The News from Frederick, Maryland on December 23, 1931 · Page 9
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The News from Frederick, Maryland · Page 9

Frederick, Maryland
Issue Date:
Wednesday, December 23, 1931
Page 9
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THE DAILY KZW8. PBEDEBXOK. MD.. WED1TC8DAT. MOEMBER 23. 1931. saw* KITCHEN BI SISIEB MABZ SEA Smite Wrttcr Croquettes provide one of the atssacttve ways of nsing cp Seft- orer meats. Or, xery often, ebeap arts , 'can be boed asd used to eseeUent ad-; raotage in croquettes ice a company °. fcdChOB. any bad of meat can be up in delicioas crooaettes.. lasso, real, uttor roast port, poultry ' and ft^h are mo« appetirmg used this · ·say. Combinations of snect are also satisfactory- Veal «*"* K^TI c'ayfceri and *«"» and real and pork are savors' nurtures. ' [·he meat must be carefully prepared l Every bit of *·*. fat or gristle most| be 22carded and oe!y clear tender I meat used In the crcxjoette nurture, j Tie meat a then intnrnt and added to! * sauce as ii is removed from the Cre. 1 Thte is important, for care must be. ifcpn not to over-cook the meat. I The crumh^g ar^i egging a another] important step in croquette ntaktrg i Every partxSe of the surface of a cro- | ijnette mast be completes 1 covered the old castle close t ngaged in this work, meets a beautiful j Piusilaa gtrj. \iho Jlres in the cost.? | with a sotttary old rcao. father of h-r The action of -Surrender." Fox pic- ' fiance , ture playing at the Tivoli soday. takes ; Naturally, she regards the French- | I place hundreds of miles bend the, man j»s an enemy and :oras luov, bi»t j 1 res wuh the uar smiag oiil lor a background tor what LS describee AN one of th"* most heart tirobbiag oramas of the season. » film embracing a fascinating 5ove story and iaati tense mocects "Surrender," based on Pierre Beno.t's 1 "rtM^lF^* and thr^lLng no\ e^ tells the ' story of a handsome and clashing ; yourg Frenchman tiao f-jas himself ) a prisoner in German punishngot ' camp. His humor and spirits are un- cuer.chable ir. the face of brutal dii- ' c phne. privation and conf .ae^ent When the commar-der of the camp ,0-sw.ers he is an electncaJ engirww. 1 he is assorted to wire for electric lights : fnvjuent zceeticgs. she nse.- ' *· in her attitude and fiuaUy ot- xv»rs six ^ :n 3o»e «:th hta " ' ' " · » «sultar.t cocfl«.t f»rsiSsh« aa t x u - s ? '.2« csenoueKeat to this somes I'-ftrt t j The always popular Warner Baxt«r. «n.«* ou^tai.dir^ picture* inc!uc«- In Old Arizona" ' IXvtoW Wwee." · "Tbe C"5CO Kid" a=i ·Daoo IA«S Legs." portrayt, the l«ec- ^.S ro and be-Ui H.\aaxs enacts 'h- role or the girL O:her favio«M» in -.*· 'jirge cast tcclucie Alexander Kat-*;'C C Aubrev Smith Ralph BKlaa \ \Vil ^m Psale.T and Howard Ph.'Ufte. A comedy and « icystery film »rv s DCSEEVC Special 6IFTS too/. THE STOKY. THEN COLOK TOE MCTO»« migbt load | = The iuie ssocty sat rgbt u? and said. · the. wy and "I az: a iucky pjp J^*, --.:-*' r» Sants-'s sie^h. If there is any chase*'rE going to ha*« e a bome -arita some *^» o5 lhat. well gladly lead a hand." ' ~- cjuecte must oe compiewsy coveren «ui j ,.,4^ ^ l p^oa.^ I:: ber^ve real · AZ1 r^t." replied the helper · Gee! ' = crumbs ^r\a egg. The reason for thls; ue ^_ HOWARD F. LATE FRUITS AMD 11f 17 A TT POULTEY, FffiH VEGETABLES 1V1 Jli/A. 1 AND OYSTZKS Announcing Continued Low Prices for December 24th and December 26th, 1831, at 243 North Market St. 'Ir I! Pink Salmon 2 cans 10 SPECIALS On is that the egg quickly coagulates contract ·srtth heat, forra'ng a ooariris ·arhich the r=g /at cannot penetrate Since this ceata/ protects the del^ate texture of tfce croquette saixrure, care-itr.j,,. He.- s lessness in crumbing and egging may'j OI . g a=d permit the croquette to break durrng | a-ocldn't take yoa the fryasg. A first coat'ng of ftae | g o r rj acted bad. mom :: ·» ill te^- I'd Sov» to Saw you go with me Mj i r= d me and ' swell 1 The httle lad ·a-.