The Brazosport Facts from Freeport, Texas on March 8, 1964 · Page 14
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The Brazosport Facts from Freeport, Texas · Page 14

Freeport, Texas
Issue Date:
Sunday, March 8, 1964
Page 14
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STARTS MONDAY Firestone ready for grand opening week Ing f*«tl»l'ln *! the new. e«Mn4»4 <niH»r« -.Mho Hre- ettin* W«r» in fr*«t»iri "III *t*r* II 9 «.'". M<jmt» wild Orand n*nlwc ww>k will In- 11,149 In mt>r>l4irtl«* l»t (M certificate*. •«! eunw . thing fnr everyone win. »i«IU Hi* «lor*'« ra>w Inttl'ltnf In Tarpon Inn vlllit*, In addlllii * Ihtnnawl win. Her* 'III I* >*l<"-l*'l In Ihr fr-tm •*> Mcenae n«n>, *t>ar» fri'tn rxlitritl'ffi far lh» t*,MO In |irl**«. I ri. tern will I* millc'l out «ft»r grand openint week, !<• i.oon peranna wti*> > an romp lo *l>* •lor* lift >lri« rift certificate* •» |<M t«i. r'r<"n A •.'", i" 9 I'.'". during ih» w»«k, |»r«.»n *lll him tn uffpnrtunltylnvlewih* new (lorn. I'rllH Mill ill the itrtr*'* fiirm»r Inn Village I'H-illnn. after, dor* hnuri will t» I a.ffi. in 1 |i.m. The ailr«'iiv», *iiec|ixi» Ml** floor irf about 5,000 *i|uar* fr*l la fllli"! wllhniitn- ernut lf*m* not |>r»»lou*ly *lork«<l Imcaiue "f Urtt of •pace. Another fviture of Ih* new >iuirleri It • '-alaloffue order itopahmi-nl with over 8,000 litmw ml •in'iitnoMIe Item* llali"lan4nMi-days*rv- lr« «rtl iirflrm, Thx Flrmlim* More Bale* FP accident total ahead of last year HlKKI'dllT The 13 «*. hide accld»-nlii~ln february broufhl llw t"UI fnr IBM (n 47, nliH- more than for Ih* flrnl Iwn month* of IWJ. Tlw Kflinnry accldent- traffic r»|Miri of Ih* rreeiwrt pi>llce Department ihowi 130 traffic ilckeln wnr* leaned that immtli for * total »f 8*4 «i far ihli y»ar ta compared In IDS ticket* for Ih* mm* perloil of 1903. K|i«e<lln|( ronlliuMMl In lead In Irafflr vloUllon*, with 43 such llckela la*ued hut month, followed by 2B tlrkela fur no operator 'a licence. In February. nln* ticket* each were laaued for failure In *l«i> fur red light, and ve. diet* Rlae. weight, reffUIra- UIMI; eitnt for wroni »ld* and overtaking: *ewn each, fall- ur* lo atnp for atop algn, and turn*, flw *arh for failure lo • yield right of way, and whirl* equipment; one each for fnlluwln* tew closely and narklni wronn plar*; and IB for ml>c*llam<ui> violation*. fjoof -Slff>l«» I full line of PMIro t*l**l«lon «»U Inrnlor, and Mirk . irri. wt.ll. ifvt el»r*«, ff«m p»rtal>|i> I" rnn. •at* nvnieti in i *iyl*« tit l«.m» I'MIro r»dl»« «r» ileo car. rle<) In lr«iitut..r, rlmk and A Ml Hi* "I I'hlleo prod- •icl* I* - «rrl»-t wllhthr latest im>J»li >,f el"<rlr or gas w*ah*r« and drtora •• well a* refrigerator* ai>4alrcond- lilnner*. feel their . renter In the moel r •tnckedlnnrasos- pun. with iprlnf arriving, Ih* complete bum and gardening •uppll*« arc eidiecied tn b* pttmlar llemii. Tl» «alei floor alao con. Illiw • Nil line of uportlnf fond*, recreational eqato- pr***nt. Th* Prwport rirMton* Store np*Md ta **pt*mb*r of life. IK mow to * new, mwh temr location it *»»** M*P I* provNlUf tk* manr oi- io and home Item* In demand by are* nHridMt*. The interior of ih* huiw- Ing I* btlghUy UhimlMted by fl«* row* of doMI* neon n«- l*r*a which ertend completely tero** th* nltlng of th* aalea ar*a, for ahnpplng •***. pa*. 