The News from Frederick, Maryland on September 2, 1967 · Page 14
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The News from Frederick, Maryland · Page 14

Frederick, Maryland
Issue Date:
Saturday, September 2, 1967
Page 14
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I .tut- 14 I UK \ K \ \ S . * rrd«i-i k. \1ar\land S.iliirtlav sep(ci«il»cr J IS67 Fisliin" Looks Good r* For Labor Dav Holiday \ \ N \I'O1 is X I ' 1 P,l\ VAc'Cke lit t l 111 I M i l II I . I I I look foi \\.uei to in upswing in i Vsape .iki B.i\ f i s h i n g and pi oxp c t s a i o c x i f l l i nt loi Ocean (. i t \ nio.i fistitM nu'n the He p.ntmenl o f rhs.ipeake Bay \ f f . n i v said Thui*da\ P a r t i c i p a n t s in the i'nd an n t i a l Ou'x.ipe.ike »a\ I- ishing H a n .it Kent N ' l t u w s c a n loelv loi w a i d to giMK 1 t i s h m g in the n \ e i x and e i e i k s using peeler 11 ah b a t s pluses 01 stieamei ( l i e s Around H a w k C o v e M i l l e r s Island and Poles Island in Mid ihel 'mttom fishennen are be mi; r e w a i d e l w i t h good catches f t w h i t e p e i c h a n d c a t f i s h T h e p e f e i n d baits re bloodworms inci p e c k i t i a b x Fiom Thomas Point to Balti 'iioi e Light, w h i t t perch and soot are plentiful on bottom f «hed b'ootiwoinis Cluimnimg ,"' Thomas Point and Tollev s P nnt is proc'ucme l o c k in the M\ to seven pound class V l i ' g h m a n Island and St M c h . I s fishennen a r e mak 1 -, _ r od c a t c h e s of spot and hite perch These fish w i l l i ik^ bottom fishe i bloodworms I v e m n c fishing in the Miles and \ \ v e n v e i s with bottom, bounced ; ( l t t and soft c i a b bvits pr - 'ii'ce good n u m b t t s of pan siz * · ck \r und Poplar Island and ( ossfence tl oiled bucktails I t i c pan size rock spot a i e p l e n t i f u l along the 1 inks of Nanticokc River jn bot torn fisr-ed peeler baits Pan si/e trout will strike bottom fix-ictl fresh c i a b baits at buo \o 2 and \o 4 in Nanticoke i h nnel and Hearing Point n a n n i l At H ) l l a n d Stunts Manokin i ' v i \ e i and Chain Shoal jottom li.shed peeled and soft crab baits a i e lesultm;, in good catches of lock and t i o u t \t Bishops Head and Holland S t i a i t s t i o u t arc plentiful on bottom fished peeler and soft c i a b baits In Uppper Fishing T,av and Channel Rock pan size i o i k a i e pleasing bottom f usher men using peeler baits Fiom Mollies Point to Great shoal and Kllis Bay in the Wi c o m i c o River trolled bucktails w i t h |K)ik rind vield good catch t s of lock in the two to t h r e e miund class In lower Tangier Sound large \orfolk spot and trout are plen t i f u l and will take bottom fished peeler baits Scattered catches of l o c k and kingfish can be added to these cieeK on the same baits md method White perch and spot are abundant in the mouth of the Patuvent River on bottom fished r i o m Point Lookout to Rog- iresh baits ^ e s Point in the Potomac River, Iro'led bucktails and spoons re- w a r d anglers with rock weighing up to three pounds and pan size bluefish Perch are abun (tant in the entire Potomac Riv t r area Smepuxent Bay fishermen re- i)ort good catches jf flounder, un bottom fished minnows Night tishing fiom Route 50 bridge, using botom fished fresh baits, claim good numbers af rock Small rock are caught on bottom fished peeler baits in the inlet Large dolphin and white mar lin are pleasing anglers trolling a variety of baits on the Jack- spot In these same areas huge ^chools of dolphin, bonito and a few fa'se albacore can be at i »acted on the same jaits and method No Probe Of Riot Control In Cambridge Poland Agog At DeGaulle's Visit WARSAW, Poland ( A P ) -- Po-1 narrow approaches