The News from Frederick, Maryland on May 21, 1932 · Page 3
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The News from Frederick, Maryland · Page 3

Frederick, Maryland
Issue Date:
Saturday, May 21, 1932
Page 3
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THE UA11.T HEWS. FREDERICK. MD.. SATURDAY. MAY 21, 1932. THKEJS ENDS WITH SENIOR PLAY GIVEN R. Keller Taken To Hospital With Broken Jaw. by Ua'.lfrd Ftat^ir* Syncii'a SATVKDAr. MAV tl BtST FCATVES Lveia Sob»l-- WEAP Jielirori K---- WSAF Sfto^ri First NixfctK -- WJZ St:»crlt Dancer fifhtm -- '.VJ2 N««c-k »n*-- WABC N«»ork Orch.-- \YASC Se:»ori ! 10 JO--A, C. Orch«tr» ! . WASHINGTONIAN -IS HELD ;Z 5 3"- 3t. 7.OiJ-9 00. 9 30-10.90 j i 00--Nr*s. Sports 10 00--Sports; News I 10 2:t-- Messajes 10 Explorers I WCMUE. HTTSKi'KciB--sttjt--i2t* k. ( WEAF. 5 02-S.30. 5-W-« 00: £45-1000 I 5.D«-- News S:«S--BauittU i « is--v.'CAS Artisis 10.00--Club: News \ WHAM. KOCHESTEX--M»."--lii» k. I W.'Z. 5 45-6 M. 7.90-S SO; S 3O-11-00 . S O»--Ta^:. News 6-3O--MarsfoM Or. 11 W--Cavillers :i JO--Sialsetr Or.: Siiiss lirse i j WG1". SCHEXECTAO*--M»--7S» k. i X TVHOXS j WEAF. 6.1S-7 5 . T.30-10.CO; 10.38-11:» ! WBA1. E.\JUTU40KE--JSi--luS* k. S 5S--A=ejr.Cia Tr:o S'SS--B»s*fc»a, ffJZ' 5 X-S 13- 6 3?-S CO; S.39-8:15: ; 7:1S-- Btrssr-i Siisrg 10:00--OrchestT* s v.-s v is rj-i: ec . CKCW. TORONTO--»?--SM k. I 6-15--cV.;r P-raS« S 00--E Patio ; WJZ: « W-* 15: T 33-S'M 8 1 S -- C " « r i 10.00--Meltxieca . WJEAF: 5 00-5 -U 7 00-T 15; 8:OC-9 0« | BOSTON. »n«J i S "JO-- i! *-c * 3'?--J:=iy S:«4--PUSO 1:15-- K oJ C 11:00--1)1 Cieeo Or WJK, DETKOIT-- «·«-- 7M k. WJ2: 09-e 00. «:!i-10OO: 10 30-1IOO 6:OO-- Tenor 10.00-- Happy Bat: Hooi vi wj. OCTKOIT-- ««-- «· k. WEAF. 5 OO-f 0#; C 05-«.«0 6 eo -- BiietiU 8 00 -- Marlca Martin WT1C. HAKTFOBO-- HW-- 1W* k. WEAP. * 30- Large At Audience See* Presentation Wxlkersvtlts. Belore a crowd or 400. which JU1«J j the a'jditjnum to capacity, the annual senior class play of Walketsvill? high school *as presentee Friday aijh: (EASTERN STAXDAEZJ TIMS C-? bc-r :o S IS-- Srudro 10 3J-- Midc»p» WOK. NEWARK -- ItJ-- 71* k. Don K1Z. k. S.3C-S T.K)-- Birs Wttl. ' D-iT.C« :0 -\5-Spcrts: Stws BOSTON-- MS -- !:·· k. -5 '-0; « »S-7.1S; 7.SC-10.0S: ·· :;-:: c-3 i *.30-- S'-iK^r. News 5:45-- Sines Or. ' \V3I..\. BffKALO-- SES.1-- 9*t k. trs.'" 5 cf-i 35- 7 30-10 o*: 11. oc-:: cw 5 O»-- Kr'ii S IJ-- S?;r:s: Jctss^a . 6 ?)-- \±'.?=.-.--^t «-:»-- U»ws KtiK. BlTFAlJO-- 513 -- S3« k. - . S .»-p:ar*crs 5 '3-- u c' -- Act S.O -- Ls:e s^iuca j '5^1 ..... 3 S 13 -- Oreli.; Mir^ "»VL«. CINCINNATI -- tiS---vt k. KSZ ·; to-; :s. s s:-S3-ii..o 6 30 -- 3?o X-«::a^ « 4i-- Sun:r-=e TOO-- f.;rscs T:53-- A;r Tte^ler S.CO-- RiEciOTS 9 OC-- Fo_l es 19 35 -- Tb* P.