The Brazosport Facts from Freeport, Texas on March 8, 1964 · Page 13
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The Brazosport Facts from Freeport, Texas · Page 13

Freeport, Texas
Issue Date:
Sunday, March 8, 1964
Page 13
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*»*».. *»s»t» • TIXASI MAlBtt- E<ut«r Seal twin Ronnl* Cooper wntch». u twin Donnta Ktend* on hl» h«nd for Bob Hope, ratloMl Emter 8ml chairman; J. W. P. Brown. ChatUnoogn, Twin., prMldent of the Society for Crippled Children and Adult*; and Preeldent Johnson In the White House. The twtna. 8 year* old, are from Coal Creek, Colo. .s.- IQCAl DELEGATtS TOlDi Agencies way to battle for health taMtthagSMlaj offer a weaWi ettM*a* (o freely a«**i*t* to promot* good! hftalth IB 0MI1" 4Xnnttitfntyf Vtelt*) ftftd AOUsKfy*; of*, A, Roy Ty«"*i" Jr., spnkesmenforlheAm*Tt- ean Medical Associattoo toM tlw recent March of Dime* leader* la Dallas. Mr*. J. B. Poje, Bratorta County MOD treasurer, reported on Dr. Tyrer's speech today after retmint from th* meeting of several hudrsrt phystetaiw and other Uarth «t Wmw Ar.iuss, i«it»i- MM, MtsMSJtl, OtUfeonx, and PORT CAP! WHmmfNOSMHT st»clal SHMtay MMM Dlnlnf Room Service IH *. * AM *vt Dr. Tym *» saying, "Th» Vttttatfary health nlte* th» health Witt tayvalwa- >**r* m attacking health prob- torn*. R dSjv»tupa a mutual respect and understanding between U» medical prof**- MM tMl dedicated laymen by bteodug the tateMa at both to achieve and effective pn>. grama." Pointing os* Itat vaccts*a «>m»C»eil by medical r»- •earch financed solely through I Of Brcnerto County! IROIT. 6U0NEY: Exptrl*nc«-Yown0 Honorable-. Agile» | Economy In Off let Paid Political Adv. FACTS DAILY COMICS *»'s. (SEVERNAYA'. iOVkl THI POU ON SKIS—Twelve Norwegian atudenU are f traveling through this frozen top-of-Uie-world region on iakU. with the leader, Bjoern Btalb, 25. and three other* I planning to craw the North Pole on akU. Klml atop from loiao was Thule, Greenland. Bo«o camp la on ElUmara laland I (Admiral Peary aet out for the pole from Cape Columbia on nere 05 yean ago; dlatance la a thousand miles). From pole the aktera will go either to Norway's Spitsbergen 1 or the Soviet's Bevernaya Zemlya laland, thus travel- Ing from one continent to another on akU. BLONDIE O--THBVWBRB J];j!;i WBRS STRAWBERRIES LUCKVBOV-- VWJ ALMOST HAD e?TRAWBeWBY SHORT CAKHPORDWNB* •UTIBOUGHT r A BOX ANW*t/ I'll ABNER LIKE MAMTANS VOU.? HflWEtfr DONE ANYTHING THtttANDONLV THEN, WILL I PRESUME TO THE LIGHTS AND THE MUSIC TO DESERVE THAT-tA^ ARE LOW/, AND SO IS MY ------- March o» ptm»» fwxlt have e!tml«*te<l r»lt^ •• a P«MW health m*MM* m tht* ew«- *r», Mr*. f**» *aM It af*r* reasx tlmiUr *aeeet« in (he *•»!