The Des Moines Register from Des Moines, Iowa on July 26, 1969 · Page 8
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July 26, 1969

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The Des Moines Register from Des Moines, Iowa · Page 8

Des Moines, Iowa
Issue Date:
Saturday, July 26, 1969
Page 8
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Page 8 article text (OCR)

Des Moine$ Register PUMA ft Sat., July 26, 1944 * RAKEJUDGES IN ILLINOIS CASE CHICAGO. ILL. (AP) - Two Illinois Supreme Court justices, a former state revenue director and an Illinois Commerce Commission member "are guilty of gross impropriety," a special commission created by the state's highest court was told Thursday. John Paul Stevens, counsel for a panel of five lawyers named by the Supreme Court to judge the conduct of two just i c c s , summarized findings presented during a two-week public hearing, which ended Thursday, by declaring: "There is substantial basis in the record that Chief Justice Roy J. Solfisburg, Justice Ray I. Klingbicl, Theodore J. Isaacs and Robert Perbohncr arc each guilty of gross impropriety." Isaacs was Illinois revenue director in the administration of former Gov. Otto Kerncr. Perbohncr is a member of the Illinois Commerce Commission. The commission has until Aug. 1 to report its findings. The commission investigated charges that Solfteburg and K I i n g b i el acted with impropriety in connection with the court's dismissal of criminal charges against Isaacs, who had been charged with conspiring to defraud the state and p cr j en ces of centuries into with conflict of interest because of his connection with an envelope company given $1 million in state business during his! during the short service while term as revenue director. i the astronauts, wearing light Klingbiel wrote an opinion blue flight suits and dark caps, u pholding dismissal of the , ooked on from their confine . charges and Solfisburg concurred. , menl i When Aldrin asked those present to remember the men who WIREPHOTOS (AP) Special Delivery From the Moon Dr. Robert R. Gilruth, right, director of the National Aeronautics and Space Administration's Manned Spacecraft Center near Houston, Tex., Friday helps lift a box of lunar rock samples from an airplane. The rocks collected on the moon by Astronauts Neil Armstrong and Edwin E. (Buzz) Aldrin, jr., were flown to Houston to be examined by scientists. Helping move the scaled box is George M. Low, second from left, manager of the Apollo program. Others are not identified. 'I APOLLO- Continued from Page One ' i few days." A band played quiet hymns A motion filed June 10 by Sherman Skolnick of Chicago, a paraplegic, self-trained legal researcher, asked the high court to reopen the Isaacs case. had died in man's challenge of space, the astronauts removed their caps and bowed their | heads. They were joined by a {•' - „,. ... . 1nn! small crowd gathered outside' • K 11 n g b i e I was given 100 , tineetrailer . shares of stock in the Civic < l , „ . List of Dead Eight American astronauts legal counsel and a large' and two Russian cosmonauts shareholder, while the court j have been killed since the was deliberating the Isaacs ! space-age opened. The^Ameri- case. !cans were Virgil I. Grissom, Solfisburg acquired 700 Edward White and Roger Center Bank,- which Isaacs j helped form and of which he is j shares at a bargain price and sold them at above-market value, with Isaacs' help, shortly after the decision in favor of Isaacs. Plan to Suspend Scolaro's License By a Staff Writer CEDAR RAPIDS, IA. - An Iowa Highway Patrol official ssrtd Friday that the driver's license of Anthony R. Scolaro, 45, chairman of the Linn County Board of Supervisors, will be suspended for 120 days under Iowa's implied consent law. Cedar Rapids police said Scolaro refused to take a blood test after his arrest -Thursday Chaffee, who died together in a fire inside their spacecraft during a test at Cape Kennedy in January, 1967; Ted Freeman, Charles Bassett, Elliot See and C. C. Williams, all killed in plane crashes, and Edwin Givens, who died in an auto crash. L The Russians were Yuri Gagarin, the first man in space, and Vladimir Komarov. Gagarin died in a plane .crash in 1968. Komarov was killed in a spacecraft landing in 1967. The shipboard services ended with a solemn naval hymn. While the Hornet