The News from Frederick, Maryland on September 2, 1967 · Page 16
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The News from Frederick, Maryland · Page 16

Frederick, Maryland
Issue Date:
Saturday, September 2, 1967
Page 16
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I*··««· H I I I !·· \r. w . i- reiH'iick. tuiri:inn SeplctnlM-r '.'. 19*7 ll.ultcs of ( \ n \ c i Xp.ntnicnts \\itl, shoplifting :inl the 17 Me.,, oKI K i . - t H u k mm ^" " M " f O l X I M A I'-'""" " K I t V M . I Ifl « C I C .11 ,'.t\ . i l l f l Ilinill III Two Charged I « ' S | » « O . I I H I U I ..' p i l l »'l « I I U mpl '· "«· I I U I I I U * i « v . i i i - - i | in^ lii s'lop'iU two pun ol shoos, r i v i l life iiK-ieused by 27I.UUO \.ilm-l ;it $ 1 7 ' M l i o i n A r l a n X l u u i i M UK- past year to a total I H - p a i t i i H - n t Stoio in tin- Pios t 2 r .K4,,000, th«- Vt-tci ans Ad- |HH-t I'la/a Shopping (Vntei i n i n i s t i d t i o n tepwrts LEONARD SMItMAN . Ki .in .11 1 IC-.U,! r h l l . o M i k v l i o i i \ \ i l l i s l k ' | l i l t i n j ; .it .1 * I v ilrp.n Uncut s t o i c .1 JUMMI It- delinquent s.iid (lie P.III wcu- .n l'\l I K «. \ \ r I! Krokrr C O . ' K T H V rtOVIt «VI' » I". A C R I S I s t w y ,iou»e 4 M m 0 'h kit · hon ..IK pantry D · l« * Ml ba\i will numerou out BMgs Lg Mna) ,utrowndrd S ir«» »nd 'awn Propf. l» well car t 0r N/ol Fred . nek Shown bv »' pt I B S brick t uk » ! · MM 3 BR Iramc w \hoppntQ center Approve* Blot (S 0*0 517 N M* *« n a rreder jitio * ecr ick. nr l e 64)0 lot- from »2 COC 10 41 «t. »4?5.«4 GOOD WILL USED CARS ( I I K V ( o r \ a i r l o n \ . ( pc 4 spd.. ( orsa, Kill t HK\ linpala 2-I)r. U.T. \.T Kill ( H K \ . · Pas*. Station W a n on A T.. KH. FORO rairlane Mr Kll. FORD Galaxie 4-Dr. Sed. \.T . RH. P.S. FORD Fairlane 4-Dr RH. I)OICF 2-Dr. H.T *.T. RH. P.S. DODf.K 4-Dr. Sedan \.T.. RH. PONTIAC 4-Dr. H.T. H.M.. RH. P.S.. P.B PONTIAC Bonne 4-Dr H.T H M.. RH. P.S.. P B . PONTUr 4-Dr. H.T. H.M.. RH P.S.. P B PONTIAC 4-Dr. Sedan H.M.. R H . PONTIAC Ch. 4-Dr. Sedan H.M.. RH. RAMBLKR 4-Dr. \.T.. RH. Renn Pontiac Dial MO :t-41.V i: E. 6th St. INC. J. AUSTIN YOUNKINS 1 104 A larn Dairy barn » dairy equ.p , nice hou e road Iroftat)* «J.*0* 1 1 bd'm brik duH x larqe lot. bath and lumate Deduced to t* s«* lor quirk sale In Frederick 1 i Odrm mod n split level brick tec room lull basemrnt near Frederick 4 Hi * Farm lot o Rd frontage '". tile land good lie Priced at SVO COO 5 1«1A stock l.rm Washington Co. S4I.OM t a^4 A 1 f^rtr combined close by 'n va Land t B d«s, excellent land t · 1 Va 4XA F»rm » SCO A Farm I. Farm US A Fertile land food Bldqs Call MJ 306J j AUSTIN Y O U N K I N S REP Grayson H Mercer 41 Sons Office ««} 3«1 MOVER LINCOLN MERCURY 'tt.'J M e r o u r v S ."", Loade d u i t h E x t r a s i n - c l u d i n g K a r t o r x A i r C o n d i t i o n i n g . 1 O w n - er. Low Mileage. % fi:{ Dod^e Dart i'.'l, Con\ e r t i h l e , P u l l E | u i p - ped. '«7 T-Bird, loader! v\ e\ - er t h i n g . irn hid'nu air-confl T,« Mert-urj I Dr. Bree/ew!i\ . F u l l x Equipped. '6fi Comet (JT. f u l l y equipped i n c l u d i n g :$!)