The Racine Journal-Times Sunday Bulletin from Racine, Wisconsin on July 26, 1959 · Page 29
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The Racine Journal-Times Sunday Bulletin from Racine, Wisconsin · Page 29

Racine, Wisconsin
Issue Date:
Sunday, July 26, 1959
Page 29
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uL'r : :Sco. S*upe/;es. Hollywood Just as She Did Broadway NEW YORK — (i !P) — A long search for an actor to portray New York City's famous Mayor Fiorello La- Guardia has ended with selection of Tom Bosley. The part is the 31-year-old Chicagoan's first Broadway assignment, Bosley was signed, after three auditions pitted him against a number of established performers, for the musical comedy "Fiorello!" due here in November. SUNSHINE BAR & GRILL Tarlnr Arc. A nth It rer Tast; n«ailT to Kit CARRY-OUT FOOD ORDERS Chicken • Flih • Shrlmy Ofilcri • Hambnrfcrf Call ME 4-9732 or 7-1259 NUON LirNCIIKS SERVF.II OKtl.t Rear dinlni ronni and booth! HOLLYWOOD — (NEA) — Stupefyin' Jones, the girl whose allure is guaranteed to stupefy any male, just told a real stupe­ fyin' story. Hollywood, Stupefyin' said, simply overlooked her for three years* and sh6 had to go to Broadway to be notiged. Since Julie Newmar was, and;at is, Stupefyin' Jones in "Li'l Abner" — first on Broadway and now in the Paramout movie — this was pretty ridiculous. Overlooking Julie is practically words necessary for the role. For her final Swedish test, she said, she went down to the New York docks and struck up conversations with Swedish sailors. Ballerina at 16 She's right back where she started her career. A ballerina 16. she danced in Bing Crosby's 1951 Paramount movie. "Just For You." which led to more dancing with Jack Cole's troupe. Julie, whose father is a local impossible even on Hollywood's! junior college teacher and smogiest day. mother was one of the She 's almost six feet tall|original Ziegfield Girls, then with a fabulous figure and alworkcd as nn assistant dance Credits TV for Movie Job • + * * • + Refer Lawford Back on Big Screens By Fxsklne .lohnson "they're going to dub my HOLLYWOOD •— (NEA) — voicr." Peter Lnwford's role, witii Gina! Then the friend said, "And Lollobrigida and Frank Sinatra,y,"» , .. r. ..If .she answered,"!' just fake It a' in "Never So Few." is his fn'sl- | "Then how in the world did you got the role?" a.sked the friend. The doll 's answer was: "I have a brilliant agent." for hero Dcnholm Elliott, hooks an umbrella handle on .the steel supporting cable of a .T50-foot- Europe. A stunt man, doubling movie in icrazy sense of humor. In addition to all the acreage there is to notice, Julie, by. her own words admits, "I friake a lot of noise." Played Bride But overlook Julie Hollywood director at II. 1. One of her students there was Anita Ekbcrg. "But not for dancing," she remembers with a paified ex- Iprcssion. "Thev told me to teach did while she danced in the Anita how to talk but 1 dis- Plus! ScUcUd Shorts Woit Ditn«y'« ''Scotlond" DONALD DUCK » CHIPMUNKS in "Chips Ahoy" TIME SCHIDULI: 2:10-4:05-«:00-7:5S-9:S0 chorus and worked as an assistant studio dance director and choreographer. Even when she played one of the brides in "Seven Brides for Seven Brothers" no one paid much attention to her, she said. That's when Julit, born in Los Angeles, went to Broadway where no one overlooked her. She stepped right into the spotlight as Stupefyin' Jones. From Dogpatch she went on to prove she isn't just a king- size stack.,of allure. She won the role of the Swedish