The Racine Journal-Times Sunday Bulletin from Racine, Wisconsin on July 26, 1959 · Page 28
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The Racine Journal-Times Sunday Bulletin from Racine, Wisconsin · Page 28

Racine, Wisconsin
Issue Date:
Sunday, July 26, 1959
Page 28
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Page 28 article text (OCR)

Television Programs for Week Ending August 1 DAYLIGHT SAVING TIME — Sunday I:JO AM t-rtnt Kdltton 7;30 AM t -OrftI Roberu 1:00 AM •-Uvlnt Ptlth I—Rcllfton tn Amarle* AM S—ThouRht For Un 1:30 AM 1—Thi Lord! Stkff »—rrontler* ol F»ltb r»rm acme 1:45 AM •^hrHtUn Sclenc* ».00 AM. _ , Lump Unto My Ferl 4—RcUgloui Servleei »—Retlginn tn Lire * 7—Oral Roberu K»rtoon Club 9:15 AM t—P»lth 'nr Today f:}S AM (;]0 AM 1-8—tx>ok Cp M LIT* t—tb' American SrT.i f— Meet CorllM Archer la—Faith for Todaj t-M AM t-<n>niti»r Splrnoe tO:00 AM 1—Toung Audience* t— Thtt i> the Lite I— Weilern •—Little Uulu 7—Feature Film •—Morning MovU »—The ChrUtopheri 10:30 AM f—Flrit Meeting 4—Journal Comtci *—Brave Eagle 13—World Horizon 11:00 AM t—Action Theaier 4—Weatern Theater 8—Live and Learn Forum 4—Ramar 7—Little Stara I—Wp»tern IJ—Through the Porthole lT:15 AM 13—Cartune Time 11:30 AM I—«tiT« Donovan •—eir Lancelot 13—Uncle Al 13:00 Noon S—Sunday Cinema 4—Men'i Club t—Americans at Work •—Film. 'TlRhllnB Fnlher Dunn"—Pat O'nrlen, Darrrl Hickman T—Flash Gordon •—Science Fiction Theaier 12—Uncle Hugo end Popry» 13:1J1 PM •—Cartoona 13:30 PM >—Film, "The Romance of Roty Ridge"—Van Johnion, Janet Leigh »—Frontier •—Tha Bis Ra«cali 1:00 PM 4—Film, "The Purple Plain"—Oregory Peck ft—City Deak 1-13—ColleRe Newa Conference 1.35 PM ft—Coi T*. Baltimore 1:30 PM ft—PUm, "Tha River" •—Xra Arden Show »—Paator Wally whlta la—Film, "Bon df a Sailor"—Joe E, Brown, Prank McHugb 3:D0 PM ft—Mama ' 1—Roller Derby 3:16 PM 1—Frankly Speaking 3:30 PM I—Inilfht •—Sberwofld Foreit 3:45 PM IS—Oa the Water 3:00 PM ft—Myittry at Threa 4—TV Reader"! Dlgeat ft—Mickey Ronney Show •—Dr. Hudson'a Secret Journal 1—Open Hearing It—Open Hearing 3:30 PM 4—Open Question , ft—It'i a Great Lift •—Soldier* of Fortune 1—Laat of the Mohloani 11—New Horliona 3:45 PM •—Tenth Inning 4:00 PM j.S—Tha Last Word 4—Action Theater &—Summer Pltyhousa 7—Deadline For Action ft—Sox »«. Baltimore 13~-Wtndo* of the World 4:30 PM 3-8—Face the Nation 13—Roy Roger* 5:00 PM 3>«—Conauest 4-5—Meet the Pres* 7—Best of Brent 13—Kingdom of the Sea 6:30 PM 3-8- 30lh Century 4—The Open Question 5-rilm 7-13—Lone Ranger 8:00 PM 3-8—Lassie 4-Annie Oakley S—Air Force Store 7-13-Vou Asked For It « 30 PM 3 Thnf.i My Boy 4-5--Suspicion a-Clty bnectlvo 7-ia~Maverlck • -Margie 1:00 PM 3-8—Ed Sullivan f-Your Senator Reports 7:15 PM »—The Big knsrall 7:30 PM 4.5-DraRnn 7-lJ--L«» Man »-Your New Army 8:00 PM 3-8—Oenrral Gleclrlo Theater 4-5—Chew Show 7-12-Coll 45 S—O. Henry Playhousa 8:30 PM 2-8-Alfred HUchcock 7-V IP. a - Medic 13 -Mackensle'B Raldera »:00 PM J-8—Richard Diamond l-S-Loretta Voung 7 -Frontier Doctor « aueiii Service l2-Top Playn of 1B5> 0:30 PM j-«-Whais My Line 4 - Whirlvblrds 5 -Sea Hunt 7-13- Meet McOraw P—Film, "Jexebel"—Belle Davis. Ueorge Brent 10:00 PM 3-4 News, Weather h Feature Film 6-Sunday News Special 7-Film, 'Behind the rtlnliiR Sun"--^Tom Neal, 3 -Film, J. Carroll Nalsh 12-News. Sports. Weather 10:15 PM 4-nig League Picture 9—Pilm. "The Lady Has Pl»n.v-Hay Mllland, Paulelte Ooddard 12- Film, "Ur. RfnmiU'i Secret"- J. Carroll NaUh, John Shcppard 10:30 PM 3-Fllm. "Pride and Pvejudlcc"—Oreer Clarson, Van Heflln 4 - Film. 