Arizona Republic from Phoenix, Arizona on June 30, 1973 · Page 4
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Arizona Republic from Phoenix, Arizona · Page 4

Phoenix, Arizona
Issue Date:
Saturday, June 30, 1973
Page 4
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REPUBLIC MAlt » A J 2 The Arizona Republic Sat., June 30, 1973 Protestants Bonn's revaluation of mark keep reins knocks dollar to record law Loyalist army trooper to Santiago, Chile, watches outside of government house >f V Associated Press More about Chile quells army rebels Continued from Page A-l nearly 10 years of military rule. "The situation throughout the country is calm and ; ;absolutely tranquil," Allende said over nationwide radio after the attack. He was in his suburban home when the assault began. t Allende said the majority of the rebels surrendered after the palace area was surrounded by loyal army troops. The rebels had arrived in the four :; .tanks and half a dozen armored personnel carriers and trucks. -:; They stationed a ^tank with its cannon. ~ pointing at the front door of the palace in Plaza Constitution, located outside its main entrance. The cannon did not fire. The rebels swept the buildings surrounding the plaza with gunfire, breaking windows and pinning down pedestrians. Then palace guards'belonging to the r carabineros, Chile's paramilitary police, returned the fire from inside the building. Tanks and squads of rebel infantrymen then attacked the Defense Ministry, . .across the Plaza Bulnes at the rear of the palace. . Ministry sentries returned the fire as , loyal army regiments sped toward downtown from half a dozen other garri- , sons in the capital. Allende said the assault 'was led by a !' "small group of ambitious military men." Rush-hour pedestrians gaped as the rebel convoy roared past, forcing automobiles and buses to the sides of the streets. The rebel soldiers raked streets around the palace with long bursts from '. automatic weapons as the civilians screamed and stumbled for cover. Merchants who had just opened shops, . rang down their metal shutters after allowing pedestrians inside. '•' Half a dozen army regiments are ; based in the Santiago area, and the ? army chief, Gen. Carlos Prats, ordered >• several of them to cordon off downtown. A paratroop regiment was also v: brought in from its base just south of t the capital. i Allende, who celebrated his 65th birthday Wednesday, later drove to the palace in a convoy of 30 police vehicles. From there, he addressed the nation again and told Chileans that Prats "obtained the surrender of the majority of the insurgent troops." He pleaded with his countrymen "to maintain the serenity that is needed in this moment" and warned them not to go near military .garrisons. Jubilant leftist supporters marched through downtown streets by the hundreds chanting, "The left united will never be defeated!" • Riot police firing tear. gas had to disperse some of the crowd which had attacked the offices of La Tribuna, the newspaper of the right-wing National Party. The assault followed by a day the announcement by Gen. Mario Sepulveda, Santiago's garrison commander in chief, of the uncovering of a plot by several civilians and low-ranking military officers to take over a barracks. He said the plotters had been arrested and that the attempt was to have taken place in a unit within the army's 2nd Division, which covers'the Santiago regiments. But Sepulveda refused to give more details. The Chilean armed forces have a long tradition of neutrality in politics. The last serious military incident occurred in 1969 when the Tacna Regiment staged an insurrection at its barracks seeking higher pay for soldiers. But there was little violence. Chile has been in increasing difficulty since Allende took office in November 1970. He was the first Marxist in the world to be elected head of a nation in a democratic election. His leftist coalition Popular Unity Government is dominated by Communists and Socialists, but opposition Christian Democrats control both houses of Congress. This country of 10 million has seen strikes, transportation stoppages, rationing of food and other items and repeated street violence since Allende took power. About 12,000 at El Teniente, the world's largest underground copper mine, are striking for higher wages to offset the 163 per cent world-record increase in inflation last year. Strike-related violence has left several persons dead, many injured and cost the government millions of dollars in lost exports. Only productive oil field in Israel is drying up TEL AVIV (AP) - The only productive oil field in Israel is drying up, the country's petroleum commissioner said Friday, Loan granted for water plan YARNELL '-• A loan of $769,000 has been granted to the Yarnell Water Improvement Association to develop service to Glen Elah, Yarnell and Peeples Valley in an area about 35 miles south of Prescott. The loan, repayable in 40 years at an interest rate of 5 per cent, will come from the Farmers Home Administration, Rep. Sam Steiger, R.- Ariz., announced. The project will assure water and fire protection for 350 homes and other establishments in the area of the wa- Commissioner Ron Hanreck estimated only 1.6 million barrels remain to be pumped from the 16-million-barrel field in the Helez-Beror-Hayil area, near the Arab Gaza etrip, Hanreck said a pumping rate has not been fixed to determine when exploitation of the field will end. Small private operations could extend the life of the field by recovering the residue after the known reserves are exhausted, he said. The field was discovered in 1956. Israel also exploits secret quantities of oil from the Abu Rodeis field in the Sinai desert, captured from Egypt in the 1967 Mideast war. The gas and oil industry have been unprofitable for Israel despite the oil wealth of the Middle East. From the government's initial investment of about $60 million in exploiting the resources, the industry has re- Copper Basin sets July 4 celebration HAYDEN - The Copper Basin's Fourth of July celebration will be at 7:30 p.m. Wednesday at Hayden High School Lobos Stadium, sponsored by the Hayden-Winkelman and the Kearny chambers of commerce. Lalo Serrano, Hayden school .superintendent, said the children in the summer school program will perform several square dances. Singing of patriotic songs will be part of the program. t$g system, Steiger said. turned atyut $45 million. The Arizona Republic Published every morning by Phoenix Newspapers, Ine. (120 East Van Buren) P.O. Box 1950 