() '«.") .Mercurv M o n t e r e 1 Dr.. full e q u i p . , low mileage. '62 Mercurj. (. ustom 2 Dr., H. l o p . F u l l x Equipped. LOT L O C N T I O N JEFFERSON S'l .MO 3-5127 WOOLCO DEPARTMENT STORE A p p l i c a t i o n * hemp: taken for FLOOR COVERING SALESMAN O p p o r l u n i t \ for a d v a n c e m e n t io Assistant and Manager. Must he H i l l i n g to relocate if neces*ar\. K v c e l l e n t s t a r t i n g salar plus commission. \pph In I'crsim 10 A . M . To 6 P.M. WOOLCO DEPARTMENT STORE Frederick Shopping Center \n Equal Opporlunilv EmploM r WELL DRILLING The ( ompanv T o Call In 'I hi- Iri-stati- \rea Kiir Ml U a t e r Suppl\ Needs r'ree Kttiiiiates--h inani mg Terms--I- asl Ser\ i AUSTIN R. KEYSER, INC. "01 R IH T SINESS IS W A T E R " H K I . P \N \ N T E D Need a new and heller w a \ to pressuri/e our H a t e r s \ s t « i n ' Slop w a t e r logKinK motor burn-out--.lacu/7i's l l \ ( l r o i r is the KEYSER'S WELL DRILLING MO 2-lfM« Call MO :? WE GIVE SH GREEN STAMPS REED FOIIU '(ih M u s l d n u .' l)r HI U A H I* \ H I IIMI Std Ki.1! Md ·fi ( h \ \ ,' I)r Hardtop S s * i \ I sir trans ."(Ml 4 I)r sodan \ X duto P.S.. K H . 1.4 1 Hird hard top K e\ I . antu I* S I* K air onii M v a l a i e 4 Dr. sedan, auto . P .S.. V-R. KH '(,! VK.I5 4 speed e « » n \ e r t u l l h M i r e wheels I'hoiu- :'·', Middletoun 'd2 l n t r r i i . i l n i i i . i l ( uslom I r a \ e l a l l . \ X Standard trans ii." Rancheio 2(K) ( u m stu trans K A H 'B2 \ M transport deluxe '62 Ford ' In. h I N ! 6' Sodx. H. ·fil Falcon 4 Dr.. n o l std »-aU'on Chili W a g 6 » x l TI International 1 " . l,.n. K' H stake w i t h side hoard-- Mar\land I'lfA MI SI \ \ ( . 2 Dr Hardtop, K*ll \1 eonsole I'M, I ( MHI I \ HUM rl Kll. I' S I' It \ ( \ T I' \\ s i (i«i:» I'M. I I ' O S I I X C « ai i. Dr K l l . \ T . I ' . S . real c l e a n . s :»«: I 'Mill I P « ) M I \ « at . 4 Dr \T I'.S \ll w h i l e , . l e a n S !!." LOWMAN PONTIAC I'ONTI M --'I KMI'KS'I-- K I K K H I K I ) Mi \irv Md Xilicra FARMS NEEDED \ e hn\v b u v e r s for farms from ."» acres to 1.000 acres, improved or unimproxed, operating d a i r i e s , stock farms or woodland. C'all me personall or w r i t e to LES HUTZELL M l.'M \ \ . P a t r i c k St. H o m e »,,2-2.~ I N F i e d e r i c k . Md. O f f i c e l « 2 - 1 1 1 113 A rarm 45A cleareo. MA *·**· rii l i t Room t .r»u (IMS*, 1 4 room house Bern ft necessary bkta Pric* S41«M U room house n Johnsvi'le on 1 acres Has ) lam ly mils and Urg* store room Zoned c«Mn nercial 155 A Investment Und aporoi 1440 ft road frontage on 71 40 nr Rt 17 Inttr section Prlco tl.eto an jcre t room house on 2 a/it A , b«d'0om t bath, 9*ra«e Ownec will finance. Price iir.jOO ihown by appointment 121 A farm in Carroll Co suitatle for dairy, stock or horses Owner financing F-rice S45.000. Carroll F Harp, Salesman Phon^ 101 «45 45«1 LFONARL- ' 'HERMSN Realtor NBW CITY LISTING o«* »i IM best downtown locations, 4 · · Of'Ck Uwo hovse. ont hall, larqe rooms, floors all ro«inlsh*d, car garag* Nice CON OIT , W lay po-s V«r» convenient to- c«* in to .hvrchos and stores Paul G Morgan, ·roker Ph 371 4431 ^·rnetta S Morgan, Associate FILLERS mWMtmsV*' LJKs*- * ·· ·?.