The Baytown Sun from Baytown, Texas on August 24, 1987 · Page 8
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The Baytown Sun from Baytown, Texas · Page 8

Baytown, Texas
Issue Date:
Monday, August 24, 1987
Page 8
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••A THE BAYTOWN SUN Monday, August 24,1987 Song premiered in movie, 'Babes in Arms' in 1939 By DICK KLEINER Dear Dick: Recently, my sister and I head the song "Where or When." We know it was in a movie in the early '40s, and remember a man and a woman sang it in a boat. Could you give us the name of the picture and the actors? Would the lady by any chance be Deanna Durbin or Kathryn Grayson? — J.L., Williamsport, Pa. Dear J.L.: By no chance. That JUDY OAKLAND EDMCMAHON was an old Rodgers and Hart song from their Broadway musical "Babes in Arms." It was introduced on the stage by Mitzi Green and Ray Heatherton in 1937. When the show was filmed in 1939, the movie starred Mickey Rooney and Judy Garland. But that song was sung by two forgotten performers, Douglas McPhail and Betty Jaynes. •Dear Dick: What has happened to "Star Search" with Ed McMahon? I never see it any more, and we miss it. — C.K.S., Santa Ana, Calif. Dear C.K.S.: Nothing happened to the program. But something happened at the station that carries it in your area. "Star Search" is still being made and syndicated, so it is up to the local station when or if they carry it. In your case, your station now airs the Los Angeles Dodgers games, so their daiiy TV schedule, they tell me, varies. But "Star Search" is be- ing aired, although you'll have to consult your newspaper's TV schedule to find when. •Dear Dick: What was the name of the man who played the Phoenix, in the TV series, "The Phoenix".? — M.S., Pasadena, Texas. Dear M.S.: Bennu, alias The Phoenix, was played by Judson Scott. •Dear Dick: At the end of every "Family Ties" show, a large dog is shown and a man says, "Sit, Ubu, sit. Good dog!" What does this mean? Also, can. you tell me the name of John Davidson's old comedy series? — Mrs. J., Muskegon, Mich. Dear Mrs. J: Ubu was the name of Gary David Goldberg's dog. And Goldberg is the show's executive producer. When the dog died, they started that little -bit of business as a tribute. Davidson starred in "The Girl With Something Extra," with Sally Field. •Dear Dick: About 1940, there was a movie, "Four Sons," about Naziism and a Swiss family. Don Ameche starred as one of the sons. Who played the other sons? — D.G., Sulpher Springs, Texas. Dear D.G.: The three other sons in that film were played by Alan Curtis, George Ernest and Robert Lowery. An all-nobody crew. •Dear Dick: What happened to the house mother on "The Facts of Life," before Cloris Leachman took her place? I've never seen anything in the papers or magazines about it. — J.H., Sterling Heights, Mich. Dear J.H.: That was Charlotte Rae, who decided not to return. She was, therefore, replaced by Miss Leachman. Officially, she said she just wanted to do something different. Newspaptr Enterprise Association BRUCE ROUSH DANCE STUDIO •REGISTER NOW* • CHILDREN 31 UP • TAP • BALLET • JAZZ • BEGINNERS & ADVANCED TEENAGE JAZZ • LATE CLASS FOR ALL AGES 401 W.Francis 422-93411 U MMM'Kll) 1:05-3:15-5:20-7:35-9:^5 M »»T ««(ll)12:40-3:10-5:25-7:40-9:55 MBTC>S«MI|K13)1:10-3:10-5:_10-7:10-9:10 MTT Hflf IWfMU) 12:50-3:05.5:05-7:20.9:20 STMtHTd) 12:30-3:00-5:15-7:30-9:50 SIMMM SCTDHIPtUH :20-3:20-5.20-7:20.9:20 Check PUTT GUIDE lor show times IOST wn(l)l:30-3:30-5:30-7:30-9:30 lim HniBHS(K) 1:30-*:20-7-.Og-9;3_5 lHIH/tAjn.A.(«)] : 25.3:25-5:25.7:25-9:25 Sm»«tHTt(t) 1:00-3:00-5:00 W»C»(«)7:15-9:40 MMI tg aMtmft)l:20-3:20.5:20.7:20-9:20 Ud TMtlflKrtll :15-3:15-5:15-7:30 9:30 Nownrour STAKEOUT 'heck PUTT GUIOf for show times K.*'^ :teck PUTT GUIDE for show time. 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Buddies Bob Newhart Oilers ; Gilligan Movie: "Opposing Force" Movie: "A Guide for the Married Woman' Major League Baseball " Movie: "Explorers" Movie: "Having It All" News Current Affair Movie: "Twice in a Movie "Meatballs National Geographic Special Movie: "Hercules II" Matt Houston The Word News M 9:30 10:00 10:30 ; News B«Stof . onkees 1 Spy : Movie: "The : Seventh Veil" ater Skiing SportsCenter Fridays Today's FBI Off Center Dr. Ruth Show Not Necessarily the Media anger Bay Ozzie . Open Hearth News Divorce Court Moneyline Sports Tonight News Nightline Movie: 'Touch and Go" Bob Newhart Maude Ml. Baseball Lifetime 1 Late Show IN News Tales-Darksiae Trapper Jcnn Barney Miller Benny Hill MONDAY LATE EVENING O 3D CD CD ® O CD OH GO) (D © O BE Q) © ©i © 11:00 11:30 Best of Donna Reed 12:00 Late Night With David Mister Ed .'The Seventh Veil' Cont'd SportsLook Today's FBI My 3 Sons 12:30 News Ann Sothern 1:00 Love Connoc. Car 54 Movie: "You Were Meant tor Me" Bowling Edge of Night Search for MacNeil / Lehrer Newshour Regis Philbln Show Discover Sign-Ot! 1:30 Sign-Oil Monkees 2:00 2:30 3:00 3:30 4:00 I 4:30 1 Spy Movie: "The Seventh Veil" Spor.sCemer Keys-Success Baldness: Fact Auto Racing '.'ovie Tom Brow's Scnooi Days C. pn AF ! oijn vii I i C Program Yourse" for Success Youth Secrets L Investment Advisory Movie "Club Paradise" 'Phantom of the Open Hearth' Simon & Simon Newsnight Monday Sportsnite Touch anrj Go M.T. Moore Movie: "Cease F re ' Movie: "Spaceman in King Arthur's Court The Rousters Crossfire News Newsnight Sports ytisnq ! Aerobics asi o' rt'jic Woric.'