The Hutchinson News from Hutchinson, Kansas on September 9, 1918 · Page 10
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The Hutchinson News from Hutchinson, Kansas · Page 10

Hutchinson, Kansas
Issue Date:
Monday, September 9, 1918
Page 10
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Page 10 article text (OCR)

PAGE TEN. THE HUTCHINSON 'NEWS. MONDAY, SKPTJSMSKR ^ 1918, School Shoes For Boys and Girls Stylish and Durable at Popular Prices $2.50 to $5.00 Try Our Boys' Shoes with Everwear Soles TEARE & ETZLER SHOE STORE 19 N. Main £sinoJ stops itching instantly Hon't let that itching slcin-Uoubls i torment yuti an hour lunger! Just spread a little Kcsinul Ointment over tlie sicl: skin anil rcc if the itching does nut disappear ?.% \i you simply icipfd it invtiy / And--even more important —this southing,healing ointment rarely fails to clear awny promptly every tr:ice ol the unsightly, turmentinif enipt-on, unless it is due 1-J sonic .v.iiuui internal disorder. Kcsinol Ointtr.rnt usually gives even prompter remits it the sore places r,re first liaihed thoroughly with Kesinol Soap r.nd hot water. Hei*m>l Ointment aiid RcMnal Soap contain tiritliuiif 'Ant could Injure or irritate the tendered ffein. Ttiey clear »way |Hmr >leh, rttltics* and icmjcSbfn, stoii dandtuf;. Sold by all drucgUU, COMPLETE VICTORY This ts What Henry Clews Peels Assured is Bound to Come. OUR SUPERIORITY ALL WAYS Makes it Certain That We Are to Win the War from the Teutonic Nations. Jesse Langford Dates can be arranged at any time by calling my olfice phone, Nickcrson 29 at my expense. Sept. 10—-Shcrin. Thompson Est., 3 wiles southeast of I'urn-Uli^e. Sept. 11.- Jaul Iluskirk north end of Monroe .street, Hutchinson. OttOATONE PUTS HIM BACK ON THE JOB (Correspondence.) New York, Sept. 10.—The gratifying advances of the Allied armies and the inability of Urn cnomy to make- a decisive stand against them, leave, it would seem, no reasonable ground to doubt that the war for civilization Is from now on to progress steadily to completo victory. The only question Is when the end will come. Superiority or numbers, .of munitions, of morale, and evidently In the art of strategy is ruling definitely in our fuvor. It will becotno increasingly so as time elapses. Official announcement comes from Washington that the number of American troops now overseas has reached 1,600.1X10. Difficulties of transport have been overcome and uiere .is every reason to believe that early next year the promised total of •1,(00,000 American troops will be available to extend their powerful cooperation in bringing-the war to a speedy victorious close. Any earlier termination of the struggle may hardly be considered among the reasoua- ble possibilities. The Allies' victories have for instance not yet recovered the full amount of Trench territory which was lost to the enemy in his earlier drive of this year. Much, lliererorc, remains to be done before the German armies are drven gack beyond the Rhine,,which obviously must be a condition precedent for any discussion of peace terms. •German Morale Broken. While it may bo good Judgment to hold In check what may be termed unbridled enthusiasm, it would be altogether unwise to tail to recognize fully the Importance of what has In fact occurred. General Foch has in tlie first place accomplished the high- Lemon Juice For Freckles GIrttt M«ke beauty lotion *t ' homo for « few cento, try III Squeeze the Juice of two lemons into a bottle containing thrco ounces of orchard white, shake well, and you have a quarter pint of (he best freckle and tan lotion, and complexion beau- tlflcr, at very, very small cost. Your grocer has the lemons and any drug store or toilet counter •will supply three ounces of orchard white for A few cents. Massago this sweetly fragrant lotion Into the face, neck, arms and hands each day and see how freckled and blemishes disappear and how clear, soft and white the skin becomes. Yes! It Is harmless. In anticipation of this loan the Secretary of the Treasury Is selling certificates of indebtedness, in this way so- curing the use of the bank reserves of the country, and at the same time avoiding the shock or the financial community which could hardly have failed to\oct:ur had the success of the loan to DB dependent upon sudden accumulation of something like $5,000,000,000, which It is presumed Is to bo the amount of the new Issue. In addition to these huge demands upon the supply of funds we must not forget that we have entered the period of greatest demand for financial facilities to move