that are eas- eral would go into detail about of the Agriculture Center foi- Navarro Outstanding lowi niz the pfl r JKIC The parade will start from NEW yOKK A P ) - Hd'f. Washington Grove at 2 p m on ba'-k Kuben Monday and registration will be Navarro of the- utsfalSma o u t s t n ,. limm . °"' '" ' land awaits President Charles' ily blocked off his previous visit to Poland ,«s at 1230 P m at the Athletic - - - - - - - lmf _.. lond i S() , f dc Gaulle's arrival with f Some sources predict a pri- a captain in the French military Field in Washington Grove the National } rofesx.ondi v n r exti a-long beds for the tall vate meeting between genei al mission fighting the Bolsheviks Officials say that they will er League French general, a fleet of newly and primate either in Gdansk or in 1920 , ward over 100 trophies to Ken MacKer, puichased French Citroen se- Warsaw De Gaulle almost cer- Fascinating as these ideas are floats, f:re engines and appara- signer, said IN a . and a mood of great sus- tamly will meet Poland's new to Warsaw's man in the street, tus, antique cars, majorette m a poll 01 piayers _ Cardinal Karol Wo tyla of Kra- diplomats doubt that De Gaulle groups and various marching Sporting !\«?ws Dif Gaulle's six-day state vis- kow, when he inspects art treas- would overtly irritate the Soviet units Navarro wu. receive a xpons it the first by th e head of a m- U res Saturday at Wojtylas Union One explained that this The parade and competing car at haittime Agnew said Thursday he sees no r western power, will be an church the Wawel cathedral would reduce his statements in t vents afterwards are open to the title game oeiween me »di leason for an investigation by emotlona | a ff a i r for Poles Poles are intrigued by the both Poland and Canada to the anyone or group who wishes to timore Bays and oakiana ci-p ANNAPOLIS ( A P ) -- «Jov OI Large Crowd Seen the Legislative Council into the France was their comrade- possibility that De Gaulle, dedi- level of eccentricity role of the state police -lai ng , n arms for cen tunes and their cated as he is to the principle of Polish officials predict De last month's noting in Cam- trad itional mentor in the arts self-determination, might speak Gaulle's visit will upset not bridge anc | hterdture on the delicate subiect of Soviet Moscow but Bonn, the capital of The governor made his re Farty thie f wiadyslaw Go- domination "A free Quebec, West Germany maiks at an impromptu ne-vs mu ik a s Communist regime ex- why not a free Poland'" a Pole Gomulka will press the gener- conference called Thursday aft- pettb a prestige boost plus some asked al for new, concrete support--if ernoon tangible political benefits--new Another wondered if the gen- possible in a communique--for Agnew also said he was send- confirmation of De Gaulle's turn ,, . . Poland's permanent claim to mg two of his progiam dire-ctoi, to the Ka ^ and of hls backing of A MllllOn FODUICltlOn 40 ' 000 square miles of territory to Cambridge Friday with l ie tne present Polish-German bor- ··«··«"· · »§·»»«···»·· tnat was German unt ,i tne enc j specific purpose of looking nv d e , as unchangeable I C* A C D /Tl of World War II temporary housing for those two Asi( j e f r o m tnis French and III MQfG .96611 BV / I families who have immediate Po i, sh officials insist th e visit need' for it w ,n be uns pectacular Public BALTIMORE (AP) -- If pres- The governor met fhursdiy suspe nse has been building up ent trends con'-nue, Maryland's ... morning with a group of Cam- however ever since De Gaulle population should reach four pQf HOllOCY budge Negroes lepresenting . le f ,[f e nded the Canadian govern- million by the middle of 