The News from Frederick, Maryland on July 9, 1948 · Page 9
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The News from Frederick, Maryland · Page 9

Frederick, Maryland
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Friday, July 9, 1948
Page 9
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Judge Moylan, Once Known As f Stogie, 9 Groics Nostalgic By JOE EISEXHAUEB, 3K0. i ed, the main street of old Jefferson lieve it or not. XJrbanm was originally named Weoltown. In Frederick city, the leading manufacturing industry in the mid- 19th century was tanning. Within the boundaries of old Fredericktown, Judge Moylan related there Twenty-six years ago. the News- j was paved with fuads secured in j were eight tanneries on Carroll Post published an extended series j this manner: The incorporated j creek. They produced in 1853 ap- zens i its various towns la .Frederick county. They were written by a native. one source o: Charles E. Moylaa. now a Judge' Sam h *s not oa the Supreme Bench of Ba!ti- j -' observed. Bartho- which sold for $7 a ton. s were most civic-minded and ; o lows was named for two Bariho- treasury was -in the black' "~ | loxv brothers, who operated a tan- sm,TM «f revenue that Uncle ! nery near ^ foot o farr- S re-discovered, ne dry- j j u dge 3 Judge Moylan's address was re- Iplete with all the historic saga as- more City. Back in those days, it , was Prof. Moylan--he had been a "developed By Judge iloyjan, un: e-ick Francis Scott Kev member of the Boys High School i known :o the vast majority whoijus'ice Roger B--ooke Tane'v "Bar" faculty and most of the boys i be-, usually - think o£ history only as a - b ara Fritchie. the rranrf mA',^1 Other interesting sidelights were = sociaied with the name of F-ed- iveloped by Judge Moylaa. ua-: er ick. Francis Scott Kev. Chipf Scarff's "History of Western Maryland." "Some years ago." Judge Moylan concluded. " a young man came to Frederick and worked on Uie Frederick News. Suggestive of Bent; street, he wrote-rand still writes-- The Nation Today By JAMES -V Alt LOW them, but no new ones can be undertaken.) But the problem is: What's avo- cational or recreational? For example: One man may wnt to learn ---- -- ------ ------ -- " "»··-«· -- j jy j.un.b9 -MAIH.W** dancing just to be t» social lion; for the Sunpapers under the name j "Washington. July 9 tJPy-- Uncle ' another may want to learn it so of The Bentztown Bard." j gam is banning courses of 'training j he cail TMak« a living teaching it. So much of the charm -- and flav- i or education for veterans who want j On * nlan ma v want to learn or-- and character of old Frederick ; them just for the fun of it. i Photography as a hobby: another ' county has been recaptured la prose ! . doesn't mean a ban on any- j ma ' waist l ° make a living at it. The New». Frederick. Md.. FrM»r. J«Iy 9, 1M* At this point that's about the best answer that can be given. la other words: If you'r* a veteran and want to take up something that is listed as avocatioaal or recreational but Con- you really want to roe it fa nection with your work, have to convince the VA of that, If the VA decide;; you really want the training to help you a living, it will let -- u go and take it at government ti oak* ah«*4 and poeto' by Folger McKlnsev · thing thai is intended to help a Oa f Ina « ma v w «« 5 *o learn how that Judge Moylan deemed it" fit- · veteran make a living. . !to raix Brinks so he'il be a good j ting to end on one of the Wst! lf '°"'re » veteran it might be 1 host at nis ow n parties; another i poetic notes conceived by this "gift-' a Sood idea