The News from Frederick, Maryland on July 9, 1948 · Page 6
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The News from Frederick, Maryland · Page 6

Frederick, Maryland
Issue Date:
Friday, July 9, 1948
Page 6
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"H, r- t, Truman Foes Are Invited To Conference , July 8 «*/-- Tfee tir Party leadership wm»- an oliTC branch toward anti- Truman faeces today while South- ·ratrt skipped a chance for an «Mt-in-the-open battle over civil Thus the temporary emphasis w** on peace and harmony four days before the Democratic national convention g«te going. But fights over a Presidential candidate and a civil rights plank in the party platform could explode all over again by Saturday. National Democratic Chairman J. Howard McGrath billed a pre- convention conference with Jimes Roosevelt and other discontented party officials The idea was to trr to smooth away some of their opposition to nominating President Truasan for another four years in the White House. They have been eyeici Gen. twight D. Eisenhower. McGrath and other Truman backers were going on the assumption that Eisenhower has sard "no" often enough and load enough so that there is no chance of his being drafted as a nominee How To Keep Food Fresh, Wholsome Where and how food is placed in the refrigerator is important for keeping it fresh and whclesome, especially in hot weather, home management specialists from the "University of Maryland .ay. Priority on the coldest space in the cabinet, which is usually nearest the freezing cabinet, should be given to the most perishable foods, for which a temperature of 40 degrees F. or slichtly colder is recommended. The foods which need the coldest storage because they spoil most easily are- fresh asd cooked meat, poultry and fish: meat broth, gelatin dishes: milk: milk-and-egg dishes like custard: and cottage or other soft cheeses. Modem refrigerators are des- iftMd to encourage this arrangement cf food by providing tall shelves for milk bottles betide the freezing: units and a covered compartment for meat just underneath. In general, these very perishable foods keep best if covered., Uncooked meat should be loosely covered, or simply taken out of ^ its wrappings and placed in the meat i compartment of the refrigerator \ which provides it with enough j ventilation for good keeping i When cutting foods 1.1 the refrigerator, take czre not to crowd 1 them so closely together that the circulation of cold air around them is cut off. Let cooked food cool to room temperature before putting , it in the refrigerator in order not ( t o heat up the atmosphere inside I and overwork the motor. However, as soon as the food has cooled. get it into the refrigerator promptly. Dutch Car Runs on T/efs' Power , Tomato Growers Aided 1 In Fighting Blight College Park. Ju! 9 ^--Hot. dry weather of ihe past week has aided tarrnTs :n fighting late bhght which has attacked a considerable number of tomato and potato plants throughout the state. Dr Carroil E Cox reported today. Dr Cox. plant pathologist at the University of Maryland. said growers have been ab!e to take advantage of the weather to get ahead of the blight with their spra\:ng and dusting j He said the b!:ght was wide, spread on she Eastern Shore, and that reports of t hax-e been i "spotty" in Baltimore and Anne Arundel counties Late blight is caused by a fungus, the scientist explained, and w h i l e k n o w n to plant pathologists for about 100 ears. it w a s never serious on tomatoes in Maryland until 1946 A grave outbreak that year caused severe losses Damage was negligible in 194T. however. This year, the disease has occurred earlier than usual. Dr. Cox suggested that all In Holland, they call this gadge: a "fielstaxi." If you use your "nets" you "taxi" along, because the litt^ car moves on foot power. The Dutch who are forbidden by law to use regular aatos on Sunday, find the "Seistaxis" CO.TC m handy. Two GI's in Holland on - vicat;on. Thomas Ksgami of Hawaii, at the wheel, and Elwood Kough of Altcona, Pa., go for a "fietstaxi'* spin in Zandvoort. The Weath'er (All time DST) Precipitation tot 24 hours ending at 8 a. m today--none. Precipitation, July to dat«--09 of an inch. Normal July precipitation. 