^ fird ,Iil fi!l aa heart »-:h ;o;. " j Th^n Santa's helper s_.c. "W*H. you ha crumbs, one of slightly beaten egg and a final coating of crumbs give good results. :rea: We a lad -to disobey- A -.erj Sae master is vhat yoa are gojg 10 meet "And now we'd best nxve o^. became I must get back to Sar.^a Clans The shaping of croqaettes Is not ft He's "way iigh u? in San'^i Land. SI;, -difficult task, but here again care mast jied win" take me" there rn take the be observed. The mixture must be j scotty In my lap and to the sJed yeU bandied very gently, with the least; g^idyap' In jast a^mit a mic-ite 111 be possible pressure exerted in molding, j saHng through the a^-" The usnal shapes are baE. cone.) "Ges r That is-iil be a Toncrous thrill." cylinder, chop and cutlet The last two i cned Gloomy "Say, Tell sis real still, shapes reqnfre a larger amount of cro- I of you uril! take us on yoar 2-ght so quette mixture than the others. The i Santa. Land. Well try and not be in help you. To shape croquettes, first thoroughly Trash hands and rinse in cold tester bat do not dry. Take a rounded table- COOQ of ffilp ^7^^^-*^** ftTjrt pjgpf* On. , loard aisa shape quicSIy -ar:6h fingers. Boll the mixture Into a. ball first. Teen if not it-anted in shape, roH to a cylinder and flatten ; sled has is^Egs and it can fly no matter : sr: haw much weight. Therels room enough ! -- 5or e-.eryone. IYn yosi--ve that you'll ~ have fun Cozne on and hop aboard = the sled" The Tinns thought thj = . g-eat! =r When they urere SnaHy all aboard ^; the Sneacy 1-ttle helper roared. "Gld- ^ cao!" And up the big slec -srent. as = smoothly as coala be It gave the · ~ ' T^jvmites a thnll. Qald Scouty. "I ] = can't -srait until ·are reach the place ; -- Ib. Ib. 15c 13c Ib. Ib. 13c Ib. 12c Ib. 22c Ib. 23c ·srhere Santa is. Think what we're joing to see'" (To be conanced.) fCopynght, 1931. NTEA Service, (The Tinymites johi Santa Clans in the cext story) ends. U a cone is -s-anted. flatten bottom «*"* gestly roll ·Kith greater pressure en WORLD WAR . ANNIVERSARY 01 LOSSES AT SEA. December 23, 1917. the and contziued until December 31 On the western front the Germans drove in the BnUsh advanced posts oa a 700-yard line northeast of Ypres The British admiralty reported that ^i tae -Reei ending December 23 a :^^1 of 13 Bntish ships had been sank by sabmannes. Keven of these were over 1,600 tons, one was rated as being anaer 1.600 tons, and the the^eenth was a nsaing lessel Small Armour Star Hams Small Fresh Hams Fresh Shoulders Pork Loin and Chops Chuck Roast Prime Rib Roast Round Steak Lamb Chops, Choice of Rib, Loin or Rack, lb. 25c Legs Lamb lb. 20c Shoulder Lamb lb. 14c Veal and Lamb for Stew lb. 9c Shoulder Veal Chops lb. 18c Sliced Breakfast Bacon .,, lb. 24c Breakfast Bacon, half or whole lb. 15c Clover Bloom Full Cream Butter lb. 35c Oysters--Medium Selects quart 50c FRESH KILLED TTJEKEYS AND CHICKENS AT REASONABLE PRICES KKAFT Mayonnaise pint jar 8 oz. jar % t-»*tv xprrad for vjladbs. vie. Blue Ridge Smoked Hams 10-1: Ib 3Trr«^ 16c Ib. Slab Bacon, 15c Ib. Sliced Bacon, 14c pkg. · : -lb On December 23, 1917, the great i y,^ ^^ 503^^ less than the loss =E fi42 J Phnnt* Your OriLr Wt Deliver = The tosMeof AE eroqaettes should be ^owsborm started on :ce Italian front O ! ths p-c-.-ous week when German sub- ' = °*^ J TMone I our vraer we Denver ^, and towT eamy and the OTt£!ie "^ iw«aaiw the enemy's Lne of comnm- ! aariaes sank 18 British ships ' ana orown. i n , ca .. Kn , not o^j. ^.^ XTTO! but also j " i with the bases beyond, the Isonzo. | Air plot's certiScates are held by | ' The sSorm started on. Oecemher 23(10,000 men and women in England. !