churned northeastward toward arrival in Hawaii at 1 p.m. Iowa time today, the physician who shares the spacemen's isolation in a TELLS FEAR OF WAGE SPIRALS WASHINGTON, D,C. (AP) Secretary of Labor George P. Shultz cautioned Friday that splratlng wages and prices could- put many workers and companies out of business when President Nixon's anti-inflation policies take hold. "Jmt a» you can price goods out of the market, it's possible to price labor out of the market too," ShulU said In the wake of government reports showing the worst wage-price Inflation In 18 years. He said unions and companies negotiating long-term excessive wage increases that lead to big price boosts could be left out on a limb with goods priced too high to sell, leading to layoffs of workers. Shi I?z »ald be though* shorter term labor contracts make more sense In a time of rapidly rising prices, especially In construction. Most labor contracts are negotiated for two or three years. "We do mean business," Shultz said of government policies to halt inflation. "When our policies to control inflation really take hold, there will be enough competition to make passing along these increases difficult. They would have to find some other way to absorb them," Shultz said. This could include major technological changes to replace workers, he said. Despite this week's report showing living costs still climbing at the swiftest pace since the Korean War, Shultz said the slackening rate of real growth in the Gross National Product indicates the Nixon policy of tight money and federal budget cuts is beginning to brake the economy. night on a charge of operating j silver quarantine van said an a motor vehicle while in-; ear ailment which had bothered Employes at the lunar receiving laboratory at the Manned Spacecraft Center wore white suits Friday as they checked the weight of the case of moon samples. The shipment weighed 33.35 pounds and contained rocks, two core' samples from the moon and the solar wind experiment. WIREPHOTO <AP) . Warns of Inflation George Schultz, secretary of labor, Friday cautioned business and labor leaders against big, long-range wage and price hikes as a means of combating inflation. He spoke in Washington, D.C. NEW SOUTHERN AIRLINEROUTES WASHINGTON, D.C. (AP) The Civil Aeronautics Board (CAB) authorized a number of new air routes across the southern part of the United States Friday. In a combination of four proceedings before it, the board granted new authority to 12 airlines. Eastern Air Lines received a route between Atlanta, Gat, and Los Angeles, Calif., National Airlines between Atlanta and San Francisco, Calif.; Northeast Airlines between Miami, Fla., and Los Angeles; Delta Air Lines between Miami and San Francisco; and United Air Lines between Memphis, Tenn., Birmingham, Ala., and Los Angeles. United also was authorized to provide the first nonstop service between Hnntftvflle.' Ala., and Los Angeles. In the southeastern region Braniff Airways and Eastern Some Heavy Smokers Told Not to Give It Up © The London Observer were given routes between Dal- ! las-Ft. Worth, Tex., New Orleans, La., Tampa, Fla., and Miami; Eastern received a route between Dallas and Atlanta, .and Delta between Houston, Tex.; and Miami. In the southwestern region, NEW YORK, N.Y. — For some heavy smokers the adverse psychological effects of giving up smoking may be worse than the physical risks'involved in continuing the habit. This conclusion, reported in the Journal of the American Medical Association, emerged from a study of the effectiveness of hypnosis as a "smoking Arrest Rival in Ice Cream War NEW YORK, N.Y. (AP) The operator of a rival ice cream vending company was cure. Dr. Sheldon B. Cohen, an American psychiatrist and hypnotist, studied a small group of heavy smokers, referred to him b y physicians because the smokers' addiction to tobacco 1 was putting their health seriously I at risk. Early Death He agreed that heavy smoking greatly increases the individual's risk of illness and early 'death. But he found that the great majority of these heavy were suffering from able behavioral alterations" of an equally threatening nature — outbursts of rage, excessive drinking and depression. Dr. Cohen concluded that heavy smoking cannot, and should not, be removed by hypnosis or other means until the underlying emotional disturbance has