«.;·: VILLAGE HOME On ( ) \ e r 5 Acres Of T.and Jusf · tew minutes dn e from Frederick Is! (Ir --Spacious L Rm wtfh fireplace lg« dn rm and family tut kiti-h-' with M bafh 2nd fir--Four bedrooms and 'u I bath Note these features Practically new 'trculator baseboard lot wafer heating system Two water system* ige stable and mtse oufbldgs , splendid garden This horm needs redecc ation and a httl* do (t yourjel* repair, thus «my one wou'd tiave a *ire horn** for i qrowmq family within easy eofoifrt n^ distance of Frederic^ Ned S. Zeiler 1IIL' N . ( oiirt St. 2-2:.9i PEELINCS ( \ N KM \ r i O N SHOES Save Up To 40°o «*·» On Famous Brand Shoes NARROW WIDTHS AVAILABLE HOGS R C PEELING «19 Baltimore Blvd Westminster. Md -- Mt-oMl IMMEDIATE OCCUPANCY Well kept 3 bdnn. brick rancher L R. w i t h fireplace. dream kitchen and U . R . . IK carport, full basement, rec. room, laiin dry and work shop, \djacent school-, in Glade Village. Walkersville. $22.000 Phone \ I ."-M 77 RONEY'S TopQuclity USr II C A R ; £\1 " ( i l l U a m b l e r (i \\ ajjon. '64 I M \ m o u t h Hehe- dere 4 Dooi. Sedan. Standard Transnii-*- sion. Radio. A u t o m a t i c T r a n s - mi^'sion. Radio. '«:» Ford S ( . a l a . i v .'·00. .,.- , )odRe s ( - on ni ., : )00 . I Door Sedan. Stan- Con\ertille. \ u '. o- dard "Transmission. matic Transmission. Power Steering- "(i I \ a l i a n t 6 Signet 2tO. . . . .. . . '()·"» C h e \ r o l e t 8. H e h e 2 Door. H a r d t o p . dere. I Door Sedan. S t a n d a r d Transmis- A u t o m a t i c T r a n s - v , j , n . mission. Radio. I t . i l . i i K i - "· \ e a r s Or ."ill 1100 Mile UarranU \\ailahle lir\ WITH CONFIDENCE !hn 43 Yi" So rice - Your BC.M Asstm THE RONEY MOTOR CO. l,J? N O K I I I M K K E C S T . 1'hoi.r Wil-hl.'l. -- Open E \ e . S: {0. Sat. T i l l 1 BUILDING LOTS Ml O \ c i .· Xcre And Just 3 Miles West Of Frederick Your choice of builders. In Thomas Johnson School district. All lots percolated and approved Breathtaking view of mountains Safety for children -- all lots on no thru street A small development Restricted for your protection 662-2289 H O W K U - t H A I M * B R O K K R Beef farm, 7» A. some wooded, nice stream. «ood use and bldo.» $45000 41 A t rm hse with Baseboard heal, spring, pond l«e bank barn, liner )ldgs , long road frontase on mun hiway $34,000 i rm hse on 43 acres barn and oth er bldgs Good buy at S28.600 »8 acres, 8 rm hse SAO.S30 40 acres, near Frederick hse and b.das S35 930 4 7 ' j acres, mostly woOMed flood hunting, til,000 Other good hunting acreage Shir let Baker Happ 371-7101 William H. llorman 371-6282 FOR SALE RESTORED RETAIL STORE lU'l located in the 100 block of Market St.. Frederick. 1 000 sq. ft. w i t h rear entrance plus :* a p a r t m e n t s \ i o \ e up to retail success w i t h the help of t h i s ideal location. For details call Baker - Kefauver, Realtors Ho N . M a r k e t St., 662-1117 -The Commercial Location Specialist" KEY'S CLEAN UP END-OF-THE-MONTH SPECIALS l ) I ( i S A V I N G S FOR VOl NOW I9fi. ( \DII-L.\C 4-|)oor Sedan, beautiful w h i t e tmish l u l l \ ^ equipped inrl. air rond . now s -1 *»" "" !9h.