The News from Frederick, Maryland on May 21, 1932 · Page 4
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The News from Frederick, Maryland · Page 4

Frederick, Maryland
Issue Date:
Saturday, May 21, 1932
Page 4
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YOUB THE DAILY NEWS. FEEDEBIOK. MD.. SATUEDAY, MAY 2f, 1932, TMJii DAiLX fe!)_sbed every -iterccoa except Frederick, -Sa-yiisd. tj ' ! TBS QSXAT SOCTHEES FR2K.TSQ 4K_ i MAJEUncrCBaSG CO. i THE INQUIRING REPORTER Five PersjEs a Question. Reichers And Rescuers The Qoestiva. -r Co-gress ·*-- hz\e s-c- , :h* b_dge: bv tie : or AS90CX-tfS_- RUSK. c*«d«d" is Tb» Assoda_»5 Press i* tzctosTcl; «o- . ,, ,. ,,_ , . , . . _ . ^, ._ trH*d to it* as* Sor pa_£c-£2£2 cf »IJ cew» ·--* TM* i~s.... e--,sO-- --«. - dltpatent- ereiKed to It ?r sot oibenrue The Answers. cre-ited to tiys japer tad »_» tt_ loo' 4 KENO S. HARP. From present -nc* : bc * i3 '__ ; ca:*=f. I wo-Hi say .--:·" ; so co-arcxicATTasr as toy «cn « *- IjEE HA.NNSBEHGSS i thin* tney'j j -rfcecsusr sew CT e_pr«_ero «1, sia* a secis. effort -o do it. but ' aeeca-ptsiee ty tea ret! casae cf ! J--^-"^-· *" ^ the «ns«r. The c_=e -rill not e« pab- , . CDK-D "_· /-' ' lis£*l m_M eeBsttt ti circa. Bet R msec i C.iSPER E. Ci^^Nr. Jn. At ir_« raie seal cf Ci» alleged 1-ct cr t_* 09111103 . -^cat^ji_i' C 3*^ '" C^""*^ X J:C** -1 ' expressed. : 'jii^;^ : -«."·;",· v:"b-,"'t t^ne"~ | fSES XOTICB6 el aay -to. p»r_»k!3_ « , O HtTXTER BOWERS ' The cor.'t ! cr *e=t to the cSee. T_*y «·_- A-BAN M WOOD No -usi»3 or spir- reKeeeoa =90= ttt o* «-"-V -* J^?P« ^ Congrww ·^i»»-f or repsttioa of »ay --- · *--· cr corporation wills!) m*7 ·· usII I Drtl^COO o rr t~ £» j*»r iaIS »;=_STcJ «« jctwT-tn t« WILL ROGERS SttS - corrected eyea it* Mac -coocM to , CONGRESS SEEKING A SECOND MORTGAGE SATURDAY. MAY 2!. 19JB. THESE NEED EDUCATION. ent-o*ie American ciUc* ha 1 , e in operation one- cr znore s;"r.-'Cls in u'/.ich crippled children are educated in con- , with necessary correctional. ; and surgical treatment. R*- ' rcsrkable results are being cb'airsed bv these institut.ons. To th* Ed.tor v.-: The Newt. Be\«-r:-- Hil-s, Cal May _;; -- ::2ie ir. years. They are broke. Just .lie .-·.:-. ;x;, ..-:_·«·. i-.i are ··-· pay ::.e:. one. The;, go: in eighteen tlllion dollar first-plaster ,-n :.-.«· o-n'.ry. and nrv t. v .«y xr.f p«,p-*5cc t."._is to get s*cor.;i rr.-:-.-.?ai;e T.vy nill --_e tDl£^. :.i»* -Aill riavt- :« cut dovi-n. The cnpple-d cruW !« a social prob- i No -axpayer ii S oine -^ a-»itv Vsa lem. Generally he or she is unable to j a loan if :h-y arc souig :o io^p is zi'jch htlp a* they always have. T::- ;»aio-.-. « nff. .rsris-At'ar.-.ic flizht a'.:«r?t had ended A: d J'-. ·'. L '- R . ·· r = ·-.-..·- ·*:: se monop^ar.e Liberty was forced crsn in a r-.i-.iv%- j--j .