1*1 gr**fw, MUM *nd yellow* eomMne with whit* and off. white In Ih* decor. Th* alnr* front I* *n »fp*iM* of glan, with half of th* Weal Second Street wall *l*o glaa*ed. A much larger dock I* now available to th* public h*caui* of greilly lncr*«**d •kKkroom apace. LI T!')J1J.JI«BHBJ t rrc«t'MKi MM «•»•*Ut MrviM tor awto*, lutudlat «om- paeta, I* provtd«d at UN rtrMtoM Mnn't MW Mnrlaw aMtor. ptotand it Jimmy «*wari, fadorytralwd m*eh* ante and OM d two on hand for faat in- ud-ool «tt*tom*r MTVM*. -PaetaMaff photo WCOt.ORandbltfifc.and. tor, «toet and table model*. Att are wnlto models, aad a foil IIM of stereo phikw set*, with a full lin* of other, sets in compact and console modelaar* phlloo product*, sWh aa washers, drt- •nturad la tbl* department of tto Fire- ers and *ir-«onditioo«r* alao stocked. , along with r«dlo*~traii*te- and rh*mlrali, and many llemn In a hardvar* d*p*rt> rnenl. (riher merrhandla* Include* Mryi-lea and IrlcyelM. tlavld llalnlln*. alora mana- I«r, li eiperlally proud ollh* new neren - bay l*rvlre i)«parlm*nl. Vlauallner •qutpmeM haa haen (Mlalted for rnmplei* car brake, front end and alecrtnt aervlM work. The aerrle* renter, vhleh llalnllne aaya I* Ih* moil op. to*4at* In b* found on todfty'a mark*!, provM** on and off Ih* car wheel-hatanclni wtlh eleelninlc *qulpm*fll, and au- lumallc Ilr* changer*. Two faclgry.trained much- aidc* are on haw) for fw< lB-aod-owi repair* awl MT- Tloe. Tb*r*lialtoaeuetom*r |o<«* lo Urn **rno* dtpart- m*M. rir«*too* I* atraai- IDC Ita qoalH; brak*, froal- •nd aad *xhau«t ixaUm Mr- lev*. Mia* Mvrlll* I* offic* and er*dll manafer at FlrvaUm*. Retail *al*a mananra are Charle* Illalr and Jo* MaMk, with Harold Donovan aa **rv- Ice manager, nrake m*ch- anlca are Gorton whit* and Jim Stewart. Tk* nr*i of commarc* will condiwt a formal ribbon - eutllnf at a a.m. Monday at Ihealnre, with city nfflcuil* and rarloua dlg- nllarlm nn hand. A rhllro factory r«pr**»n- tallve will b* (her* to anawar any quaatlona In* public may have about Pnlleo producla. Th»r* will alao b* a Monroe Shock Abiorber factory rep- reacntallve pr***nt for th* craad opening. Th* drawing for th* regla- Irallon prla*a, which Include a Phllco compact model Uta- vUlon Ml. will b* held on Hon. day. a w**k after th* grand opening. Winner* will b* notified and do not have lo b* 4-H MEMBER SAYS HE LEARNED A LOT Essay tells trials of raising fie/ler FOR A UNITED TIME ONLY V«i can replace that old weak picture tub* wUh • new H.C.A. silverara*. for |M» than • rebulll tub*. TUCtft 21 w i»« « $29.95 ". I .•*»» lillil s .Lli.HTiT Mll-MI K (•Iva t*» wii Inat. SONNY'S t010 "' 101 w. Ind UK CIMTIB Fivrport (Gary Stiry 4*11 boy from Alvln, won flrat plae* with th* may he wrote about hi* Beef Scrimbl* halfer he ihowed inllounton. Gary waa awarded a ch*ck tor $10 at th* Ih* ****y that Gary wrote and won flrat plac* ow approxlmit*ly IIOoth*r*eram- btora' M*ayi at the llouaton Stock Show thla year.) MY BEEF SCRAMBLE HEIFER By GABY 8HRY ('«• had almott a year to tak* notea, and think about what I wanted lo tell you about my h*lf*r, but I bawntl I Juat know that I Ilk* eowai I g*t out and work from day to day b*for* *ehool after *ehool, and any other Urn* I haw. I'v* walehtd my calf grow and gain weight, I've ***n lb* w*l|M drop and ah* M*m*d to b* at a ttand *UII for w**k* and I'vo •pant day* watching h*r ration *o that an* would get In* right food to mature to b* a good cow that would ral** fin* ealv**. I admitihar*wereMm**|wnnd«red"what for," lb*n I atand back and look at my IwUer Corlna and I can *** evtrything that ha* happened In m* nine* that day In February, IM3. I caught a calf number 57, ipoMored by Th* Schlumberger well Surveying cor. of llotuton. Mr. ou**l, th* repr***Btatlv» for th* company cam* over