The Sandusky Register from Sandusky, Ohio on December 15, 1955 · Page 38
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The Sandusky Register from Sandusky, Ohio · Page 38

Sandusky, Ohio
Issue Date:
Thursday, December 15, 1955
Page 38
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M lieOISTERSTARNEWS tAMnikr. O., Thiirs., n<>r. 15, IflSS m, NMIII PM tULI Clarence F. Noftz tiMurance tt Real Egtnfe Broker ^10 W. WMhlngton St. _Phone xl 27 MfOWniLs AND BCARE Redltori KtLLBY BLOCK, MILAN OHIO rhon* Milan 0.38S4, Huron 4747 J. P. Stlert, Milan B-a.131 Alberto Moore, Milan 9-i39t K. W. Beare^ Milan »-.1«4t Ralph F. Koch ; Inaurance—Realtor lOft W. Monroe St. Phone 4 ,'i2i 31. lOATS AND aCCESSORIES rOH RENT BOAT WELL 419 Anderson St. WILLARD A. MEYER K turance and Real E. Jefferion St. Eatate Broker Phone 37,19 BERT MARTIN REAL. ESTATE W Madiaon St 1011 BROKER Phnne 4234 W. Bailah, Realtor Motorist MutunI insurance Cnatalia ,'i-.')9.17 Geo. J. Oswald, Realtor 424 42nd St. Phone 224fi Alta Dildine Barnes Real Eitate Broker—Inaurance '709 Hancock St, Phono 7^9 NEW \9f}f) EVINRUDES Fullv Ounrantrcrt \iy Evinrurie .1— l <1.'i5 New 7' 2 hp ' *2nn 2—1!),-).-) New i.T hp $,inn 2—in.'i5 New 2.'i hp clpc 1i470 TJSKD KVINRUDK MOTOnS Rccnnfittlonpfl nnd Gu.irnntcrd 2—If).^4 2.'-) hp clpc .sinrt I —Iflnri 2.'i hp $2(!H 1 —1!),'-.2 2.'-. hp with cnntrr>).9 .^a:?.'! Smaller hp motors ,')!27 .'ifl-SI.'lO See our slock of Now ^ Used Boat.s SANDUSKY BOAT CO. E. LEOALS true and JudRment rcn- lakoh jis firrrd. CHART, F .S GALLAGHF.R ny: .SMITH ,V LEItRFlR, His Allorncys doc H -ir >-22-2<) Jan .1-12 ORDINANCK NO. ,')231-C AN OHTJINANCE DKTF.RMINING TO PROCF.EO WITH THF. IM- PROVI '.MKNT OF L A S A I> L E ST«Fr ';T FROM MONROE STREET NORTH TO THE NORTH LINE OF LOTS 21 AND 72 I,ASAM,E .SrrtKFT BY THE CONSTRUCTION OF A .SANITARY SFAVEH AND A WATER MAIN THEREIN IN THE CITY OF SANDUSKY. LEOALS maintenance of the "white way" svs- lotn, and less an nninvint of money pqunl to that realized hy the levying of a apectal asse.ssment on all the lots and lands in the City of Sandusky, Ohio, of .2.T mills for each one dollar valuation thereof, which amounts 1o 2 .'5 cents for each one hundred dollar valuation thereof, shall he paid by the City of Sandusky. Ohio. Scclion fi. That for the reasons! set forth in the preamble hereof, this Ordinance is hereby declared to be an emergency measure and shall lake effect and be in full force ironi Washington Sandusky, and Ph MeiBs Sts, 2M()(i B14 I, L. OMMERT REAL ESTATE BROKER Dewey St. Phone 4 .'in6 JOHN "Jack'' WILLEAT ASSOCIATE SALESMAN 3. A. Berke, Broker, Vermilion. O. Branch Office .104 W Adams St, Sandusky Ohio, Ph, 1960 PASCOE AGENCY INSURANCE—HEAL ESTATE Ml Waahinfton BtdK-. Phone 1101 Jo« Bachorr, Aaaoclate. Ph. 3080-W SI. LOT! FOR SALK jrUIEDlNe lot in EastEnd," Paved . afreet, water, sewer and k ;IS. . ' Owner will finance. Phone 2143-W| «a before 5 p. — • 37. HOUSE TRAILERS BOTTLE GAS, 10c per pound Tanks eychan;?ed or left for refill 444 W Perkins Ave Trailer Park M-FT. "iO.Tl NEW MOC1N' .'I roonis and bath, excrllcnt coiulilion May be seen at .Sw.irl? Trailer (,'ourt, Bellevuc. Ohio or phone 2-7(!liO ~54 IIOUR BO 'TTr .K GAS SKIUMCF, Ohio House Trniler ,S(-rvir'e Co New nnd Used .SMIPS Perkins at Columbus Ave Ph TRAILER FOR REN 1' Utilities furn Laundry Perkins Ave Trailer _ Court, 444 W Perkins Ave WHEN ym\ see our Mobile Homos and get our prices then you will know why our customers recommend us and our competitors c<m- denm us PARKS TRAILER SALES .5 miles south of Norwalk. Rf 2.')0-13 and after its adoption and due au- OHIO. AND REPEALING ORDI-lthenttcallon by the President and NANCE NO, r.20R-C PASSED BYcierk of the Citv Commission THE CITY COMMISSION OF THE' RICIIARD R, FULLER. CITY OF SAiNDUSKY, OHIO ONl President of the SKPTEMREH 20, lO.'i.'i AND DE- cUv Commi.ssiou ATTEST: C, F. BREINING, Clerk of the City Commission PASSED: December .'>, 1 !>.">.'> ORDINANCE NO, .'J238-C If),'),'-. AND DE' CUARING AN EMERGENCY i WHEREAS, it is deemed neces-| sary. in order (o provide lor tbei immnil.Tle preservation of the pub-l lie he,-\lth and safety to construct a! satiit.'ir.\' sewer and water main in il.a.Sallc -StrfH'l Irom Monroe Street N(irtli to the north line of T.ots 21 aiul 72 LaSalle Street, the Cll^ I C o m 111 i s s i o ti of the City of! iSaiidiisky fli\ds that an emer-! _ . : Koiicy now exists roKarding Ihei !s;ime and deems it advisable to <le- (liirc tliis Ordinimre to be ao emer-' 1,'eiuy men.suro to take crfect imme- (iiatelv iiptin its adoption, NOWi •rilEHEFORK BK IT ORDAI.N'KD BY THE CITY COMMISSION OF THE CITY OF, SPE THE AN ORDINANCE TO LEVY CIAL ASSESSMENTS FOR IMPROVEMENT OF BAUER AVENUE FROM NINTH SOUTH A DISTANCE LIOALI specfaT benefits to said property, and arc not In exces.* of any statutory limitations. SECTION 2. That the total assessment against each lot or parcel of land shall be payable In cash within sixty (00) days from and after the passage of this Ordinance, or, at the option of the owner, in ten annual installments with interest at the same rate as shall be borne by the bonds to he issued In anticipation of the collectl(m of the same. All cash payments shall be made to the Treasurer of said City All assessments and installments thereof remaining unpaid at the expira- I tion of said sixtv (fiO) days shall he ,eprtilied by the Clerk of this Commission to the County Auditor, as provided by law, to be by him I placed on the tax dviplicate and collected as other taxes are collected SECTION 3. That this Ordinance shall take effect and be In full force from and after the earliest period allowed by law. RICHARD B. FULLER, President of the City Commission, STREET ATTEST: C. F. BREINING, OF 440 ! Clerk of the HURON CO COURT NOTES s trick. The brothoi's. accordin,?! l('£;ofll.