The Baytown Sun from Baytown, Texas on March 24, 1956 · Page 6
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The Baytown Sun from Baytown, Texas · Page 6

Baytown, Texas
Issue Date:
Saturday, March 24, 1956
Page 6
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lattlmiM Saturday, March 24, 1956 Bargains Galore Euery Day In The Bay town Sun Wans Ads! D;«! 1302 Di*l 1302 The B«yt«wn Sun W«nf-Ad R*tt* I 2 PT. 18 PL SAME RAT* M X dc«i ordiaary tyj*. rfAV»; RATE 44 3 lluei ot ordin»ry tyu* . I Oon»«:uttv« £)nj-» ..... , ........... Xic Sln<li iiumiont .... ............ **' I'tR U,t£ PER OAT Minimum Cn&rtt j un» AH Wins ACB must *ppur under their propei ctaE-iiflcBSIonB »no Tn« Bgytowt «>un reserves u» rtjnt to «o classify u>d edit nil K)«. Want A<1 noun 6 t.n:. to 5 p.m. Ad« placed nerore. io a.m. sppest in 'in* SUB that* affsrb-Kiii. C»rdi or Tna.0k> man AS Novices V3c p« U 1 *- 1. Used Cars for S»!» 1. U*ed Cart for Sal* TIP-TOP USED CARS 54 BU1CK Road Mastp , 2-:nne biUf ivory, loaned wnji itcc^SKi Drive This Car! 52 PLYMOUTH sn. N't iv tires. A $645 Fnrdnr ??rjsn. N't iv finish, prac- ticaily new tires. A good car. Thad Wants To Play Bail! He doesn't know it But —' We're going to throw Him a Curve! 55 FORD Fcrdor Customize wits r?d;o and Itsaler. $!5?5 53 FORD Fordor Feda^. Nice im-.5&. radio a.-d tsater. $750 52 PLYMOUTH Or>m er::h>. Extra c!«3 car, Soaded v ith pqui^TTieni. $645 JKFK BALDRIDGK EDGAP. BOEHME Higginbofham Motor Co. i 29 12 MarketS't. Ph. 8 (96 8. Houses For Sal* See These LINWOOD PARK Homes Today 149 UN-WOOD. ilS.SOO. Charming used bricK 3-b**drtH>ni home Living room I3x!5 ft. Large den Panelled in ratUiogany. Slidir.R glass noor frv.-n den io j>ai.lo Genera! Electric central hea:, h.iu?c er.£ine?rfrt for future .tsr- cont!;t!on:r.s. Attached i-nrage. GI and FHA loans available. 1X6 I.INWOOD. ''Sis.OM. This handsome S-liedroom home ha;» 2 lull t!:e hath.«. Birch panelling In kitr^:en and breakfast roonx Centra! heat, ducts and «'ir:nc Installed for air-conditioRtnic. r.ocfc wool insulation In ceiling and side v.-a!is. GI and FllA loans s,vaiiab;e. MAKKET STREET ROAD TO CROW .ROAD. THEN WEST TO LI.XWOOD Don Wyatt—Realtor PHONK »W1 i j CnEVROLET—1S53 fjdor. C'.esn, rood, j aiechasteal shaw. Flr«t S375.W tikes. i;,. See- at Clark's IVneeJ aad Brake Serf-. Ire. I4W i.firke; Street. 53 MERCURY d:o. __ Tie! $895 Tu<5sr. F.nflio. Jiester, 2-5 paiPt., white •»-"!! t:rei. I Sure Hope Thad Won't Strike Me Out For Letting You Steal! '40 Ford Coupe d conjit'on. 5NW.OO. Ph. S-1031. B.-^SOTO—194S fr nor. KaSie. seater, '55 license, pood ctiRdiiioa. on;y J193. A!.«o 19<7 BUICK. Judor. radio, hei'.er rle^r. »rotSR!w.n. - ,>5 iisensc. S15P. 505 Brisi- n-oc-d. Ph. 25i?. BAYSHORE MOTOR CO. Your Lincoln-Mercury Dealer 50 BUICK $295 49 MERCURY Fordor Sedan. Radio, heater. , overdrive, TvWie ^sii tires aad seat covers $345 THAD rcLTON « SAFE BUY U5ED CARS" Your Local Ford Dealer |. £_ Texas at Hiway 146 603 W. Texas' Ph. 2626 j Phon» 6950 BflOK— mi Taviera r-j-nafiTO- • "dio : CHK vaoI,ET-lSM Po^e^iinT Sdi^ t^s-iL^^r ^ - u .^n4^^^.:%^%^- r '°- YOU'RE SAFER Tom CHEVROIxKT — 39.W nwtllae Tudor j SivSun. Ne«- Iir,l^*i- Very c:»ir, Mr. j worth niurt mort :S».n our price of J39i. ."B'. i-ioiiaway Motor Co., Ferguson's Auto Ranch ^A.!~"r_ A._DL£)ftOit -* 700 t. Texas Ave. Ph. 9086 FRANTA MOTOR CO. Your DeSoto-Plymouth Dealer 54 DESOTO _ A Nice Car! 52 CHEVROLET^ J645 51 5TUDEBAKER """""" $245°' 53 FORD ViJpN^ ""$895° " 800 W.Texas Ph.3-1283 PAUL PRINCE BUICK CO. 53 CHEVROLET y^,., 51 BUICK . T'.oa/l r»'«ster Fortl^r. Radio, 'r.rr^t'-r. i '>•:.>. fic'-v, *-VJ-nr, - 'vh:t? 8 *"$745 52 BU[CK $445 HIGHWAY 146 55 PONTIAC ......... J1795 'S5n" fordo:, Hp.d!^. hto.r«r, rydramatir, po^'tr (>rskf 5. tvo- tf-n* j*a."3t, '.O-A- mileage, or.e •pwn*r. Like New: 55 CHEVROLET .......... SI 595 JJ»! sedan, .