Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois on April 18, 1953 · Page 6
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Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois · Page 6

Alton, Illinois
Issue Date:
Saturday, April 18, 1953
Page 6
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ALTON EVENING TELEGRAPH IATURDAY, APRIL 18, 1WI FrNEitinutn for Cottom Bnilt Kitchen Cabinets m ^MmtmmUm.^ MfllTICIIOn Qoirantotd Alton Fixture A Equipment Co. 2714 t. BROADWAY DIAL 2-4362 Telegraph Want Ads Click. Compact House L-Shapcd Soften Rrmhm Old, stiff paint brushes can be softened by boiling them in vinegar for about ten minutes. ALL COLORS Including DEEP SHADES i Gallon Covers Average Size Rooms. Wallpaper and Paint Store BROADWAY & LANODON St. — Opposite Bridge Entrance. LANGHAM'S with CANVAS AWNINGS You win the admiration of your neighbors when you give your home the charm and beauty of new Canvas Awnings over windows, doorways, porches or terraces. And, for yourself, you have the pleasure of cooling comfort, refreshing shade that defies the assaults of the hot sun. You choose from a wide variety of designs, patterns and colors. Call us for complete information without obligation. "There is no substitute for Canvas Awnings" CAMPBELL TENT & AWNING CO. 100 Central Ave. Dial 3-8885 r A rerlangular house is generally ess expensive to build, but an irregularly shaped dwelling is often considered more attractive. A way o resolve these conflicting desires is found in Ihis Plan No. 208 of architect Walter T. Anicka, 617 Forest, Ann Arbor, Mich. The main body of the house is= a 24 by 38-foot rectangle, complete in itself. The garage and n screened porch, under the same roof, are connected to the house proper, giving the whole structure an L-shape. Vertical siding is used, except on the gable ends. The up-and- down lines help to make the build ing seem taller. The architect rec ommends a fire-resistant asphal shingle roof. If light - colorec asphalt shingles are chosen from among the variety of solid ant blended colors available, they also will draw the eye up\\prd and increase apparent size. The inferior is ordered towart the rear for privacy's sake. The livjng room opens onto a large terrace. The screened porch woulc serve admirably as a children's play area in rainy weather. It is open to ( view from the kitchen enabling the mother to keep her children under observation. The house has a basement, an< a stairway leads up to second floor space. First floor area of the house is 860 square feet, a figun useful in estimating building 'cost (Detailed building plans are available from Walter T. Anicka (117 Forest, Ann Armor, Mich. Il« for to Flan No. 208.) First Asbestos Asbestos first was discovers in the Italian Alps more than 2000 years ago. Its elastic fibers were woven into burial wraps *"Roman emperors. fo After you turn out a meat loaf frosl it with mashed potatoes and place under the broiler until Ihe potatoes are flecked a golden brown. Today'* Kitchen Contains Design For Nice Living • n.qr~ .'. -» A HOUSE THAT CROWS with a family, showing in an easy-to- inder.tdnd plan how expansion attic can be finished off with two •>xtra bedrooms-, upstairs bath and Urge storage room. This is Plan Y-287 by Herman York, 115 New Hyde Park Road, Garden City, N. Y. The house contains 1,017 square feet of king space on the first floor; 552 square feet on the second floor. There's a full basement. Shellac Comes From Insects, Has History Like honey, shellac is the product of an insect. The lac bug, or coccus lacca, feeds on the sap of trees in India, Burma and Siam and deposits raw shellac on branches and twigs. The coating is similar to that formed by ice. It is harvested, washed, ground and sifted. Then it is shipped in orange colored flake form. When cut with alcohol, it makes pure orange shellac. When bleached it is the white shellac popular for preserving the grain and texture of woods. Shellac is an ancient expoi-t of India. It was used by Akbar the great Mogul of Hindujfan, who built thfrTaj Mahal, Pearl Mosque and other great structures of Delhi. It was used by the cabinet makers of Paris in the 17th and 18th centuries. Louis XVI had the inlaid floors of the Versailles Hal of Mirrors finished with shellac Lafayette found it used on the floors of the fine Colonial homes oi America. Hemphill Agency Announces Sales Last week's real estate sales reported by the Marry F. Hemphill Agency follow: Mr. and "Mrs. Thomas Leeds sold their home at 3551 Aberdeen St. to Mr. and Mrs. J. R. Adney. Mrs. Effie Reddick has purchased the home at ,115 Dry St., formerly osvned by Mr. and Mrs. Charles Wilson. Mr. and Mrs. Robert K. \Langen sold their home at .81'5 Hawley Ave. to Mr. and Mrs. William Gillespie of 1<100 East Fourth St. Mr. and Mrs. Clarence Ifell sold their home at 3751 Aberdeen St. and Dorfts* For Pictu r e Windotvs Listed Today, Just walk info the kitchen of any model home or into one of a friend whose hobby Is ncr nome! You're greeted by an aura of friendliness and charm as In the days when the kitchen was the very heart of the home — as Indeed, It's becoming now! Gay calico curtains hang at the windows, plants bloom on the sill, mellow p|ne cupboards reflect the gleam of copper pans— and there's a heart-warming effect oC cozlness. That's the American kitchen of 1953! If your kitchen still has tracel of that bareness that character* l/.ed kitchen-fashions of