^'fontribulinR to tlif dpl.n- (o authorities, weio Involved in qiienc.s' of lii.s .iiinot dfni'.?liler. LINEAL FEET BY THE CON-IC;ity Comml.ssion STRUCTION OF A STORM WA-'PASSED: December 12 in,'"..! TER SEWER AND A WATER' -- MAIN THEREIN IN THE CITY OF SANDUSKY, OHIO BE IT ORDAINED BY THE CITY COMMISSION OF THE CITY OK SANDUSKY, OHIO. Section 1. That the SPE- THE asse.s.sment SANDUSKY, OHIO (TllREE-lof the tost aod expense of the mi- FOURTIIS OK AI.L MEMBERS provement of Bauer Avenue trom ELECTED THERETO CONCUR-! IS'inth Street south a distance of 440 TUNC ;i 1 lineal feet l)y the construction ol a 1 SECTION 1. That it is hereby de- storm water sewer and a water main 37-A. TRUCKS — TRAILERS itermlned to piocecd uitl- the im- therein in the City of Sandusky. FOR^'RENT or eontr.'ict. 1'..-ton provement of LaSnllo Street from Ohio, aKgrcKating in the amount ol stake body truck with driver.* Monroe Street north to the north [.'cir Thousand Six Hundred Eighty- Box E-lfi. this paper ,lino of I>ots 21 and 72 T .;i.';.i I If Street ijj^t,t Dollars and L.-iSnlle ,,, - - • ' north to the WntcBox E-1:.. this paper , lino of Lots 21 and 72 L,-i,S,ille 48 .STtfDEBAKER 'i .-(on pickup l)y the constriu'tion of a sanitary truck in very good condition, | sewer ;uid a water main theroiti. ORDINANCE NO, •'>244-C AN ORDINANCE TO LEVY CIAL ASSESSMENTS FOR IMPROVEMENT OF M'DONOUGH FROM .TOHNSON STREET NORTH A DISTANCE OF 245 LINEAL FEET BY THE CONSTRUCTION OF A WATER MAIN THEREIN IN THE CITY OF SANDUSKY. OHIO BE IT ORDAINED BY THE CITY' COMMISSION OF THE SANDITSKY, OHIO SECTION 1. That the a.ssessment of the cost and expen.-^e of the im- _J>26r., Ph. 48(ir> after .-i 30 p, m, GO o D USED TRUCKS Sandusky Equipment Co. 2G0a Venice Road Phone 4948 Robinwood Acres Lets for sale. All improvements. Phone Norwalk 3-9012. 100 I 330 rt LOtS. MILAN RD Wm. J. Lundy, Realtor Phone S570 '«a3 Rf^tio «?t •0 FT. LOTS ON MARSHALL AND SCHILLER AVES, Water and Gas Available JOE AUERBACH PHONE 8211 Homw, Farms, Business Properties Associate Mead Realty tBOOD BUILDTNGXOT In BelTevue. 49'6xl40. Restricted, Dale Hoover, S blocks east of Route 4 on Mason Rd. West Perkins Ave. , Corner lot, 4,5x120, in the city. Price $600 cash. LUKE O'MALLEY REAL ESTATE BROKER 35 Tears in Real Estate & Building 501 Central Ave Ph. 6780 Day or AUTOMOBILES FOR SALE COME SEE MY CAR. A clean •.'",3 Studebaker Sport Coupe. ()2() De- _ca~tur St. after ."i p. in l.O.'-.S CHEVROLET DELRAY Fully equipped. Low mileage. Very reasonable. Ph, 4(i4(i, m avc'ord.'inee wltii Resolution No, 081-C. pas.sed by thi' City C^ommis- .'iion (if the Cit.s ol Sandusky, Ohio, on OetolMT 24. ISI.'i.T. and in aei.-ord-i' anec with the plaiifj, speeifieations. I' . ^ prnliles iind estimates heretofore'''"""'-'" „,.„„., . , . .J i'" the City of Sandusky, Ohio, guicei ui charge ol said unprovo- 1 ,.,i,j;,.eKatinK in the amount of metit, notice ot the liling of which;Thousand Five I assessments has boon in the ot- of Public Serv-,' ; hereby that given a;; to­ by law. tie and the .same arc adopled and contirnied, and there he a'ul is lierob.s assessed upon the lots appnu cd 1111(1 now on file lice ol the Director _ ice of the City. i and i SKC'TK)N 2 That all claims fdr''""'!^ bounding and aliuliing upon idnniages resulting fherefrnni shalli"""* improvement, all of which lots be judicially inquired into after thcl''"'^ lands are specially tienelited completion of the proposed im-i P ''"PP ''l,\' a'"' are a.'-se.ssed on the provements. FOSTER CHEVROLET 1521 CLEVELAND AVE. PHONE (1300 •52 TONTTAc: 8 -cyl. 4 -dr.7 grey. Hydramatic. $780. _ 1410 McKinley, or phone AM BUYING A TRUCK, will .sellmy '.lO Ford Fairlane, 1 .."lOO mlleis. the entire cost, less one-fifliethl orovemenf of McDonough Street Ninety-Eight f,.„|„ Johnson Street north a dls- Cents (.$4,(i8K,!mt as reported lo the (.jnce of 246 Lineal Feet bv the City Commission on the 71h day of i ,.r,n.struetion of a water main there- November, lyi).'), by the City K.n-i ^ ,,, .,„,„ji.o,vv, v. amount of Out' Hundred Ninety- Kive Dollars and Sevent,v Cents (,*!,- ."lO.T^Oi as reporled to the City Com-I Vorce mission on the 14lh da.v of Novem-i lex IOLI her. l!i."i.'i by the Cit.v Engineer in and charge of siid improvement, notice of tlie filing of which assessments! has been given as required by law. be and the same are hereb.v adopted and c(uirirnied. and that there be; and is hereb.v levied and assessed upon the lot.s and lands bounding and abutting upon said improvement, all of which lots and lands; are specially benefited property and' are assessed on the front foot, which: NORWALK, Dec, 15~Tliree negligence suits totalling $12,'5.000 were filed by three members of the Orrie Close famil.v, i,al New London, the Ntn/ York Central Railroad. The actions are the otil^rowth of a erf),<ising mishap Nov. 12, 1954, on the New Section liine- rd. where the car driven by n son, Orlie K. Close, 20. wa.s hit by a box car and a Diesel locomotive. Negligence on .si.x counts are outlined in (he petitions. The largest of the suits, filed by Close, Sr., in behalf of his son, Orlie, .seeks $100,000. two actions are for $10,000 and $1,5,000 respectively, C. J. and Elizabeth Berry, Norwalk, were named defendants in a $,50,000 negligence suit filed by Frank J. Conney, Norwalk, for in.iuries allegedly received in »\ fall down the ba^^einent steps atj the restaurant operated by the! defendants while delivering a heavy