the crops. The early movement of the wheat crop this year advanced the date of such requirements, though this will not unnaturally contain Its own antidote in the form of a correspondingly earlier liquidation of Indebtedness In the wheat country and will result In the creation of an earlier supply of new capital In that section. Banking facilities, though, still will 'be required to carry the wheat until it Is consumed. Taken "altogether, therefore, tha outlook for the return of anything like a comfortable condition of affairs in monetary circles is not favorable, a feature that Is not unlikely to continue a factor of restraint in Stock Ex- chunce circles. Revenue Bill. Tho'committee of the house of representatives after painstaking work has presented the new war revenue bill designed to supersede present laws. As expected, the measure proposes to raise revenues In excess of $S,«00,000,000 by direct taxation. To produce this monumental sum the committee has found it necessary to provide sensational Increases in income taxation and on war profits of various descriptions. There is reason to believe that the bill will pass the „ r s WIGHT FV L WY WRONG RIGHTED tha horn* of Han fichaffii* fc Maw do** Save Money By Wearing the Best Clothes '"PHERE is no other Economy like the economy of quality. Star suits cost more per suit tharf some other suits, but less per year than any other clothes. These are times when no one can property afford the extravagance of low-grade wearing apparel, Thousands of war-time patrons testify to the money* saving quality of Star clothes. They are the cheapest because they are the best. One suit will prove all of our claims. —$20 Upward. For 31-years headquarters for Manhattan Shirts and Stetson Hats. FORMER HUTCHINSON GIRL GIVEN ARMY APPOINTMENT Well Known Man Feeling Well for the First Time in Months HEALTH WAS MISERABLE Sept. 11- Will Willnict, 5 miles west and '/£ mile north on 17lh street, Hutchinson. Jesse JLangford ALFALFA SEED For Fall l'latithiK $6.50 to $12.00 per Bushel Ail central Kansas grown. Non irrigate!— wnle for samples. JUNG'S SEED HOUSE lfiitdiiiisuti, Kans. Wife Says Money They Spent for Orgatone Was Best Investment Ever Made. ly important task of breaking down | 10 nse with few particularly important the German army's morale. Its sell- changes, but that it will be modified contained view of Its own invincibility j n many essentials when it. reaches has been shattered and a correspond- n 1P senate. Of course the final result ingly increased respect and fear fori^-hen the measure has been signed by I,el Me lis tire nu Monarch Weather Strips for yi' 11 r home. Save llic-!, keep warm. No obhe,:moi. 10 show you. G. T, Bronleewe 120 1 -it 1 How lo Banish Wiinkles Quickly U il'.vliirnricl .it Hi.. i lniu. .11 11 fi.rin.ill"ii: 1 , f Hi .'lit. itllS !'!•- lu] I...' Ill- It Villi mi !• i ly ili.-i'i l "Vi i > li.ily. i y UHi .i; InlH'll. i'.l'.",; lnnivivi.1 I-..M • ui"\|.'.-n.'.ivr !nn-'-1 ij' i UllV ihi-j;- Slir,- 11.ill:.. 11, 1 a :;'i - I'll-: :•<:- you ;,.;ll.vU ! uv. II ,-yi\s nlii'H y.ill ln.i): u;; ,i ti.ih.ilil Hi,' nia: viiinii'. tin: J-.'iU n.-liU'll-iilj:,' :t>!' iliKUl; .1 e:i.iu;Hu ?n liultu-r.M llu- .--Ktii IHcr.-U'V jiivK.'ril cut. >i .-.-t i,i . irll .t t .H nil liuri-iy liiii. i'lM ;w y, lion uliu IIU.1 :l uitiii- ^i u.,n, Wllllll UlN:v In :.l! tnKI i.,'l: ;:n.| ;i: : up (hi: wualieiM u lt >>in. .-';t.l u.U.M b.ii'lu may b-j iMii'iii wuli i i.iiui.uii! I.M . t this utH'u *t.iy "r u.w-"-:r. u '.-u.iiot in- Jliru lh" in '»t .'wlri'.u .-.Li:. Tim ii-i-ai- :iH-nt 11*1-11 W'lUI'li IH. 1 1 ...—i .ij PUIS |rucs*<vj (lio rtc-ret i -f y t:r iiKruwlii^ . /(JUUlfill alM^ra^ico. Ttm*«t- Him, lUiocnMy a i .'annuian suhller who •was prowling iu No M UU'B Wind spied by u U< roi^l oflicer and inp- • luroil him. Aflor ennvr ruing with him ' 11 \v)iliu Iho Derma" oflicer otfereU ' (bo sold lee 100 marts if iiu,,voulJ bo .#l|gwed m K> freo. '; : "flow 1WIB,WI11 it take >ou to get -fciipk to JTW -J/ KW?" ttklwd 0J« v*m- Orgatone gave my husband relief when no oilier medicine would ani restored him to health after everything else had failed," said Mrs. SI. 1'. Cole, wife of the well known automobile man living at US North Osage St., Wichita, while in Dc-ckum Drug Co., the other day. "We consider the money we spent for Orgatone about the best investment we ever made," continued Mi'-. Cole. My husband's system was r.U run down utul he didn't seem to get the proper nourishment from his food. lie had continuous pains through his stomach and his kidneys pained him constantly. I suppose close confinement to business and long hours had much to rto with his condition, at any rate he was losing ground every day; ills -0j?ep didn't give him much rest, and he would wake up in the mornings felling just as tired and no account as when lie went to bed, and the.truth i-: mcst of the time lie hardly frit like gelling up at all. He felt that his condition was bordering on to one : more seriom-'. and decided if WRS high I tln:o he was finding something to , Hire); h!.