The Racine Journal-Times Sunday Bulletin from Racine, Wisconsin on July 4, 1965 · Page 27
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The Racine Journal-Times Sunday Bulletin from Racine, Wisconsin · Page 27

Racine, Wisconsin
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Sunday, July 4, 1965
Page 27
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Do you have a favorite fishing or camping spot a place you don't visit often because it's hard to convince anyone that it's such a hot place? The is just such a place for tne on tlie Black River south of Black River Falls. About every five or six years I get up there and rediscover that it is not quite as outstanding as I had remembered. Then, as the years roll by again, it becomes more and more of a near-paradise in my mind until it is time to repeat the trip. Four of us were up there a week ago—young John, Buddy KroU, Harold Steffenson and myself, John Jr. and Harold Steffenson belong to a group one might call "fishin' fools." They fish when it's 20 below or 90 above, by lantern-light and at high noon. They fish in ponds, lakes and rivers. They are the reason I put a cover on my guppy tank. All I said one night was that there is this spot up near Black River Falls that I always liked. Before 1 knew which way the conversation was turning, they had it set up for last weekend and each of us assigned certain rations and equipment to gather. We arrived just as it was getting dark, but had little trouble finding the familiar fire-lane leading off into the brush. "We set up our tent just where Robinson Creek pours into the Black River. Before one could ask, "What time is it?" the other three had the lantern going and their lines out. "You won't get anything over there at the mouth of Robinson Creek," said the expert (me). Just at that moment Buddy Kroll pulled in a catfish. I offered no further advice. We fished the weekend there. What we caught wasn't so important to me or to the others, although we got something of about every variety that ever came over the dam. But I now know that Junior Felton Cops Tennis Title Ralph Felton won the junior boys tennis title and Sharon Green took the junior girls crown in the finals of the city tennis tournament Saturday. The.two, with Bob Becker the Cadet boys titlist, and Doug Hansmann, the midget boys title winner, will go to Kenosha for the district tournament Tuesday night. Winners at Kenosha advance to the Milwaukee tourney July 16-17. Felton took the junior boys (16-18 years) blue ribbon by downing Steve Birkholz 6-0, 6-3 in the Saturday championships. Earlier he had beaten Tom Grant in the quarter finals 6-2, 6-10 and Jon Burch 6-3, 20-18 in the semi finals. Miss Green won over Karen Maroda 6-4, 6-3 in the title round after beating Kathy Weinfurter 6-4, 6-0 in the semi-finals., Becker won the cadet boys (14-16 years) Friday and Hansmann took the midget crown (12-14 years) on Thursday. Johnson Parle Ladies Set- July Pairings The Johnson Park Ladies Golf Club has announced the July matches for four divisions. They are: CLASS A —18 HOLES . Nanor Lar.son vs.' Gen Dickert. Jean Mvrvold vs. BcUy Smith. RO.SB Mary Dill vs. JeHii Acelo. Marie JuadLs vs. Doris Parrell. Ellen Wolff vs. Audrey Cole. Bye.s—ainny Rider. Edel Colt. Janet Sleber. CLASS A-B HOLES Evie Stark vs. Greta Jacobsen, Jennl? Adams vs. Clara Basmus.sen. Debbie Lurson vs. Dolly Steger. Bev Johanson bye. CLASS B Betty Stlber vs. Mary Stratman. B'P'^ -Dorothy Krzykowskl. Marlon Os- terbcrg. Jane Chaveller. Marge Polan- uky. Marie Rlchow, Eleanor Thome. Vclma Ersklne. . CLASS C Ann Larson vs. Elaine Larsen. Am Johnson vs. Marie