3^7 inch«: actual. July. 1947--4.36 inches. Excess in 1948 precipitation to July 1--5.41 inches. High temperature yesterday--*4 Hifh temperature a year ago--84 Low temperature last night--50 Low temperature a year ago--62 Sun sets today--8.39 p. m. Sun rises tomorrow--5.52 a. m. Moon rises tomorrow--10 10 a. m. Moon sets tomorrow--11 45 p m Condition of rivers: Monocacy muddy at Buckeystown Dam; Potomac clear at Knoxville. AXXIVEXSAKT FftOGKAM Th« 40th Anniversary Day program of the Good Shepherd Home. Allentowc, Pa., was held June 24. _ The services are of local interest a ! number of people attending each year by chartered bus. Miss De- I lores Shook, a guest of the home for four years, participated in the services which included tvco vocal solos. Miss Shook sang on the radio program "Talent On Parade," j station W K A P sponsored by the ; Musical Exchange of AUentowa. PEOPLES FINANCE CO. Could Yon CM S5000 -- f ISO 00 -- S29QOO or more ia cash h*lj meet the expense* whict arise *t *iii» tune of rear* If »o. wt cordiall in«-te you to ·** c*pt thl» Invitation td call OB us. lot th* money you need. PEOPLES tINAKCF CO. 11 Nortb Court St (A done* i!»m»1l Ucan Co I HARRY E. MOHLER DR. WALTER SNOW OPTOMETMIST Eyes Examined -- Glasses Fitted 41 North Market St. Phone 835 DAVIP O. GRIFFIN WHEN WILL YOU BE SUXDt At any time you may be tb« i fendant in a liability suit, if KM one is injured on your reti premises or thru your partidpatior; in any sport activity or jam* A**i about Comprehensive Personal Lia bility Insurance low cost for tfci: modern protection. DAVTD O. GRHTCI IXSURAXCE 27 X. Court St. G. H. MERCfiR SONS i 4 room modem bungalow, heat, immediate possession. 6 rocrn motiera bncs dwellis* Military Road. fcardWOOd fiOOT. plants in blight areas be sprayed or dusted with copper-conta.n:ng fungicides. Dithane and parzate also are effective, he said. In areas where she late bhght has not yet been found, fungicides containing zerlate may be applied. Dr. Cox said Inflation m Germany after 1 World War I drove the German ' mark" down to one-billionth of its original value. j Say you saw H in The News. The first attempts at rug making v.-ere probably crude efforts to imitate the hairy pelts of wild beasts. HARQLp^U. FRUSHOUR Do not hesitate to eoacult this of- ".rc on Fire. Automobile. Compcnaa- Uon or any other Insurance matter* HASOLD U FROSHOUR 28 We*t Patrick St. Phon* 1153 Frederick. Md. BKTUC REFRIGERATOR TROUBLE? CAU. EAST END'GROCERY 1657 ANYTIME Commercial Domestic franklin fr*} Stockman 100 E- 6th St Xlvctttcal Appliances Repaired NEW LUMBER, BOARDS Some lots zt 'i price, suitable for many uses ALSO STOVE WOOD Phone Frederick 723-M j RALPHJV. BOYER . I Modem brick dwelling on Military ; j Road. Close to entrance to Camp i Oetrick and near city bus. 5 rooms and bath first floor. 3 rooms and bath ! apt. 2nd floor with private entrance I Annual Income from apt. S600 A new. j privately built home and good investment, i , Apartment houses on W. Pat. St. i j S Market St. and E. 2nd Street. ! Building lots for dwellings or com- ' mereial buildings, well located. ! RALPH W BOYER f BOYER INSURANCE AGENCY 1 Frederick Representative For i Murray C Sohn 'No. 1 N Court St. Tele 2214 FOR SALE Kew · room boose* with all mod- ·m conveniences. Immediate Can be financed. Ap- CURTIS W.THOMAS 510 Jefferson Street Phone 2144-J Top Soil and Flagstones BLUE RIDGE BUILDING SAND AND STONE SUPPLY Stones for Roads and Driveways ALSO FttJt. DIRT FOR SALE CHARLES MARINO Care Rose Tavern, Phone 1614-3 Dump Trucks for Hire MEDFORD AUCTION Medford. Maryland, Carroll County, alone the Western Maryland Railroad. 