* ortunttatKWt ftgM a«alMt erippllac btrth defect ami ar- tfcriti*. "A* many a* II million Americana have aome fortn *tf arthrltla or rnewna* tie d1»em*e and «0,<»0bab*ea »re bom In «he UwM «Htea •eeh r»«r «tth a eeruwabin* defect," abe aeid. "The March (4 Dime* ta the o»l» vohejtan aa»a*r fllMInt both affitettoM, and it needs «he oomplste a«n»r4 of Ihe p*ll« If the** health threata are tobeellmlwrttd." "Durlat It*), the Braseria County Chaj*er ct KattoMU ro«sxtatlo« atwst fU,li*,o*.o* direct patleM sldj WOO was ttven In a Braatvla Covaly student tor a health aeholar* ship) and »SOOO was liven to the Baylor Collete of Medi- elne In Hoaston. "During ttw monlh of Januar y IW4, the tocal chapter paid $1,3M.98 on direct patleM aid." Mra. Pops saM. The meeitoi in Dallas, which Mrs. Pops attended with Mrs. TrBdy White, another member oJtheDraaorUCowi- ty Chapter EseKttlv* Commute*, was devoted to olannlrw the most eftscttve means of carrying out this (I(M nfalast arthritis and birth defects through research, patient care, public and professional education. SHOE STORE OPENS Mr*. T. C. Setman rut »h* rlttma •• the new MPT*, **l- mwi Shoes, «wwd by r»r hmh»nrt, T. C. >*lm*n, Ml, was officially «i**eil ihi« ptet w*«k in e*re<iK>Mea conducted by In* Rr»tnar«rt chamtwr of Ciwimewe. t>. v, Collins iil lh» chamber, lm*p on il rigM. The **" «t»r* tl located in the Tari*<n Inn Villa* Shopping Centev is downtown rreepurt. Salman h»« Iwon • V<«l CI««IM«I- mtn for »*mat r»«r» in th» r«uil ft»M Local Air ROTC cadets pronottd T»o nra»orla Counl) Air rnrc» IH)TC cartrla al *Ht«h w*«t T»*»» State Coll»it»ha«. tvon pmmoted. willUm f. lixikt. *oplM>. mnr», wan pn-motwl In rattol T*rhnleal «*r(«anl. II<• •>nr*« In Iho Cnrp* C«l«r Guard and li ma)nrln« In malhematlri. II* In ln» ion ut Mr. and Mra. c. F, I'»'»«' of l.ak* JacUi-n. Cadet Looke, a (railual* of Braion»n Hl«h School. In >|»o « member »( PI slim* Chi f.>»|r«l rrmlcrnllv. i'«itr< viihtir w i'«n»r- «on, *i\>h»nt<'.ra lion i>f Mr, and Mra. A. W. paltvrnxt«{ •<w«rn>, h»» I«M« mute an Airman nr«l clai*. H* i< maXirtnc In l<untn»n» admin. Utrallnn. SNUFFY SMITH ~MI OJwTUIi^-Unlwrilty of Rhode I « •pedal plastic collar •round neck of a wblte-UOed doe in West Greenwich. RX, and on the collar U a tiny radio trans- mltUr. The deer Is one of 10 equlppnd Ilk* this. Research-1 era hoj« to team more about wildlife management this way. im IMP. Soil Conservation service technicians in Angleton are assisting Steve Howard in developing a conservation plan on Ms 408 acre farm at Bailey's Prairie. The entire farm will be ea> tabllsbed to DaUlsgrass,Ber- mudagrass and White Clover. Cross fences wilt be constructed for rotational erasing between the pastures, annual applications of ferllil- •er wtU rne made •eeortfln* to a soil analysis 'sbd weeds will be controlled each year with chemicals or by mowing. Louis Swahn, who farms two miles east of Doaney, Is starting improvement work on his land tor the IMS crop year. His main improvements are to be relevellag of his rloeland and constnsstlon of additional drainage ditches. m Is stso starting Improvement work on land