'Clreen For Danger" Alastalr Sim, Trevor Howard 11:00 PM 7—TJie Count of Mont* Crlsto • -Film, "Flyaway Baby" -Tom Kennedy, Olcnda Farrell 11:35 PM 8—News 11:40 PM »-8lar Playhouse 11:45 PM •-News 13:00 Midnight 3-Fllm, "The Prlise Fighter and the Lady" —Myrna Loy, Walter Hufllon • -Film, "The Purchase Prlr.e'-Lvle Talbnl. Barbara Stanwyck 1315 AM :3-Nlghl Watch <-PI!m. "Phantom Submarine"—Anita Loulie, Bruce Be,inelt 8:00 PM t—Clieo Kid 8:30 PM 3-8—Name That Tun* 4-5—Buekskin 7--Polka-Oo-Round 13—Milwaukee Reiwrta 7:00 PM 3-e—The Texan 4-5—Restless Oun • 13—Polka-Do-Round 7!30 PM 3-8—Father Knows Best 4-5—Tales of Wells Fargo ] 7-13- Hold Journey •—The Blue Fairy 8:00 PM 3-8—Frontier Justice 4-5—Peter Uuno 7—Ten Twenty »—How to Marry a Millionaire 13 -Pantomlm* Quia 8:30 PM 3-8—Joseph Cotton Show 4-5—Theater 7 -Top Pro Oolf » -Rescue 8 13-Waller Wtnchrll (00 PM ]-8—Oesllu Playhoui* 4-8—Arthur Murray Parly V-Navy Log 13-38 Men • 30 PM 4 -Death Valley Days 5—Cillsrn Soldier 7—Bill Veech Heporls V Blale Trooper 13-Charlle Chan 1:45 PM 7—Norman Koss • 55 PM 7-Weather 10:00 PM 7-Film. "Golden Hoy"— William Holden, Barbara Stanwyck 1-Fllm, "Zanelbar"—Lola Lane, James Craig 10:15 PM 3-Fllm, "Reunion In Prance"—Joan Crawford, John Wayne 4~Tugboal Annie 8—Film, 'The Great Lie" —Bette Davis, Ueorge Brent 13 -Film, "The Long Search"— OeurKe Nader, Anita BJork 11:45 PM • -Film, "Mayor of Hell •— Frankln Darrow. George Offerman 13:00 MidnlKhl "Lar-y IlTvcr" - • -Death Valley Dayt 13—Target il;45 PM T—Norman Ro<s t:55 PM T—Weather 10:00 PM 4—Star Parade 7—Film. "Fupltlve for • Night" -Frank Albertson. Eleanor Parker • -Film, "aold Is Where You Find ft"—Claude Halns. aeorge Breni 10 15 PM Film, "impatient Years" —Lee Bowman, Jean Arthur 8-Film, "My Favorite Blonde"-Bob Hope, Madlene Carroll 13 Film, "Oold niggers of •37"-Dick Powell, Joan Blondrll 11.45 PM • -Film. "Oold DIgge Paris"'- Rudy Vail Rosemary Lane 12:00 Midnight a Film. "Peg of My Hrarl'"--Mnrlon Davles, Onslnw Stevens Patay Kelly 13:00 Midnight Film. "Blackmall"- Kdward O. Robinson, Ruth Hussey r« In ec, Wednesdoy 4:00 PM Film, '"Convoy"" — Hlewnrt Granger, Michael Wilding 4:30 PM Film. •Calling Dr. OlllesplC'—Moncl Bairymore, Unnna Reed Film, "'That Woman From Trangler"~AdeIe jcrgens, Slephan Dunne 8:00 PM •—Annie Oakley 8:30 PM »—OSS 4.5-Wagon Train 8—The Brothers 7-13—Music For a Summer Night l:OQ PM 3-8-Keep Talking 7:30 PM J-8—Trackdown 4-5—Price I* Right 7.t3-0«i;le anif Harriet t—Huckleberry Round 8:00 PM ].A.-The Mllllnnalre 4-5-Dava King Show 7-12-Donna Keert Show •-28 Men 8.30 PM ,1-8—I've Got a Secret 4-5—Bat Masterson 7-12-Accused • -Bold Venture »:00 PM J.8-Thealer 4-5—This IS Your Life 7-12—Bosing a—Bsn Francisco Beat • :30 PM 4—Nlne-Ihlrly Theater 5—Mackcnele's Raiders l-tiffn York Confidential • :45 PM 13—Sports Corner • 50 PM 7-News 10:00 PM 7-Fllm, "If You Knew Busic"—Eddie Cantor, Joan Davis >»-Film, "Go West Young I.atly"—Charlie Ruggles, 7-Pantomime Quia Glenn Ford l2-Oh, Boy 10:15 PM 7:00 PM 2 -Film,. "I Dood Il'-Red J-J-E'L"">b«'' Skelton, Eleanor Powell t'fr^''" 4-Afrlr«n Pairo) 1-13—Zorro 8~Fllm, "Angel on My 7:30 PM Shoulder'—Paul Muni, 3-8—Yancy uerrlnger ' 4-S—The Lawless Year* 13-Film. "Oateway-Don 7-12-The Reai Moc-oys Ameche, Gregory •-Tugboat Annia 1145 PM •^"O''** 11.48 PM 2-8—Zane Orey Fheater » -Film. "Page Miss 4-Reicue « a!ory"~Marlon Davles, 5-Bachelor Father lA 00 PM 3:30 PM '-?!'"»• J."'"'