The Paris News from Paris, Texas on July 17, 1934 · Page 5
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The Paris News from Paris, Texas · Page 5

Paris, Texas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, July 17, 1934
Page 5
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'. •**> > my chicken, mister? Singers End Annual Meet All Officer* of Lunar So- cicty Are Elected For Another Term All officer* of the X*xaar County Singiae Conv«ntioc wer». r««lected at the annual convention whieb closed at -Stoady Groicfe Sunday. EL Oliver of BrookAton. president: Sam Monk of I>*port. vice- president; Mr*. W. E. Oliver, secretary-treasurer; and J. H. Smith of Paris, chaplain, are th» officers. Visitors to *the convention this year included singers from Arkansas. Oklahoma and Xetv Mexico as well as from Dallas and other Texas points. Tbe meeting; was said to ha?£ been one of the most successful in years. Uttle Miss Merle Whitney made a. -welcome address to th* visitors which was responded to by Ben Tidwell of Halesboro. Henry Bobo gave an iaterestinK talk on the history o£__the singing com'entlon. In Ijamar county. A picnic dinner -was prepared for the visitor* Sunday at noon by the people of the Shady Grove community. CLARKSVILLE NEGRO DROWNED EV RIVER Body Found Mond*y After A1J- Search at Brymrty's Crossing CIiARKSvTUl,E. — Th* body of Toble Bohaanon, Clarksvllle, negro, was recovered Monday from lied river by a searching: party which had dragged the stream since 10 o'clock Sunday night at Bryarly Crossing. Bohannon wss browned there "when he attempted to swim across from the Oklahoma side to the Texas bank and was cauzht in a whirlpool, though he had successfully crossed earlier in the day. He had been employed several years by . Black Bros, company, wholesale grocers here, Another negro barely escaped drowning -with Bohaaaon. a third negro pullins: him to safety. FIRST ROOSEVELT CABINET BABY Marcu*, thr**-w**k*-old «on of Assistant Secretary of War Harry drtna, former governor of Kansas, and Mrs. Weodrintf. i* shown with hi* proud parents a* their summer horn* n«ar Washington, Mr*. Woodrtng is the daughter of Senator Marcus Coelidg* of Massachusetts. (Associated Press Photo) Grain Prices CHICAGO. Cff>—-Skyrocketing: of grain prices "with a bsar outburst of general speculative buying resulted Tuesday largely from an authoritative estimate indicating extraordinary destruction of corn crops- In Sve states—Texaas, Oklahoma, Kansas. Missouri and Nebraska— it was asserted that expected 1935 corn yields had been reduced more than one half since June 30 by almost unprecedented heat and drouth. Corn and rye,-ran up Tuesday to new high price records for the season, and wheat to the topmost quotations in more than a month. Corn scored a maximum overnight advance of 3 ceais a. bushel, but reacted at the last under heavy- selling to realize profits, wheat closed unsettled, 1 cent to I 1-2 cents up, oats unchanged to 1-2 higher, and provisions varying from 2 cents decline to an equal gain. REVIVAL MEET-AT ROCKFORD PLANNED Revivalist GERMA1VY FIXES GRAIN PRICE Yes, Swift flk Company boym poultry, eggs and bulieifkt every bunneaft day- And pays cash ... Swtft fl* Company ship* Swift's Premmm Meats and Chickens, and Swift's Brookfield Butter, Cheese and Egg* in the same refrigerator cars with meats. ... The same salesmen sell all of these products to retail dealers.. . . Instead of delivering each product in a different truck, Swift & Company delivers aH of them to stores in the same truck*.... A most efficient distribution syvtem is the result. For years, Swift & Company's profits from aH sources have been only a fraction of a cent per pound. I* 4otty IMM* «** JMK* it** 15,000 Bt&fee at *ad tb* Pfckixt *t tile XJwoa Sscsdc Vn . VP} — Sigh prices were fixed for wheat and rye Tuesday as the German gt>vermr>*iit toofe over complete control of grains from the time of their harvest until they pass through the bakery. Bread prices, however, -will be held at : the same leveL The ne-w plan, was Irank recognition of the poor crop yield and the possibility ol a foo^ shortage. due Jai^rely to drouth, . Since brea<I prices mu*i be kept stable, it was annonaced ?he farmer. dealer and miller w-ould have to fiiTide the loss from decreased crops. The new fixed prices, it pointed out. -will only partly the farmer, -who must "sacrifice with the rest for the public good." W. W. TTalfcer is reported critically III at his home at Biardsto-wm. i The Rev. R, A. Walker of Merj kel, formerly of this county, asks j The