The News from Frederick, Maryland on May 21, 1932 · Page 5
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The News from Frederick, Maryland · Page 5

Frederick, Maryland
Issue Date:
Saturday, May 21, 1932
Page 5
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THE DAILY NIWS. FREDERICK. MD.. SATURDAY, MAY 21. 1932. FIVE DEATHS George W. McCardelL George W McCardeJl, former newspaperman and public offical, died Friday at his fcoase in Hagerstoo-n ol heart disease. He was 84 years old and Among County Women's Clubs Buokerstown Woman'* Cfab. The Buckevstoro Woman's Club met s^zxs'szivvsif sii-tys tor of a weekly newspaper at Wiliams- CARROLL COUNTY FIREMEN BLUE RIDGE EXERCISES MEMORIAL DAY PLANS LOCAL MENTIONS CITIZENS' NATIONAL BANK HOLD ANNUAL CONVENTION ***-*-- *·-- I On May SO.. Officers Elected--Next Meeting In Manchester. oecoraiion o: lal ser\ ic*. baseoall ff^tr-a/iar s.-s|safs»£Sj?s lector for the Chesapeake and Ohio resentatives from clubs to ««£f«f j ThuraUy. I were present. Mrs. A, W. J:cocemus, jp'«ide!K. presided. The meeting was FUNERALS ^ " h "^ "*"*"· *°"~ The funeral of Harry A. Hbpp -was at 9 o'clock St. Joseph's Ca-Jiolic liful," followed by -- . Greetings to the guests were extended ] " by Mrs. A. W. Nicodeffius. Response to j ^.^; i elected president of the Carroll j ty Volunteer Firemen's Association at convention at W*svnirister Mr. Tiptcn succeeds Michael EL Walsh. Other oSicers chosen -aere: Vioe- u-i-o., i Pratident. J. Henng Brown, Maachest- imcvu. j -- _^--,,,,,, ^_ |^ Ymglmg. Mount Airy, and Dr. Robert S McKinney was re-elected treas'-irer. by a roe- game and a Rev. J. a. HotUnger of Washington. - ·a ill deliver vae principal addres* at ( the thirty-second annual commence- ^ meet of Blue Ridge College, New Wind- j sor. on May 30 The comrnencvnient exercise* v~l be held over a period of four days. "V^^ ^(j organizations ol the to»n May 27 to 30. inclusive m .. : :a ^ e p^, ^ .*. par ade which mil'. The program of the exercises is as ;)faL . the . ^,, ha: , ,. , w Af , f . follows. ;n(e a^ung O f -.he parade to ti- Musicale. by sunenis of the music department Friday owning. May -~. i: 8 o'clock. May 28, alumni banquet with G A McDaniel. FWeratsb-rs. a* ·r. and cla^s of '07 reunion Thnrmont To Honor War's Dead N«tt i Repeal of Uw Prohibition Law* demanded bj attorneys o! the District of Columbia. »ho *i2 addrw* thf men and iicnwi: vt Fredori'-ic. M . at POTTS OIFFIN. Saturday, i The anntiil M«nort*l Day exercises »ill be held at Thsinnon* Saturday a f t n. May 26. *i:b a parade and 'lie p EC Ihr Br%t Dance Of \IL That s What '·-' -'· Sa I* I* Orrc To BAKTONSVIL^E SATl.»lD\Y MTE Y? Come C--Ar.i H«-ar c«rme- :ery and ».h decoration of gra\e*. the line of march mil', be sack to the iu~ tthert? a:: sddress »:" be ,fi\en by Rev E D Brigh'. pastor of Tr_nit\ Relorm- tollow the Cro»d To loub's Sviuh. 'j\ Jo.'.j B O S:j.-i:-. "' mow. Past president of the Maryland '" ! Federation of Women's clubs, spoke in bury, Bev. P. J. Conroy tmnenc;ns m tbe ««^a« ^t I an interesting way on "Why a Woman's ^ The ^ pa ^ al * I L-r±. R± Club and Why a Federation'" Burtet, Tfaeooore ^=^ J^£ j Mrs. Edgar R. Nicodemus. chatanan i cession Prctestact Episcopal church. at 5.30 p. m . sophomore play Adam ana E\a." at 8 p m . Msy "Jv. \s.