The Paris News from Paris, Texas on July 17, 1934 · Page 6
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The Paris News from Paris, Texas · Page 6

Paris, Texas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, July 17, 1934
Page 6
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9&£ •*?-,. TW r AMS NEWS, , JULY IT; 11 CLEVELAND BOOSTS YANKS TOWARD PEAK Ninth Inning Blowup Ends Their Chance Indian Pitcher* Suddenly Go ViM. Give Six Bases On Balls By HERBERT \V. BARKER j Associated Pres? Spons "Writer I>ue entirely TO an almost un-* c-recedente-3 vrave of .generosity j developed -v.thout varnins by j Cleveland's pitcher?. the New j Yorfe Yankees were back knock-1 ire. at :he door TO the American! Sesheu'. ?ead Tuesda>- 1 Tbe Yankees spr-arently ^vere | b«titr:iv4-S as Pfncli Hitter Earle j Cocjbi- op-?^.eG i he ninth with a| double but from there on it -wras aj marathon ar three Indian flippers j har.ded out six bases ort balls, j forced four run? across the plate j and,, presentee the Ne-w .1 erkers -, with one of the cheapest victories! they have ever earned, 7 to 4. j This snti-climatic ending: to a ball ] That up TO that point had i b^en a ^vell-pTayed. hard-fought i duel, boosted the Ysrikees..back to! BACK IN PARIS AGAIN ii Detroit Tigers -svho drop- j •ped a "iO-S decisi'o-n to -AVashms-i ton." I .Kal Trotsky's 15th "homer ^rjtb j Earl Averill on base in the eigrhth | had given the Indians a one-run j lead tnat looked ^ood- But after] Combs" double at the start of tire • -. nirsth. Ksiph ^'ineffarnsr. L,loyd j BrCTvn and Bob' V.'eilanc sudden-', ly found it impossible to locate j zh* plate. T-vvo ririch hitters. Ked: Wolfe and Tony "Lazzeri. as well | as Babe Kuth. Ben Chapman, BUI; ^y asd ilyril Hoasr all receiv- j f ree nckets to first base and I ?orn.e runs by Ha!ph Kress- | stsxh anS Joe Cror-in's double and; Bob Burke's triple ^-hich marked I a five-ma rally in the seventh | enable-:! "^•as.ninsrzort 10 ^hip I>e- i troi5, j Boston protected its grip on _. third p!ac-= by splitting t^'O v.-ith; Chicsso- ATS early attack c-v Sail i Sam Jones- Including: a four-run j burst in the opening- inning:, gavel Boston the first came 5-4. despite: 2e5x*''B-_'nt2r5's tOtb hon:- run a^« j Al Simmons 7 14th. Simmons" 15th^ bomer in --'ue stsrb innins: cf 'be; tiishtcap broke up a pitching- cae5 ; Johnziy vi'eich snd gave the ^'hlte i Sox a 5 to 2 vector;-. i • But-l-T Ne-rvsc-me outpitchec Sus- : ar Caiu as the St. "Louis Browns; Dhia. AthJetics. 3-T. -• The I^earue e-joycd an; open date. ; Tulsa Takes 15 to 1 Win OffSantone Oilers Bat Out 21 Hits to Make Leaders Look Helpless By BUX PARKER ] Associated Press Sports Writer 1 A^ Jutting combination of Grimes. I Hooks. Berger. Hostetler. Stoneham and Easterlins ganged up Monday nigrht on the San Antonio i Missions. Texas league pennant j leaders, for a. hittins spree that. | netted Tulsa a 15 to 1 victory. [ Tulsa ripped and slashed ; through for 21 hits that razeed j from, singles to Stoneham's lionie run. Grimes. Hooks and Stonefaam each batted in three runs for the Oilers. Berber knocked a pair of tallies Triih three hits. Easterling \ \ and Posedel were the "weak" hit- j j ters of the crew, eacli knocking- in 1 I only one run. Hostetler and } I led the attack with four hits each, j | It -was a bis night for Oklahoma. I j Oklahoma City Indians pasted 2. j | 10 to 2 licking on ihe Galveston ; i Buccaneers. Kennedy, the league's j ! leading: strikeout artist, -Tras i;: ] < crreat. ions. He limited the Island 1 j City cre-sv TO seven hits while his j 1 mates enjoyed a sltsgfesr at the j j expense of Gibbs ancl TValkup—a } | hitting bombardment that netted \ j sixteen -wallops, j ) Ths grand old pitching veteran | j of the leagrue. George "Washington \ Payne, stepped to the monnd and i AL SIMMONS FANS AS HUBBELL BAFFLES SLUGGERS Tough Luck Dogs Golf ei Laffoou Good. But Playing Leaves Him Just Also-Ran This Associated Press'picture shows Al Simmon* of the Chicago White Sox as he missed a third strik« and became the fourth of six American league alugg*r* to be farmed by Carl Hubbell of the Giants In th* first two innings of baseball's m:d-season classic, the all-star New York. Simmons later found hi* batting eye and became the only ztsr of th« same to a*t thr« hit*." hurled Houston to a 5 to 1 victory j over Fort "Worth. Payne out-pitch- | ed Claude Jonnard for the decis- j ion. The Buffs worked their rat- j lies in the third, fourth and fifth | innlnsrs ^vith the sixth run being 1 scored in the seventh. ) i Beaumont clouted Pitcher Feib- i FRISCH KNOCKS ALL-STAR HOMER j Seek M<ltch For Champ 1 er and Eriekson for 15 hits to take Jan easy 1*2 to 2 victory from Ds.1- i las, Sullivan started for Beaumont -a four-roui:5 boxins; mat-ih bly be r three "WT-estling bouts on GT.TTV WADE less rough stuff and tciertific """vvresrlins than ! but TVHS. relieved by Lark in 1 he suddenly lost control. the card for Tuesday night at the B<> . h metjl Paris Athletic club arena. local , ...,,.. iryal ^ans are rans .are vir>ectin^ sleazy 01 tnrills. ->- a - i — i — , . v. &T = ; „_ ., , • . " . . ~n^ o^ tJi= best short matcnes held; Two negroes wno mace : -'" *• •- "- 1 " -^~^ . ... , : ' TT->T<= tna T cn TNIII co to a one-; - - 1 — - "i*- 1 -- znore- | usuaL e clever and fast and - ^ D o se« ifc-eir Initial bow in the local arena last. ^vseli "\vill again open Th-3 show. Those '"who sa.^ -ast -week's performance are expecting as rjJuch fun front the fa-asclu^ as ; In one of tiie "wrestli!^ matches Wade Victor Over Mexican GIRL'S 'WRIST BROKIuN" HUGO. Okla..—Roberta. yc-ur^ :hter of Mr. and Mrs. H- I~ tior> Tt-ith litr!e regard .B:Ily Bums rras heard that Pat Reilly is as to-ugb as Jack O"De"i a,~d Bi'ty Sd-p-ards combined and has said ihat he Trill be prepared to take care of himself. They -a-il! ~o thirt~ mimjT.Trs or to on? fall. In the bout between Sailor Bart*..and Buck' Olsen there -*"U1 r-rc'ba- fal; finish ?."ith no time limn- : Glen "Wade. TV ho "won a. decision ! ov?r J-»an Huir-berto .at Dallas on \ ~DAL.l*AS, <.**. —Glen "Wade rv'onca-' nisht. -vill meet Toromy | TTxnside, Neb.. .-was given the Thornt>sos.~ in ih<s main event 1 tory in the main bout of a -K- -'-.fwo out of three i ling card here Monday night. ; in rules, • the man •stiin. a. thousand Isolds, is j making: his first appearance here, j He is confident thai fee •^rill be j able to gain a. decision over Wade, | though fv'ade has said he b.a.