Xews to announce he will begin a revival meeting at the Rockford Presbyterian cnurch on Sunday. August 5. ar r . Walker was formerly pastor at Roekford. Cordial invitation to the community is extended. Mrs. O- B. Medford of Fort MRS. L. L. MILLER DIES AT HOSPITAL The industrial association of San Francisco, headed by Albert E. Boynton (above) as manager, has been moving merchandise on that city's waterfront despite threats of a general strike. Guardsmen have been patrolling the waterfront. (Associated Press Photo"* Relief Office Is Expected District Engineer C. Ow f>aid a. abort visit to tfe* office of the Lamar cottttty -r*K«£ board Tuesday morale*. to Pat Warner, jgranty traror. Mr. Rockwell comm*»*«d . the work of the local •CUM and discussed plans for future *ork. Mr. Warner said Taeadfty til* office is now planning; a procram of work which will allow mor» able-bodied men to work *»4 leav» fewer of them on the direct relief rolls. He said relief client* mi* showing- more cooperation with th* office in their work and expreaced. his appreciation for this cooperation. Mr. Warner said a child welfare survey will be mad* within A. short time which will includ* this district. He said that seven carload* of" cattle for canning here hav* been, received Monday and Tw«*day_ The shipments include About ±50 head and will assure «t«ady operation of the cannery for *om« time yet. OKLAHOMA CITT. (*) - — Em- ployes of the Indian territory .illuminating oil company tcm«d OR Tuesday to arbitration rather than strike for a 20 per cent was* increase . GENUINE GLOVERIZED * DRY CLEANING ! son. Okia., is a patient at the Sani- tariTim of Paris- Mrs. Austin Bailey of "Waco is Mrs. Lloyd Powell at 219 ast Price street. ^Irs. John Maness has gone to Murfreesboro, Tenn.. to %-isit xelaiives. • TVayae Maness, of Koney Grove, I Is here viEitlng, his grandparents j Mr. and Sirs, O. B. Tearrvood. i Miss Pollyanna Stephens of [ Coinnaerce is visiting: Misses Mary 11^. Fisher and Frances Kadfcrd. i Kayfien Stralm. Jr., t>ras taken {•seriously ill Saturday and is re] ported to *>e unimproved. J Mrs. T. M. Scott left Monday for | Boulder. Colo., Ti-nere siie will re- i main until September. HAS STROKlf: TUESDAY Mrs. J, I>. Fry of 37S Kaufman street mother of Mrs. E. F. Harrei! suffered a stroke Tuesday morning at her home and -was reported gravely tU. The Sprinser-Jones revival meeting begins "Wednesday evening July IS on the vacant 5ot across from the City KalL Evangelist Springer (above) has 5tt5t closed a city-Tvide ca.mpalgn "In OKemaiii Okla_. -where several hundred peo- ! pie -were added to the various I churches over the city. They have 1 a tabernacle "with a seating capacity of 2,000 people, and by taming up the Sides..of the tent, it will accommodate 3,000 people. Mr. Springer is one of the outstanding; evangelists of the southwest- Although he is a young man. he is a powerful and forcfeul preacher. John H. Jones, who -sriJl lead the Miss Pauline Barton of Richmond. Va.. is here for a few days visit tvith her mother, Mrs. \V. J. Barton. Mrs. C. E. Smith of Trenton. Mo., is visiting 5ter son George Smith, and family at 571 Culbertson street. ) Mr. and Mr?. W. C. Doss left \ Tuesday for a rsro-montlis visit to ! I>os Angeles and otser points in ! California. ;00 voices in the choir, is I Mrs. B- Zimmerman of Antlers, | Okla.. returned to her home Moni day after naving fceen a patient at I the SsniTarium of Paris. HOW TO KEEP A NEW CAR NEW! j kno-wn in the southwest. He ^vas for 10 years the singer for Evangelist B. F. McLiendon. nationally known as Cyclone Mack. He de- sirss to meet the siagers from the various churches over the city oh XV~ecnesday evening so as to a.r- raiige his music as soon as possible. A large croivd is expected hte opening night "Wednesday. Services w;l! begin promptly at 7:45 o'clock and delegations •prill be recognized each evening, Mr. Springer held a citywide campaign earlier in the summer in Hugo. You czn't ghrt a. xtcc horse poor food *nd expect him to-win races. "And jou c*n*t secure pcrforo «nce from «ry car, &ew or old, on poor <ju«Iitf gasoline, 54,000 Conoco Service Station men in 40 states, -wberc the products of die Cootinentil Oil Con> panj are distribated, are servicing millions of cars, new and old. •with Conoco Bronze Gasoline. *i fill TvSI convince yon of its Instanc-Startijag, lightning Kcfc- tsp qoalities-TetraerhTl i$ in every gallon, resulting in and-knock value. The base stock of every gallon gives you more power and greater mileage. Drive in at the sign of lie Conoco