The Sandusky Register from Sandusky, Ohio on December 15, 1955 · Page 39
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The Sandusky Register from Sandusky, Ohio · Page 39

Sandusky, Ohio
Issue Date:
Thursday, December 15, 1955
Page 39
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VWAT ABcxrr LOCKED IN THE STOREf?O0M? W£ CAN ALWAVs use TWEMF=OR SMIELD5. OM, JIMMV, ^^^^ SOMETHING BfWSHEDMV NECK- : A XOME OUT WITH VDUR HANDS UP^ORWEI Ihiirvrt^v, Dprpinhpf IS. IBSA THE SANDUSKY REOUITeil.STAII.lfEWg Ifr M - ^ I FL ^V WITH NOUC HUSSAjgO !N THE WAJ ^TVI II MPS. WAVSJE. HE SHOV^EO WE PICTUPES I OF SOU AVJD BlLLV- HE WAS A80UT r-ff H 816 THENJ/ ^^^n -TTT-T^ VOU-VOU WNEW JIM7 WW IVECOMf MTN8 W ACM. I'M NOTSUPT IW6CLK MEITAiUyWMD OF^wr s GUESS WHAT HE WANTS POP CHRISTMAS? ' COUNTER ^ ^ THAT'S NOT SO , SILLY CARLYLC NOW (CHUCt^LE^ LET'S JUST WAIT AND WATCH hrPeVELOP/VIENrS.' Tonight's Radio Proerani!i subject to CBBHiie I>7~ltAtlons''WTB<eu? notlc* All times listed ara Eastern Standard WTAM— 1100 CLEVELANU «:00 Manning 6:15 News - 6:30 Mayer & Co. 6:45 3-StarEx. TTJH—700 DETROIT _HaiTiline Dfnner Date Bob Reynolds Lowell Thomas WSPO—137« TOLEDO Dinner Newa Reporter Ohio Story 3 -Star Extra WLEC—l*.-!* SANDUSKY News Sport Parade PirUcy's Party Jeff DeHaven 7:00 Mayer & Co. 7:15 Mayer & Co. 7:30 World News 7:45 Man's Family Guest House Guest House Serenade Edw. Murrow Lone Ranger Lone Ranger World News 1 Man's Family Fulton Lewis, Jr. What's New? Memorable Music Memorable Music 8:00 News, Gildy 8:15 Gilderslceve 8:30 Lone Ranger 8:45 Lone Ranger Bing Cro.sby .lohnny Dollar Godfrey Digest Godfrey Digest Gildersleeve Gildersleeve Goon Show Goon Show Bob and Ra.v Bob and Ray Bob and Ray B. & R.-Brown 9:00 Press Club 9:15 Press Club 9:30 Conversation 9:45 Conversation 10:00 FIbMcGee 10:15 NBC News 10:30 Heisman 10:45 Heisman News Carson Jack Carson Amos-Andy Amos; News X Ml mis 1 X Minus 1 Conversation Conversation Let's Dance Let's Dance Let's Dance Let's Dance "Designs" CBS Dance Believe; Ernia Tenn. Ernie 1370 Club 1370 Club Jane Piclieni Rhythm Review News, Dance Let's Dance Official Detective Official Detective 11:00 News, Sports 11:15 Karl Bates Il;30 Karl Bates 11:45 Karl Bates 12:00 News 11th Hr. News Sports Midnite Music Midnite Music News World News Sports, Music Turn-in-Time Turn-ln-Tim« News News Passport to Dream Passport to Dream Passport to Dream Prayer, Signoff Friday's Radio Our Boarding House . . . Major Hoople VJE'RE DOlNie A FAtJEOOT TC7M0RR0W,MAJC?R.' AND I HAVE 60T 50ME PRE- CH(Z\6mF\^ 6H0W6 HERB AND THERe THAT X 0OOKBD VvJMlLE X WA6 WA\TlM <3 FOK HE5? ro^ COM.t PACK/ E6AD. MOKRISSEV,' THEM VOO DID READ OUR TM0USMT5 A FTER ALL, AMD yOUR .J6 RETURN WA<3 M OT A 6 L) RP.R15E.' AuL KI6HT, SOU ear IN, EEL-- | BUT NJOT MOW/VVHBM I . /vo»v <s^r oor/ THE RAPIO SAW THE COP 9, I Hi>je HI, RICKI, BETTER GET)EAV5 VOU kILLEPONE COP^ ONES A PUSHOVER/ j^^r^i^i (^"^'.v^?