been corrected first. emotional diffi- arrested Friday in connection s " 10Kei s w with vandalism directed at a unresolved culties. For them the search for a Senate Votes Apollo Honors WASHINGTON, D.C. (AP) The Senate unanimously adopted a resolution Friday congratulating the Apollo 11 entry, had cleared up night. Examine Rocks over- he will get no closer than did I President Nixon when he talked iwith the astronauts Thursday toxicated. The highway patrol official said such refusal means an automatic suspension of a driver's license for 120 days. He said the notification will come after processing at State Safety Commission offices in Des Moines. Scolaro appeared in municipal court Friday. On the motion of his attorney, arraignment on the charge was delayed to Aug. 5. Police said the Armstrong had cleared up. The astronauts are "in great shape," said Dr. William Carpentier. "I can't find a single thing different from their pre-flight condition." Speaking to newsmen at a briefing conducted through a glass window of the van, Dr. Carpentier said the astronauts each had eight to nine hours' sleep their first night on the car- While the Hornet cruised through tropical waters, space scientists in Houston began examining the rocks from the moon. A white sealed box of rocks and core samples from the moon arrived at the Lunar Receiving Laboratory at the Manned Spacecraft Center in Houston at midday Friday and scientists began the long, meticulous examination that they hope will answer centuries-old arrest came'after a two-car ac- rier and awakened "very re- cident. laxed." (questions about earth and He said they exercised on a i moon. The box and its contents ART THEFT bicycle machine and then had a PARIS,. FRANCE iREU- breakfast of crepes normaudie, TERS) - Thieves broke into link sausage and pecan rolls. weighed 33.35 pounds. Another box brought back at through a glass window of the van. After a brief ceremony, the truck will slowly move the van to nearby Hickam Field. The van°will be loaded into an Air Force C-141 transport for a direct flight to Houston, where it is to arrive at 1:35 a.m. Iowa time Sunday at Ellington Field. Despite the early hour, the space agency expects thousands of persons to gather for a glimpse of the space heroes. At Ellington, the van again will be loaded onto a truck. Then, with roads blocked to Mr. Softee ice cream truck operation. A Mr. Softee franchise holder in the Bronx and Brooklyn had been the target of violence and harassment in recent weeks. The man arrested was identified as the operator of the Freezer Fresh ice cream vending company — Salvatore Fariello, 40, of Bellmore, on Long Island. He was charged with robbery, grand larceny, burglary, criminal mischief and possession of a weapon. Castro Watches Apollo 11 on TV HAVANA, CUBA (AP) One of Cuba's avid television followers of the flight of Apollo 11 was Prime Minister Fidel Castro, informed sources reported Friday. They said Castro watched color programs from the United States, which is only 90 miles away, when two of the astronauts walked on the moon Sunday. The informants added that Castro watched the program with friends at Havana University and returned there Thursday to see the splashdown in the Pacific. the apartment of, a wealthy j The doctor said Armstrong's j taken on the moon. French art collector during the ear ailment, which was thought I A second box of rocks and the same time contained film otner traffic for mileS( the night and stole pictures worth caused by the accumulation of $140,000. fluid following the stress of re- soil, containing a larger amount of moon material, arrived in Houston later. The boxes are headed for a quarantine as strict as that for the Apollo 11 astronalits. •'The boxes are going behind what is, in effect, a double WIREPHOTO (AP) A Moon Walk That Failed Seventeen-moatb-old Lisa Feagle wasn't impressed by this "moon walker/' who entertained Friday at the Jacksonville, Fla., zoo. Furthermore, she wasn't particularly impressed with the "moon rock" she held in her band. biological barrier. They will be opened in vacuum cabinets which themselves will be inside a quarantined laboratory. truck will move to the receiving laboratory about four miles away. Through a sealed passage, Armstrong, Aldrin and Collins will walk from the small van into the permanent facility. There they'll