The Hutchinson News from Hutchinson, Kansas on November 19, 1924 · Page 4
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The Hutchinson News from Hutchinson, Kansas · Page 4

Hutchinson, Kansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, November 19, 1924
Page 4
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PAGR FOUR. THE HUTCHINSON NEWS. imd iniiko possible Ibelr orderly iiiiirkotinK. Any Industry which requires money not obtainable In tlio local flelil knows exactly tho pluce to ...i anil whore (lie money eon be so- mired, provided there Is nny In Ihe i pool nnd that security can he Riven ! Unit tho Investment Is good. JHIE^ CH I NSON JSEWS ruullfthi'd fally uv Tlio Nuwa Oomuan> W. Y. MOROAN, EDITOR. ESTABLISHED IB7J. ICnterc.l ul iho l'u»l»rftuo In Hutch- liiiun, Knnnas, tor tramm-salo;. ttlroulttl I lie malls aa ,.K'oml-iMjiB» ma tier. TELEPHONE 4400 I'rlvatc liranch pxchaiiKC," whpti onoraKir anituera, flvo perwon or department wnnlpd. TERMS OF SUBSCRIPTION First. Second and Third Zonei Uy mall, oru- yeat M .uu Hy mail, alii mndllia 2 .DU Lly mall, threo monllis..... I.p By mall, oni» rrmnth a* 1 Fourtn. Fifth. Si«th. and seventh Zone*. lly mall, ono yi'ai.i 16 U' 1 lly mall, MIX months J R? mall, three mc.nihi r I !J ; eredll being easily Hy mall, "nc month i one montli Hy omrl'M. t'<n WPP U Weekly Nfiwe. ont> year. MEMUEP AUDIT BUREAU OF CIRCULATION „„.„„' MEMBER AMERICAN NEWSPAPER I PUBLISHERS' ASSOCIAT,ON_ MEMBER OF ASSOCIATED PRESS i Tlio AMortaton- Prsa.1 15 «riii«ivei\ ; crodii. ot the country 1n one place Wall Street,Is the great distributing renter for money and credit just as Baltimore is for oysters, Just ii8 Pittsburgh is for steol. just us Chlcngo Is for packinghouse products, and so on through, the rest ot the chapter. Money nnd trnnnforable, Street bet- ler than Iheso oilier articles are 111 Shi! colliers named. But the principle Is Ihe same. It Is a mat- of convenience to have the Daily Thoughts ' A Word fitly apoken It like apple* or gold In pictures of •liver.—Prov. 25:11. * * * H often happens that those of whom we speak least on earth are best known in heaven.—Caussin. all news rralltefl to It "r lilted I" 'I' 1 " Bapo no! other . nnd alRi- In. la (Ti» loral new, pu'nllshcd heroin. The Minyer Drug Co. PRESCRIPTION SPECIALISTS. Teltonona ai. 17 North Main Street. Hutchlneon My THE FATAL PRIZE. Amanda, iiculah SCI 'U KM I always good as wheat, and on her errands sate and sane she «ped with eager led ; she did not. balk. In high disdain, when there were'ruus to heal. She helped to make the wheels 1.0 round, she never had been spoiled; the rubber steaks she used to pound, nnd saw them rightly broiled, nnd she would uinke file house resound with laughter while she tolled. And (hen Iho Weekly Hiigle-niude worked up a tieu-. zied miieine; -"Now, who is Pnnklo'-vn's fairest maid?" I saw its headlines scream; "A hundred dollars will be paid lo her." this was ils theme. The renders of this busy sheet were ask< d lo cast their votes, «elee( the girl most fair and sweet, "who'd then win many Croats; and 'utters • whooped along the suoet and lore their slmt.s and cats., My niece pulled tiowu that noble prize, si, drew ihe hundred bones; she has the brightest, bluest eyes, the • fairest face she owns; her hair would bring admiring sighs from (|ueeus upon their thrones. [Jut now fjhe ' slums tho household chores ' that once to her befell, she ' looks on all tho tasks as bores ' she used' to do so well; she ' doesn't sweei^ the rosewood " floors or make the onions Jell. " Shu has 11 pride lhat is no ' good, she longs to he admired; ' no labors stood here once they ' stood, as things to be desired; • her eyes are fixed 011 Holly' wood, and I'unktoivu makes • her tired.