!" Weapon"— >—Out of rhls World Steve Cochran, 8—Pllm. "Mac»o"-Jan» Lliiabeth Scott Russell, Robert •-Film, "Virginia City"- Mitchum I Errol Flynn, Randolph 13—Feature Film Bcotl , 3~Fllm. "KMp?r"of the 4r21 ;r'So^'°'Jfl ''2 ,*I""'"« Flame"-Spencer Tracy, •-t«f<-o''n Carnival Kalherlne Hepburn . _„ 1:30 PM 4- D A « Man •-Film, "Jimmy the 8—Film, "Dawn Patrol"— Oent"—James Cagney, » -8o« Thursday 1:35 PM vs, Yankees 4l5 PM Tenth inning 4:00 PM Film, "Dishonored Lady"—Hedy Lamarr, John Loder 4:30 PM 2 Film, Boy" Jackie Cooper 4-Fllm. "Track the Man Down"—Kent Taylor 8:00 PM t-8ky King 8:30 PM 2-8—The Playhouse 4—Bachelor Father S—The Callfornlana 7-12—Leave it to Beaver • -This Is Alice 1:30 PM 3-8—Playhousr «0 4-5—21 Beacon Street 7-12 -Rough Riders •—Decoy • 00 PM 4-,4 -You Bet Vour Life 7-0 B Marshal 4-Whlrljrblrds U-'Sea Hunt 1:30 PM 4-HUhway Patrol 8—Masquerade Party 7-Parol« •—Mike Hammer 13-Silent Service Brroi Flynn, David NIven 12-Fllm. "Manhunt"'— Waller Pldgeon, Joan Bennett 1I:4S PM • Midnight Ticker 13:00 Midnight 3 -Film, '"Keeping Company"—Frank Morgan, Ann Rutherford 13 Nlte Watch 12J)5 AM 4-Film, "Outpost In Malaya"-Jack Hawkins, Claudetta Colbert ;°aSMe"eVy ?"'-«°-«5H 'M — PM 7-Wealhet 10:00 PM Soturdoy 7:25 AM 3—Thought for Today 7:30 AM 3 -Pnpeye Robert Young, Jean Parker Tuesday Monday 4 00 PM • -Film, "Hor Knvorlls Patient"—John Carroll, Itulh Hussey 4:30 PM 3- Film, "Lost Angel"— Margaret O'Brien, James Craig 4:00 PM 8-Film, ' floadshow"'- Adoluh Menjou, Carole Landls 4:30 PM 3-Fllm, "Andy Hardyg Double Llfe'^'—MIckpy Rooney, Lewis Stone 4-Pllin. "Tropical Heat Wav«"-K»lallta 8:00 PM I—Superman 8:30 PM 3—African Patrol 4-5—Northwest Passage >—6gt. Preston ot tha Yukon 7-12—Cheyenne 7:00 PM 3—Burns and Allen i.h—Bi-ve Canyon 8—Bouts and Uaddlea (:3n PM 3-8-io I ell the Truth 4-5—Jlmmle Rudgers dhow 7-I3-Wyalt Earp •-Casey Junes 8:00 PM ].8—Prck's Bad Olrl 4 -fanfare 5—Sheriff of cochlsa 7-13-1 he Rifleman •-Flight • :30 PM 3-8—8pol Light Playhouse 4-5—Bob Cummlngs Show 7-l3-Naked City »—Ten-4 • :00 PM 3-«~Andy Williams Show 4-5—Unvid NIven Hhgw 7-12—Filmed Drama •—Border Pnlrol • ::i0 PM 4—State Trooper 5—8A 7 7-Parola Monday Through Friday 6 15 AM 5—Today"s Mcditaitan 8:20 AM 5—Town * Farm 8:30 AM Pan Amciican Classroom o:4U AM 3—Thought For The Day 8:45 AM 2—Farm Dally 4—Farm and 'tarden 1:00 AM 2-nayner Shine 4-»-"roday 1:30 AM 3—Paul Qlbson Show 7—Normatt Rose 1:50 AM 8—First Edition 8:00 AM 2—Oflod Morning Miss Lee 8—News 8:05 AM 2—Weather 8.10 AM 3—News 8:15 AM 2-8—Captain Kangaroo 8:30 AM 7—Tom Mercein Show • -Paul Fogerly 8:40 AM 13-News 8:45 AM 13-8ervlce Groups lMon.-Tue».» 13—Cartoon Time (W-Th-Fl »:00 AM 2—on the Uo 4—Kitchen Show 5—Dougb-Re-MI 0—Cartoon Time 7—Creative Cookery •-13—Romper Room • :30 AM 2-8—Sam Levenson Show 4-5—Treasure Hunt 7—Here's Oeraldlna ••55 AM *-News 10:00 AM 3-8—1 Love Lucy 4-5—Price Is Right 7-Jobblcwocky Place t—Morning Playhouse 13 -Pun HDUSI- 10 30 AM 2-8—Top Dollar 4-5—Concei'trailnn 7 -HciU the Buccs •—I Married Jnnn 11:00 AM 3-8—Love ol Life . 4-5—Tlo Tao Dough CUT AND SAVI CUT AND • --Fran Allison Show 13--Burns and Alien 11:30 AM 2-8—Search For Tomorrow 4-5- It Could Be You 7 -Call t.a Adveiitiirs l3-Women's Angle 11:45 AM 3-8—OuldlMg Light 12 00 Noon 3-News 4-Hol Shots 5—People's Choice 8-Playhouse 8 7-13—Across the Board I—Little Theater 13:15 PM 3—Shopping 13:30 PM 3-8—As the World Turns 4-Mid-Day 5—Life of Riley 7-13~Pantomlme Quia 1:00 PM 3--Por Better or For Worat 4-5.