeted by Phil's voice, pleasant _ "May IT' precious because of Its around- I know your name." Say, I don't believe aad sure, she was aware only of irritation nd lance. said Mary-Frances. "Frankle Fenwick." It was her; spring." She answered stup'dly. opinion thsit Mary-Frances was a huciilfty and eagerness. It had a dismaying petu- been years since Phil had produced a -May IT" entirely satisfactorily. Ho bad a client to see at eight o'clock. He bad thought that b» und Ann might' hare their picnic -·=t:pper in the woods, and that ha would have time to take her homo "Ann. dear." he- said. "It Is "It j and thought that it also was =f; dumbbell name, but that Frankle.: five o - c jock. and that if ;be bill like BUlie and Teddy, for girls, was! collector had not come in she' before he went on to fceep his en- snbtle daring, original, and charm- \ wouldn't be In the office to receive Ing. ' hh!s new. | H* asked, "Ho-^d yon spell It?" i ph » had a » !an - The car was In! __ ., , ,. ' running order again; he thought Mary-Frances spelled It. | he mig j, t stop | a toffn an d get lT ro . "Oh. Fenwick." he said, as If ; of those box lunches, and then come Mary-Frances had mispronounced ' for Ann. and he and she would "1 see." ssid Ann. "W*'* «£« «?«*«?" «W Notilc=.' said Ann. "1 sur.rvse you think I shouldn't c-p ray engagement with my it thi first time. 'There's a "treet · 1 « re out somewhere into the coun- i "'t. I don't." Ann said, the bint of the same name back there,' isn't ! tr ^ an '' find EOme woods ^^ a ' of a3 scr almost hidden under the ere?" 'stream, and eat their suppers to- v - earners. "\VhendidIeverthInk "Yes." said Mary-Frances simply ! setter out there all alone uncer '· you should break a professional ea,,, T,=^ 1,0^ T,r,-*»= hnt- tM, rr^ the trees. J gagement?" She had her prides, but this was not one -f them. "Fenwick avenue. It was named for Grand--my grand- "You know I can't, Phil." Ann ' -"Well, then," he said, and It was said. "This is my week to get d:a- ' con'.tng now and she could not stop father, you know. His estate was ! ner aad do the evening work, and i it. ·· the first ona on the avenue, so feava to so home aad do it." . top it the first one on the avenue, so that's why they named it for him, I suppose." "Estate?" he questioned, with open awe. "It's only a block," said Mary--city If only he wouldn't oft with one of those silly, "I thought." he explained, "tba: ounvorn cliches of his. "Meet you Cecily might be a good sport thi= occe and let you off. It Is a grand I day. I'm wild to get out of into the troops." the the merry-g:o-ronnd." said Phil. It was his thesis that humor and love could not be divorced. Frances. "We still live there in the Fenwick Mansion--it is awfully old now. "Aw," he said. "Go on. I'll bet you're stringing me." | Her "Honestly and truly I'm not" Barry HcKeeL" convinced Earl DeArmount, experienced skeptic that he was, of' her truthfulness. "Well, I'll be," he said, and" looked again at Mary- Frances, and did some more reconstructing, and finished, "shot. Well, 111 be shot," repeated Mr. DeAr- mount. They parted, but not forever, outside the drug store at five o'clock. She had agreed to meet him that night, ^as close to 19:30 as he could make It, under the big walnut tree In the yard--the one eater-corners from the Carmlchaels' bouse, vrhere Fenwick avenue vfolned Chestnut street. There couffi be no harm, he fiad urged. In getting better acquainted. * * * A S Ann put on her coat In the *- washroom at the rear of the office toe day behind her was a long tired disappoiatment, and the empty evening stretched ahead paralleled -with a frightened wondering as to whether or not she might hear from Phil. And yet, ·when the telephone bell rang, just as 8he -was opening the front door \ "Cecily Is always a good sport." pHFLIP hang up the telephone r»- Ann returned. "But it happens | ceiver, and