.Ann'ais Thir>re' | Investrsierit ACvisc-fv i lnto"riatic»i Movie "Hardbsies 2 i Move ' Hgni--, Pan»y" Movie ' There- Goes '.'••, Hea-; i Ar»na! v.orta | \'t&. C-*--e> °r4sen!s f,-,gm> New; Overiijht TBA Bonanza Nev.s , Movie "Jeany Movie. "Ashantr ".ovis Paring Glances A. 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By FRANKSANELLO HOLLYWOOD (NEA ) -- In recent years, the nighttime soaps like "Dynasty" and "Dallas" have become a graveyard for film stars whose movie careers have fallen on hard times. Charlton Heston, Barbara Stanwyck. Kim Novak and others have all ended up on the small screen because the big screen wouldn't have them anymore. This fall, '5Us movie star Leslie Caron will appear on "Falcon Crest" as the wicked, mysterious Nicole Sauquel, who demands half of the financial empire owned by Chase Gioberti (Robert Foxwortrn. Nicole, whom Caron predicts will become a "Gallic Joan Collins," will claim that in the '60s she loaned Chase the money to start his winery in return for half of all future profits. But Caron, 55. who starred in such '5()s classics as "An American in Paris" and "Gigi" doesn't really belong in the 'ft. ^*-~^__^. _ ^r*. io^«V 6 TILL 9 PM EVERY TUESDAY & WEDNESDAY NIGHT SEAFOOD BUFFET FRIED SEAFOOD BROILED SEAFOOD COLD SEAFOOD PRIME RIB SALAD CHOICE COFFEE OR TEA DESSERT 95? Children Under 12 Hilliards Restaurant Club, Inc. ^HWYMATFMriOO CROflY category of out-of-work movie stars slumming on TV. She has only signed for the first three episodes. And she still gets plenty of film work in France As soon as the actress finishes up on "Falcon Crest." she is off to Europe to film "The Sealed Train." She will play Lenin's wife in this dramatization of his secret return to Russia to start a revolution Caron is also busy writing, her favorite occupation. In H'8:i. "Vengeance," a collection of her short stories was published m English. "1 couldn't write in French. My French is very rusty." she says, despite the fact she's been living in her native France for over a decade Now working on a novel, Caron is curious about what MG.M will do with an option on one of her screenplays, which she fears will be "prohibitively expensive to produce." So why is this busy actress/writer/screen writer appearing on a .soap opera' 1 "1 have nothing against American TV. Nicole seemed like a good part and the price was right!" "Falcon Crest" is not her first foray into American television. Last Christmas, she and daughter Jennifer Hall played, rnother-and-daughter crooks on a "Love Boat" special. Caron dismisses the impertinent questions — what's a nice actress like you doing on "The Love Boat'"' — by explaining. "I wanted to launch my daughter's acting career in America." Jennifer's first record comes out in August. Caron's own acting career sounds like a fairy tale complete with scary events and a happy- ending. Warren Beatty even had a role as Prince Charming in her autobiographical fairytale. Born in 1931 in Paris, Caron at age 9 was yanked out of school and placed in ballet school by her mother, a frustrated dancer raised in Topeka, Kan. "I missed a formal education." she says. "That's why I love to read so much now." During the war, she saw Nazi atrocities firsthand. Her worst memory is seeing a man hanging from a lamp-post: "We were driving by in the car, and my grandparents quickly pulled me away from the window." Due to food shortages, Caron suffered from anemia during her teens. The happy part of the fairy tale began when Gene Kelly spoiled Caron al ballet school and brought the 20-year-old" dancer to Hollywood to be his leading lady in an "An American in Paris." Caron has mixed recollections of the Hollywood studio system MC!M literally saved the young star's life when the studio doctor cured her anemia with daily injections of vitamins and iron that had been unavailable in postwar France "I was quite ill They thought I had tuberculosis in France." she recalls On the downside. MGM was dominated by Louis B Mayer, who eventually created" a climate of (ear Caron found reminiscent o( Na/i-occupied Paris "1 remember Mayer calling all the actors to the steps of the Thalberg Building and telling us that if we were good American patriots, we would all sign the loyalty oath. It was like Pans during the war You had to be very careful of what you said and who was listening." she recalls Despite the prevailing McCarthyism. her career flourished She earned best actress Oscar nominations for "Lili" in 1953. "Gigi" won best picture in 1958 and in 1%:?. she won a nomination for "The L-Shaped Room." Her marriage to meat-packing heir George Hormel ended in 1956. and British director Peter Hall divorced her in 1906, naming Warren Beatty as a correspondent. LESLIE CARON predict! *t could become lite "Gall* Collins" when «be "Falcon Great" next i

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