-!! tr.f !"i?h coaj-: had bc*-n r?rcsied oy Cap'. George Pr.ed il*:t , a: i F "-· O^"." : iUrry Mir.r.:rv · ".-'.1 -' · ·'- th« S S Prc-£ide:it Roeseie:: vi-her; i ti-- -^. : .:- ·A.I ::'·:-. ab^ari th-.- l.r.T C^p'-tir. Fried and Mar.r.l"? are i for ^'.".''r .;·*'.~ .'· « r^^c'.i*^ kesp up normal classmates and Yours. ROGERS. *-'.) .orxnerly was permitted :o drop out of ; to go throa?ri life handicapped \ ily and mentally. Education is more valuable to the physically deform- j ed or cr.ppl-ed than to the physically ' Sab_2a*vil. May ;i --?£rs Ruth . _ _ _ ) Wagainan and ^«r." J-ivrph Bro-.\n and "· '· Svkesville j intermen: :n Freedom cecaeterj- Mrs. · Skinner had been in poor health for Sabiliasville·_· ?.Iav 2! --Mrs l?ab«r! Da%i» Cj.'--"-.-. ·"- ·- '.«·:·;? h'r da-s.".'.fr M,« "jar .j- "j^.--!j ' " . .', ,,.',.' -J H C.-.ild, --George Beetz. a res.det of here for i aiaay years, passed a-*ay after a short «x - *· ; -'·ness at the home of his niece. Mrs. ""* · ~~ "" " i Catherine Newman, 9 Magmder avenue. ' O_tr.r-sv;"e. 0:1 May 1- His wife died ' IT.' -- .NVrris M v . e v.ho had fc-»en ill is , ^ ?vera i years ago. Rvquiem hjah mass ' jc-jc!i h.-tvr :·.::'-: is f ;:· a.a.i: ; . Aa - ;, e :d s a ;. : rd2y a: S" Mark _ church R t | --Mr .iiid M: M.:r. :i Brnv.:. h.!'.' a; 9 a m Interment .n Cithe- SATURDAY CHAT THE GIRL, BOUT TOWH May oontmues as fickle a M_ss AprU. tiw days -^inn and Suaaaeiieh, for a Ure and tfaea caki «* a bit us- comfortable. utsxud UK weather be a trJ rimy But "th* lm_e oki town" gc-es on i-s -ay imr.-ndfui of inGes. acs r-dg'ng from ihe full schedule o» events a: :^e Catoctia Country Club. · a good ucie a beta* hai ty ali!" Gclfers try ibeir iuck on the roTn-'g greens, acjoyic? a round tx t:ro »ith a fnend or two: idles play bncige on th- club perch or ir-iide. the truly a r_le:.C£_il/ mcl_uec dart here an£» ·.h-rt osi tjie winis courti. and '.he let* eucrsetx merely km: sport suits and convert* allh each other of 'town '.op-es!" » * * Plans are beinz dace for '.be Balu- 3»re Coc:e«cc» of the Me-thodisi cniirch Ms-ions to tie heic Juce 7-13 · huncrecs o! clergymen ' and t-y- Ei«n in attendance City fathers met together and decided on a nei- salary seal* lor city employes. Interest ss re- pon-ed _acr easing _n the efiorss to ef- feet the organization of a people's trust company; Eugene W. Praltt, of Talboc county, has been named County Super- intenient of Education to succeed the late Mr. Palme.'; and the first ptibUc Sre inspection of business houses has CT^en completed. * # * Decoration Day ceremonies are be- in? planned lor May 30 by the Amer:can Legion and the Legion Auxiliary, a* veil *s by the Country Club, the former of a -nemcna! nature to honor of the (lead, and th* latter, a social e\ent to amuse the living. Kri-shts Templar. :CO s_rocg. motored from Frederick to Kgerstown to join about l.OOO other Knights Templar In the annual flelri day events: and boys and g.rts of the public schools plan a field cay of their own to be held June 6 at the Frederick Pair grounds, where the usual field and track events will CAN YOU BEAT IT Bv Ketten O»ir!