The Daily Register from Harrisburg, Illinois on January 19, 1948 · Page 8
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The Daily Register from Harrisburg, Illinois · Page 8

Harrisburg, Illinois
Issue Date:
Monday, January 19, 1948
Page 8
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PAGE THE DAILY REGISTER, HARKISBURG, ILL., MONDAY. J A X U A K V li). 1048 March of Dimes Aids All Public Health Heids j |!i\Mv«rtlu'raiy lo accelerate the t u i i n m , of the .students. The \ t is today limincing the i ' l u t M t i o i : of orthopedic sur'_."MX MU'li'i-ts anil pediatricians. I, v ' m i M i i s a special come for p i ! - \ - i . - .u;it rui'MUi: supervisors Knu"n \ Ol i-v ' i i l lic An acute shorlagi' of trained I personnel in the medial and pub !C health lioUU still is seriously · tnrcatenin-4 n.itio'K.l health. \v.u i t h c \varmnj: .soi-nded today by A. M. lletherinuiop. County Chair-11 \ !·' ; man of the 1S148 March, of Dimes. l'ointin-4 out t h a t many ad- \uiice; in pol'o study aie liimled by the lack ot qualified "hands' to perform vital health \vo:k,U Mr. Hcthenngton said the solution ·· of the personnel problem lies in -· | extensive public financing of t»ch-| j n i c a l education for promising students. "Education is one of the most important phases of v.oik done by the National Foundation for Infantile Paralysis in leading the fight against polio." he said in repealing that more than scholarship and fellowship awards have been made with funds raised through the .March of Dimes. "Through the March of Dimes t t h e American people are offering ] qualified individuals an attractive · i n Mono treatment at loclxc 1 ' Hospital in New pro- 'iv, dt'tiur.d lor orlho ic n u i s u i '. MI pi rvisoi:, loach-1 ,md head r.urv.v has been met I (is lor advanced tram-' i f ( I ' l i l ' i s o d nurses. .Mr. lleth- \s : K ' \ o a U d . and the pub\ . 1 ; » iie'd IMS been supported sc'.i . iishi!) ,°!» to health iii'.uo -. p u b l i c health physicians. ..m'ar. e'l-iuiws. and medical j»:iit.' v. orkeis. · ' I h e e n t i i e field of medicine is be:".: s i r ' r ^ t h e n e d by the deyel- ( D p - ' M i t oi highly trained medical ·. t . i \ e . -." said Mr. llethenngton. · l i u i . v ' n ' k 1 s ; i-i no way itncted to the field of polio. Kat l - t r . the;. ;:re free to operate in an\ Mie r* er.deavoi requiring 1.300' 11'.*"'ir .-pc,'iali/ed talents. By con- 't'.tbunii. 1 sonorously ty the March c-" Dime*. America i intilding a Aid to 1'erspirutlon Curry, one of the oldest condiments known to man, is used in practically every meal eaten by the 320 million inhabitants of India, rlcb or poor. Because of India's tropical climate, natives air-condition themselves by eating a perspiration- inducing condiment. Curry causes them to perspire, making the surrounding hot air feel cool in comparison with their skins. Relief At Last ForYdur Cough Crcomulsion relieves promptly because It KOCS right to the scat of the trouble to help loosen and expel .... germ laden phlegm, and aid nature i-o. xo soothe and heal raw, tender, In" flamed bronchial mucous membranes. Tell vour druggist to sell ou a bottle of Creomulslon with the understanding you must like the way it quickly allays the cough or you are to have your money back. CREOMULSION x k r n a i m y of energetic work-i -w u m -- · ·**· - .- ~~ T7~,~ -~ ,·.·' the iiciu against all disease."' forCouehs,ChestCo!ds,Bronchitis or* vi y^ J11UV1VO Cl*»v» v **!'*· *.«V--M«^ ,,-- --... -- -power six cylinder engine, a 100-horsepowcr First School Fund ; Connecticut was the first state to establish a permanent school fund. May, 1795. luture in the field oi health. Thousands of portions must still be filled if we are to provide the nation with adequate medical 1 , VPW Fnnn TR'JCK The pew 1948 scries F-8 Ford 3-toa truck with 195-inch wheelbase is the protection. We can't t^ht di»03st'| NEW FORD IKOCK. ine new IJ.Q s* "_«-»__ ^^ ^_. ig4g truck Hne offers a Wlder range, i:n i ess we have enough capable' iv engines--a 95-horse- pl.ysicians. nurses, physical therapists and other essential trained professional personnel to insure I every stricken person the most 1 modern care available." ·Mr. Hetheringion said that In? _ most serious shortage iu recent j vears has been in the Tield oi j phvsical therapy, but scholarships! i "ranted b the National Founds-, ' · i o n are rapidly developinu train-! ed worker to fill these vital posts largest fuck ever built bv the Ford Motor Company. The new 1948 truck me of models and capacities than ever before. They are powered by three new truck ^..