package of merchandise as: ^jr^f; an employe of the American prices: CITY OFi Railway Kxpress, ^^od . „,, I . ,.r.. • 1 , f Allis Chalmccs 1 jne piainuii is also suing ior|^,„<.rK •an Can loss of wages incurred as a result' Anaconda Copr of iniuries sustain. The fall, according lo the petition, occurred Jan. 12, 19,")4, SEEK DIVORCES Dorotliy .1, Kooken, Willard, has filed a pelilion socking a di- friim her husband. Hay, rural VVillatd. A .similar action has been filed by Oella K. Asmiis, Norwalk, against her liust)an(l, .Mvin O. PKOBATE COIIIT a deal on scrap iron. MARRIAOE LICENSE Wayne B. Dalton. farmer, and Virginia Wikel, at home, Collins. HOLD GREENWICH MAN Edward Ratliff, .50, Oreetiw ieh,'also drew was taken into custody for al-'cosl.s. ServlnR .lall Term Robert L. Stevens, 49, Clev*-land, i.s spending three days In the county jail following h'^ sentencing in Greenwich on the charge of drunken drivini^ He a fine of $100 an4 LOCAL and TEMEGRAPH rMARKFTS STOCKS DRIFT LOWER NEW YORK (INSi—The stock market drifted irregularly lower today as additional issues came under the adverse influence of tax loss "Sales and switching operations. Selected .stocks edged The otherj higher but there were few changes of any significance. At 11 a, m. the Dow .lones industrial average recorded a gain of 24 cents; the rails were down 42 cents: and the utilities were off 1 cent. ; Miuch l!)()-U1.T '4 nesdny'.s decline ranging to 2'io bu.shle. The prices: WHEAT—Dec, 2 IP',,-' 200 "4 -'n : May 2ll.'i' i ; ,lul,v .Sept. 1!I7''„ CORN-- Dec. 125-1 2 I •„; March I.'IO'',,-IVIay 13:t'„: .Inly 13.". ti,-, OATS— D(-c, 04; iVlarch (i.iNi-is: May t>.')-'0.')',r, .luly li,!' ,, RYE—Dec, I Hi: March 118; May 118>,-I1H; .luly Iir>-',-ll(i SOYEANS—New, .Ian. 2:17'j; Mar. 2,'l!l',1-240; May 240',-',; July 2.'17',ir Sept. J7 ' 2 , Rural. City Markets Stocks & Bonds YORK (UP)— Noon stock WBA I FAKIMKKH A^K l,()< Ai Kin:» A large white A large hrown , . , A medium Elevators •AH) jGrade I Grade ! Grade 'Small 4l!c 4IIC 41c 3(>c Armco Steel Armour & Co R A O RR Bethlehem Steel Chry.sler Motors . . . . Coca Cola Gre.\ hound Corp , . , , Intl Harvester Montgomery Ward New York Central Owens Illinois (jlass Pennsylvania Rl( , , Procter ik c;amble . , ! Pullman iPure Oil front foot, whic-h,':snients together with a description of said! lots and lands are now on file in Clerk of the City; which assessmenls of front fool, and At are not in excess of the special benefits to said property, and are not in excess of any statutory limitations. Section 2. That the total assessment against each lot or parcel of assessments together with a descrip-; tion of said lots and lands are nowi on file in the office of the Clerk of the City Commission, and which assessments are on the basis of front foot, and are not in excess of the land shall be payable in cash within' special benefits to said property, sixty (liOi days from and alter the''''"'' •'"'^ excess of-any statu- pasaage of this Ordinance, or, at the 1 1"""-^' li'nitations option of the owner, in ten annual I SECTION 2. That the total as.sess- installments with interest at theiment against each lot or parcel of S2. LAKE AND RESORT PROPERTY eaANtTFOREST BEACH BRAND NEW 3-bedroom, year around home, full basement, garage. Plenty of extras with this home. WIGHTMAN'S GROVE YEAR AiROUND cottage with bath, , well, extra lot, JEAN KECLAR Cl.vde 9187 Sanford Realty 31. lOATS AND ACCESSORIES MARTIN 40 OUTBOARD motor hp, $50. 6'i hp Mercury outboard motor $75. Both motors have just been reconditioned. Phone Huron .3548. SANTA GLAUS Is here. We are giving away new 1955 Evinrude Motors at these prices while they last. 25 horsepower Evinrude, electric starter, was $532, now $449 You save $83. Seven and one half hp Evinrude Sleetwin, was $239, now $179. You save $60. 3 hp. Evinrude Light-Win, was $147, now $117 You sav« $30. Here's your chance to buy a fine Xmas present at a real savings. These are brand new ma- tors and carry a full 1-year guarantee. 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Marine Paint, 718 Hancock St. SECTION 3 That of said improvement .... , , „ thereof and the cost of intersections: I'" ""f shall b,- assessed bv the front f,,ot "2Mone ^'P"" '1^'^ following described lots!"':*' "".'he basis See at l.inds, to-wil: All lots and 20;12-VV,iboundint; and abutting upon the proposed improvement, which said lots and lands are herebv de- Fordomalic, radio, heater, \uTn'ur':!:^\^"J't^'''^^^^^ , , . ./ - . • '^y said Jinprovemeiit; and the cost T.n \2-^u sCe^bX Hoole*;" '^^ ""Pr-'voment' shall include OKI V , « a M """'^Vi""' expenses of the preliminary and 2 hlocks east ot Rt. 4 on Mason Hd.:,„,„,r Hiirvc .vs and of printinR and Doit CheVrolGt Co ' publishing the notices, and the cost Good Selection ot Used Cars i ^on'^b('>nd's''is.sued'^^i" rate as shall be borne by thejland shall be payable in cash with- Traffie Light. Milan. O Ph 4181 i,,,- collection of deferred assess -i bonds lo be issued in anticipation of in sixty (601 da^^s ^rotn and after .$11!)-. inenls ancL all other necessary ex-jthe coUeclion of the same. All cash; the pas.sage of this Ordinance, or. pcnditures. " Ipavments shall he made to the, at the SECTION 4, That the assessmenfsi''"'"'-'a-'^urer of said City. All assess-. annual so <o lie levied for said sanitary j nients and installments thereol re- and water ni.iin. shall be paid! "i ^i"'"*.' ""Paid at the expiration of '.