an! introduced hlm**lf and hi* wile, and congratulated me on catching the c.lf. I w*nt horn* happyi My f**t hurt from being *tomptd on. Whan my certificate came I bought a Black Angua h*lf*r from the David C. BlnUlff Eatate Ju*t out of Angtaton. Our A*al*tant County Agent Mr. Ke*M, and I looked over the Angua calve* that could be bought and that little calf atood out above all the other*. Corlna WM four month* old, healthy, and hard to handle. I knew then that I wa* going to have aome work to do, but I liked b*r. I teamed rliht away that all calve* can't b* handled In th* lame manner. What t had teamed from working with beef eteer* didn't M*m to work with thu belter. She would *H down Ilk* a mule and wouldn't move. I lietontd to advtc* and augg**Uon* from anyone and *v*ryon», but I wa* determined to teach that calf to lend. A* th* l*«t thing I knew to do l cut th* rim from and old Ur* and the n*M tlm* aba ttartod to alt(tow» when I was walking her, I threw that rim around her backalde.and that ttwtt. I'd had » hard time, but I had to g*t tor ready tor ih* Youth Fair that wa* held tn April. Corlna walked out of that ring champion of th* tour to ala month* old claaa. Cor in* demanded hour* of attention. I had two more animal* to feed and care for, but 1 got around to Item all. tf any bad point* •bowed up I tried to find out how to correct them. Mr. Ke**e wa* always near M the telephone and 1 knew h* ha* apant hour* helping m*. it* had othm to help M there waa a M I bed to do for myaelf. After Uw Bracorla County Fair I had more work to do. Corlna wa* first la her W* claw, but that waan't eren good, b»- C«UM | h*d<« calf that abonld'hav* Ewen ohampton. From the time I bought Corlna *h* had eaten good, mined «te*dlly and had no health problem*, she had become a well trained heifer. She wa* uniformly developed and (tralght in Uw back. She wa*ju*U little •mull for Iwr *w. I didn't know what 1 could do about thin but I would atart on *om*thlng. I etarted by changing her ration. I kept her on the cam* ration for two or Hire* week* and if there waa any change In weight gain or appearance, I'd go to a heavier grain, and finally 1 got a good ration that •eemed to be right for her. Even when I changed her ration though •h* ate on* MM |n*t the mm* a*the other. Th*y Juai dWnt do thl*. When ah* *tartod developing mor* through th* ahouktera than tnehlndquarter»,I*tart- ed wafting her more and I mumged h*r through Uw hip*. I kept bar feed box at Uw correct level •o Wr back dktat get «way*d. Her pen WM clean and twr water cool and fre*h. She had plenty of shade during Uw hottert weattwr, and keeping her out of the mn •Mroed to help her coat of hair ttay black- ef and gkwaler. There arai *o many thing* I haw learned, and I'm atlll teaming. I cant imagine thl* put year not being U tt waa. It I hadn't bean Mtoeted to participate in th* calf *er*moto. If I hadn't caught a eajf. If I hadn't worked with my calf to make tor a Ha* animal, if I hadn't warned anything. ' Jutt think of Uw thing* IwouW have never dope, Uw thing* l would have never teamed, th* work I would nave never, and th* calf 1 would have never caught. I'm looking way out into the future with Corlna aa "Mother" ot a toad of Bn* Angus cattle. Maybe not registered but* good herd for good beef. 1 know M a rancher I could ntverfeed a* I fed Corlna and made money. A rancher haa to manage time and money to make the moat from hi* cattle. I know how careful l have to be with my feed so that 1 can make enough money to pay my bill*, and every day