-pe: ierv.ce by '.he Young Mer. s and Voting The 3dir«ss of welcome was made by , Women's Chr-s:iar. Association yor George E. Mat^he-as. and the nci^al address was delivered by Rev N. Bassr. pastor cf St !socg. "Juaniw." talk, -My Perennial of particular interest was a resolu The funeral oj Lawsors Henry B^er;^^^, took place from the hosne of Ms son.: ^^rr· Eraory S. Biser, 115 West Fiftb street, ;TM.r~; Miss Helena Stauffer. Walk__. president of the" Frederick «±'! Garden Club; song, "An OM-Fashioeed ass^ted! Garden," Mrs. Casper E. Cltoe. Jr., ! «*^rwirwi««»* hv Xfix ton. Albert Biser. Maynard Hamilton. | Mehrl Biser. Interment · more: iEddletOTn Reformed cemetery. M. R. Etchson and Son. funeral directors. Carrie Thomas, of song. "Trees," MSas Marjorie of Hood College, accompanied » WEDDINGS f Drayer--Sheriff. Adam C. W. Drayer. Steeltoo. Ps,. and M*« XTirSam E. Sheriff, Harrisburg, Pa. were married on Friday at one o'clock p. m. at. the Presbyienan manse by the pastor. Rev. Dr. Charles by Miss Harp. A atroC through the lovely garden of Mrs. Baker ^as en- t»rt urging farasers. villages and small towns in the county to provide an ample and accessible water supply for the con- i reaience of the oo-^nty flr* compinMs.' 6^0 p. KJ , and b-iccali'-ireate --u: nw:: b\ Kev. M R. Wolfe. \.ce-prv-».Ueu". of the collie, at 8 p n: . May cv. annual comrneucenirtit at 10 a m . «".h the address by Mr Hollinger The annual rr.e« of the board ot trustees -aill be held the afternoon oi commenoeaient day. At 3 o clock a ba^o-ball srime »ill 5t -,iiei 3e:»«r; :oe Thurmont team o'. ::ie Fr^ierick Coanty leigue »:id '.lie Hj.;ers'.o»n E^s^ In the everting *-ne ..:·.:·.jsl !«·..·al »-.-.: be he'.d tn Men-.or- The cam-:tee on srrangenier.'_i i composed oi Charl« M Roo:. H R h. Robert FV'.z and George J. 5 fents i Quart. ·»:·.- IS5J-F-3 KLMEK B Sl'AlSY W i t h 11: Crowd At E 5-\KO S.M' X1TE D.\:- So'euiders I THE | CITIZENS' NATIONAL BANK OF FKKDERICK, MD. CAPITAL We- are offering tor rent lor the sea! son the master dwelling with lawn and garden on the estate of Mrs. Aubrey Pearre near Libertytown. this county. The house contains 12 rooms, is modem in detail and furnished. POTTS GRIFFDJ. REALTORS 27 COURT STREET PHONE 600 NOAH E. CRAMER SON. -Thr I)u»t Of The Earth." A Corcea^ Drair.a 1:1 4 Acts CKCRCH SI' SCHOOL AVDITORIUM Clarksburg Chicken Thieves Active. Chicken -.h*e\es ha^e been busy '.stein the vicinity ol Lewbtowr.. hav- ?»or-.r. Wal .: -M ers. ·.:!. ThJs resohition was -^nanircouBly adopt- ; cia-tsbu-E Mav 'l --"Home Coming : '-^S *ss:t«i the pouS'.rj- houses of Cam.*^»VU-S. ^w».' - - t i . M nn *4 UA. n ^.- Ct.l*t~n\-j* V f r *- ' D a y ' »ill be oitoerred a*- :he M. E At the afternoon session an Jnvita- ' c v,J,^.v, south, on Sunday. May -- tioa from Manchcst-er :o hold the con- g^'-ces »ill be held at 11 o'clock a Refreshments were served . g,^ The nexo meeting will be held on June 3. at the home of Mrs. F. D. Mokr. \entKQ there next ear was accepted The secretary reported 59 city rires and fires during the past year. i in the association irere re- ', ·n. and at 3 o clock, p m . -A nh a 501-4: at 2 p. m. A basket 1-ir-ch »·-'· eron Hill and Kenry Stostletnye. Mr Hll! reported missing about one hundred young chicken* ·a'e^hmg »:ound one w one and one-half poundi each, ·ahik- Iron; Mr Sto::lemyer's henner- the ' transported more Uian a Sa;cn 5". 8 4--.cS 40 Branch American L-r---r. A"\'-- ar. Ad'.lts -r. Ch.ld-en. lOc I MIISIC ov B'.ue H.ditf Orchestra $100,000.00 SURPLUS $800,000.00 OFFICERS JOSEPH D. BAKES. of Board. ! 3tx roos; Sr»ne tfwel.1:^ ssc ;h» Brmid«t S:»t« Ro»d *! j »cr« 0- »al. :df«: .acatl. c».-r.p O*=rr !lf5.-Q'-J of as* located ea ou: Soar csil«« tor taarlsi T«f~';-MTr= «cr« o! .»sd on St»t* Ro»fl -.cir Sra Mirtt: :3p.-cvt; *.-.b sli roosa '.?n« £*^lmf n?-i*-. im.ry sam Ovser so» Ji!p?.3i =:.U to B*.U2jore AJ EK- 12SCXJ For :-jr'^:er SOAH t. CRAMXS * SOS. u* corar STF.EET. ra "PHONE SOS. JOHN N. CLARY. irted over the year. ] The executive committee »-as appoint- j ed as follows: George Ensor, Man- ', , between ser\-.ce». Rtv. Gyp,..,. . ije noted evangel-st of Con- · hundred o.d chicitcns necticut. will deliver the senna:; at the "* morning serMoe and at the a!:omoon ; Dr. James B Ranck. ot Hood burg Charles tastefully decorated with dogwood and Several thousand people lined LOCAL MENTIONS Special Low Prices. on suits of clothes made to measure $25 00 up. Altering, cleaning, pressing EDW. JAMES. -e- Mrs. Paul Wire. Mrs Le\. 