Held. Wanda Bchoncman vs. Florence Fors. Belly Kllngenmeyer bye. YMCA Baseball the mosquitoes are just as bad as they used to be, sand under the canvas tent floor is just as hard for sleeping on, tish- ing is not better nor worse than dozens of other places in Wisconsin . and the broish and nettles are as thick as ever. I also know, however, that soon those fa,cts will become dimmer in my mind. I will recall that the rash- ing water of Robinson Creek makes musical sound flowing by the tent in the morning, the cardinal at sunrise and the whip-poor- will in the evening issue a solitary call, the white flash of a deer's tail heading into the pines startles the unsuspecting, and fish caught, cleaned and fried ort the river bank tastes the best. Many have a favorite fishing or camping spot. That's mine. * * * The National Football League has awarded a franchise in Atlanta. It should be a lucrative and success-, ful operation. In the last 10 years or so, the Brooklyn Dodgers became the Los Angeles Dodgers; the New York Giants became the San Francisco Giants; the National League in baseball added the Houston club along with the duckbill platypi of the major league zoo, the Mets; the American League sent the Washington team to Minnesota and put another team in Washington, then added the Los Angeles Angels; the American Football League came into existence forcing the older NFL to expand; the National Basketball Assn. and the National Hockey League added teams. What triggered all of this activity in professional sports? It all started in 1953 when the Boston Braves suddenly became the Milwaukee Braves. They were an immediate success and Walter Francis O'Malley decided he wanted some of the same for his Dodgers, so the game of checkers began. Now those same Braves are going to Atlanta and the NFL has decided to put a team there at the same time. Neither operation can hardly fail. Sunday, July 4, 1965 RACINE SUNDAY lULLETIN 30 AFLRumin in Milwaukee Curb Hopes of WestAIHsW By Carm Papara Journal-Times Staff Bill Duchow, who handled the Racine Raiders' booting chores last year, feels he has a kick coming and he would like to plant it on the American Football League. As general manager of the West Allis Racers, a new team in the Central States Football League, Duchow has encountered off-field financial troubles while preparing for the start of practice in three weeks. "I had promises of help, weeks ago, from many busi­ ness people in the Milwaukee area," said Duchow, 33, but much of this, he added, has vanished during the past couple of weeks when reports indicated that Milwaukee might received an AFL franchise. "With that kind of talk flying around, the people who said they would help the Racers have backed off," mourned Duchow. And while other general managers in the lekgue. cluck sympathetically, they also may mutter, "Join the club. Bill — we all have troubles." Duchow's irritation with the AFL is understandable as is his enthusiasm for the Racers in particular and the world of semi-pro football in general. All teams in the Central States League have men at the helm who give generously of their time and energy, without expecting a nickel, just to keep this kind of football a going concern in their respective communities. In Duchow's case, however, football enthusiasm has so overwhelmed him that logic apparently has vanished, as indicated by his statement that the Racers club "could play an AFL team right now and do all right." While the men who conduct affairs in the Central States League are proud of their hard - hitting play and claim, with some justification, that the brand of football