^° d l *"Lrt7r pnomo. n 100-horsepowcr V-8 and a Ho-horsepower \-8. New Line of Ford Trucks Displayed by Dealers Postwar Product jour whole o.tlool; on life. W h y not f y · nnd regain the jilc.tsuros of living \o-j ' once enjoyed? Why be disco jrascd -- why · not rej^un the verve nnd zest of a much younccr man? Many men are obtaining · emaz'mj: results with Bejtrxm tablets. · Just nsk your drujrgist for Bcytron. · (Each tablet scaled to retain high io- ' tency.) Women too find Beytron. helpful. dels. ncv.- from j. D Bal, d i r c c c r of the tnick i and fleet sales department - id . . . - - __, one-half . t o n heavy-duty series , [) ea f enec j K o w H ' Whispers 5 Fee. Away and ^STIMULATING TABLETS WINTER SPORTS MAY BE COSTLY If you or some member o£ your immediate family should injure someone accidentally, you might face a costly damage suit. 'This is only one of the hazards covered by our y£tna Comprehensive Personal Liability Insurance Policy. ROBERTSON, CRECELIUS and GHENT Pho. 1000 Rose Bldg. Representing The ^rna Casualty and Saitsy Company of Hartford. Conn. Cold Wave Means nothing to the family whose house is Rock Woo! avid capacities as well as many engineering changes. Two new series--F-7 and F-3-are the largest ever manufactured by Ford. They have maximum gross vehicle we'ights of 19.000 and 21,500 pounds, respectively. Another new series is the six-c iinder cab-over-engi'.ie model. Three Power Plants Three new pov cr plants are: available for the new 1 rucks-- a I 95-horsepow er six-cylinder engine. ( a 100-horsepo\\er V-3. and a 145-1 horsepower V-8. , The new trucks are attractively I styled without losir.g rusgedness i'necessary for good performance 'and long life. Radiator grille and i headlights arc recessed in a f'liic- tional pattern in the modern fror.t, end which contributes to massive appeara'.ice and gives added pro- · lection. ' Greater front f i d i t i e n g t h has. been achieved Ihiou-Ji improved 1 j sheet-metal x suspcr,-";.i ^r.d heavi- ior construction. -\" c'.o ^ ::c hea- jvic-r. wider -ncl of a ..o-v c_~'?n, which provides gic.iier iiic c;L..r- jancc. Another «'.i'g:i adwicc- ' mcvit is a hea\.» ci\-nnel-stpci front bumper attached directly to extended frame bicic rails. The bumper is. in effect, an extra cross member providing meater rigidity and impact strength. New Cab Design Driver comfort is one of the first considerations in the View trucks. Advanced cab design provides living room comfort ·\yith more space and better ventilation. The new cabs provide up to seven inches greater width and also more headroom. The door has been moved forward to provide better clearance when leaving and j entering. \Vcattier-proofing h a s j been improved the hardware j is heavier. A one-piece \»ir.ds!«ield provides ] increased visibility. The ro.-in window has been enlarged. Other! cab impro-.emenus include r.cwj coach-type seats w i t h improved' cushions, ash tray, dispatch box.! sun visor and a three-way air co'.i- trol t-ystcm. Complete i.ine _ j The complete line of 1P4S trucks includes: The nominally rdtcd h a l f - j ton series of 114-mcn v. heel base j with a deluxe delivery model and j standard pickup, panel and stake Tests bv the American Medical As. sociati o n - s Council on Physical 30 to faint sounds, to easily understand and 158-inch wheelbas Mse· VhTSx'n, U~X V uTM: and '«rmon s and friendly companion. o b n^\o°n on !«£ itf .» TM'^J^«S^TM U £j^\ and the r e e o n on the same .heelbase lengths, THOS. D. 