«Jil,l«2, by World TeatareStrrlo Today In History ! srDE GLANCES special school* and hospitals for the j __«- and Mrt Jo}ln ny V .~ instructicri and treatrcer.t of those ch.l- iThursdav in Wainjsbore. Pa dren. but; there must be a ·si-ay for every ! -Mr - ^^ Mr3 B!dd PofTt-nberger ! pari-nto in Virn.r.i.i. I conunuuity no matter how Um.:«d in ^* pei1 ; ^'^fy ' K: '- h ? ' !r - and Mrs - George' -Mr and Mr_ K Lee Days gues's ! . . . _ , , ! C. Ajexander. reci-ntlv v..-re Mi William L. M ·or-,- pc---n^r-n and financial means, to give i __ M ^ Mary B rrv, n . of Poxvllle.' an-i .-":-. N-r-.., Mr ard Mrs : v - r them an education at least. 'spent the week-end v.-ith Mr anii , Harrv F-..'r.,:i'.-r.'-rf. Mib We^t j Sam's Cixek. May -i.--Mr. r.r.d Mrs Every physically defective child so- j xirs - Walter Motrehead · Day .ind M- Hy-T.ian. Ezra Miller. cUu:h'.«r. May and wr_s. Sam's Creek ciety makes mdepeixknt through ? " - and Schro-y*.- --Mr ,!·:'! Mr." nir-mr-^ Luc-t." for- Arthur and Horace, rie.'.r Oitri Orchard, f r - n i !-· re. :··,, res.dir.; n-.-.r and Mr and Mrs Goorse M^Ier Spent Gr^r..'--. M e . ,-·-.:. ".ir.^o :·:·· "jir'h of -'- S'incny e--?n:n^ :it the ivr-ie of Mr. diushtt-r i r,nd Mrs. William ?!!".!er »nd alo call- continue through life a public charge. ! ~~ Mr - and :Irs - Jov ' W.Uiard. oj Fox-- --ir.- .-.;-.. ;_; i-..«-..- been :·- ':cd bv tr.-- t! on Mr. and Mrs Albert Mi'lT and jviUe. tpent a short time here or. bus!- . gvk,-.,·,.;;.. ;.;..,. h tft - ;l ^i .\1 :nii:t for ihe fanuly. Mir.ton. . iand fansi,y. Mrs. Maunoc Harbaagh. schooling or correctional treatment ls_ n c a r Wa-. r.csooro. spent Sunday with good investment. Were that child to Mrs. Bertha EySer ·ths cost of society would be far in excess of ihe other cost. '! J :-·· c:.i:."e in the .--chooi audi- i --Mr. and Mrs Marshal 1 . Nu-Oau-ii Mrs Walter Mooreheaa,- :o r urn on Fr:c:.»y,'. June 3. At -, L , ; .«J recently a: the hcme of Mr. vp*"t S'-ncii** The man who talks to himself --ar.ts charle- 3 hear something he cars believe; i.iiarn ; Klpe "--M-^ G - . e ^- -v- m-^ f-on- H '-'' dn --Mrs. Grace M«rriron of Ba".-.more. Mr= B" r'"is-" ·· -C 'i^-se ;o* Vlr--' ~ :NIr ana NIr '' " r i Wrtrl!er and Mr Mrs Ar.sui s ho-n.- or S i-"··tio'cl -iVn-e" 1 Mj ^ Carrie McNully cr»»t Sunday a f - ' -Mr and .A?r-=. 'R "K"nr.,-Th Barnes :emoon at the home o; Mr. and Mrs --harry Wv.hide a f^.v m.vv.hs age a rd Kc"""1 ' J^ c"j-sx- ·]" -p«--- Wiliard Hatfield. G' bought a. beautiful farm in th- south- · of" iv "o-\irr" of W £^^8(^0" -Free Aubrey. John and Jean ' ;em par of_th«^-.a-:^-. H. bt:il: a ne«-= F r . d -, ; . L . is j _,.,_,.. a: , .;" ., r;t ... v .. lra " Sohn-'irler L:n«oo'd. \is.:ed recently; i: If ;.oti ?