3 \V. Pat St.. 'Phone 10I8-W or 242-J Beid--Phebns. W. Oakley Reid. Boyds. and Nina G. Phebas, 25. West FHth streec. were married in Cumberland, Wednesday. AMONG THE SICK Aubrey Fruze, Jr.. of near ML Airy, was operated on at the Frederick City Hospital. Wednesday. Mrs. Howard Snyder. of Ridgeville. underwent an operation at the Frederick City Hospital, Tuesday. -. the rd- d _ _ _ .ed Mrs. Lewis Topper. Mrs. Harry Boyle, j ; ^ parade: Westminster. Manchester, i 3 . a d^n-'e- party in honor of Mrs. Mrs. Ward Kerrigan, Mrs. Frank j p^esvtUe. Harc?s:«id. Cman Br.dge. ^ c ^^'a^i i^. \v.-ri. c. Beck. Some Motorists -Scoot Around" i as if the highways were built only for them! Of course, there are plenty of IM who are not "scooters." but--we a.'.'. use the same roads. The safest course to steer here rlrst for Automobile Insurance. POTTS GRIFFIN. Private Sale'. Doub Property S--u:ii«-ast comer Market and Fourth Streets Lot fron'j 52 feet on Market street and 129 feet on Fourth stre"'. A ' Sr.e br:ei libelling house and store ' room--rlattjr :n occupancy of Arr.berg ir.d J^rd.u;. furniture Ct.urs Price reasorxible ters?n« ::-.:er»t«d can in- s;K-;t prorxr 1 .- , PKANTC C NORWOOD. Executor. Ma-. :c.»nt." Sprat's Beauty -^hoppe. rnana^r Serial th M.»r;-l or F.:-.;cr W^-.o and ,. S'. 00 -r.t \Va-.o. Si 00 557-J C17 X Mjir'W. St. the parochial and public schools, subject to be named by the respective schools. June 9 was set for the flower C Beck. Jr . Miss Kitty Beck and Master The pamper contests held following , B ." lY j _ the parade resulted in first prize award- J "ll i£ , show to be held on the lawn at the | ed home of Mrs. Milton Lightwood, com-; urhich made a record of 56-i seconds mittee; Mis. Frani Campbell, chair-' man: Miss Lottie Hoke. Mrs. George Fyst and Mrs B. P. Ogle. Mrs. Allen Pryor read an interesting report on j respectively. better homes* -week. Mrs. Roy Maxell' A hand concert -aras held in the eve- I was appointed chairman for the base-! ning in front of the Firemen's Building Bev. George H. Seller, pastor of the '· ban picnic. Mr. Saunders of the Jewel j The Westminster company -nil! hold a ! , -- ju^s Margaret Dronenburg is re- ihe Taneytoxn Fire Company. ; rcve: . ssg fron , ari atu , ck o r scarlet fever at irte home of her parents. Mr. In Bloom--200 Varieties Iris. Many Other Perennials B. A. H. BBCST. Route 3. Beyond Rocky Springs. Fine \Va'ch Repairing. Prices rei50nab!e Wors guaranteed 1 y: SAMCSL L TYL.ER. 121 North Market Street Valley View Inn. Rradoock Heights. Opening Sunday. May 22. special hicfcen dinner. $1. Banquets and crrd home in Baltimore on Wednesday, after j parties a specialty, having been a guest a-1 the home of s Misses Hammond and Oberiander. Rev. and Mrs. R W. Jordan for the i · Lawn Mowers Sharpened. FRANK JAMES. ·Phoce 1M-R 127 W 5th St. LOST AND FOUND. jrcev. vj^orije n. ocii^r., jjoot^i vi -AA-C · oail picnic. Air. oauuuer^ oi LIIC otrwci j me wesinu^si.*^: tv^iua^j \M -«v.« « . p^^ week · Festival At Yellow Springs. Lutheran church. Jefferson, -arho has ! Te a Co.. showed some premiums given j carnival and bazaar over Friday and j _ M _ a ^ d ilrs Edward Deet^ ar.d two ; Wednesday evening. May 25. for bene- been suffering from rheumatism during j xtfih tests: products. Mrs. W. M. the past moach, is convalescing. ! Troxell was recreation chairman The ! prize was won by Mrs. Alien Pryor. Mrs. M. S. Pearre. Mt. Airy, is ire- | There were twenty-four members and proving at the Frederick City Hospital, j O ne visitor present. The next meeting Mrs. Pearre, who was stricken suddenly; two weeks ago. is now recovering from lobar i "«·-- -*-·**. ·*-.-- · - | AIT- a-lU J*!!;?. tAiA3.