=e^; 11:35 -- FX-3i!eKricrs WHK. CLtVELiSD-^-Ili-^ -- 11*0 k. - «-iS_!!3V-\.fr ' 9-45 -- College 13' Jo-- Lc-i-ie :: »-Ors*= ' WTAM. CLEVEI-ANTD-- tS3.^-1070 k. STEAF: 5 CO-S:^; 6 3C-11'00. U - 1 5 - l i O O , M 05-- M-v-ri! Bd. 1VXVZ. UCTKOIT-- SII.9-- !-«« k. H-«BC- i :«-5 i5: * '-5-5 «' 7.09-10:60; !3::5-!S 45 :11:1S-!1 33 6 00-- Oil's R*-.:e* s:-00 -- Orcheitr» '0-30-- Dcwr-ey-Wuns JO 45-- Xcle's Or. « J K . DETEOIT -- lOi-- 73) W. W' T - - - - J - 7 - - - 0 - 3 30-5 OS; 3 JO-9:4S: ""' 1- -i--.! 35- 11:15-1:00 6 w-i : --.-tiers « «-- DooUf.Ie g ·.;_-. j - S M -- LyOpel Or. '.·"« J. DETROIT-- US-- «» k. WEAF j - . « - 3 - : 0 6-45-11:03: l l . O - l i O O s"5-- " -- -C - BJ 6.00-- 3*stbiU ' " S:=c=i Or. -- «r:L'. IIAKTFOED-- tSi-S-^ -710 k. Allen Brc~-s A3 argument occasioned during the parking of a car oa West. Pairiek street Friday evening, proved to be of more consequence -Jsan either driver of two cars figuring in the affair had expected, Tbe mix-up brought on bJOTTS. foSo-sred by % charge of assault and battery against one driver and a probable similar warran, against ^he other. For awhile it appeared that a Washington youth. «rho had the charge preferred against him, might spend the night in jail instead of attending a canoe, as he had expected to do. but he was later bailed out and announced bis intention to police of swearing out a similar in-arrant against the other Tar; involved. . The Washingionian^ was Lee Hammond. 20. and he was haled before Magistrate Sherman P. Bowers !n Police Court aboui 8.45 o'clock, charged with assault and oattery on a Frederick bond salesman. F. R. Keller, who said he was so affected by a blow which the visiting boy dealt him that he was forced to raise his left, instead of his right hand, which is customary. in swearing to the charge. Hammond was released on S100 bond for a hearing in Police Court Tuesday night. Keller was later in the evening admitted to the Frederick City Hospual He was suffering from a fractured jaw and remained overnight. Different versions of the affair were told by K1!pr and Hammond. The prosecuting witness said Hammond attempted to bacfe into a small parking space on West Patrick street, opposite the Tivoli theater. Friday evening and bumped into the automobile in which Keller was seated. When he remonstrated. Keller said the Washingtcnian struck him on the side of the face, knocking him to the ground and inflicting injuries- Before Keller could regain his feet. Kainmond had fled in the automobile. Keller said, ana Officer George layman was called to the scene. They started a