The Baytown Sun from Baytown, Texas on March 24, 1956 · Page 7
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The Baytown Sun from Baytown, Texas · Page 7

Baytown, Texas
Issue Date:
Saturday, March 24, 1956
Page 7
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Page 7 article text (OCR)

Saturday, March 24,1956 OH AUrsisN/we KICK THE •« STONES FROM UNPER THE WHEELS/ I AM GRATEFUL I ARC RACINS THE CLOCK/ By Sam Uff YOU IS, , PWTMJU *«J WA *B. > agrQmttr Sun Classified 41. Houses For Rent 301 E. Homan C!e:tr>, C-nH'-rnK. Carpels. On corner ticar edmo!, $j?5.0U iftti. Phone 4488 After 6:00 ph. 9 160 51. Female Help Wanted ADOfE, 710 E, man* <-roo:ii* .and Irtlh. unfurnlshetl. Phone mcnT. M2'.'. After S II.IH. phone 6)05. Insurance Secretary .WRITE P. O. BOX 599 BAYTOWN, TEXAS State full experience. If no Insurance experience, DETAIL Other employ. E1JAI'. I5AYOI.'-- r;,-,3' 'house. !4S. HAU BAVOU-- -Jennlsii.'M; AiirtllicT;. 2- i'tdruem iurnislicd hnasc., 0. •-*<!. Also. 2-bedroon! unfllrn!f?i?«t nrc, KA^<t;:c. Sii-'.m). Pl;o:;e James PLEASE GIVE REFERENCES 64. Special Notices I WILL NOT BE EESPONSISLE Tor debts miile by anyont other Uian mr- «U. Eoy T. Wilson. 65. Monuments-Burial Lots CEDAJ\CREST C E M E T E R T. INC.— Ferry Road, Ctdar Bayou. A heautlfll! eorapltuly "PEP.PETL'AL CAKE" c«mt- !ery (n »n Ideal locatior.. Beautllul trees. -.'.•ell drained. j-Jst outside city limits. Ne-K- «cct!ons ur.der development now. BUT NOW AND SAVE. H, O. Hirdison. Mi.naB«r. E. D. Hays. Salesman. Ph. or 3-2MT. BUT DIRECT—From lirgtsl retail monument manufacturer !n th« work. Mark- era, monuments, mausoleum. Granite. rnarblft or bronze. Gould Monument Work.-. Highway 145. Cedar Bayou. Phone 9301. GRANITE, Marble, Bronie. ilonutatntB, mjirkers, cemetery v.-ork. Easy tenr.s. No carrylnt chirgej. TrI-Ci!y Monument iCo.. ilirket SL at West U»in. Ph. 4703. 1 BEAUTICIANS— If you wint a jtood iu- ~r;;r;-;:r;i~~"" : ":,'; > ~ r v:~;'"~,*:7'~''"; i Iurc - s^d money, pood <aubiiih«d lJi..nt.A«-ii 1 ^ ,i-i>e(.r ,<mi ..;F;, . rH.',hiMi : ciitnte]—.Meyer Bro.i. Baylovvn Beauty jiuisonrj^liotise. lilt iloor*. dnublt- K ar- salon lias oiwnln e « !n styling, rtpular dt- •Sf. onipKtciy fB.iais.iril liijiac. I.twine par!men!. Phone Miss Bct:y. SH2. !. H. IK-,!.--,. 1013 >or!n .Mam, HIK!;- | _ ] s! -'- :! ' - 1 ' 1 ^--J-l 1 - ^ .LAnii-^ — Very uteaKnnt u-ork. part or (7riT~\\"iK ~ '~~" "~ i Ill!I <" r 'f. Your tiwn Bos; Write Box 'w"\\>j:_'Ho«riM SIT«I. House. Attic ! 49S ' c:vrc °' - Baylovn Sun. 67. In Meinoriam 508 Pearl Street 52. Male Help Wanted { .*(: — ."-room cot- :i;:f-.'?h iu">u;:f. 'i. miic? e£if>. s'.Jiuls Hi!, f'!!. :i(ter -I p.m.. THIS JK THE SMALLEST AD but o»fers the grcatMi oppor'.xmlty. Contact AV. S. Koblnson. Room a()3, Woods Building, ' ,t'.. tail'-•Hou.T". lurruslu-il and :,r',:ii<-:-:> Apply Kil:' Alapiuiii. | ^<C' k ' "Nice- r.M.iiif. iia 1'ii. ;i.