Red Triangle. KI1 up with this premium-quality gasoline, without a premzoxn price. fNSTANT STARTING — UGHTN/NG P/CK-UP CONOCO BRONZE GASOLINE XEDY, tiror. Sw »*« FM* for ri»- oi imwdcur. i Mrs. Elmer Skidmore and little \ son. Bobby, and Mrs. Skldmore's \ mother. Mrs. E. D. Lander?, leave i Tnesaay for Abilene to visit Mrs. • Landers' sister. a major operation some time ago at the Sarsitariurn of Paris, -oras able to retum to ner home Mori- day. The Day's Dial Mrs. G. VT. Phillips and cacrb- ters. Marcille and Bettj- Jean. bav& refcm^d frora s. vl?rt ivirli relatives in PoteAu. Okla- Mr. mother returned home them for a visit. Ail hoars Central Standard P. S£5:«0 CBS "Lavender arid Old I-ace;" NBC, Crim* Clues. 6:SO CBS Seymonr Simons" or- ciiestra; ^BC, Wayne King's orchestra. 7:00 CBS George Givot, comedy; K3C. Bes Berai« r s orchestra. 7: SO CBS lUcfeara Himbsr's orchestra; NBC. Symphony orch. S:00 CBS. "Coallict," drams; NBC, Beausty Box Theatre. S:15 CBS. Th« TtoopersL S:SO CBS. iSelo4ie Strings. S:00 CBS, Paxty Issues; NBC. Frarifc Back, advestures. 5:15 CBS News, followed by Isham Joacs* orch; NBC, Geae and Glenn as *'JaXe aa<S Lena.** S:30 CBS Joa*s" orchestra; followed by Rxatfy %"a)l*«"s I Mrs. T. TV. Bunch au5 sons, ET! -aim. and I>«Irr:a. have renamed j home frosn a. visit xcith ^Irs. A. E. j Bro^vn of Homer. L&-. Naont! s Brown accompanying: them to {sp«ii-d the rest of the sucnrner here. Old War Shell Kills Seven and Hurts 25 SAINT GERMAIN-BN-LAYE. FT*JJC«- (••?", — The explosion of a forfrottea trench roortor shell playfully by a soldier at a of comrades Tuesday kiil- ed seven of them and Injured 25 on aui artillery traininsr srro^nd. Th« motorisi?<l stxth cavalry rc- -wats on the runsre Tuesday when a. soldier found an SI-3tsIIliiReter shell, -which he 9:45 CBS Voice of Experience. !0;f-0 CBS Harry Sosaick's or- chestia; NBC. Baddy Kogers' orchestra. I0:?o CBS Frank*y*s or- c>.**:ra; NBC Fete Sinyth«\< orchestra, 11-00 CBS Jack Kwsseir* orcls.; NBC. Clyde Lucas* orch. He decided to scare his comrades. There was a deafenins: rs>ar and four soldiers -were killed outright and hree died later in a hospital. Ttvelve ^i?n lost their arms asid legs aad further deaths wer« feared. Asuonsr the vict:rs-:s ^-as th ier -wrho found the shell. d- Funeral few Commerce Woman 1$ Held Monday COMMERCE.—Funeral service* for Mrs, Ophelia. Myrtle Covins- ton. 2S ytars old. tvho died at a l^c-st! hospital Sunday. xc*re held *t Sh«oh Monday Afternoon. Sh* ts stsrvtved by * three-day- ota child, her parejits, Mr. *r.<5 Mrs. Jim Sams, ^er h«baTt:l, and four brothers and sisters, Mr*. Ha«i* Garrett and Mr*. Mary MH1- «r ot Klondike: Joe and TVillle Sams of Commerce. !2O-Ponnd Catfish I? 1 Caught at Honey Grove j HONST GKOVE.—Tctri Shop* 20-posir.d c«.tflsh Sunday Tis: *t the- clv;^ lake he*e, only & car.e pole xzs<j a Irae. j Thi* i» so far the bisgxst fish caught Jn the lake. ONE OF THi PRODUCTS OF CONTINENTAL OIL COMPANY FOFRTH WARD SCHOOt. Fourth Ward story hour will b« held 'Wevlnf'aday momins *.t t o'clock ^rUfe 2tf Mk Hod*er« he story. Why Let Your Skin Age Protect your skin with this r.ew wonderful Face Powder an<2 l«t MELX.O-GLO jcive you that youthful bloom. Made by n riew French process—«taj-» on looser, prevents larfw pores, beautifies your com- j plexion, I>oes not Irritate she j *kln or <tv« a ?«»ty lo«fk. Pu f»c* powder xnad«x Try MRI.L.O- | andt 3ro«*B tov* It. 50<; and Funeral services for Mrs. 1^ L. Miller were helfi Tuesday- inorning at 9 o'cloclc at Our "Lady of Victory church by the Rev. F. J. SchlessL and buna! -was made at tne McE-win ceTaetery near Caviness. Mrs. Miller. Si years old. had for several years made her Ivome at St. Joseph's hospital, v.-here she died at 2:05 o'clock Tuesday morning-- She is survived by two grandcnildren, Irwin Skidinore antl Iiis sister ^rho lives In Fort Keeps clothes clean longer and better—Try this famous method used, exclusively at our plant! Men's Suits and Ladies' Plain dresses cleaned and Dressed 50 STORE HOURS Tomorrow 8:00 To TH£ PUBLIC FAVOR SINCE r9OT* Perfectly Amazing White, Pastels and Printed Sheers MID-SUMMER SELECTION $ 7. TWO GROUPS COOL SMART! $ ^^^—-i 10. Late Arrivals / We have carefully planned this Mid-Summer Silk Dress event right at the time \vhen you are interested in washable or sheer silks for your summer \vear. These beautiful frocks represent the rnost practical and smartest' that could possibly be found. Late arrivals! That we are showing at such extremely low prices.

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