The Wellington Leader from Wellington, Texas on April 2, 1964 · Page 6
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The Wellington Leader from Wellington, Texas · Page 6

Wellington, Texas
Issue Date:
Thursday, April 2, 1964
Page 6
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Wellington Leader : ; / / . \ ^EsUblished 1909 \ . v , Published Every Thursday , '"- . at 913" West^Avenue, Wellington, Texas DESK1NS WELLS, Editor and Publisher Entered as second class mail Aug. 25, 1909 at the post off lev •"•O* ^'at Wellington; Te*as,'under Act 6f March 8, 1879. «-2- Moment of Decision EDITORIAL Suataining Member National Editorial Amodation Member Texas Press Association ' ' Member Panhandle Press Association NOTICE: Any erroneous reflection upon the character, standing or reputation of any person, firm or corporation which may appear inlthe columns-of THE WELLINGTON LEADER will be corrected gladly upoa its being brought to the attention of the publisher. f 3.00 a year Inside of trade territory $4.00 a year outside of trade territory Reading Notices lOrf per line Thursday, April 2, 1964 We, Too, Take Note of Texas Industrial Week This is Texas Industrial Week, April 1 through 7, and mention of it is not altogether far-fetched in this primarily agricultural county. Just organized here is the Builders Glub, with the stated purpose of trying to get industry for Collingsworth county. This organization needs and deserves the backing of everyone who has the interest of pollings worth at heart—backing in the form of your time and thought and work and ideas and the small monthly dues that will be charged. These dues are the only financial support the club will have. The men in it are for the most part our younger business leaders. They want to stay in Wellington and not follow their brothers and cousins to some city to make a living. . Everyone in it is going to have to work, but no one is going to be pressured to join. As one member said, "If you get your feelings hurt easy, then it's not for you. If you are given a job to do and you don't do it, you can expect to be replaced by somebody who will." This week, also, we should remember that Wellington does have several industries, home grown by our own men . . . -as well as those other businesses such as cotton gins which are considered industrial and are a part of our life. Rummel Advises Treatment for Fruit Trees LUBBOOK. — Soaile insects comprise some of tlhe most important pests of fruit trees, shade trees, shrub® and greenhouse plants. These insects do not resemble ordinary insects, reports Don Rummel, area extension entomologist. Their bodies are covered with a waxy or resinous type scale. The immature forms (or nymphs) are fairly active insects and are known as crawlers. Scales are most often found on the leaves, stems or fruit of plants, although some species infest the roots. Injury results' from the scales sucking juices from the plant tissues. Heavy scale infestation may result in the death of large branches or entire trees. A number of scale insects are known to occur in Texas, says Rummel. The most common are San Jose, white peach, oyster shell, pin-needle, obscure, euonymus* and brown soft scale. Adult scales are difficult to control with insecticides. However, insecticides may (be applied during the growing season to control the crawlers and! .prevent infestation buildups. Diazinon 25% emulsifiable concentrate, melathion 50% e- mulsifiable concentrate or 25% wettable powder, and Dimeth- oate 43.5% enruilsifiable concentrate will give good control during the growing season; Two or more applications should be made at two-week intervals, according to manufacturers' di- rections. A miscible oil for summer sprays) at the rate of % pint per five gallons of water may be used as a carrier for any of the recommended insecticides and will usually improve control. Misciible oils can also be applied during the winter when plants are in complete dormancy. The recommended application rate is 3^ gallons oil per 100 gallons water. For a smaller mix, use IMs pints oil in five gallons water. A granular systemic insecticide, Di-Syston, has given good control of sucking insects on plants, including some species of scales. The chemical is applied to the soil, absorbed by the plants, and kills sucking insects feeding