is interesting, none—before Duchow, that is—has ever been brash enough to say his team could "do all right" with a pro outfit. The bit of boasting by Duchow is the more baffling when one considers that the Racers, still not completely organized, haven't even held their first practice session let alone play their first game. But then, the zest shown by Duchow is only typical of the spirit in the CSFL. Duchow probably was showing pique at the AFL and was likely feeling the pressure of getting the Racers ready when he made his eyebrow-lifting claim. The Racers expect to spend from $15,000 to $18,000 in their first year, much of the outlay going for new uniforms and equipment, for the team is starting from scratch. Duchow indicates that a squad of 80 players will report to head coach Dick Milton late this month. Milton, who is athletic director at St. Francis High School, will get coaching help from Pete Arena, former Northwestern star who played with the Houston Oilers.. Arena plans to play with the' club as does Dan Celoni, ex- Oiler who played his college- ball at Iowa State. Since the Central States League allows a team no more than two players with past pro experience, the Racers already have their quota in- Celoni and Arena. Carol Sorensen Ogles Women's State Crown —AP Wlrephoto MRS. JACK WILLIAMS Seeks Fifth State Links Title Koenings Hurls Redbirds' Win Klug.c Hearn.rf Hansen,rf liUdvlgsen,3b PInnow.If Hoffman.2b Koenlngs.p The Racine Redbirds got ai'*""''^* three - hit pitching performance out of Dan Koenings to rout the Chicago Cobras 14-1 at Horlick Field Saturday night. Koenings was touched for three singles in the first three innings, two cpming in the third inning wrapped around a sacrifice to produce the only Cobra run. He walked two men, struck out 14 and set down the last 20 men in order. While Koenings was hand- LIDDLK LKAOUE American National Li TIgeis Indians Athletics Red Sox Yankees Nationals W A 4 3 3 1 0 Dodjrers Astros Cubs Mets Braves Cardinals Results Saturday Astros 9. Mets 3 Dodgers 5. Braves 0 Athletics 11. Yankees 3 Red Sox 8. Nationals 4 MINOR LEAGUE Southern I W I. 4 0 Ited Birds 4 0 Lookouts 3 rPcllcans J 2''-hirl-s PONY LEAGt'E W L 4 lll'wiris 4 li \neel6 2 2lPlrales Results Saturday Cards 8. Angels 6 Cubs e, Yanks 4 Twins 13. Pirates 11 J. i- Travelers Volunteers Crackers Roya's Card.s Cubs Yanks SCHEDULE IN RACINE i.i;' TUESDAY AMERICAN SP - Clover Club vs. Eagle Hotel, Uland S.. 8:30; Prima Vera No. 1 vs. P(!rfetto's. Mitchell, 7:15; Rick's Dec. vs. Charles Realty Bowl. 7:15. CENTRAL BP—Victory Bar vs. Johnson Bar. Humble, 7:15; Plre Dept. vs. National Guard, Lathrop. 7:15; J&J Club 17 vs. Lucky Cue No. 1. Humble, 8:30. BADGER 8P—Twin Disc vs. Borek's Club. 20. Bowl,-8:30; Dave's Place vs. Coffee Cup, Roosevelt, 8:30: Chalet Bar v.s. Happy Med. Club, Knapp, 7:15 Jayoees vs. Dykstra Ex., Island N., 8:30 CHURCH GOLD SP—Emmaus vs. St, Mesrob, Island N.. 7:15; 2d Presbyterian vs. Resurrection, Island 8., 7:1&; St. John vs. Sacred Heart, Douglas, 8:30. CHURCH SILVER SP—St. Patrick vs. Church of God, Lathrop, 8:30; Messiah Luth. vs. Calvary Memorial, Roosevelt, 7:15. CHURCH PURPLE SP—St. Edward vs. St. Sebastian, Douglas, 7:15; Christ the,King Luth. vs. EUB-, Mitchell, 8:30; Bethany vs. Taylor Ave, Nazarene. Knapp, 8:30. LAKESHORE PP — Duane's vs. Gascolgne. Kenosha Columbus. 