^-! AAV OUfs; OM THC PHONE , HOOK ANP fliTiPPBPOOTi OP THE PHONi BOOTH. 1 THOUSHT TH6y MO SUCH ">OU'W -V\AP/ LUCK. THEN ) A03Olt /rN .y [>OU J MAOft^OW THiy uBT S. 9mrour/ SO-- T. Rfi:, u, 5. fn Off. AWWrvoui MATE IT MUST K HAME g -EEM VJRITTENi OM OUR AAlNiD5 AS PLAlM AS TfiOS& STATE FAIR, *0|4,yOlJ HAT6AMDb/ U 'lAM—1100 Cleveland 7:45 Reporter 6:00 Andrews 8:15 Andrews 8:30 Andrews 8:45 Andrews W .I II— 760 Detroit Music White News Bud Gucsl Music Hall Music Hall WSPD—1370 Toledo Alarm Clock Uebelhart Alarm Clock Alarm Clock Alarm Clock WLEt— 1450 Sandusky News Sync. Clock Sync. Clock Clock, Weather Snyc. Clock 0:00 Easy Does It 9:15 Easy Does It 9:30 Easy Does It 9:45 Easy Does It News Kitchep Club Mrs. Page Lazy Ranch Homemakers Homemakeri Homemakers Homemakers Robert Hurlcigh Espec. for You Stumpus Betty Newton 10:00 McBride 10:15 Weekday 10:30 Weekday 10:45 Weekday 11:00 Weekday 11:15 Weekday 11:30 Weekday 11:45 Fib McGee Godfrey Godfrey God frey Godfrey McBride Assem. o God Weekday Weekday Norwalk Norwalk Port Clinton PC; Hymns Godfrey Godfre.y Make Up Mind Howard Miller Weekday Weekday Weekday Top Tunes Huron News Huron News Sammy Kaya Tune Town 12:00 News 12:15 Livestock 12:30 Mil., Gloria 12:45 Mil., Gloria News Farm Roundup Music Time Time Out Uebelhart Interviews SPDy Line SPDy Line News Grain Report Local News Guy Lombardo 1:00 Mayer 1:15 Mil., 1 :30 Mayer 1 :45 Mayer '2 :0 'fnvjews, Ma.ver 2:15 Mayer 2:30 Mayer 2:45 Mayer. . ^ Road of Life Ma Perkins Dr, Malone Guiding Light SPDy Line SPDy Line Woman SPDy Line News, Pinkv Pinky, Girl Friend Story Time Story Time Shopper Perry Mason Nora Drake Shopper SPDy Line Lorenzo Jonea SPDy Line SPDy Line News 1450 Club 1450 Club 1450 Club 3:00 Weekday .T:I5 Weekday 3 30 Pet Hotel 3:45 Dr.'sWile Wendy Warren Shopper Helen Trent Gal Sunday SPDy Line SPDy Line Pet Hotel Woman House News, 1450 1450 Club 1450 Club 1430, Weather Young Ladies Answer to Prtviout Puzxl* ACROSS 1 Feminine appellation 6 Girl's name 1 1 One who rents 13 Legislative body 14 Armed fleet 15 Cliaracteristics 16 River (Sp.) 17 Greek letter 19 Ignited 20 Gambling game 22 Sea eagle . 23 Bitter vetch 24 Feminine name 26 Position in gymnastics 29 Low haunt 31 Goddess of the dawn 32 Age 3;j Split pea 34 Playipg cards 37 Obligation 40 Bi-mine 4 1 Mimic 43 Stigma 45 Camel's-hair cloth 46 Youth 47 Malt drink 48 Arrow poison 81 Analogical 14 "Lily maid of Astolat" S5 TV panelist, Francis 86 Having four parts (comb. form) 17 Property item fe; DOWN ^ I Actor.