The Paris News from Paris, Texas on July 17, 1934 · Page 4
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The Paris News from Paris, Texas · Page 4

Paris, Texas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, July 17, 1934
Page 4
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1HEB news. t JULY 17, PARIS. TEXAS Established Joly 10. TEXAS PCBHSBCDfG COMPAX¥ Catered as Second Class Mail Matter *.t th* Post- •ffic* *t Paris. Texas, under Act of March, 1S7S- Published Daily Except Monday New York Day by Day BY O. O. MclNTYRE SUBSCRIPTION RATES (Ir.eluding Sundays) By Mail. On* Year MaK. Oa* Month. Mail. Six Months oT Tb« S*«« «rtll &• eorr«c^«3 »TteEtlo= o' ti« brio, brought to be! tie <!e!!»*r*4. YOBK, July !?• — Brooklyn's xrater front, actually a fevr streets back from the docks. Is a shabby stretch between the Brook- Ivn and \Viliiamsburg bridges and to many who traffic in the Seven Seas has much of the raw ferocity of Port Said, Havre and other bell-roaring ports. It is threaded with many tortuous alleys and scabrous eul de sacs- All dotted with the inevitable low drinking^ dens and bagnios. The area § drowses through the day but boils at night. Big men of lollinsr swagger who have been around the Horn on. wind jam- o, o. Mcintyre mers promenade in love-making or ,/ighiing moods, terror of the district is a fly-weisrht Dutch, 130 ve nothing Yard brings There is a .negro quarter, also one of gypses and another of Portuguese. One ruer end, which the sun always strikes Election Precincts effects of rot-gut booze It is the dirty ten- every water front flings ont as re- .imanity's odds and ends. ten cents. This includes all expenses 01 me "based 02 2 total vote around. If fewer votes are east the Raven's patron saint in the rk news?at)er fie & ^ as 'the late Charles n Loan ^ Q ^ Damon ? s work in a Den ! ver pai>er when he was young and doctrinair' per vote will be somewhat greater. That is not an exorbitant price 1 Irowler from Denver to precinct the cost will be about three cents per j ^ ^ brins:ill£: Q ene vote east, and in many of the smaller precincts i ^^^ York the cost per vote will mn from 40 to oO |- - _ cents. And this is so because of the unequal | ^^ Tor] _ at ^ moinent has EO mOre ai law. Esch is t the counting of ballots in^ those_ pr in some others goes far into tee mgnt. ^" ! ; tn increased possibility of making errors and in- _ creased dlseomloii lo ILe voters by the crowds! dciing the day. lmav be'for the best, bat it has shorn journal - ^ T ^do and fon- Life** Darkest Moment BACKWARD GLANCES IT A» w. At < th.* northeaat corner of Bonhain'ajQd Eighteenth streets is a building that for years housed a saloon when saloons a: ere ed in Lamar county. 'When I came to Paris there was a. large frame house on that corner, and the ground north of it was Lane's wagon , yard- place much fre- Quented by people from the country when they had to spend the night in town waiting for the cotton market to open next morning- Some years later the old house was torn down and brick houses took its place and hav* been there ever since, that blocK being one not destroyed by the fire of 191$. Forty-odd years ago there was a saloon In the corner room and it remained there, under various ownerships, until saloons were banned by the adoption of prohibition la the county about 1905. The saloon was there in 1S93 when the negro Henry Smith was burned at a stake' on the prairie south of Paris by the outraged citizens for criminal assault and murder or a child. Some one raking the j ashfs of that funeral pyre found j the negro's heart. TVhlch was " shriveled by the heat bat not consumed, and it. -with some scraps of bones, was placed on exhibition in this saloon and was there viewed by those moved by curiosity for such things. One day a smooth - talking to th* plan and th* stranger took th* relic* ostensibly to be photographed, but