—WALT .MASON. "WALL STREET" A great many people grow ex- riled in their visions of "Wail ritreet." They do not know where Wall ytieeL is located or what It is or wliy they are excited. Technically speaking, Wall Street Is a small street In the lower part of New York City - on wljirh or near which are located most of the big banking houses of tho country. Under the shadow of the banks are brokers and oil companies, insurance societies, and the headquarters of big corpora- lions. Within Ihe area of a circle a halt rallo In radius are located the offices ot the men who direct the greatest financial houses In the • ottntry, and that is getting to be [lie greatest In the world. So when wo speak of Wall Street we do not confine our thought to ihe actual Rtrcet or the banki and office buildings which line tho pavements, but we mean the big accumulation ot American wealth which comes there as to a pool and is then taken out for una In Irrigating tho business of America and often carried to do that work In other lands. This Wall Street is the natural, ' Inevitable, mid must equitable meihod of handling the surplus i-apitiil of the country. If It were scattered out through a dozen cities and divided into many parts the result would he stagnation in some, inflation in others, and losses to everybody. • . • The process is simple. The people In a country neighborhood save some money from fhelr labors and desire to put it to work. There Is 110 place near-by where tills can be done, or at least not where all of It can bo used. So they send their net surplus to Hutchinson, and Hutchinson bunks, after taking some out for use in this field, forward the balance to Kansas City and Chicago. After those flnanclul Institutions have extracted whut Is needed for those communities, the test of it goes to Now York for final Investment. lint it is not Invested in New York at all. It la invested in the stocks and bonds or In Iho notes of railroad companies, public utilities, manufacture* of all kinds, Industries of every charncler, and during those times of the yenr when required, Is sent through local channels to luke caro of. tho crops who know how to handle It. Wall Street acts as the agency nnd is directly Interested in tho success of every investor. Wat! Street profits hy prosperity and never by adversity. When agricultural crops are plentiful and prices good the profits and tho deposits in Wall Street aro satisfac- I tory and tho managors are happy. —* J When there Is trouble any place in , ,I the country or even nny place In • J the world, that trouble Is reflected " i to the disadvantage of tho .portion of Wall Street which has advanced money or credit to tho troubled spot. About the most foolish thing in popular political economy Is hostility to Wall Street. Tho greatest demugogry that can ho put over Is to classify Wall Street as an enemy of the people. Wall Street can't get along at all unless the people are making money. Wall Street Is filled with failures whenever there aro failures over the country. Wall Street Is the partner who Is Interested in all of us, even though we do not have any direct connection ryid are only related by the fact that as buyers and sellers we want business moving steadily and satisfactorily. The abuse compares very exactly to tho ancient belief In devils which tormenUd men. In those days a sick baby or a sick cow was supposed to be the result of a hostile devil. Nowadays a failure to recognize business opportunities, or to nssume a recognition as to^ something which is not an opportunity and which leads to failure, is laid upon Wall Street by the Ignorant who want to escape their own responsibility. Perhaps In the future some better method for the distribution of capital and credit will be devised, hut up to the present time no other country and no set of people has figured out a better plan than that which has resulted from American business methods In the creation of this Wall Street W. Y. MORGAN. probe Into tho matter nnd find out if the child has selected an unfortunate lot or playmates, or If he LC she Is developing that, moat nntorlunato of traits, u supersensitive, disposition. Much of our happiness In life is made up put of our relations to people. And If we don't learn to bundle these relationships in a sane and sensible spirit, if we grow up with feelings that, aro easily hurt, wo shall lay ourselves open to a • great deal of unnoccossnry unhapplness. Sensitiveness in n child is too often looked upon with leniency, nay even with a sort ot pride. It shows that he or ho is high strung and has temperament, lie or she la allowed to get the idea that this capacity for being easily hurt is rather a mark of distinction. As a