to read this C3refu!lv I nav . want to !ear " so hc can n TM*c; ed Maryland journalist." * " " ! « you'll get as. idea of what you : a J-yir _ * «vir\ ssnrt *»a« £ -4rt fmn* ii/\w f-*\ ' ! v/SltT Judge Moylan's address st can and can't do from now cft. One man may want to learn to i a P» J °* J"** for *''-e thrill: an- want to learn so he can ! Start from the beginning: emphasized his oratorical abiJitv. it i,. ""· '·· \ veterans--at government expense 1 make a living flying or use f l y i n g ' aint- j --have bee abl to tk all i ia his business. - . Prof- literature together - with anything named for Col. Wood; and Walk- of historic appeal. So i: was only ersville, named for John Walker, natural that when he took a News-, x x x Post assignment to write a series j "I thought- of neighboring Ladon Frederick county towns, he 1 iesburg. .which received its name went at it whole-heartedly. ? mare than 125 years ago. because The information he gathered, j its population numbered seven both from records and folklore. * ladies and on! was assembled in masterful fash-; Bierely. who ion, and as the years passed, it * age of So years. He ,,_,,,,,_,,.,. ,, . . i then Prof. Moylan .essayed the role I training, bartending, personality i each case when a veteran apolies ! *» m fn"«»era ; ed the county s j of "Hamlet" in Shakespeare's i:«-! development, banjo plaving. sing-i for such training. ! charm in its olaer educational in- mortal tragedy. That was the ins public -^peak^ng ' *n the early 1830's. Hir- j "Class Play" of the old Boys High ' Some of the courses pretty clear- j · . I ester, a Aew England j School presented that year at the ly have been fun or some other! school teacher came here and Opera House and when none of reason not connected with making i founded a school for girls. In 1S45. | the "boys" came uo to par -i fe'« a living. i tre gving away hundreds of WEAR-EVER !y cr.e man--Samue? il teczfKf known as the Frederick | to the lot of ' Stcg'ie" to plav 'he died in 1ST?, a: the' remale Seminar?' and in 1893 as role of the "Ktelaaeholv p-We" ·^r ·· The Women's Colle?*- Tt n-nc 1=?- n.^r. .v,~..,-u i-- _ " . continued io accumulate. No where ' To the average resident, the his- i er re-christened Hood College, in was this better demonstrated than ; tory of Frederick county is fairh-- · "onor of a generous benefactor, when Judge Moylan addressed ; weil known. " " " . . - _ - - - - - even though he wss a member of the faculty. In that, like every- courses. About 11 months ago the U. S-? Budget Bureau started an invest;- j gation of "aifocationar' training ! Don't go to a iritch doctor thing else, he did a thorough job I ' An "avocational" training course ] one not essential to a veteran's J a judicious for a facetious approach · Manor, in which is now Buckeys- I E in outlining his "Thoughts of a · town District: Patrick Dula.ney ac-:T i,"** I v 3 m e UP T i0 F , r ^ erick : soa - ; World War One. (from Bahtmore) I traveled over; Passing reference by Judge Moy- j Judge Movlan the old Liberty pike, along which '· Ian to various place names re-11351 Governor once rolled the stage coaches and · vealed sidelights such as these: i the Marx-land over which sped the Pony Express, i 'Two Germans. George and '· Liberty was named for the Sons of · Michael Buckey. as eariv as 1775 j Liberty, who were active in pre- '· helped to settle Buckeystown. and I hi' Revolutionary days. Oa the north- t the town is named in George's I · , _.