3 mile south of Westminster on the New Windsor Road. State Road Rt 31 Saturday--July 10,1948, at 9 O'clock Sharp the follow ing articles from a Urge estate in Baltimore along ivith several other consignments will be sold. Black enamel cook stove. 5-burner oil itove. 7 cubic ft. electric Refrigerator, large porcelain ice box, bucket-a-day stove, kitchen cabinet, tvooden utility cabinet. Apex washer, electric juicer, large pine cupboard, Maytag washer, very old Victorian sofa, Victorian Gentlemen chair. 2 slipper chairs, lot of old chairs and rockers, platform rocker, kneehole desk, slant top desk, old spinning wheel, coffee tables, magazine racks, ottoman, mahogany tea wagon. large glass door bookcase, large size electric heater, antique cradles, marble-top dressers, cottage bureaus, small chest of drawers, lot of rugs, table model radios, 1 set of Britannica, Encyclopedias, Victrola, lace curtains and drapes, metal and wooden beds. 24 foot extension ladder, lot of Currier nad Ivcs paintings and pictures, picture frames, IS inch cut lawn mower, edger, like new; lot of tools, 4 section of garden hose, 2 old violins, can of linseed oil, electric fans, 1 pair of crutches, like new; Jewelrymans lamp, butchering tools, iron kettle, sausage grinder and stutter, hand sweeper, like new; lot of old china lamps, glass and bric-a- brac, reed sofa and chairs, lot of jewelry, 4 foot step ladder, porch swings. 2 sets of golf sticks, hedge trimmers, lot of children's toys, wheelbarrow, several iron troughs, 4 8-week old pigs. Baby chicks will bs sold at noon. The Ladies Aid of Winter's Church -will serve lunch Please come early as this sale must begin at 9 o'clock in order that all articles be sold in one day. STERLING BLACKSTEX, Auctioneer. PAUL GREEK, Clerk. RAYMOND HUGHES--Owner TRUSSES BRACES CRUTCHES SUNDRIES PRESCRIPTION SERVICE MODEM PHARMACY (ttCCESSOK TO rtfJUtl's DKUC STO«0 DRUfte PRESCRIPTION SERVKE PMOME 208H8 So-rtftRKET ST. PLAYING SAFE When you luing your radio re- 3air problems to The Electronics Shop yon are playing safe, for here you are assured of complete satisfaction. Our expert technicians are aviilable to r*»efly any defects m vour F M. television, or standard broadcast receivers. We have a complete stock of radio tubes and replacement parts for all makes. RAMO**vL GOODM1M U O W PATRICKS! PK«ri 969 REPORT OF CONDITION OF WALKERSVILLE BAXK OF \VALKERS\1LLE. IN THE STATE OF ^\RYLAND, AT THE CLOSE OF BUSINESS ON JUNE 30. 1948. ASSETS Cash, balances with other banks, including reserve balances, and cash items in process of collection $ "05 599 07 United States Government obligations, direct and guaranteed , 363.794 41 Obligations of States and political subdivisions ~ . 11.100.00 Other bonds, notes, and debentures 144 261 70 Loans and discounts 183.263 16 Ban* premises owned SI 850 00, furniture and fixtures S5000 Other assets . ... 1.90000 85950 Total Assets $910,777.84 LIABILITIES Demand deposits of individuals, partnerships, and corporations S 397 815 93 Time deposits of individuals, partnerships, and corporations 3SO 153 29 Deposits of United States Government uncluding postal sav ,ngs' 9.403 98 Deposits of States and political subdivisions 4 6 220 96 Other deoossts certified and officers" cftecks etc ^ 12 775 65 TOTAL DEPOSITS . SS46369S5 TOTAL LL\BILITIES (not including subordinated obligations shown below) S S4S369S6 Capital- . ,, Surplus Undivided profits Reserves CAPITAL ACCOUNTS ____ ________ $ 25.000 00 . . 