£ fp-vr rv~*Ios of his o^vn. ^hicn he ;; Tv-i!l '.r~ out or. Thompson- M. O. ; RIke -viil be the third ma.n in the ve tlie -a- KATE TK>N CONVICTED imiirisoTitnenT Monday s.fter r.i= eOTWicli^T: of maTisjauE'riter irs tne death of h-.= rne^han;- IT: a - r%ck May C5. Hap Morse May Bring His Team Here In Return Game third fail- Humberto ~airi- first fall in IS minutes with t a 165 strangle hold and ^Vade sauared the match with a series j of body slams in the second fall. I which "went nine mlnuier- The third fail had progressed four TTUTI- ^ utes Tri&n it -was stopped. f ne j rnatca -*'as advertised for tb« j south, TCaae scaled -15 pounds i and Iriunibert!? "1C*. * XOTTCTC *>r~ Paris. CALL 401— TTe- w:i; buy or tra-i*- tor your oI3 t-urniturc. Tome :r, to «—r ue D. H. Baker Furn. Co. '.'Tbs Hoiise Tna* Sells Fcr ~V:;h .a prospect of a return came between Ixjg^cor-'s Sattlers and Hap Morse's Americas I-a*3.n- drv c!ub of I>arias c-n the car<i= for Suzsda.y aftemocii promoters of tire local cl'-b are g-oing 1 to s-ta^re a bir ticket sale i" order to s-e- car p ftsanccc for th 1 ; horn? clue-. O t? HUGO PERSONALS AM) LOCAL Major Leaders ST. PAUL. JSlintu {.T5— Jol Revolts the pitch shot from Milwaukee, wore the -St. Pi open golf crown Tuesday, but rhi story is principally about d6s-$on< tou^rh luck. The hard luck man is Ky. foon. the young I>enver"profession,! al. la two successive champion^ ships—the westers and St. P*v opens—iaffoon has played th type of j;olf that normally would make a one-Jiorse race'out"of toumaEient, breaking par by -: Shots over 215 holes. Win? No. hi finished second each time* At Peoria, I1U he beat par "3 blo^vs only to have :O£b,th Harry Cooper of Chicago top by xwo strokes, breaking his. 1 in the second ."IS-hole overtaaw battle by shooticg: an incredible 30 on the front nine. In the : St Paul open, Ky shattered par five shots over th< % r^grulailon <—i holes to post a -33. but Cooper and| Revolta tied it. vThen the 36-hole play-off "end«d| vVednesday, Ky had beaten pax another stroke, but Sevolta. -spent him one better to \vin the -with 142. Cooper -was two *hotsft< Laffoon's rear. "Maybe my luck's all bacl." Xif-J foon remarked philosophically aft-1 erwards, "but. like TVTac Smith, Fail to keep on j Garden Plans Elimination Tourney to Pick Opponent For Baer " YORK. (.& — The tion tournament method Tex Kick- arc used to such escelleat financial effect; a few years ago -will be revived by Madison Square Oar- SHAWIVEE LOSES TO '.TEAM AT ANTLERS! Victory For Mountaineers ' Tafee* Early den. AXTU5RS, Okia- — Altliou«h.J yieidias: nine- feits. "l^efty" Byin*-f ton kept tiiein -well scattered•'\"taj ring up another victory Shaw-nee Koundhouse- Max Bear's decision not to de- hers s un< ia"y by a score of 7 to f^ud his hea-vx-^-eight champion- \ ShaTvnee jumped into a lead in | ship until next June ieft the Gar- | t £ e initial fratne "a^Sth t^o run*) den free to return to TUckard's { but the Mountaineers, !