••aid sixty ifiOi days shall bo certi- lied by the Clerk of this Commission to the County Auditor, us provided by law, to be by him placed on the tax duplicate and collected collected. from andi Section 3, That this Ordinance shall take effect and be in lull force irom and after the earliest period allowed by law, RICHARD B. FULLE , President of the Citv Conuiiission ^ATTEST. C. F. BREINING, SECTION ,'3, That the bonds of Clerk of the City Commission _ _ _ Ph, 3!i37 the City of Sandusky. Ohio, sholli PASSED: December fi, 4-d'oor' sedan. 'luUy' be issued in anticipation of the col-i of assessments by install-! and in an amount equal 19,^3 HUDSON We offer a larr^e, comfortable, good riding car in this lu-tone green sedan. It is powered with the famous Hudson Hornet (> cylinder engine. Now is .\<iur opportunity to purchase a late model at a very reasonable price. Equipment inclufles the usual items plus Hydramatic drive. _|The mileage is low, and the tires are excellent. A trial will quickly convince ymi. KEN OLDSMOBILE, INC. Il4"lt8 E. Water St. Ph 8.^.5 19,=)! PONTIAC, $G50. Good condi-, tion. Phone 7777 or inquire at 1411 Milan Rd. sewer in Ion annual installments with in- lerest on deferred payments at rate not exceeding six percent annum, provid(!d. that the of any proocrt\- his option. :r c A .\ssets nf the Gertrude Liies sears Roebuck . • estate were ordcicd released Sinclair Oil .., . , ... ,. .standard Oi Ind withoiil adniinisiraiion. standard oil N .i Settlement, of personal injury studebaker Packard claims of minors, Vernon .A. swiit ^ Co. Boehler and Kenneth J. MissiH, ^^l;;;;;- ^l^' . were ordered without the ap- wheeling steel pointment of guardians. Furnished by Barhe A Co. Estate of Agnes Gr,>ss^ Nor-^ wallt, was appraised at $9,.J08. ^-^se Hearing set for 10 a. m., Dec, 22.'Dow chemical Hearing on probation of willigj^^'^^^^'^^l '^''"'^ .,, in the Lena Paul estate 10 a, lu. inii'p,"per Dec. 19. National Cash Letters of guardianship issued sheii option of the owner, in ten j to S. W. Moser in the setllementj-;:;;;;^''^;"",^ °" ' installments with interest atjof claim of Sandra iMoscr, a mi- Thompson Prod =sTbe%:^ed m no--- Bond of $6,000 was ordered.: 22 1, (if.'., 4(i', 71 '„ 54',, 17^, 40'„ ]fi3 '., 88', 1241^ 14;,, .•tii !I4 4:!', (i7 ' . 2.-,',, 08 1,, 72 37 .'4 4,-) 108' , .'•.(i I , .^11 '„ M7 •„ 11',, 4 8 57 40 , WHAT rAK.MKKN oRP PAIH tent rat Brie •iipply * Ele%\Tti )r Wheat *1 V8 New car (,'orii *l.(il Shelled corn. No. 2 $1 1.1 OalK Ii2c New soybeans 2,14 CleTeland Eggs, Poultry Prices to retailers including V ,S, •.'rades delivered: A large whito 02(i'lc: hrov\'n 01-03('; med white ,")3-.'",fie; brown .ll-fifn'; small A white ,'Uid brown 3!i-(()e; large B while ."iii-.'ilic; hrown .•'i3-,')."ie Prices paid deliv, reel extras nun till percent A ciualitv, l,irt'e while 4H-."i2e, hrown 4ll-,T(lc, med while 4,")-48e. brown 4,,"4(ie, Prices p;ii(l at l.irm in the iioiih- erii Ohio areas \<<f .No, 1 quality Ir.N-ers 2',-4 llis !7-i;t)i': hens, heavy type 18-2:ie; iK.'iis, light t.\i)e 10-l."c; fnr!ie,\s heavy u pe. young hens :f.'i-;i4c; young toiiis 27-2f!c: IT.MTS, roasters 10 lbs and under 2fl-30c. on Reg. a per owner may. ,Tt WORK MOTORS assessed pay such assessment Inias other taxes are ,ash within pixt.v days Uifler the passage of the assessing' (irdinance. in which case said cash| I assessment shall not include any! 'item of interest upon bonds to be issued in iinticipation of the collec- i tion nf deferred in assessments. or WILLYS-NASH 430_E._Market Sl._ 1951 MERCURY 4-doof sedan, 'lully ' be equipped. 3fi,000 miles. exeep- 1 lection tionally clean. 1002 W. Washing-; menis _1on^St, Ph. 0!)30 W. 'thereto 19.55 FORD V-8 2-door Fairlane Club I SECTION 6, That the remainder Sedan. Fordomatic, two-tone, white^'he entire cost of said improve- sidewalls, excellent condition, Ph i!^"^"' ""t specially assessed, includ- Castalia 5-558,") alter 5 p. iii 19—THEY ARE HERE—58 Volkswagen SALES iS.- SERVICE 1009 Sycamore Line Phone 2." r95l' PLYMOUTH Cranbrook sedan Has been completely overhauled Clean inside and out No reason-;, able offer refused. 255 E. Market St 1948 DESOTO 4-dr. sedan, $75."in.->0 .Studebaker convertible. Ali)."). Bdtli in good condition Ph 8183 -ion ex- pres.s- pick-up. Excellent condition Cheap farm truck. HUNTER MOTOR CO 1040 Columbus Aveiuie .lust north of the Subw;i\ Ph, 3."ill0 lUSS^BUICK "Riviera Hardtop It; and H., Dynaflow. new tiilieleKs tires $1495. B ;iy City Motor S,iles. cm- Perkins and Campbell, Ph, (il,')4 nPMtER ~FORD 00?"^ "An Authorized Eord Dp.ilcr Milan. Ohio Phone 9-328.1 1955. ORDINANCE NO. 524G-C AN ORDINANCE TO LEVY CIAL ASSESSivIENTS FOR IMPROVEMENT OF .... . , of claim the the tion of the collection of the same. All cash pavments shall be made to the Treasurer of said City. All assessment!! and installments thereof remaining unpaid at the expiration of said sixty (601 days shall be: ^iry certified by the Clerk x>t this Com-' ^ mission to the County Auditor, as provided by law, to be by hhn placed on the tax duplicate and collected as other taxes are collected. SECTION 3, That this Ordinance shall take effect and be in full force from and after the earliest period allowed tiv law. RICHARD B, FULLER, President of the City Commission, SPE-'ATTEST: C. F. BREINING, the ! Clerk of the PARISH City Commission. 21S 17 •„ 50 '„ 02 38 I i. 1 I I 3(i', 01 ', 55 <„ 7! 53 I, a TOLEDO (;KAI\ I TOLEDO (tlPi— Cash grain track Toli!do rate basis nominal; WHEAT—No, 2 soft red ,$2 18-2 19; • soft white S2.23-2.21. ' CORN -No. 2 velldw $1.2<»-l.3l). OAT.S. No. 2 white, 7.')-74. SOYUEANS'-No,-1 yellow ,f2,24- $2 25. Letters of guardianship i.s.sued: C leveland I ins i—stocks to Esther Hess with bond of ll^.^^r 'Te^ . oOO ordered, jAvco Hearing on the Stanley Zebin- c & o rr Cleveland Elcc Ilium Firestone HI. iGencral Electric DEP.'