25.00000 . . _ . . . . _ . 12 5S3 99 _ 1 S23 99 TOTAL CAPITAL ACCOUNTS S 64 407 98 Total Liabilities and Capital Accts. S910.777.S4 *Th:s ba-^K s capital consists of common stock -with iotai par value of S25.000 00 MEMORANDA Assets pledged or assigned to secure liabilities and for other osmoses S 97.000 00 I, J Karo!d Kooper. Cashier of the above-named bark, do sol- emnij sv. ear that the above statement is true, and that Jt fully ar.d correctly represents the true state of the several matters r-ere,.:! contained and set fo-th to the best of my knowledge and behef J HAROLD HOOPER, Cashier Correct--Attest WILLIAM B BENNETT, RAYMOND L KELLY. R WARD STAUFFER. Directors State of Maryland County of Frederick, ss: Sworn to and subscribed before me this 8th day of July. 1948, and I hereby certify that I am not an officer or director of this bank. FREDA G. KINTZ, Notary Public My commission expires May 2, 1949 MEMBER FEDERAL DEPOSIT INSURANCE CORPORATION STATE OF MARYLAND Announce* EXAMINATION'S FOR PERMANENT Positions Insuring Future Security With Automatic INCREASES IX SALART and Liberal VACATION and SICK LEAVE and RETIREMENT BENEFITS ! TRAINING AN'D PUBLIC | RELATIONS OFFICER $3500-4025' AIRPLANE PILOT 3200-3680 ·Tentative Salary Scale Only Applications must be mailed not later than July 15. 1948 Apply to the STATE EMPLOYMENT COMMISSIONER 31 Light St. Baltimore 2, Md. PUBLIC SALE EXECUTORS PUBLIC SALE OF %'ALUABLE REAL ESTATE By virtue of Use power of sale contained in the last Will and Testament of Nann:e Groff. late of Frederick County. Maryland, deceased, and an 2 4-room modern bungalow*, steam I beat, h, w. fioors. Immediate pos. 8 room modem apartment house. 4 , · rooms and bath on each Soor. h. w. J basement, laundry tubs, steam i fioors. «tea=i heat, concrete basement. «Jta stoker, garage, extr* lot · Quick pos ' 150 ft. frontage. S13.SCO. ! 6 rocSi bnck modern semi-bungalow. ' 6 room modem cweUing. 71» % !h. w. Soors. garage, steam heat. X , Potomac St.. Brunswick. Md- 1 section of city, concrete basement, j POSS , 6 room brick house in good coocU-; _ 6 room modem brick dwelling, fe. wfj toon bati and fcmace About 4 blocks j Socrs. oil hea*. cemest bascmeat. 1m; from the center of town Early pos i mediate possessioo- v ' 11 vou -want to bav real estate or a ' 33 acres asong mac=oam roae 4 =ar busuiess cossult me," as I have some west of Frederick snprovec with real «ood values. i T00=a m«-!.- s HARRY E MOHLER Real Estate 3.13 East Thi»d Street MURRAY C. BOHN GRAYSON H. MERCEH SONS ,,. '. Real Estate Loa=s !nsurane4! Castle Blcs Phone 537 S NOAH E.'CRAMER TY HOMES FOR SALE r room modem brick residence-* West S_eventh Street. Pncet; gutor V.U1 «u at. p^^'^^T^ %*£. ^^ 'J^f.^S ^S«"S3 ' tor" »" Q«^S* «S" · F " d Ti^°i?-jH^C 8oaClti '' 15£r ffi d rs! t sss r J^s. b^irSTx^? · »* fri^ Xrti- * *·" 11 "in ·" i f \** \ 1% nsile ECOS^IV ston.t cnve to State 1 1 poEsessior*. ovirne*" i !?ed^ aS^at'v'klSb:" 0 ^ Stale ro » d Q'^cic sale. 516.500. . Modern ^.ee'nce. six roor=s. o« i situated at the Northwest corner o f ' S3-A. 6-room trade house. e!ectrtc heat, h a r d w o o d floors Garaje North Market ; Streets in said unproved wish _ modern bnck dwelling""house, known as the "GroS Horae." containing three HI-TEST SAFETY GLASS Sold and Installed WINDOW GLASS Sold and Installed GLAZING BY CONTRACT PLATE GLASS--POLISHED PLATE SORRORS, GLASS TILE, for bath, kitchen or club-room THERMO-PANE Glass Mirror Sales Service Rear 346 Park Ave. Phone 2393 FARMS FOR SALE 7 miles from Frederick -- 1 00 Acres 30 acres of virgin timber. Splendid 8 rm. modern brick house and 5 rm. brick tenant house. '18,000.00 