yesterday, don't despair! Make it your Sprinf project to redecorate your kitchen into one of warmth and charm— and delight your family! A few yards of cheery cotton print ... an easy chair (perhaps a rocker with a cushion of matching print!) ... a spice box or spoon rack copied from those of Grandmother's day . . . and you're off to a good start ! Try putting a shelf along one wall and tack a ruffle of your curtain material along the edge. Hang your pans under the shelf and put cheery pitchers, plates, and potted ivy or philodendron on the shelf. Browse' through the housewares department of your favorite store and you'll see dozens of kitchen accessories that capture the Early American mood. Even in the most modern homes of today, there's more than a touch of coziness in the kitchen. And, it's the family's favorite get-together spot! Read Telegraph Want Ads Vtaar f«eln fax With his wife, Rev. Alban E. Russell, 47, arrived recently in British Honduras, Belize reports. Me had "jumped at" a $l,4(KNi- year Job as 6ean there, "to get away from crippling British taxa- tton." In England he had a $2,800 position as Vicar of Amport, "Taxes and other charges were just too much," he said. "In British Honduras we shall be much better off, with less pay and with a furmlshed bungalow. Bhick li The gondolas of Venice are black because of an edict passed by the great council of the city In 1888 which forbade the richly embreid* ered awnings that were the custom before that time, according tt the Encyclopedia Britannica. r-flfths of British Guiana II THIM'f MORI TO ft WINDOW SHADES THAN MltTS THt IYI OUR DEMONSTRATOR SNA DES show "below the ttirface" quality ... guide yonr selection of shades moat appropriate for yonr windows. See this revealing demonstration before "bargain" prices tempt you to mistreat the most con- spicuous part of your home. In oar showing of Joanna Western win* dow shades you'll find SUM to fit most any window (or we eat them down to fit)—colors appropriate to the decor of yoor bora*—Mid prices within your budget. ALL TYPES and STYLES of CURTAIN RODS BUCK'S 655 EA$T BROADWAY PAINT and FLOOR COVERING STORE DIAL 3-3031 Do close the draperies of your picture window at night. Any window, unless lighted from outside becomes a black area at night. The larger your picture window, the greater is your need for draperies after dark. Notice how the closing of draperies at night seems to make your room feel cozier — and smaller. This is the reverse of the principle for making rooms seem larger. Don't place tall lamps, vases or statuary in front of your picture window. Anything standing up in front of the window reduces the amount of light coming in and violates the idea of the window as an open connection between indoors and outdoors. Don't use ruffled curtains across your picture window, even when the other windows of the room have them. They are no more appropriate for a picture window than they would be for an oil painting. Ruffled- side drapes will maintain the character of your room. . Do choose side d r apes that will not clash with the picture outside your window. A flowering garden cannot compete with the overwhelming blooms of a large floral print. Bed Envelopes Eyed As a method of pushing linen sales, two firms in Belfast, Northern Ireland, are adopting an American idea — a contour sheet for warmer sleeping. Now being made by 10 American firms, it fits sung- ly over the mattress like an envelope. After tests, the Belfast linen makers are seeking world rights for production of "bed envelopes" of linen in exclusive designs. 1 to Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Leeds. Mr. and Mrs. Jphn M. Elliott of Maple Park have purchased the home at 2990 Shady PI. from Mr. and Mrs. Robert Clark who have moved to Streator. SPRINGMAN LUMBER COMPANY I. MOADWAY PIAl i 552* This drawing shows how MAGIC BLENDERS are located in each room. In the blender, room air is blended with freshly h'eated furnace air for even comfort from floor to ceiling, then circulated back through the roomi House os cold as all outdoors? Here's the way to warmer floors i Johns-Manville Asbestos Siding Arehltocti. builders* and discriminating noaoownws toy it's the Boost boautiiul siding material oyor dovtlopod* And. it's iuropraof. rotivoel n»«ds no painting to proBorvo it Can bo appUod right ovw old walls. 800 it boioro you buyl Mareal Home Imp. Co. 2414 EAST WOA0WAY Fbono 2401$ or 2-0347 The New and Revolutionary Heating and Ventilating System for New and Old Homes Anywhere Condition your home for health as well as comfort with BLEND-AIR, the new miracle of low-cost central heating. Revolutionary in construction and performance — there'i nothing like it. Fre-engineered for quick installation. O HIND-AIR FURNACE efficiently burns all the fuel*without waste. Space-saving, cost-saving—put it anywhere. 9 3'/j.INCH HEAT TUBES fit old and new homes, save on Installation. Flexible elbows bend around obstacle!. fP MAGIC ILENOER in each room blends room air with freshly heated furnace air, then REcirculates it. Before you sink a single dollar into any heating plant, uo us about BLEND-AIR. We'll prove "Comfort eoiti 10 little with » Coleman." In th» w«rm «ir kwtl*« I'durtry by th« ASH ; OH twit* fey ^pMjp^p^p^p*<Br Gill Ut for Frit Eitiniti — Ni* Obllgitlia! REFRIGERATION N. APPLIANCE CO: YcMir Ixduflvt IteMnator Dtater 315 Belle St, Ph.3-7776

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