-re interested in the a it-suon for argunien'. in the United States. you are prhileged to attend local meetings both for and agains: prohibition, one speaker being none other than Dr. In Landrith. citizenship superintendent of the Intema- tKm! Society. Christian Endeavor. Dr. i^-irtnce True Wliscn. another ardent dry. soon wU! be coming to Frederick ·o attend the Methodist conference, so 1:1? battle will be ·aaged ·with greater micnest than over! A less coniro- '.erval subject is that of the National Cathedra: Association, of which a local chapter will be formed to which con- .derable attention has been given. 4r ^r if The flea beetle has damaged the com. v.e ere toid: depression has affected expenditures for luxuries: Republicans anci Democrats will have a real fight In electing a President: and. all in all. the £Cas-"n B exceedingly interesting and aflords "plenty of food for thought." A tjnely -ten; to bew in mind in thmkin?. however. ^ to think c'.oarly. speak f.isely and sleep peacefully by to doing- Yours, as always. --MARY ESTHER I Today's Anniversaries. j 1-571--Albrect Eurer, great German · painter and engraver, bom. Died. April 6. 1528. 1683--Alexander Pope, famous Eng- j iish poet. born. Died May 30. 1744. . 1~62--Roger Gris-A-old. r.oted Connect- | ICUE. la^r.'er. jurist and governor, born) at\ Lyme-. Conn. D.ed at Xoraich: Conn. October 25. 1912. i 1780--Elizabeth G. Fry. English Quaker, prison re-fomier. bom. Died October · 12. 1845. ; 1856--Grace H. De-ilge. Xe^- York sctxai; v.-orker and philanthropist, born ^i · Mesr York. Di*d there. December 27. 1914 1S73--Glc-nn H Ciirtiss. aviation pio- I ::eer, 7:ho. with the exception of the! Wri?h: brothers. Araer.can e.: iauon j owes more than 10 any other man. | born at Eamniondiport. N. Y. Died i a: BuffrJo. X. Y., July 23. 1930. | By George Clark . Today In History. ! 1881--American Red Cross founded', : In 'A'ashingtor:. ·sit-i Clara Barton ?-s · president. ; 1927--Lindbergh .*nde:i ;ust outside j . of Pans. 1021 p. m.. (Pans time), end-J 1 ing his epochal lone flight of 3.610 · ' miles ^. 33 1-2 hours. | barn, rernoceied tr.e house uissde. ' «-..-.» and erected a number i~: o'h«r .··-·:: ·'.'.* form-i's ai.r.l. - :t '- r bmhcr I ^.chtra Schne.dcr. a n d ' HEALTH By DR MORRIS FISHBEDJ. !tor. Journal Or American Msilral Association and o; Hyffcia. The Health Russian durr.p^ir :x s-;ff;c:^r.t reason for the an economic Tr.-.tod States of Europe : -tS£ d Harr;ot ' es - pre:r;er or Bible Music is the uivat ar.c drink of .the Whs* th^r." 1 Shall n e .-.r.. KT...I.V; - : ··' people I -till :3c street bands, I 7..:: -. ~ ?.r. r-. 