search for the youth, who meanwhile had gone to headquarters and given his version of the affair. Hammond told police that he had parked his machine and wheri he started off again, found that he had Jiarcly enough space to pull out into the street. He said he requested Keller who was sitting in the car parked nexl to his machine, to pull back and afford Tijm enough room to get out. Instead he said Keller drifted back and then pulled up and buaiped into, his car Hammond got out of his machine ant several words passed, it was stated- He told police he struck Keller a very light blow, which did not knock him to the ground and that the other Tan i also struck him, j Tnrned Over To Carroll Officers. j Charged wth obtaining-'money under; xhe committee on false pretense, Charles Orr. near Km- J ings and roads of the George- \ roitsburg. was arrested Friday by De- j ington bicentennial ce'ebration for j "puiy Sheriffs William Foreman and j Frederick county, John S. Hershcv. j Orman Harris. He was later turned j chairman, met in the Blue and Grey j over to Sheriff Ray Yohn of Carroll {room of Francis Scott Key ' · - -- - - - ' county, where the offense is alleged t o j c have been committed. tWESTCKX STATIONS) EST--SVBIRACT I Hour !or Cec'.ri! n Tt=e. ADD 1 H0~r lor Diy- KYW. "ciiirAGO--IM.1--Ug» k. 7 3J-5 « * 00--Orci : Spcris t-00--Tbcatrr; Or. 9 XI---vr Ac«. News: puu: OreJsi. 1TMAQ. CHICAGO--US--7» k. \V.*Z S ~.'-J *S: 7 S3-* CO W£.\y. ' »-7.S8. S.K-S:t» f ;5--Ds=tc MxKcri « SO--Sports 9-:i--L-:e P»ses S.38--»=ps 9.ii--LIJ2« Misters I? 00--A»os-Ac=T :. 5 15--'.cpc- S^igers 15'*S--Orchestras W t N R ad WLS. CHICAGO--5*5--!7» k. WJ2- 6:li-S ;0: 7 CO-7:JO: S J3-S:00 v.'EAF: «-5-7:Ce: 9:00-10-00 S 15--St-ppy S.45--Aa=ie T:3«--Mcslc U CO--Arsos-A-sdy 19.JO--Orc!sesu» WCKL. CHICAGO--S»9--*» k. · -IS--Var:KT Orch. 7.00--Var.etr: Toay S-IC--Koch: Bu:!eua B4-: WCFI. OrcS- S-«0-- Cncie Don 5 10-- Be-ier Or.' 6 00-- rea-.ure e 30-Ctoir L3\:s:t:« ! 7.1i -- H CKaeas 7 3O-- Lei itcw s Sxm. ; 8:3fl -- YjjiSone Tr«»elier S *» -- Quartet i 9.00-- Dreader 9-3«-- FooC^ijt Ecboea j 1S:3O-- iIOCr;(ei=is 1 WC.\\ NEW IOKK-- 1M -- »5» k. ' S M--'ie Ho'-r S JO-- Our Sctooa i 6 «!-- Bes--i3s:co OifX · £ 30-- O.-cr: Oeais 7 SO-- Georfe Jessel I 09-- Laurence S:li -- ra^Uiar Uiiie · 5 ;i-- i.\Q-^is::e Hr. S::»-- L:!e::Kxe Revue t 9 JO-- M'-saies 9.«5-- Se:h Parier i Co.uzbo Or. 10.30-- Cr5»:orl " 11.00-- BUct OrcH. 11 .30-- Fan* Orca. j WJ2. NEW 1'OKJK-- S«-- 7«» k. I 5 0»-- Prdra Vi» Or. 5 10-- S'.jdi* I 6 O9-- Go:lt= B^»»O=i 6 15-- P.SCle A I i 6 3^-- Bii««» 7.00-- XlcCri» Bros. 7-15 -- S. R. O. Comedy S O'-M:\rJ Q t « l -- S:aj Party g.ii-- Mai.ns 3ir»:ea S--iX£-.rig Mister 9-«i-Y..