1971, * Black Action Federation, who men ( W1 t n a s i y show and the State Department of Health From The Montgomery pressed him for aid in finding p h rase s of sympathy for estimated Friday County Bureau homes for the two families who Fiench Canadian separatists m The 1960 census counted 3,100,- GAITHERSBURG - An esti- still are without living quarters Q uebec 750 living in Maryland The de- mated crowd of between 25,000 following a fire that burned out . He must and he w ,n create partment of health estimated tne and 30000 1S expected to view nearly two blocks of the Negro cme sens ation, some emotional number had increased by 51V tne 29th annual Labor Day Pa- district during last month s riot explosion, to demonstrate that 000 by last July 1 rade sp0 nsored by the Gaithers- And the governor said he dis- ne 1S aDO ve the plane of normal H estimated there were l,l65 - burg-Washington Grove F i r e agreed with the State Adjutant human events," said one un- 940 hvmg in the Baltimore met- Deoar tment General George M GeLston, as bassador in Warsaw ropohtan area and 770,580 in parade officials feel that this to the immediate cause of 'he j^z most m teresting possibih Montgomery and Prince Ge.r- w ,n ^ tne biggest and best pa not t is that inone or more of three 8 es counties ra d e m the history of the event Gelston told a congressional scheduled speeches De Gaulle The estimate for Garrett, Al- A hook-up contest and a ma committee looking into the need Wlll direct hls words less to the | legany, Washington and Frede]Orette competition drill will for anti-riot legislation that if communist government and rick counties was 301,560, 99 530 highlight events on the grounds Cambridge officials had recog- more to tne Po i lsn nation This for Calvert, Charles and St nized the Black Action Federals a na tion of people who de- Mary's and 258,120 in the nine tion and listened t o its com- splte two decades of Communist counties east of the Chesapeake enter pers m Baltimore Sunday COAL and FUEL OIL Hillside Coal Oil Co. Water St. jl a NOTICE Stores and Offices Will Be Closed on 10NDAY, SEPTEMBER 4th in Observance of LABOR DAY POTOMAC EDISON CO. HAPPY II ( OMI'OSITION BOOKS M I S K BOOKS BOOK B \ G S I O I F B V G S 1 H F M F T \BLFTS T \ B I FTS p»' l , v er\ t hintf for j o u r K d u t . i t i o n Requirements from K i n d e r K-irten t h r u College. · / I I ' I ' I il K I N G B I N D t R s ® I 5 K I 1 I ( \ S h S · I OOSh I K \ h U l l 1 KS « I M » I N ( . I ' X I ' r R · I OOM I t \ K B I N D I KS ·» V IT V( HF ( V S F S KO-i \l P ( ) K I \ B 1 F T M ' F W K U F K S -- U O K I I» ( . 1 O B F S \l \ I ' S S IIOOI ( \l F M) \ K S -- 1 F \ HF K S PI VN BOOKS f i l l 1 ' K F N S I V F s h . I III 11^ I \BI FS -- O F S K !· \IS s I'F N A I'l N( II SF rs -- I F I 1 M \ K K F KS -- \ K T t I ' M " I s -- KOI I HOOKS F K I F BOOK ( O\ F KS w i t h I X t M I II I M and SHIPLEY I UK HI s 1 .. ( OKM-K" jui \ M a r k e t St^. MO :J-5222 plaints, H Rap Brown, militant rule are passionately West- leader of the Student Nonviolent ward-looking and in the /ast m ^ s projection to July 1 Coordinating Committee, might majority are Roman Catholic 1971 . tne health department es- never have been invited to Cam- A mee tmg of De Gaulle and hmated an increase of 123,000 bridge to speak It was following e ,ther of Poland's two Catholic in tne Baltimore metropolitan Brown's speech July 24 that not- canna i s ln public would quick- area an d 230,000 in the Washing ing erupted i y pro duce enthusiastic, spec- ton metropolitan area "I feel that Brown was a lot tacular crowds embarrassing to . _ ___ ^_ more important to the violence ^ e government in Cambridge than Gen