0 : u-dtr -hr J.A. b;:t ;.:.dcr C T' t give free concerts, -xner. this derrps- grace-"' God S.irb.r.--n^m.T.r_; 6 1."- M-:-d '. sicn pre-rer.ts f.v.Ss from hearing'.c , ·* * -sc -, ,'-~.r they must haie. Cease to .nquirc ^ha: th.- future ria^ "--B'T --Leopold S'o'-co-Rs's.. cor.d_ct?r. Fr.ila- i~ ;t.-rc. r-r. ( ; ;.i t.ike as a cif: -s-hitever s'-ii';* o ce"-p'r.ia S;---.?h-~ Orc.-.cs'ra the day brines for,h --}?cr.».ce , J'^._, -¥· * -t ' % l " Industry has as 2 rile _;-, cr. Litor a. grudr~t. wage, kccptng i: dtwri by child exploitation, by suppress :or. -'f _-.Urr.a:e oryar.irstiorls. : ana by other c^p^dier.ts. wr.ile at the j tune h_7c fortunes have r^-n j ed for ihe 'avcrei owners of :r.c resources of producti^r.. --^Bishop Wi".:^~ Ar.Serson. M-""r..-Ki-=t " Spisrcpal cr.-rch. B--«s:or.. Twenty Years Ago Today In Frederick CLoca: I»3is from the Cc'.-jnins Of The Ne-srs. ?»!av n. 1913 ^ -Mr. ar.d Mr« r.~*y Frai-.'".:.-. and, · :i.'.drf:i near h»r-- .-rer.t Suii'iiy cve- :-.:·;* a' :he inm- of Mr ar.ti Mrs. I"r oil Fr',EVi.-r. PHI tA-v.i \ .1: aid Mr. At:b.^" Eccr were Mr .id Mr?. Joj=«ph Ix- ·::. Mr ar.c: Mrs ..!.:-· ri h V. Ruiolph Blccm. M.-f A::C? ?.Ier.=cn. -r:rc!i .-a;: ^-r. c'a'ic'ptcr M.n'.c.-.. . :ii t,.-n. R-idoIph. ;.,, Brr _.. ..,., ,j _ f BV;in ,~- c . Mr 3I , d Mr , srr.ory Ei-kT Mr ind Mr.. Paul May ar.r ar.rl Mr; Mar;C .r: Pad. Mr= Ir., Smith. Artaur ^"I'V.V"^-' _' " '" W--:r.: Mr ,T.d Mr.- K--r'oen Ecfeer | O_-,r. ,.:· : L"-:-.--: ;.^r --Mr and Mr.- \V.i".-rr F--.IZ and · Moii-iav .- r . o j .-··'- F-, ? »r-. icc.s :--T..: ; , -pent ?-.r.J.-.; ?t tho Inme of we-e 3- -;.r rr-.d-:.o- -: Georse W. Do- Mr and Mr? Emcil M-.^~ Sprir.; ! MOTHER NATURE'S CURIO SHOP 'vv'e rr.tist co^ie. for s :.rr,e .".: to :.* jjc-hojir csr ar.i :r.e f.-.---2ay and ·» rr/js: coine to it sv j". versc-r G^ori P^.cr.x of ?cnr.- We shall ;aie -: =:^ EN PLASTERERS MET \VITH ·".v Bncklaj-srs. AJ.^^ons .«r.d ;. r^rs Intem.?t:Dnal Un.^:-. -vas ' -- rr?i !vr? "."li forty rr_:n;c?rs ~~"" rl'r.r.^c "o i"-"^: ar.d 5-": a v asc sca'c meddle ~.t'r. _-'-:~i: .-.-r.i. :: our aflai.c - M3n.-.-r.a. If our Tliaf COVNTY SCHOOL BOARD DI- tre shall r.ETe :-c.-i^ii s-:rh ir.f.u:n.^ -,."^~ c^" /* "mWb-rrs 'K ":oi- at orije. _ ^ · _ _ . A w. N.---:c-:.= .'r B.:r-:-ys- Flapper Fanny Savs-- - C-' "^ ," r " ~ ~ ^ r. T--." H .TV,::O". .lc. Dr C 1. \ Cr«i;,-r.--vr Err.rr..%SD.:-- JJa-.\crf. V,'- ^.-·xro Ixv. L".^.= r.a t.^vr:-.. N--\ M.-.r.-:?'. Lir.c-irsre ar.i V, %x-.-. *'..? VC. .,:·-. ? EDO E\V O plain-.. Cliar-s ? D " C-. --r V. H B- r^r.i ^- K O Sc.-.r.-^rcr I. H D-r.-r.'-i..- G .;·- K M^ -fr. ?T-«-r E-d-r an= Dr. C'.-v- C r-«.- FATHEH " \~ ISS O O COXNZZ: THE BALTIMORE AND OHIO KAIL- ROAD TAS r.-,-i..'r:r,r ··· .- -r r. -.