•^il ;3re;. TUCK REALTY CO. Bob Beverly, Realtor <00 N'orai Jones. Martin Addition now vacant, two-bedrooms c.siea porcR, Corner lot with. Cyclone fence. Freed to sell loOT Madison. Milfcydale N'o. 3 'you v-'lU '.ree a ^ost beautiful lysM' T>ant):e<2 den win aar.v tu'U-ln features :a tl>i» breeiv nro-bsd rwm hosi*. T09 SchiUios, Moir-s! Park. fn ia!I down payment, nice sire iwo- fea.-oom ton-.e. Oak fioorinp. sltisRiniim ".vlrriows and Paine Psnelaire heaiinic ryjtfih. Payments JW.oo a iccnth utth 4- p«rc*n: interest. 7H Pars, Morre'.S Part, swo-bertroosi none with ?.;!:orf,3tlt heatins sjftea and carpeted livbg room. £.327 ;erm3., Morreit Park, nest f-vo- Ifedroorn home. Good uoteniial bU5in*» property. Buy ••ea5on»Dl« equity jr. GI !osn. Payments of only per month" Buy a n«w Ol hone now ir. «"a!r Pirk nn Lons Drive. Bain and baif. thref-b'drposis. brick veneer construction. IJO-A- •COJT. ln«ce« :hes» fcotaes today ?nd ca'J. ««, TjOl K- Dyer, n country p:~r* 5n lo^'n. ?.cr^«5 '.fr^ railroad. 'wa-b-drtxTi hem*. A::ic fan. •"•aH-'.o-wnU c^rpirt in M'vir.i; an-1 dir=lnp ror»m. Ap3ros;ma:e]r 1 l/u zr es <!«o rsndv soil. Several j^cari trte^ Pariially fenced w;«i' Cvcloae feace. 405 W. Jack, a GI reposess-on, Tsco- t'tfdrooms. Terras. Massey-Torr.pkinji p.oad. a 7-roorn home with 2 baths. Nice site lot. Terir.s. 21S Rafer Street, Stewart Helphts. 5i.500.f>0 buys this two-betlrootn ho^ie on a corner lot. Priced un- fler the appraised value for a. qulcl: sale. 300 vv»*t Kusbie, near do^Titown GOOJS Creek btislse:: district." t^'o-t>edrfjom honie and ?ars(ce apar-.msnt on corner Jot. Let the r«r,t on Vn» apartnient help pay fo" the ho!i?«. Vi' Krarcls. Wlibum A<!di':pn. bur tre ^Qiii rl.^r \oij rc- yer-.r.* o!<t. 'B-ot!-«rt ^Qiiity in '.Mi. il t*{ the (w«t exp-c:. Atxiut 9 S. Ashbel Ph. 5474 Highlands Realty Co. NEW 2-beciroorr! r;Dm» en <ab. At*.;*: •IE. a" sartce. utility room, Lp.rre lot. Low riowTi pa}'ment. HiGHLANOS—i:04 C'.eir Ijik*. 3- r.M^i horse. Ver.ttiaaj. Kara??. S'icf ivrotied iot. Will ;«!! *?tilty. Consider trude. A. w. Hsmn-i. Healtor. 113 S. Mala Plion* K;?hl4r.<!-« 2-3251 or 4-1*11. 51 PONTIAC 50 OLDS S595 S2« Super "?5" ff>r<!or. FLa'J,", '-. r.;-«r,!:c. A C-ooi! 'Ole 60 OTHER BARGAINS TO CHOOSE FROM Phone 3-1748 or 8161 PLTMOL-TH—!9(% Ciub lo-*- njiieaee, "jl7;' J 1107 3'tr»'i.~. ph. Ernie Dittman Motors Dodge-Plymouth Dealer TIP-TOP USED CARS 707 EAST TEXAS AVE. Phone 7070-7007 3. Cars, Trucks Wanted 5! PLYMOUTH n. Uni'ln Ofif-<''.v;< $395 border ?ffian. Uni'ln fi.nd O-otxi T.rer. Ori**-<-'AT,tr. 2800 Market Street Phone 8214 CHKVKOI.KT K r^vr. rft^;ifv t lri'5 c.; f '. i'r Frank Woodard Motor Co. Aufhorized Ford Dealer USED CARS - ALL MAKES SKK HAP.KlN'lTON NT'S. 1KX.\S. - PH 1-:T5! CROSHY. TrXAl* - TK J*fl CKKVKOI.KT- 11' .">.'• Tudor "f," ?-1on». WKM> actu-T. Tn;le*. i-ovner. ffil ci.eap. MS AthiT. Tt»ir,t S-lH5fl STITiiKKAKKR ...... I I'M Champion V.ardtap rft»i\-en:l'ie \^ ove"'ir;-.e dfster »nd H'w i<'»! f overs, low miii-ncf. Just f681. J. B. Hollaway Motor Co. 700 E. Texas Ave. Ph. 9086 Reconditioned Used Cars roXtPLKTK .\SSORT.\fENT Willis Cobb Nash Co. H B!'T CAP.S-~P.rCKS —Any rr.o<J»l. :•'::•• •"vn'^T'.nn. Free *-s'JmMes. Call '.".". T!-:y Traj'lor Motor C'j.. Hiw,-.y f- l.".*"l I'arts. 2<-hour wrecker service. CENTRAL HEIGHTS Baytown's Quality Sub-Division For Colored 3-BEpnOOM.S. OAK FLOG".? DBU'XE KNOTTT PINE KIT- CKV.X. 7II.K rEATVRF.S KIT- CHK:.- AND BATI; SLAB DOORS " A T r P. A L TRIM I. iNnP^APKri C O N C r . >" T K riHiV^ .vrrp v.-vT.KS OX- CONCRETE STP.T.KTS. Bayt FHA - SI TERMS ex Home Builders Phone 5970 FRANCIS, M2 W.'—3-'J»flrt«m how». {;nl.«h»rj. JT.Vj.i 0 han-lln cve.-.-tM N'.-?n 5""'. 50 r.ontMy. For fnforinatr tihi-e !4.73. QTHKR LISTINGS HUMBLE. 715 EAST—J-hrdroom ho=i* !n coartlti'jn. J5.Vi.00 dowa. St'e'e McDinaM. phon«. 3-170A. 600 CHANDLER DRIVE GT e r ;u;rv in !hre»»-}>-^raom hnrne. 