-,, T - "honor. recalled that in «r Dec i a I em end of the village I again saw the plain, unpretentious mid-Vic- at troops were sta- It met in the of Market It was back in the i Margaret E. S. Hood. Mount St. For several months he labored liV : « on some 400 residents and dignitaries. 1700's and the mid-years of the 'Mary's and Mt. St. Joseph's Col-Uook his "ca^f to Pallimo-e '-v'ce ^ ob 6---' i who assembled at Hood College i 18th century thai the sarly se:- *«?ges also have most noteworthy to see America's top tragedians--' The bureau made a report which ! last June. 12 at a dinner commena-; tiers of Maryland began to gaze ; records of achievement. Incidental- Walter Ham-den So'he--n a~d v\r said, in orating the 200th anniversary of j westward from tidewater. In the Uy. he relates. Emmitsburg. first ' " " a-u.u.- the founding of Frederick countj'.} course of time. Dan-el Dulaney took · known as "Poplar Fields" wa's first It was during the course of that' a patent for "Monocacy Manor;" ! settled in 1786 and took its name address that Judge Moylan forsook ' Charles Carrol! took JTarroH's j from the large landowner. V.'iUiam ...j , .- _- .- jEmmit. Its neighbor and rival. ... .. _. ?Thurmont 'door of the mountain) Frederics Countian on his Coun- : cepted a tract, a part of which is! was originally known as "Mechan- ty's 200th Birthday"--the trails he: now Frederick city; the Catoctin i icstown." Brunswick, on its hills traveled and the things he saw. f Furnace propertv wa . . . . He said: ' T J " ' : The bureau made its report to President Truman. And in his budget message to Congress last that some schools lowe. - . _ - . _ were offering courses purely f o r He studied hard--and it is we!!- i "5 ecr ea I o si al. social and leisure- remembered, ho made his pupils i tl! StJ'\ lrs i 1 J! s '" ^_ ... , ! study. Ke loved sports, and played as hard as he worked. That's "the secret of his success as a teaclie- , ,. ~. ._, , later an attornev. and now honor- i Januar - v - -' !r - Truman said this ftin- a* 1 seaf iS on eS! BalUniore'° reanS With ' a TMTM«* money OStl " S ' ax P avcrs | Bei!ch. ' ^thouBh^h^^diurcs^cJt,,.?^***^^ the"ci Bill ' heavy, he finds time to freQuently '· o'^RP-bts and nvi-· return "home" and it's here Judge i it * thought f ko'M ~'"- "'· Moylan and his lamily can be found i Congress made some changes to almost'any weekend, especially :n = this extent- the summer. j u said \ hc veterans Atoinistra- I i ticn after June 30. 1948, should not I The Golden Maidenhair moss : P. a " * or = n " GI training which the once was though; ;o have t h e : ^'-^ decides is avocational or rc- !^K HERE'S ALL YOU DO Juit fill in th» cosipeB b*low, Ulling u» in fHt^ (SO) words v '·u. »fy you lit* OuUny's Frotca Foodi. TK«n m»',\ H your entry witK ons «r«pp*r from «ny Ffoi»n Food Pck*q*. !·' to win ... *i yo«r OuUny d«Ur (or j * ( « i U today for j«r»! *x "Adamstown is named for Adam { ^Ad^ng^o the^erest of his Fred- I power of strengthening the hair of creaticnal. \i-ae *h» fa»-» ' anyone who used it in a wash. i * » eterans xvho enrolled for such was me lac,. courses before June 30 can finish torian farmhouse where was bom j Kohlenburg. who settled there in i f»«"«K ^ «»«"»«·« 1R4n s | erick county audience , I that the historical data embodied Thomas Sappington Arthur, the j 1840. playwright who wrote Ten Nights: "From hematite ore. dug up at = t T . ,, . In A Bar Room', a drama which j Catoctin Furnace ca""cn we^e · m Jud 2 e aio rlan s address was Folger McKinsey (the Bentztown \ cast and many ions of'she'ls «=ent : ^^/""y checked with "Old Fred- Bard declared has been staged at | to the Army during the Colonies' f e . rlClttow n-' b ' th e late Dr. Wii- more places at