-n their 1 system and plans for s. series of j half, scored four runs and ••elimination" this summer already f "I, e fty" Parks to the are •wrell under way, j Sha.tvne's added another tally in, Jimroy Johnson, the Garden's ! the second round ^-hil« the 3oc*I*, boxing inipressario. already has \ scored three in the same stassa. Uned up a "bis four" of challengr- j Daniels, who rel!ev-<3 Parksr, e ^ — Steve Hamas, Primo Camera, i Byington settled do^nrt to a. hrH-1 Art :Lasky. and the Dinner of the j "ant pitchers duel the rest,;of .the-! :a~GernJanx- this 'month. If Jinsnsy 1 Antlers will pj^y at Mount] car ' swing* it, these four -win b« I ^^asant Thursday and Frhi&j\ I paiVed off in two "outdoor shovs \ Beginning- with th- Mount ; Johnny "Risko and A few others. ! vs-ould appear en the supportins \ } ca.rds with a chance ol earning ! ) promotion into the first Division- \ Eventually, the Garden hopes, one j of the entrants ^ ould stand out as i a fit opponent to meet Baer is ; by OOO 0-?X- ard Ev the Associated Pr^s AMERICAN XEAGrE Battir^: Mar.usfc. S^_r.a' .3&S: Gehrfn^-er. liger?. .3.S. Runs; Gehrir.ger. Tigers. Frank:* Frisch. St. Louis Cardinal manager, put son^« punch Into the National league attack in th* a5I-star garrvc in New York wrth a home run in the first innir.g of the classic. Here he ia shown being coogratuSated as he crossed the plate after parking the baSJ fn the right field stands. (Associated Press Photo) i SOF VALUAKT RESIDENTS VAI*LIANT. okia.., 2ll is spending the week TO ASK I L-TTTLrE ROCK. 05*? — A jn jjury cal-«ij into special session oa 1 be- asked to is£*ct Fraisk Mart3a» , T >Vi t trusty convict sraard. for first, d*-«j 155 ^ U ^SKree marder for kUHng: 1 Spenee Kator., • is pisnncc to s^*J "iCK*:-is in \ blocks of fjvo. the dtscats to <rosrt • ±5 cests -each, which is the regular ELECTION RETURNS ii; b* posted asra,:n -id«- return*. throug ourtesy of The Pans Ne^-' VISIT our c~orner Saiurda igh*. J T Jl>" -S-Th- sr<5 -watc Hildebrand's HUGO. Okla.—Kicrard "^*agi:er . of Oilaboma City and Koy Koff- \ in the O. A. Breaver hoise Sunday ; C.T> ro'^te frc-m Tdabei, • Rev, A. F. "^VaJIer anc son Kay- ] ^^^ ^i- Croitin. Penator?, tiio-nd' l'-ft .•jf-orida.3" "for a. fwo "wesks. ; Hits: Matstish. Senator stay in l-le^a, ArK. i G^bringer. T?-^&-r= *"•> A son.. Wilisarrs Oscar, ^-as born : adrnisEiosi price. The club needs ] Sunday at I>octor3. hospital, to .Mr. •• •atsiforras s.nd other bsseba" equip- iar:d Mrs.. Clarence Va,nderg-riff. : Tr5erl^ a^<J it. is fl^-red tbat h is j Mrs _ Dot;y Burns of Antlers is : the best plan to *»U enough t.-c-cets ; ^ patient in E>octors hospitaL ' to provide th* seeded mori«?y ratb- ^ .^^^ ^racy Conner of Mobile. -. er than to so-icit f'J.- ; C5. ~ ; Ala __ 5> lbe g.,,^- o ; ;.j r . En ,j >f rs . i cents to buy *^.o tiekets, I^ciud"" ; "»vi;;.ard "Hsrns ha.s r^turri^d to £ ; the grasji^c ^ritfe Hap-Morse- and ^•••i ; AJamo. T'^xas. after being the; • ere-*' Manager I>ogsdo« has a came : ?a(iS T 0 * Mr. ar-d Mrs, Cas« Van- ; __ > s^rieduie-d -w-ith Hugo for th^ first ^ x«._;.- r wf_ ; i Sunday in Aug~sist and i? rjezotJat- : ,,_^ r^ar! \-*~<**?: pr^Yente'i a;'^ Jisj? ^-itn Stilpnur Sprsnar. "°" r: " , r . r , frrg?T , o:r -Christian Character.:^ iP!easa.nt and other fast semi-pro ; ,^- ^^.