4 miles from Frederick -- 170 Acres 120 acres cleared, stocked fish pond, 80,000 board feet of timber -- 30 acres corn -- well limed this season -- 1 rm. asbestos shingled frame house-- 75 ft. bank barn. Tractor and equip, can be purchased with farm -- also new pick-Up truck. Immediate possession. ·16,000.00 NED S. ZEILER 102 North Court St. Frederick, Md. REAL ESTATE AND INSURANCE Charter No. 3476 Reserve District No. 5 REPORT OF CONDITION OF The Citizens National Bank OF FREDERICK. IX THE STATE OF MARYLAND, AT THE CLOSE OF BUSINESS OX JTXE 30, 1848. Published in response to call made by Comptroller of the Currency, under Section 5211. U. S Revised Statutes ASSETS balances w-ith other banks, including reserve balance, and cash items in process of collection 52,253.051.93 United States Government obligations, direct and guaranteed 6.180,196 00 Obligations of States and political subdivisions 108 000 00 Other bonds, notes, and debentures 237,271 85 Corporate stocks (including $27.000 00 stock of Federal Reserve bank) 27.08000 Loans and discounts (including $1031 overdrafts) 1904,43104 Book value bank premises owned. -- 45.000 00 Otaer assets . . 62.12 Total Assets ................................. $10,765,092.94 LIABILITIES Demand deposits of individuals, partnerships, and corporations S5.4S9.910 40 Tune deposits of individuals, partnerships, and corporations 3,489.905.78 Deposits of United States Government 90.84744 Deposits of States and political subdivisions 512 522 40 Deposits of banks 52.75' 09 Other deposits (certified and cashier's checks etc.) 11.81357 TOTAL DEPOSITS Other liabilities $9647.75068 lo,15330 TOTAL LIABILITIES CAPITAL ACCOUNTS Capita] Stock- «c Comiaoa stock, total par $100,000 00 Surplus . . . Undivided profits Reserves TOTAL CAPITAL ACCOUNTS $9 6S2 903 98 S 100.00000 800.000 00 - 121 761 ^7 8042749 S1.102 188 95 Total Liabilities and Capital Accts. $10,765,092.94 MEMORANDUM Assets pledged or assigned to secure liabilities and for other purposes S 791.00000 State of Maryland, County of Frederick, ss. I. W Bartgis Storm, cashier of the above named bank, do solemnly swear that the above statement is tne to the best of my knowledge and belief. W BAHTGIS STORM. Cashier Sworn to and subscribed before me this 6th day of Julv, 1948 ERNEST HELFENSTEDf. JR.. Notary Public Correct--Attest; PARSONS NEWMAN, ALDEN E. FISHER HOLMES D. BAKER. Directors MEMBER FEDERAL DEPOSIT INSURANCE CORPORATION MEMBER FEDERAL RESERVE SYSTEM conveyed by H. KieSer DeLauier (un- .-narr:ed» to David Groff and Nannie Groff. his sister, as joint tenants (the ! said Dav:d GroS having predeceased , his sister. Nannie Groff) by deed dated j September 30, 1926. and recorded in I Liber No 360. folio 64. one of the Land Records of Frederick County. crops, house later in summer. MURRAY C. BOHN Real Estate Phone Union Brsdae. Md- 9-J KEY CHEV. SALES. INC. ce to said EXCELLENT SUMMER VALUES This is a ftjie home "and ideally lo- | ^* cated m a fine section of Frederick USED CARS , City. TERMS OF SALE. Cash on day of | ! sale or ratification thereof by the' 1937 Chev. Town Sedan Orphans' Court. j 1938 PackErd Sedan A deposit of ten per cent of the ' -.940 Smdebaker Coupe purchase price will be required o f ! 1940 Lincoln-Zephyr Sedan the purchaser at the time of sale , 1940 Chevrolet Conv ertible : Possession will b* given on Sep- 1941 Plvmouth Couoe , tember I. 1948. subject to the rights 1946 Chevrolet Fleecnaster 4-Dr of the present tenants, provided pay- \ Seder 1 ment has been made in full bv said , , date. ' j i Taxes and water rent will be ad- i IX 1 Justed to September 1. 1948. j USED TRUCKS | Revenue stamps and costs of con- i 1934 Chevrolet School BJIS j veyar,cing to be si the expense of the 1937 Chev l' x ton Chassis Cab purchaser , 1940 Chevrolet Stake Body l' = ton DAVID G EVEKHAKT. JR. 11941 Ford !