*i2ft. LSANKK AND V,-OOLl'P.ESKEll com- Ion. Must Sir thoroviiiiily experl- ncftl. No phone- mil p'easc. Ash Ljiun- rj'. tJ)* East Rtmr.icutt. 1 A. ^22«i--(>-r' f.rar rptirn'rv, UtilllicH """•I WE NEED MEN 'lli'71'i I'REVERABLV FAMILY MEN mM WITH .RESPONSIB1LITY ' ' For Itoute Sales who need i.i makr good (Urines for their (a.-niiie? r«taMl.ih ;.na.. - ; ;ht i rnjiel\. e.-i in a buFin<-a;i of their o'.vn. *ViiMiS^lH--! !:i'- v .J-c. y.'.'t 00 month. iNVnv ',« ;v j:(>nil tiirt*- lo start with an i! |C!'.al>llfhe<! tunipiir.y vriih excellent corr.- jiftnj' beprfitfl lor >'yu. H you are Ixf.veen 2t and 30, nml ^vant somethini: p*rnmn- rnt to nulli] yosir future on—apply in Vtirson to Mr. y.cCltUn.n, s a.m. to 1' The Carnation Co. 400 S. MAIN IN MEMORlAil — To my beloved husband, Russell L&t.nsni llulllus, Sr., ivho ts pone but not forgotten, from his loving wile and children and his dear brothers and tlielr fa.m!iles: Wrs. K. L. Mulllns. AliM Jacqueline Mullins. 342S Mliton Avc.. Do':l£3 3. Texas. Miss Gcnevieve MuHins. 13? Kland Drive. San Ar.ton'.o, T«&s, Mr. and Mrs, P.u«sell ilullias. Jr.. San Bernardino, California.- Mr. and Mrs. Harry Ray Mulllns, Eaytou-n, Texas. Grandchildren: -Ai?n« MullinR. Russell Mulllns. Martlin Mulllns. William Itulllns, Carolyn .Mulllns «nd Harry Kay Mulllns. Brothers and nephews aim ih«l.- fa.mllie«: Mr. and Mr.«. Koy Mulllns and children, StrtnRtown, OUIa.. Mr. and Mrf. T. T. Mulllns and children, Po:t.-i.l5. New Mexico. Mr, 4nd Mrs. Johnnie Mulllns and children. Tulfa. Okie. Mece.i and famine*: Mr. and Mrr. H. Gai:!t and children. nsHu. T<xa.«. Mr. and Mrs. J-sse D. Monk and children, Dailaj. Tesaj. 68. Lodge Notices .VAXI'.O. .".•ri»j::: NORTH MAIN I..!.-.-? :,-it-.iMi Jtirni^liec! ho'Js'. CouMe. oii:o. :;i IP,- I'SlfTf house. Utilities piild, :in.l l':it!i ,((,-, — i.;n<>:rnl.*))F<t For S«.Sii. Kl .-ilii. I'l.ll 53. Sales Help Wanted _ Heavily Concentrated """i-'\~A ^ tui" V " Tw-t-i^iri-T-iTi unit:!-' j li'-rnl nitile open. Must have cnr art s^M rV'u"' h ,7- S (- '\-,-•« '',:*, ;,!-,,:-.' .KiV, >»o ;'r;- | r*'l«-rPncer. Watktn-; husine(;K u ROOti for .„,',.,'., "^..",'K-- lii'-r, i H"' ;-:.? 'ji.-n'l S24S. ("vsiai thouiAnd dollar.* profit annimlly, .'.;,'._'.." '-,.,.',..'..;, '.. '!, ..'._.."/." ,.- [if vmi tut-tlffy. A'sto, (:o<Ml rii>- route open. Hl'i-'ON'I'i ti:; N. -•K'lrniiriiivl !ii«»i'. : Write Box WI2. rure of Bnytown Sun. -,~j MEN OR WOMEN ^'^ j Kull or ;mrt lime. Choose your own hours, " jt'rirod farrtJnps from start. Wrltf BAytown '• i Sun, l?o r \ ."MM. r yrrl!-Ji*»! )*i i 'i-*r 2 •'•'* r\'*^'t. '^'^IT P">i*!. 5r*fi.i'o"m.')rtxij. "j. 'j. Jti.ry, day fh. l»r.!3, \Ylt,;,.OU'. jr.iH-.s-r'fim Iiounp r.ri .V'slOii It. Vit. Urajpnable. l"»r Information liiiunc "1^1. _ \VoT;KTNf": !,/\nv wirj:d likr t" shiir' 1 hpr nt-o li-vnn- «vt!i pwall Inmi.y-l y-uni; 3-,<-n or ivismi'ii. Tcl'vlfu>ri. naio:n:itic OLDER MEN if r«?tir**mf*nt <\.Kt '.viio want, good >>.ir i roiin-1 !n*'<>mi*. Kn'ji c-r part-tirne. Averi^^ 32. ;>! i per hour*. Tcunfffr mfn or A-o:nt:n rnn^UIereil. Write Box 500, cart )t Kayiown Sun. 55. Work Wanted 42. Bedrooms-Board .T.KOEK HOTEL—Clean, quiet, home- Mi'r f:f:r.,i I.eMs. c"--; hf-itf-rf*. tub and ilimvi-r 'fcnli'.s, U>w" rates, free parklni; o!. Pno:ir K'JB. • '"•IAIH::-:. ."i'i XVXST-- T'.vo in- ii uo:ii(-. AM'iy sanip nddre?. 