n*v*m- ±i2rn&3, a&d th* supposition xas that he had carried them off to exhibit elsewhere and pexhap* make some money for himself. At any rat* he and th* relies wer*> Recently the editor of m, Mfcr- shall newspaper told of m**tin* * traveling man some tim* *ft*r'th* Smith execution who"" had as » watch charm a small carred pise* of. bone that he asserted was *. part of Henry Smith's r*mai«s, and that all that iras left of th« * negro's bones had been made uj» into such ornaments and •old as souvenirs- If this was • done It was at some place other tluu* Paris, lor so far as I know, ino one here engaged In any sucli httslness. It was probably on » par Trith the working of the public that was done by some alert negroes soon after th* affair. There came to Paris from time to time reports of a negro man so- eceiving money at T*.places. he having stated that he was !n Parts at the tlm* of the execution and that having expressed disapprobation of the affair he htm-self narrowly escaped iynchinjc xnd was compelled to flee from Paris and leave behind everything he had. No such occurrence ever took place, but th* felloes who worked the racket stranger saw the relic and suggested to the proprietor of the saloon that he could make some ^ere far enough away to get TT by having it photographed | Pathy and money from people who selling the prints, especially | Sid not know the truth of th* and through the north wher*s much Inditraation had been expressed because the people of Paris did not wait for the courts to act in Smith's case. The proprietor this. matter. There have been rackets from time immemorial and I suppose always be rackets such a* 4TTE1VIPT TO ENTER EL BETHEL REVTV^AL FT. TOWSON DEPOT! IS ENDEQ. SUNDAY Should Be Appointed S HOULD it be thought advisaVie to nave ajp 5 - 12 ^ seuaratp comsiissioii or board for admin- \ ^eases^ 2 - ~ There are more pent-houses on the market ver since the prepression. Five year rior to October 29 nave run out .ace . ije occuDsnts ws ! The netvest r-ent ho to earts again, isers are the •^J-T-JS.-* fi-v OIj' For Tesas has €-011:1111,15550115, spending too ^ TL_ fcp. I th* onlv hi slier bracketed salary folk sailing —*„ OC i --^|_ ** "„,'"-.. ,.» ""^ 1 " JT "*"» — 7"^ £T_2£l 1 il-. -tOi liiX-.- ii ^ ii-.^. I. a 1C. ti •*-»<-1 — *j» G. - *• -*J"- J ^j- Bankers sav they are the first spendthrifts anuc of their time campaigning for h ueoie finding places for them. The demand in elective eonmnssio jf four sections c-f the st ~ Hughes" pet projects— med do^ni bv the legislature. otnee suppo a -n<5 ! since the nnbooining sxi3 many, as in the flush -t«d \ days of the movies, are spending faster than ev rrake it. Amos and Andy are exceptions. some Quarters lor a. lour \ 'one selected from! Sex Beach is about the only author jwbp " ' ' to hkndl? | turned to farming and tsade it paF- Indeed, tally is one of I his celery ranch in Florida is bringing greater beiretnms isan his facile i>en. As a sice line, be FOKT TOWSON. Okla. — An attempt ""-as made Saturday nisfct to break into the railroad station A ma^i walking home late heard someone opening a. -window and went after the officer. By the tim* they had gotten back tiie burglar ^ras gone leaving the window open and apparently doing nothing else. As yet there Is tio clue as to -who it TvaSw Mrs. O- B. Medford bas been taken to the Paris Sanitarium for treatment for sinus trouble. She has been ill some tirae. Mr. and ilrs. S. A- Jofcnsoa of Idabel spent the day here -with Mr. and Mrs. Marvin Fodse. Max ix>ven and family of Paris. BI* BETHEI*. — Revival ser~ vice* coaducted by the Re-*". Orval Brotm her* closed Sunday even- Ing trhea s. larye conprecation s,t- 'Mars! CHAPTEK "EIGHT THE KING aa, who believed with. Miss ] : stood sundry things so well and 5 a fortune to such as reckoned in (annoo Tex»«. spent Sunday with Mr. Mrs. TV. A- Hall- Mr, and Mrs. Charlie Hoi lid ay nee the arrj-^-al of a. baby 1 ethers not at all. and smiling -down | thar a»d the utmost satis- lier, he put his hand over hers, ! faction to another group who r«- liiinVoly and gently and timidly. d he revealed no evidence of waiitiii^ to 50 any way but hers. jTor two strained. tinh^p -^-A^.