\RT.ME\T General Motors Stanley guardianship application a. m., Jan. SHERIFF'.S Two Willard brothers. Earl and Goodrich „„ . ._ Croodvear Carl Hicks, 23 and 17, respec-; Medusa ti\ely, were arrested by members; National Gypsum of the sheriff's department, 'O^'" • charged with alleged larceny by: NOTT? wHttenI jg4i iNTERNATIONAL You Can't Drive Overhead The most famous names in outboard-i Why Pav Fur It ing The all new 14, Hi & 18 ft ''Wr'So' PLY m OUTH-DODGF, RAfJlO THOMPSONS, longer, wider and' Brand new. Reasimable. deeper for 'Sti and the famous MER-I Phone 5773-W CURY motors in the 20 hp HURRI-; 11)54"" CHEVROLET Bel .Air 4 -(li QANE,_30_hp TURBO four and 40 hp I Svdan. Radio,heater. I'dwer Glide. etc. Like new. thruniit. $ll!i:) Hay City Motor S;iles. cur I'er- kins and Campbell Ph 04:.l Allan Motor Salos 427 Main St. Huron Ph 4381 N. Maditon, Port Clinton, Ph 3321 1953 FORD V-8 2-dr sedan, equipiicd with radio, heater anil diicelii uial signals. Here is a nice ele;ni c .ir, lh;it can tie bought wa>- tii'low book value, Priceil at *7!(:"> IMMi Columbus ,'\Vf I 'lioni. H ,'i (7 19 ,"i4 CHRKVOl.ET Bel Air !l..|).is,s 4(Ir, .Station Wagon H.idio. luMler. Power Glide. Exception;,! \;iliie at ing the cost of intersections together with the damages awarded .iny owner of ad.joining lands and interest thereon and the cost and' expense of any such award, shall be paid b.v the issuance nf Ijonds in the manner provided b.v law, SECTION 7. That Ordinance No, 5200-C passed by the City Commission of the City of -Sandusky, Ohio on thi.> 2(ith day ol' Scpti^mber. 1955. be and the s,niie hereby is repealed. Sl'X'TlON 8. That for tlie reasons set forth in the preamble this Ordinance is hereby lo be an eiii(.'rgenc.\' .shall t;ike efleet ;ind loree trom iind after and due ail then I ic;it ion by the Presi-'of dent and Clerk of the City Commission, niCHARO B FL'LLER, I'n.'sidenl of thi' Citv Comiiii ATTES 'r; C. F Clerk of the Cil\ (-'ominission. PASSKD; Decemher STREET FROM STATION 9 PLUSl PASSED: Decemher 12. 1955. 22 TO NINTH STREET BY THEi" " CONSTRUCTION OF A WATER! ORDINANCE NO. MAIN THEREIN IN THE CITY! AN ORDINANCE TO OF SANDUSKY, OHIO. BE IT ORDAINED BY THE CITY CO.MMISSION OF THE CITY OF SANDUSKY. OHIO SECTION 1. That the assessment of the cost and expense of the improvement of Parish Street from Station 9 plus 22 to Ninth Street by the construction of a water main therein in the City ol SandusKy. aggregating in the amount ot Eight Thousand Five Hundred Ninety- hereof,}Four Dollars and Fifty Cents (,$8,- declaredj 594.50) as reported to the City C (U TI- me.isure and | mission on the 14th day of Novem- be in fulliber, 1955 b.y the Cit.v Engineer in adoption! charge of said improvement, notice the filing of which assessments has been given as required by LEOALS E OF," APPOI-NTMENT ~ Case NO . 10035 Angelo Todaro, Deceased Us 5243-C LEVY SPECIAL ASSESSMENTS FOR THE IMPROVEMENT OF JOHN STREET FROM FULTON STREET WEST TO THE END OF .JOHN .STREET BY THE CONSTRUCTION OF A TWENTY-SIX FOOT PORTLAND CEMENT CONCRETE PAVEMENT THEREIN IN THE CITY OF SANDUSKY, OHIO. 1 BE IT ORD.AINED BY THE CITY: dec COMMISSION OF THE CITY OF; SANDUSKY, OHIO SECTION 1. That the a.ssessment of the cost and expense of the improvement of John Street from Fulton Street West to the end of John Street b.v the construction of Estate of Notice is hereby given that Jo-1 younestown seph Todaro of, Ohio. ),_,,,! ^ o""gs-t.ov\ n been duly appointed Executor of the Ohio Oil Republic Steel Scott Paper Sohio Toledo Edison West Virginia Whirlpool S Pulp & T American Crayon BREINING, 19.1,-> THUNDERBOLT four. A four is bound to be lietter, more powerful, smoother, quieter, more economical, the only electrics with built-in generator. Available in nil colors of the rainbow. Place your order now for spring delivery. The new MAS- TERCRAFT Trailers for '58 will be here toon. See them at youv friendly outboard dealer. Do Your Xmas Shopping Here Open Daily Till <l MOTOR EQUIPMENT SALES, INC 1720 Mills St Phone 47ti7 CENTURY BOATS HACKKR-CRAn CRUISERS Yacht Insurance HURON MARINE PARK 433 Huron St Huron. O ORDINANCE NO. 523(>-C AN OUDINANCK DETERMINING, TO PHOCKED WITH THE LIGHT- INC; OF THE STREETS. ALLEY.S. DOCKS, Wll.'MiVKS. PIKRS, PUBLIC HOAD.S. I'LACE.S. OH PARTS TIll'KKOF. I.\ THE CITY OF SAN- „ 1)1 SK'V. OHIO, AND DECLARING , lory Im .'\.V K.MKKGKNCY, I SE(.'T WHEREAS. It by Resolution 084-C p;\sst'd b.\' the City Commission of the City ot, Ohio, on October 31. l!i.).7 declared iieces- i^ar.v to liLiht the streets. alle,\s, (locks. \vh;ii\f,s. piers, piililic roads, |il;iics, or p.iris iliei'eol, m ihe (,'ity ''be of .Si,n (.tii ,^k\ , t Jliio. and Wlliatl'.AS. It is (li in oilier lo orm ule lor the mime- ol the piiblic to light said order to a twenty-six foot Portland Cement law, i Concrete Pavement therein in the be and the same are hereby adopted! City of Sandusky, Ohio, aggregating and conlirmcd, and that there be in the amount of Seven Thousand and is hereby levied and assessed'Six Hundred Sixty-Six Dollars and upon the lots and l.inds bounding i Thirty-Two Cents $7,886,321 as re- and abutting u|)on said improve-; ported to the City Commission on ment. all ot which lots and lands; the 14th day of November, 1955 by are .specially benefited property and|the City Engineer in charge of said are assessed on tin.' Iriuit foot, which' ituprovenient, notice of the filing of 'asbcssments together with it descrip-i which assessments has been given lion of said lots and lands are now|as required b.v law. be and the same (111 file in tiu' office of the Clerk otare hereby adopted and confirmed, I the c:ity Commission, and which!and that there be and Is hereby ! assessments are on the basis of Iront i levied and assessed upon the lots foot, and are not in e.