-— I Oabis 2 Eagles' nests 3 Indian heroine 4 Mrs. . Johnson 5 Conducted 6 Indian weight 7 Miss —— Merkle 8 Went by steamer 9 Dress 10 Birds' homes 12 Price 13 Hindered in growth 18 Art (Latin) 21 Command V B A U N A A K N 0 A N T 1 1 U 1 T u A T 1 6 N B T wk V « ^ N A M h f 1 A M '¥< L. 0 1 1 0 R A lA IR A A N A p b /A 1 N N A T B P B 1 6 R B R R 9 « A P E W e N 6 e « Y'( A P B 1 h if «1 A u 0 K 0 '1 N IP U X d A a A A L 0 k E t h M N 0 B \ WEI?E COMES THAT LI'L ..REST.-ClCEI?OT' BPOWSE APOUND, R 0UT HE AISJ'T y\ 6ETTI T'PAV. d Buesv's TOYS ^or 6IR .V-S + 60VS. 12-15 EVEey TIAAE ME COMES INJ HE •iM. CtrtMI.*. lAC. 4:00 Happiness 4:15 Stella Dallas 4:30 Wid. Brown 4:45 Pep Young House Part.v House Party Music Hall Music Hall Rt. Happiness Stella Dallas Wid. Brow»i Pepper Young 5:00 Wom. House 5:15 Mayer & Co. 5:30 News 5:45 Mayer & Co. News Music Hall Music Hall Music Hall Top Five Top Five Top Five Top Five Nows, 14.")0 U.-iO Clul) 14,'50 Club Sanla Clans News. ~14.")0 Mr .n Club Liu-ry Wflk 1450 Club WH^TCH^ MEAN AIM' 1^4JUM STORY'S OL' GTUFFP I'VE GOT A, SWELL OKAY, 50 WHAT? .THAT KIND OF A YARN'S GOT TOO MANY HORSES IN IT.' WHATS TH' MATTSR WITH HORSES?! PIP XOU EVER TRY PRAWING THEM? TOO MUCH EH? THEN IKDVI^S FOR GWm ME AtvlOTHER 5HOTATT>W m TH' GREAT STORV? curtT OUT. OOP/ BUT THAT'S A SWELL SET-UP FOR ME BEIMG A SENTLE- MA;N! H0LY(X>W, I'M ALREADT AN OFFICER AN' EVERV- BODY KNOWS THAT'S / ,iS *ol HALF^OF (T/ ^ Tonight's Television Programs AM CHANNEL 3 WNBK CleveUnd 6:00 Ramar fi:15-Ramar 6:30 Watch Birdie 6:45 News subject to Chang e by stations without notloo times listed are Eastern Standard CHANNEL & CHANNEL 8 VVSPD Toledo WEWS ClevelandWXEL Cleveland CIIANNIL 13 Superman Superman News Weather Late Matinee Late Matinee Cleveland Doug Edwards 7:00 Soldiers 7:15 Soldiers 7:30 Dinah Short 7:45 Caravan 8:00 Bet Life 8:15 Bet Life 8:30 Choice «;45 Choice Knowing .lohn Daly Quarterback Quarterback Bishop Sheen Bishop Sheen Stop Music Stop Music Cisco Kid Cisco Kid Sgl. Preslon Sgl. Preston Bob Cumniings Bob Cummings Shower of Stars Shower of Stars 9:00 Dragnet 9:15 Dragnet 9:30 Theater 9:45 Theater Star Tonight Star Tonight Down You Go Down You Go Shower of Stars Shower of Stars Playhouse Playhouse 10:00 10:15 10:30 10:45 TV Theater TV Theater TV Theater TV Theater Heart of City Heart of City Guy Lombardo Guy Lombardo Johnny Curson Jolinny Carson Studio 57 Studio 57 Deadline Deadline Patti Page Doug Edwai-fls Mich. Oiildoor.s Mich. Oiildoois Sgt. Pre.stcin Sgl. Preslon ~Beulah Beulah Sliovver of Stars Shower of Slurs Shower ot Stars Shower of Stars I-'laylunise Play boii.'fe .lohnny Car.soii Johiin,\- Carson .Sci-Fielli)n Sei-P'ieli(in 11:00 News 11:15 Theater 11:30 Tonight 11:45 Tonight 12:00 Tonight Theater Theater Theater