^s sh€ rja.d "played aroui: wiib. Bob- Geoffrey Tari-eton, r one a.ts'isihstic tlia.t usually to hold, was in town. A^I^, kuew. a he fcad not lookec her tip. | . Ke was a sly-eyed old you of an unhappily full ana slack er will—sioes—love you. Otherwise sound la taste, she cares rather amazingly for me and she knows what yon save done for me. Kow - happy you have made me. by—"" (be hesitated) '•stooping: to zee." She m-annured a stifled. "Don't." He did not tindersi&aS that, but .,„„ jfeelins her need for comfort without mid-rsta-ndin? it. he tieMesed shou Tesas has too many elective ofneeG novr. aac no more •saonl^ be added. s,n<i the oil and g-as eoniinis- sion If created, and the railroad co so soon as an amendment ssonld be appointed. The members v be adopted. ould be usiies ^ pnneipai non ists over tb.e country ?rith gladiola bulbs. Beach, however, did not trr out hs horticultural esperiiaent haphazardly. He not orJj studied his subject for five vears before 1-akin.s 1 it tip. but has one of the inost eomleie libraries about nsj-steries of the ously blind giant to meet his mother. But she couid not, with a.11 her naake the matter seem reasoning, tion.. Geoffrey, she realized early. would always "do iha.; sort of thing-" yet two weeks at home without even her by tele- phOE* was ratner smia.1, even for Geoffrey. Bob Powers' atutude had s.;so ^ i complicated life. His sirr.p-icity -^ beca -, asa? e<!" with out once finisaed 2S the only exponent Of ^ne|-: a43e vjm s *e e kis* aa a p^ecge. | ser<0 . js! y ccjislderlris marriage, or Consider :be first railroad commission Tex- j triple air somersault- The in jury sustained to f aarf «*« nad kissed to serve until jbis sGouIder mtsscle has been pronounced per- Gocons, of the Syiag trapeze, is de- uncLeriip. and his life had taught him to know vrcmen. His dra-n-]*r<i motto -R'as "'keep 'em long-in^," ar.«i he usder^tood the art of coins' so. Marsha could see ii:m in his rooris, s v her krso louder ing why she did not see hiui. She heard, thrcuarh a. feline friend, that Geoffrey was paying court to a Spanish dancer -who •x-as ling ever the thought of ^ he *-vas in to~n and his hand or. hers asd he spoke quickly of matters he hoped might She sat, small, pointed chin rather stiff, starinsr at the stocky neck of Mrs. Powers' chauffeur. The moment would start Goeff- rev*s loudest mirth, she realized. She could not see why she must be so tragic about a matter that, 513; -weeks before. wou!<2 have made her laugh. She moistened her Mps. There must E>e something amusing about her going, with this tavrny. fatu- Miilay that there is no wine Jike j "Ther* isn't a.ny dragon for you. j ^ff ^ ^ en ^l" fiefi-rest," he said- "Don't yoa know J thei, tiai.y ^are- that I'm the ICnisrhr that slays • them?" She tried to smile, and seeing; that she srost try to sraile. he -seas touched deeply by her perturbation. * j r>arliag/* he said, "my raoth- s color in thirst, had expected. Bob 5 ers to kiss her hotly, to grxjtv a little lang-Tiid and to gro his way. b;it th* affair had not folio-wed this form. He had hissed her not hotly, but Xo one trho lived in a house •with s-ach a sort of hail, could shout Tvirh anger, or punish with cold silence, Bob's hand on her arm. Marsha moved -svith htra toward the drawing room. As they r«ach»d the threshold of the broad doorway. Sirs. Powers rose, a. small, faded symphony ; » Cray -s-lih gentier^jes written -upon her as Modernity eich"<2 ors Marsha's face and in garb. "My dear cbllfi." said Mrs. prs; srie moved, •o'w^rd Marsfea, COMMUNITY FISHFRY IS GFV^N AT CRAIG