-.-n T»^ss , 10 W-- P.»r:3 Revue 10 :S-- i:*:Uj CeUo ; 10.3J-- Co-jii Or. i: «-- S-.V-TM Or. : WABC. SEW XOKK-- 31'-- Si» k. ! 5 CO-- Reme 4:W-- K»-- -Druaa = 6 OO-- Ur Klf^j 6 lj -- Has^ Or. · 6 45 -- S'.IviLlsrii 7 O-- U;»SE» i "7 3-J-- rr*Te;ed T 4S-- A=*-.-:o Pa:rl S 00-- Belle B»ter * 30-- Hir: iioM.kclc 1 9 00-- Ecn» Hopper ».3O-- ^.ei.^lu snow i 10:00 -- Gauche* 10:30-- t)^c::in Or. ! 11 00-- Coos-SiTiiJers 11 JO-- C-- at 8 o'clock The -play, a three-act Jarce comedy, entitles! "Nciody Bui Nancy" | »as directed by Miss Ru:i K. Hoiver a meaiber ol the Tira!; The scene o! the ?La *as in » home in :he sovc oJ "S«eet Springs" and «as fll^d *ith action from star: to f»ni*h All o; the psrts uere eapaoly presented by members of the sensor j class and the play nis proaouncec as ' one o! the bes: to be presented in tne county towti for years The cast of characters was: Nancy Kins, played by Miry Cramer: Sarah Andrews, played by Res'.na Mori: Sue Andrews, played by MUired Cr±sier: Adeline Perkins, played by Kathryri Basliac: Luella Cra-*rord. played by Dorothy Crjni: Far.ny. Vsoia Kidd: Larry WUson. Merhl Shoemaker. Ted Porter, George StauCer; Adas King. lidrold Yiung. Jimmy McCabc. Carroll ! Daugherty. j Committees In charge of the play [ were- Property. Elinor Grace Etzler. Grace Caipley. Earl Hartsock. Ezra j Grantharn. Weelon Slaley. Prosrarn: | Georje Mercer. Ethel H»!m Mildred j Burster snd Ward C:uns I'shers wore. Ward Crura. Wftca S'-*y. Ge*.rge' Mercer. Ear! Hart*oci and Erra Gran- , thaai. "Kve class Jl-»*r a the di^y: ;hc clas colors ar» yellow »nd wriite · ii^", i and the rco'.to is "Before us lw the timber, let us buil-d" T:ie senior cla-s.-. .:!g was composed by Vic-la KUic sssc fare»elS i-ias poem ty Viola K11S i -AUTOMOBILE LNSURANCE j riKE THLKl PKOPtKTV U.VMAGt LIABILITY HELFENSTEIN URNER WUA LOl'ISVILie--3CS ·--(S* k. ! 11 00--Coos-Si=iiers 11JSO--C-- Me:od!t» 5~CO-«-*i- 8 CO-10-JO- 10-15-lJ-OO ! WCAC. PHU-ADELPHI A--t JT-- 11 TO k. ' ' -r-!c-lB»=-uete«rs i WABC: -.oo-:o oo: 10:10-1: o« '0 0 0 -- ~ ^ - \ \VOK NEWAKK-- i S S9-- L" . .- Don 5:3 5-«-i;-.-cr Or. 6:13-J« V.'h::e 630-L-.:.,7 Or. 6:t5-£t:~tr 7 0 3 -- «.:.::: Sr=?bo=y Or. e OO-- ^' i 1 - Or. S.45 -- v/irrers or. B : ";-- 'd'ers 9:30 -- Gcldth-- atie TB'O^ _ c""''*r Or. 10:30 -- \Vooi=erth Or. WEAK. NEW TOES-- lit-- f») t. 5-00 -- Dinner OrcS. 5:J:-- H. '.--:. !:es Ilwi:^* j-rsel! f CG-D-^e.-y B-15-- Swiety Laws 6.4j-- CO.IS.TJS 7 GO -- C^oertsoa 7:15-- C:r:c C:^:-:^ 7--*0 -- Co"=cU on E4i;ca::c= 8 -K)-- r--. 