pounded the thing that she just called me and told me : Iown on his desk, and said. that she Is going out somewhere · "Damn:" He bated to lie--he was into the country for dinner w i t h . certain of that--and he felt bitter j r.nd ugly toward Ann because she 'Oh, the wild Irishman again? i f c a d forced him to do so. Some- He is giving her a rush, isn't he?" wh ere. he thought, there must be "I shouldn't call him 'wild.' ei- actly." said Ann. "Cissy has every right to go--it is her week." He said, "Surely. Of course." women in the world whom men could not "hurt." Women to -whom a man could say honestly. "I'd like to have you go with me out Into 'Last week," Ann suggested, j ^ country this evening; but, since "was my week." l^on. can't (or won't), I am going "But last week." Phil reminded' al ne. I happen, just now, to pre- her, "it rained all week." Ann said. "That wasn't my fault." Phil said nothing, and one fer the woods to your company." It was. he further reflected, his fault, possibly, that Ann was In- of those taut silences that come j capable of receiving his candors. He occasionally into telephone conver- j had pampered her too often, ca- sations began and extended absurd- j tered too long to those tender feel- ly until Phil snapped It with a 1 iags ol hers; had been too ready, "WeH. thea" that was frightening i always, with excuses, explanations, BY WM. E. McKENXEY SefrcUrr American Bridcv l*»rue la a r*cen: duplicate contract tournament, on* player executed · play oa the following bftcd and top score on the board. 1s sqiueied. If he discards the jack o! diamonds, the ten w^l be good Sn dunuay. I' he discards the uine a! spade*, both spades Sa declarer's iuu:d «1U be good. By refusing to ruff tie spade*. tsA upon the sqvweae p^ay. lae | made his contract o'. '.o'. Searts doubled. Evtn if Weti shifts x ihc q-:e«s WAKNEK BROS. TIVOLI TO»AY * TOKOUOW AT :pades at trick t « j i^i'.eja o uias »::h hj ac« of clubs, not stop the squreet piay AA-1O-5 VA-Q-J-2 · 6-5-2 * 6-5-3 8*4 Wheat For Poor. ! Washingtn, Dec 22 -- A rtfwrt from ! ·he l»rtn board offered no cbtc*.oa to '.he use of Us wheat Tor uawcplovjr.r::; :?Uef but SUJTC the board U- repaid by th* jro'.ori'.mtT.'. WAS rs-eu-d · "day by Chairmac MiNarj. o: :. 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"say goodby and hang up when nothing else has been said. I can't apologies. She was angry this evening because he had waited until late to telephone to her. "Why couldn't she gently know, as she say. Ill see you after dinner, won't j had used to know--or had she, I?' "Why can't I? I often do. don't know. Today I can't." ; j ever?--that he had always excellent reason for everything, that he Bat she did say it; and, "Well, j was never unjust nor careless? To- that's the trouble," Phil began, as 2 « ha d been very busy, and she had tnown Intuitively, without either precedent or reason, that he ·would begin. No safe, satisfactory, "Yes, ol course." No happy, thrill- then he had waited to find whether or not the car would be available before he made plans. (To Be Continued) . , I'FADDEN'S ADYIGE NOT WANTED FOR JOBS I relating to local policies of Ctegress- | men In whose capacity and des:re to ie department has confi- 'osimaster General Brown In- | HONEST AND Forms Recalcitrant Republican.; CHILD TO GET REWAED Washington, rtec. 22. -- A dcab:e-bar- ·eled recoil froni his shot at President soever today struck Eep. McHadden, rreconcSable BepTiblican, from Penn- Walked Into Bank And Told Of Breaking Window. result that the large glass was cracked. The older boys and girls immediately departed. Realizing that she was among those probably responsible for the damage, little Miss Titlo'sr went to the store of ?dr. Bennett, on the opposite side of the sireet and informed Mni of what had happened. She uas directed by Mr. Bennett to C. Alber; Gi^on, vice- presiiAit of the back. To Mr. Giison she repeated what she had told Jlr. Bennett. The matter was brought to the attention of Mr. Btoaer, "who i felt that tae act was worthy of re- vrard. "What a beautiful dog!" exclaimed [ the bashful admirer. "Is he affection' ate?" j "Is he affectionate?" replied the good| looking girl. "Indeed he is. Here. ] Fido! Cccie, doggie, and show Dick 1 how to k^s me."