^ ^.^^ of _ he jja-jon." } ^ At The Grand her ait-^it aunt, played by Mary j are radio fans. Aunt Ia<sz TIppit h|L5 ROJie to she ^ill teach .»-. ! lean; th* tr st!<ivcr from "Headline \ 7 " "" r I Shootc-r.'* the Gra.nd Theatre fea- ; .. u , .- Mouth i-' Iar7 tt >natS ab ° at t?r * ^ or l* cfccoL ! Tour friendsdar* not «&* j and proceeds to liave Haley sins: \ , iirs. Albert vViilard a~d babyj roK _ gor<> ^^.^g feJ2d rots j A-onder bo-^| for h(;r . As 5f a!1 this weren't I of Oittey are visiting Mr. A ^<i j d on T t make folks lik«yoa any b«t- .sserrsfaled -wti: I ^^ou^h for orse noan to bear. Ha- j M*"*- C. W. "Ward. j - er _ i^-to' s Pyorrhe* Remedy- j,,^ f^nas Ms 0-wn s^.-eetn»art in j ilrs - vfayn* Mili» ts spending | heals worst cases If us«S m» direct- rbe house, trying to steal the f the -week at Hot Spring*^ Ark. Jed. It 1» cot a mouth -arash -or ,4 I paste, and is sold ots «. taoceT b&ck & 1 sruarant«^. Palac* I>rtr£ Stor*,— m. and I Adv. Hisses Mary George en<! Ashland hsr« he*n vis- At The Plaza nz tips can . sanctity ! TO *nap a picture oJ th<J wjdo^ of ; ,j^* ro !a nc*orioiw rharactrrr. He £orc*-n i r _.„,,. ibis 'way Into a prison d^atli-cbarn- | ^^^'j \ ber to ?rt a r-!c:«"--tr <>f th^ -on- j ^ ' ^octetv m«»t Mon-Sa" z* th» ?^d Mrs. Ctr--- T>uns. at- ; »* rs funeral IT IS DANGEROUS And expensive ^ 10 drive \'C*ur automobile "*"nn th? wheels out o* ment. We have the finest equipment and factory trained mechanics ^'ho sped2nze in vheel aHenrnent and frame siraightcsirsg. if your car does no! sieer as well as when nev or if •YOUT from tires are shov,- ' : ft,c unusual v-ear, drive M>ijr *-jr into our service for a FREE \ lirce Sarcay af-ernoor, tht Bat- ; , 1 tiers trimmed tb*> rocky bunch \ ifros I>aIIaJS. Divine t.heni the' first !< ^ ifcklrXfe th<?~ hav» experienced this ; F"ar:s Mon^a;.'. ; • «as*^i;. It -wasr. a bis surprise to tfcc • ''r and Mrs. -C. E. Per.tico »r- ,. 'bovs'frcrr- Bi? D, a* they fi^tired ; rt'-^-i Sunday from B^lTron';. : I the local crev."a j*et-ap anc off*re<! ; Ic^a, for a v?»:r ^rith parer.t- Mr, j Ji**ir ju<5sn? j 5r!t "witH hard ' a.r3rf 3'rf. ICarl 5Cratitcr. s Misses Prarsc'W an^ Maida I>arrs- ) Fields fca.£ eria"t*d hs? fa- ! roif jusr=-!Jr,g- act on a real f >Fpa «rc» | into tho FJr«t Presbj-eriar. Mw-j-jj- iao-ht^r several hundred spec- f -• Th •=^i;o pai<3 notfcing to •^•stctK act., which «sed to stop th* Fo":Ies. wass *-na.ct«d or: the 1*^' si-!* Golf C;?ib ??''< > .r T-tOily~*--<'>O"'' H-C^T!*!* In F"j*"3'3B* fsr?.t yt'ir?' Larrj.- "Buster" Crabb*. -I TT. fr¥ .featur«?n o! casntrs ?^ns. *n ord-r to shoot ] "Headiin* Shooter." Gargars : iin<! th«tnB<?iv«* tru!" on the spot, •* j^ ^ ?* ^51 i r^ ^ ?^i OO-* ^r ," r "* *S.TI ^i i*^C?— ?^A?J*O i"*i *^ t-Xi 7 1 •"- ^>^ r"^*!r^ *^'** by c^^tro cast. 'AI.I.IAXT* Mr. and MrK. Alf by f!r? of about U:3^ o'clock i?r. Mrs. Taylor at v«*nted S--TTC3'! of the fire to < * bom ' to Mr. Wave Special Tbi» Week Only! * PCITS&Sra ! $1 Ofl Wave Hollywood Beauty Shop »5 5outb I5tli Street Freaoc* Beaslcr. Opec*lor A yors T*-as borri to Mr. ar.<5 M Bill Ii^rr!?