on the plant juices. To avoid injury to humans and to plants, insecticides should be mixed and applied- according to the manufacturer's directions and atppliecl only at the recommended dosage, the entomologist cautions. Contact your county agricultural agents office for additional information and Extension leaflets on scale control. Visiting with Mr. and Mrs. Jimmy Howell and children, of Clovis, N.M., over the Easter holidays were Mrs. D. C. Thomason and her daughter, Linda Moore. Leroy F. Scott, son of Mr. and Mrs. T. L. Scott spent the Easter holidays with his parents. Leroy attends school at Texas A&M University at College Station. Mr. and Mrs. Wendell Graham of Corpus Ohriati spent last week in the home of his parents, Mr. and Mrs. G. C. Graham. CROSSROADS REPORT Dear Editor: I see where our people in charge of self-sabotage have offered to burn 480 of our big bombers, if the Russians will play-like they are going to burn some of theirs. Now my over-smart neighbor says this is a projper move, because the U.S. is now so oiver- armed that all the other countries in the world are getting bo feel over-inferior. But it looks like destroying our own planes is a lot of unnecessary trouble, because we can just wait a while and the Reds will have enough of them shot down to keep us from getting over-powerful. Anyhow, the Russians keep on shooting down our fliers, and swapping them iback to us for grovels, and wheat, and other benefits. Time was, of course, when this kind of prank would have made us mad, and we would have quit doing business with the perpetrator nation, but that was back before we' got sophisticated and the world got so brother-lovely. <• • My siicker-seeker neighbor says the Reds have got a paying racket here, and he is thinking about ttrying out this tactic, by capturing some of his neighbor's wandering kids, and trading -them back to him for an armload of TV dinners. I see where Mr. Henry Cabot Lodge whipped all of the other candidates for President in the New Hampshire primary, Avhi living in Saigon and keeping his personal mouth shut. If we're lucky, Mr. Lodge's success story might lead to an all-new and improved style of political campaigning that would revolutionize the business. •Might even establish a custom that would require all candidates to high-tail it for some far-away country and hide out until after the elections, and then only the winners couldi come back. I see Avhea-e Spring weather or something is biinging on WANTED Each person in this Community to attend our REVIVAL Quail Baptist Church REV. MURREL E. BOYCE, Evangelist Nightly 7:30 Begins March 29 Music led by J. K PORTER VISIT COME PRAY threats and samples of violence which it's said will Ibe used if Congress dallies much more about passing the Civil Rights Eradication bill. My modernist neighbor says threatening to throw violence fits is the 20th Century way to get laws (passed, and is more forwardish than, the old 19th Century method, where Statesmen just messed around arguing about the merits of a measure. He says the advantage to this system of legislating is mainly that with a mob threat STERILE FRUIT FLIES FROM MEXICO Agriculture Commissioner of Texas, John White, said Rio Grande Valley citi-us farmers are being "invaded" by sterilized fruit flies from Mexico, for a scientific study of their traveling habits. in his back, a Congressman doesn't have to be smart to know bow to vote. Bees orient themselves by the position of the sun in the sky. OIL AND GAS NEWS Lease: P. E. Starr and wife to Gulf Oil Corp.—NE/4 section 93, block 11; SW/4 and S/2 of NW/4 and E/2 section 14, Mock 12, less NW/4 of •NE/4; Lease: Inez Reding and others to Gulf Oil Corp.—NE/4 section 2, block 16 and NE/4 section 9, block 12. Lease: John Coffee and wife to Lenny W,ildersouth—70 acres out of the NE/4 section 73, block 15. Lease: Ramona Ray Johnson Schwartz and 1 husband to Gulf Oil Corp.—NE/4 section 95, Mock 11; NEW section 96, in block 11, less SE/4 and SE/4 of NE/4 and NE/4 of NW/4. [Lease: lona Lee Johnson Reaves and husband to Gulf Oil Corp.—NW/4 section 95, block 11; SE/4 section 96,'block 11, except N/2 of SW/4 and NE/4 of NW/4 and SE/4 of SE/4. Lease: Verlyn J. Deger and wife to Gulf Ooil Corp.—NE/4 section 99, block 15. Lease: J. Earl Batson and others to Gulf Oil Corp.