8:30; Colonial Club vs. Lambrecht, Kenosha Columbus, 7:15. JUNIOR GIRLS PP -Jim's Jets vs. Breadwinners. Humble NE. 6:45: Mazles Daisies vs. Gopher Kilties. Humble NE. 5:30; Elites vs. Plranas, Humble NW 6:45; Llllilockettes vs Teamsters, Humble NW, 5:30, BRAVES NO. 6TH BASEBALL-Jets vs. Oocses, Island N.. 5:40; Blazers vs. Rascals. Douglas, 5:40. BRAVES so. 6TH BASEBALL—Wonders vs. Sox, Roosevelt NE, 5:40; Yankees vs, Nappers, Lathrop, 5:40; Flyers vs. Astros, Knapp, 5:40, WEDNESDAY MANUFACTURERS SP—Dumore Co. vs. Police Dept., Mitchell, 8:30; Dumore Co. v.s. Johnson Tower, Mitchell, 7:15 FACTORY SP-Walker Mfg. vs. Pirn Dept.. Humble, 7:15. INDUSTRIAL SP Racine Barber.s v.s. Twin Disc, Humble, 8:30. MAJOR QUEEN 12" SP—Birds vs. 2ft Oranri Club. Island S.. 7:15: Farmers Market vs. Walker Mfg.. Island N.. 7:15; John & Joans vs. CasB Co.. Douglas, 8:30; Avenue Cleaners vs. Twins, Lakevlew, 8:30; CWA vs. S. C Johnson. Douglas, 7:15. CLASSIC PP-Lake Park vs. Magaw Elec, Island N., 8:30: Duane's vs. Jacobsen, Lakevlew, 7:15. MINOR BASEBALL — Pistons vs. Redbirds, Lincoln, 5:40. CADET BASEBALL - Jets vs. Mets. Humble NW. 6:40. PAROCHIAL 8TH BASEBALL - St. R«5e vs. at. Lucy, Roosevelt S.. 6:40: SI. Rita v.s. St. Jo.seph, Bowl W., 5:40. FAROCHIAL 5TH BASEBALL -Sacred Heart vs. 81. Edw Cub.s, Island S w L; 2 .1 5:40. St. Edw. Blue vs. Holy TrlnHy. 3 Douglns. 5-40: St. John Tiger vs St illuuy, Hiinil)!c 8E. 5:40: Holy Name vs , .St Ro.s^. L.ikevlew 5:40: SI Josppl- rs. St. John Pirates. Mitchell. S 40 THURSDAY LAKESHORE FP - Lanibrecht vs. Scotty & Joe's, Kenosha Columbus. 8:30; Lake Park vs. Colonial Club. Lakevlew, 8:30; Magaw Elec. rs. Gascolgne, Lakevlew, 7:15. MAJOR WHITE FP—Charlie's Club vs. Western Prtg., Knapp, 8:30; Junction Center Bar vs, Flatlron, Humble. 7:15. MAJOR BLUE PP—Sunshine Rest. vs. Runge Gas Ser., Lathrop. 8:30; Marine Bar vs. Racine Bible, Mitchell, 7:15: DeRango & Chateau vs. Taylor Ave. Bar, Lathrop, 7:15. MAJOR GREEN FP—Reml's Rats vs. Sunshine, Knapp, 7:15; Lake Park vs. Racine Alum. Si Brass Pdry., Island S., 8:30; Case Test Center vs. Racine Cycle, Island 8., 7:15; Les May Studio vs. National Guard, Mitchell, 8:30. TRIPLE A 12" SP—Northtown Motors vs. SIxty-Nlncrj, Island N., 6:20; D's Set vs. Douglas Auto Wash, Roosevelt, 6:20; Something Else vs. Prima Vera. Douglas, 8:40. DOUBLE A 12" SP—Walker Office vs. Johnson Waxdale, Island N., 7:30; Western Prtg. vs. Styberg Eng. No. 1, Bowl, 6:20; Massey-Ferg. vs. Modern Woodman Ins., Roosevelt, 7:30. MAJOR A 12" HP-Deca vs. Case, Douglas, 7:30; Mygatts Cor. Pugh vs. Wis. Oas & Elec, Douglas, 6:20; Graves Signs vs. Jim's Enco, Bowl, 8:40, MINOR A 12" SP—Ted & Lll's vs. Raymonds Drive-In, Island N„ 8:40; Henderson Plumbing vs. Case Heal Treat, Bowl, 7:30: Case Playboys vs Elsendrath, Roosevelt, 8:40. JUNIOR GIRLS FP—Jim's Jets vs Gopher Kilties, Humble NW, 6:30: Mazlc.s Daisies vs. Lillilockcttes, Humble NW, 6:45; Breadrunncrs vs. Plranas. Humble NE, 5:30; Elites vs. Rockettes. Humble NE, 6:45. BRAVES 5TH OLD TIMERS BASEBALL—Stars vs. Lakers, Humble SE, 5:40; Mets vs. Jaguars, Island S., 5:40;' Ravers vs. Panthers, Knapp 5:40. FRIDAY JR. AMERICAN BASEBALL—Northside Bankers vs. Knights, Horlici: Field, 6. JR. NATIONAL BASEBALL—Swamp- rats vs. Jensen Block, Horlick Field, B:15. SATURDAY MINOR BASEBALL — Redbirds vs. Taylor Ave. Merchants. Humble NW. B:iO; Colts vs. Thrifty Mac, Roosevelt Central,- 9:30; Aces vs. Pistons. Douglas. 9:30; Batboys vs. Twins, Lakevlew. 9:30. CADET BASEBALL—Cubs vs. Animals, Bowl W., 9:30; Mets vs. Giants, Humble SW, 9:30; Whiz Kids vs. Wanderers, Wadcwltz, 9:30; Red Devils vs. Trinity Methodist, Roosevelt S., 9:30. PAROCHIAL 8TH BASEBALL—Sacred Heart vs. St. John Nep.. Pershing 9:50; St. Patrick vs. St. Rita, Roosevelt NE. 0:30; Holy Name vs. St. Joseph, Lincoln, 0:30; St. Lucy vs. St. Edw. Olanls, Humble SE, 9.30; St. Edw. Jets vs. St. John Luth., Bowl E.. 9:30. PAROCHIAL 7TH BASEBALL - St. Rose vs. at. John. Jerstad-Ag.. 9:30; 51. Patrick vs. St. Edw. Bobcats. Mitchell, 9:30; Sacred Heart vs. St. Mary. S C. Johnfon. 