*'- ton Chassis Cab ,, , . _ Executor. J1941 G X C '~ ton panel Holden S Felton. Attornev. Emmert R. Bowlus. Auctioneer For farther particulars, apply: NOAH E CRAMER SOX ', Realtors 114 X Court St. Frederick. Me' HOWARD A. GROSS FOR SALE 6 rooii. frame, slate roof. nroder; dv.-eliisg. well constructed, beautift: laivn. comer lot in residential secoo: of Brunswick on thru street to Fred erick. Age and r-eslia is only reaso* for selling Good purchase. Many oiher listings in and out o Frederick When buying or selling res estate be sure to consult wita Phone 377 EDWARD A. GROSS Realtor 9 Court St. IV DELBERT S. NULL i 1946 Willvs Jeep .1947 Ford 1 s - ton Chassis Cab TRUSTEE SALE OF VALUABLE REAL ESTATE IN FREDERICK crry. ILARYLAND By virtue of the power of sale contained in the Decree of the Orphans Court for Frederick County- passed on the 7th day of Julv, 1943. in a 1 Cause Xo. 4421. wherein William I ' Gouker. widower, et al. are Plaintiffs , and Helen B Willard. et al. are the Defendants and the undersigned was duly appointed Trustee to make sale of the land and premises in said cause decreed to be sold The undersigned Trustee will sell at public sale at the Court House Doo- in , Frederick City. Frederick Coixntj. ; Maryland on j SATURDAY. JULY 31. 1948 hour of 11 o'clock A M Yes They Are On Displaj Now At KEY CEEV. SALES. INC. Frederick. Maryland NOTICES OHDEH XIS1 OK AUDIT ' NO. 16372 EQUITY ! In the Circuit Court for Frederick County Sitting In Equity. i May Tern. 1948. DEI-BERT S. XTLL Desirab'e city dwelling. 6 roora* an bath, hardwood Soors. steam hea POES 30 days East Church St. Comer bui'ding lot. 9th Bent St. Price S1.700. DELBEHT S. NTJU. Auctioneer Heal Estate Insunnc* 25 W. Patrick St. Phon* U5 ' P. B. ROOP In the matter of the Auditor's Re- | ~~"~~-~-- ~-- rt filed the 1st day of July. 1943. · 157 acre fara port : ann below Covers Come; said Frederick City. Frederick County. Maryland, and aiore particularlx described as follows BEGDw-NIXG for the same at the j Southeast corner of the lot of Marv j C. Miller and runmn,? North twa- . hundred and seventv-fiv e (275) feet ! tr-ence East thirtv (30) feet thence j South tuo-hundred and eigfctv-six i 2S6) feet, thence West thirtv" (30) feet along the Frederick and Monoc- ; acy Turnoike Road to the place of "beginning. ! BEING all and the same real estate | and premises conveyed by James H · Woriey. single, to Josenh D Zxm-ner- | man and Aruve E Zimmerman his j wife, by Deed dated June 30 1919. , and recorded in Liber No 329 folio I 434. one of tne Land Records of ! Frederick County This real estate is ' improved with, a seven room two story frame dwelling aschalt shingled, and having a metal roof, the dwelling is provided with electricity, citv water, pipeless furnace and con, nected to city sewer sjstem, it is ! also imnroved w-tri a garage ' POSSESSION--October 1. 1948 j TERMS OF SALE--As prescribed by the Decree of the Coart, one! third of the ourchase money to be i paid in cash on the day of sale, or j on the ratification thereof by the j Court the residue in three months. j the purchaser or purchasers giving , his ner or their notes with aoproved security and bearing interest from j the day of sale, or all casn. at the cation of the purchaser or purchasers A deposit of S500 00 w-.ll be re- i quired of the aarchaser or purchasers on day of sale- cost of convejance and Federal Revenue Stamps at the i expense of the purchaser; taxes to be adjusted to dav of sale. ' W. JEROME OF=--TT i Trustee Emmert R. Bowlus, Auctioneer. 1 Thomas O Stultz. v.