--SaK»ury, England, ;Star. H a v e that family group you hare wanted so long made while yon are all home for t h e holidays. N e x t year might b r i n g many changes. Phone 799 for Appointment Edmonston Studio Men's 16 inch Leather BOOTS $2-98 Other Styles $3.98 to $"6.90 Greatest Vafttcs in Town! 5? Children's Leather Moccasins Men's Dress Sox iC 15 Retaliatory acaoa lor his accasatioa isat the PresiaeB; "sold out" to Ger- nany came 'roai both independeat Re- roblicans and aconinistration quarters. d Tr.?Va no immediate taswer to either. Pfcst of all. Mis. Gifford Pinchot, the sife of Pennsylvania's governor, an- ioenced she woutd oppose T- 1 *TM 5or the noaunatioa to Congress rom his district nejit year. Soon af- erward Postataster-General Brown ad- 1s«d McPadclen. iis "advice TrtH not heZpfai" in distrib-jting postmaster iPIXJiiitcnents in isis district. Mrs. Piachot. -sti£e ajmoanciBg her- U Ki "indepenaea^ aci a progressife" aid "ev«ry Ae ziat resent an tantiated ac~jsat:on of treason he Presicejit." A letter frora Bra^ra ialonaed Mc- *ddea the beads o: tie PostoSSce re- «Ptsaent Bureaus hare been cLrected ·neither to invite nor to iaHoTr sag- A gift from Prank L. Stoaer, pres;- ' dent of the Fanners and Mechanics · National Bark, a Traits Mary Sosaa · TitlOrr. the I2-year-cM daughter of | Mr. and Mrs. Charles C. T:tiow, 2IC i East Rf ;h street, wherj she calls at | the bank. The gJt is :n recognition of I an act on the par; of the'grrl -isrhich iTr. . Stocer felt ·s-as ·worthy of more ihan casual coss:deratlcai. j About Irs-o weeks ago the child and ; several friends about her age «nere | viewing the ·yrindoT display of WiZjam B. Becnelt In the btLJdicg former a as the Emjfc» zheat by the bank. Several older acd girls also assembled at the Uuring a playful ccmniGtion one or t~o of the o!der ch2dres Trei^ pushed against the -Ktaooir with the Dance, Young People! Learn to dance quickly and easily under Stafford Pemberton ^.Metropolitan Instructor. Fanner Winter Garden Star. WISE PAEENTS--Help their children meet ;oday's requirements. Good dancing is a real asset. Enroll Monday. Social Dancing Class Mondays 8 P. M. Francis Scott Key Hotel Ballroom ;estioas" fr Brotra's ^tter said be was "con- iaced" the Peimsyivari^^ coid aot « of assistance to his cepartniest. He Afed tha; this attitude had bees ia- iucefi by I3e vie-ss McFadces expressed a speecii of December :5. accusing he Presideat of baring Violated his *th of office. "Apparently you are under a misap- irebension --.-*!z respect to tie relation f Congressmen to the postal adminis- ratJon."" Brown's letter read: "Legally epreseEtat:vss ir; Cor.fress zave ro re- sibi^ry or voice in the selection f personnel in the postoffice or other lecutive departments. "Because most of the postoffice de- i»rtnjent's niajor are in ihe IfcJd, fregaently renwte frcm the post duty of departmental heads, it has i ecn tlse practice of thr department to j nvite the sdvice in matters relating to j ccal personnel, and a. limited cases 1 FRUIT CAKE A Luxurious Holiday _ _ _ Taste Treat It wouldn't be Yuletide without FRUIT CAKE! All during the fear it brings a party air to any occasion. Our FRUIT CAKE is especially luscious, rich in fruits and" nuts, baked in two. three and five pound 'sizes, priced fifty cents'per pound in an attractive gift box and for sale by your grocer. THE CAREER BAKING COMPANY Tuns to WJSV Every Friday 4:45-5:00 P. E. S, T. 1^ In i«i Sizes to 13. 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