8 : 30-C:ub Or. S.OO-Lcu.s Sotcj 10 00-Co:ur=So Or. 10 :5-- Crc-.v.cr_ 10:30-- Hasp Orcb. 1».OO-- -.:r--t..y - i i _ V ^ 0 " IB-JO-- DovaeT-Woa* ; HL1T. PHILADELPUIA--i3O--i«O k. »VT:J. MII.WAVKEE--isi--sr« k. j WEAP. s os-s 30 6 OJ-« 30. ·: oo-s oo V."^\F ~. I3-« J9 9 O3-IO-00 i 5 30--Jewish EnsezSie f »-- Me.oS:cs \\-~- ~ K-~- 30; S 3«-S CO i K.DK.%. PlTTbBfKGB--3U6--9S» k. " i-_v".» V. rvj-e i: 03--JOreisesrras ' 5 OO--S?ons; News S:IS--Concert kVrr -JPLS-VT twtr-t».t--ItM k. ' 00--KDKA P!ajer» »:*--War Tales V :z 7 ·»-" 50 S-JO-9 00 · 19 03--Sporu: Kews 10.23--CfJOSI - -0-SCO- 9 M - - C O O 1 1VCAE. riTTSBCKCB--i!5^-l=0 k. · s _=- ./4 ' " 5-«-Aa=:e WEAF: S.00-600. «:1S-«.00; « 1S-1! 00 *^ ' ' 6 00--Books S OO--Mtuleale; Bisebali HOW. OMAHA-54J-300 k. | -.TCI. SCUESECTADI-MO-»e k. 5 --5-S 00: 6:15-6 30; «:15-T:00: j WEAF: S-.00-11 30 - 33--.0 30; 11:03-11-30 5-:5--Si:?p» 11:30--Se»s: Orchs. K^U. ST. LOC1S--500--S» k. ·BTEAF. * CO-S:J5: 5:45-6:30; 6:45-11-00^ KMOXr'ST. LOUIS--STjlt--1O90 k. WASC- 5-*5-6::5: 6.JO-«:15". 7:00-«:00; S'!5-3:JO: 9:00-9 45: 10:00-10:30 «-;5--Spor:i S:45--Tosuar Z0.3J--Dowse JACOB RUPFERT BARLEY MALT SYRUP U:OS-CaL C^T - . - . rdc Or. (C.F.S. Co=p^«l by Gn::etl y*stcre Sl*XD.%T. MAY ~ SUNDAY'S BEST FEATURES S*th Psrter--WEAP rJr:tort Mikinr Movies--%VJ2 Xe:^orit Lisrtime Ktme-- WEAP Setirorfc Siocin- Misur--V."JZ N«Tort Edni Wallsre Hop?«r--WABC Network California Melodies--\VA3C Network (EASTEBX STATIONS) (EASTERN STANDARD TIME tbrocgh- o-t SUBTRACT one tour lor OBlrs! ADD one bouz' 'or 7:00-- Digger Fighters 7:30-- B-r.:!: Or 8-00-- EsiesiKe 8:30-- Nish:er S-CO-i:e:o*:o Gera 9:15-- Ccrr.ed- Sts^n - . TO 00-- ^'.'-nbc-r M'^S- 19:30 -- ESiir llloo-- DI=T Or : V:r Fiedlers WABC. XEW YORK-- 349-- SSO k. niEri Or. 5:30 -- Jacri Mi * _ . 6-15-- E-cS' Or. 6:30--330 Re Me S-45 -- Doi~ev-Wcss 7:00-- P:ar;o T?2=: 7-15 -- T y2:23 Or. 7:30 -- Mo-.:e S^r^ 8:00-- Viughs" de Leath S.IS-- Cr-.orur 3-35 _ Army Band 9:00-- SausTrins M-.IS. o : i5 -- PubUe AlaSirs 9 : 45-- S;r«". S:nssr 10:M-Sed=a= Or. 10:30-- Madris-jera. 11:00-- Lo=birio Or. 11:30-- Stern. Siss!?. Brewer Ors. TVC*r. p-TLADEUHLV-iV;-- 11«0 kWABC: 5:30-10:30: 1!:00-:2:CO azi Ne-xs: Sporl* 1CBAL. BAI-TIMOKE--3M--760 *. V7J2: 6:30-:i-00 WBZA. BOSTOX. »n« WBZ. SPFt'NGFIELD--S30--990 k. WJZ- 6 30-T CD: 8:00-3:45: 11:00-11:30 ·0 oo--S^ortr SMTS 10:13--Marttl W8EX. Cl'FFALO--SJ3.1--9«0 k. WEAF: 5.30-S:i5: 7;CO-8:00: 8:15-11:00 6-45--Gz^e' Or 20:00--Hoai* Hocr WCK. EUrFALO--Hi--53O k. WABC: 5:00-9:00: 9:30-12:00 ' WLW-f^cixCIXXATl--1»--"00 k. tTJZ- 6'3C-S OS' S:15-3:4S: 11:00-12^10 ;o aal--Loica's Or. 10:30--Moon Elver WKH. CLEVELAXP--S1S.7--1390 k- WABC- 5-30-S 00- 6:45-10:00: 10:30-11:00 ;S-00--WHK Fillers 11:00--Orch.: C!u ' WTAM. CLEVELAND--M0.4--1070 k. . WSAF- 5:00-S:CO: 6:15-6:30; 7:00-8:00: 8:15-10:30: 11:15-12:00 , 6 30--Gcoc-Glenn 8:00--TTera Tales ! WXTZ. DETROIT--Ml^--lSW k. I -K-ABC: 5:20-3:00: 6:30-7:00; 7:30-11:00: Il:3SU£:00 WHAM. ROCHESTER--IS0.7--1150 k. WJZ: S 00-6 00: 6:30-7.00. 