|5'^**' Lamb* Croqaettes. croquettes are typical of any meat croquette. The seasoning 5s ebaziged for different varieties of meat bat the basic rule remains the same ·whether -fiso, fowl or meat is used. Use two cups finely chopped cdJd coofced iamb, 1 teaspoon minced onion, 1 tablespoon minced parsley, 3 tablespoons butter, 1-3 cop flour, 1-2 teaspoon salt, 1-8 teaspoon pepper, 1 cop or lamb stock; 1 egg. Melt butter, add onion and parsley and coofc over a low fire Ibr tve minutes. Stir in flour. Cook and stir un- J31 bubbly. Slowly add liquid, stirring constantly. Bring to the boHing point, add sale and pepper and egg sl^irtly beaten. Cook and stir for one Tn-rtntp and remove from fire. Snr in meat tcnS. spread, on a platter to cool. When cool, shape, roll m cnnnbs, dip in egg 8d roH ffjjhtM in 1*1 mnitR Fry in clesp hot enough to brown an inch cube of bread In 40 seconds. A fat ther- should register 385 degress F Drata on. TUUV.U paper ana save witn a creamed vegetable, Tomorrows Mam. BREAKFAST--Canned cherries cooed v.lituL cereal, cream, baker Reneh toast, syrup, mflk, coffee. LUSCHEOS--Vegetable pie. lettuce and herd cooked egg sandwiches, il-c- DJNNE3B--Lamb croquettes with creamed carrots and peas, scaBopec saeet potato and pineapple, tomato and endire salad, prune wmp, coffee. Insure Your Automobile HIGH GRADE POLICIES COXVESIEST TERMS CLAIMS SETTLED PKOMPTLT INSURANCE THAT INSURES LEWIS R. DERTZBAUGH \ 1 ii Prof. Adolpn Knc^i', rfiai'mmj) of the J Katjoaal Researca Commiaee on the! Age of the Earth, esSmates She inrni- nmm age of foe oceans to he moe 100^)00,000 yeais. Give Practical Gifts GIFTS THIS YEAR SHOULD BE USEFUL ONES + WHAT WOCTD BE AFPKECIATED MORE THAN A PAIR OF DANIEL GREEN SLTPPEBS or a PAIE OF HOLEPEOOF HOSE IX A CHRISTMAS BOXY + THE BENNETT SHOE STORE EXPERT FOOT FITTERS n S l; Useful Gifts That Serve for Years AMERICAN ORIENTAL RUGS HOOKED RUGS VELVET RUGS AXMINSTER RUGS BRUSSELS RUGS LINOLEUM AND FELT BASE RUGS SMOKER BRIDGE LAMPS SMOKER DAVENPORT LAMPS FLOOR LAMPS TABLE LAMPS RADIO LAMPS NOVELTY LAMPS SMOKING SETS AND STANDS HASSOCKS AND PILLOWS A Visit to Our Store Will Convince You That Ovr Prices Are Very Reasonable THE RUG MULUKIX BENTS 4 EAST PATRICK STREET I a I 1 The Wise Christmas Shopper Will Select WtitOL GIFTS What more useful gift could you find tJiBTi something electncal? Wise shoppers are selecting gift* this year that serra a useful purpose. Then, too. th; gjt question is easily answered -when you decide on soinethajg electrical. Every home can use one or more pieces of electrteal equfcnneat. We can cot begin to Hst a3 of these Appliances here but come :n *rrf see for yoursel? ths uisnerous gift suggestions in our store. Make Some One Happy On Christmas With One of These Gifts TOASTERS PERCOLATORS WAFFLE IRONS TABLE GRILLS ELECTRIC CLOCKS ELECTRIC IRONS ELECTRIC SWEEPERS ELECTRIC WASHERS ELECTRIC RANGES FRIGIDAIRE Afl Priced Low For Cliristmas THE POTOMAC EDISON COMPANY 26 W. Patrick St., Frederick, Md. is«»i G. L. Cracker Meal 2»25 RITTER'S Catsup 10c size 2 bottles BEE BRAND BOOT BEER Extract bottle BABO can 15 For Cnameb and Porcelains, Mo-Sam Coffee 35 'Always the Same CRISCO I Bit 3-Ib. can Green Glass Mftlne Bowl FKEB "UNEEDA BAKERS- Soda Crackers (Plain or Salted) . box Barbara Fritchie Coffee lb 25c 'Let Your Taste be Yonr Judge' BURR GROUND Corn Meal 5 lb. bag BIXBY'S Royal Polish bottle 12 ! C (AH Colors) Puffed Wheat 2 Country Side Coffee " 23 A Trial Will Make Yon a Steady Customer. STALEY'S Crushed Corn 2 cans Packed by Staley's Caxooos Factory In Frederick, Md. Milk 3 cans Good for Babies--good for every mflk and cream use- All stores sell "FRTJIT CAKES," made by Garber; 2, 3 and 5 lb. cakes in handsome gift containers. Gold Medal "Kitchen Tested" Flour 12-Ib. bag 1C For bread, cakes, biscsKs. ATMORE'S CELEBRATED Mince Meat lb. FOR THOSE CHRISTMAS PIES Stravor Coffee Strength--Flavor--Economy JACK AND JILL Gelatine Dessert 1 AH narws, Hisjhe^t qaalitv fiaror^d gelatine dessert 'ifaftcrT'd in Axrersca, GILBERT'S (T?ste!ess) Castor Oil bottie SEEDED OR SEEDLESS Raisins 1 O NEW RECLEANED Currants ia HALLO WIT Dates . t s! fc! i- S3 l:S I:

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