1-y^ir f'tl. y^n;it-:e option&I. Phone K2'~. HIGHLANDS—C07 ATenu- "E". new aai'de.-n 7-stor:." duplex. 3-t>»droomj! each. A ci.-galn. Call -iwner collect. J. H. T.i=pke. Houston V/A 8-17S3. HIGHLANDS — 210 !>. h-jriJ-.TOod fn. r^ntral Ntrrt, -.vo 2 -it-iir-"-. $5950. Ph. North floors, ROOM AND IOARO •y Ahtra Pr!l,VO CAlLEO XMP KE AS C-:'COl\l5 SV .TKeie N'SSTS WiTK E5SS AriE?; PA!T< £0 ITP LOOK Ll.<= TflEY W=.e£ IMP AS E NAME Or PU?FL£ W)fH 5LCH CKA(?5£5 OF CKiCANSeV A.v;r> 51 8. Houses for'Sal* 13. Acreage Wanted NEAR BAT—5-room house, double iraraye, 100x100 it, lot. Ideal year round sum- raer tfuse. Pier prlvileces. Ph. La Porn SS92. PRICE REDUCED TO SJ 5,000.00 A3! br'c's, ami pla.«i^r l^ti^if, Vt'^il- t5-\va.Ji earre*5. .it lie fan, floor furnace. Stautlfully finished in- :*ritir ^~ith f:r?placc. Slther £ur- n:?hf! or unfurnished. Also, fu - nished «:arag;e &i»arnnen;. ,7 rn!n- ute* ti-alK:nR distance to refiner;-'. Close to b»sin*ssts and churches, RUTH GP.IFK1TH PHONK ".970. NIGHTS 2043 TR1-CITT SEACH ROAD— (In Harris County), 6 -room modern asbestos aid- ir.p hc^e. H.ird?\'ood 'floor*, shsetrock Interior. On l*a acres land with 12,5* front- a?° on cii-jcrne road. 45?' deep and 1*2 V Trater. Al!' utilities dfe^ well. electric r*-inip. Ill t 5C-0. Estate. Th. 0340. E. Woodruff Real CORNER SiLLEHE AND IVY LEE Eva Maud Addition 3-SF.DP.OOMS. DEX. UTILITY BOOM". 2-3.VTHS. 2-CAR GAP^AGE, BRICK 1"ENEEK. AlR-COSDITIONED HOME NOW l.'XDEB CONSTRUCTION. BUT NOW ""-TILE TOU CA>T SELECT FLOORING AXD COLORS. E. F. Luquire--Contractor Phone 5000 or 7093 WANT TO LEASE—30 10 100 ncrss pasture or farm within SO mile* Saytown. M. H. Rouse, Box T61, Baytown. 14. Real Estate Wanted "Sparky" Bond - Realtor IF IT CAN BE SOLD WE CAN SELL IT! IT TAKM GENUINE "KJ<OW HOW" FO Finance The Sale Of Property In Today's Market "WE GOT IT" Ll»! tour Proptru Tor But V!0. Articles For Sal* Graves Furniturei Exch. 207 .S. Alain. BuylowB. i'h. J-1M4 Nice Lores 7-P!ece Blonde Dln- 1ns Itoom Suite $65.00 Clejjn Apt. Size 0.1* KanKC 4S.50 Ulonde Cetlur Client, Good Con- ilillon 121.50 Wrought Iron Swivnl TV Table. I.Ike Xew J 7.94 Xsw Oa;; Baby Bed, AiljuataiUle Sprlnga. Only ;. lUV.'iO Duncan Phyfe Olasa Top Coffee Table . . f 9.50 Xtce Walnut What-Not SlR-lf ... } T:M 6 C>i. Kt. Strv-el Gas Refrigerator, Good Condition J4J.OO Quick Cash for Furniture BIG BARGAINS New and Used Appliances ELECTRIC RANGES, two v«ry ffoou rinKej .. . f4v.r3-ttiv.ltt. PANELAIR3, two unite, 05,. 000 BTU. JKicb 1150.00 US2U SKKVEL. refrigerator! (otn«r«) priced irom I3U.9A to J5*.»t> USED GAS RANGES (»ev«rt,l) Priced from |1».«3 to 149.84 Harper Gas Appliance Co. »30o MARKET DIAL B387 DINING ROOM SUITE— 5-Piece oak set. J30.00. Phone 7521, sp- ply 520 Morrell, FREEZER—20 !!. chest !ype. like new. J250.00. 704 Oak, Highlands. Paorw t-136V. Klghlsnds. "Sparky" Bond— Realtor 907 S. Main Dial 8248 LET us HANDLE TOUR PROFERTT Sales-Irisurance-Rent»l« Collections. Keystone Kitlty Co. fiallty and Stewart- t)UU 1-1723 15. Business Opportunities •x-ir -y. HtOXUIH r7.. ^.(*3 r..—o-larce rooms dcwn- :-rpo—,s uju;a!rs. tile bain. 220 v»r.«:iaa h'Jr.sjj doui>> pirate. f:. lot. Priced right. C.tii Steele Id. pjioce .1-1704. Apartment Houses FOR SALE Ftsrajjlifd or unfurnished, 100 East Sferlinc. 100 E^st DeFee. Very tow down Sanitary Special FuU St« Rebuilt Innersprtng, .. J15.00 2-Twtn Silt Rebuilt Inner^pring.t, Kixch ;. , J15.PO :-H»llywwil Bed Vrnmrs. Each . .$ J.Ofl 4-Twir. Size .Plwile Heodhourd?. Each :. .} S.Ofl ; SUe Used Springs. Eac-h . ,J 7.50 1-Twin Size Roil-a-way Bed with Tnnerspring: Mattress .J23.00 1-Twln StM {79.SO Orthopedic Innersprlns J40.00 1-Klnj Sire dSQxgni Bed with Legs. Rc(f. 1129.00, Only : J»».5U Sanitary Mattress Co. IOCS S. PRUKTT PHONS 207» HEATING-AIR CONDITIONING FlE7 TERS—AyiMjiblt In nil sties. AIM fiiter cltantnc service. R. A M. Filter Btrvice. Snc. Ph. 3-2309. «M. HOMK .FREEZER, 500 pint*. JIO.OP. Bis Chwf Super Mark-el 710 West Main, Bayiown. HOUSEHOLD GOODS — Dishes, pots. pans, linens, blanket*. oJdJ and endj. Cheat!. Ph. 3-1929. 