The Daily Register from Harrisburg, Illinois on January 20, 1948 · Page 1
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The Daily Register from Harrisburg, Illinois · Page 1

Harrisburg, Illinois
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Tuesday, January 20, 1948
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Register Classifieds Get Results THE DAILY REGISTER THE DAILY REGISTER, HARRISBUKG, ILL, TUESDAY, JANUARY 20. 1948 NEW SERIES, VOLUME 33, NO. 171 APPROVE EUROPE AID OR RE-ARM: DULLES 9 ^ _ -- -- " * -- -- -- _ - M _l^.«i2^fc«« DMA*?!*** I I _ * . W -- J..!.._.! About Town A n d Country TlMOTHEUS T. "rW Saline Co. y/ar Dead Returned Here in November poiintv bovs 1 San arriving died here Pic was taken H war burg the ,!or ,, was of Cpl- Lee first of Harrisburg s w return, and Harris- a memorial ,service._at ior u am\e of T S that if" T Sgt. Hubert Bumgarner. chronological Olhci order. \V. J S p\er.ts , Eldorado, was accident south Costs High But Homes Worthwhile, Rotarians Told The cost of building a new.home or improving an old .one has increased proportionately with au other items during the past several years but home-building is still-a worthwhile project, ^ D"TM?' ocal lumber dealer, told Rotarians last night. The pride of ownership, the satis- *· m. « _ * _ _ -- __. «*r*k/tftrillC No Presidential Test Yet for State Primary Believe Names of Some GOP Candidates Will be Entered SPRINGFIELD, 111., Jan. 20-- Speculation Profits Made Honorably, Pauley Tells Senate Committee WASHINGTON, Jan. 20--U.E-- Edwin W. Pauley's own story of profits "honestly and honorably made" in commodity speculation was published today by Senate investigators. In a Jan. 3 letter made public by a Senate Appropriations subcommittee. Pauley said his market operations were successful--he Urges Mutual in to has made nearly $1,000,000 since Marshall Plan GOP Spokesman Condemns Methods Used by Russia WASHINGTON, Jan. 20--(U.R)-- John Foster Dulles said today that white house 'leaks.'" Buf it was if Congress rejected the Marshall of a conversation in which Baruch told him of his own investigation by Congress. That was back in 1917 and concerned substantial profits Baruch made by selling securities short on the strength of peace rumors. Pauley wrote that Baruch's selling activity resulted in "whispers that he had been cashing in on faction of making and _ executing which will include a presidential ally ^and in the The Republican foreign policy winced throughout the past three Durham said. " 0 ^^^^\^^^S^^^^S^SS^^SfSK the country . others, they have a yearning. something liod which began yesterday dential lists yesterday. tangible. These, coupled fact that a home is : lasting, have in the past and o in the future make home buiioing a national . good thing, Mr. Durham said. ! there have been reports No ocratic committee i-1 ant to iRoyall, The preference primary is not that I am ' " " ^ vindicated" of any party conventions, Jgt ^ ^ l a g that h e did n o t pre- 111 in. ,^, i Speaking of increasing costs of "SILENT CINDERELLA" Barbara Kirby, 11, the "Silent Cinderella" ^ng^teri^hc^tedre« ^ of Jacksonville. Fla, is shown with her mother after arriwl in Phil- ^"J prudential possibilities such \tt Vrtrnnn 111 I vl o»x.ivoi/ii »··**·» *· ***·? *·* » , » » , . . . . -. - - o£ ?,, VC 6 Jones was named adelphia. Barbara breaths through a metal tube, and has been unable to Snd of Company L, Illinois spea k since she was stricken with diptheria at age of two. Girl will commander oi ^o j undergo operation in Philadelphia designed to restore her voice (NEA Telcpnoto) agreed, to in- the state of Illinois that c i v * o u l d attempt to buy lands needed to build Lake other items. For one thing, there is a growing scarcity of good lumber, as virgin forest are consumed Some *r y* i t_»« tn*t«s\r r\f* Qllf*- was elected prcsi- dcni'of the Kiwanis club and Atty. £ge B Lee was named president of the Sahnc County Bar. jssociation. Romlds State's Attorney K. C. Ronalds informed poolroom owners tnal he "odd not tolerate the presence of children under 17 years old M r i poolrooms. . ' The