-- , COO, OOO, OOO AWAY. Causes Of Hiccups. Hiccups to most people is just a temporary d-sarrreeable symptom, but to the scientist ^ho knoifs all of the possible r^ of the hiccup as a symptom ',: -. arioijo diseases it, constitutes a phenomena of considerable significance. In a recent consiae.-ition of ihe subject. Dr. Criarlss W Mayo Lst«cl sorne of the wcys in v.hieh hiccup can be brought about. In a considerable number of instances, ir a c'ie to same infection involving the portion of the train associated \rith the stimuiat.on of contraction of the diaphragm Ir. su:n ca*e_ he nas observed th« condition affects ch-efly men more than 45 years of age and i: tends to follow operation on the --olon. the prostate g'.ani. the gail bladder or the sumach. Then there are cases which can be c'.as3?d as chemical hiccup. In these cases hiccup occurs following the eating cf Jughly irritating foods or liqiiici. General!.- such hiccups !?.st, only a short time. It, is aix recognized :haj tumors of the brain, pressing on the areas associated wilh stimulation of the diaphragm, may produce hiccup. It -_s,alsc passible by a sudden dilatation of Lhe stomach to produce an irritation «h-ch will result m this symptom. Finally three are cases of hiccup that hava a ncnx-^s basis, exactly as hysteria may duplicate almost any disease knoTm to rrwdical science. Then there are cases of hiccup m ·ahich the on«rm cannc-' be determined. Everyboay has his OT.T. cure for cr- dir.ary hiccup? Ir. most instances .t involves somtlh;r.g thai will fix the at- ter-.t-cn on arythin; except the h.crjp. The ph*sicitn vh-"* :~eat^ such C3sss _rt_,y carry out certa.n procedures ^n persi57^r.t h.rc-ps which freqr-ently tnn; re'.icf One of 'hsse is .o waih out. the -st-orr.ach. :o prescnbe certA.n r.arcfi"s .ir.d scri3;;'.es that iill cn'e vmpT'.ry relief, a third is to treat j Today's Birthdays. i ! Dr. Richard C Cabo:. noted Bostoi. j ' physician, bcm at Brookline. Jlass. I i 64 years ago today i i Prof. Charles J. Bullock. Harvard j j University eccnornis:. bom m Boston. | 63 years ago tocaj-. · Maj. Gen. John It Kines. V. S. A., j who reaches today the statutory age o f } i retirement, bom at White Sulphur j Springs. W. Va . frl years ago today. | Gustav Lmdentha!. noted American j | bridge builder, bom in Austria, S2 j ! years ago today . j i Augustus O. Stanley, former Ken-1 . ! tucky governor ar.c U. S. Senator, born j i at Shelby\ ille. K~. 65 years ago today. ' "Serves him right, for trying to steal bananas from the monkeys." IN NEW YORK Today's Horoscope. | ____ Today, as approach a mace to'.vartl | Dot Uddle Cherroan z. in the zjc.ncal ji^i. there is j grow ington Square. . . . New York. May 2!.--The ; wandering little German bands . wide and a helpful one :n | swankdoai's latest noveltr. ! some respects. The native is a fa- i "the types!"