\eess ot the'and lands bounding and abutting special beiuMlls lo said property.'upon said improvement, all of which and are not in excess of any statu- Ifts and lands are spi^cially bene- lunitalions ! filed property nnd are assessed on ION 2, That the total assess-'the front foot, which assessmenCs to- I ment against each lot or p.uccl of gether with a description of said jland shall he pay;ihle m cash within; lots and lands arc now on file sixty i()Oi da.\ s ironi and alter the:lbe office of the Clerk of the City pa.ssage of thi.s Ordiiumce, or, atf'mimission, and which assessments the option of the o\,\n,.r, m irn an-'are on the basis of front foot, and luial installinenis wiili intcn.'st at are not in excess of the special same rale a.s s I ki II he tiorne by benefits to said property, and are Estate of Angelo Todaro decea.sed, j3^j.^ Rubber late of the City of Sandusky, Erie,j,j.j^^ Resistor County Ohio. • 1^,,^^, oevelopmem Creditors are required to file 'heir, q , i rp , claims with said fiduciary withini*^"""*^*^" four months. j Dated this 12th day of December.; 1955. ; JOHN W. BAXTER. \ Probate Judge of said County.: 15-22-29 BID.S" FOR G"AS0LINE " Sealed bids will be received by, the City Manager of the City of San-! dusky. Ohio In the office of the City! Hid If! 8'^ 15 1^ 1 1 28 listed sale; . . nn-'^ f> . . 52', , . 37-'„ . . 78V, , . 53 i„ - . 4 (>'4 77'., 03 U No sales , 50 •„ . 5(f„ . 33 ' , . 49',, . 07'., . 4';'., . l-iu . 4(i . 28':, . 07':, A .sked 18 11 17 14 31 LIVESTOCK Waldock Packing Co., Kec. 14 CATTLE & CALVES—Top pncei: |^.,(| paid for cattla and jalvet aver? day Phone 350 If .Tou hava fat cattle read.t for market and want our Manager, City Building until 12:00 noon Eastern Standard Time on December 29, 1955 for furnishing the city with twelve thousand (12.000) gallons, more or less, of motor gasoline having a ininlmum octane rating of 88, by the research method, to be delivered in transport trucks;"P°" to the City Garage, Water Perry Sts . Sandusky. Ohio. The bidder in his bid is to specify I "B* or commission chare.i the octane rating and all other Pfi-j,,,,,,, , ,v^•STO^K tinent specifications applicable toj <-''i'" • ^'7^^' the product the bidder proposes to! CHICXGO ilNhi— Surplus Grain Available For Overseas Charity \V,\SUINC;T0N, D cc. 15 d'l')—Secretary ot Agriculture I '>.ra T. PJenson announced Wednesday that I . S. •surplus wheal and corn %vill be made available iinincdi- ately to charitable agencies for distriliuliuii to the hungry oversea.s. Stock.s (if dried biMii.s and rice also will be rcleu;-,cd for lor.cjgn : relief. I The action was a nia.ior \icluiy ; for Proh.'.slaiil, Catholic and Jcw- [ ish leaders who had appealed jointly lo Benson for ot i surplus grains for overseas re- I lief. j 'J'be reli.i^ious Icaih^-.s mafic tlip I appeal in ;i mecliim with ISuii- ' son last, moiilii, 'riii',\- iirKued that tlie .Agrictilliire Department placed loo narrtcs ;iii itiLer- pretalioii on a law etiaclcd by Congress l;isl year. 11 aiitiior- izes free allocations of surplus farm i)rodticl lu voluntary relief for fii.stribulion to tiie buver to look at them HOGS—Steady. 25 cents lower. lfiO-180, $10.25-11 25; 180-230. $11.50; 230-250, $10 75; 250-300, S9.25-10,, agCnciCS 300-400, $8 25-9 25. Roughs $8.50-^ p^,(.(-|y ,,|,,.(,;,(| ^'^.^ ^ _ .-^ tr,,' Previously, the department had Livaatock weltneo and paid toi ; ' ' arrival Pravailine prices paid' released oiil.s' larm products .,„fjiOn da.y ot No hoe» racaived | which were in dan ' Ion rridajr and Saturday No yard- ^,(„.,.j^(,^ mainh er of spoiling d;iiry prod nets enied necessar\' bale BROWN'S 1956 Lyman Outboard on displav Jhe new 18' Outboard Ruualioiit ;Also new 18' Intioard Runabout Soma models 195(i .lohnson Motors NEW 21 ft. 1955 Chris Crali outboard cruiser. Heje s a low cost roomv pl.vwood cruiser Hlfoidiiig coinplelc itabin facilities and with llie look of action in every line. .See thih outstanding boaing value .NOW I.ISED JOHNSON MOTORS 2—1955 25 hp Plectnc $375 1—1855 25 hp Hand PiiU . S:I2.') 2—1955 10 hp Johnson $225 Ba the first to own a new illoluiiv Bron /ei Johnson Orde. youi motor now for spring dtliver.\ for as little as 10% down We alsi. have a complete stock of parts tor all Johnsoo Motors. 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K) 1 i I .\ I , S. ,'; inn 1 Th.,! ii ln-i ,•1,,', deter- illit 'tl Ol plori 'i'it to li:;(it III,' sirei'is. lli'\... du.'ks xsli.irws pii'fs puhlic I '.ni .v pi.,, , or [t,,!!.. tlii'ii -oi. til the (U Sl'tnlu^l.s Ohio, lot ,t ]ieMO (l o \,ais ,'oi n, I u',^, I til." \'o \vnitK -r 'It, 111 .n'liti oiiiu-o with Resolu- .\,i I'M (• |)ass, d h\ the Cll\ lu .ssioii oi till' Cii.v Ol .SaiultisK\ CD.M-lMt- ihe bonds to be i.^.suid in anlicipa-'"o' excess lion of the eolleolioii ot the same f'"'""* .'\ll pa.siiu'iu.s sli.ill he made to! SECTION 2 the TreasLirvr of saivl C'it,\ .-\ll iiu>iii against assessmenls and iiiMallineiils llu'l'eof, land shall be reiitainmg uiip.mi ai liie e;^|iir;ilioii. m .sixt.v l80i of s.ud sixl.\ iiiili d,i.\ s shall lu- cer- tilieil b.\ tin- Clerk ol this Cotiutils- sion to ttie Coiiiil.v .'\iiililiii , as provided h\ l,i\v to ho li\ hiiu pi,iced on till.' Ia.\ (luplicilc ,.iid rollfcli'd iis oilier taxes itre (•ollvilcl SKCTIO.N' 3 'I'll. It this Orditi.oice shall take elleil and lie iii lull loii-e iroiii .ii\d atlvf tlu' oailit'si peiiod .illowi'd hv lav. KIlH Alii) I! Hl.l.l';u Prcsutvoi o! tlu- I • 1 I \ I. ' O 11 1 111 I s ^ I ' . 