7:1S-»:15; 1:45-11 00 6:00--Forua; TrsveJ 7:00--Piano Reieii* 8'15--C"*2e-wr:ters B 30--Medical (WESTERN STATIONS) (EST--SfBTSACT one Hour ror Central Stanfiaro T:ase ADD one Hour lor DijliSht Sa»'-ns T«ae.. KTTT. CHICAGO--SSI. I--112* k. WJZ: 6.3C-7.00. 8-00-9-.1S WEAF: 9.15-9.30: 9.45-10:15 7:00--Orch. SO 35--Sporis; Ne«; Orcbs. WMAQ. CHICAGO--JO--570 k. WEAF: 5.00-6:30 WJZ: 9:15-3:45; 1030-11:00 6:30--Sports 7:30--SuadaT Club 9-45--Drama 10:15--Au!(! Saner WEXB xnd WLS. CHICAGO--315--87» k, WJZ: 5:20-6:00: 10:30-12:00 WEAF: 5:00-5:30: 6:00-9:15 WCFL. CHICAGO--3C9--970 k. 5-00--Rosary Hour 5:30--Bartoa 6-00--Gerssan Eour 1:00--Irish Hots: 8:00--Churds 10:15--Daace Proj. WOC. DAVENPORT .and WHO. DES MOIXES--109*--1000 k. i WEAF: 5-00-6:30; 7:00-9:00: 9:15-11:00; I 11:05-13:00 ·' 6:30--Food lor Thosght 11:00--Baseball : WBAS. LOCISVMXE--3SS.6--«» k. '· WABC- 5:00-7:45; 93O-1G:15: 10:45-11:00 '. 7:45--Baseball; Sports 8:00--G!es Club 8-30--Studio 10:15--Parta Ni£bt WTMJ. MILWAUKEE--184--GZ3 k. WJZ: 6:30-7:00: 8:00-«:li WEAF: 7:15-8:00; 8:15-8:45: 9:43-10:15 5:30--Orsan »:4J--PSaiers 10-20--Polish 11:05--Orehesiraa KSTF. MPLS-ST. PAUI^-SOS.*--1460 k. WJZ: 6:30-7:00: 8:00-8:15 WEAF: 5:00-:530: 6:00-6:30; T:15-«-.OC: 8:15-9:15: 9:30-10:15 11:00--Orchestra WOW. OMAHA--909--590 k. WEAF: 5:00-11:30 KMOX. ST. LOCTS--S7S.1--1990 k. WABC: 5:30-10:15; 11:00-12:00 10:15--Reporter 10:30--Orgaa fTKe Talk of The Dandelion Poet Says: When your liver's upside down; And upon your frown. face Stieff's Silver ROSE. PL'RITAX C/./\TO.V PATTERNS Kl'Ll L l X t CAKKIL'U IN STOCK EXCLUSIVE AGENT FOR FREDERICK J A M E S E. DOLL 'IT /or (h-er 50 Years Just you risk And take Disk." go without a a Dandelion large box $1.00 At Tour Dnmift's or COMMITTEE TO MARK ROADS i^ Markers To Be Placed On Four Properties. SENATOR SIMMONS "BROKE"' Petition In Bankruptcy Ffled For North C«troliiii3ix* Nexbem. N. C.. May 20.--A voluntary petition in bankruptcy «-as filed here today by F. M- Simmons, who retired two yeais ago from the United States Senator af:er serving there 30 evening at 7.30 o'clock and ois- ' cused the marking of buildings and | reads -where Washington stopped of j traversed curing rJs travels in this {county. Mr. Hershey presided -crith [Irving M. Landauer. secretary, j It ·KSS decided to place markers on i four buildings where Was:*ngan is ' for Peter's Tavern. Urbena: Frederick Chapter. Daughters of