1 ' or i.'-'CON'^IN' :'.2"'i- Ki'iirn :iti'l t'uanl Jor n"v|licr :u;.l 1 i-hilil. «l"i.t«i mor.tli. jMcn- <•'< Nursery, phnnp ,".-:SsiT. Monroe's Day Nursery iV.OO a.m. to 1:00 a.m. 51.i'0 per tiay or 2Sir hour baby titling evenings. Kcferei'icea. 32U.-1 Wisconsin. Ph. 3-2SSV. LAWNMOWING PHONK 3-1PT1 OOOSB CRKKiC ASSEMBLY NO. SO, Ord*r of RainlKjw far Olr'.a, T.-II! liold lls rtjrular s'.ntnl tneeUnt on Monday, March 26. 1956 s.1 7:30 p.m. In Die Muonlc Hall. Initiation. AH tn«mbfre arc urnnl to at- lend. Maflon* And Eaattrn Slar-! nr« ir.vlted io ».t.icnd, Alden Cnin^ord, W. A. Sandra Dliu, Recorder LEGAL NOTICE Sealed bids will he received by th- tJiiiMtt Olficr of The Goo.ic Creek Consolidated Independent School District until J:00 P.M. Wednesday. March I?. IS56. for thf purclmjc of meat for the caf«- t«rls.j for the month of April, 19.M5. Bids »•:)! h* opened at s;00 A.M., ThurEday March :». 1956, at which time bidders may bi present. Bid forms m«y h<. had bv r»<]Mt«« m the BusinMj Office in The Vdmir.inratlon 'lildins, Market Street Rood. Bavtown. exa?. The school district reserves the rlrht to reject any or all bids, or to accept any old deemed advantageous to it. Oeorst H, Gentry Superintendent of Schools March 22, S3. 2<. A. L Jordan To Conclude Memorial Revival The Rev. A. L. , Jordan, pastor of Memorial Baptist, will present the concluding' messages of a two week's revival Sunday at Memorial church. Rev. Jordan will speak on "God's Servant, Man's Saviour" at the 11 a.m. service. Text used will be Isaiah 53. At the 7:30 p.m. service, he will discuss "The Power of God" using- the text in Romans 1:16, 17. The choir will sing "Jesus Is AH the World to Me" at the morning service. A girls' trio from Memorial Baptist hospital will bring the special music for the night service. Sunday school will begin at 9:30 a.m. and Training Union at 6:15 p.m., under the direction of Herb Barren. The men of the church have planned a program for the regular monthly Brotherhood meeting, Tuesday night in the Fellowship hall of the church. The Woman's Missionary Union will have their missionary program, business meeting and luncheon Tuesday morning at the church. Rev. Alsup To Speak At Trinity Tabernacle The Rev. and Mrs. Bob Alsup of Oklahoma City. Okla.. will lead services beginning Sunday at Trinity Tabernacle, corner of East Jack and North Second. Services will be at 7:30 p.m. each night next week, announce the pastor, the Rev. \V. S. Graham. Special music numbers will be presented. The public is Invited. SUPERMAN Up AYES, SUPERMAN, YOU ARE THE MOST [ ELIGIBLE BACHELOR IN THE WCRLD-- ANO Mi DAUGHTER, DOLORES, IS THE MOST BEAUTIFUL GIRL IN THE WORLD/ WHAT MORE NATURAL THAN YOU SHOULD MEET? £* *)Ci.f* nt«tf«f** if*' EXACTLY/ NOTHING 15 TOO GOOD FOR HER —AND 1 AM CONVINCED .YOU WOULD MAKE A VERY FINE SONIN-LAW/ YOU-YOU MRANI.., YOU WANT ME TO MARRY YOUR DAUGHTER? Wcpw tori* I'M SORRY, S€NOR RtVSRA, BUT I CANNOT RETURN TWE COMPLIMENT.' I'M NOT SO SURE <>tX/ WOULD MAKE A ' FINE FATHER-IN-1.AW.' BUZ SAWYER —by Roy Grant OUTRAGE.' YOU WE&TCliTO J -° vr " D ai u ' s '''WWH'M * u. TO FW AS6AR9 MY BAH! TOU'VE TOMP15D ON ONE ^SKffi » Y- WT ' c - A ™^ . AH...1WT <«FFtIJ.. ALSO, DO YOU iKAUtS ^U MW3KT HAVE K£U POWN? OOESNT SHOOT JOIN ME IN A: CUP? 8IG BEN BOLT —by John Al Capp and Bob LuMMN Try Skin Cla-wined Ada SAVE UP TO $1,000.00 OX A NEW 1956 DODGE Offer Ends Tonight . ERNIE DITTMAN I 707 EAST TEXAS I ' WHO'S THE B£ST-4WD THIS GOCU 4.IU^T •nm 1 * THE TICKET! C?J h'CWX SLY MOVES. S7C? >t YJ •*«(?" A 9OU~f YOU? P4L BCLT- SOOD BO* office -BUT A LONG SAM r !F*>u XCOUUDI*? ) WAY I CAN HW^Y LON6UNR6-- 15 TO wave AND C^IVC- FA5T5K AND FASTER— Nfmees UNTIL. WU eer THAT <- PATCH, TN6 FIFTH—WOO BEETLE BAILEY f NQ SIB! I WOULDN'T QO N£AR ANYONE WITH A COLD LIKE YOURS CSNIF; WILL you (SNIP; COME OVESJHcRc A MOMENT; PLEASE? —by Mort Waft* DEPENDABLE BABY SITTER AVAILABLE ANYTIME. ANYWHERE 712 BOLSTER. PHONT3 7019 Business Rentals \M:MINVM WAV.KIIOI'SV. vor. HKNT-- .",11 HMllli AS'nljfl. l-'li: 1 ilf.nils plume -Ifli'.s, PEST CONTROL TERMITES. ROACHES. AXTS AJI Work G>i:irantccJ For Btst RMUIU Ph. 3-JiOt 50. Help Wanted i PMf.V c?. Wiitr l.iimlnnus Poor A',;;ol)oro. Mnsj. 51. Female Help Wanted V AIT R K.-: S \VA N T KI > - KxprrirnrH waiirrst wniur'l at t»e rn-ciiy rate. Apply m in-r^oo. !iKTTI.i-:it"u'HlTK WOMAN - Kur lio- ii>l uviifl vuiix. Must live on place. 1 -"ii'i. " ~AVON~COSMETICS~ Our i-\v!tir.K >KW f.lft line <>r rosinrtlos ami tnliplrii-.': can K'V'> >'"" unusual r;irn- inr miitivrmnHy ilur.iu: 11"- oomlnc vn- r-iil'in •ifiu'in Mr? H- 1' S|»-lm:flrlil, 2 SI 3 T,im Klk-n l.ano, Houston IS. Texas. McShan's Button Shop CustnTn rtel!.*, knttonn. butlonholc.i. Corner Pc.irco unil S. Third. SPEClAI.IZlXti—In reps-lrlnc. remoJflinK, nc\v lulflitlonn, rooflnfc. siding, cabinet I'orli, 1-Ti.v Improvement Lonn.i. Frft tstlmatcs. Call L. A. Siantr. ph. 291S. JSH Nfw Jersey. MOTHERS!, fur on« or two day.i a -wjclc. let your Tre-jcliool nee ctilW siiirc la nil Hie tun at Jack & Jill Day Nursery Kvory child participates In group play. clny modellnE. rliythm haml. rest period, color crnynn work, nursery rhythms and ?onns. Hot lunrh^s at noon—plus mlil- morninK and mld-aftcrnoon refreshment*. All for nnly ?2.oo per ilay. Jack nnd Jill Day Nnrflcj-v. ".MRS. NOVA WANG. DIRECTOR 805 Pearl Ph. 3-2400 Try Sun Classified Ads —^^gjajfjfjjjjjjjfjm^^m smHBWjr^^^^^^^^^^"^^^^^ BUY A NEW 1956 FQ&D BEFORE ! [CENSE TIME (April 1st) Thod Felton's Ironinq Done In Mv Home in:, K. Tinman. Ph. 