more times, and ; struggle for freedom. {Most every i li . am Crs-xford Johnson: with the seen by more people, than any oth- i schoolboy and girl knows about' Ilistor 'cal article on Frederick, writ- seemed to- veer at the main corner ! in 1765.) " « with Scarff's "History of Western to the New Market road, which j During the 19th century, Fred- [ Maryland." leads to my old home at Ijams- [ erick countians bought their blank- 1 TQ « factual data and history vil!e -- named for Plummet Ijams j ets and goods for woolen clothing | about Libertytown. briefly touched -- and in which the oldest house is | from several woolen mills in the j upon above, came from the files of completely covered with slate, j county. As late as 1S53. David ' the Baltimore Sun. and the histor- mined from the Ijamsville slate ; Study and Joseph Routson conduct- ' ical data about various Frederick quarry along about the time of the j -ed the Columbia Woolen Factory j county villages and towns from the War between the States. | at Lewistown. *and Richard Chif- i columns of the Frederick News"Drowsy Monrovia, with its | cote operated the Union Woolen I Post, which articles were based rural charm proudly named for j .Factory - Look in the Yellow your Classified Telephone Directory- for Feed Financ ing Furnaces cr alsost anything else every week! FREDERICK PRODUCE CO.. INC. Frederick. Maryland JOHN H. DULANY SON. Inc. ^^10^7*^."" 1 l'* Dul«ny F «ny roz*n NAME | ADDRESS i Nmn« and AddrOH ol Grocer · President Monroe by Postmaster Cronise."' Judge Moylan continued, interpolating thst Monrovia "has nothing on"' the beautiful village of Jefferson, known as late as 1880 as "Ifewton Trap." and which was named- in honor- of President Thomas Jefferson. Incidentally, Judge Moylan add- Medical Test ProTcd This N Grwt to Refete MONTHLY FEMALE PAINS Are you troubled br distress of female luncilocal sjoatlijy disturb- auces? Does this make jou suTer from pain, feel so nemous. -Break, higft-struag--st suc2i times? TJien BO try Iijxiia E. Plnkiiaic's Vegetable Compound to relieve sucJi sjmp- toms! la a recent medical test tli!s proved remarSablT helpful to Troio.- en troubled tMs -sray. Any drugstore. at Jefferson. And, be- i upon data and historv gleaned from " LOOK SPECIAL BUS Walkersville Carnival ·LEAVE FREDERICK 6.30 7.00 8,00 9.00 LEAVE CARXTVAI. 8.30 10.00 11.00 12.15 Leave Blue Ridge Terminal stop at all corners on Market Street. FARE 40 CENTS ROUND TREP LINCOLN BUS LINES of 8RD You never seem to have enougn delicious bread? ' B U T I KMOW A STORE TO COUNT ON FOR. THC VERY BEST - ALWAYS/ »*KtH 1 STAKTCD OUT AT COOKING I COT POINTERS ALOB.E ' OH SEASONING ND ANQ ON FRYING AND STILL «0(ie. 6UT THE ARTS NOT ALL IN COOKING. THIS FACT I MUST CONFESS IT TAKES THE RIGHT INGR.E05EMTS TO AID THE COOK'S SUCCESS/ JOHNNY* MARKET IS ITS NAME . . . A N D MY COOKING GETS THE FRA1SE / TENDERIZED MARYLAND Round Steak . . 89 Potatoes . . 1(K39 Ground Beef . . * 59 C | Watermelons ^ TENDER \\AL,V\JB.r -, -^ Toilet Tissue 3 * 29= Green Beans ««* BOX Cantaloupes . . « Super Suds . . ^34c;,^ v 2-Pc. Top Qt. Jars ^ 79= Juice Oranges ^ 35 L-^KGE WHITE LARGE Bl-NCH Soup Beans . . 2 ·»· 38^ Pascal Celery ^ 15 CXCLE GREEN'S 12 OZ. FANCY Pure Grape Jelly 17 Slicing Tomatoes * 20 Snowdrift Flour 10-69 Pig Liver . . . . * 35 JOHNNYS MARKET B30 NOfiTH.MARKET 5 T ; / « IT WITH BUTTER · PEANUT BUTTER SPREADS · JELLY and JAM MEAT · CHEESE · GRAVY and MANY OTHER WAYS YOUR NEIGHBORHOOD GROCER IS YOUR MOST DEPENDABLE SOURCE Or FOOD SUPPLY .lN.EWSPA.PERr INEWSPA'PERf

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