Gelston Tne FrenC h president, himself seems to think he was I think a Catholic, wanted to see Stefan H Rap Brown was a major, di cardinal Wyszynski, th e pn- rect and contributing factor to mate dnd spiritual leader of that violence Catholic Poland. Paris reporrs "I disagree with Gen Gelstn sald But such a meeting was on this, but I don't think it im- kept off tne official schedule pairs his efficiency I admire his The general will attend Sunday frankness," the governor said Mass not m Warsaw but at the But Agnew said he backed famous Oliva church near Gelston completely in the wav Gdansk-- Danzig-- which h a s he handled the Cambridge situ at:on The general had been ar e very few members of the criticized by Dorchester County council who are interested in it State's Atty William B Yates I think the State Police did *v- who charged 'hat Gelston .vjs eiy f hmg possible to control the deiehct in his duty during the not in Cambridge Cambridge rioting "i think what we see happen"There is a long standing dis- mg in Cambridge today is the agreement in principle between same thing that happened in De- Gelston and some of the officials troit and Newark and other c't- m Cambridge and I think 'ht ies where violence erupted situation has gotten down to tae "It merely shows that wnen personality stage," Agnew said progress starts violence some \s 'o the investigation of tne times erupts state police during the not-- an "It's like giving a few druns inquiry voted by the legislative of water to a man dying of council at the urging of Sen thirst It revives his spirit," vg Frederick C Malkus Jr , D- new said FARMS WANTED GENE CASTLEBERRY INC. 7720 Wisconsin Ave. Bethesda, Md. (301) 652-2611 Lower Shore -- Agnew said Yates had not asked him to ha'.t the investigation Earlier reports had quoted Yates l o that effect "Mr Yates is, I am sure, aware that I have no authontv to tell the Legislative Council w h a t to do or svhat not to do and he did not ask me to halt the investigation "He asked me if we ie piess ing for the investigation and I lold him no I see no need foi anv such i n v e s t i g a t i o n bv the council md r i o m w h a t I undeistand theio NOTICE Due to short crops of apples and peaches, we will NOT have the packing shed open to the PUBLIC this year 1967. V allej View Orchard S. H. Waddell Son 1 PUBLIC SALE McCORMICK-DEERING MACHINERY PARTS, REPAIRS, ETC. AT DICKERSON, MARYLAND Having discontinued the machinery sales and repair business where tt has been operated for many years and having sold the real estate to Neutron Products, Inc. and giving possession we will sell all remaining inventory, etc. on the premises at Dickerson. Md. just East Rt. 28 along BO R R. adjacent to R.R. station on SATURDAY, SEPTEMBER 9, 1967 AT 11.00 A. M. DST TO-WIT IN PART: 2 new fast hitch No. 251 two row com planters with fertilizer attachments, Schulte shredder attachment for baler, 3 bottom McC-D plow, corn planter and cultivators for Cub tractor, truck and good dump body. 2 wheat blowers with 10 and 15 h.p. motors, 2 grain augurs, platform scales, new barb wire. 2 new compressors and motors for coolers, new machinery tires New Idea machinery parts, McCormick-Deering parts and repairs for late and old«r models of all types farm machinery, new discs, new plow shares, landsides and mold boards, new sweeps, shovels. V-belts and pulleys, mufflers, machinery paints, chains, generators and starters, tires, tubes, rims, new shovels, scoops and hand tools, new drill discs, miscellaneous items remaining not listed. TERMS--CASH on day of sale Not responsible for accidents. LLOYD J. JONES LOUISE H. JONES, Owners BOWLLS AUCTION SALES SERVICE EMMERT