7293. PAPKRUANGlNO—Also smnll r«mod»l- Inc jobs. My th* hour or Job. For Information vhone HT31- 64. Special Notices ALCOHOLICS ANONYMOUS— Trl-Cities Group — Vh. 2-tPS. 9S3J. West Baytown f'.roup — Ph 6076 Klghlnndx Exchanpe Ph. 2-16J2 or S-2731. for ! tlfMs mi\ile by n^yono other than my self. S, E. Kci,|. MHS. IIELPKK TEA LEAF READING Advise on nil problems of llff. One visit will convince you. don't fail in s?e Her, | No nppointnicnt nerrssiiry. Alway-i open, i 9 n.:n. to 9 p.m. 3r>l Hny'way Drive. cl.i^« j 10 Wolverton Super Marlici. Woostor. Ph. i 8005. INCOME TAX SERVICE O»y nr nlRtvt In your homt or my oKlcn. » Lrine's End. I'h. M3t, Dou* Wnlktr. J1.95 MACHIXK SERVICE Any m»K« or moil'l - clmnfd • olleil - a.!.1uslM • \n your horn*. VTOttK rttrxRANTKJCD MiRRMAN 8BWINO CENTF.R IdJ W. TF.X\* TH. lOOi IT'S NO TMSfSRACK To H^v« Ro.ic.hSf >t, » io Kf?T> iHfm; m in tin nit of for you. All Work<nteM Pfi. X-WM A SPECIAL MESSAGE TO VETERANS ON IN IF. ' • July 18, 1957, the Veterans Home Loan Guaranty Program will expire . . . there is no definite assurance at this time that it will be renewed. • FAIR PARK there are only 10 luxurious 3 bedroom homei, each with private bath in the matter bedroom, and offering every oroviiion for your comfort and enjoyment, from which you may now choose. • Your gross weekly income is $100.00 you may qualify . . . (the low monthly payments are less than $75 per month, including taxes and insurance). * • * May w» suggest that you come out today and fulfill your fondest dreams! The value of your eligibility may be explained fo you by a call to one of these outstanding realrori representing Fair Park. ,Tack Wilson 8081 Spnrky ISoml. _...8'J43 Rob Beverly .,„.._ 547! Uticky Walters S-1005 FAIR PARK Nortti M*,n Just Before The Fairgrounds SO BARNEY GOOGLE AND SNUFFY SMITH HOW ON AlRTH WILL W£ SETTLE IT RIDDLES VE CRAVE TO PLAY ONE HAND OF DRAW POKER ? NO,SIRREE!! THAT AIN'T ETHIC!! WE BOTH PROMISED TH' VOTERS WE'D STOMP OUT GAMBLIfO; SNUFFY, AM' WE COME OUT IN A NECK AN'-NECK TiE PER MAYOR LET'S PITCH A SAME OF HOSS-SHOES —-by Fred Lcnswri /I'LL FLIP VETO SEE WHUTHER ITS MOSS-SHOES OR POKER- HAIDS OR TAILS? SECRET AGENT X-9 -4>y Mel Gran THERE'r THE CONTACT, ROSRIG! ca£T OUR WESS ACROSS BEFORE DOCTOR DOCS KNOWS Doon arvd Jwnita fasten canvas- curtain* to tint animal caies ».u.*>i!< 1 iJi?« pi And, a -feu) minutes Mai.o! HELLO! PERATOK,-t RONRIG HiK IT 15 M!?£RAT!Ve THAT I 6£T TO THE MAINLAND I LEAVE THE BLAND FOR A FEW DAV5, AT LEAST! IA ti jgf i& loose cfr the tmij island i ( CURLEY KAYO By Sam Ltff _ I REMEMBER-YOU I KNEW LIONEL ^v WcRE KNOWN AS 3ACK IN THE DAYS ) "TIMES SQUARE ScrORE CURLY fs-r TE5SIE".., ADOPTED ME... AH, T£SS!£, M'LOV£... PLEASE ACCEPT THIS SHALL TOKEN OF M' GREAT AOMISATION FOR A NOSIE LADY- BARTON "THAT'S RIGHT, HAPPY- I HAD NO FAMILY, HOME JOB... I HAP TO DEPEND ON HANDOUTS TO KEEP GCiN

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