first frost was reported Nov 6. ' Two ouns seamen, PauMVayne, Moore of Harrisburg and Edward 'Randolph of Carrier Mills, were, hurt in an auto-tram crash m j "ttme of Z. T. S. Leitch burned and Mr. Leitch barely got out in time. Oscar Rains, 67, Harnsburg, was . killed and six persons were hurt '* in ·" au'.o-train .crash near.. Pans. in. , . Mail your Christmas cards and packages early, Postmaster A. M. Hethenngton urged. Eldorado Civic Groups Study Athletic Field Representatives of the Eldorado city council, high school board, Eldorado-Raleigh park board and the Eldorado chambcr O f com- Group Urges Full-Scale Stui Of So, Illinois ,, decided to take long range view of the proposed athletic field and playground on five acres of land deeded last week to the high school by Dr. }.,ee Pearce. Development at a meeting held last night at the Eldorado city hall included:.,. , , . ^~* 1. A committee of "three members from the high school board, three from the park board, three from the city council, and one -- varieties of lumber cannot be sue cessfully orcharded, he said. Shipment of lumber from more distant areas has increased costs, and then often the lumber is not 1 of superior grade. A carload of fir in Oregon costs approximately S2500 he said. However, freight on ifhat car costs about $1,000, pU* federal tax. The lumber dealer must transfer this to his stockpile hold, it in storage until it is needed by some builder, then probably dole it SPRINGFIELD. 111.. Jan. 20--' ou j by truckloads to various pans im--A subcommittee of the Illi- of his trading area. __ ^_ sion today suggested a full-scale Increased Dwight Eisenhower and MacArthur might be entered in an effort by their backers to impress the rest of the party by rolling up a big vote in this pivotal state. Strong Bid By Green . as Taft current Gens. * a misdemeanor" Douglas himself with Baruch, Pauley said years that prices could only go one way--up. He said information spokesman told the Senate foreign relations committee that if Conon which that relief was based was I gross turned thumbs down on the available to every'oody reading the newspapers and used by thousands. The records Pauley submitted to Marshall European recovery program Russia would be in a position to take over all of Europe. This country then would have to in- the senate investigators covered I crease its defense forces enorrnous- all his market activities from Jan. 1, 1945, Uirough last December. He took over his army department post last September. Only five of the 26 Illinois Congressmen elected in 1946 did not file for re-election yesterday. All five are Republicans. They are Congressman - at - Large William Stratton, Morris, who 'is a candidate for Secretary of State; Evan Six Petitions Filed for County Offices The period of filing for candi- .j. ·wuun. w» --- " -- 7 son, Macomb; Everett M. " . Lasfc date for withdrawal of son, a c o m ; vere . , ?(J Lasfc date for w t r a w a o Pekin, and Roy CHppinger , Carmi. - { t} petitions will be Jan. Dirksen and Clippmger have an- 1 \TM m k * nounced they will not seek re-elec- New Cold Snap Due to Hit The Midwest By United Press The third cold wave within seven days, borne on high winds and accompanied by swirling snow, swept down across the north central states today. ly, he said. But at the same time he maintained that the Marshall plan must be accompanied by: 1. A mutual aid pact joining 16 western European nations to halt the march of a Soviet dictatorship that is seeking domination in Europe "by every act short of war." 2. " Strong steps to rebuild the economy of western Germany so that appropriations of billions for European recovery would not be "utter folly." He said that Russia could cause serious trouble in western Germany by "great" Communist influence in the labor movement there. 