< trouble. ; "Orgatone treatment was so IiiRh- ; ly recommenilrd in Ills ease that he I finally made up his mind to try it and it wns certainly Just what he needed i In just a few diiys he felt stronger ! and brighter and began to get ine;e ! benefit from bis sleep. His .appetite Improved and hlH fuod seemed to do lilni good and give him strength, ile noticed I he pains were disappearing from bis stnnmeh und-around bis kidneys "nil he was feeling better in every way, "lie needed something to build him up and put ti'-w life and vim inio lilm, >:nd Ore.ali .iu.' lias dune that very iliinn. He gets tlie best out of his feu-1 new and his sleep gives him r si. lie gets up in the mornings V reeling refreshed and flue, and cau i I.. nt "in >'; look after his buBlneps without thai •'uMhiJIi liri ' l, i wornout feeling he used lo have, •v'.. jimr! I'm glad we found out about OrgU- ui-iiiirr.ii ! ((„!,, treatment I often bear of the od work il Is doing for olhers, and I'm always lulling •'•'nine friend whw ii has ilnni for my husband." Orgatone is not a socalled patent or '.I 'lret remedy but Is a new scientific treatment containing no ulsohol or nlt'iihol or other sliniuliiting drugs and is sold in Hutchinson exclusively by the A. &. A lirug Co. Out of town people are belnv supplied, all charges prepaid, upon receipt of price. 11.25 per bottle or six bottles for 18.20. (Advertisement.) «... L-l... . .-.. '- .-' .. -. ... _j., u.n.'-j) .Man's Land, Colonel Dljink of the Canadian forces noticed t)io prisoner escaping from Sergeant Dash's dugout. "Sergeuut iv.ish," he shouted, "why did you allow your prisoner to cscupe?" "JI' B all right, colonel," whispered iho soldier with a broad smile. "I his just •nil wrlllliii * 1. i-nii ,[1111:1:inn .Ht ,»bstl- ' w.i its foe hits been developed. In addition the enemy's hopes of a successful drive to either Paris or the Channel ports have been equally destroyed. He now must realize that ills war or offensive must be changed to a defensive operation with the initiative in the foe's hands. Meanwhile, the steady Increase in the American army in France correspondingly enlarges the odds against which he must con- lend. Possibly there is another six weeks or two months of active campaigning before the contending armies must settlo down for the winter campaign. On the part of the German military machine this period will most probably be devoted to an active peace offensive. Russian affairs likewise suggest many complications. Hence It seems yet too early to regard the end of the war as in iinuicdln'.e prospect. Things Going Well. , nut It Is highly satisfying to note tiiaf things are going well with us, a situation which the market for securities would undoubtedly be reflecting much more effectively than is in fact the case, had financial operations not been so greatly hampered by the great scarcity of banking accommodation. Securities, it may be observed, are almost a sole exception to an otherwise general trend towards higher prices. Commodities have advanced sensationally in all classes since the war began. Farm ptoducts are at bewildering levels. Wage advances are or almost daily occurrence. Hut prices of securities since the war begun have suffered severe reductions, in February, 19114, before the selling which preceded the war really began Iho tver- age price of twenty representative railrcad stocks was 100. Today it is about ST, having recovered from Hi. which was the low level, an rtwas reached In December, 1017. A similar condition of affairs is reflected by prices of securities o nihe Ijinil'll Stock 1'J.vchange. A monthly ci.'inpll- ation covering US7 representallvj se- cunms listed on the Umdon Kx- cbuuge showed as of August :!0 an aggregate value of i!!,7ni,736,tlt)U. This compares with an aggregate value of jU3,a7u,700,C00 at the beginning of tlie beginning of the war in i'Jl I and compares also with a low level of il^,571012,U0O which was reached at tlie close, of April of this year. The Securities. Tlie decline jn. securities In the faco, as 1 have already pointed oul, of