-queen For a iJay 8-star Performance 7-12-Muslc Bingo • -Our Miss Brook* 1:30 PM 2-8—Art LInkletter 4-5—The Court of Human Relatlona 7-8usl« I—Suspens* Theater 12—Our Miss BrooK» 1:00 PM 3-8 -Bll Payoff 4—The Woman's World » -Youni Dr Malona 7-13—Day In Court • —Soundstage Nina 3:30 PM 3-8—Verdict Is Yours 4-5—From These Roots 1-13—Oall Storm Show 3:00 PM 3-8—Brighter Day 4-5—Truth or Consequences 1-13-Beat The Clock 3:15 PM 1-8—Secret Storm 3:30 PM 1-8-Eage ol Night 4-5—County Pair 7-12—Who Do You Trust? • Comedy Tlma 4:00 PM 2—Susan s Show 4—Comedy Time 5-U"s a Great Life 7-12—American Handstand •—Amos "n" Andy 4:30 PM 5—Sherwood Forest •—The Big Rascals 5:00 PM 5—Chicago Bandstand B—Oarllcld Ooosa 12—Fun at Five 5:30 PM 8- Amos "n" Andy 7-13—Mickey Mous* Club IM-W-PI, Walt Disney Presents <Tuei,-Thurs.) • 5:45 PM 4 -New* • --Man on the Street 5:55 PM 3-5—Sports 8:00 PM 3—News 4—Sport*. Weather. New* •—Weather, New*. 8—Sli Oclock Report 7-Weather and t4ews 13—Punky and His Pals 8:15 PM S-S-fl—News 7—Paul Harvey 8:35 PM 4—Special Assignment 7-Weather 8:30 PM •—Bugs Bunny and Friend* 7:00 PM •—New* 1:11 PM »—Weather 7:30 PM •—Sports 10:00 PM 3—News 4-5-8-13—New* and Weather 10:15 PM 5—Jack Paar Show 10:45 PM 4—Tonight In Milwaukee 11:00 PM 4—Jack Paar Show 11:30 PM I—Marty Faya Show •—News 11:45 PM News 13:00 Midnight 4 -News 5—News 13:05 AM •—Panic 13:15 AM 13-Nlt* Watch 13:35 AM -Secret File U. S. A. 7—Film, '"Sealed Cargo" — 5—AcMve Education Dana Andrews, Claude f ^j •-Film.' "Nobody Lives »-8««r«d Program Forever"—John , „. J-M AM oarfleld, Faye Emerson '-First Edition in.IS PM •:<)(> AM 3- Film. "The Mortal 2=?i';,{;'"^"'a.?de: Slorra"-MBrgaret 5~pSrS 8ce?B Sullivan, James Stewart SZlcVrToon Club 4-Masqueraae Hariy »-Kartoon Club 8—Film. "Last Train From Madrid"—Dorothy Lamour, Lew Ayres I3--Fllm, "The Jungle"— Merle Windsor, Caesar Romero 11:45 PM •—Film, "Heady, Willing and Able"—Lee Dixon, Ross Alexander! 13:00 Midnight 2—Film, "Design For Scandal"—Walter Pldgeon, Rosalind Russell 8—Film, Friday 4:00 PM "We Who Are 8:30 AM 2-8—Captain Kangaroo 5—Cartoons I—Bugs Bunny • :00 AM 4-5-Howdy Ooody 7—The Christopher* »—"ferrytoons • :25 AM I2-News • :30 AM 3-»-Mtghly Mouse 4-5-RuIt 'a- Reddy 7—Theater •--I Married Joait 13—Life in Wisconsin 10:00 AM 2.»-Heckl» "D' Jeckle 4-5—Fury • -Western 10:30 AM £5?."' ""..Bi*"^?,"""" 3-8-Robln Hood Foster. John Beat 4:30 PM 2—Film, "The Sun Comes Up"—Lloyd Nolan. Jeanette MacDonnId 4—Film, "The Timber Trial"—Monte Hale, Adrian Booth 8:00 PM •—Woody Woodpecker 8:30 PM 2-4—Rawhide 4_SA 7 5-Pete Kelly's Bluea 7-13—Rln Tin Tin 7:00 PM 4-5—Ellery Queen 7-13—Walt Olsoey Present* 7:30 PM 3-8—1 Love Lucy , »—8gt. Preston • 8.00 PM 2-8—Phil Silvers Show 4-5—M -Squad 7-13—TombstOQ* rerrllory 8—1 Married Joan 8:30 PM 3-8—Playhouse 4-5—NBC Western Theater 7-12—17 sunset strip »—The World Is Youra • :00 PM 2-8—Lineup 4-5—Cavalcade of Sport* •—Man Without a Oun * »;90 PM 3-8—Original Amateur Hour 1—Parole 9—Highway Patrol 12—Citizen Soldier • :45 PM 4-5—Jackpot Buwam 7—Norman Ross 4 55 PM 7—Weather 4-5—Circus Boy 13—Matinee 11:00 AM 3—Cartoon Time 4-Mr. Wizard 6—True Story 8—Mac, the Mailman •—Western Roundup 11:30 AM 3—Star Playhouse 4—Terrytoons 6—Detective Uiarv 7—Wayne Orlffln Show 13:00 Noon a—TV Playhouse 4 -Hot Shots s—Bengal Lancer* 8—Jet Jackson 7-Uncle Al •—My Little Margla 13—Uncle Hugo and Popoya 13:30 PM 5-News (t—Air Force Story •—Our Miss Brook* 13:45 PM 8—Report From Senata 1:00 PM 4—News 5—Double Feature tt—Open Book 7-13—Frontier Theater 1:15 PM 4—Library Story ' 1:25 PM •—Sox vs. Washington 1:30 PM 1—Top Stories 4—Color Parade «—Sncred Heart 1:45 PM 6-Whafs Your Trouble 2:00 PM 2--Cummon Ground 4—Western Theater « -Public Conference 12—Americans at Work 3:15 PM 12 - Scope SAVE CUT AND $AVl CUT AND SAVI...,. RADIO PROGRAMS RADIO (D.S.T.) TV Czars Planning 1961-'62 Season Sun. Morninf 1:00 AM CBt-Churcb of tb* Air 7:30 AM