3. Urged that the Marshall plan be bolstered by a strong business administration; State Department rather than army control in Germany; a European customs and filing saw one sion today suggested a full-scale Increased labor costs iroui "- tiott. candidate" file "for senatorial com- ;ino todav suesested a full-scale forest through the construction pro- j lt was lam tnat wv. Dwight H. mitleeman six for county offices S "i. t0 JJ a L!. U ul g fn,.L «·!,», a ject is another great factor m high Green , 5 G 0 p organization would and 4? £or the county - s g8 pre- make a strong bid to control the dnct commi tteeinan posts. Of state delegation to the Republican . fiu for prec i n ct leaders national convention. Among those - - -- study of southern Illinois with a J^ 15 ^ 0 ^^^"pointed out. view toward its economic and re-i ^ Evans, Jr. presided at the creational development. ( ""-· · -·-' : - u * proposed agenda for the! meeting last night I The new cold front wiped out hope for a respite from the seven- day siege of frigid weather" in the eastern half of the nation. U. S. weather forecasters said Democrats and 25 were _ -- . Kov Furlong. Carrier Mills, was from the Saline county housing IUH .1 PnohrwK- .13 mine. authority will be named to draft Harrisburg The Saline killed at Peabody 43 mine. The city held its judicial primary with only 876 casting votes. The state surveyed the sits in Independence township for a Lake County Board of Supervisors approved the licen of juke boxes, pinball machines and lodging places for transients outside corporate limits. Oscar Parsons. 65. Broughton. \\as killed when struck by an auto ·\hile walking on Route 142 between Eldorado and Broughton. The Harrisburg water board learned the extent of repairs needed on the water tank on Cherry ,11k. 1 IIOHV/"***. -V.-W*- ' j ^^ W C 1 V X / W » i * W W » v*v«s *- ,,:.»,,,, c.,,rtrt«c-to^ fhat t ho full com-1 rrpstton that vV. J. Jl"l Y 1 C V^ 6 ^-. i: i^A^* inf»lurtint» Sim- " a " .-r_ : +- -;« ,,,ViinVi twr mittee suggested that the full com-jg e stion that mission look mto.possible ref ores, presented tation,.soil conservation and Harrsburg 3 " . . j nuiciij' v»««»»---t - ment, industrin, agricultural and will ^ promo ted. i ± _ 1 ^] j^«*rvl nr\w*nn* f\ I I M f * ~ district, and his candidacy l t l V . * » V y » · · % · » · « « · · -- -7 "«·» . recreational development of the state's 16 southern Illinois counties. street. The Saline County Agricultural authority -definite plans and present them at another meeting to be held in the near future. 2. Harry Bramlet, high school board member, was named permanent chairman of the group and Ila Vessell, chamber of commerce member, was elected permanent secretary. Seek New Road . 3. Ralph Brown, Jr., Harrisburg. present at the meeting, announced he would make a preliminary survey of the five acres, a sloping piece of land between Fourth street and the LN railroad only about four blocks from the main part of town. 4. Atty. Harry Argus will write No action was taken on the sub- R L' Foster, principal of the HTHK was introduced as a new m ChSfes Ream was a guest of i » V t4V.HW» » · M*^ .»·».-- -- -- --- J I Vsllcll ItJ AVliO***. " ·""* -- *-f , _ committee's suggested a g e n d a , wdse and Dr . c. L. Daniels of which also included recommendations for legislation by the next general assembly. . . . a guest O f Dr. L. I. AUIU _ ,, -,. tl flt*Vi I J l . t i V . a A f c ^ ' V » M . » - V « JgliS; -TM* --?^ c ^ * hi £ *ss V*i if* i** *·*·»? f vv ---- -- - - -. - -«__. 1 1 - rttL/uwu^-ci Collins, and State Sens William £ Both parties wi n elect a Granata and Arthur Bidwill, all c 0mm itteeman for each of the monetary union; and establishment of production targets for western Europe. In answer to committee questions Dulles predicted that/if the four- ^J » f c j . YT V U l r A S l * * . A-*/*. V * % » M V J " » - -- M -- -- - -- . « - _ _ _ _ w A- - ·- , the cold front, blowing down across 1 year recovery program was reject- Wisconsin and Minnesota, would j ed or curtailed, U. S. military lead- hit Chicago tonight, sending the ers would come before Congress in · · - -- · - "suchimperative terms" thatraem- _ t ,.._ f bers would have no choice but to/ wave, which had, penetrated as j vote much larger funds for rearma- fai- south as the gulf, states ,andj imeD t :.;,,, 'Florida, had moved-eastward out i similar Plea ^* temperature down to zero again. MJeanwhile, the previous cold Webb. Complaint C h a e , of Cook county; Atty. Gen. George Barrett; State Rep. Franklin Stransky, Savanna, and State Sen. R. J. Barr, Joliet. . Outside the Green organization, candidates for the convention delegation included Lt. Gov. Hugh W. Cross who filed his nominating petitions yesterday. Cross, however, did not file petitions support- ship committee. Burslars opened a safe at the E;ypUan Motor Co. and escaped with the loot. t S C Deaths- Harry Melton, 50. labor leader: Mrs. Jesse Hankins, 56: Mrs Henry Banfield, 62; Mrs. Flora Hall, 84. Galatia; Mrs. T. J. , Walker. 