Theater Theater News, Sports Weather, Show Night Owl Night Owl Night Owl News, Sports Mdvie Time Mirror Mirror New.s, liihles Friday's Television 30 GiiTs appellation 34 Small pipe 35 Biblical mountain 36 Health resort 38 Censures 25 Go by aircraft39 Louisiana 27 Highway university 28 Small islands 40 Phase 42 Hurricane-— 44 Lease anew 49 Atmosphere 50 Royal Navy Airman (ab.) 52 British money of account 53 He wrote "Treasure Island" (init.) CHANNEL J WNBK Cleveland 8:00 Today 8:15 Today 8:30 Today 8:45 Today "9:00 Early Bird 9:15 Early Bird 9:30 Early Bird 9:45 Early Bird < IIA.NNEL .S CHA.NNEL K t II.X.N.Ml. It WEWS ClevelandWXEL Cleveland WSIM) Idhdi. Cartoons Cartoons Fun Farm Fun Farm Fun Farm Fun Farm 10:00 Ding Dong 10:15 Ding Dong 10:30 Dr. Spock 10:45 Dr Spock 11:00 Home 11:15 Home 11:30 Home 11:45 Home 12:00 Tenn, Ernie 12:15 Tenn. Ernie 12:30 your Nest 12:45 Your Nest 1:00 Playhouse 1:15 Playhouse 1:30 Playhouse 1:45 Playhouse "2WpTa^hoi7se 2 :15 Playhouse 2 :30 Maggi Byrne 2 :45 Maggi Byrne Paige Palmer Paige Palmer Wings of Song Wings of Song "WRlJ Telecourse WHU Teleeourse Gene Carroll Gene Carroll Kiddieland Kiddieland Uiieie Leslie Kiddieland "Theater Theater Capt. Kangaroo t'apt. Kangaroo Capt. Kangaroo Capl. Kangaroo Romper Room Romper Room Romper Room Romper Room Garry Moore Garr,v Moore Garry Moore Garry Moore Garry Moore Garry Moore Strike it Ruh Strike it Rieii •Jan Bidlaek Jan Bidlaek Theater Theater Theater Theater 3:00 Matinee 3:15 Matinee 3:30 Matinee 3:45 Matinee 4:00 Lift Date 4:15 First Love 4:30 Mr. Sweeney 4:45 Romance Theater Theater News Paige Palmer "Bob^Daie ' Santa Claus Little Rascals Little Rascals Valiant Lady Love of Life 'l\iinorrow GHiding Light Aiiee Weston Alue Weslon Love Story Love Stoi y Roht Q. Leu is^ Robt Q Leuis Art Linkletler -Art Linkletter ~Big~Payoff ~ Big Pa.\ ott Bob Crosbv _Bob Crosby Brigiiter Day Secret Storm Your .-Xecuunt Your Account 5:00 Pinky Lee 5:15 Pinky Lee 5:3C How'Doody 5:45 How'Doody Mickey Mouse Mickey Mouse .Mickey Mouse Mieke.v Mou>i- Late Matinee Lale Matinee l-.jte Maluiee I..lie .M..iniii. t!apt Kangaroo t.'apl. Kangaroo t'apl. K;in«aroo Capl K;iiigaroo ~TV -N'eusreel House Party Love Stor\' Love Story Garr.s' Mnore Ciarry Al.jore \';.lianl l.:uly Love ol I.lie Home C'ooklP.K Hoiin' C'ookiriy Strike 11 Hieh Strike It Hub News. Wi-alht r Farm Hour 'I'oi ni l^ro•.^ C.iUini.i; l.i^lit H.ispitaliiv llo.-j|'italil\ Hujintalilv Hobiiitdlliy lloipnuliiy Hos|iitalily 'relesliui'. Telc.^luci.s lilt; Pavoil Bi.- Payoll iiu\i Crosby Bob Crosby "Bniibter Day-""" Secret Storm Yoiir .Account Your .Account Fun Farm i-'uii K.inri .\..UUi- 'I'l Si'.-.'. READ THE CLASSIFIED PAGES

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