marked advances In virtually all other classifications of property, Js, of course, expliiihed by the competition or Government bonds and other evidences of obligations with older Investments. Thesq investments now coneededly are upou a highly altrac- live income buBls and afford ample opportunity for profitable purchases, where buyers are not called upon lo depend too largely upon borrowed tnoiK-y. At 1ho moment the inonqy situation is not presenting signs of an early return lo norma! conditions, We are ou the threshold df a new war loan which will be larger than any of its predecessors, though the. amount bus uot yet been officially declared. Dr. Charlinc Rozell Smitlrof Los Angeles Called by Surgeon General. H A.' Wwo jnlnvU^/' rPBUc4 1*9 pffjucr put a three minute bomb In "HI tako tluit ctierX • - poolvot. He'll be lu his barracks the President will be received in a patriotic spirit as one of the sacrifices that loyal American citizens are called upon to make in Hie nationwide endeavor to win the war. But viewed as a practical Influence in the financial situation It Is obvious that a dls- inct effect of, the accumulation of so much money mainly from the savings of the people must lead to a necessary reduction in the volume of capital available for new Investments, This becomes still more apparent when viewed in connection with the subscriptions amounting (o $5,000,000.000 or more to be Invited to the Fourth liberty Loan, and the knowledge, that other loans must Inovitably follow so long as the war continues. Capital applications by American railroads and industrial corporations are showing a natural falling off, resulting in the first place from the Government's control of the railroads and in the second place In popular indisposition to compete with .the Government's requirements for funds. For the month of August these tfutside applications amounted to only $89,5H,S00, or a reduction of no'less than J96,431,^00, comparing with the corresponding month of last-year. For the eight months of the .calendar year which have thus far elapsed the applications have amounted to $944,617,500, or a decrease of $323,880,700 compared with the corresponding period of 1917. There also is to be noted a marked reduction in the creation of new enterprises after tho activity .in this direction which accompanied tho demand for war "'"ifrjj) 1 such as could be supplied by corporations devoted to shipping afruirs to chemicals, munitions, oil and gas, etc. For the month ol August, the capital 6f new companies organized in Iho liistepfi States was $141,780,000, figures which compare with $402,00-1,900 in August a year. ago. -—• The Crops. The crops are not making quite as desirable a showing as Tvas indicated by the highly favorable conditions current earlier in the season. Especially was this week's report by tile Dcporliuent of Agriculture on the cotton crop disappointing, showing as ll did a reduction to 55.7 in.condition from' tho preceding mouth of 73.U and indicating a crop of 11,137,000 balos, or 4,008,000 bales less than was forecast at the beginning of the season. However, iho grain crops are still well above the average und considering tho extremely high prices that fanners are-recelvlng for their products it is obvious that we aro to have another year of romarkablo prosperity lu the agricultural sections of the country. ^ The stock markot is presenting a very substantial undertone In response lo the excellent character of the war nows, As already shqwn, however, tlio scarcity of broking accommodations < is acting us a direct restraint agalnsj tl>e development of Word has come of the honor given to a former Hutchinson gird. Dr. Charlino Smith of Los Angeles, Calif. Dr. Smith is the daughter of Charles Hozell who was one of the old settlers of Hutchinson but who has been living lu California for the past few jears. Or. Rozell graduated froni^the Hutchinson high school In 1899 and was one of the brightest members of her class. The Los Angeles Examiner has the following to say ot Dr. Smith: "Dr. Charllne Smith, ot Los. Angeles has just been accorded the distinction of being the first woman physician here to be ordered into service by tho surgeon general's department at Washington, "Dr. Smith, who is a Chicago medical graduate, received orders yesterday by telegram from Washington to proceed at once to the Letterman Hospital nt the Presidio, San Francisco, where a commission awaits her as contract surgeon. Her work will be confined to the administration of anaesthetics, being it branch of medical work in which she has specialized. 