<j-n hfr^ Sunday. i casb. But they ran into a _ hen Chief B-ohaso?? sbo«-e<; them . i heth returned Monday noon from | Marsh »r,4 A<Jr:enn^ haf they termed the be*t pitching 1 : .Ring-Una: Wrser*? They v-siter'5 their •• fr ;a ,-«jr^. _^ :e>- have looked at tni* seaeo'r. i aur.t. Mrs. A. C, E^eeser. ; TKTff.h Tarrsrrs.ny To?: "* " ' Mr. aTifi *>"r». Johc Burrou* ^"- ; -r&.«;»5y. Fs*M*. :n corned. roTnp%n:«d Mrs. Carl St rot her and j ^-f>nt throts^h h!f fa Mrs. J. C. Crawford of Or-ean i jes^j^r; rot;tin*, s^-lr-jri Ca».. to th* bow*; of Mrs. i r ?,jteff. TT';2.ssir!g the ball. At The Lamar AUCTION Percheron Mares and Fillies Thuriday, July 19th, 10 A. M., Paris* Texas AH White And Black «td White FORUM $5 SHOES To Close Out S3.75 ^^* At Joe IVansCh Store rrothr-r l'dred T^> brin? His club ba-rk here r Morse asks a sti:S larger ,ee than th*y received la*t t fans SST*' a g:oo^ ball same ard , • win ^ee plenty more before tbe : ^ ^ ; s*a*or3 is over. Bobancn ^':^ be • ;^ « back Saa«Jay and 2H the re* 1 c-f • "' , i ;he Sundays. Ke tlked the r^r^p- miii i riot! given "by Paris faus an<J want* .*,";' ! to come back. ( ?< * r!i . jvj.i...- r^o* 1 * r«t.«rnc-'5 Sun•: If the fans. f.-:li JUK? ?et behind . /{-,-.• i|f*<:r ^vera.} T'C*«CK sr? <>»«*«.;•. h<- cteb or? the ticket <S<ca.I they ; ^^ma. Cit.;/. i v.-li; 8«ee p5ecty c*f good bajsebali , .t ^augferer -wajg bf>m Monday .• OB. wit.h th« pro«p«<rt of j ?o Mr. «n<J Mm. T>a!-e Edd^eman. at the <r!</s« of ! Mrs*. T. F. Pure*!* an*! Miw 7.ti\9. \ puree3J a.rr vjarjilnsr *'« Pecan <Jap. Mr-.. F., fool ar.d his rltjbir fa«t Surrounding' Fast fur,. *.s.ric*y s.n<2 hilar; os* filar, com'-f?'", "H?~6 Cotn** Gr>oor«." •wh!-~T; ••.•ren* today ^"T? dayj a? the !.-5.rn.-sr Th".'«.tr". if ; Hamilton. Ayle-r. "BJTsi? <~rof.t'* . O^OTpf- p.ars- rroff.. -Jack Oakir. \Ves?*r K,*.;s-ar!»»!. Txeo S'-KTare:-', Ttard^'r'V; c "-***, Cr<5"-'er Jones and JarV H^l'-" a!?. Tu r- th he trie?*. Eifjs. I»Ab'-I principal PlsyerR, iro*'e ?.o hi* ^rtr! that big »ucce*y- in his u rs* iii r"-', -J * c k K a. J f y from Pastor at Valiumt Ha* New Pastorate S'AULJANT, Oklsu—Tfc« JXVCGHTKK TS BOK^ Born F-unday r:s^* '" ^ r Mr?. Ray G«-rri*on. 502 Clev «r,reet. a. s*vtB *n.<} one-half P< 50 Head Coming 2-Year-Oid Fillies Weigh 800 to 1,000 Lb*. 15 Head 2 to 4 Year^OId Fillies Weigh 1,100 to 1,300 Lbs. 7 Head 4 to 6-Year-Old Mare* Weigh 1,100 to 1,300 Lb«. For Quality Dry Cleaning Phone 19S ^> ar» *U an3 hour? an*? typ<" of tjry cl for ... XKA qualit Southern Cleaning & Dye Work* Norman *. Owner Jr., 5«*tor of the ciiurc'fc her*. fc«!«l3 tai« last Sunday eveninir. ,tmxftof re- tO Z^"Ctp* 3. -Calt tO . *3I Oit- City ci>tMTej»» Th« not bur*».tJ low fell th«r» J« in« of th< It IK ea.l<J to *urfrw*s riou* two! t&blf «t of * Ki/wi-" T3tee r*ct«« by £?1e JS> >'* r lf<-r • ' tsjTrsf, jtr.d f<">rct* » lh<- Uut 1 ** »fi«J. Ail Smooth, Good Fle^i—Auctioneer, Jim SheKon, of Fort Worth—Terra* M*y Be Arranged M Desired! CLAUDE TERRELL Location €!*•* T«rre« Barn, North of Cowt Horn* NOTICE J. E. TromUe M««ic Ston? wh«r» h*> haa opened an office foe- r*p»Jr- infE 1 pJanoR *n<J vlollnw, and i*lutirlzur bows. Oil »*4 When To»

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