83. Galatia; Mrs. Harry |\ l:arrelson. J r . 24: Joe Vidig. 81: ^ Mrs. Arabclle Neal. 75: H. E. Rawlins. 69. chief electrician" of the , Adjustment administration elected the Illinois Park Board associa 'tuvnship committeemen and the tion and the bond house of Chap committeemen re-elected its town- man and Cutler to find out hov, far the park board could go in such a venture. , The city council expressed ,, desire to help by improving Fourth street, running along the west side of the field, to the city limits, then constructing a new- road eastward from the city limits to the high school, using motor fuel tax funds. Can Issue Bonds Illinois were (1) purchase of land Articles Taken from t s e Deaf and Dumb Boy (Continued on Page Four) additional payment by to local governments for loss of tax sources: (2) establishment of a "suitable" network of roadways; (3) expansion of the state park svstem; (4) free soil conservation service to farmers, ana (o) stimulation of a tourist industry. Need Better Roads The subcommittee report said "recreation is a big business," and tourists can be brought to soutn- ern Illinois if its attractions are R J. Johnson, Carrier-Mills, was charged with taking a wnstwatch a flashlight and a pair of shoes from Jessie Rouse, Carrier Mills deaf and dumb colored boy, m a cSplaint signed by Willie Rouse and filed in the court of Justice of the Peace Thos. J. Cam toda State's Attorney K. C. Ronalds said the complainant charged that Johnson took the boy in a car and robbed him of the articles, night was regular city coun- in n i h t m Eldorado and Last cil meeting night ara Coal Co : G. W. Frohock. fo. fornx-r miner: LcRoy Blackwell, 5r. Carriei Mills:" Arthur rcsehear;, 76. miner: Marshall Stncklm. 71. carpenter; Roy Doo- «?. W. Mrs Elizabeth Maple. 7": ^ S Ford. 87: Mrs. Martha Jane Mauincly. .09. Mrs. Preston Barnes. ·0. John B Proctor, 80. · * * - football scores -- West i rjnkforJ 13. Harrisburg 7: Benton -;\ Harnsbiira 13: Harrisburg 33. fc.cfiraito 0. Alumni 6. Bull Dogs 0. Frankfort Church Approves Service' stated. hss 2.000,000 acres of land suit-j condition from exposure, able for recreational purposes. It said the "basic barrier to auto tourists" was poor roads · br- ccntlv needed and basic to the use of southern Illinois as a recre : n.mnal area is a framework 01 it ational area is a Baby Refused Aid By Hospital, Dies On Mayor's Desk providing Shc?u5rul'SS?e\Io!S: j-A'four'rainWold boy died on ^Ss^ 1 ^^^^^^^. Wm. H. Cowan, 30, Of Eldorado, n Killed at Dering William Henry Cowan. 30 years old, of Eldorado, was fatally injured today while working at Dering mine between Eldorado and Raleigh. 0 _ n The accident occurred about 8:30 a m. Reports said that Cowan was run over by some cars and died before he was removed from the mine. -, ,_,_ Cowan, who resided at ibw Eldorado street, leaves his wife Kdna, and two children. Lou. 6, and Carolyn county's 34 precincts. Ezra Heatherly, present Democratic senatorial commiUeeman, has filed for re-election in the April primary, and those filing for county office are those who have been mentioned previously as circulating petitions^ They are: State's Attorney: Republican-K C. Ronalds and Clyde Whiteside; Democratic--Lester R. Ligrit- ot. Circuit Clerk: Republican--Verner E. Joyner; Democratic--James foot. Burroughs. Democratic -- J- R. "Jimmy" Coroner: Clark. S H Frazier has petitions --- -- the over the Atlantic ocean. But forecasters said the new- mass of frigid air would move eastward