CBS—Tabernacle Choir • :00 AM ABO-Blbla Clas* KBO->Nt»( »:0» AM MBOoWoTld Newa • :1S AM MBO>*rt of LlvlDi KBOxBlbl* Study Hour • :00 AM CB»-N*wa NBC—New* • ;08 AM NBO—Radio Pulpit • :30 AM ABO—Wings of Heallni iS.oe AM CBB-News 1(80—Mews 11:00 AM MBO-News **• 11:30 AM WBO—The Words We Live Be 11:5ft AM AdC—New* ""^"•"I'jO PM ARC—Herald of Truth NBC—Catholic Hour 3:00 PM ABC—Oral Robert* CBS—New* NBC—New* 3:05 PM CBS—News Analytl* NBC—Monitor 3:30 PM ABC—World Vision 1:00 PM ABC—Revival Hour NBC—New* 3:05 PM NBC—Monitor ):S\i PM ABC—Bible Clasa 4:00 PM CBS—News NBC—News 4:05 PM CBS-Johnny Dollar NOC-Monttor 4.30 PM CBS—Suspense 4:55 PM CBS—News Sun. Afternoon 13:00 Noon MBC—News 13:15 PM MBS—Bible Student* 13:30 PM MBO—Lutheran Hour 1:00 PM CBS—N««( Sun. Evening 5:00 PM CBS-New* MBS-Word ot Lift NBC—New* 5:05 PM CBS-Have Oun Will Travel 418 PM NBC-Bob Con*ldlna 8 ,'30 PM ABC—Hour ul Decision CBS—Ounsmoke NBC—Meet the Press 8:00 PM CBS—News NBC-News 8.05 PM CBS—News Analysis 8:lu PM CBS—Mitch Miller 8:30 PM ABC—News 8:35 PM NBC—Monitor 0:55 PM CBS—News 7.00 PM ABC—Voice ol Prophecy P.5S~T''''»»"''» «>' 8tars NBC—News 7:35 PM NBC—Monitor 8:00 PM NBC—News 8:05 PM NBC—Monitor 1:15 PM MBS-Walter Wlnchell 8:30 PM CBS—Face the Nation »:30 PM ABC—Revival Time NBC—Back To Oud 10:00 PM CBS—World Muslo Ffittvali NBC—News 11 30 PM MBS—Hawaii Calls 11:36 PM CBS-Invitation to Learn Ing RADIO (D.S.T.) - Men. Morning 7:00 AM MBC—N«ws 7:35 AM CBS—N»ws 7:SS AM ,ABC—News Around th« World 8:00 AM MBC—News 8:10 AM CBS—Rusty Draper 8:45 AM MBS-N»wi 8:S» AM ABC-News • :00 AM ABC—Breakfast Club KBO-N«ws 10:00 AM ABO—Pater Llnd naye* CBS-New* NBC—New* 10 05 AM CBS—Robert Q. Lewi* 10:55 AM , ABC-New* 11 00 AM CB8-N4WI MBO-News CBS—Houseparfy 11'30 AM .s«';i? A>C-K .ii"*^ Men. Afttmo^N „.„ „U:00 NQOB MBO—N*w> u - 1 „\0«»-Th. <{:, Door kpBS-M* Parkin* MM-Ortrlel He»tt(r t:*i PM OMMM9ood Mri. 1. CWJ 5 N NETWORK FKKtlUENCIES UEAKU IN KALINB NBO WMAU-«7« RO WT»|/—820 KO t;BB IVBBM-ltW KO , ABC WIHN-I4A0 HO WLS—MHO KC WHJN-I4U0 KO MBS WFOX-a«0 KO NUN-MKTWORK FKEiiUENUES UEAKU IN ttriNE WIND-A80 KC WON-7S0 KO WOKir-KlSK KO wjju—ilua KO WEMP-im KO WMIL—1200 KO WRIT-1.140 KO WRAC—14«0 KC „ PM STATIONS HEARD IN KAriNK WNUIl-AB.H Ml; W»AB-»U.7 MO WOFM—(»«,3 MO 5j *y~M'i MO WrMK—«(1,B MO WEMT—••,') MO WEFM-vSft ML WFMr-IWiru MO WRJN-IWt.) MO WMA41-I0I.I MO WCLM-I»I.» MO WKFM-IUIi.O MO W8EL-I04.8 MO H-EAW-IOll MC ^XPH-1«5.9 MO NBC- «e -«8.^"' New* 3:06 PM NBC—Network Tim* 3:16 PM CBS—JUet for Eiit«rt«to- ment MBS-New^'" AHC-N,w=i'« MBS-K.wV'-^ ABC—N«ws 4:00 PM Burton NBC-N»w* 4:35 PM MBS—Sports 4:55 PM ABC—Newa Mon. Evening » OD PM NBC—New* 6:35 PM ABC—Bvde Oorm* 145 PM ABC—New* CBS—Thomas New* 5:58 PM ABC—News CBS-Bports 6:00 PM NBC—New* 8.15 PM MBS—Pulton Lewi* Jr. 8:30 PM ABC—E. P MoTgan NBC—Beattv New* a:65 PM ABL<—News 7:00 PM CBS-Business News NIK;—News 7:05 PM CBS—Amos n' Andy NUU—Groucho Marl 7:30 PM CBS—News Analyst* MBB-^Bports 7:35 PM CBS—Andy OrlffUh MBS—News NBC—Monitor Summertime 7:40 PM CBS—Burns and Allen 7:45 PM CBS—Bob and Ray «:0O PM NBC—News 8:05 PM NBC—Monitor Bummer- lime 8:30 PM ABC—News 8:56 PM ABC-tPaople in the New* »:00 PM ABO—Vkndercook New* NBC—News »:36 PM MBS-World Today ' 10:00 PM CBB-World TonlRhl . NBC-^Nkwi 10:20 PM MBS-New* 11 00 PM NBC—News 11:16 PM ' MBS-N«w* NEW YORK — m — When most of us were packing the first picnic baskets of the sea- .son, the McGuire Sisters, bundled in furs under hot lights, were busy making a Christmas commercial for a soft drin^ company. Long before favorite sons dared make noises like candidates, the three major televi- .sion