11 .XT 'riS 'l' C 1- HiiV.l.MNG, Clerk ol llie (.'ll\ I 'ol,lll,lSSl l'.-\SSl''.l) Deeelliiit r U l!l of any statutory limi- furnish. The right is reserved tiy the City Commission of the City of ,Sandusky, Ohio to re.ject an.v or all bids and to waive informalities CITY OF SANDCSKY, OHIO By; KARL H. KUGEL, City Manager, dec 15-22 ORDINANCE NO." 5247-C in I AN ORDINANCE TO LEVY SPECIAL ASSESSMENTS EOR THE IMPROVEMENT OF BENNETT AVENUE FROM STATION 0 PLUS 80 TO STATION 4 PLUS 22 BY THE CONSTRUCTION OF A WATER MAIN THEREIN IN THE CITY OF SANDUSKY, OHIO. BE IT ORDAINED BY THE CITV COMMISSION OF THE CITV OF SANDUSKY, OHIO. Section I. That the assessment of the cosn and expense of liie tin from Sta- 'ition 0 plus 80 to Station 4 plus 22 liv construction of water main lher<'in, ill the City of Sandusk,^ , Ohio, aggregating 111 the ainouul ot One Tliou- .sand One llimdied Fifteen Dollars and Twent>-.Nine as reported to the HOGS-—21,000; steady. Early top $12; bulk SO.50-11.75; hea\'y .^!)-!i.75; medium $0.50-10.511; light *l0.2.i-l2; light lights S8-10.75; packing sows $7,50-0,25; pigs S3-8,50. ] CATTLE— 2.>)l), steady. C,lives 200, L 'h and prime steers $21-24 50. !com and ch $15-21, yearlings S15- 24.50; heicrs $13-22; cows S>9-11.50; 'iHills .SI0-15.25; calves $l5-:28; feeder sleer.s j.15-19, stocker steers $15-21; istocker cows and heifers $8-18. SHEEP'^-3,000; steady. Cli and Iji'iiiie lambs $18,25-19; com. ch Slo- ,SIK .\earlings $10-18.50, ewes $3.50$7. in and eoltonseed oil. And it had served notife tli;it the ;ivailal)ili- ty of d;iii-y producls for relief agencies would he sharply eur- tailcd iK^'.xi ye.'ir because !sui'|)lus stocks v,ei'e dwindliii''. (IIS ol l\\ l,< I. I i e. I •; ( U 1 : 1 1 \'. 11 lid BE A HOTEL OWNER!! FOR SALK, Ihirlysix loom hotel building in excellent location. Heavy trading area, very good income investment. For further information, contact .... Joe Auerbach PHONE #211 4 .«|ociate, Mea^ Realty FIRESIDE CHAT ... will IH a (l;iil\ pi III e ',\ I uMi \ lid o'.\ II till t i 1 U I iicv. 'A lU'd I ooin lloinc. on br.iiitiliil idle ,il l.r.iiul lot (.•••I 11 '.t.S • • be, 111 H.iiu II l,;,kc Bc;i( It \', oo,It'(i ltd 1. ' 1 le, anil lu • All tile l,()ial((l Oil Willi ells \', -;> .^(".'.1 1 .\li()io\ l.l'.iio -,11 11 ol inn ai ea full li;r (diii'iil del soil w lli(t(i \es ,,sph;ill floors, 1 ' '., Ij.ilii.- SlldelOIH liviii.t; idiHii •v\iili tircp!;u'.' Vei > ii.oili'i II kill lien. ;it tac'tu-d ('.ii..;;c f'oi- iii'llur infoiiiial 1011 see, Joe Auerbach PHON^ Associate, Me 8?' 1 id lit .(111 :i I I he •s hi;. I 1 d .111 ,1 i'ii>. r, •Ih.ii . illlo; II IM|I.^J ',',1 llie ,, and 111 d.iiis speciti- Iiiiiale.s herc' ou on llie IIIOISSIOII 1 elait,,s lor oin sh.ill alter the iinpi Oi e' •I el I 11 lOsed lii.,t p ol .h.ill I lu' de- \ll .Old 1 lulls e- o\ t - Ihe p I e 1111 1 1 1 1. .Old o! 1' 1 1 M 1 1 till' I"., d olhe d put ,( II-' I lo t lei-s. . lo.ei I hel- sued III . ot .111. mil d ii ' •d ,s u 1 \ e s s I si no I' the sut -li lt^,'htm^ oil houdi is- liic eel I.'it ion iil^ ami .ill i 11,1 ! e s I -n .e 11 ts so I-.-..I :.'! .,s ..the.- Ill ililier OHl)l.NA.\Cf; \0 .,;e.l.,-c A.\ oiU )i .\ANci: I'll 1.i:\--i .si'|.',- ClAl. .-X .S .SK .S .SMF .N 'l'.S full 'I'lU-; lMPHO\l-'..MK.N"I' Ol-' F O r ]{ r n .STHKFl' M{t)M THE \Vt:.Si' ld.\K OF l.D'l'.s ;i;tn ,\ m) AMi i-ol irni .STREET UK.ST TO THF .\ V C Kit RlGirr OF WAV I'l.SllKR .-\vi-:,M!i-; • Bi' Tin; iii,\.si'iii'f- ru).\ OF A w .xri 'di M.\I\ •I'llFHFl.N' 1\ 1 UK Cl I'V OF .S W- Di'SKV. OHIO HE IT OHDAl-NFl) liV Till- l Tl'V' I.'O.M.MISSK l.N 1)1 rill- (Tl'V Of S.-\M)U.SKV. OHIO Sl':t."l'10\ 1 Th .d the assi s..iii,'iil 111 llie cost .Old e\pellTe ot tlie llil- |.rin-i ineid ol I-', loit ii .Sti ei -i 11 . mi 1 he V. est line ol 1 , a A \U .md ,i Hi Foui 111 .Sit CI t -.v I .1 1,1 111, \ ^ 1 • li H Hi ,i ;lil ol \V ,i-. l -'i-iii I ,-\ w iiiu li\ tlu- i -ollsl i lie I II ,11 ol ,, -.1. .111 1 11 i.i 111 t lltTel II 111 till (II, .it S.i iid il^k \' iihio. .ifjt; I i-.l ;.I 11 Ol.; in liu- .iiiioniii oi 'I'w o 'I 'hoiis.iiid l -i\ . 11 ;li\ill i-d 1- 1 II 1 . Six lloil .lts ,o.d ^l\teeii ,-eiU^ i si.' ,)4(i 111 I .IS leliorU d to till 1 1 1 t.s.slol 1 III 1 t t't M f i 1 d.. ^ I lef 1 M ;..- In I 111 lit eli.iliie ot s .od lloprii That Ihe total assess- each lot or parcel of payable in cash with- days from and after the passage of this Ordiuanee, or, at ::mll'•';;:;t:lb !.;msTi ';h^;;;e;:st^a;|p-^- the same rale as shall be borne by Ihe bonds to be issued in anticipa- non ol the collection of the same. .•Ml cash payments shall lie made to the Treasurer of said City. .Ml assi ssiiu'iits and installments thereof ii'iii.iiniiig iin|iaid at the expiration of said siM.% iliOi shall be;"" 'be 14th dav of November. HJa.-,. eeitiiieil b\ the Clerk of this Com- by Ihe City Engineer in charge oi nii -,sioii lo the County Auditor, asisaid improvement, notice of the fil- pro\ ided hv law. to be by himjing of which assessments has been placed on the tax duplicate and col-jgiven as required hy law, be and k-eied as other taxes are colleeted ilhe same are iiereby adopted and .Sf:c'l'IO.N' 3 That this Ordinance!confirmed, and that there he and is sh;ill t,ike (dfect and be m lull forcoi hereby levied and assessed upon the from and alter the cirliest period i ,)|,s and lands bounding and CI.KVEI.AM) LIVKSTtH K t.-LEVELAND iHPi-- C.A.TTLE— 100. steady: prune S22,50-23.50; choice $20-22.50; good Tia.50-20; commercial $10-18; utility $14-18; cows, top beet $10.5010.75; commercial $10-10,50; utilily •Sll-lu. bulls, ch butchers $15-17, coniinercial $14-18. C.