—E/2, SW/4 .and S/2 of NW/4 section 14, Iblock 12. Lease: Warren Douglas Johnson and wife to Gulf Oil Corp. —SE/4 section' 95, block 11. Lease: E. W. Fain and wife to Gulf Oil Corp.—Section 16, block 12, and' the W/2 section 18, block 12. Lease: James' W. Lowry and wife to Gulf Oil Corp.—S/2 and E/2 'of NE/4 section 22, block 16, and the W/2 section 2, block 16. (Lease: Curtis Marchbanks, attorney-in-fact, to Gulf Oil Coup.—NE/4 section 5, block 12. Lease: John M. Koons and wife to Shell Oil Co.—W/2 and E/2 of E/2 section 32, block 11. Division order: John M. Koons and wife to Shell Oil Co. —W/2 and E/2 of E/2 of section 32, block 11. Lease: Walter A. Koons and wife to Shell Oil Co.—W/2 and E/2 of E/2 section 32, block 11. Division order: Walter A. Koons and wife to Shell Oil Co.—W/2 and E/2 of E/2 of sectdon 32, block 11. Lease: Frank E. Anderson and wife to Shell Oil Co.—W/2 and E/2 of E/2 section 32, block 11. Lease: Eula Anderson Benson and husband to Shell Oil Co.—W/2 and E/2 of. E/2 section 32, block 11. Division order: Eula Anderson Benson and husband to Shell Oil Co.—W/2 and E/2 of E/2 section 32, block 11. Lease: Grace Koons Porter to Shell Oil Co.—W/2 and 'E/2 of E/2 section 32, block 11. Division order: Grace Koons Porter to Shell Oil Co.—W/2 and E/2 of E/2 section 32, Mock 11. Lease: CeNa Hay Anderson to Shell Oil 'Co.—W/2 and E/2 of E/2 section 32, block 11. Lease: Wilton Ketchum and wife to Carl Watkins— 242.12 acres out of section 68, block 10. Lease: Robert Posey and wife to Benny Wilder and others— S/2 of SW/4 section 4, block 15. Lease: Robert Posey and wife to Benny Wilder and others— 528 acres out of section 62, block 14. Lease: Velda Ketchum Elmore to Carl Watkins — 106 •acres out of E/2 section 52, block 10; 125 acres out of NE/4 section 49, block 10. Lease: Robert Posey and wife to Benny Wilder and others— SW/4 section 51, Mock 10. Royalty deed: A. L. Henderson to Smith Sipradling—S/2 of section 72, Week 21. Lease: Lewis Green and wife to R. R. Kyner—W/2 section 65, block 11; N/2 section 69, block 11; SE/4 section 69,block 11; 514.2 acres out of section 67, block 11. • Mineral deed: Marjorie Walker to 0. J. Walker—S/2 section 83, block 21. Lease: I. E. Emmert and wife to O. J. Walker—SE/4 section 19, block 13. Lease: J. L. Hunter and wife to 0. J. Walker—SE/4 section 19, block 13. Royalty deed 1 : Bessie Hunt Johnson and others to A. L. Henderson*—S/2 section 72, block 21. Assignment of lease: J. H. Riggs to E. M. Parrott—Mock 10, Dodson addition of Doclson, out of the east side of section 40, block 10. Assignment of lease: W. R. McClelland to E. M. Moody— NW/4 section 6, block 15. Assignment of lease: E. M. Parrott to E. M. Moody—N/2 of NE/4 section 22, block 15. Assignment of lease: E. M. Parrot* to E. M. Woody—south 200 acres of W/2 section 26, block 15. Assignment of lease: E. M. Parrott to E. M. Woody—block 10, Dodson addition to Dodson, out of the east side of section 40, block 10. Royalty deed: Helen .Cribble to Luther E. Cribble Jr. and others—50.36 acres out of the east part of section 18, iblock 16. Lease: J. A. Killian and wife to Carl Watkins—SE/4 section 69, iblock 10. Partial release of lease: El Paso Natural Gas Co. *o W. J. Clay—E/2 section 77, block 12. (Lease: B. B. Elliott and others to J. H. Riggs—88.7 acres In section 53, block 21. Division order: Letha Mae Gibbs Beechem to Shell Oil Co.—E/2 or E/2 of south 100 acres of SW/4 section 7, iblock 11. Division 1 order: Donald C. Van Pelt to Shell Oil Co.—W/2 of S/2 section 32, block 11. Division order: Celia Ray Anderson to Shell Oil Co.— W/2 and E/2 of E/2 section 32, iblock 11. Lease: 0. K. Loving and others to SheH Oil Co.—SW/4 section 52, block 15. Lease: Olan W. Alexander and others to Shell Oil Co.— E/2 of E/2 section 32, block 11. Division order: Olan W. Alexander and others to Shell Oil Co.—E/2 of E/2 section 32, block 11. Assignment of lease: W. R. McClelland to E. D. Steclder— W/2 of SW/4 section 17, block 15. Assignment of lease: O. J. Walker to Roy Barker and others SE/4 section 19, block 12. Easter visitors in the home of Mr. and -Mrs. Bill ILong and Mrs. R. D. Wiley were Mrs. Martin Crews of Ohdldressi and Mrs. Annie Ruth Bell and Crews Bell of Canyon. n • BARGAI #£*£/ TIME AND MONEY BY STARTING YOUR SHOPPING IN THE PAGES OF THE

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