stay, cut off from the earthly celebrations of their feat, for 17 days. Columbus Award To Apollo 11 Men GENOA, ITALY (REUTERS) — The three Apollo 11 astronauts will be awarded this year's Christopher Columbus International communications prize, the Genoa city council announced Friday. The price will be given to the astronauts in October during the annual Christopher Columbus celebrations in the this city. FIGHT BEAR WITH FIRE RAIPUR, INDIA (REUTERS) — Terrified Indian vil- fhe elaborate isolation is to! lagers here killed a wild bear prevent escape into the atmosphere of any moon microbes that might have been brought back in the rocks and soil. Moon scientists don't expect to find life of any kind in the lunar samples, but the space agency hopes to minimize chances of exposing earth life. The boxes were flown off the recovery ship Hornet aboard two small Navy airplanes, were transferred to larger aircraft at Johnston.Island and then were flown to Ellington Air Force Base near the space center. -Pr. Thomas 0. Paine, administrator of the National Aeronautics and Space Administration, escorted the first box. Armstrong, Aldrin and Collins will remain inside their isolation chamber when the Hornet arrives in Hawaii. The 35- foot-Jong van, with the spacemen strapped in chairs inside, will be unloaded from the carrier and placed on a flatbed truck. Gov. John Burns of Hawaii will welcome the spacemen, but i by setting fire to the house it had wandered into. landau •&#* 11 a.m. to 2 p.m. Oven baked chicken, Swiss uteak, roast round of beef, baked sugar cured ham PLUS a tasty assortment of salads, vegetables, pastries, Adults $1.95; Children under 10 years $1.00; Babies under 3 eat free. The liest in the Midwest "smoking cure" really represented an appeal for help with their "chronic emotional problems" — depression, phobias, insomnia, feelings of inadequacy and marital tangles. About 25 per cent were able to decrease the number of cigarettes they smoked, or to stop altogether for a time. Other Symptoms But some of these "successful" patients then developed other symptoms or "undesir- American Airlines received a Houston-San Francisco route, Continental Airlines, a route between Dallas and Los Angeles and Delta one between Dallas and Phoenix, Ariz. Continental received route* between Albnquenpe, N.M., and San Francisco and between Albuquerque and Chi* cago. Frontier Airlines was authorized to operate between Las Vegas, Nev., Albuquerque and Dallas. Texas International won a route between Los Angeles, Albuquerque and Dallas. The CAB also granted Airlift International an all-cargo route in the southern tier of states, and authorized new or cargo improved service for American, Braniff, Continental, Delta, astronauts and all who made! Eastern, National, Northeast their flight possible. and Northwest. The resolution commended i "the magnificent efforts of thej men and women throughout the; United States and the world at large, in government, industry,! and education, whose contribu-! tions were so vitally necessary to the success of these achievements." Majority Leader Mike Mansfield (Dem., Mont.) also announced that arrangements are being made for a joint session of Congress to honor the Apollo 11 crew after Congress returns Sept. 3 from its summer recess. BUNCHE IN THAILAND BANGKOK, THAILAND (REUTERS) - Dr. Ralph Bunche, United Nations undersecretary general for special political affairs, Friday met Prime Minister Thanom Kit- tikachorn. BISHOP SWIMMING POOLS BIG SUMMER SALE PhoM 989-3212, Carlisle Henry C. Olson President Stoner Piano Co. invites you to com* in to set th» new 1969 Hamnpond Organs Complete line of Pianos including tuch Famous Brands as Sttinway O Chickering Evmtt • Cabl<-N«lson El bridge Open: Mon. thru Fri. t to 9 Saturday to i:M STONER PIANO CO. H. C. OLSON, Pr«s. E. Uth J. Hull 265-0348 SERVE YOUR FAMILY A DOROTHY YEGLIN TREAT TONIGHT! If you're like most women, you have a regular pattern of meals that you serve your family. Why not live daringly . . . break th» routine ... and serve your family one of the many tasty Dorothy Yocjlin dishes found on the "PAGE FOR WOMEN" in your Des Moinos Register! Everything is there — recipe and all. You never know, il may even draw out a compliment! Pick one today, try it tonight. TO READ THE.

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