0:30; Holy Name vs. St. Joseph, Pershing N., 9:30. SENIOR BASEBALL- -Pirates vs. irvs Bulck, Lincoln. 1; Racine Savings 4; Loan vs. Belle City, Douglas, 3:15; Bluebirds vs. Agullas. Douglas, 1. JR. AMERICAN BASEBALL—Messiah Luth. vs. Rebels, Roosevelt S., 1. JR. NATIONAL BASEBALL—Rookies vs. Mr. Junior, Lincoln, 3:15. ab r h 3 2 2 2 0 1 5 1 2, 4 1 Ol Chicai!:o Cobras—I ab r h 'Chrlstie.2b 4 11 4 0 0| 3 0 0 iHyszay.c 4 0 2 0 0 0|Halvelka,Ib 2 0 0 2 0 0iBradford.3b 4 0 0 3 0 OIRacevice.lf 3 0 0 5 2 2;Rlss,lf 1 0,0 4 2 3 J.Coronado.rf 3 0 0 4 2 2|willlamson,p 3 0 0 3 2 II 5 2 2 Totals 40 14 15 Cliicaro Cobras Redbirds Totals . 001 000 . 0411 .~>I3 •A\ 1 :< 000— I Olx—14 cuffing the visitors, the Redbirds played long ball with Cobra pitching, drumming out 15 hits, including a double and six triples. Part of the high production of three-base blows was the result of the Cobras' starting left fielder having trouble under the lights. Jim Martin collected two, triples in three trips to the plate, with Koenings, Jim Hoffman, Gary Ludvigsen and Gary Pinnow also getting three-baggers. Back - to - back triples by Koenings and Martin, with Pinnow's single and two fielder's choices gave the Redbirds four runs in the second and they added five more runs in the fourth on Hoffman's triple, singles by Koenings and Norm Klug, a walk, and a Cobra error. They added single runs in the fifth on Pinnow's triple and a sacrifice a n d in the eighth on Ludvigsen's three- base blow and another sacrifice and counted three more in the sixth on singles by Klug, Pinnow and Ludvigsen, a fielder's choice, and Johnson's double. Carol Jean Sorensen will forsake a defense of her state Junior golf title in order to go after bigger game when the 53d annual Wisconsin Women's Golf Assn. tournament gets underway at Meadowbrook for a five-day run starting July 19. The Racihe youngster, who won't be 18 until next February, is still eligible for one more crack at the Junior honors but because she has worked her handicap down to a five and because the tournament is being held on her home course, she decided to compete in the Championship flight. Miss Sorensen will enter Park as a Senior in the fall. Champ Is Back Heading the list of entries, which may surpass the 140 figure, is defending state champion Mrs. Jack Williams, a four-time winner playing out of Milwaukee Tumble- brook. She holds a five- handicap as does six-time winner Mrs. John Clauder of Port Washington, who is back in state competition after several bids in the Women's Western Open the past several seasons. Another challenger certainly will be Mary Beth Neinbus, a Marquette U. coed out of Appleton who was the state publinx champion last year. Miss Neinhaus has a four handicap. The tourney opens with a pro-ladies event in Sunday (July 18). Match play qualifying for regulars and juniors will get underway on Monday and the low 16 in each will continue match play Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday. A 54-hole medal event also is on the agenda (Wednesday, Thursday, Friday) for all comers regarless of age, which replaces the Senior tourney, won a year ago by Mrs. H. F. C. Brown of Racine. •Other' Carol Missing A traveling team trophy is to be awarded in the Blue- mound team play test concurrent with qualifying. Four players from each course represented in the state meet will be paired off as close to handicap as possible; this contest is open only to Championship (Regular) flight. Mrs. Roy Hall, tournament chairman, and Mrs. Wendell J. Davidson, WWGA treasurer, both from Racine, mourn the fact that the splending socking Carol Sorenson of Janesville will not be on hand for the state meet this year. The Arizona State blond, winner of the British amateur golf title, established herself as Wisconsin's greatest woman golfer after her 37-hole match play victory over Bridget Jackson of England. However, she has decided to defend her Trans-Mississippi title rather than try for a third state amateur championship. 