tomorrow and would reach as far south as the Ohio river valley. The new cold wave will be less severe, however. A survey showed that at least 85 persons died because of the low temperatures and inclement weather which have gripped the midwest and east for the pastj week. Fourteen persons froze to death in seven states. Another died of exposure and two died ··£··«« » ·»*»» **j ~---- * -" In a ringing endorsement of the Marshall plan, Dulles said: "If we do not take that step we shall not get peace." He cautioned that the amount of aid to each country should be tempered by the degree of cooperation. Dulles said it was'his belief that without the emergency funds voted BS and inclement , Congress f or interim aid to Eu- have gripped the ' !ast , imon th--"Soviet dictator- of over-exertion in sub-zero tem- L\J JJ*** ifc**J V I A « » W " » " . . . ship might today be on the Atlantic from Normandy to Dakar.' The GOP foreign adviser s recommendation for a defense pact clause peratures. At least 68 died in fires cause by overheated stoves and furnaces. The warnings of a new co snap spurred public in the Marshall plan came only one Republican ticket. Filers in the precinct commil- leeman races Harrisburg 1: Jennie Durham D, Dave E. Evans R- Harrisburg 2: Elmer Wallace D, 0 W. Reitz R and Shannon Taylor Harrisburg 3: J. W. Davis D, Charles D. Barrett R. Harrisburg 4: Charles A. Ferguson R- . ,, 5: Clarence "Dugan Youth Given 25 Years for Killing Minister's Wife Mrs. Wilma Deen of Pinckneyville. and a brother, Arthur Cowan of that St. ii«. a««vw..« v .. : -- a j_ c scvc ral phrev today while nis parenu. »ci. ««·« » «.~«--, Eldorado, not tllanncd for April. i The subcommittee also recommended that the commission check i t h c and CHICAGO. Jan. Hartmann. 15-year-old high school bov who was sentenced to nal trials on two ~ '' '' . 111., ,1an- ''-- Elders and deacons of ,r^ Christian church here a plan today which * · cy c\j-w(/,c(i j o nz Sunday school attendance. 'fie church will foot the bill ^ frt-f laxicab ride lo take I-XTS to and from the church n « Sunday. ir.o Hf-v ' Wild said he j*lioud the plan would be a sue- '*?·$ "pay for itself." niie functions of the state i cdcral governments to sec what couldVdonc under cxjung law to rebuild southern Illinois. man Plea Kuter to Air Rank, Pay Develop 'Electrical Watchdog' to Reduce Danger of Coal Mine Explosions 'Harrisburg 7: Lillian Burbank (Continued on Page Three) Complaint Filed Against Dr. Estes critical shortage of fuel oil.. 111 111C Ali*4A .?A*U*.* £·----- ^^ _ A I day after elder statesman Bernard a - ed a similar defense un,,,,,. --Ji urged that the United iri States be included in the group that would "go to war" to defend one 3 Dulles emphasized the necessity . . The Florida Citrus Commission ordered all shipments of fresh f-uit to northern markets stopped £or one week, beginning Thursday midnight. House to Press For Approval of Knulson Tax Bill of choosing a Marshall plan administrator to use the nation's resources "hard-headedly to achieve a ^Dulles' speech to the committee was filled with condemnation of the methods used by the Soviet foreign ° Hc%aid that after attending seven post-war conferences he was convinced that "we cannot get a peace treatv for Europe until it is known that the free nations of Europe are going to stay free." Soviet leaders believe that, m , free institutions are totter"and that if they means committee decided! arc given a few w in a complaint signed this n-oroing signed a ducc explosions Knutson tax reduction bill. A few committee members had been disposed to trim the tax cuts on the theory that this would make it easier to pas^ the bill over a veto. ,, ., Committee chairman Harold Knutson. R., Minn., told reporters, however, that the "one or two doubters" had agreed to go along with other GOP members of Ac committee and support the whole 'jhe Republican ways and means members--the men who draft taxi a '·it I ·"* f ' t ~ asssar^s? ° Dulies"said'that after talking with Prime Minister Clement_ Att- Ice of Great Britain and President Vincent Auriol of France he was convinced that,-with "fS in S *£ "£ United States, Europe can become a political and economic unit. Regional Defense Pact Dulles, a delegate to the bn cd Nations general assembly, admitted that "the United NaUons is not vet a strong enough reliance to defend Europe from aggression. He recommended a regnal defer Europe luce our pact made at Rio last feel him- l Grant who had told the that the case "wcl warrants iV^*- J«ia\.inin-*^ .»