networks were planning Iheir coverage of the 1960 political conventions and subsequent presidential campaigns. And right now, before those same networks have confided to us viewers all the goodies Iheir 1959-60 season holds, the creators of television programs are working on the 1961 and even 1962 menus. What will we be looking at 18 months or more hence? Not Much Different Richard Dorso, former Hollywood actor's agent and now director of new program develop ment for Ziv television pro- INJTANT VEHICLE fpoMong box, parachuted from . . The Brltiali Imve come up a plane an<i assettibled for ac- With a 700fJ)und roqtor vehicle tion within five minutes after ;fi.i^Sm-mSsSm Into i 8-iftleaves tbt plane. . y' Bette Davis 7—necorjl Hop 3:45 PM •—Tentb tnnln« 4:00 PM 3—To Be Announced 5—Rocky Jones 8—Dance Party » -Spin Tlma 13—Mayor of the Town 4:30 PM 3-PGA OoU Tournament 4—Adventures In Color 5—Racing From Monmnulh 13—Foreiicn Lealonnair* 6:00 PM 4—My rrue Siory A—Brave Bail* 8-Wre*tllnf 13—To Be Announced 6:30 PM 3—To Be Announced 4—Ueiecllv* Diary 5—Roy Roaer* • -Eddie Cantor Theaier lJ-Youn« World 6 :00 fM 3—Newa. Weather. Sport* 4—New*. Weather, Sport* 5—Boot* and Saddle* 8—Lone Ranger 7—Ramar •-Jeff* Colli* 6 :10 PM 3-8-Reolconlni 4-5—Peopl* Are Funny 7-13-Dick Clark Show »—Newsreel Cavalcada 7.00 PM 4-5-Perry Presents 7.ia-Jubllee 0 S A. •-Polka Party 7:30 PM 3-8-Wanted Dead or Alive > • -Dial ••• < 8:00 PM j-8—Brenner 4-5—Black Saddle 7-13-Lawrence Welk •—Danger Is My Buslnesi • :30 PM 3-8—Rave Oun. Will Travel 4-5—Cimarron City •-West Point • :00 PM 3-8 -Ounsmoke 7—Stories ot th* Century 8-Mr. and Mrs. North 13—Play Ball • :30 PM 1-8—Markhan 4-Fllght 5—D A •( Man 7—Col. Flack • —Science Fiction Theater 13—Bold Ventura 10:00 PM I—Feature Film 4—Film, "Act of Murder" —Fredrlc Marsh, Edmund O'Brien 5—Badge 714 8—Film, "She Wore a Yellow Ribbon"—John Wayne, Joanne Oru 7-BullflgbU From Mexico 2 City " *—Dlvore* Court la—News, Bport* and m Waather > 10:18 PM < 13—Top Pro Oolf 10:30 PM »—Llvo Bowling 11:00 PM 7—Film, "The Devil Commands"—Borl* • Karloff, Amanda Duff 8 •—Film, "Spiral Staircase" -George Brent, Ethel Barrymor* • ll:l> PM • 13—Night Watch I 11:30 PM • 5—White Hunter • 11:45 PM 1 8—New* 8, 13—News 13:00 Midnight 4~Fllm, "King's Rhapsody"—Errol Flynn, Patrice Wymore 5—Bengal Lancers 13:05 AM • a-At Random • 13:30 AM 1—Mysterr >« M.v Business 1:00 AM I 7 -Charlie Chan I < tm.% RAGINE SUNDAY BUliLETIN July t9, 1951 See. I, Page !• Francis X. Bushman and Jon Provost Stars of 2 Entertainment Eras Meet Across the Generations Francis X. Bushman, the 76- year-old star of the silent days, and Jon Provost, the 9-year-old star of Lassie, were seated together by accident in a New York restaurant. The two hit it off neatly. Jon admired a big ring on Bushman's finger, "There's quite a story about this ring," Bushman started, and then never told the story. He got sidetracked onto discussing age (he has six brothers and sisters still living—the oldest is 90) and proudly boasting of the exploits of his grandson, Pat Conway, who stars on Tombstone Territory, "You, my boy," the still- handsome actor said to wide- eyed Jon, "have a quiet, pastoral quality to your show, Lassie, which has almost van-i ished from the scene. Lassie is an island of peace in a sea of violence. "When and if I do a TV series, I'd like to have a flavor of romance, a word always associated with my name. It would have gentle stories and soft music. No rock-and-rolL Graciousness." Jon listened of Bushman's and forecasts. to every word reminiscenses And then the older actor's dinner