- C M l t L I . \ C 4-Ooor Sedan DeVille all the extras in K air c-ond.. perfect inside and out *:wr.00 19h4 ( HEVKOI.fc-T Impala 4-Door Station \\aeon V-8. l'o«er glide, heater, radio, air tond. SI49". (Ml 1964 C H E V R O L E T Impala Super-Sport Convertible. V-S Powerglide. heater, radio, inspected I4"0 iiu 1966 CHEVROLET 4-Ooor Sedan. Sid trans.. H c - \ l . heater, radio air eond.. excellent M9"i).«0 « Other Specials To Choose From I ' H O N E 662-:»46(» KEY CHEVROLET - CADILLAC OK USED CAR MARKET ::J6 \\. South Street NEW THE (DEMO) BOYS atkins^Durdette C O M P A N Y 20 Kus«-miml A v e . . Frederick. Md Phono li«·{-.'· ru;--Open K e s . Till 9--Sal. ."» l!l(i.') M u s t a n g H. T.. H C I.. S t d. Trans.. R H. H u i c k I , a S a 1 r e ( u s t o m Fordor H. T.. \ u l o - I'S. IM5. \ C . R H. V I e r c u r \ M o n l e r e Tudor H. T.. S C I.. ( O.M. P S . R H . ( h e \ . Impala Tudor H. T.. h' ( · ! . . 1 Spd.. R H. Huick W i l d c a t C'on- ' l . Auto.. I»S. PH. ·Map. \\hl.s.. R H. 9 H I HIM HIM C h e \ . Impala Tudor H. T., s ('!., Std.. Tians.. RH. H M » 1 ( l i i l a v i e Tudor. S C l . , S t d . Trans., PS. PH. A ( , R H. HIM (ialaxie .")(·( Fordor .s Cl., \uto.. R H. 19M (Jalaxie .')()() Fordor « Cxi.. COM. PS. HIM Falcon Fordor S \\ a £ o n , 101 HP. Std. Trans.. R II. HM:j (ialavie ."()( Tudor H. T.. Fast hack. ^ Cyl.. PS. PH. COM. A ( . It H. 19(i:J Fairlane :K) For- dor. ( s C\ I.. Fordo.. PS. R H. 195.5 Ford C t r \ . Sedan. S ('!.. COM. I'S. PH, R H. 19«2 Falcon Fordor l)l\. S \\ a K o n . S t d. Tran.s.. R H. 19(i2 (Jalaxie .")() Fordor H. T.. s Cl.. PS. PH. R H. I9H2 Falcon Tudor l)l\.. Fordo., R H . 19(ri Ford Custom Ranchero. S C\ I.. COM. PS, R H. Hti5 Ford ' 2 ton pickup C. Cab, « ft. bed. R H . s Cl. HMi.'J Che\. z Ton Pickup. S f t . Hed. 19."s ( h e \ . ' 2 T o n P i c k up, H C I. 'Iredertek ( i H i n t v ' s Largest Ford Dealer" W K S T S O I T H ST. KXT.--OIM'OSITK A l ' Open K\eninx;s 'Til 9--Phone »).'{-;r»9."i Rambler SALES and SERVICE 47 AMBASSADOR 4 OR OenWMl strator TtO Auto Full power. Vinyl top 45 AMERICAN 1 OR Sir shift, radio 45 RAMBLER CLASSIC SIX St* Wagon Auto 45 RAMB V» HARDTOP 327 Engine, Floor Shift, Bucket Seats 45 RAMB SIX 2 OR HDTP Auto Radio, Power Brakes 45 R A M B SIX 4 OR SEO 770 Auto Snd Seats, Headrest, Radio 45 OLDS J E T S T A R M 4 Or Auto Full power 45 T-BIRO 2 OR HARDTOP Fully Eqpt Clean 43 AMERICAN CONVERTIBLE Auto Trans. Radio 42 RAMB CLASSIC 4 CR Custom, Overdrive. 42 AMERICAN 2 OR Str Shift LawsonMolorSales N E W M A R K E T . .MI). 01 R 32nd Y E \ R NEW HOMES Mart). .n« ol »» .40ftn I J Vnoo' tour pen li/.W) H « » » ·»«" untom ft*'" '· «« «t Co.'Uit K. Carlton Carey, Jr. I'llONk W.-4-4M2 G R A Y S O N 11. M K R C F . R £ SONS LISTINGS W A N T E D 1 story brick noL-se. w South St . iqe lot and side driveway Lot 165 xlSO (I 500 INVESTMENT P R O P E R T I E S t unit apt hse East 2nd Si il8 000 5 unit apt hse wes' Patrick si Store rm 3 ap'i West Patrick 51 G R A Y S O N H M E R C E R SONS 20 North Court Street Frederick Maryland Phone 661 3)41 J Austin Younkins Reprrtentativi Phoie 441 1043 KNOWIES PEAL ESTATE I 4 yr old 1 BR brick, well tared IO' NW ol Frederick Ml,MM I N«« 3 BR Iranw. ·»»·"»*. N ·· *'* trick, sll,M« 3 1 BR Irame. NW Ol Fr«de«Kk, double lot 1 If.COO 4 Semi detached 3 BR. Trail *»« . tl.400 5 New 3 BR split foyer. West. *KH view, reduced 4. 