-M.VES- 100, bleady, prime $24$27; ch $20-24. med >18-2n. SHEEP AND LA.MBS- -3U0, steail,\ , Cents I SI, 1 15,2:i I ch to prime S17 50-18 50; rued to t:itv Comnussiou'goori .S17-18; sheep $2-7, llOOS— 400, stc-ad.\ . .\orkers Hid- lao Itis $10,75-1 1,75, niised llili j:til lbs $12; 230-250 IPs S112;i, iiiediiiin 250-3011 lbs ,tO.75-10,50; heavies .iiio- Even Chance Of Steel Price Hike In First Of Year NF.W YOUK, Dee. 1,^) ill'i— 'I 'liere 's "mini' llian a ."iO-.^O chance" I hat sleel |)i'ices will rise modeialely before Mar. 1, a n ;r- tional nuMal-woiklnf; publication \\';ii 'iio(i loda.v'. Iron .-\L ^e al ^o said it is a "lure- Roiie (•(UU'liisiim" lhal sli >el price laps uiil cliiiil) a ,;aiii al'ler next sumnH'i''s \\;im' ni '.eiit iai ions, .-Ml IHIIII.;1I slc(>l piodiicid's are stI'liu'iilini; to iii ;iiiilain oulpiit ,'iii (l meet siii 'L':iiiL! ili'iuaiid. the sIccl suppiv oiilliMik is (Irlei'ioiatiim, till' pdlilii';nion s.iid. ;illo\ved Uv law RICHAUD B Fl'I.LFR, President of the Ctt\' Commission ATTEST c' F, BRElMNti. Clerk ot the l'it\ t'oiiiiiussioii P.-\S.SF1); December 12 Hl.'i.i abutting upon said imiirovement. HII I of uliich lots and lands are speciallv loenefited proi)ert.\' and are assessed :on Ihe front foot, which assessments together with a description of -iaid ; lots and lands are now on file in ithe office of the Clerk of the City Commission, and which as.sessn.ents NOTICE TO INSURANCE AGFNTSa''*' t'"" basis of trout loot. S.-alcd bids will be received hy^""'* """e not in excess of the the f -Tie Couoty Commissioners at spi'^'ial benelits to said property, their oHice in the Court House.:and are not in excess of any statu- S;iiidiisky, Ohio, uii to 10 00 o'clock dory limitations .•\ M , Eastern St;ind.ird Tinie,i Section 2, That the total assess- 400 lbs $8,75-!) 7,), $8,75-10 25. Glt.\lN KCllUES CHICAGO ilNS, opened '« to 'K C Other grains were so,\ beans line hanged Corn was 'ac up oats ' m C up to '•'„c t )!gs aiKt liyht- Wheat liilures higher loda.s irre.tiulai ,iiid to 'jc higher. lo '^c down. dov. 11 and i-> e '1 mat ClMIl hy Id MC'tim of -Ot-\\,'U'-" lIKlll, oiil.s' iii;ikt>s I lir.isliiiio itii)\ idiien unchanged to 'jc lower ,iiler U'ed- more and cles ahoiil escape, .1 mas i)e ail: niori hint, fahil 01 1 )C( a PorUimir-e lisli nf;i- inatters v, msp ahidit in llie wafer, hi.' IS likely U) dr.iw ,icll.\lisli tt'iua- If he does nut liiisc of poison 291 h. 111 the HodiH In iur\ P i opens l ),im- .1 Fli-ei Form ,ind hired e.ii s polii--. II, eoiu- tlu- he- 111 I ( .d Hie liliiu; ol \Oii liei.'ll )sis ell lie and lite s.iiik .Old eontiriiied Ctf. I 'lMli- I ., \ o t \ , I \ e n 1 • f,lli:iiu el 111 1. en let It 1 1. d lee •h ilSst. ssioelUh ptUi'd ie. i,i\\ li,'ieli,\ .idopled lll .lt tlu -le li(- itui ip.i IS lU'fl Hie I .liiuttllii . 11 will l.ill^ le l.> ds up li-s led .md . .Old l.Olds ill oil s..i,i iiiiprii- lol.., .out 1.111 ssesse '1 .1 Ulldlllg ellit III ;ls ;il<' lied, pi, II Hi'M e t I;' 1 I ^ .1 1 ,' 1 .pet 1- .illO .ife I u III. h 'Thiirsd.iy DeeeiiilH-r the liiUouing I iisuraiiee eo\ ei agi ot S.)il iHM) $ 1110 tilid l.iahilitv-'.iiid $5 dot) .le-i uiuii-n under \w I 11 non-ow iici .slop on siiiLile or'at<' 1 pi i tietisiv e all -ilieluMV lo^'. - listed t hrce groui>s 1 I I Count \ -o\\ tied I'.11 ss U.itlirs ,iiul sell propelled luenl iji Hit I 'd e,ns .,nd tiueks t'll .e.i );ed 111 e 'OlUll\ uork ,;-! i .Non-ovs iiir.>lnvi e.iia uliilv ^aL :id on eoiiiit,\' husiiiess .S.iui liids to he receivcii in cotd.iiue with Seition 307 44 ol Revised Code ot Ohio 'The Ho.inl of Connt.\ Coiiimis- sioiii is liereb.s' reserves the right ti,, reject aii .s or all bids, also to vs ,iP ,e aii\ itiiornialities m s.iid luds H\ liider of Ihe Hii .iid ot Count.'. (.•,!i 11 ,;s-i ,i ;ei s ot Fru I'ounl-. Ohio H» IV H liFSs K Hi l\V I AND ( k-rk on, ment against each lot or parcel ol lUuiil shall lie payalde in cash within amounts sixt .N i80i da.\ s from and alter the pas.sage of this (Oroiiiaiu-c. or. at ihe option of the owner, iii ten inslallments wiili mlerest at the same rate as shall be borne h\ the Ponds to be issued in anticipation oi the collecl'ion ol the same All cash pa.\ ments shall be made to the Treasurer of said City All assiss- "^bup-; uifiits iind inslallments tliereoi remaining unpaid at the expiration of said sixt.v i80i days shall be certified by the Clerk ol this Commission to the County Auditor, as pro vided by law, to lie by him "placed on the tax duplicate and collected as other taxes are collected. Section 3, That this Ordinance shall take effect and be Jn lull torcc trom and after the earliest period alUused bv law RICHARD B FlllFK President id' Hie I'H .s CoiViliiissioii 1--WSKF1N1NC, I. , , '. l oillliUs.s.on trueks. u Pile en- ac- the \l I F.Sl I'U 'i k or C ill. (P.-VSJED. December 12, i'jji OUTSTANDING OPPORTUNITY Here's your eluiiu'c (d nwn as a W i':STl ':i 'i\' STORK DE.Al.KK! You!I U '^h .i !.)le \TI- popular hifX'cle.s, I 'handise (leji\'ei'\' servu't Pennsvl\"a!iia, ence nece.s.sarv capital of Sn,r)OU needed. ine.-^ ol auto Mipp! radio .s. 'r\', .s|)oi tiiiL', dtHU'crtni b\' hut nun fTuHi our new \\'!iole:-a!e House train See. we \iUiT (,'\S'll pl'ull AI'TO .-XS.^U )(M ! Hill idiia! i;>' ,'u'i'r|')l cii liiiHiH apj •'I la (letV'. (kkL 'X tooi.s, etc. Mer- eoinpaiu' 0|iid'aled y loealed, I'Mil.'er. No retail expen- YOU. Mminuun cash write. OT phone: D. W. BROWN WESTERN AUTO SUPPLY COMPANY BuUer. Pennsvlvania Phone: 72721 OR O. E. MUSTAIN 26877 BagleV Rd. Olitistead t'dlls, Ohio Phone: Aciaiiib 6 26Si

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