*Xi l^C^T-i d-.U . A U i Ssturday nights. Frank T. SchaeSer. . (.^jj^rg-j^ ^^ ^r^ Sarah, of Frederick, , ft: president of the Westminster company., visi;ed ^y^g j a ~, es 5. Deets on Sunday. ~ LOST--A ROUND PILIGP.EE BREASTPIN' rur^fd ?3 Ml'iTaT-lcc W Sxea-TY. or 'pSo^sy of Brook Hill church. Good music. Kt'.itr inr-.. Bratidojc 14 s-:o-a.t Ho: MSS D. BAKEX, Prtsidtnt. JOHN U. BAKES, Vice-President. JOSEPH McDivir, Vice-President. WILLIAM G. ZIMMERMAJJ, Cashier. SAMUEL G. DUVALL. Assi*fan( Cashier. J. TKAVERS THOMAS, Assistant Cathier. DIRECTORS JOSEPH D. BAKER, THOMAS H. HJMT.FR, CHARLES H. CoNunf, M. D JOHN S. NEWMAN, JAMES H. GAMBRILL, JR., HOLMES D. BAKER, DANIEL BAKSR, JR., JOHN H. BAKER, ELIAS B. RAMSBCRCH, ARCHIBALD E. FISHER. With r«urn» »ad In- man re2ia!ns th* .ast »2«:f£ y pres- P:-.:-^JIV cj.-i.'.-o^s E\ta K'J .2002:1 u t .".:»r:»;^. ?c.- ice ;»·=·- or ».csst« KST slop it »". » ::n* whtn mos* needed. JOHJJ N CLARY. All Lls« o: instiriate O MtLBCHN FREE. So^cl'.or 'Phone 736 9 S Court St. FOR SALE. FOR S*LE -- SE'.V HOT WATER KEATING ilovr Ap?: 6-.T5 Sar-.h Mirfcet JSi. FOR SALE-- MILK. ISc GALLON. GUV ?OR --TWO YOCXG WORK HORSES. ci H. Z:a=--er=iir.. W»lkfrsT!!!e. S-:i-d3t LADIES' FULL FASHION-ED SILK HOSE-Seconds. J F»:r S» OS. pos:?a:d. Ss-.ulac- Ashcboro. N C Hosiery Co. dlf FOR SALE --CASH REGISTER. BEADTIFOI. wh'.'.e rir.isb Rfroir.g-.os like nex.^Aiso fiae S trie^oScc'^ra 5 "°Birb"r» FritcfcTe Choeota« acted as host 'during the convention. ! --Mr. Howard Miles, Jr., of Upper i Marlboro, spent several days of last Plate Lunch- Choice of two meats and three vegeta- j jj e j,i Jioe 2. at the home of Mrs. i Report Made Of Activities In Foster- ' , Louis Myers, Jr., three year old son of Louis Myers near Creagerstown. had a narrow escape from serious injury lass Friday when his arm was caught in the wringer of an electric washing i machine. The washer was stopped im- i mediately and a subsequent examination · last meeting until Fall Monday after- ! . Westminster ^ ^_ ' ! Westminster, May 21.--With the call- J fortune co fall arid brea her hip on ' Kamburger steak 30c. ar CIVIC CLUB MEETING '"^S o- '·** Margaret Greenwood case ·. Wednesday. Mrs Ella King is spending , Me. J5or Wednesday the Cour; House was | sometime at Mrs. Gibsor-'s home as a j Sandwiches: week a; the home of his parents. Mr. [ bles, bread and jutter. 20c. Special: j and Mrs. Ko--ard Miles. I Three eggs, bread, butter and coffee 20c. --Mrs. Charles Gibson had the mis- ; Ham and eggs 30c. Bacon and eggs 30c. and Beef steak · nlled for the third day of the May ; nurse. lag Peace. The Frederick Civic Club heW its i of the Circuit Court for Carroll | county. Associate Judge William Henry i j Forsythe, Jr., continued . to preside. i Weiaer 5c Egg CHICKS FOR SALE. | B»BY CHICKS -8ARRFD ROCKS. WHITE j Roc**, Red', and Orpji.M-I ^:?^i e -r,:,d B a4r^:^ s - «S^ o!T tverr Mor,iJT -inrt Fr:da- \:arv'ana Chic* Hi-.:h«r-. I=c . 115 East Pi.rlc* s- ·Phone «9. Shopp* FOR S1XJE --SOY BEAKS. GOOD QDALTTT Vlr£'.a:»». *1 M bushel. J. G Stevens. Cre»eerslowc. Mi! erict Phone 1825-F-K Fred- s'12-dlO: 5-16-d6t The first case called was the larceny shovred thai no bones -were broker!, but j noon at the Y. M. C. A.. Mrs. C. W. j - o * a the arm severely bruised. Mr. L. E- Keefer. C'^rke Place, who s has been indisposed for the past tw weeks, is much improved. a*«i ^ ^ x. -a. v,. A AI.