27 acre farm, food house ft bldqs , east. S32 500 7 40 acre farm north 0* Frederick I 20 acres, food location on hard road 9 I7S acre farm 10 woodland and lots A LUTHEP KNOWLES. Broker 130*. West 7th St Phones MO 3 4441, IM *tit John W Male-Associate*-- EniaM'h Hale GEORGE C. STAUFFER 504 -J8 Acres--sood road frontage on mam highway--1 story, 1 BR Dw I', oaths, paneled LR , small barn ft outbuildings, pond 51J -100 acres, 3 miles of 7* · S inter, change, i'i miles of road frontage, excellent for development, good set of farm bido, s »W 00 per acre. 513--134 acres in Thurmont area, large brick stuccoed dwelling, farm bMg's good fencing, springs, stream, good road frontage Financing available 1470 DO acre Sl»--Approx 3 wooded Acres along Ma cadem Rd in rural development. 4 miles North of Frederick 522- 40 acres in heart of nice community laige brick dw , gow oad frontagr S3?--3 acre farmette--4 mi from Ur bana Intechange on 70 S along Ma cadem Rd - Modern 5 Rm farm stone house--2 car garage ft imple inert! shed--other siieable Bldgs for slock, storage antf tool shops Office 442 1»«1 or 44} 4544 Horn" MS 2271 EMMERT R BOWLUS, R E A L T O R S P R A N K L E R E A L T Y BUICK OPEL in 1 1 64 OI.D.S 88 ( o n x e r t l h l e \uto. K l l . P. steer. 0159-, fit IH K K I eSahre sedan \u(o , K H . P. steer st«r, 63 Bl K K Klectra ( o n \ e r l i h l e \uto . K l l . P. steer. s|.!-r, M POM | \ ( alalma lldlp Vuto . KH P steer s ( q - , 1.2 UFA \ K e l a i r Sedan \uto , KH. \ -S v;4", HO P ( ) N T I \ ( Star duel l i i K p \iito K l l \ -S -rr. '.» Ol OS Super HH l l d l p \ u t o K l l \ X *,\v-, THE IDEAL GARAGE CO. 1 U hi I- l'atrik Si Photx MO { ilM I'lare -- 663-1741 J bdrm bnck tpwn house with qar aqe /ery good ^.andition with nfw 31! firef stean heating plant 114 580 b!r brick femi bungalow I r d r klf full cement bsm't. on 1 acre o* land ) mi w j|» 500 ? bedroom senrit f ungalow with fun porch locale! on corner lot with J car masonry garage plus an e-'ra lot with Urge frame oarage beauli · f u i i'ee-1 »nd shrubbery Man/ ex I t f a i Pr.c» reduced to sl» »00 3 bedroom brick bungalow fenced in yard vicmity staley P»rk and H · Fred elementary school A real buy i at 58 500 8 i acre t r a c t and ' i acre budding lot All for IS (00 J uni' bricit apt house of S rooms · each iValk la downtown New : 3R , ? oaths, separate dinirt* rooni, panelled Rec Room larg« lot Lovely view Vodernfjfd 3 BR , r 3 Baths, bnck Doplek adiacent to North Frederick School* and Y M C A L^rg* 4 BR ?' ? Baths, brie* home, s tgated en nve tecluded acres ?3 Acres mountain (and on corner wo County roads U' acres me County Road 1 Aero Bui'dinq Lol with jp view 3 miles from Frederick m . H , H a m i l t o n R E A L T O R 1U A E a s t Churct* *f Phone 465 S406 Ruth B Hamilton As^ooale CREAGER REAL 3 a ts Ms on Ath St IU 8Co 3 bedioorri br ck . ca'pc r t oit neat irmnediai* p^sseisio i in c ' t y M7 