R. BOWLL'S, Auctioneer BOWLl'S ALEXANDER. Clerks Lunch Served · · · · · H (····I BRED HEIFER AUCTION I w i l l sell on im farm known as "Saleaudo Farms " aboi't 10 miles south l Frederick and 2 miles south of Adamstown and ' mile west of Kt 1"» in Frederuk Co Md on FRIDAY, SEPTEMBER 15, 1967 AT 1:00 P. M. {5 F R F S H \ \ 1 ) SI'KIM.INi, hellers 1 Y O I N O Bl LI S lar^e enough to breed h t i l e r s this F'all Of the 15 temales, 1 are I'urebred \rshires i (uernse\s and the balanne Holstems, of w h i c h s e v e r a l .ire Purebred \1an an v a c c i n a t e d , all have been I B tested 1 F KMS ( \SM (in clav (il sale \et responsible lor a c c i U STIN P. R E X N \damstown M a r v l a n d t . l F N N I K O l l and J A M F S (. TKOl T \uc n u . . i , , ·, \ \ . i i k f r s \ i l l e M a r v l a n d M F H K I F N \ \ U H T F K ( l» rk )···· mm ·····» UBLIC SALE l l . i v u · Id inir house and le I ( i i · K) house hold t l i r m t l l l ; oil t h e the slate w e w i l l s i l l iir niise s 10! K c d u o e u l S V I T K I ) \ V S K I ' T K M U K K KJ, 1%7 \ I I ' M ) O t H M K NOON \S F OI I O\ S t pc i i i a h e i K . i n v lc-drcxni smti w i t h poster l« cl geiocl clou h i e lieixspnn" in i t t n ss sinnlc m.iplf brd c oniplt t- c h e s t cli i w e i s A i n . i l ( hint,' '"lire in W c s t i n K h o i i s f e l e c t r i c s t o v e - Rood F r I r i K i r..tcir w i t h f u l l I r r e / c - r vc-rv «oc»cl F riKicl.urc- diito i n i l l « isl» r l i k e n e w floor fan "i pc c h r o n i c hrc akldsl v e t M c . n i . ^ r mi eil he atreil.i w i t h fan A tht like- n e w hasc- il n e t sola ci.ive nol« d n e l i n e r good ( i l platlorni rock I I ' rui' i;eieid I V s e t iiiahoy.iin c c d a r l m c - d h e strobe . . l u Ie \( incls u h a t n o l s s c a t t e r runs plantc-rs p i c t u r e s ! l i ' r . i r v l a l i l e hrass c o s t u m e r \ i e t o r i a n side c h a i r trunk I n i p s l i w n I n r n i t u r e i\ bird halhs Hrc he-ate r F l e r l r o l u x 0,1,1 I,, el |,r , Is i- ' s i n a l l l l i e I t. ' 'I W e l l I.I Ie |, I Mill, r . " r i l l * I' I I K V~ C '.Sll pore i lop w o r k t a b l e ) N o.ik ' MI lie»arcl ,1(1 IS ir1 n Teirei sm ap dishe s rotarv u h c e I not . i led n l s V1R. MRS l ( ) . s i : i II R E Y N O L D S I O I I S r I - O N I O N \ i i ( i ' i i i i e r I I K * M \S BF N N F I I I I' rk PUBLIC SALE \ AU AI5LE D A I R Y HERD T h e und rsinne d intending to discontinue the d a i r v business due to labor Ik health w i l l oiler at public sale on the prem ises l o c a t e d ," m i l e s north ot New Windsor Md off of Route \o 7"i .ilons Koute No H4 4 miles east of I mon Bridge off of Koule No 7 r the- f o l l o w i n g W E D N E S D V Y , SEPTEMliER 20th II IN) O ( I O K \ M S2 H E A D REGISTERED AND ( I R A D E HOLSTEIN CATTLE 19CxS D i l i \ Herd Record 12 075 Milk 440 Ibs F a t This herd w i l l be T B and Bangs tested w i t h i n 30 d a v s of sale 66 m i l k c o w s I,' r e c c n t l v tresh 14 f r e s h or close spring ers bv dav of sale U to freshen from (c t nth to Dec 1st Balance in f u l l flow of milk lt bred heifers to freshen between now and Nov i s t Ml heilc rs are out of Md V i r g i n i a Bull Stud This h« rd is irostlv hom raised \ i i c t Note--This is a vounR w e l l iiddered herd MR. £. MRS. J. J E A N JOHN I F RMS-- \SH S T F R I 1 M C . B I - U K S T F N and ( . I F N N J \ M F S Trout, \urtionetrs S I I ) \ F Y I I- \SF ( lerk I un h KI|(M* Reserved Not KrspfMivlhlr For Are-ideni* PUBLIC AUCTION I will sell on my farm located along the Braddock Rd 9/10 mile east of Rt 27 and I 1 · miles south of Rt 26 at Ta- lorsville Carroll Co , Md. on SATURDAY, SEPTEMBER 23, 1967 AT 9:30 A. M. 