CRAIG. — Hervey Russell gave. the community a fisk fry Saturday night. He and some others had caught 400 pounds In "XVomack lake. Several from here attended singing at Shady Grore Sunday. Mrs. Short of Pattor.viiic visited her mother Mrs. J- I~ McHam -nrho is ill with an Infection of one foot. Mrs. John Day entertained Fri- rather tremulous hands ont- stretchect. Marsha fell dry lips on hers . . - o<id moment Goeffrev -would smile ov*»r it" ^.hy had she let the affair go thus 'ar^ "That 5s you, dear." said Mrs. Powers. she tiaci BeU3*^d. and after Marsba, Mrs. Orvai Brown Is at the of Clyde Boltoa here, reco from an operation for appendlcJtis. Mrs. John Tharp. Misses Ix>uis* and Hejania Smith and Maggi* Carroll of Atnherst were hef* Sunday. XValter T^llliaias and fairtiiy visited luoyd TVIlliams and faintly »-t >Larvlrt Sundajv Mrs. Kick Stone sptnt Hoxton. J. X. Jones and family B. Rodgers of Faush-t vislt*d Louis Keith and family Sunday- Mr. atnd'Mrs. Click K*!3y ton and Mrsu .Kandia I^ocke of guests of Ern*«t Melton and family Sunday. GO ON FISHING TRIP TTGERTOWX. — Som« men went Iroin here to Bols d*Arc fishins: Friday and report «. C»ttnor. has been ill this cro~^d attended t2i» •scorJcingr at Georgia frl- Ch«.r!ie Cr»snley and faunily h*,ve moved to a place near llax- . Sam Rountr^e and family s^o visit- two At least fwesty before she tisriteiv Wliad. appointed bv -JJTn Hogg to _ . tie first "eWriios. Does anyone snppos^that j rcacent. BUT if sis platis go tcrongr. ass es- (jhose rsen. the inost effeciive commission lesas j traordinary feat will live on. He has focr2<:_ a "*" so nearly like him that they are m;s- is training to do made Codena the master. Reag bigger calibre and they gave Texas a railroa .'CO ed cor. js, fellow fool's umbrella, untnissed by snd- out & little north in ierce glower bellovred at as innocent door- Our brother Tore ^ent to enure*n every) Sunday for tbre* Tnontbs. but lie quit wnen j b« dids't laiig the job be inougbt sis regular j &iteBd&Bce VC*J!G J'-'* T p fciin g*t.—Claude Cal-j Ian is Sisr-TVlegrrats. | ait standing there as if I can help It!" his hea4 had had irr- .o her ths <a£t thor&ughly •w.'onaerin; cot:li3 rriike hJra ios'j She had cot; she stead, made h:rr: lose comer of his heart. Ke had dra-^r; a-R-^y after her kia*ejs to stare a.t a. portrait ol the iloor* -who ha.<i t-«en an Ern- dor in the Hftjnry Ada..rns era. nrn rarner | ^^ Disappointment that -would 5>e *fc«-.h*r sne | ^ other - s through her breaking the engagement Gettir.^ en^a^cd she had found to b*> "rather di- settinj? disengrasred. an The tropic momest had occ^rr€-:d Jn Miss Gertrtide's dra^-irig-roorn. "You are heavenly said, -si- ben be could - c manage No reel ho'bo ever took a job away fross .man trltfc a •wif*» an-i ch:-d. the -oboes says. There is i;o record either of a gr< blue bk>od. bobo iskiug a job from snybodj T | Cither,—Tenip'e News.. In the News 1 3 Years Ago From the filet *f The Pari* M ing News thirteen years mgo L. JULY 17, 1921 W. Wiikins. 4S. farmer living east of Mother -wishes the gov*Tn-*rer;i .quit colJecticg taxes. The assoant. dsd pays isn't mueb. but be uses it as £n «ze*ise for not 1 anything- as other needs,— Calin Honfrv Grove, died in a Paris hospital follow* -i- - . . ing an appencicitis operation. t Crisara began, a revival in the mora ri speak: "generous! Perha>-t twenty or thirty years together, and roy trying darias all that t4me to sho'w yon •what I think and feel of you, you will understand a little of »y gratltcde and •worship." £h* had thought, "Oh, heavens"' But she did not te»I him braiaiiy that th*r« wouI<S b« no t**r.ty or thirty years together. Such affairs »oiKetijii*s "worked out," she reat- &O2e<l, without help ari-S quJte Ra.t- vertins": _ eaary matter that <2id not touch her. But now— "Are yoa •warm enough. <S«ar?* sbe heard him ask very geully. 