1615 S. Pructt. Home Improvement Loans Easily Financed On Remodeling. tions. No down Repairs, payment. Sheley Lumber Company :M9 MarXet Street. Ph. 59SS 20. Articles For Sale J'OWKK MOWKR3—See the new Toro Powrr-hnnd|« with 2-Vj h.p. cnRlnc to fit 21" reel mower, 20" sclf-propetlod rotarj- inowrr, edger or tiller. Also com- nlet* line Toro Whirlwind or reel mower*. BATTOWN HAKDWARK co. a-i2» MARKET ST. PH. J97S USED WASHERS— UP At little as I'.OO ptr week. Wliltconib's, 325 il. Texas Av«. "V" HELTS. PULLKYS—Any kind or refrlgcraton, alr-comlitionlng, pumpi, compre.ijora, waihers, Bttlc nod window fans. Over 3,000 belts in .nock. Maiscy Electric Co., S23 6. I'ruett. Ph. 2058. WINDOW FAN—30" In • first class condition use<l ono summer. 711 Lloyd Drive, Glen Arbor. >*n. S247. _____ Spring Paint Special FKFr'S ft. step ladder, regular J4.93 value With purchaM of -l-«altons Martin- Senotir out-side palm. Offer good for March only. Use Temple's Budget Plan IP redecorate your home,' Temple Lyrnlwr Company. Phone s,.>6. iw~PE]irv?iEEK. buys •> new Rnnlngion portable typewriter at Malhernt's. with no down pai-n;ent. If you have cash, we II out-dM.l anybody. Try us. ' 10:00 To place paper. To a.m. Is The Deadline vour VV»nt-Ad for tomorrow'! ' r«t. hire. c«l! SJ01. 22. Articles Wanted HIGHEST PRICES—For u-recked cars. We buv and sell scrap. Public scales. Baytown" Iron * Mttal Wi-rks, 900 Alexander Dr. Phone S037. Want to Buy GOOD MILCH' COW. PHONE' M71. 21. Unclaimed Freight 35. Services Offered 1.AVVNMOWKR3, SJlAni'K.NED. HE- 1'AIKED—l-'arts and service for Qrlfga- Ktrntlon Knd Clinton motors, Plck-un. dt- IK'cry. Ph. 2603, J. U. Wllllami. Hou« No. S, Bayou Plpcllno Camp. LAWNMOWKflB, bicycles ropairtd, mow. era slijtrnennl, used mowers lilcvclea lor sale. Pick-up and dellverv, j '"* j Kupalr Service, 803 N. Commerce. Ph. 4i^l)5. .MOVlNf:— Local and long dl.nancf Ex- wi men, modern enuinmont. MOVWR. ami Tra nB - , Bonded, a n, Coker . SOW. nl(thw Want More Business? Let people know what you do and wh»r» you ure iliroupi it Want-Ad. You'll 6. iurprlsed RL the cost, hippy OVtr ,£! reaulu. Dial Rails todiiv *"* • •— -1—rl .1.... I j.,_J_._. - -aTT..Z^_:^^. Roaches and Termites? DON'T KUSS-CALL UB Guaranteed^rest^Control. Pt,. <»03. rnilfei, Scissors sharpened btli«~ h^-" dSSe-^W'V' '" m ""="«"R wVu-up- am>«o. Ftnton't Buttoti Shop. Ph. 2934! Phone TRACTOR after 4 . . . SS3T aft*!-, coo 451 Coburn. WATER water WELL and WELL Induilr.'jil ! for Berkley ; It'll). J DniLLL\'0-T r System,. Jtnnlsche, nnone B. W. II build ETHRlDCE CONt*/. : your 8148. CO~ «no 608 JACK HEARD'S UNCLAIMED FREIGHT ShouW Sell , Main. ln Ph. iplete. well zeri-icc, HiRht.-ittdi 2-1762, 40. Apartments For Rent BAYSHORE apartment. COURTS — i Plo«- Polnis. !'p >"rom ....S .«5 l,-,^,,. „ I 1,25 Minnow Plicitet.i .51.00 !,.%., } ».oo T-C!othes Line Poles. Karti $3.» I 1Z..W Cast New .;...•. .J9.SS S 4.00 White Otitxidx Pnin: . ..',". 12.95 542S.OO Double Door Cafe Ranee 1150.00 Jark Heard Furniture Cornp,lny 12 Wrst Pefee Street. Bnytown Phone <9S2. momn. Phone S7n. ROAD, 2S22— furcjjhed aj.artiscnl, |«0.0o 23. Articles For Rent 1301 Cypress STOP LO$ING~MONE~Y! Si 1 ", • V :»«lcle3 throueh Nst ,rt, only 11.02. Coll'MOJ iL POWER TOOLS--RAt».« ni sonnble. Kuhn'j Cllmltlicd PMnu. i Crajn's Rrrjla.1 Equipment * Supaly. 700 i W, Cltvtlind »t Biyleu. Phocw 9498. 25. Livestock & Supplies H. ?~™r>i^'ng eotxi htrelnes? ' You Need This Home IT WILL PAT ITS OWN WAT PRUETT STREET Turnsfhed horn* with ttire? fur- r.:,«he'i apartment on the same Jot. Private balh in each. Shown Only By Appointment n. WILKENFELD. PKONE 3-17H Beautiful Ptumwood OI equity In hum-. See T>o' fleid office or ; ihr?