-B. o. ». \ insl Bo-den Annette, ^regory. presiaent. presniing. Reports ! " ^. o? Nolai , sassier. ·· various activities were given, and · r_:.,r" " Th g j.2^ Tas K Mr. J. Windsor Williams, Kemptown, entered the Frederick City Hospital for treatment on Thursday of this week. n valued at S450 Patapsco. the near Koucks- trted before a To Celebrate 85th Birthday. Simeon L. 3as:. veteran blacksmith j of Bradoock. will be honored by the on i j Hamburger 5c Lettuce Tomato lOc Ham 15c Combination HOME LITNCH- 316 East Patrick St. i p. LUTHER RICE. Bradcock Woman's Club We: the occasion of his eighty-fifth birthday. After receiving- the congratulations of fnends at his home, Mr. Bast case i jury and he was found guilty. He was j w;!; be accoln p a - ;ed br he c:u a ^ the ' P- ^ A report of the club's actMtte to ! ^^^ ^^^n^ ^ ^ j George Washinr^n monument on South 40c fostering peace movements was made, ! J^.. "* ! Poetry Week May 22-29. Chicken Supper and Strawberry festival in Mt. Pleasant Hall. Thursday. June 2. From 5 to 10 Benefit Reformed Church. Price it being stated thac a cablegram was sent bv the Civic Club to the Disarmament Conference at Geneva, Switzerland, in which the club heartily endorsed every effort, being made for peace by irrlerr:atiocal statesmen. Announce! teen; was made of acknowledgement Miss Mildred Repp, this city, gradu- j - rKn ; he . whi: « House ° f - a message i^ j j _^__ T*T-- T^I»S /-- .--«.*. 5rtm iji2 Civic Cli PERSONALS i, ! made. Mr. Bast began as a blacksmith Roy F. JLam'oert.. -who is engagea in j m igc5 a: , fle c!o _ e of , he C . T;I War ri: for the greater part of his life. He has al- wife. Mrs. Emma C. Lambert ana , way£ ^^ a stauach DemDcrat and daughter Ethel, living at Taneytown. ierTe1 :TO terlns ^ a Frederick The traverser testified that he haa been i ^ele^ate :o the Marvland Leg^Ianire a't the State Rork in Mount Airy, was tried by a j He feas cor _ ;::luec j bis jury on the non-support charge of his i g-^j,^- pa -- o ; j,^ ;jj Mrs. Emma C. Lambert and , way£ ^^a a stauac ji hter Ethel, living at Taneytown. ierTe j -^ o terms as a I. traverser testified that he had been i celebrate :o the Marylar o--tt of work for 18 months until six j He -._,, a!so enl p-,., ved i weeks ago. The verdict, of the jury I hcU3e for ftur years. Notice. j My address in Telephone Directory is ; r.ot correct Should be 223 Washington ' street, phor.e 104:-J. ! JOHN W. NtTbL. Auctioneer. BasebalL Tomorrow. 2.30 p. m., McCurdy Field. Brunswick All-Stars and F. A. C Gents, 25c. Ladies, free. were held si the auditorium hospital. of the ' at t ^ e Ge r:eva conference. j A reporc of the recent annual conj ventiors of the Maryland State Feder- Mrs. George Smith, of Walkersviiie, ! atio - of VTomea's Clubs at the Lord underwent an operation for gall stones I Baltimore hotel. Baltimore, was given Wednesdav a; the Frederick City Hos- b? :is - Calvin E. Schildknecht. It was pital and" was reported today to be i TOMd to contribute S10 to the Frederick very SI. She was stricken suddenlv on ! - n:lollc P^ygrouad f una. The remain- \Iondav ° er °- " ne meeting wss devoted to Civic No Clues To Barn Burningr. No farther clues in the supposed in- Modern Apartment For Rent. Apply Weil Bros. «0 North Market St. MISCELLANEOUS. ^^.^--~-~-~-~-^*~^--~--NEW LIQUID METAL -MENDS AND FIXES objrc:s o! rrie-.i'. ro^f'.a..-.. rjbbrr. B-a-J . -·c »".ho-j- h-T Ascnt;-D:s'.r.l3»iors J ~. 2 ke to S60 yfc!% T-rr:'.cr;- B o.n S f»« | Me'.al'..c-X. E:^ 3 r;. lat *'·-' PIANO TUNNING AND RADIO REPAIRING a spec".:-? Albert C a'.raer 'Phonf 519-W. 8 West 13-.h s'.rect D-.-Sib» NOTICES. ORDEP. NISI ON ACrjIT NO DJ:'. EQUITY 1= tr.? C."': t f" F-c..:r -·: Coun'.r. s. ..r.» -n -V.-^-.' Trrn ,_ 1932 Tr-.:s;c- -.riJ-r the HELP DESTROY DEPRESSION not by quirreUng v.ih 11 but by »S ourselves u it. U you c»nao: cirlTB » sw cylinder car drive » lour, but why drive » rour it you may aurchsie m s!i for tuo *»me price Compare this ilx room modern orlc* tficniag on Part Ave. offered for only S3.500 wl:h my other property of a mucn higher price. Two thirds left In property :i desired. A rea! opportunity for tae early bird. A JOB AWAITING- TOD. 8 room modern brick dwelling for tourist business. wS;h cement block modem fUllnz s:a:ioa Including one acre for camping purposes, located on Hlsa-way. May trade on C;tv proper:27 acres on HlKh*ay near Frederick, dieli- !QK »ith electricity, bath and gravitation wa:cr sys:em A real opportunity for tourist and flUing station business. FARMS FOR SALE FOR SALE.