-idower vs Baxter 6 mi iro-n Mt. Airy on county roac Droneburg et a!. 8 roosi franie house, electric, larjf ORDERED. That on the 17tii day bank bam. partlv modem for shippm ---· the Court will pro- milk, and other buildings in fair re " _ . -_ . {some oak fo and Tperm ~ $7.500. 1949. contrary thereof be shown before said i day; provided a copy of this order be t published in some newspaper publish- j ed in Frederick Courty at least seven i P B. HOOP Phone 8S-J STew Wiudsor. Md. davs prior to said Dated 1st dav of Julv, 1948 , ElflLJS C Vi'ACHTER. Clerk of the Circuit Court for Frederick County. William M Storm Solicitor. True Copy--Test- ELLIS C WACHTER- Clerk: dJy2-9 R. L. ZENTZ Very good little propertv handy IOCE! tion at Thurmont. Full cement basef raent. nice porches large combinmtiol kitcnen-cimng rm . kitchenette, pantrtl living rm. 2nd floor has 2 nice bed! rms. bath and hallway. Good attnl Elec., city -nater. stcrm sash. Garapq XOTICE TO BIDDERS FORM OF ADVERTISEMENT ,- -.·-,:- ---.-- --r The Board of Education of Frederick ' gooltry house, large lot, nice lawn. 5; County will receive sealed bids for the °*n in aatufaon to large truck pate? erection ar-d completion of a two room ^icow owner offers for quick sale z. brick veneer Elemental Co'ored . °n*T S5 000 Early possession. H, I School which shall be located at Pleas- · Zentz STROUT HBALTT, Taneytowtl ant View _iear Doubs Maryland j ilc n 1=8-J | All bads are due at tne office of the Superintendent of Schools. Frederick County located in the Old Church Street Scnool Building East Churcn Street. Frederick. Marv land, not later i 212 acres near lit. Airy. 7 roorl than 10 o'clock A. M Dav light Saving j frame dwelling with oath, elec. Time Wednesday July 21 1948 a t , sjstem furnace, converted which time and place all bids will be : barn with 18 stanchions, granary an HUBERT P. BURDETTE opened and read aloud. other oatbldgs Early poss. S16.000. The successful bidder will be re- , S room frame dwelling on stall quired to furnish satisfactory perform- h-ghwav with I 1 ,: acres of land. el« ance ard payment bond or bonds No water sj stern bath, furnace, a mod "1 bid bond -will bs required. house in good locatio-' 35 miles fr H. ? BtJRDETTE Mt. Airy. 5 ?h- 123 SO?T. BIDDIE BANTERS BY ·"RYL AND HATCH ERY Drawings aid specifications includ- Baltimore 12 rrotj Frederick. Immed| ing Form of Proposal may be obtained iate oossession. S7.900 from the office of the Superintendent i of Schools. Frederick County by ce- j positing Ten Dollars (SlOOOi for eacn set of documents so obtained The amount of deposit will be refunded when said drawings ana speci?cations are returned in good order, but icie sa-d deposit will be forfeited bv The carty making the deposit upon failure to return the aforesaid drawings and specifications. The Board of Education of f rederick , beautiful elevation and vallev v.- Cou"ty reserves tne ngnt to reject any s rooms bath lavaiorr. large cU or all of the bids It is understood saace. attic, frame mocern dwell: that no bid may be for z new automatic oil neat svstem, 2 ,,p^nod of thirty (30) davs from the garage Duelling aapered and paint operirigdste ^^ e d interior in past vear Lot 80x20 .! EL GENS W PRUTTT. Secretary THE BOARD OF EDUCATION OF FREDERICK COUNTY COUNTRY HO1IES Jefferson 31 va at Braddock Height* I past vear Lot 80x201 ft~ aiso extra lot. Possess oa Septeml ber 1st. Priced for ouick sale- In,] c«ire nov. for aopoinsnent for spection " Country horse OP Route 240. seveiL south rredenck all modem 121 dv.elLiig. beautiful shrubberj-r good outou'lp-ngs 3 acres of lanc-l Possession to su-t. 12 room frame, all modem, autoj matic heat in country home aS , . , _ - , . ,, _ j Woodsboro good outoi^lfimgs. a] by the Plaintiff. Dorotny Howard recertly sa.ited excellent conditior _ NO 16433 EQUITY _ .. ,, Dorothy Ho\Tard Green vs. Nathan A Green The object of this Bui is to procure a divorce A VINCUZ.O . TWSgEATS'DlGGJN'fOPEM 1 " BABY CHICKS Top Quality CHICKS wui be needed this year to meet Increased production costs Producing Good Chicks is Our Business Maryland - U S Approved Pallorum Passed Hatchery TURKEY POULTS Broad breasted Bronze and White Holland Write for Catalogue and Latest Pi Ices. the parties were married in Sock- 145 acres .n t.aper Miod'»town Vail v-JJe. Maryland, on November S 19-S ? e; .