doll with the 164 1. Q. In the Broadway hit, "The Mar- riage'Go Round." "The role, to which she returns in September, won her a "Tony," Broadway's equivalent to the Oscar. She acquired a Swedish accent for the part and also learned to speak many Swedish co\ercd that no one teaches Anita anything." Studies Acting She studies acting with Lee Slrassberg in New York now— she's in the same class with Marilyn Monroe "who is a seven years, "t h a nks," he .says, "to television." In so m e frank - for-an- actoi" w 0 r d s. here's what ! Lawford says about his movies-to-TV - Johnson ways an hour late" - and she h»fl<-to-movies travels: imi.scular co ordniation arc still says about winning stardom: Ih'^'-^ no place fori^'^'^v but fu I rec.very i.s as- me in the movie business for nl"^"'^"- • • • '""l pny-IV clause Julie Newmar RACtNE SUNDAY nVUABtW .luly 26. 1950 See. t. Page |I no I.LVW ODDITES Arc Talkiiii', About: Roger .Smith of TV's "77 .Sun- high radio tower In Malaga, Spain, and whizzes down above the rooftops. It is an indication Todd will not be depending entirely on "Smcll-o-Vision" to sell his movie. • THERE'S NO HOLLYWOOD movie in sight for Jayne Mansfield—a cue one of the big TV networks has been waiting for.! the mostcst on a variety show, But whether Jayne would be willing to giggle on a scrjsen that isn't heart-shaped 1) a problem I'm not going to worry about. ' set .Still)' bedded for Iwoshe's the type of doll, they .say, months by his medics following|who could be the hostess with skull surgery. I lis vocal and "I feel I can make it now I once said I'd give up and get married if nothing happened to my career. Well, at 23 I won the role in 'The Marriage Go Round' and then the 'Tony.' Now 1 just have to give myself a few more acting years." Being taller than most dolls doesn't bother Julie Newma'r at all. "Men," she says with • coy wink, "like to look up at me." Enter Now! the ''ELMWOOD OPEN'' MINIATURE GOLF TOURNAMENT Beautiful Trophies for the Chompions and Speciol Prises for the Runners-up Contests: JUNIORS Ages 6 to 12 SENIORS Ages 13 to 100 Trophiai will b« mward*4 en tha dating day of tha Tournament—Auguit 2S. —No Entry Fee— ELMWOOD MINIATURE GOLF ME 3-6802 ELMWOOD PLAZA Lothrop and Durond Performing Whole Act Is Latest Show Biz Trio PALOS VERDES, Calif. — Show business, which has- seen about everything, now has a new kind of act—a trio of performing whales. Who would ever think of teaching whales tricks? No one. Not until Marineland of the Pacific hauled In a 14-foot, 1,700-pound black pilot whale and named her Bubbles. The sca-life showplace would have been content merely to display Bubbles in" one of its teaming tanks. But she learned tricks, too. She and her recent playmate, 110-foot Squirt, perform five times daily such stunts as net In the murkiest of waters. How? The whales utter ultrasonic noises that echo back information. They can even tell kinds of fish that way. Whales have nice personalities. They always seem cheery, with their mouths curving up in a smile. The only time whales get nasty Is when they 're bored. Bubbles started boppinp frogmen with her big head and tossing other fish out of the tank. She hit the general manager with a mackerel. Introduction of Squirt made her happy again. Whales have bigger brains than we do, and welUconvolut- while. I wasn't a big star—I had to make a dccsion on what to do so 1 went to TV. Some producers .say if an actor is on TV they don't want him, but there are others, I've discovered, who feel just the