·*,·· -- *.- -- · ij \^jill. JLjv*i.*« - · * · · - -- -- ; ^ | XUU.liHA;i^"^vuv »»«^-»- ----- --- ^ - , - ^"SEf d .l2S- toto a and C ^h n o d ulS ri ^ electrical ^0*^^^ Sp^cV The device, already tcsico rf ^ ^ ^ ^ machines^ occur, a j c * rtion of lh c grand jury.^^ ]^ tcrnoon . Efforts may be made year. ^ ^ ^ no . fccl m:n . the! scli qualified as expert cncwhjo bill in give an opinion on the S5?^ rW» first installment on Jie Aiar suggested it '· lake away the excuse \\M have said they would had a way," he said. MINES The Senate Armed J 0 "*^^' · miUcc today turned downJTM* that -gf ^^ieS« ^ SSWVT^r.^ ^^doY^omaUcaHy , tried as soon asCjJcd to serve as chairman 0^^^^^ Electric Corporation, of ii.thp po«cr. indictments charging!^ c civ ii Aeronautics .Board_and .^ announccd that the deyncc instant- Ll MIV |»U»ti- . .--_ With the watchdog in action. lights. Dr. Estcs became picked up a chair and drove him ' office. prob- } ^ i % W * * * xf ·'*···'· " 000 first installme it. John W. Sny- him with against nature. taken entered 25-ycar-old mother - ... assaulted - - , and looted the house, hite they were tics icarncd"tnat Hartmann involved in the death of oO- 16, Washer works. murder trial defendants in Company $16,000 Dividend to Employes and pay. V. cuts O j{ power when danger, the chanc- o f a short circuit is detected or a "lc j machinery fault develops. ; - The "watchdog" is less tnan two feel high and ranges in length from two to six fccU. depending upon the model. It is built ol aluminum and steel, and is moiint- skids so that U may »c Sh has fonowcd a policy lioC received the sentence I no perceptible emotion. cd on pulled from one location to ° l ln r ' explaining the new device, R G. Gchlscn, Alines Equipment Company engineer, said: "As electric power lines enter the gaseous section of. a mine, they will be enclosed m cables Wllll CHU waivttwve, --- - · f rom inc O111CC. . . . 1 he said, the only place any spark TMTM ^ bascd his C0 mplamt on can occur is inside the explosion-," ^ h t BraUon , a parolee, tested safety center itscll or in- «{JJJ'JJ vhc hca d with a 2 by 4. _ · * ^f 4l*** M^imlifKvc. "***' ······ v der and other spokesmen have vigorously opposed tne Knutson bill and have urged side one of the couplings. . "In cither place, a spark is harmless," he said. In the past, it has been such sparks that sometimes set off explosions, taking a heavy loss of Carelessness and misuse of in mines has ,,.«v to mine UVCII « OVMtv^. *·· ·- ., officials for years," Gchlscn said. This watchdog will make im- connections and life. Brother of Stanley price Dies Suddenly At Wheatcroft, Ky. licnrv C. Price. 65. of Wheat- been a source ~ croft, of HarrisburgVdicd suddenly dav night of a stroke or heart attack. Mr. Price, a ' ~ TMTM r posiDie improper w "" v ^ llT V«,«VAc hai for the ca«a 10 vcars been vu- limit machinery damage. It ^.^.^.'JJj^Jarat Wheatcroft Fun- held ' cars ' ionsTthe lines will pass explosions." Knutson bill and Congress to approve President Tru- irfatfs proposal for a SW toe crcd- it for each taxpayer and dependent. Fire Dep't Mokes Run to Muddy The Harrisburg fire department made a run at 8:20 a. m. today to a house adjoining the John Molina- rolo home at Muddy. The house is owned by Mr. Molinarolo. There was no damage. Fire Chief . Jill opcStc tafawr of lesser cost. The Weather SOUTHERN tonieht. Wednesday . land turnins colder Low tonig it '18 to 25. High Wednesday 25-34. LOCAL TEMPERATURE Monday 3 p. m. WOO "W %·*··· ·«*;,·»'* __ · ft _Johnson said. Firemen saw smoke/ 9 p. m. but could find no fire. 12 mid. 34 » 24 Tuesday 3 a. m. 6 a. m 9 a. m 12 neon 23 23 I i fti ·- ·; r

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