the American ! Revolution, will supply the marker for · Ccokerly's tavern, ind the committee i -sill provide the marker oa the old ! Central Eote! property site, now the i service station, this city. i lir. Hershev announced that tbe i Francis Scott key Hotel Company wSl D-ovide ten road markers to be placed on different highways. One will be supplied by the Nicodemus Ice Cream j Company and one by the Woman's Aasiiiary of the American Legion. Those attending the meeting were: Mr. Hershey. Mr. Landauer. Dr. William Crawford Johnson Mrs. Andrerar a jyr.--.aTi, Smmitsbarg; Mrs. John Fraiicis Smith, P. W. Hamwell, ana J. Grove. Harbor Grace. Harbor Grace has been chosen as the point of departure for the DO-X on its voyage over the ocean to t:ie Azores. Before the DO-X could leare DUdo fftts morning, it was necessary to send 650 gallons of fuel from Holyrooa to tbe former town where gasoline taken aboard at first proved unsuitable for the motors. An attempted take off with the fuel obtainable at Dildo ended in failure. Jig Saw Puzzles ALL SIZES TO 500 PIECES Cards and Booklets FOE ALL OCCASIONS CRANE'S FINE STATIONERY CONKLIN PENS AND PENCILS EASTMAN KODAKS--FILMS--Developing and Printing Leonard Electric Refrigerators Storm SL Shipley ELECTRIC RADIOS $25.00--SEE WINDOW given as a-^ly S134.000 and assets as 5110,000. included in the assets is a farm in DO-X READY FOR TAKEOFF number cf reads that he traveled. The ; buildinss are Oookerly's lavem. New ] TO Btgin Ketnrn Flight From Holyrooa Midway; Peters tavern. TJrbana: the j Qf ^^ i-e of the old Dutchman's tavern nsav i and CoL Henry Etrother's j Kolyrood. N. F.. May 20.--The -giant airplane T.r. Warren, attomev for the former senator, said the step ras taken to insure that ail his creditors would share alike in his property. l- Court stteea. t=:s_ foRnerft- occupiea or tne Central buc ^ "^ o 00 "? 1 ^ by tns °"- servlce stat; ° n - The 3 ?? a ; k " \* D»«bnjar.-s tavem ^rui oe s . b ? WOatfa J. Grove. I^rne * 'Federation of Rura. Womar.s DO-X. en route to Europe, al'ghted at HoZyrcod at 9^0 a, m.. Eastern standard time, after flying from Diido, where i; was forced to stop ves:?rday. Th» task of loading fuel and supplies --33 beg'on at once in preparation fo? the next leg of the flight, the nop to A REMINDER TO ALL- Don't Permit Your Fire Insurance To Lapse! "If you are having so difficult a time supporting your wife and children, how could you do it if your home and furniture should burn and you had no insurance money to replace it?" "Could you farm successfully if the demon fire were to destroy your barn tonight and you carried no insurance?" Fire destroyed a nearby barn