50C 6 rm i ? story MS bain oil hear acre 3 mi East ot Fredrtck good iced t on priced to *-ll 9 acres '2 mi tram F r t d V5 500 6 room Hs wate a rape oth**r 8ldqs 3 ac es rn Warner RJ near Ladiesburq Pn ed to sell $7,000 1 Large Bldgt L o t s - Perked Test o Fisher Hollow Rd good vie* C rn4il block bldg Ea%i Churt h $| 7S acre *arm 6 roon mcder n Hs large of county GUY R C R t . ' O E R Realtor R«-al Pi ate ^t-ner^i Insurance H B A l b a - J r h MO 3 4 5 4 5 J G D.ont.burg 6M 426? 1214 North Mar^r't S' MO 2 16^8 * L ZENTZ 5 A c r C i modern 4 bedrm rjnch home 2 full baths h w baseboard heat ultra modern kitchen w/disposal built mv enclosed breeieway 3 car g a r a g e Hari. rd Handy to Emmilsburq Real bargai- p-l S27 500 4 bedrm home i' , batns modem kit Chen w / b u i i t m oven surface burner, gar age etr in Jchnsville Ouick povi 158 Ac d a u v farm mam hwy ^ 6 stanchion barn stable c'eaner st.o 8 rn rouse bath spacious shaded lawn 8 A c r e s nice modernized 4 bedrm home rr R o c k y Ridge Oil h w baseboar heat T j baths barn loafing shed, 1200 ft hard rd frontaqe A (me property Do ble house each \id« private w / o v bath*, 3 car garage A l w a y s rented A mv estment Cut lo SV 000 Also a 3 Apt investment pro-erty paying high return r investment Both in Taneytown R L Z E N T Z B R O K E R Taneylown Md Phone 7$6 At60 I 01? s \l }· OK K)K K l M ac'ei of lawns *nd trees pr.vatt- d r t w e «nd lake ^aik to Tnurmont school and stores Tpw-n water se*.er 5 B E D R O O M S CCf til« ham liv rm droplare s p dintnq 'm pan^l kitchen game ro«nis 3 *r garag*' if no' sold will rent for 1?CC per month 30 B U D G E T R I N D E D 7 4 rrm apt ano lath upstairs s e p a r a t e tntr and 3 f ms b(ih downstairs with O t r f o y e * 4 f r c n c h doors Thi\ Haofrs town brick house can be yours for only U S O ( ~ E » f e ) financing is a v a i l it nt-edcd Erik Florander INC Mio Oval Hiv»av Phipe 711 32» R E A U T o w Multiple Listtno 7J1 2»OC FOR SALE T \ \ 0 Four Bedroom M O M K S I N EASTVIEW 1 ' 2 M i l e s \\t Of Frederick Kaempf Harris I N C . I'IIO\K M!-(.(i7(| IH n nms D K \ H orut.s Small I arm. 4 miles \Vcs(. : acn-s. hjrn. pond. M-MT.I! out- l)inllint;s. rciiiii(1rl-(l 4 lidrins . frame house, *2.00fl Bro,«dvn-» \crcs--' mi \ of Fredrick. 4 U K . ." l.iilh, (arporl, · !·· room. Hr.ind m-w 2 Rt-drooiii homo south of h rod prick. Douhl,' carport, l u l l hasr itn-nt. 2 acres $20.tHH) 4 acres Coniinrrcial la"d - W«-«t. 1.02 acres Industrial--South Rolph W. Boyer Agency i;i;.5-n:.:. or Howard N Borr. \ ST SS7fi KSTATK 3 Bedroom C»p« Cod ooo'flo 4 '" nd "*" "·""" 2 Bedroom C«p« Cod oil »» h»l tun 1 or ] Srdroom Bungalow '.noily pmf kitchen )lrepu» tli M« 0« J Brdroom orin runchrr r, t rMO , carport v e r y nie »Jl too M I Bedroom thinqle kunqalow ull Ejtt ol town tit too 00 " * L»rg» Buildmq with kitchen on . »cre lot with t weH ol wjter »' MO CO Large build. nq lot, ,,, ,, approyrd restricted tub division II »re l»rmiMte alont hard rn»d qood builrt.noi ne*r City «J] AM « .1. OK VI I.I .K S T I P , Phone «4,,' |q;»; \ ello« springs |d S F W S P A P F R I

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