Phoenix, Arizona 85001 Telephone 271-8000 Subscription Prices Carriers or Dealers in Arizona Republic (Morn. & Sun.) 90c week Republic (Morning) 55o wk. (Circulation mail rates appear in the Classified section of each edition.) Second class postage paid at Phoenix, Ariz. Saturday, June 30, 1973 Vol. 84, No. 45 Bid for meeting ~ in Mideast fails PARIS (AP) - President Habib Bourguiba of Tunisia says his bid to arrange Israeli-Arab talks has failed, a Paris newspaper said Friday. Bourguiba said the plan failed because Israel refused to accept his suggestion that the basis for the talks be the 1947 partition plan for Palestine. He chose the 1947 borders, he said, because they were set by the United Nations ."and at least have a certain legality." in Ulster United Press International BELFAST — Computer projections of the vote in Northern Ireland elections Friday night gave majority Protestants the same overriding control of the province's new assembly as they held in previous legislatures, Ulster Radio said. in continuing election violence, bomb-laden cars ex' ploded in downtown and at the cargo section of the Belfast's Aldergrove Airport, wrecking several buildings and injuring at least 11 persons, the army said. Ulster Radio said its computer projections from Thursday's elections gave Protestant-dominated parties at least 60 per cent of the votes and Roman Catholic groups 28 per cent. Ulster Radio said projections gave 30 per cent of the vote to former Premier Brian Faulkner's -official Unionist Party, and 30 per cent to a more militant alliance headed by "former Home Affairs Minister William Craig and the Rev. Ian Paisley. The Social Democratic and Labor Party, the province's main Catholic opposition party, took at least 23 per cent of the vote and the more militant Nationalist Party won 5 per cent. Both sides of the community, however, rejected candidates representing extremist sectarian views. The bomb explosion at the city's Aldergrove Airport damaged a freight building, the army said. Police said 10 persons were treated for shock, cuts and bruises. Another car bomb exploded behind the city's art college after army efforts to defuse it failed, an army spokesman said. United Press International BONN — West Germany increased the international value of its currency FMday- by revaluing the mark upward by 5.5 per cent, a move that patched up a European economic crisis at the immediate expense of the already weakened dollar. West German Finance Minister Helmut S c h m i d t announced the revaluation at mid-morning, less than 12 hours after publicly denying any plans for anotther revaluation of German currency this "In the last 12 days, our central bank had to buy more than 4 billion marks worth of French francs, Belgian fr.ancs, Dutch guilders and Danish kroner in order to keep the exchange rates of those currencies from break-; ing through the fixed parity floor," Schmidt said. In Brussels, a Common Market spokesman said "The revaluation has saved the joint float of our European currencies" and kept alive the market's drive toward eventual monetary union. Karl Klasen,, president of the West German Central Bank, said the United States and all affected European nations had been advised overnight of the revaluation and expressed satisfaction with the decision. Because it is floating in the exchange, the dollar theoretically was not affected by the revaluation of the mark. But its value fell anyway, dropping to an historic low of 2.4250 marks Friday within foOr hours of the announcement. The announcement initially- prompted a freeze of activity on European currency exchange markets, but when business resumed the value of the dollar dropped to a new low in West Germany, Switzerland, Belgium and Sweden. The revaluation raised the official worth of the mark by 5.5 per. cent not specifically against other European currencies, whose exchange rates for the mark had been fixed: Since March, when the value of the dollar was allowed to float, its worth has been determined primarily by supply and, demand on' the money markets rather than by fixed exchange rates. Schmidt s'aid it was not the falling value of the dollar but the weakness of other European currencies against the mark that prompted the revaluation. He told a news conference West Germany's booming export surplus is so strong it has been forcing the currencies of European Common Market countries down to the lowest rates permitted on the fixed exchange rates against the mark. When six of the nine European Common Market nations attempted to solve the dollar crisis last March by a "joint float" against the U.S. currency, they kept fixed exchange rates against each other. '.'.'. 3 U.S. firms sign pact for Siberian natural gas Associated Press MOSCOW—Three American larger than that involving El companies signed an agreement with the Soviet Union Friday that could deliver Western Siberian natural gas to U.S. Atlantic Coast ports. Tenneco, Texas Eastern Transmission .Corp. and Brown and Root signed a "protocol of intentions" with Deputy Foreign Trade Minister Nikolai G. Osipov, according tdi a Soviet announcement. Harry Austin, senior vice president of Brown and Root, signed for the American companies but was not available to comment on details. From earlier published reports the agreement could surpass the June 8 deal in which El Paso Natural Gas Co. and Occidental Petroleum Co. signed, a letter of intent for a 25-year project that would be worth more than $10 billion to develop eastern Siberian gas fields and ship it to west coast U.S. ports. Although there was no firm estimate available on the prospective value of the deal, earlier figures cited would indicate the project involving Tenneco is about 50 per cent Paso and Occidental. El Paso and Occidental talked about a $4 billion. investment in pipelines liquefaction plants and tankers, Previously published figures from Tenneco and .Texas Eastern referred to an investment of more thari : ,$6 bjili"6n.< The Soviets will be paying with gas. The agree m e n,t could total about $15 billion over 25 years. ; '^ The El Paso-Occidental group is considering piping .gas from Yakutak to the Vla> divostok area for delivery 'to .the west coast of the United States. :_ . i~t The Tenneco group is.dis- cussing natural gas deposit's in the. Urengoi qrea that would be piped to the Soviet port of Murmansk. ..: Tass, the Soviet news agency, said the protocol "determines the basic lines along which the sides will carry out their further work. 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