to be farmed la year* following IMS. This work •will consist of land smoothing and establishing gruaw and legumes for livestock forage and soil Improvement. tx>uls baa some of the bast temporary winter pastures In the District this year. The pasture.! are green, vigorous, and producing extremely Ugh amount* of forage on hit lake Charles clay soil. R. 8. manger ha* 100 acres of-8-1 Clover making good growth on Mr, U4» aen stock farm two mile* northwest of Bruorla. TW* clover was seeded IB the Call of IMtoa retired riee- By carrying out good management practices u es. cellent stand uf cliiYvr has come back each year. Slanger, one of the first Supervisors of the District, Is dulng an excellent )»b In carrying out his basic, »nll, plant and water conservation plan. NO MOVING FARTS ni'l-FM.O. N.V. <M'l lM»k«ilmll one . «(i|i<.c amrnn* "•afclc al ««iinnlt>a tip ^> -ISM I*M" — liej "VMk- aietaie) «M a* •», tesw aw<a> ••••. SlKix M a>*H*«*., •> SAM CAIUNt, IMC, cubic mll«%mef»pl!t MiotKl iwy mull from aludle* hum. mud* hy«cicnii>i< nf SylvinU Hltciru- PuKlutH Inc. The invtilifDIion. bting c»n- Jutied under «n Att fact nw- tract, concern* ih« ilcmsn «l tn electronically ilerrablc milli- nwnr wave antenna with rw> muv- in| (tart*. The itudv Incluiien trw paMihility nl pile ing the liny lytlem m »pnte vehicle*. Milllmelet wave* are radio wave* »ne to 10 millimeter* in length which inn IK (iHiuaed intu mierwa. narrow beam* In inn*mil infmmalimi. Their u*r per- mill »un»tnnti»l ietluctii«>» in power requiiemenl*. *ic *ntt weight in comp«rl«on with om •enllonal «quipm«nt. Uforti. Harta, tfc* Urn •*** *M > Th. \AWTT A SECONT. f LEAM6THAT I OAD8URN 8ANDA6E V^ ON MV FCXJT" PARSON TUTTLEU I BET A HOSS HE'S COMIN'TO INVITE VE TO CHURCH SUNDAY !.'GIT THIS OAOBURN BANOA6E OFF MY FOOT'.! XCANFgtt. irKUNNINO POWN INTO •vH. OOZM* NTO MV BOOTS,' TMn» MOO •VTTWW DaWP GRANDMA I TMINK WIICAN WHO mug to IN AI»*>t>MCANCg ONUV/ 'THE VIGORS' Mcllna Mrootff* Vlrtcmt Edwordi "THE OUM HAWK • a*) SnakM. aname. toriif, eel «• iMtTUtttea. SdSMM. <« H •sitwav M* ae s««n • •«•>. Mi. ert ctHtfiMi »«*n WC WIMUMf. •»l<mi-10 ai ALICE, TEXAS •reaerly el tn. Oesaas T. Wslw l.oc.Ud ta Hm PI)IKMI» AiMHIM «> !>• ~»< "*• ••* Ml«»«er »' MHf lk> *»<r Norlk clli LIKHI. •pun tm Mtots SMIS t SOVKI ami IAMAIN MY FOI ANY INMSf MAI WII 0**ICI*-tl6NT MANUPACTUIIMC •ARIMOUUMC. »tO«IHI«VICI CINTI* 6H INCOMi HOW! u«k IMM> <td ntiu« >u«M m •M to«M ••< MB AUTO SAIfS AUt I1H. MHM| I. W . 1*0 *.. "•• URUf COIKHLOTS --- K "^-" r i >rcr *e,a*g •% n, Hiata «»»«ft««. T* »»ii«»«»*«««~««l t tal fnMBat)| 1M H« •&"»>*t f **t* 1 **? IlK* prf »**'*»ir*« Mk W n. mm<**^«>Mto. na- SMaaaaA CT4TlAy ^r^rrr wu*» STATIOH aaM*. iaiwas <* eianei •"«• IOIS ^. flQMS AT YOUR PHCB issiiii m tut* tmmm M* l>i»i>iii <*<•» wu s* naaalrul e« nli'e» i«i. 4 mt >•> «« «*n» nxm, U.»«*»AWCT«»ia>. gasl » Tiale Mut

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