*-bei3room R'cliarrfi'on at hnn- 5!29. MORRELL PARK 2-Bedroom House and Lot $6000 value for $4500. Terms. Phone 3-2740. . take cur vt;it. Tf pi:. H:!y; tr;i»le. v.'^^v s. Ml'c.Vi1'« le 3-1744. j r'tid- tl2M; .rjrr. r.ate?- B Cnts or 17. Money To Loin UALLIN'3 PAWN SHOP—11& W. at, Mon«r lo«Ji»d oa PlstcU, P iko^jruas. Catnenu, Bl&ocul&rs. Mu Inftrumcnu. Or »1J! Buv-S«ll-Trsd«. 18. lnr-,« RATBORN- JOHNSON AOENCT Savir^^ to policy hoMert. Ktre-AuSomoMle-LiAbUlty. ISOI Ittrket Street. Phon« 80M. WE H.AVE TJ'-ADED FOR ••A Bl'Nl'H" OF I.'.SKD TKI.EVI-ttONS .1 ay r.l;-k>nn'.« R^.dic * TV. 313 E. T«.-s -uov.r, or BESnix TELEVISION" 20. Articles For Sale COMPLETE LINE Eclipse Lawnmowers Rotary and Reel Typt SUNBEAM LAWNMOWERS Self-Propelled Rotary Low Down Payment 12 Months on Balance . HOME LUMBER CO. 800 E. Tex*$ Ph. 824 CATTLE BKSEn'.NG—Uarrli Co. Ar-,1- ISreetitnp A<;<1. ,\!A-3-IU'V-. DaviiS C. Wll!::ini.«. ArJrrjul B »c<Ji!:fc; C'.M!5iij;nRl, 26. Pets A Supplies BIRDS—Cagel. >tand9, nupplies. troplcAU, le* weed, aquariums, food. etc. Alto, sift iteaz. HrPonaM Bird Haven. Bob Smith Road. Crdar Ua^o 1 ,!. Fhono 3-12TZ. OAlI.LAitD, 303 NOS _ apnrsment, Privi>t» Sn L ! . ! '.' I;M ' s ^" '" !r "'»nUi. ^ nnd entrance. Adults ynl;-. v-Nic«~"3r™,i;" "' ( .'or ,iay «'< iiif.^ P.Tiil, CO^IT nR\^ly $450 Movej'You In AMCO CHAI.X .LINK 65c per ft., italvaniied. Free estlrnat*.". no doTi payment, 38 mo. to pay. Ph. T532 d«y or — Kec "Thln-Llnr" Carters! E)e?im: or.-luhr.'r. OrislnMlv priced s th- new roo;n air- i J3SS.83, To $907. -.:e'», 324 Avenue, Or»»n -»t s:r*et TKP.P.-'C D.ii:y 'Til KOMKS Dark turn a! t In W« Wol- PRAi.rriCALLT ::Z',V 5-room. tifui* and ^versfy.r lot <-n Carolln.i PT. nf-v Catholic church snd school. IWiO 00. Ph. 4SS1. ALfM'N'TJM SCREKNS ANT) FRAMK8— No -t:tt. no paint. C-JSIO.TI made any «lte Ch^np. Ol(i screens repaired and re- wtrei. Cnif Coast Venetian Blind Co.. <>6'ii? Bayway Dr. Baytown. Tex. Phont NO CASH DOWN '•: K.n! Murri':!. For drtall.< :on-. H. U';:icfi:fp!d, 3-174«. 9. Lots For Sale Roseland Oaks Homesites Jvots Jn Bayiovra's most ftcautllul wr>od«d rection. Acme Realty Co. Ph. 6138 T. W. Wilks, Realtor dniin. attic '^oit. IKIP! hnr]5*. f 3-1501. Highlands, j 5 ir HO1?E- Corn»r In!. jarsKe. r*. hfaur!f-jl tr*-^-s. A «ac Iflf.e. -j'.^ 1 ; ji'ltmrUn;: vjirsnt lot for B«." Hhannon. 1216 T:ip«n. IOWA. 322o_Tivo-b-d.-oom home. FHA l^an nvsHiKie with low down payment. 5300.00 moves you (n. Call H. B. Fulmcr, phone M-,3. MILK EAST OF CROSRT— Nice 7-room hon-.i>. n;t?ro*imatc!y one ac f. Modem. Prir'rj ^f'.ou- appralrrl m 53700., 3/2 down. O^'ri'r. J. C. Havar'i. 8. Houses for Sal* i SCHOOL COURTS— Nev.- 3-b^Or7om ho^ne. Do-il^'e x j a'.l :!> Bath-. Itltchen-ilvins, . Pi-.'.ne 7292 or 6700. large Roseland Oaks R.?vt"*.vr,'« Most HUauM.'ul Sub-d'.vlB!on. Alene Fayle Thomas PHONE 5)103 B I'SHORK LOT—4 mlle« An*h::ae. Private channel «-*ter. Ph. II. A. Morehead. 1633. south of to deep Anihuac. ATTiC FANS (NEW1—<2" Quiet-Air, with n:i :ne:,t; priil, lime switch. 165,f>0. K. G. K'.n-vr.c Cn:n?any. Ph. 3-H»7. 31.8 K.'.-.r.c. BASEBALL PLAYERS tv-iaon Hnsfh.i?! ?hof«, chrome tan calf hirti 1 . rc^-.ilitr f«..Vi, now 16.25. Jim Nelson Sporting Goods BOAT. MOTOR~~TRAILKR —2S"hi Evin" r'idr. It f'.. Tellow Jacket, perfect. Call 9!7ii or see at ins Ashhy. BEAUTIFUL BAY LOT HCOTT6 BAT 100 f«t «•:<•!? and ,Vi'i feet rte'.p, J-'or quick lale S32i0.oO cash- KPDIK COX PH. 3-K.O-f OR 929S ARBOR STREET 503 BLOCK 3-Bedroom Homes Z r.r.v cor.--"*'tft1')nKl hulit homes on *>0'x }W lot?. Tiifcze ,-ire not pre-/.i.brlra-led! SeillriR r.t the old nypratpa! p.-'re. KJA Tcrrr,^. Atirac'ive pain: colors IK all homes '-*r\'<, Kf>c* )iardwo,>d floors. OI'KN SAT I'.M. A I,:. DAT SL'NDAT «T APPOINTM55NT-PH 3-1S15 APPLY *M j. P.KOK THREE-BEDROOM HOMES '.02 H?n'^y Str«**r t . nr a r .".'•hoil, r'-.-*- nciiKhborfiood. H a r t!! v.