61 Clubs Represented Mrs. Davidson, who is handling the entries, expects a large bundle in her Tuesday mail that should bring the total to the limit of 160. She said that 61 country clubs in Wisconsin will be repre- esnted in the tournament. Mrs. Williams, besides her title last year, captured state honors in 1957, 1958 and 1961. Mrs. Clauder took honors in 1942, 1948, 1949, 1951, 1953 and 1956. —Journal-Times Pnoto CAROL SORENSEN . A New Challenger . . . —AP Wlrephoto MARY BETH NIENHAUS . . . Prime Challenger . . . 2 Match Titles Decided in Meadowbrook Play Club championships in Class B and C for June match play were decided at Meadowbrook Country Club Saturday as Harry Bohn beat Bill Evans 10-9 for the Class C crown while Jack Swies turned back Tony Tucciarone for Class B honors. No scores were available. The Class A championship will be decided when Lowell Katt and Dave Anderson meet, while Championship Flight honors will be between Herb Keleske and Ron Eitel. Kenosha Driver Bags First Win WAUKEGAN — After six second place finishes, Kenosha's Jim Luther racked up his first win in the 35-lap late model feature event at Waukegan Speed w. ay here Saturday night. The win boosted him into third place in the track point standings. Jim Cossman of Waukegan was second, Pete Brewer of Zion third. Fastest qualifying time was by Dennis Burgan of Wadsworth and the trophy dash winner was Ken Becker of Libertyville, 111. Heat winners were Odeil Jones of Waukegan who set a new 10-lap heat mark of 3:04.0, breaking Cossman's old mark of 3:04.5. Darnell Wins Wilmot Race WILMOT — Bay Darnell of Deerfield, 111., continued his winning ways at Kenosha County Speedway, taking his second consecutive 25 - lap feature event for modified cars here Saturday night. Jim Lawrence of Bristol was second, followed by Don Source of West Allis, Bill Strom of Milwaukee, and Chuck .Uttech of Kenosha. Gino Wagner of Cudahy won the 15-lap semi-feature, with Darv Nissen of Winthrop Harbor, 111., second and Ed Pensaleck of Round Lake, III., third. Racine's Russ Reynolds was fourth. Christensen's Wins, Gains League Laed In their - second 12-inning game in as many days, L. C. Christensen's downed the Bluebirds 9-7 in a Senior Baseball League game. The win gives them a 6-1 record and a share of the lead with idle Irv's Buick. A walk, Don Matt's single and Dave Baker's double accounted for the winning runs in the 12th. Matt, Baker and Don Perekovich each had three hits to lead the winners, Ron Snyder, winning pitcher, spaced 10 hits, fanned 18 men and walked two to beat Bob Lowell, a University of Michigan pitcher this spring. Lowell gave up 14 hits. The Tigers walloped The Other Guys 14-2 in Junior National League play behind Bob Mihelich's two hit, 15-st;rike- out pitching with Mike May and Mike Domanik leading a 20-hit attack with four hits each. Jim Benedict, Dave Haluska and Joe Lipori each homered. The Team edged Jensen Block 5-4 on Bill Krueger's four-hit pitching, Ron Krueger and Guy Bertelsen hitting two for three at the plate to support him. In Minor League action, Taylor Avenue Mej^hants eked out a 2-1 win over the Colts as Jay Hammes hom­ ered for the winning margin in the sixth inning. The win hiked the Businessmen into third place with a 4-2 record. ATTENTION Muni Baseboff IrVs Christenscn Pirates Bluebirds SENIOR W L W 6 liBellc City 4 6 llAgulas 3 6 3 Latin Stars 2 3 3 Rac. Savings 0 Results Saturday L. C. Chrlstensen 9. Bluebirds 7 Latin Stars 9, Pirates 0 (forfeit) MINOR W L W Thrifty Mac 5 0 Batboys 2 Aces 4 1 Pistons 1 Taylor Merch. 