mutter of fact, sensitiveness Is not only a great misfortune, but It is often a fault. "Sensitiveness," says one. of the philosophers, "is closely allied to egotism. Indeed, excessive sensitiveness Is only another name for morbid self consciousness. The cure for it it Is to make more ot our objects and less of ourselves." • ?o mother can look upon a child, delicate physically, without feeling a passonate longing to see It grow more robust. But robustness of temperament and feeling Is nlmost equally Ipiportnnt, a fact which many parents wholly fall to ro- cognlje. creek flshrman nnd have no skill or Ingenuity In tho mntter ot land- Ina o fish. Finally I got tho fish headed down strenm, and It stranded Itself on the rifflo below tho dam. It turned out to be a monster catfish. . Spectators on the hank who had been watching the batilo canto to my assistance nnd we succeeded in getting It arhore. When wo put It on tho, scales It weighed sixty-fire pounds. I never had a story I enjoyed so much. If I lived ovor tho battle with that catfish once I livod it over n thousand times. I got a positive thrill from It every time I told It, which was often. One evening at homo 1 told It again to somo credulous neighbors who were spending the evening with us. Tho next day mother said to me: "Why did you tell those peoplo you caught that fish? "It was your brother, '11111' that caught it." "No mother," 1 said, "I caught it." "I'm unite sure 'Bill' caught It," she re- piled. "But lie's coming down next wock. We'll ask him when he comes." "Bill" came homo the next wee!', and mother asked him about It. •"Bill" laughed. "Neitner ot us caught It," he said. "It we3 George Sponsnbarger. We met George on tlio way down to the dam. He had the fish In his buggy. It was so long Its tall dragged the ground." A Puzzle a Day "Do not designate any particular person." This sentence may he expressed more simply, without changing Its sense, In a brief sentence which forms a "palindrome"; is, a sentence which may be reuid from right to left the same us from left to right. What is tlio new sentence?" . Yesterday'* answer: OP GD OD ID GD Set checker 1.1 on checker A; t upon C; 'Eon I; B on T, and J on H. Thus five "kings" may bo formed, and In making each "king" tho checker which Is set on top :s passed over two checkers en route. , <», (J, $ <S> <?> <«, ^> .$> .J> •?> <i> ON SECOND THOUGHT SERGEANT CODY TO BECOME A LIEUTENANT. Ralph Cody, one ot the sergeants In Battery C of the 1st Battalion ot Hi i national guard field artillery, has been recommendod lor promo- lion to tho rank ot second lieutenant in the 130th Field Artillery. Mr. Cody Is one of a number ot tho officers of the local battalion who have worked up through the ranks to be a commissioned officer. •S By J, E. House in the Phlla- <8> <••> delphla Pubic Ledrjer. •!' * <$> 'V l ?> <?' ^ *£> 't' *!> jv The Confessions of Gaston The longer I live the more ! 1 doubt that, there Is anythlr In hypocrisy, llecontly Adelaide caught mo dead to rights, -ne had the goods on ire, ami there wasn't a Chlnaman '6 chance to interpolate nn alibi. She wanted mo to say I was sorry, but I wasn't in the least repentant, and all 1 would say was that I was sorry she found It out. Glasgow University authorities have been seeking the owner of| $5,000 worth of radium which arrived with no Identification recent iy. FOR SKIN TORTURES Zemo, the Clean, Antiseptic Liquid, Just What You Need Don't worry about Eczoroa or other skin roubles. You can have a clear, healthy skin by using Zemo. v Zemo generally removes Pimples, Blackheads, Blotches, Eczema and Ringworm .nd makes the skin clear and healthy. Zemo Is a clean, penetrating, antiseptic liquid, that does not show and may h. appllei day or right. Trial bottle 35c, large size $1.00. Zemo Soap, 25c. All druggists. It worked pretty well. She has just about stoppped talking about It. Had I pretended I was sorry- she never would have stopped. And, at the same time, 1 should have known myself for a hypocrite all tho balance of my days. , <fc <j. <»> <s> <•> THE NEED OF A ROBUST TEMPERAMENT. lly Huth Cameron j, ,i> 4> <»<»)$, <j> <j, ,j> <s> can you be so unaympa- It Is the favorite defense ot bachelors, when pressed, that no woman