-. 31 -cres .n" fine timber balaac.l 'by Rev Walter r, \%ili,ams a res- in sasture and cultivation. 9 roonl i ularly ordained iiimster of the Cos- 3 r house large bark nsrn on Bait ; P *V. t ?,f t -5!. e ^ pa:r * 1 ? S -, 11Ved v tOS T?.e r TOlk Ir a -* ct - S 9 500 for quick sale! until the tb day o; December. 19,5. Pos-essor ,a;e iall or A-=nl 1st. IS4S1 1 when the Plaintiff, because of tne O«-er f re farm= a-d co-jrtrt harsh cruel ar:a mhumsn treatment e cif. =ropert:e5 «KV of the Defendant, her husband, was home at thzs of?ce forced to leave the sa.d Defendant. ^·~^-'^ =l ~ ^v. BOtvLUS i taat the separation has continued un- Heal Estate--lTscra-c» Vjct .nterraptediy for -nore than e.ghtea-' : oO VT Cru-cn SL F-»der-ck. Md months snor to the filing of the 3C1 Phone SS5 " " of Complaint, is final ard deliberate ' ~Sa~es--=n and there is no't» expecta- Horace V A!e-:ander R L, 5 i tion of 3 reconciliation, tnat no chil- Pi-one S35 or 2274-1V 1 dren were bom as a result of the i | marriage: that the Plaintiff is a resi- i dent of Frederick County. Maryland. i where she has resided for more than _ _ one vear last past, that the Defend- ,,^J^ Strictly mdrr. N. W Section; i ant is a non-res'cent of the State of n " n i - e satn. fuB concrete eel " Maryland, whose last known address ' ar - na-aars tubs. G. I App Earlj was 2241 Twelfth Place. N W_ Wash- P 355 - ington D C The 3:11 p-avs tnat 6 TT "- -nar" Snek d'a.ell. Lccatec the Plaintiff be d-vorced A VTNCULO ' I "^-' T easy access to stores Interior MATREMOXH, and for general rel.ef exterior n ST* C conation Sarfc and process P oss Price ST 800 00 ' ^ It is thereupon this I Oth day of 6 -m modern s.ngle dwelling X nt Jure 19-18. by the C -Aiit Co^rt for Sect.on no: sir fuel o.i haat-ng plant' Frederick Covnt-;. sittms as a Court 100^-'00 lot Side ard rear entrain of Equity. ORDERED that the Pla.n- La"«e living nr with fireulace. " tiff give notice to the sa^d non-resi- P°J S Price SI3 500 00. dent Defendant of the object and 8 ^^ dwel" located 3 mi substance of this 3J1 bv causing a Sj.table for 2 familv oc' copy of the same to be aub'ished n cupancv 1 acre land 200 ft frontagt some newspaper pabLshed in Fredon KJ "° Ideal business location, i erick County, once a week for four 1" acres--5-bedroom mdrn dwel successive weeks pnor to the 10th J^rg frortirg on State highway jus day of Juls 1948 comn-.and.rg inm 5 mi'es from Frederick Stoker hezt to be and apoear in this Court, i- m'enor cf hoire in beautifal person or by solicitor on or before d tlon 2 car garage, bam and all out the 26th day of JiTy. 19-8 and sho-a, . build.ngs in f ue condition. Imaed, cause, if anv he has why a decree P° s s Priced to sel' should not be passed a* praved 2 ."our room dwellings located , ELLIS C V7ACHTER, 3 miles from Frederick Both owner- must move to othe- locations Botl- CHICK HATCHERY Clerk of the Circuit Court I rr for Frederick County » T Edward D. Storm Solicitor for Complainant Filed June 10. 1948. True Cooy Test ELLIS C. WACHTER Clerk dJe II 18.25-Jj 2,9 meed for quick sale-- S3 100 and S2 000 . M D HARP AGENCY Pythian Castle Building Phone Gordon W Spurrier--Broker Howard S Fink--Rep. Ni-M'SPAPFRl Ni-M'SPAPFRl

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