4 2 Twins 1 Colts 3 21 Redbirds 0 Results Saturday Taylor Avenue Merchants 2, Colts 1 Batboys 6, Redbirds 4 JR, NATIONAL W L W L Glovemen 5 0 Wildcats 2 3 Mister Jr. 5 0 Jensen Block 1 3 The Team 4 1 Swemprats 1 3 Tigers 4 1 Other Guys I S Rookies 3 1 Mets 0 3 Crusaders 3 2 Mustangs 0 5 Results Saturday Tigers 14, The Other Guys 1 The Team 5. Jensen Block 4 At Racine Country Club where 175 golfers were out, the Flag Day tournament saw Dr. Richard Brehm win Class A honors with Arthur Stoffel second. In Class AB, Ray Eggert was first and Dr. Joe D, Postorino was second. Class B winner was William Eastham, with C. W. Korndoerfer second, and in Class C John Rowland won with Gene Simonsen second. The only par reported for Saturday was a 70 at Johnson Park by Bruce Hansen. JOHNSON PARK 70 — Bruce Hansen. 71 — Don Lind-' gren. 72 — Steve Bosafc. 73 — Pauf Ingrascl, George Madsen, Herm Oster- bcrg. Al Schrader. 75 — Gary Lehmann. 76 — Bill Relchert, Ray Benedict, Gor- dle Lueckfeld, Harry Anderson, Elmer Stacey, Larry Hjortness. 77 — Stan Litrenta. Elmer Knudson, John Salerno, Prank Romano, Paul Clausen. 78 — Bob Lampman. Irv Silver, Charles Camarda, Tom Koettlng, Harold Brown, Lou Horvath. 79 — Gus Petrakls, John E. Glebs, Roy Reesman, Bill Rossman, Al DeMaio Jr. Dick Colt. Mike Griffin, Dick Patke. Women — 88 — Carrie Seegcr. 90— Marge Anderiion. 97 — Feme Sorensen. MEADOWBROOK COUNTRY CLUB 72 — Wally Lvka. 73 — Larry Durand. 74 — Joe HlUmer, Lowell Katt,. Ray Boehm, 75 — Al Vvana, Bob Silver, Ron Eltcl, Tom Miller. 76 — Art Sorensen, Bill Davidson. 78 — Chuck ZInnen Legs Meissner. 79 — Ernie Postorino, Dr. E. E. Panyk, Dave Anderson. Women — 76 — Carol Sorensen. 93— Prcldel Kundman, Mrs. Mel Paetow. 95 — Mrs. Lawrence Meissner, Alyce Witt. RACINE COUNTRY CLUB 72 — Nick Demos, Dr. Richard Brehm. 76 — Beau Melik. 77 — Tom Fitzgerald Jr.. Bud Stoffel. 78 — Ray Eggert, Gary Goodsell, Jim Kreul. 79— Logan Cashman, Dr. J. D. Postorino, Walter Shoff, Dr. E. L. MaoVlcar. George Harris. Zimmers Winner in Yacht Event Herb Zimmers won the Brown Jug Trophy of the Racine Yacht Club with 914 points, despite a second place finish in Saturday's Thistle class race. The trophy was awarded on a best three out of four races. Bob Backus was second in the finals with 814 points. Bob Barnes third with 4. Backus won Saturday's race in "Mi-Rob" over the north course under ideal sailing conditions. Zimmers was second in "Giddy-Ap" and Barnes third in "Scotch on the Rocks". SEE US FOR ... ! Residential • Commercial • Insuronce • GLASS ' REPLACEMENT AUTO—PLATE—WINDOW MISC. AND SPECIALTY GLASS STORE FRONTS 2617 LATHROP AVE. 632 1665 P~.-r "ncv Ph S86 4522 CONTRACTORS — LANDSCAPERS Immediate — Expert REPAIR and MAINTENANCE SERV4CE Briggt & Strotton • Tecumseh — Kohler — Jacobttn Engines AUTHORIZED- Service and Stocking, Ports for Jacobsen, Kohler, Tecumseh, Briggs ond Stratton, Lawn Boy Our Business Is Service mm HULs 4305 So. Green Boy Rood (Hwy. 31) LAWN AND GARDEN EQUIPMENT DIAL 886-2548 Pick-up and Delivery Available It's Sandy For COLOR —TV — Mognavox and RCA Victor Ask About Our Free Home Trial THRIFTY SANDY'S Downtown — 512 Wis. Ave.

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