- o o d fi'/'iry. noor furtiat;*. r/ J . r -e lrVi!««in»in. roo<! homf find .'r.',""'n' > pro;>pr:y. Xurnlihfj (rrir- n •/ f fc p'-.i r i rr.* n '. n t rt 3 r . Bo 1 1 1 : now va'ri-nl. 18600.00. JL/j\v flo-^ n par- ;,i-" v.i-ft of Cflrfar rtayo i .j 'i'K'f] rr.intraia. Shows l/y Acme Realty Co. Ph. 6138 T. W. Wilks— Realtor ALABAMA. 180Z—I-b»Croornf. 1 RBtr.j. mshwasher. coait4»le carpetlnif, 2-ton ulr-condltioner. central hent. SXacned K8rs*e. C»ll rt52 to «ee after 4:30 p.m. BELVIEW DRIVE—Out North Ma.:n past ».-,r5«ri. vconil street fffl left, fourth -.iK M lef:. Two bedroom*, fttf.e f»n, itrai M.-sr'.ae. cor.cre-.e flab foundation On Jfi')r;37' lot. Will sell furnished or unfurnished. B'.'SCH TKRRACB—Co.-Twr Hurklns and •'yer y £t* . 4,rwm ho-j?f <, ' SPECIAL! Central Heights Baytown's Finest ADDITION FOR COLORED Pre-Opening Specials h v;r. HAVE THREE HOMES IN CKNTP.AL HEIOIITS. WHICH IK r.ouoHT BKPOP.E OI;P, ORAND OPE.VING ON MARCH 23, V,'E WILL PLANT Absolutely Free 5 BLOOMING AZALEAS These Plants Are Now At Their.Most Beautiful Bracewei! Const Co. 2111 Ontario Ph. 2308 TO BK MO'.T!:0—Cedar Baj-oa. Crosby Road. I^rge 3-room house, larfce w«.)k- c!o«u. oak floors. A barmln. Thon« oeso. NOTHING DOWN 302 Kill «tew«rt. For dttoJl phone H. WiHunfel4. J-J744. Tr>- St TO BB AMOVED— 3-bedrwsrn house. C»il Vt. lifter StC>ft p.m. NO MONEY DOWN 20 HaJl Murrt'.l. *nr delailt phor.e H. Wllktnfel^, J-1744, PARK STREET—Retwe.n HlBhlnnd» nntl (-Corners. Ln 73.50x17* ft. Price S42.-i.00. Large trees. HlnilLAVDS—.Sout.'i 6t:i Strfft. 100 x200 /T. lot '.vlth mony lar^e t »e.i. h!Kh and well rir.ilried. ?I700.00. Trrmr, or ca^h. Avey's Real Estate & Ins. 613 Batt:cbfl! Rd.. KlRhlandj. Ph. 3-1451. BROWNWOOn —On Crow Road. ".=, acre lot for 51750.00. for Information phone BROW.vWOOn ADniTION—Well locnted overf'.if lols. JxiU of tre»ri. Will fovitM for votj u:Jinc yr/u • plans or win furnish I'lons. Idr;.l BiiiidTs Supply. Ph. .1970. JSROWXWOOD — On Baj-dh-vre Drive. heautlfwl Iree filed homeslle. JOOxISO fi.. Only ',r,r >fi In. area. OOOO.W). Sparky tsond.-R«aUor. 507 i^. Main. Dial 8248. priced, terms If de- acre W. n.irK.-iln sired. Phone 5331. JIIOHI.ANDS— ".•!. Main. 4 v.-av fron'.nKe. residential Pli. HiRh!.ind< 4-1151. lol«. 200' hl- LAKK'.VOOD — (New f';I Wfrfj'Ied U'jm Sir* 1 ?; nni. two frfj'Ied U'jmesM'-^ near IT-"-] rlpht. Sparky !"/7 S. Main. Dial S24R. liond — NEAR A.NGLETON r --Lahe AAska, country r!ub r»cr»atlrm for entire family. NVar lake and park aren. Pn. 3-2878. XORTH RIDfJK D7JIVB— Ixit 8J fwt wld». 123'4 fett deep. Bell for only $700.00. Call H. B. yulnw, 9«33. WOOSTEP. HKIGHTS™ " 7 arre on SchrecX 3-135'!. L. Q. Arnold. HOT WEATHER Soon Be Here! $EE us FOR RCA PHILCO FEDDERS ADMIRAL VORNADO GENERAL ^ELECTRIC AIR CONDITIONERS KOVAR APPLIANCE CO. 221 E.Texas Ph. 5004 6012 Bayway Dr. Ph. 7383 GUNS! BROWNING AUTOMATA Ai Low Ai $121.50 Use Our Lay-Away Plan NEW and USED Guns Motors and Guns For Rent REYNOLDS 2412 W. Main Phone 5009 Culpepper's Used Furniture £'mT.r,r..t H|rte-A-R«d V.'lth iV:::i, riartli; rover . t A*.95 \ fl-P[*e** DlrytiK Room Hultj with huff'! nnrt china 5119.0i MahOMivs 9 • Pier. Plnir.5 Koom Still' With iluffet and China . .52I.Y10 Walnut 3 - p>c<. Br^lronm Kii!; . .. . . . S (,'>.no !-Pn«e« V.'A Room Rill!' S SO.05 n»!«f TV Chair .. , S I4.9rj W»li>«: KnO Tables . . . . . S .'i.9H Detroit Jewel Gns Rarr;^ , S 49.90 15 N. Commerce, Ph. 5915 I'.VP.KOTT FOH SALK— Tininff yellow ii'Rrt. Btclnntnc '•« ts'.K- *IO C^bura after a p m. All il»y Samrtar, Sunrtay. TROi'ICAL FISH—Zebras, '!": pair. Alio .•UiUftrium rlantfl, Wishing Wtll-Kloweni t Pen 30rt K, Teius Ave. Phone M67 27. Poultry A Supplies . xpartment ivaler p.ild. Ph. Baytown <V Hu^tLEn^T—w;-^, S39 j '.--°i'!:_i <0 j._S 0 !!!l !r _ P"'"" 1 ^-" I i.VntA.VA. 32iit>T4^3^3nriornbhed Hatcher/, Ced^r Bayou, 28. Plants & Seeds ILLINOIS. 331:. -.