Arizona Republic from Phoenix, Arizona on November 4, 1969 · Page 55
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Arizona Republic from Phoenix, Arizona · Page 55

Phoenix, Arizona
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Tuesday, November 4, 1969
Page 55
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Page 55 article text (OCR)

ALL EDIT 28 Th6 Arizona Republic Phoenix, Tiies., Nor. 4,1969 Now, 'blitz' your husband with this jargon of the gridiron By ELAINE TARKENTON & MICHAEL B. RICH Last in series of articles Professional football has its own special language, words and phrases Which every fan must understand if she wants to talk frequently about her favorite game. It is often impossible to comprehend what is happening on the field if you aren't familiar with gridiron jargon — particularly if you listen to the game on radio. At first, you may consciously have to memorize parts of this vocabulary, but with increasing exposure to pro football, whether from the stands or via television or radio, the words will become familiar. Aerial: A forward pass. Attitude: Referring to a team's esprit de corps. Being "up for a game" is a function of good attitude. Automatics: Numbers of words which, when the QB inserts them in his signal call, change the play. Also known as audibles, check signals, and, more loquaciously, as "changing the call at the line of scrimmage." Balanced line: Three linemen — a guard, a tackle, an end — on both sides of a center. Blitz: Originally a reference to a defensive back — usually the weak-side safety — who leaves his normal defensive position and attempts to break through the line to reach the QB. The term is often applied (if you're a purist, misapplied) to the same action by linebackers. See Red Dog. Bombs A very long pass to a receiver going deep. Bootleg: Describes the act of a QB running In opposite direction from the apparent movement of the play, while hiding the ball on his hip. Cutback; The sharp change of direction of a ball carrier heading to the outside and suddenly veering to the in* side. Double-team: Two offensive linemen blocking one defender; or two defenders guarding one receiver. Forward progress: The point at which the ball carrier's progress toward the opponent's goal line is halted by the defenders. Barring penalties, it is the point at which the ball will be put in play on the next down. Note that regardless of how far back a carrier is shoved by gang- tackling defenders, only his More about Namath plans Continued from Page 27 would think of calling either man a sissy, because personality outshines the clothes, not vice versa. Mr. Fred of Fur & Sport, New York, has just been deluged with orders from Establishment-oriented businessmen. Real estate entrepreneur Bill Fox, from Jenkintown, Pa., just ordered a black muskrat coat. George Barrie, president of Faberge, bought Fred's sheared seal coat worked into plaid with leather strips. And Robert Laidlow, chairman of the board of Coats & Clarke (the famous thread company), scooped up a rabbit duffle coat. Here's the point: All these furs are under $1,000. Sports and theatrical personalities go for the upper-crust minks, which are five times more expensive. Businessmen are willing to play the game of fashion but will gamble only with hundreds of dollars. 70-year-olds post high score WASHINGTON, B.C. (WMNS) — The long-lived may be smarter, richer, happier and more stable than other people, according to studies presented at an International Congress of Gerontology. Researchers, keeping track for 12 years of men and women in their sixties, have found that those who made it safely into their seventies usually scored significantly higher on intelligence tests than those who died within three years of the study's beginning. Long-term survivors also tended to retain their intellectual vigor, to lead busier lives and to be better educated. Among the short-lived men, eight out of 10 had had trouble making ends meet. New York? Chicago? San Francisco? London, England? These are all you need to get immediate confirmed reservations at NEW YORK AMERICANA 7th Avenue/52nd Street THB DRAKB Park Avenge/56th Street THE WARWICK Ave. oftthe Amerlcas/54th Street SUMMIT East 51st at Lexington fAMIUY FI.AN AVAIVAIkl CITY SQUIRE Motpr Inn 7th Avenue/S1st Street MIDTOWN Motor Inn 8th Avenue/48th Street FAMILY PkAN AVAIL AH II CHICAGO HOTELS AMBASSADOR and trie febled Pump Room SAN FRANCISCO HOTEL MARK HOPKINS Home pf !he tamed "Top of the Mark" LONDON. ENGUND THK CHURCHILL (Opening Spring 1970) , FOR RESERVATIONS •t thew and other fine hotel*: 800-227-4139 (Toll-F/M C»ll) (San Fr«ncl«p) or we your travel agent ^P^^^PJ^PBPr • BBHBff ,-^ff B^» ^KJP^ w^ -BSW ^^ff^F IPflP Efl|E|pjB^fjBJBjB«|Bj ^mpR^ 8* MOTOR INNS A wife's guide to pro football forward progress — the yards or inches he gained — is recorded, and nothing is subtracted even if the defenders shove him back to the locker room. Flood area; When all or several eligible receivers run their patterns into a designated area of the opponent's territory. An offensive tactic frequently used against zone coverage. "I" formation; An offensive alignment in which at least three backs — including the QB — line up directly behind the center. KEYING: When a defender has responsibility for a particular offensive player and operates as his "shadow," moving with him (on opposite sides of the line of scrimmage, of course) wherever he goes. Man-for-Man; Pass defense in which one defensive back is responsible for covering one receiver. Outside Kick: A short rolling kick — one that is difficult for the up-front members of the receiving team to field cleanly. The kick following a touchdown or safety must travel a minimum of 10 yards. Thereafter it is anybody's ball and if recovered by the kicking team, theirs. Option play: The ball carrier can either run or pass.'Often specified as "halfback option," or "fullback option." Pitchout: QB takes the center snap, pivots, and toses underhand to a back who is usually in motion. Plays loose: Of a defensive back who doesn't get too close to a fast receiver. The opposite of plays tight. Quarterback sneak: QB takes the snap from center and plunges directly ahead. Quick opener: Short plunge through the line by a halfback without any faking (by the QB) before the hand-off is ac- complshed. Red Dog: The act of one or more linebackers crashing through the offensive line at the snap. Target: the quarterback. Red. dog is sometimes shortened to dog. Second effort: The refusal of x a ball carrier to submit to the first attempt to halt his progress and thereby gain additional yardage. Slotback: Halfback who lines up directly behind the hole created by the end splitting. From this position he is essentially a 1 receiver. Taxi squad: Includes those players who, although under contract to a team and allowed to participate in its practice sessions, are not on the official roster and therefore cannot play in league games. When a regular player is injured, his replacement is usually a player promoted from the taxi squad. Trap: When an offensive interior lineman — most often a guard — pulls out of line and blocks a defensive tackle or end who has been "allowed" to come through the line. Two on one: Two offensive players blocking one defensive player. Also see Double-teaming. Zone defense: A pass defense in which each member of the secondary, as well as the linebackers,, is personally responsible for a designated area of the playing field. As a receiver moves from one such designated area to another, the defender will "pass" his covering responsibility to the defender responsible for the area the receiver is entering. 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