Lake Charles American-Press from Lake Charles, Louisiana on August 22, 1962 · Page 16
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Lake Charles American-Press from Lake Charles, Louisiana · Page 16

Lake Charles, Louisiana
Issue Date:
Wednesday, August 22, 1962
Page 16
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Page 16 article text (OCR)

16 WED ' AUGUST 22, 1962, Leke Charles American Press •Junior Editors Ouiz on FISH AMUSEMENTS AND ARTS Movies Abouf Armed Forces Getting Tougher fo Make T>« D/\D t»TTJ-M»« » O ' f»l_. . . _ ... By BOB THOMAS AP Movfe-Teleriston Writer HOLLYWOOD (AP) - Movies , about the American fighting j £ o n and Rod Taylor, forces, a Hollywood staple since! The movie almost didn't the first days of World War II,; made, Bartlett remarked. is now filming a saga of (he show the taxpayers what they are Strategic Air Command. "A Gath- getting for their money ROCk Hud 'l '? would also demonstrate the : system of positive control to those get who fear "that a war can be started through error. And it Union Claims Misuse of Local Funds . : * •"• vv,v. vt*» VU£tl Cl I Ul . rtilU Jl PD _. „„_ jf' »•" " y ' II took the recommendation of would show in a very graphic <£ , g i, t£!?'» M Gen ' Curtis UMa y and President wa - v to the Russiffl w why they in fhf'* ,1 •! ' an , ex P?!; t Kennedy himself to get it past the .would be foolish to start any- in the service picture. An Air, Pentagon brass," the producer i thing." * Force reserve colonel himself, he sa id piouucer » M Jr 4 . i Even after such arguments, There was a time when the j Bartlett received no concessions services were falling over each \ in filming of his picture. He was other to extend cooperation to ; told he could proceed - but per- film makers on films extolling the sonnel and equipment could not gones of the particular branches. | be used for anything beside their Uhaf ha "~ 5 "'"" regular duties. coming of "That kind of ruling would it. Darryl Zanuck eliminate almost every kind of CROSSWORD PUZZLE ACROSS 1. Breach •*. Competent 8. Conflagration 12. Ventilate 13. Thin 14. Cut of meat 15. Baas 17. Period of light 19. Near 10. Company of ftctori 11. Stop »4. Stone paving block 8«. Woe IS. Thickness 80. Qer. weight SI. Measure of cloth 84. 38. Engineering 11. Graf ted (heraldry) It. Russ. secret _ M society 18. Containing vinegar 21. Wayfarer 23. Affirmative vote I mollusk 2-?!£?!?,.„. 27. Fr. coin 7?£\ * 29 - Fencing < ab -> sword 7. Purpose 82. Unasplratcd 8. Small handbill 33. Cast sidelong 9. Peacock glances butterfly 86. Old horse 10. Creeks 37. Foreboding 4$. Small night birds 45. Malar* 48. Attend th* sick 48. Corrosion 49. Brilliantly. colored fl.»h 61. C*ar!«6 grasl stem 54. However RS. Long fish r.7. Spring montl 59. Note of th» 6t. (ah.) ••What happened? 3>. Turn right 41. Standard 48. Ugly old woman 44. Source 47. Pitcher 48. Gfrl's nickname troops and service picture," the producer de' QUESTION: Why do fish swim in schools? ANSWER: Scientists find that in the case offish which travel •> schools, schooling begins when the tiny fish, or "fry." are r> small. If one fry sees the tail of another in front of him v'^j: 1 ff c , u v V 'T Jt " Soon others join and schools are formed! N.anv fisnh/e in such schools for the rest of their lives Fish travel in schools are the most successful at staving fi.r.e. borne of the best know are the herring, the mullet"and tne mackerel. Several advantages of schooling have beeSsS- f es.ed As seen in the circle, a big school of fish from a dif. ™ ^? S , S ° m Tf^^ 1Dce a sea monster md Ms nia>- scare Ett 3V Pnpmi pc Rnt tno rrtrtef 4*******•>+» & » en. cut me most important reason for schooling s that general movement of water made by a school more easily and rapidly, BO d< i their enemies. The fish may borrowed American equipment to ( help stage 'The clared. ' "Fortunatelyr "we^'weTe „ v ^? n |est Day." Congressmen got! able to go ahead because SAC is Sept. 6 at a hearing to determine j . O . r Uus f° d started a barrage { in daily maneuvers which we whether he should be restrained 1 ?. 8 ? 