- 3-rooraj nnd l, •lufl'* Bpartmirni. (urnl.-he.l w.ite- »f 5(0.00. *|.nrk.v Hond-ResUor. nV. Week-end Specials Bud, Oal. Can, Mec, 7Sc Oal. Can, TBc . JO.VF.S, 111 X. ... t'n; n^'l hath ^l;h FnraK Jfn-i.-ky Hond, UeaHor. "JON KS'"'~ T:~~ N-" ~Z" T '. S4.-, 01 Phone ,S2 month. . K'C. S'. nottlebrarii. !'.!« f'.iper Pltj.. VvrantiliM, K't. Sl.l'i GT.inlURu. <" fots. KtR. 7.'.c Li:lle*. Hire Roo:. Each .11.18 ,$1J9 V/.nich For Your 2nd. Anniversary Sale LEA'S NURSERY ;;n B,ij-»hore Dr. I'll. 30. Top-Soil—Fertilizer FLOWER TOIL. FILL SAND—TOP loll. c!:im thell. bay Krnvel for driveways, parkins lots, clay and i;unit>o. DraRltnc. C. E. Meadows. Tb. 9073. Oak Livinq Room Suite 2-Pierc, $20.00, Ph. W3S. SAVE JSS On Building Materials 2x4 8 ft. Rr $75.00 per M. ft. 1x12 Fir Shiplap 67.50 6" Mall Saw 29.95 Britten-Cravens Lbr. Co. 2609 Market St. Ph. 8265 MAGIC FORMULA pin tnlng For pin money, CLASSIFIED ADS. To •ell tnlngB you don't n*«d for cfuh. dial 8302, We'll b* Kind to bill you. Baby Bed and Mattress Also ch«»l of ilra»-er». rnone S-10J5 or nt 1201 fi. Pruett. HOME FURNISHINGS— Four compleU . rnom.i IncludlnR runce nnd re,frl|?erator, J3M.50. WK TRADE Morrison Furniture Co. «ns W. Tcjtns Ave. I-hone 23M, Ktre«t. Phoni! 11. For Sale DUNN P.OA»--Just off Cnxty TMI?.. .1 acre with 2-b?<1rooni house. lnr(c« 6tn. vt o r V. t n o p. Prtci! JiVXWl.OO. Also. 1 acre ana 4-room house, iemo^el*'! and fu fc/r J<5W.W. TF.RMS, CUFF LKWI8-PHONB B KTWE v cr's unimproved land On fi». TWi ft. facing hiway. $100.00 «re. C, H, M;I!«r. Phone WH, p« NEW U.S. STEEL PIPE Quality Wholesale «'• Black 1134.00 '.4 Inch '. '. I1I.M % Inch »!«.!* 1 Inch 1*3.30 1<4 Inch §31.00 l',i Inch 137.00 2 Inch •. I49..'i0 ,•>. inch . *101,<V) 110.00 rOTi YOUR OLD WATErt HEATER ON A NKW 30 OXU, 10 Y?:AR BAYTOWN PLUMBING CO. 2609 W. Main Ph.4926 str.t! Bout BOAT—IT ft.. SO h.p, Bvlnrurte, trailer, steering wheel, parts, etc.. needs work. Phone 5701. 9x12 Linoleum Rugi $4.95 Morrison Furniture Co. 4<» W. TWXAS—«T. MM CONTKNTS OF SECOND-HAND STORK — Erovej. electric »ox««, mo«er«. '.h»irs. Miscellnnfom. .V»7 Toi-tinl>«rry 8t. BABY BEI>. sollrf birch. m»ttrt»« xnd Thc.yer hlrch ch:ffernb< > . Excellent SnrrlflC'. PI). S577. ROOM RLTTB— and Yrorftt, 175. Tnon'. *OM, West a Lion Fence. RSc per ft., 30 month* to pay. No down payment. Cnll «0u9, Clmi)* W. Smith for vitlrnaiea. BUCCANKKR OUTBOARD MOTORS K»sy Rank Notej \V. D. "Bill" Btrlpllnn 718 K. Humble at Hlway 148. Ph. 3-iu53. FOR KFKICrKNT OrFICE WORK—Wil»on-Jones ledgers, ledjer jheein, colum- n-*ir p^ds, multi-column bookn. And tOOl other Items at Mnihtrne's In Bnytown San Bidic. MOTORCYCLB-- H.ifl'y Davlrtnon 101 >. Oood condition. f2S<i.OO. See nt 2.'|2:> Carolinn. Publicize Your Product Through CLASSIFIBD ADS! Whatevv your off«r. nomthody't lnt«r«it«l. To fench prospwt.i illil •102. IMPROVE TOUR HOMK—TlO» I loans make It poi*ln!e to rep»lr, Tt»oS«\ xnd *<M to your present home on e»»7 nunthly pnymentii! Call ui for Inform»UO»l. Prtru:« I^imber Co. Phone Buytown 3-122* POWER PT.ANT—1000 wntt with «mr 1 h.p. Clinton eiwlne, mn only !• hotifn, 1170 cttfth or tfrmi, Phon* MO* after 8:00 p.m. electric, $25.00 np. Rinir<.i. $10.00 up. Scott 6mt and Appllaai;* Compginy, 11* K, T«m Avenu', P.»y*wn. Ptiont 2018. , Fhone »3,Vi, MOWKR !!>(• new, $1»S.OO. 120 EMI 7TFKWRITER*—Jf«w »n*l mv.A. ftwt Lddlnc mftchfnfs, tyviwfttffs At B^y* town Tjr«*rtl€?' Kxch»at», *0» Kert* MlUn. Phnn* 2*71, 35. Services Offered AAA RENTAL 8ERV1CS— I.CHV- ln« townT Let 11.1 r<-n\ your property for you. We aecure tenant*, collect rentji and malntnln property. Absolutely depcndab" Rcn- soniible lentf. *'8pnrky" Rond-RyMtor, * 907 South Main. Dial SHU. Minter Drive-In Cleaners I-HOUR SERVICE New Detrex-Perc Cleaninq CORNER MINNESOTA—3S2B MARKET ACROSS KROW MBA BUILDING We Give S.&H. Green Trading Stamps BRAKK SERVICE. WHEKL ALIGNING— BiUnnelnr, Out-ot-rouml tlren mn<I« round nKRln. Clnrh'f Wheel nnil BraXi Service. 