will marry them. But no bachelor really believes it. He thinks he cultl marry' any woman he want3, and he is more than half-way right about It. I ftad neither money, good looks, family prestige nor social standli g. But 1 could huve married a thousand different women. A woman doesn't care who she marries. Uenkins Special Vict rola Outfits II It*s Not a Vlttr»U—It May b« • Disappointment Virtually every great personage In music makes Records exclusively for the Victrola; and just an Victor artist! arc preeminent above all others, so Victor Record! by theie artim, ptaytd oa Victrola Inwutmnu are preeminent above all othera. «> attar aire tame VERY SPECIAL OUTFIT nilrnlloni In Vlctrolaa. The Rrrords lacluikd In O IHC eutflla are lo -lnch, deuble-flee. Victor Rccordi of your awn leteetlon; or, it you prefer oilier Itrcordu, you may bclect there to the name value (root tbe Victor catiloe containlnc more than &,ow aelecllortf. Sarae arlct—cashf r time. We five you Ihe benefit of our almott half eeniary's experience, mutical knowlea'ec. and eupcrtor terv. ka. Oar prices are at rock* hot tew and yon can bat an very eaiy payraenla, .J, ,5, ,j, , "How thetlcV" A hard-hearted father wag the object ot that Indignant question His small daughter had come home on the verge of tears. The children had been teasing her, I.ucy explained, breaking down on her mother's shoulder. Mother soothed and sympathized with hsr. What bad they teased her about. Lucy was a bit vague on that subject, bujt they weren't nice to her. ... At this Juncture father took a band and announced that this was tbe second time in the week, within his knowledge, that Lucy had had trouble with her playmates. Ha said he thought there was something very queer about It, He said he should be inclined to send her back and tell her not to be getting Into trouble all tho time. Whereupon Lucy, whose tears had begun to dry, broke out afresh, and Lucy's mother flung the above Indignant questlou. To which Lucy's father answered: "Because 1 see trouble ahead Tor Lucy if someone in this family doseu't get her out of the habit of having her feelings hurt by every little thing." A hard hearted father, perhups, but I am Inclined to think a hard beaded one too. When a child Is always geltlug Into trouble with .other children, It seems to me that is the signal for a wise parent to do something more than soothe and sypathlze. It is a signal for someone to Tho only school I ever attended was tho one In District 34. But In my earlier years, I fancied the distinction of a college education nnd for a long time pretended that 1 had gone to Bchool at i.nox College. 1 used a reasonable amount of restraint and caution in the story. I didn't pretend 1 was a graduate of Knox; I Just claimed 1 had gone to school thtre. The only foundation for the story was that once, for a little while, I had worked In a job-printing plant In which the Coup d 'Etnt, tho student publication of Knox, was printed'and made up its pages. The story worked pretty well for a long time. Finally there came Into a town In which It had been generally circulated ,a gentleman who had been for many years) a professor at Knox. He asked me so many amoarrasslng questions— questions that I could escape only by downright lying—that. I abandoned tho etory ot my collegiate career. I haven't lied about It sines. My pursuit of pleasure bad been extonded and arduous. I have tried pretty nearly everything. But the best times I've had were those 1 spent pitying myself. Our Special Outfit A ntunli 111 •*l»«toMl : i«it oi-as waaaiv Our Special Outfit B Our Special Outfit B li» dudn thi* M«nt Vf- ' rffht Vittrtla wifli at* 10-iru DouMf-f»e*„ 7S< Victor R «orti(l2 -*)•*> tlctU) M*ri«ftn7. Oak ct Amcnap Walnut FlnUh ONLY Our Special Outfit C Oor Spodal Outfit C ttv cludM Itila wwttt t> richl virtrots wiu. ten 14-iiu Doublolacc, fa Victor Records (lWie]*t> tion»j. Mahcfanr. Oa* 01 American WalMl tMLY wnu? cut 01 tun Our Special Outfit D Our Sptwlii Outfll D Include* thii MOH I Coo- ask Vktrela viih trn lO-ineh. rwuUo-fact. 7&e Victor Kwortla (20 »f IrC- tlons). Mahogany, Oak or American Walnut •114** Our Special Outfit £ Ov Spcdal Oot/it t In* dudes ittli oarowt Cm- «fc Vtttroia with tn lfrin_ Double-(w* -Victor H»COrrJl (20 teW 'tiont). Mahoiwy. Oak W Walnut It Does Make a Difference Where You Bur Vow Victrola MKOftTANT fit aot aMfoM tk* CnalM Vktrato «1lh th« mtny (ftttt bnu uttona ao« floantaa lat markit T»« bMlrw Ykuala ud oar Vkuola airrlct u Uw aupirlor wrvkr sara aa onlr a «nat muale I MMM caa rlv* 122 N. Main. .. . .. armmurKinuiuiiiwinu Hutchinson,- OM couutsroNUKGLr LOW rAvntnm A part of my fireside conversation used to consist of a very- elaborate ant' highly ornamental fish story. As 1 told it, I was fishing for bass In the deep water below the dam-at Grigsby City with tho light rod and tncklo which so with bass-fishing. 1 had a strilco nnd immediately there was a tremendous commotion In the water under tbe dam. I realized 1 had hooked a big fish, and by tho exercise of great skill and Ingenuity managed to keep It from smashing my tackle and g-.ttlng awt-y- As a matter ot fact, I am Just a Buy Your Christmas Gifts NOW! By Using Our Christmas [ Club Plan Only $1.00 Down and $1.00 per week until Christmas will hold your selection. By using this,plan you will have the buying off of your mind, avoid the touted Christmas Rush, and have the advantage of choosing your present while stock is complete. Here are only a few of the many suggestions which you can buy on our Christmas Club Plan. v Cedar Chest* Floor Lampa Divan Tablea Torchiera i Table Lamp* Bridge Lampa Spinnet Deika Day Beds End Tablea Book Ends Buffet Seta i Table Scarfs Doll Beds Kiddie Gars Coastera etc. The Harmon Furniture Company Phone 41 13 S. Main WEDNESDAY. NOVEMBER Jftjg2j_-aj DDD EE BROTHERS TOURING CAR for all»weather driving Widespread comment on the beauty of the car has not overshadowed public appreciation of its really exceptional riding comfort, smoothness of operation and long life. Bad weather also emphasises the value of other features—the unfailing response, in extreme cold, of Dodge Brothers powerful starter, and the snug protection afforded by suitable curtain enclosures. A special enclosure with glass windows, which will provide closed car appear* ancc and comfort, is now available at slight additional cost Arnold Auto Co. 25 First East Phone 2707 98 Out of Every 100 Women Benefited An Absolutely Relieve Statement Important to Every Woman Remarkable Results Shown by a Nation Wide Canvass of Women Purchasers of Lydia E. Pinkham's Vegetable Compound. 400,000 Women Answer Of course we know that our medicine does benefit the large major* ity of women who take it But that only two out of 100 received no benefit is most astonishing. It only goes to prove, however, that a medicine specialized for certain definite ailments—not a cure all—one that is made by the most scientific process; not from drugs, but from a combination of nature's roots and herbs, caa and does do more good than hastily prepared prescriptions. , You see, we have been making, improving and refining this medicine for over 50 years until it is so perfect and so well adapted to women's needs that it actually has the virtue to benefit 98 out of every 100 women who take it. It's reliability and recognized efficiency has gained for it a sale in almost every country in the world—leading all others. Far some time a circular has been enclosed with each bottle of our medicine bearing this questions "Have you received benefit from taking Lydia E. Pinkham 's Vegetable Compound?" Replies, to date, have been received from over 100,000 women answering that question. 98 per cent of which say YES. That means that 98 out of • very 100 women who take the medicine for the ailments for which it is recommended are benefited by it This is a most remarkable record of efficiency. We doubt if any other medicine in the world equals it. Think of it—only two women out of 100 received no benefit— 98 successes out of a possible 100. Did you ever hear of anything like it? We must admit that we, ourselves, are astonished. Such evkUnce ahould induce every woman suffering from any aUmentpeculiar to her MX to try Lydia C. Pinkham's Vegetable Compound and see if she can't beoneof the98 THE LYDIA E. PINKHAM MEDICINE CO. Lynn, Mass. ^ ID Answering Advertisements Please Mention The News-Herald

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