1 .. such use °' American ; could photograph. f.. nM i,««.,n:_- • „ r i ilCntinP mpn i n m «n_n. •! _ i BATON ROUGE (AP) -Teamster chieftain Edward G. Partin must appear in federal court here i from handling union funds. Bartlett is a' champion of the 63. Snoop BB. Buy back BS. Secure «n. Gaelic 62. Afternoon party «3. Conjunction 84. Bound 85. Crafty , DOWN L Idl* ulk 34 39 48 44 3T 45 141 30 5o 61 27 II 51 14 S7 e-w fcS '9 31 33 National Debt Passes $300 Billion Mark WASHINGTON (AP) _ TTiO national debt has rise* eo over $300 billion for the first time. As of Aug. 15, the treasury announced Monday, the total public debt was $300,133,027,610.51. That is about $1,600 for every man, woman and child in the country. The per capita debt figure, however, is well below the World War II high of nearly $2.000 because the population has increased faster than the debt. The debt now is subject to a temporary limit of $308 billion. This will drop to $305 billion next April 5, to $300 billion June 25 and to $283 billion—the permanent ceiling—next July 1. FREE Answer In Classified Section against So »c hncl I, explain hnw it i™w ,'°™,i . Ozzi'e and Harriet Are Grandparents kn «°? ?°c^ : H 8 ^ secrets av known as yet. Study the way animals act and see * **?* thlngs ' Sorae by people who were students rather than are not can Photos Indicate Margaret May Be Expecting H r>v,T u They claimed that Partin "in his official capacity as secretary- treasurer business manager of local union No. 5 has mishandled, misused and misappropriated the funds of said local union on numerous occasions." Union records and property, the complaint said, "are constantly being 'stolen' or become missing whereby defendant's actions could be ascertained and further records may disappear, all of which will lead to the immediate and ir- repnrable injury to said union." The bulky complaint included nearly 12 pages of specific accounts in which the eight union Social scientists call the line of members cldm Parlin "m i s- cilies, towns and suburbs from handled, misused, and appropri- j southern New Hampshire to north- i ated the funds of said union." jern Virginia "megalopolis" from i The union members making the the Greek word for a great city, j claims were Joseph D. Albtn, Frank L. Doughty, Prentiss H. ° f Putnam> Conn " wlns S1 ° for this question. >ours on a postcard to Junior Editors in care of this ? e h' °, aSe 5 °* dupllcate IUW^MS. the editors will to choose the winner ) Nineteen models of 1962 Amer - , . . - ; ican cars have bucket seats ..» increased speculation she {oam rubber cushioning . be expecting her " J second Moak, Retus K Riles, Hoyt Till- man - ^ ohn Scallan. Joe Green and George Bcnnett . The princess posed Tuesday at Ab ; ipy!eix, Ireland, where she and iv.r hu,-band, Lord Snowdon, are v.r.iing his brother-in-law and sis- ifr, Viscount and Viscountess de > •, : V !-'>l. i. In the picutres Margaret's fig- uu- appeared unusually full. . F.ocsn wrasped . rhopt-cd Sirloin Prcnch Fries. Grtpn fo'ad, Garlic Dreod THURSDAY MENU 59c Smoked Souso^s With Red Beons ond Rict Both served with Iced Tea or Coffee Childi Plat* 49C LAMBERT'S CAFETERIA 915 RYAN HE 9-2406 TODAY - THURSDAY CARLOAD $1.00 CARLOAD $1.00 FEATURES RUN ONE TIME ONLY—COME EARLY SHOW TIME: 7:30—MR. ROBERTS AT 8:00 ON THE SCREENl^^^JTHE HAPPIEST PlAY THAT EVER 1PWYED! THIS FEATURE I WANT TO LIVE AT 10:00 SUSilYWARD in the [rye story of Barbara Graham-whose murder trial shocked the world! .- ' : •. ,rc '"" " 'IH I I «!• OPEN 12:15 STARTS THURSDAY CHILDREN rUKALL THE WORLD TO ENJOY! TECHNICOLOR* o utM , \ NIGHTLY 6:00 - 10:00 ADULTS §2.93 SUNDAYS 1:00- 9:00 CHILDREN .... $1.50 Also Serving BREAKFAST, LUNCH ond DINNERS A'UoCorte mi HE 3-8231 HIGIIWAI' 90 EAST SHOWINGS HIT NO. l AT 7:15 .-* TODAY HIT NO. 2 AT 8:55 LtoneJJfffMS Screenplay by URRf caBART and BLAKE tDWARDS Pfoduced by f^FO XOHUUR • Diracled by RICHARD OUi Blair made Ozzie and Harriet Nelson grandparents for the first time Monday. unt i \n»,r,«r, /»« ~ , • A 7 -P° uncl . 5-ouncc hoy named HOLLYWOOD (AP) - David , Daniel Blair Nelson was born to C ! S °i and h ' S actress wife June ' Miss B1 air at SI. John's Hospital. OUR GIFT TO YOU REG. 53.95 VALUE 5x7 PORTRAIT of your child—all this week. Age 1 mo. to 6 yrs. 10 Hit 5. George Theriot's . Grocery 2200 Ryan Westinghouse says: TILT-DOWN RACKS... REMOVABLE Just In Time for SHRIMP SEASCN CAPACITY POUNDS Big Westinghouse Upright Freezer has Air-Sweep Shelves for fast freezing, means you can quick-freeze foods in any com- partmenr. Deep Door Shelves keep foods "up front" . . . Bulk Package Storage for large items . . . genuine Porcelain Liner . . . 3-Year Food Spoilage Warranty. Each One's A KBB14 We Sell What We Advertise We Service What We Sell BIG At Only .v i CAPACITY 525 POUNDS Farm-size capacity Westinghouse Chest Freezer has separate Quick-Freezre Compartment, Lift-Out Bosket. Built-in Tumbler Lock protects foods . . , "Dry-Wall" Construction . . . Porcelux on steel exterior. 3-Year Food Spoilage Warranty. HALF- GALLON FREE 100 CARTONS WITH EACH PURCHASE

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