21 HOLSTEIN CATTLE 21 All are of milking age and producing approx 5 gal per head dail All are oung cows-mostly 2nd 3rd calf cow« 4 head are fresh and some due later Cattle will sell on their \ e a r l v T B and B R Tests F V R M MACHINEin O l i v e r Row-crop 77 tractor and cultivators, Int II tractor on V C. rubber, Oliver rubber tired 2x12 trailer plow, N I 18 tractor spreader, steel wheel 2x12 trailer plow. Ontario 53x7 gram drill on steel ( c l u t c h l i f t ) . N. I one row corn picker J U 290 2-row cori. planter N H 66 baler with motor. N I wagon with coin bed Case all purpose elevator, rubber tired field spraver N I 4 bar side rake, heavy 20 disc harrow 24 tooth harrow hammermill SHOP TOOLS Portable air compressor grinder and motor screw jack, log chains, oil drums, grease guns hand tools fence tools, corn sheller corn c r a c k e r ste-elvard etc I ) M R \ EQl I P M E N T 2"0 gal stainless ste-el F:SCO milk tank SN 963K7 1 I m v e r il milker units Rheem water heater ( n e w ) , wash up tank hand basin buckets strainers etc \I I H \ Y S T R \ W I F FT BY S \LK HOI SK Fl KMTl UE \ N 1 H H F S 5 goose neck chairs large refmished pie safe wash bowl pitcher set, oak extension table, old w a l l mirror, o v a l glass front c h i n a closet, marble top stand, drop leaf table, large w a l l mirror grandmother cane back bottom rocker verv old large fl.xr dressing mirror, five slat bac k splint bot torn rocker, 3 piece 1 Victorian parlor set rough blanket chest, steeple clock, metal shaving stand, plank bottom chairs, piano bench, marble top dresser old top to organ, spool chest, sugar bucket sewing machine 10 gal stone crock smaller crocks, oil lamps large thumb print compote, old books, cherry seed er electrified ravo lamp cast iron pots- skillets MODF RN Norge wringer washer. oldspot 21' chest freezer, breakfast set. 20 yr old walnut corner cupboard, platform rocker, upholster- c d rocker, v i n v l covered chair, stands, cocktail table, oak rtres ser. single bed, vanity mirror, ele fan lamps, chairs metal u t i l i t v cabinets v a c u u m cleaner old radio metal l a w n lurni lure, pots pans dishes etc Sale Order Furniture shop machinery, feed dairv c a t tie T F R M S \SH on dav of sale Not responsible for ac e i de nts MR. ROLAND A. C.OSNELL, SR. Mt liry, Marvland ( . I F N N TKOl T and JAMKS «. TROUT, Auctioneers Walkeriville Marvland M F H R I F : N W\ICTF:K. ck-rk I Hitch Available I ····················· ····! MO 2-3611 PUBLIC SALE Having sold my farm, I w i l l sell at public auction '. mile West of Rt No 32 on Kt No 144 at West friendship in the third district of Howard ( ounty, Md , on. SATURDAY, SEPTEMBER 9, 1967 AT 11 \. M 12--HOLSTE1N HEIFERS--12 12 Grade Heifers from 6 to 12 months old ail are vace in ated and from tows with test records The dams were sold last spring. M41HINERY--Farmall "C" Tractor with front end loader, Farmall "H" Tractor with 2 row cultivators (good rubber and just overhauled), New Idea 7 ft trail t\pe mower. "Best Land" stone picker, Danuser posthole digger. Koch 7 ft mo*\ er, J. D. 36 tooth harrow. heavv double tandum disc, i bottom Little Genius pull type plow, cement mixer with electric motor, mounted type field sprayer, farm wagon. 2 wheelbarrows, platform scales. 2 self-propelled lawn mowers, forks, shovels, log chains scrap metal, corn sheller (2 hoi*), 7 ft 3 pt hitch Ford mower 1948 1-ton Chevrolet truck on good rubber with flat body and new oak floor (motor just rebuilt). 2 Int Hydraulic "Lift AH" Cylinders, 2 Ig. wooden feed bins 5 ft \ 16 ft. on skids. 300 gal. Majounier vacuum milk tank with compressor, 50 gal hot water heater, stainless steel wash vat, 50 ft of stain less steel milk line with connections. 