opposite." JERRY LEWlS ^and his Patti feted the executives of Paramount with a formal dinnfer dance as a "thank you" for his new 10 million dollar movie contract. JeiVy unreeled a spe- cFal new8reel~-of world leaders with dubbed in voices hailing the event—and Edward G. Rob inson took baton in hand to lead the dance band. DIANE VAR*SI* hasn't really made her mind up about whether she will return to film^ acting. That's the word from^ Producer Jerry Wald, who says'^ he telephoned her in Benning-'" ton, Vt.. the other day to dis- ^ cuss a film. She said "no," but ^ when Jerry mentioned another P picture he is planning, Diane ^ said: "Why don't you call me P again in September?" MEDICS f*ina*Ily derided || ^ Shirley MacLaine's throat ail-,^ in Gene Fowler's film snio of his John Barrymore biography, "Goodnight, Sweet Prince." The first of many, Hollywood Insiders are predicting, to give authors a share of coins in the slot if and when they arrive. MIKE TODD JR. added a "slide for life" to the "Scent of Mystery" movie he 's filming In I GRANADA f kXTRA MATINRK ONI .V PARADE OF CARTOONS! 0 t i t LAST HACINR HIIOWINd shaking hands, waving, lifting'cd. But no sense of smell. Who barbells, punching bags, wcar-1 needs it out in the ocean? ing fancy hats and doing a ponderous fandango. A late arrival, ton-and-a-hnlf Bimbo, already has learned to leap out of the water. Get Its Confidence Kenneth Norris, a UCLA', 1 MR.P RCMAKiMtU PCNNypMCKCR^ etIFTONWIM DOMTHT MHUM CtMRUtl ALSO AnVKNTVRKI KXriTEMr.NTI Errol Flynn—EddJt Alktrt Orion Wall* DMRYU 7ANUCKS THCROOlS f ..HtAVtv. ment meant tonsil yanl<in>' She'll shed 'em after rccurdinj; g )r "Can Can." ^ «CAPITOL' Most other fish are tolerated by whales, but not sharks. Whales hate 'cm and aim their heads at a shark's gills. Pow! End of shark. Bubblts and Squirt are fe- niales and Bimho is a male andj ^V ^-y ^T^^-Award as 11 nest lilm her songs for DEBORAH KERR'S emoting in "Separate Tables" lost out to jSusan Hayward's in the Oscar race but Italy just f ^OMN WfAYNC IT »:XTKA MATINf:K «M.V PARADE OF CARTOONS! LAST niUIWINO TOHAV Ph.D. who is Marineland cura -iJey seem to like It that way. tp„„ ^^^.^^^ „^ lilm 'J 1 tor. says you .start training a They ve .shown signs of matmg. I Actress with Susan as runner-!l|BM|| IHJIHIIIU •whale by getting its confi -iOne sign ,s swimming straight ;^,p shooting on "Beloved In-I*'*'"' J'"?"'"'' dence. You toss some squideach other and cracking fi^,^,.. ^^^^^ Deborah from ac- into the water clo.ser and ^^If^- . ^ ^ ^ , icepting the award in Rome late closer to you until the whale Norris has high hopes of a ^^jj. match, if not this year, maybe j . • , next. He's excited about it. Im! SHORT TAKES: Young .San agine being midwife to a dra Dee and her UI are whale! Ben Hecht's Daughter NEW YORK — —Jenny COMFORTABLY AIR-CONDITIONED SHUBERT • 22 W. MONROE • CHICAGO • NOW N /GMrS(f.< S.." al S n> ' V4 'V rt/U OI2PM COMING TO CHICAGO . .. SOONT^H MAKE IT EVEN MORE FUN . . .SEE MEREDITH WILLSON'S FOR YOUR CONVENIENCE ORDER BY MAIL Wllh rtmittonct, ondoit ilomptd, itif-addrftf «4 tnv«l«pt. Giv* •lt«rnalt dottt PRICES (tnel. T..): Tku'rl Im. ft\, Mi •it. (V«l. Wad. i 111, Miti. M«!n Fle«r MM ti.M $4.40 Mti .Ti -Rowi M I-SO i.M 4.40 Kimtlndtr 4.'5 i.SO 3.IS li» B*!e.-Hewi |.|,.... 4.95 3.50 Rtm«lnd« 4.40 4.40 2.75 2nd B«lc.