guest arrived and he left for another table. Will Interview Hoffa on Tace the Nation' James R. Hoffa, president of the International Brotherhood of Teamsters, who testified recently before the Senate Rackets Committee in Washington, will be the guest on "Face the Nation" today over CBS-TV at 5:30 p.m. Hoffa will be interviewed live in Washington, D.C., by a panel of newsmen. George Herman will moderate. Sunday Premieres Regaining Popularity NEW YORK —(m— Sunday premiers for Broadway productions are returning to favor, Maurice Evans and Robert L, Joseph have slotted Oct, 18 for opening of their all-star version of "Heartbreak House." Sir John Glelgud revived the Sabbath debut pattern last season with his "Ages of Man." Frequent a generation ago during the peak of multiple theatrical activity, Sunday openings disappeared with decrease of calendar congestion. grams, predicts that, basically, it won't be much different from what we'll be looking at next season—only better: westerns, Alventure, suspense, drama, variety and so on. Sources for new ideas for TV shows, Dorso confesses, come from a wide variety of sources —newspaper items, magazine articles, even casual conversations. They also come, as every viewer must know, from successful shows—as witness the flood of copycat westerns and now crime - adventure shows with music. Never from Amateurs And ideas also are borrowed from big mouths who tell what their companies are planning in the future—which is the reason Dorso is as close-mouthed as Greta Garbo about his current planning work. Just about the only show idea he will discuss is one called "Challenge, scheduled to bow onto NBC in September—but so long off his drawing board he's practically forgotten it. "I'll tell you one place that Legitimate Theater Earns Record Gross' NEW YORK — i/P) — The cross-country legitimate theater grossed $63,503,000 during the 1958-59 season, a'ccording to a tally by the trade paper Variety. The total includes $40,151,300 for shows on Broadway and $23,352,300 for touring productions. Jt was the sixth consecutive annual gross record. shows ideas never come from," he adds. "From amateurs. Invariably the people who tell you they have a great idea turn up something that's already been done or is absolutely impractical to do." Dorso recalls an ambitious office boy who went through all the forms of signing a release to protect his great TV idea, then whispered the inspiration: "Robin Hood!" Dorso sighed, and told him the sad fact: "It's been on television for two years." Sign 'Raisin' Author for TV Spectaculars NEW YORK — im — Dore Schary has commissioned Lorraine Hansberry to write an original script for the first of a series of 90-minute spectaculars to be aired in 1961 by the NBC television network. Miss Hansberry is author of the Broadway hit "A Raisin in the Sun" which won the Drama Critics citation as the season's best play. Schary is staging five Civil War video programs between his activities as a Broadway writer, director and producer. HAPPY LANDING EVANSVILLE, Ind. —(^)Allen Van Behren hopes the thief who stole a parachute from Van Behren's factory doesn't intend to use it. The chute already had been used in 150 jumps. Plan New Faces for The Lineup* There'll be more changes on The Lineup this fall than just the length. The half-hour perennial is being expanded to a full hour by CBS, but you won't recognize it. According to late word, Tom Tully (Inspector Greb) is out. And Warner Anderson (Lt. Guthrie) will have a very subordinate part in the proceedings. Two new police officials, yet to be chosen, will be the