--su_h as ihe Bar i oaess Els;e rearing a regetabl-e trim i reed kitchen utensil, instead of a hat . . . . And Christine. Tvith her leopan a'dia ! to an enthralled circle. . . . voritc of fortune, bu; chere is a lend- ency tov.ard to -xhich may When, in ceisbrant mood, aft«r the I fete, thousands drifted to smart clubs Today, e stale old Villagers the iuxunous. giving »ay i ^ d ' p - ;va te parties, nsost were -beer i -^^^i ^ -^'--^ o- "--°se occas y be the cat^e of senous ·· minded.- Thev .=h D ut*d for svmhoTs of I52S - lhe? ^~~ ~° ~" s c-vrelliiis wher · minded." They shouted for symbols of Poe ' The House of Csher," tx the old home of Thomas Paine, anc A BY BRUCE GATTQN PUT BANANAS IN BED: PASSENGER ! York. LIES ON FLOOR. i * ·' How It Started Chroniclers of ; beerier cays: steins and little German i bands, among others! , . . ! So it eventuated vha. sour-no-^i i :h l s? :f ?a ~ 5 of the autocratic oid oompah artists, seesin? aennies drop- ' ^ T^ s: ~ °5 e: - ^ yTM*^-*** - ;ped from ~liiaW ^ere "confused and j r n s saacOT o: ^ Wa5 ;:~^ :: ^'^-^ '· befuddled to find themselves being led ! _ ^ ~ .into ritzy Part Avenue aoartxents. j Te ° Teaiv a Kccord: . . . : Toree of the smarter night resorts ' Te2 je F ^"^ a ^-^ --°=e- S^^r? ' rotindec up grouBs of street plavers. ' mor f t? G - a C ' And --OT ii's beco-aiu? cr-iite the :co ~ a - a "' ea "" thing to do. The musicians are cheap. . amusing, ar.d. beer of some percentage j is noi so difficiili to acquire in } drarr-s. titled "Th« v^as ths; romanc* blasscfr.ed. resultin; ^r. their T»ed;iE Green's^cii r.oois v i._ac£ s officials ar.d Bohemian chapters almost in- _ ^rd c- 5-rs of c« to c'ean ~"i* "he er.:ir-,- tcr *.-rv the n*r-. - to the cliaphra;-- valuable"hcse are the chief , '"ariably neglect to lEemi-on an inciaem t; -_ Ca -, l:A . products "f Central America Or so."' ' 5 " ill - h changed a guy and intimate col- ; . ^.-^ -.. at ar.v rate. .-. seems after rsadir.g of , OI13 "- " tt:e kno " ST! ^ :be ^s 5 - - ^ew ' t;-,,-,_=;_.- 3 ^, . Car:etor. Seals' · Banarji Go'.d " -"^ '·^""° "°" ; i 33 ? 5 co ^ for a =atxn. ,__ a: - : ^ r . e: , " -- --cident was nothing more nor ' a dance held bj the old Lob- ·eral Club This .lab had been a spa^rr.- jr.? ground of ce^c ideas: liberal, ur.- cozventi.-al ar.d radical. When i tnoney-raisir.s ball was su;v^ted. the 1^3 !!. C5C1C1CC1 UpC'Il WaS ^tC 3.iT2_ri Ro-t." And this it -xas ;hat started tile in??pers phonies, pose-urs and All :r.e .rest on a Villace otarnoeae X-VV-*T ...cs .r. terror or. learning.^.; ,^5.^.;^ "jj^ ar f ;rei pr :r ^ most s'-icc-ssful marriage- tboush that ma; so^r.d U-:e faint praise The other day I me: Barrymore ei rout-e t j 'vVasiiir.gtcn. Tr.e ^irry ha: derided to make 3. t-l^t* versian o "The Cla^r" ar.c srenrz v.-^re to shot a: Mr. BeaU «er.t ro - , in^ 'hrough Cen- !, tral Amenr.3 ~o see v.ha: he CTuld see ' ar.d he haci q-jre a '--p He found a · riotef.tiar.T nch :.