that I can work I'm out trying to make more money. I do think though If t ever do beooma a rancher Uw flrat thing I'll eliminate I* Uw S a.m. feeding. I Jutt don't SM now a eaU can be hungry so dam early, l know I'm not. l gut** my experieneM urn pretty wall covered emept Ibatlhavaleamedalotabout people too. I could never had done this by myself though. Seams to me that my sponsor Mr. Queet never forgot ma. His letters kept me try- Ing to do my very best for htm beeautw I knew now much to had pot Into-thla pro. jeet. Like th* time that my eatf ***m*d to at a itag* that aha Just stood atlll, to wrote me a tetter, aad i k«pt trying. My family baa helped too. ibrokemyarm la August and had a cast on ttfor U week*. I'm aura Corlna would nave shown nagteet Jt my family haunt iwlpad. Daddy fad and Walked my eatt everyday before to went to work at 6 a.m. Ttoy all tolpad clean Uw p*n, keep out water, brush and groom her, and keep feed for tor. 1 oouktat work at that time, but i made aom* money oft my fat steer, and that paid for Uw feed. Mr. KMM, Uw Assistant County Agent, waa always ready with suggestion* that have helped me do so much with Corlna. I'm ready to show my Scramble Heifer Corlna, and. If ah* baa leaned a* much about what l tried to teach tor a* I have •tamed while earing for har, than I'm ready for you to a*e what I have done. I am looking forward to having a hard of beef cattle some day. ScOiH tO Eosttrlilits LAKE JACK«OI»'- BCWrt Comml«*«man W. 'D. (Chief) MMtniwI to* annual Eatter til* *ml* by Bojr Scout Troop 328 of th* FlrMUwtho. dut Church. Thl* I* th* wit moMy- maklDC project of Uw troop. LiUiM «r* arallabl* la two, thr** ( four, and liv* bloom plaoU) chryaaathamttma, in a «W* »ar*lty of oolora, are •IK btlai ottHrM by in* troop. All planta ar* my reasonably prlovd, Enratt •aid. Anyone wi*hii« to buy pUoU for tb*m»«h»« or a* a lift for Uwlr'cfcurolv pl«Me CY 1-tl22toplao»yourord«r. Th* flowtra wlllb* o*llv*rad to your bom* ft* Friday ba- ter* Eurttr Sunday. ,Ew*tt Iain clwrwfc this •TMl,«tedpyDr.H«rah«l '?V ~ ' -*i/.-'. Boy Scout News UAKE JACKSON-Pack SSO of take Jeck*on. aptmtoiwd by th* Ftrai M*U>oeut Church held ihelr Dlu* and Gold Dan- quel In W*eJ*V HelU Tlw laJ4*» wer* d*coral*d In k**pto4 -Wh thr lh*nw .4 ••Llu*rtr aad Freedom." Th* THE FOXY SHOPPER WILL SAVE with • ban UrtbiU>'c«k*o>e. orated M a flag* honorlnt tb* S4th MrttMtey of cub Sew**. Th* Invocation <m» (tvMby Bill cnmford, committe* chdraMn. Afterlh*buO*t dinner, K>knowl*d(*mMl» «M Utrudwtlona w*r* mwto by cobmajter 8111 Jur*w. After the PtodM of AUtti- anc* to in* flu, Bob Aleott waa lotrodiKwd aith**p*«k. •r fcir the evening. H* In- HIDE-A-WAY SOFA & CHAIR BEAUTIFUL FREIZE IN DECORATOR SHADES THE FOXY SHOPPER WILL SAVE $50.00 FULL SIZE FOAM MATTRESS, FOAM CUSHIONS '199 95 . 8PKCUL PUHL FURNITURE CO. 617 Clur. AN5-Z075 apJrtnf^talliaiJ^on '*£•**• vine ted tkw group In a Sing Sons* Tb» order of tto Arrow of (Wtetana ^atrlrt enter- uiiwtf tto park wt» three Indian war danees. Th* Cttbmaster prewntetl tto acett awards. Stuart Pal. mar, Pate Poalaea and Scott tevltw received their Bobcat phw, Loola suwner received a gold arrow on his Wolf badge, iteve MaeUan re- •atvad a attwr arrow onhls ford vtotlvad a •*»•*» atlvar arrow on Ma wolf Badga, ••-t- «f*Jf wtfflP want to iaadMU*Ue*.Jer. an waa presented a , «a«»ar arrow on ^1?S Maraaall, **» Adajgt* and MM*) Weber earned their ,I4M bada.. iyw d|« FIBST FREEPORT NATIONAL B '-.," oaiwtB»ttncw> maawAA

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