very recently, whose owner lapsed his fire insurance because he thought the cost was too great. How cheap the insurance would have been to him! The $1600 insurance he carried would have been a Godsend in his time of adversity. And if yon think your pressnt rate too high, call this Company. We are saving hundreds of Frederick Countians one-fifth of their fire insurance cost. "Lest We Forget DISCUSSED FARM \ HOME 4 0 ' t r A N T for HOME \9V 1 HOME tO"-l W Insurance Company of Frederick County j Storm Damage Far Great I er Than At First Supposed. laid a strip or ruin ^ estendfng from the ylftoJf^rTcaS. F^rsr^s* 1 * /crops ar.g_of -.--, ;-...--. _ »fl« L ontmuou5 EVER ON AND ON ~ Following the true, natural course of sound business principles, this Bank continues on and on in the service in which it was originally ordained. Recognizing its specific sphere, abiding by the dictates of both open-mindedness and experience, it remains safely in the bounds of conservatism while practicing sound progressiveness. Farmers Mechanics National Bank Frederick, Maryland "The Bank of Personal Service" ESTABLISHED 1817 SALVAGE AT MEETING REPRTXT FROM NEWS-POST Now is the time to protect your crops against loss by HAIL. Policies covering this protection are written through the Insurance Agency of NOAH E. CRAMER SON, 114 Court St., Frederick, Md., in strong, reliable insurance companies who pay their losses. Girls' Style Nazareth -^ Extra Value Extra Savings On Your Purchases Twirl Mesh A lovely new mesh fabric. In | plain pastel shades. Colors: Blue, j Green, Gold. Orchid. White. 29c yd Sleeveless Suits For the little boy. Sties 2 to 6 years. Union Suits Bloomer leg. Sizes 2 to 12 years. Another Sale of Chlnele Rugs 95c 2Q ·£*«/ 1 Size 24 by 36 Sue 24 by 48 cesisns -- cr.iire'.T washable. A Sale of Fine Hair Nets AU shades except wr^te ar.c Crepe A Rayon Crepe printed in the new ligh: ground monotone effects. 39c yd A BETTER Chiffon Stocking at $1 .00 B-:::-:r -car-- bettsr ioo'siag -- ·-:·:- shades. A =eTr saipxest of · 5a-;-7Th-:te." ---.e shade Tor tie 114 North Market St. Frederick, Maryland Fill in and mail to us and we will be pleased to submit premium charge for this protection. NOAH E. CRAMER SON 114 Court St. Frederick. Md. Gentlemen:--Please give me the cost of insurance covering against loss by HAIL of the following crops: acres of fa acres of . ~ (a Signed Address ·. Write Name and Address Plainly per acre per acre the half dozen New Sox dud Anklets In at:r 3 c::vc ;-:e^ ar.d co:;rs. ralmolive Shampoo Full 5:; size bo:t:e-- S tO S'; 25. SHOP S FOR STYLE AND VALUE »HRCHIVF.s

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