55:* a^swere<I with a mcte<i strained, "Qclte, Bob. thank you. Then th« street the house; stone steps of ooars*. Th*y be. It -would probably smell oM; and the <5oor -would t« opened by a stoop*d servant who wrould call Bob "Mr. Boh," a servant -who r«m«nihered NT*" Year's caJUs and young aad ullghtly hilarious blades ^rho crowded in chaise* on one another's lap* ar.d stopped h«r<5 and there for a tod-dy atsd to exciwtoj?® *^* wishes of the day. Sch a ljou«ft, and it* laiaate*. would know at ^reat d*al of order She recko»«<l tl^« women who *'I*t Uiicjc* slide" and who "managed r,»ce!y"c their r3Un:b<jr reassured faer. who heretofore ha«S ha.d no hesitation in deal'njif * d«taih blow with a emUe- But she did not sleep weJI. Bob brought her the ring; »he First. Baptist chareh . , , -, ,et feim alfp it o» faer flayer, and tbe tabernacle opposite loolw «» j^ »!„«. *b« cri<*. Allan*a Jorarria; observe* ibst thlsjs the! tiajf o" vfrsr when po^ts and fishermen put out! a lot of lirx-s with nK'a^r The Confederate Veterans in monthly 'Kjeet- rGS .— Arkansas ling h«;ard an address by Rev. Jsp Manton of *"'' who also preached at Central Presbyterian ebtircb at asorning service. EUnor Giyn denies that "It" has any re- — iafioa to ses-appeal. Jt is thus «?!egr what **It"l Judg-e C. C. Dunagas of Cooper ' is« % t. but as to what "It" is it isn't—WestcujouaJy ill in a Pans hospital stifferi •was sen- suffering from S blood poison. Whik n f*w leave their footprints in thei An automobile collisioa at South Main and o! time—ic&ny stick ap OT F*rm#i«vili« Times. mud-— J Kaufman jctr«eia, cl»m«^ed two j occupan1» ^ere not .injured. but the and of the th jreatle-roJl< could do. Regard for law and the fol- iowinsr of ir-xrh conduct a» keep* a chin fcbore the timber line was did aot cry ca«5Iy. Bat three time* she had cried since "crowing: up." Bui it luijght work o«t- Hho. who adoratJou had offered *x> many r>ol«/n«5 <--; in the manner of Lucr«xia jiorK*.' written oa the *olsd *tructar« be- lor« wbich the motor «topp«d- Kob op*n«d th« door before the cha.«f?*«r conld !«*.v« hi* po«t. "Home." «atd Bob x little breath- Ie««ly; mud hi* *7<** troubled Marsha a* they fesui often and they •were iUI*d with and with as littJe feeiins* — »ne didn't want tx> hart faint- One afternoon *t the start of November *&« went witfe Bob to *«e hi* mother and heading toward th* old residence etreet that had b*«?ti »<> -little touched by the new. sli* knew fcer»«If to b« *» trem«- and uncertain ** »h« b*d been at H* «nd*r«to«d it, who uader- «tooped old »er- vmnt admitted them to the hou*e; h* iw-W. "Mr. Bob." and he bowed low to Marsha. A «ood many people would fee hurt, »he realized, when th* truth w&» told. Sh« Weed the h**L which «a.w through confusion and * bit b«xUy- furnlttire wnlch old, Sirs. Minnie Bro*rn of shower for ifrs. L*olx - Hobbs arid when cream and cake were days tills last week. Fete Hoductt is sj>endlnsr tb.« in Mrs. Gladys Herssiey of Paris Is relatives here, very stiff ci^air o as cJose to a-wk'arara as sh« could b*. had folio-wr»d th« lead. "I'm feeling stiff." Marsha admitted ruefully. "When I am a bit ess rene I'll mov« Solution of Saturday's Puzrl* iaush^d. Mrs. Powers and ~nat T^i51 probably become the family joke*,** sciid Mrs. "Family jokes." echoes in L|OlRj£|LlE! I Marsha. Did families really have wh*m? She'd beer, certain about family jcke* and the rotten^st poj>y- But Mra. Powers didn't look as if she c<vj;d He. (To Be Continued) race I*. Paux of «. *iRi£, j AtS^Vft£ Grande valley drainage project call for about 200 navies of drain* to cost 52,000.600. Coap5«» Part of Today** Amusements tb* C»nton la S*rtt**r SO. Tntna«r«««Joa £elor.«r'.ae to Ut* Attraction NAT TOWLES ORCHESTRA In Modern ON* TTIK STACK AT «:35 IP. FOG OVER FRISCO At The PUx» Here Come* Tfce Groom J»ck TfaJey Fjttrtrte EIU* At Th* L«mar On Marine*

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