-TWO SEW BRICK HOUSED modem !a every respect One ColonlaJ one English type, ultuated on Undbers* avenue Opposite Hood College. App.y JoM \v Grore. West Fourth St.. Extended. FOB BENT. FOR REST--a HOCSSS AXD 5 oa East Patriot street. APP-J,1 ?.' Patrtcfe street. S-21-dSC FOR RENT --3-ROOM suburbs Bath, garage. 13th street. APARTMEJTT IN Apply s West 5-31-dSt FURNISHED rHONT ROOM FOR REST.-- S2.00 ^eei- ApP'-y 335 East T h z r d ^ ^ FOR REST.-MODERN 6-ROOM David Gro2. 'Phone 315. 5-JO-d6t FOR RENT -- FURBISHED JOS East Second street. APARTMENT. 5-20-d6f FOR RENT --SIX P.OOM garage. 713 Motter Ave Main. Bradcioci Heights. HOUSE WITH Apply J Fred ·Phone 13-F-3- 1 THREE-ROOM APARTMENT FOR SSO Alt n-.odern. Patrick street A. E. Cramer. 159 5-20-dSt- . . . the traverser was Bruce T. Bair and j M: _ Alry ^^ tO cay. The fire occurred r. Brown represented the , Mav n and afMr ilr Kirsey had tried ' to telephone an alarm, wr.hout success. :t was found that his telephone ·n cut a short dis:ance Theodore state. The colored singing quartet near Sykesville. Ernest Taornas. aged | -...^ bad Rent-A-Car. Drive-It-Yourself. New Low Rates Gas ana Oil Included. FH.AN-CI3 SCOTT KETi* GARAGE. 14 years: Reuben Thomas. 20; Charies j was stated that Mr K:nse - . ]ai Xight, Mrs. Lee Miller Hodgson and young ! ScaniE ' a daughter, little Miss Albertine Hodg- I f mnca *son, of Ciarksv-Xe who have naTe a ^P 60 ub, and were = Civic Club plans P»s^7 meeting next the actual assault, was sentensed to two j been Tisiting Mrs. Hodgson's parents, Mr. and Mrs. Albert W. Condon, this city, will leave Sunday to spend a week sx. Manassas. later to the resident Condon. Mr. and Mrs. "White Oak Springs r ited Friday afternoon Ellis B Mr attorneys and pr ,, ,,,, , life of the Quaker City. Mr. Chichester. ! iDr: * :!1 Patraaa, ivelyn M. Ogle. aini j j^-^j ?oo:-e. wha formerly of Leesburg. Virginia, has been j ^^er.^GraceVfood^ Barbara Mooer- j fo .jj. d g,^^ O3 a living years. Certifies School. p r£} j Ignatius Bjorlee, superi-ter.der.t years in the Maryland House of Cor- ; o ; ; - ne Maryland State 'school "for the rection and each of the other boys were D=aj. returned Friday even-rig from sentenced K one year in the sarae in- ] Trenton, N. J , where as a member i of a special committee under the c.rec- ig Public: Grand Opening Ball Decoration Day THE XSW HOLLYWOOD BALLROOM. Opposite City Tourist Camp Gr:--^nds j "The Barroom DeLuxs." j Featuring Recording and Broadcasting . Bands. The Hollywood Amusement Co. presents ; J::i Dillinger's Famous College Band. ' Hot-Sweet Music; Song and Rythm. ! "A Musical Treat," I it 11 o'clock;--"Dance of The Crystal ! copr ol th ' nrd-r Sr r .bl.s'-.-d Ir. some Tspar'r r ·*' --·«! n Fre^.-r :·; Co^r.-y. at ast ^^TfT £1^5 ;·- o* tD "i ^ ca" Dated 21s' d---. of \!3r 1532 E1.I G HVJGH. C.ers: or :r.e C.r;,.t C;-rt :ar F.-iSer.c^- CO,:T. .P-a-re. J r . So:.c.'or ELI G HAUGH. PUBLIC SALES. PUBLIC SALE By virtue oT a ·sc-rlt of d^traint of the S'.a:e yi Marylasd, issued by Alton T. B;r.r.?tt. a justice o£ the peace o! the State o: Mary.and. :n and :or Frederick Co-jaly. FOR RENT --SECOXO FLOOR APARTiSSST. Mrs. R. F. Ss'.'.-.r;. Ill West Second St. FOR REST--MODERN APARTMSST, 3 rooms ar.d bath Attractive rental ^ proper tenant Ira--edlat« possession. 125 S Martet street. 5-18-SI2! Shower." Spectacular: Alluring! I John J. Kavanaugh. BaltimDre, was ^ o f the Conference of Executives turclav Opens 8 p. m. AdzUssion 50c. was indicted and charge was " a r s ^ 7 Thursda-r" to Easton. Md.. where thev j ^ p ' "'--'^-^ "oell. ·Kil mak^ t'-eir horn* Mr" Davis has ! 