'Since she came to L OB Angeles several years ago Dr. Smith has been'j recognized as one of this city's experts In anaesthesia. Her appointment by the surgeon general is regarded as a striking tribute to the enpacity of women in the realm of surgery. "The army thus far has not granted officers' commissions to women surgeons, although Dr. Smith will have the perquisite of a first ileutenant." The Consolidated Flour Mills Co. 610-20 Rorabaugh-Wilcy BIdg. Hutcninson, Kansas ' j Operating mills at Winiield, Caldwell, Newton and Hutchinson, Kansas. Daily capacity 3500 bbls. We invite the inquiries of Flour and Feed Dealers (Cnrlots only) Use UNITED Flour MANY SOLDIERS. Some Facts About the Many Men Gent to War by the State of Kansas. Topeka, September 9.—Wl'.h the contingents already consigned lor September, Kansas has now furnished In round numbers.seventy for army and navy service r.ccordin to approximate estimates ni&de reconl- CASTOR IA For Infants wd Childreg In Utt FprOvt r30Ytarf WpoAWf id activity. HENRY OL.BWS. J1.QP Ajry. Men's suits or 'overcoat* cleaned and pressed $1.00. . &. K. Gallup, 419 N. Main, Phono Ml. Mon. Tburg. 13-tf Dr. H, O. Hook,..osteopathic physician, 17 years practice iu Hutchinson, now located aver JSinn's ^.Jewelry Store, 9Vi North Wain street, 3-0t White and Riverside booing stoyqs Ht O'Docoell's Hardware; - comer fpurtb ana Main, ; - i ( 7-8$ ly by slate draft officials. The total number of drafted men lo Ji-.te furnished by tlie at=ii-> aside rroni the September quotas U 34.1.1!!. There were 107 colored men - called this month, four hundred me-i called for limited service and 4,600 for generai service aggregating. 5,007 men since • he first of September. Tlie state was credited with 31,325 onlistments in the Guard and In the Regular army on tlje first draft and with 7,050 on the sett Mil tunning u total of .18,3(5 volunteers in nUriiiiun to navy and marine corps enlistments which are figured approximately by tho state headquarters at 17,00'J. Up to date about 16:1 000 men have registered In the state. The government figures the population at 1,020.000 and tho state records claim eighty- nine more persons in tICansas. With these figures as a basis the seventy thousand fighting men sent out within less than a year and a half and yet without seriously crippling the. state's industries establishes a record for the selective service law which both the government and the state must commend. THE MOTOR RACES. Th«y Will Be Held for Three Days of the Fair Thl s Year. Three days have been set aside for automobile races during the Kansas State Fair. Tho championship events L-in which such drivers as Endlcott, Htigdahl, Elllngboe, Alley, Duray Toft, Soules and others will compete Is scheduled for Saturday September 21, the final day of Ihe fair. Harney Oldfleld, "Master Driver of - the World," and Fred Horey, claimant of the dirt track championship, meet in a three heat match race for tlie dirt track title on Monday, September 16, the opening day of the fair. Htigdahl and Glen Ilreed, the Kansas chast- pion, settle-thelr argument on Friday, September 20. Tha auto race program will cost tho fair board about $6,000, and this sum has been sufficient to secure entries from the most noted drivers In the world. On Saturday, the final day of the fair, the Kansas Derby will be run, and eight cars and drivers will start Inthls race, Including Endlcott, Alley, Hugdnhl, Elilng- boe, Toft, Duray Soules and Strlck- ler. Not Satisfied. Tho lady had heard a stranger In a railway carriage Bay that If any man could seo himself Intoxicated he would never bo intoxicated again, and having a husband addicted to alcoholism, and also plenty of money, alio ' trought of experimenting. Tho cinematograph operator whom she engaged was not kept waiting long for an opportunity of filming tho errant husband, and in the presence of relatives the subject was privileged lo behold himself on tho screen. Ho was very quiet throughout, and gravely left the room A which' the others thought a good sign. Finding he had also left the hpiise, hlB'brother set out. lo find him, riinningL. him to earlli eventually In trie club; busy—as an attendant staled—with his , fifteenth whiskey and soda, "Look here," said the brother, "I didn't think I'd find you back at this game." "Didn't you?" innocently asked the subject. "Well, the fact of the matter is, I'm not satisfied with that film." S _ *4 U I u V t : V 2 Mighty POST Improved Corn Flates 9 ii

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