--Rewi l-i.... 3.00 2.20 lltm«ind*r 2.S0 3.S0 2.20 •EST AVAILAIILITIES MON. THRU FRI. NIGHTS AND WlO. MAT.... IIIVATOKS TO lAlCONIIS COME EARLY. Nent S«olf4 During Firit Sc«n« WrU II HERE IN lAll, TOO. Sle CRDIR NOW TO INSURE ^ «000 IBTT lOCATlONS will finally eat out of your hand. That's half the battle. Whale.s have short memories. They might not recall a trick done 10 second before, so trainers blow whistles before ithe reward of food. It signifies RqI^ \^ pfgy a job well done. No trick, no' whistle, no squid. Keep trying, J whale. Landmark.s mean a great deal to whales. Marineland changed the rocks in the bottom of their tank and the whales got all confused in their act. Sleep Several Hours Whales sleep, just like the rest of us. They nestle on the! surface close together for . safety, sleeping restively a few' . , , hours a night, eyes closed.! Boron MunSChauSCn Their eyes are remarkable in- Dramatic Rolc strumcnts, .seemg as well above wiiter as below. The Navy is interested in this. The Navy would like a lot of answers from whales. How come they can slip through the water with twice the efficiency of any fighting craft? What about their sonar? Marineland hunters found captives could find a hole In the in a money hassle. .She wants more loot her fan mail i.s topping Rock Hud.son's. • • -'d Bill Ifolden's move, with fam- ' ily, to Switzerland is for a P better tax break, I hear. . . .'g Hecht, 15-year-old daughter of 'Anatomy of a Murder was J autho; Ben Hecht, has been for showmgs in (,h,-f awarded the name role in fago. de..pae police object.nns.| • — P Ai.Ho miowiNn SHIRLEY ANTHONY •OOTH QUINN SHIRLEY MocLAINE IN "HOT SPELL" .......... a'^ Broad 'wayTound ^l'"^ Po"f« Belfast Ireland,; adaption of a Lion Feucht-'javepu a permanent ban o , u„:„.. ^..„„„„„,i Jimmy Cagneys .Shake Hands With the Devil." It's about the black-and-tan Rebellion, you know. Kay Kendall, who completed "Simone," of a Lion Feuchl -1"' . ^ wanger novel being prepared '""'"y ^«fi"ey by her father. j Miss Hecht has one previous Broadway appearance to her credit, six years ago in "Mid- Summer." The entertainment world's most wonderful entertainment I mNoeiiiizziMiiziGiiyNOR INKERRKENUYEN fmlilflnr HAY WAI.H 'mN .lUANITA IIAI.I, 2 SHOWS DAILY 2:00 P.M. . a:l5 P.M. iaiutiai and Sund «|r 1:30 - 5:00 - 8:15 P.M. STARTS WEDNESDAY lALTO^ AlH-C'OMMTIONKIi her movie-making chores in Paris, returned to Kngland for more transfusions. London medics predict a long scries of treatments for the ailing Kay. . . . Rose Marie .says she knows NEW YORK — (/P» — .lack a Texan so rich he has two Pearl, the comic Baron Mun-iswimming p o o 1 s — one for schausen of radio's heyday, Is.rinsing, to tackle an important dramatic part in Paddy Chayefsky's t(^T4IROrTLI5 M OPEN ot RACINE'S NEWEST ^ UOMtM w old SEVERA*L Com* r .«rlj—Optn 7 :*»-l ComrUU Shot* HELD OVER! LAST 2 DAYS! MONTHS "The Tenth Man," an'autumn jlhe producers of a new item for Broadway. jfilmusical conducted a search Pearl ha.S been absent from ^^r a feminine star. Only dolls Broadway since 194.1 appear- who could sing and dance, they ance In "All for All." said, would be considered for the role. Well, they finally hired a girl who doesn't sing or dance. Amazed about it all, a friend said: "But you don't sing." "I know," she replied. Triln RldMl llllhwajr . Waih. Av«. • MB a -MSt A story of the young in heort probing into the hidden yearnings of today's generation! AT m wm ,0:00 IN GAVIN SMDEE mmm muuiDA IE Imitation ofjife AT 8:30 The rouiti-toHtk Bo$$ of ,th« Waterfront— JAMBS CAGNEY, and th« Doll thot ht wont* for his dish— SHIRLEY JONES. NEVER STEAL ANYTHING SMALL JournaMimes Want. Ads Bring Results ^^^^^

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