2 roct « r _^ess--«r. Rofert been the" Ixaf rWrlinirive of Swift ir? rc : d ^P*-'- A1 "- a = aarper. n .'. t £y^t*^-^~ rt-3--*t ^r----^a-- T-V^-.^- ard Company an- aas been transferred ^' to Easton, where he and Mrs. Davis will ', ;.* reside in the Harcbl-et-on Apartments j '*] Mr. Heroert Neighbours, Thurasont for ! a month and then will join her daugh- ! ter, Mrs. Davis, in Easton. ; Glove Stretchers. For little money you can b-y glove frames *o dry your suece or oth-er ;l3Tes on They ke-:p the^- shape perfectly and they come out looking :±c new. FASHION PLAQUE STAR FUBNITUBE CO. BARGAINS IS FCRNli LRE SO s'-sh;'.- -sei rc:r.;-ri'.5rs. z". ir-s. 34 CO :D S12 00 t05 '.t': S;-? ru;s .tex- S2 25 UT L.-..r; raonn d.r..r.; r;=~. b-d ro=^. ' pr c~- C;rr.? .~. and i» c--. ~c-i ;.o^ c^n a-.c rr-r» -.-.-.-. .-*..: "· Vc _. =r - trl^" v c _ r - - 'i-- .*c '·'· i3-r red.-. .=; go^i STAH ruRr'rrvF.s co. .n S .U at th E ara S e -,, ^e Cospar-y at County. Marrland. the above-described ! soods 10 seized i=i taken :n eiecciioa at j P-SI.C sal? to the highest bidder lor casb. j CHARLES W SMITE. i , Constable for Frederick Cocatr. Maryland j Rrubcn S Lease. A-jCtlo-eer. ( rOR RSNT --GARAOS Manet street Best Fountain Service ID The City. PEOPLE'S SERVICE DRUG STORES FOR REST --6-ROOM K Bests St Arp'.y 43t X Drink More Mitt. HELP WANTED. Maintain your youthful complexion by A v ^,_ -_ vrr - drin-:^r.g three glaizs of milk every day | i'=;" 0 2- Vv Your cheapest an:' best food. 20c a pjc^a;-- -5 jallcn. LjrS WERTH5ZMKR c ^ ? _,_ s ._ zo _ TO :« i»- = :-^..t . n ^er.^^s, Mary Anna Myers. Mary 3 * 7 x * aarga Dowtay Boop. Fra^ . 1 a= d Kicnarc Saoeraaker. Physicists have acknowledged that j light's velocity is one of the most fun- . darnental constants of nature. Ladies Aid Society Meets. The Ladies Aid Society of the M. E church, Lewistown. met at the horse of Mrs. Lewis Heffner. Tuesday evening The president. Mrs. C. C. Green, presided. The meeting was opened with singing in unison "Stand Up for Jes-js". scripture reading, by Mrs. John Kelly. the Lord's Prayer iri unison, hymn. ---Where He Leads Me." Thers were Market Prices Grain. afternoon meeting at the residence of '_ Mrs. John France Smith in the inier- j eat of the formation of a Frederick . Branch, Women's National Cathedral j Association, in addition to thase an| nounied. were- Mrs. Camden B . '· Mrs. William B. French. Mrs. Wheat bu j3 | j oS;;so: -_ ilr ^. ^ Austin Pearre. Mrs Co-- b " 3 "- - - ~ S! 65 ' Gordon M Ash and Miss Nannie Drill. Live Stock and Produce. i . Steers, . Heifers Cows . .,, Ca'.ves Larr.os (Bucks) Attended Meeting. Others ~ho attend-ed the Thursday eight members and six visitors present The remainder of the program follows. Heacmg. Mrs George Arnold: recitation, Mary Virginia Kelly: rec.tation. Helen Heffner; reading. Lucine W.sner: reading. Hilda Foster; closing hymn. "Blest Be The Tie." The next rr.eet- wiH be held at the home of Miss Lottie Snook. Mountaindale. Tuesday evening, June 14. Two Toes Badly Cut. WhJe cnvir.g a »take in the ground i Fractures I/eft Arm Second Time. . 4c to 5c! Austin Toms, son of Mrs. Herzaaa 3'^c to 4'-c | Toms, of "lc to 3 ' ^ c j o n e of the bones in his left arm about at his ncrr.e near Middletown Satwr-j '_'c to 3 ; : c j a month sgo while practicing a high ] cay with a hatchet. William Bowlns j 3c to 5'" : c jump at the Middlctown school, had nearly severed one of the toes on his j For Sale- Good Values In Used Cars 3--Doige Sedans. 3--Doige Coapes. I--Dodge Roadster. 