2400 Market Street. Phone SI37. I3ULLT.)07,1NQ. lunfl clunrlnK nna roart ruttlnc. Liozeri and m.-ilntnlncra. any Bin. iaeknoft TrucWnK Co., norne phone .1112. PUSH YOUR SERVICE Throurh Cla«slflert Adj. B.iytown Hun Want-Adi arc rend, followed by thousands dully, 1302 In placo your ml. Custom Picture Framino M. H. 8h*ltoR • 1.1 Moirell. Phon* <l\ll. DANGER!! Ttnniieg At WorkT O«lttr let U.I check your house for fn.nt worklnc pe*ti. For rnv estimate Ph. 3-5S01. KAMIL BLECTK1C APPLIANCE REPAIR Smnll uppinnen exn«rtly repaired, work «nr«nteed. Hpeedy service, economy co«t. ill K»»t T«n>, J>hon« 7382. KLECTRIC MOTCTK nEfAIRS »nd rt- wlndinf. Any kind or ulie. Modern W|iilp>««nt, ^unllfltd tnechnnlcs. Mutiny Kltetrte CO., »2S *. PniHt. Phon« 7»81. HOMB BUILDING - RKMODELTNG— lV>.' *nd fompietft lonn sf'rvlre for FHA-G1 or Com-ftntlona! hulit homes. Ideal Builders Supply. Th. S970. Jamti J. Stipe Cvmtnt Co. Re*!Kii)*Mt yrlcci, tn* tutlnutet. typ»» terfitmt worll don*. Ph. Z87S. All N*w Momet Remodeling t. interior rftnodn- All purjww cAmraetlnt. »*, roofi. *itwsro» wmnK, cswwtj. Work ' mrantnd, (m «jninMt*i. No dnwn j-m'M. M MmtM to f«r. *. '. Kuntr, Bond —RMKor. Phone S24 ! 1Z ~ VE8T~Fur^i7he7" ' 3-room J0 . XK! ;.. '. n & NOnTH--Kj:'tr» nice 'qTsel furnished j-room duplrx with En-ire Adult.1. Apply ,107 N. Jones. Ph. 7SM ' i.oniT. MOI.' inj K.-l.-nfnrnlsTicd rtun nt with S .irn K e. Phone 224H or MAIN. s«i: W.....NIC". .Mean I-bedroom «nfiirnl«herl nnr.ire ananmenl. newly 0917. fh. ilecor.itr APARTMENT CI.KAN. CLOSE IN. REASONABLE APPLY 21R WEST I.OBJT MAKVLAND~70»' 2-rnom furnlfhed Phone -19:5. duplex npnrtment. Nice Phone M6R. 3--oom unrur- Car K>rt MICHIOAN. : nlshrri gam All tilll.i MA~IN. S1 T~ NORTIWhroom furnished apartment. Utllltlej paid, coupl« only. Apply .name nddrejj. nge, 31fH H-Lovr rcflnlshed 2- rnom unfurnished apartment: *ar- blinds, nmple closet space. Ph. 28C2. PUUKTT, 3in 8.— (-room tumlidwit npart- meni. titllltlei j.nlj, Knrace, window fan. tulv.-Uts liath. Ph. 2117 PRUKTT AND MIRIAM—Nice furnished nps'trncnt, 3-roomi and hatli, upstairs. For Information phone 3-200P. STEWART. .1)3—Furnished garaRe ap.irt- nienl. Water. Rn» paid, J«.00. Couple preferred. Phone ^32l. STEHLINO. 210 E. — i;nfiirnl»h(>d ap.irt- ment, 3-roonis and Imth. J3o 000 per month. Sparky Hond, Realtor. «248. STIMSON. aift'l-^CIean^urnilihed' "siiraKe" np.nnment. With Bnr.TKe. WolklnR distance of town, close to schools. S40 month wntr-r and garbage paid. Phono Abo Rnseniwels, 2003. After 7 p.m. phono 9320. SCHILLING, ]00~Down.italrs unfurnished npartment, 3-room.i. bnth, Karncn, 4- unlt_apjiruncnt bWg. Ph. 2327 or 4437. WISCONSIN. 3202—3~Tnd~4~~room cican" npnrlments, prlvnta bath. J<0 to J80 month furnished. r*i;. 4JJS1. WKIOHT, 20fi K.—4-cnom unfurnliilied saraKB aii.irtrncnt with rurnKe Cloa« In. Phmio 3391. Low Rent Aoartments Furnished or unfurnnhert nrart- mrntii, SM.OO up. H. Wllkenfcld, Phone 3-17M, Bnw-o bedroom apartment.i with tile balhs. knotty pin» *ltcn«ns. atllc <nn, central heating. Iic- jlrable. locations. Call n. D. Wllllam.1, Ph, 3* 1307. NICK, CLKAN—l-room iinrurnliilietl cnr- (iKe np.irlment. centrnily located, refined nelRhhorhood. On.i, wnter paid. Apply 1102 Edison or pli, niO«. CLKAN—Mirnlshcd dpirtment. Clone In. 140.00 monlh. Phon« 3-1270 nfter t p.m. Days phone 7008. - ' WKITTNO. IS SOUTH—Lnrcn 4-room furnished ap.irimenl. Gi\ta((e, e.entrfil he.,\t, fan. Call Mr». Greer, 0029. FURNISHF.D niJPLKX. 4-room«, iitlli tlf»., K.irane. Slnftln. J:>0. month: eou- pl« 155:. 511 W. Humble. Ph. «515. 41. HouMn For Rent BOWTK, 110— S-hedrnom tinfurnl.iheil hoii.ii>. FOR SALF, OR REMT—811 C»rn«(5«. 2- htdroom honse »niH farsfw. Small down pnyrnen'.. carry tcM loan. |.1700.(» or I.W.60 WnAth. fTioti* «*<l w »-f*H.

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