real stars of this new version. And these two will be types modeled, more or less, after 77 Sunset Strip's Kookie, even though they're on the police force. LOW- COST LOAIVS fdr new cars appliances and home improvement POETRY FOR TRAVEL Robert Burns' first volume of poems was published in an effort to obtain funds to pay his passage to the West Indies. Plan Another Musical About Froncois Villon NEW YORK—(/V)—Francois Villon, France's picturesque poet of the 15th Century, is inspiring another Broadway musical. Producers Cheryl Crawford and Joel Schenker have the un titled new project on their schedule. The music is to be assembled from traditional French melodies, and Jerome Robbins has been asked to supervise the staging and dancing. OPEN BOWLING eVERV OAV an« NIGHT Call 8 -Sia» for R *s*rrall*n* SPINCIR'S ILMWOOD PLAZA lOWLING LANIS I (Dlmwood Plata •hopplag Canter) Member F.D.I.O JOURNAL-TIMES WANT ADS BRING RESUlTSj WINKEIS SERVICE SPECIALISTS • Wefi iqwpptd ^ ffxperienced RADIO PHONO HI-FI TELEVISION Our 10th Yttr et S«r«ic« ME 2-9891 220 Main CitalMMir r «rklM It PORTABLE RADIO SERVICE TRANSISTOR RADIOS • RCA Victor • Zenith • ChanntI Maitai from itmw misTmol TaUviuan and Hi-Fi Mart it6 MAIN ST. DIAL ME 4-3318 SUNDAY SHOWS 12:00 N—sundav Serenade in 15 PM—New* 12.30 PM—Sunday Serenade k'M —World Ne*» 1:00 PM—Amerlcan-Scandlnavlaa Pruxram 2:15 PM—Sammy Kaye Serenade i .M HM —BlUv Uranam 3:00 PM-Dr Charlea E. FuUef 3:30 PM—Radio Bible claaa 4 00 PM-Dr Bob Pierce 4:30 PM—U'8 Your Buslnesi 4:4& PM—As We See It 5:00 PM flow Cbrietlan Science Heala "The Klnidom of God la Within you" tlS PM—Er«tn O. Canham. Newe 5:30 PM—VlrKll Plnkly 5:45 PM—arove Avenue BapUit Church 8:00 PM—Speaking ot Bporla 6:05 PM-Whlte Houee Report 6:15 PM—March of Medicine 6:30 PM—safety Crusade »:S5 PM—World Newe 7:00 PM—The Uth Hour CeU 7:30 PM—Speaking ol SporU 7:35 PM—Freedom Slngi 7:S4 PM-World Newa 8:00 PM—SpeaklnR of Sporte , 8:05 PM—Star Time U.S.A. 8:30 PM—College News Conferenee 8.55 PM-World Newa 8:00 PM—Overseas Corrcapondenl 8:15 PM—Heart Beat Theatre »:45 PM—The Manion Forum 10:00 PM-World News 10;0S PM-Local and Slate Newe MONDAY SHOWS 8:15 AM—iop O' The Mornlna A:JU AM—Ni-ws ana Spurts 6:35 AM—Top O' The Morntni 6:56 AM—Racine Road and News Report 7.00 AM—News Aruund the World 7:15 AM—Top O' The Morning 7:2V AM—Lucky License lime 7:30 AM—News 7.35 AM—Wisconsin Weather end Marine Report 1:40 AM—Little Red Hook 7:45 AM—News 8:00 AM—Party Line 8:50 AM—Local & State Newe 8:55 AM—Paul Harvey 11:00 AM—Breaklast Club 10:00 AM-> eter Llnd Hayee and Mary Healy 10:10 AM—Words and Mualc 10:30 AM—Ladles' Air Journal 10.55 AM-World News 11:00 AM—Soni SpotllRhl 11:15 AM—Racine County Home Axent 11:30 AM—BurllnRton Newa 12:00 Noon—Paul Harvev Newe 12:14 PM-Newt 12:35 PM—You Can't Lose 1:15 PM "ORGAN ENCORES" iS Minutes of DELIGHTFDL ORGAN MELODIKS LOWELL VENA, Ortealet 1:30 PM—World Newe 1:35 PM—Muslo Maestre 1:55 PM-World Newa 2:00 PM—Muslo Maestro 2:55 PM—World News 3.00 PM—Music Maestre 3:25 PM—News Commentary 1:30 PM—Newa 3:35 PM—Show Tune Uetlnee J:S5 PM-World News tl /B lu AM—M(M ea year «ia) TTliJri FM—IM.l ea year aiel Amerleen BraadeaeUni Ca. and WlaeoRsIn Natwerk LIEBURN'S AQUARIUM (2 2901 WELLINGTON DRIVE llacke W «8t at Undarpait, Jtiit OH Ourandl Rqcine's Newest and Largest Tropical Fish Stare COME AND LOOK OVER OUR LARGE SELECTION OF COLORFUL TROPICAL FISH CARRYING A LARGE SELECTION OF EQUIPMENT, FOOD AND SUPPLIES Give a moderalcly prlcrd aquarium as (III and enjoy America's larcesi Indoor hobby. -ME 7-1530

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