2--Sss«c Coaches 1--Chevron: Coupe 1--Hudson Sedan 1--Pa:kard 7 Passenger Sedan :--Plymouth Sedan. l;i Ton ?om T-- ;£, Sasy tertts STAL3Y MOTOR CO. Frederick. Me. 3E YOt. R S n TO d'--"£- CDS'CSTtC? r£"CN37=«T^R TO DEVON- PROPOSALS. DEPARTMENT OF PUBLIC WORKS STATE Or MARYLAND STATE ROADS COMMISSION NOTICE TO CONTRACTORS Sealed proposal for section of State H.ghway as fo'.iows: Frederick County: Contract F-189: App-y %:ary z. 511--Federal Aid Project. No. 237--One- Terrace, section of State H:gnway along the Liberty Road from Libertvtown toward Frederics f :-r a d-stance of 8 93 rcil-es (Concrete She-alders and Concrete Hoadway) will be recel-.ed by the Sta-t« Hoacs Osmm^sion at :ts oEces. Federal Reserve Bank 8--.ld.ns. C^-vert and L*TinCon S'r-eets. Baltimore. Maryland. jnt.l ':: rr. on the 31st day of May. 1932. at wh.rh t:me snd place tfcey wi". be p^jl.clv opened and read Pre- B:ds must oe maae aporj FOP. REST--S-SOOM HOCSE. KO 345 W. Pat-ck St SM. App'.y I N Sb!p'.=7- 1*» W Church St 5-I7-d'-f FOR RENT --MODERN 5-RCOH. SECONO r.osr apt App'.y 431 North JTariet St. 5-16-!tI FOR RSNT --FTTRNISHSZ) FRONT ROOH. s-j.tiSTe f;r one or Isra persons. 119 West Third St 5-lS-dSI AF?i,T 237 SOtTTH ~sg. 573 XORTH Miriet «t-«i S-15-dt.t : POH RSNT --HOUSi 15 W£si SAINTS ST' FOR RENT r=tst 319 ROOM MODERN APART- Patrisl St ?osssss;oa t=- '.T J H C-l.:r. FOR RENT --LARGE ^ttr.t A. i^ciers Wachter Sr:s SIX ROOM APART- FOR VEST ONE Or ." SS 3 S. proposaj :orm whJcn, with specific*- | J ttoros ana plans wi2 fe rtzrnJsijed sy i - REST--TWO '--.\*. *A-i~*x,i :"=rt K2""a ~cs=r= si. sis.-ss 1 " *sV~ t:S S Slacti. 105 W S'.xti. 215 »=5 2=2 E ?o-r-.5 and 335 W PaBrlcS \^ rao=s a=i :=r=L^Sed »part=se=a 67 rtet "s^ . . . - ££,,, the Comrctsxiorj upon application a.cJ cash payment of SI 00 for each separate rro;ect. as Hereafter no charges For Sale. A" S:nds or second hand Pipe .TD FOR BENT -- MOTJSRN JND FLOOR APAP.T- =er;ts. .=72.ihed or ssrzrslsliKL A?p5 » West Tilrd St. 4-t-dti ?OR RENT.--DATLIGHT HOME. T3CH- o^ss.j siiert: S«ar Crlrs 5*3.7 Passes- Coa at o=ce App'.? L-'-ord C, Cu.'.ir. OLD ESTABT-tSHED 8 tn:hes: I-Bear^s. and Ang'.e Iron --i-"--'-i* '··-· .;. for B-u.cing purposes ^~" ' ·" p FREDERICS JCNK COMPANY. j JVT". ~\'.'.~ '-' "". Frank Gastley Prop "Phcne 383 OfS:e .nd Warehouse--Chapel AUey Between Third and Fborth Sts. Residence--215 E Third St. 32S RENT --MODERN 6-3OO15 Pars aT5st:e. ? e B Ksh=e sorss, Apr-J 1. B-K'.T. a:-.' . . 5c to S S c i t h e misfortune 3c to 4c ; the sam: arm Hogs 3c to to break both bones in Wednesday morning 1 * hen he sLpped ana fell at his home. right foot and cut an us'i gash in a I Navy b'.ue pique w:th a second «r.e when tne hatchst slipped 1 and struck him on the foot. f^ath^r is used close cuff brua. for turban with, Lower Prices On Scratch Pads. Penc.1 Tablets (newsprint paper) Now 6 Cents a lib. Bond and Book Paper Tablets, Now 9 Cents a fb. THS NEWS-POST. MSN IS TO S5 -- R'.Tt/.V«.Y '.'ML TLETIKS 1 S-"a-v -r« C --.--c-" Slag'"-.' Month Pa.S \ a c T . - r « E----. ·--e _-.r»cessiry i Co~* "J^c-i'.^n ^u*f-.rr.: F:Zi p-*r*.c- I tilars ·*.·-. 'i~3 e c-ic- re '-f ArplJ ' todav s t~" BJT IC763 N f t «-?-i ; ;t No r'.ds will re received unless ac- c-jmpin:*d by a cert.n*cl check. payabJe t-; the State Roads Commission of Mary-an-. as req-^ed by Section 6. Chap-ter 539. Acts o: 1931 of the amount as set fcrth U3 the proposal form Tns successful oidder w.:i be required tc b^nd. and'.y with the Acts of the Genera: Assembly of Maryland. respecting contracts '· The Cornnussijn reserres tte rlgis" i to rejecr any and all bids j By order or the State Roads Com- , TOR RENT -snc ROOM SOUSE ON NORTH c-.iiiicn this 17'h day of May. 1932. ; Marts: St. Ajp:? to c F. Sd^dSr^echt, G CLINTON CTHL, "14 N. Market s-.ree'. 5-I-itf ! Chairmaa. | i u H. Steuart, S«creuury. ' FOR RENT.--MCDEHN S ROOM APART- =e=t, yard. 136 Souta Market street. :=3sd;ate pesssssicr: App'.y I*. C Cz'.ltr. 5-i-et: POR RENT.--ATTSACnVS APARTiiSNT. Appty Ezra Hsici. Jr_ 10B East Secc^d street. 5-1-SK OLD NEWSPAPERS FOR lie XEWS OfTiCS.

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