-.r.d ?_n: ss poverty. rians nr.d sv=tcma".c^lly rr^lked--in many ca.-°=--by American industrialists · It is a ".sro T ncr? railroads prc~ce r.-.a::rc5se- f^r bananas an- bare floors f-r r.-;-r_2r. -a.---cr^"r. where a oresi- 5ILB3ST SWAM. Daily Lesson Itf English . ^'.""" e a ~""fl ! '' : . SS " "*~ Peters had jive- promise of «; ·· e-n rc:i- inr ...m rus --,~--^ ».^ ^ ^.--c.^. ^?T -r^n Marys l-soaae. Luf s Stuff .£.£. (J-^'JCvr^- K*^r*._ ~ · · ~ _\ - A i r. : _e«_ vr. 0--1 , *^i-r AmcTiCi.' B:1K. Br.:-- -r -,v :~v ,-f r-^-.'l-.'- t.'.lj o',: Vrir.c fl~,-s -C c^ .rli ·_=· «e-. « ,;1~, ^"..h ;l'iesc vouchers to cb.=pel : -r^'c-.c cf r. i-s.-.r.-r ar.d a curse. .: :-.arly -r-.crc i? ovh :« stj.-.t :.r-"" "'."-·" c.-*k .n ^:-.: .e pack -- X. A LUFBURKOW. Ma .A.. "_:c :r. aim-- .-s pre-conquest "c,x;k. .".rd Mr. B-^.= ~~.-;-.= tr; -f it ::irc'-i?". tr.c rr.,_ :;. i-t«rv:e'?r Ke .-.-·? ? rr?"y .-l.-arlv that i 15 n - rr.--i.'. .r r_ny sense of 'ism in C*r. ra: Ar.t--r:r?.. points . r.__:ty to a pnssier day. The ball itself disappoint Sn5a Tr.i= j; Frir.^s ir.-I ar. '''tl-_j is Fra.-..-: a-= Mary's home. O.'tin -«.^r;r;r.-- .r - -' D=t;b. Pro- It rr.^iit interest jou to i^5~ that Evan Burroxes Fontaas appeared or. t:-.3t cccastor. as^a cancuig or.= o! jjc bca-ties. carr.« ts th« dance rlc-or or. litters. i * ,,· vf It ^.gr.; further Ir.xrest yc-u t d^- cc-ver that 3u» ?"airbaisis was one of Wcrd ^:UGT · "«- a - :rd tltree ttase* an- :1 is vc-ur? ' Z*"* -^s increase o« "r.^ac :.;--.· ty --.--.-.t-r^i- -ne wcrd «ac' Sav Txiay's -- ra Oou^nt: harija a larce «s'av~ rr p--pertr: n-li "At! one USK ?X'T. he Is now cpjlent."' -he rr.o rooau ari ai s'r.c-ps. Dc.-.s -^s has scr.o .-toadi'y do'scrJiill 'John Reed, durir.s ;- - ?tra.?h- cecades -f Amen: * * * can ' CT.d^r."'-' Arotir.d the comer Boss O NeUI Y-^: 11 f.r.d ' B.-.-.»ra G^lc" ;r.t«rest- ke --pies into existence . . . MATT , .n; .-.:; the «-ay tlir-'uch. It _s^h- ·. Heaton Vorse, Eucece O7*etll, as£ otr.- · ed by _,:r»p nco't '«rs ne~ly arrived ·xere rjlottir.e N:^ . jYors's atost important httle ihester 'group. . Max Eastman ar.d Floyd rx'.l Track Mcri Ne\t Saturday. J «xsre pursair.g younr 'ant«rs and artis" Th» anr-i' T-ic'rt ?.r.ti fe'.d rr.set of ^for Trie Masses . . B^ Rooir_sor. Csrr. ; .-f, ~ \ - " - - - - . - ic.n-i'.'.v.vhed-'·KAS b^mj recognized ,?s a s;reat .lat- i.s rv--a post- 'ard-»hit« draaghisman. . . Edna Milla; . Sticklers M I N I H U M iee if you car move ^e.'en of tlic aiwve ma;c.Ss irj p;.: them all .1 ose p-Je You're go:r,? So be sarpnsed fc-kn yoo fir,J r,- u ; Kow ca-\ it is to do tKs Saturday, May 23. siU iiave been seen Ir-iiing _a Aaswers w_u oe -ouiLi oa ;a»i page. CHiVUro-

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