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ENAMELOSD SEMI-LUSTRE Harrisburg: Tire Battery 206 E. Ponlar Lloyd C. Horn Ycu'll get MORE m i l e a g e a n d safety for your m o n e y Co. Tel. 174R1 to we'ieh you down. The makers of . ^^^. Beltone. Dept. 25 1450 \V. 19lh j ^"a i St.. Chicago 8. 111., are so proud of ! ft v! their achievement that they will i ^^^ gladly send you a free descriptive, K 5533g^J^ES£2Sffa33p3 . booklet and explain how you may | 3? r^^-%^c^4^k"5,% itest this remarkable device, in your i «· ^^^^^^^'^^^^^f^a^^m ' own home without risking a penny.' Q'-^-*,*,-?- vO'^^^^fe^fe , Write Beltone today. ' -'^-**" --"^' -- --*^-^-- All-purpose interior decorative enamel! Applies easily, dries rapidly, resists \vear. colors, ir.g ·.vas.ui this f::jKh v.i!V; kitUicv t/' ir.ikc :c l-.ousc- for s:;.50 Cal. D U R A B L E V A R N I S H ! i V I A R - N O T A lustrous finish that resists s c u f f i n g , scratching, staining. Dries quickly. Gloss or Si-tin Finish. 1 l KAISER Mr. · I To Graduate from Dale Carnegie Course Donald G. Hushes, son of and Mr.-. ;lcs li-.iijhes. oi K a - ; !cigh. will iir-rir-ati- liom the Dak-. Csmceic course 01 .sp.-. eh ant 1 ' human reliit'.fi^ «n .\sr.uary -". ;n n pro' in 1 ". · T.o'-' You'll find the Orefesf still come from Wiiiow Make a list of the things you want most in your new car! Then lookers* at the Kaiser or the Frazer! After that, look at any car on the market -- and we'll welcome you back! We speak so confidently because all our thousands of owners were shoppers before they became buyers. Every one of them started out with a strong prejudice in favor of some other make of car -- usually one they had driven previously. Why don't you discover right now what these value- conscious Kaiser and Frazer owners found? AH it takes is a good look and then a revealing five-mile drive! At the right are a few of the reasons why a Kaiser or a Frazer is likely to be your final choice -- regardless of how many other cars you include in your look and drive comparisons! UNDISPUTED STYLE LEADERSHIP! THE RIDE YOU NEVER FORGET! You can't help but recognize the Kaiser and the Frazer as the pioneers of the new style trend. StrciiKi-TIirn fenders keynote the ultra-modern, functional dc^i^n other cars attempt to follow. EXCEPTIONAL PERFORMANCE! K-F engineers created the Gttillw* Ride by redistributing mass and !.»d -- nnd by cradling both seats between front and rear v.Iiec-Is. You \\ill thrill to u wonderful ncv, rid.o sensation! MOST FOR YOUR MONEYS "Step on it" and the speedometer needle snaps to attention like an exclamation po«"t! A new horscpower-to-wciftht ratio means uncommon ·pr:$htliness and thrift! Remarkable economy! K-F postwar design protecis your inxcstmcnt. Styling that stays a.':aid means low-cost Ue- prcciation.A(h.incvdcli.!$ trouble-free ions- life. \\hy buy anything less? .«· J L-. 1 Cheaper Than Ever Before t Up tO 36 Months to pay. Tall now for free estimate. Home Comfort Co. Eldorado, 111. WAYNE GREEN Ph. 312\V OBIS WALLACE PKr" 2GF.°,l .,c:.Xci" ..nsvi'lf. li.c O.'.r, i Upon -;:id::.itio:i »..- is\;,i^s lv.ii: 3c a member of Hie Dale dr- j I regie Alumni c!:ih v.l.ich remains] active in puVic 5.prn'i:^. Hf .Mil al.^o be a member Oi ir.c »:\ans\jllc Toastr-.a^rr's cl'.ib Film Star Annabella Sues Actor Tyrone Po'.vcr for Divorce FRAZER, Annabel^. Kroner, lioni Mar. today .v.icd actor i \ rower for :: di-.oicj. c'nar^r.^ .ic decried her r.nJ car.-v. nv( "extreme' nng;j».-«l' V l l r :ernar,ds for iroc'om. Follov-in;- t»-ca- .«[-·'·"«"'i°, n - · f TM', .r wa? linkod ro: i,i'i":t.ii! w i - - ' Gene TioiT.ox :"i.l :^i,.» 'l.'.rnrv. (U'liK '. n:.. BOTH CARS ARE SERVICED WITH GENUINE FACTORY PARTS, WKESEVER YOU GO, BY ONE OF THE 4 LARGEST AUTOMOBILE DEALS.? ORGAN.'ZATJONS IN THE WORLD. YOU PAY THE REGULAR PRICE · NO TRADE-IN NECESSARY · HIGHEST ALLOWANCE ON YOUR OLD CAR · IMMEDIATE CELiVSRY! Burroughs Motor Sales, Harrisburg, III. Jcrrcl's Motors KOS1CLARE, ILL. A. J. Brandt Co. CAttML H.L. Sutton Garage SHAWNEETOWN, ILL. Cox Motor Co. ELDOUADO, ILL.

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