2--SP 11 vacuum pumps (Surge), 3--C I P parlor milker units (Surge), milk cans, pails, etc. 1 000 bales of grass hav HOLSEHOLD--Frigidaire automatic washer, Friaidaire dishwasher, Westinghouse electric range G E refrigerator. 8 pc. dining room suite, sofa and chair. 2 upholstered chairs iron fnd board, electric mixer, metal and wooden kitchen cabinets. T V table, lots of dishes, cooking utensils curtains, 60"x10" wall mirror. 2--9x12 rugs (wool). 1--12x20 wool rug, 10x12 re- versable rug sewing cart, bed, tables. Jars etc \VTIQCES -- Armed chair, rocking chair buffet library table (verv good), china pcs . crocks, silver gra\\ boat on tra\. silver coffee pot on stand that tilts to pour (like n e w ) and many articles too numerous to mention TFRMS. CASH MR. MRS. CHARLES D. ARK1NGTON, Owners \\est Friendship Md Auctioneer- At LEN T 1111 I Clerk: MRS H HOPKINS Lunch By St James ( in uit Riders Not Responsible For Vccidents PUBLIC SALE OF ANTIQUES, COINS AND HOUSEHOLD COODS I w i l l sell lor seyeral consignors the bt'low nundoncd items w h u h haye been moved to Me tz's store for t onve-menee- m s a l e , in Johnsvillc. along Kt 75. between L i h c r t v l o w n and I mon Bridge, 3 mi off Kl 2b 14 ml N h ol F r e d e r i c k ( it\ in F rederu k C o Md on I abor Day · MONDAY, SEPTEMBER L 1967 I'ROMPTI \ \ T 9 1 0 A M ( I ) S T i I H F KM I O W I N G ANTIQl F S -- t t a l n u t 6 leg drop leaf table re-finished -In arton dust drawers w i t h ong brass knobs Kel pine dry sink, soltwood I) I table magh ladies desk c h i l d s d e s k spool c a b i n e t M T stand t captains (hairs i H i t c h c o c k ( h a i r s gold leaf mirror, empire ( h e s t drawers sottwood k i t i h ( i i safe rope bed V i c t o r i a n ( h a i r s gateleg drop leaf table s( hool masters desk brass o n y x stand doye tail blanket chest old i p( parlor suite round ( stove sm iron ( h u n k stove round magh table w i t h pedestal base dough ( r a y , (em roller organ, IK \11 w i t h IX rolls plank bot (hairs (ane seat (hairs crib (ampmeeting ro(ker Spanish bench, i old dress ( rs oak ext table, dry sink in rough, 3 round b a c k ( h a i r s , sm pine stand oak w a s h stand Victorian carpel 1.2 ( a n d If mold sew m h organ stool high i hair doll bed roman seat old d o k s ( h i l d s rocker, oak roll top desk Ige copper ki ttle cop p( r w a s h boiler t leg iron kettle stand other iron kettles ild bottles y \ i t h por( ( sps, sm iron platform stales, other old tollies iron trough old r« kers brass f i n pi sel brass aulo horn brass aulo pump spool (abinet desk ox y o k e wagon seat piano ben( h dc rough milk (ans old ook s l o \ K e refi; i wood churns, boss radle t y p e washer iro i t e l l pump and other items ( O I N S -- U i l l be sold al 1 P M -- 1HHO--9H-- T cold p ( s li»e Indian Head « v n t , in (90S s ' dimes 1 s i l v e r |( s i nu kel p( s l i v i n g e igles 1 p s frai (·.. u "»». I l4 65 ttd mint sets many other ( o m s 19J4 1 ' I Y M O I T H -- 4 dr sedan running c o n d i t i o n I M 4 2 I'ONTI \ ( -- 4 di sedan slraighl K ( o w n e r d t . . ,ts. til rui-s good GI \SS ( H I N \ I AMI'S-- l i f l a n v t y p e art «lass dome shade ,'1 ( n v \ h.isi F r ( u p i d l.inips tablt t y p e nun sl.nned glass posl t y p e lamp done w i t h \ V i n d lamp several (· W \ bases -i T i f l a n y l v p lamps p o r c e l a i n glass lamps I'aul Ke vere lantern v r ren( h w a l l c l o c k K a * o lamp \ r \ old iron slone covered soup tnrc en ladle Ii matt hing soup dishe^ i mat I S v e g dishes II c ntilish hma soup d i s h e s t»n en oples edge dish 1 pc patlern glass set pattern Rohl» Is ,»nrt plat s some c a r n i v a l seyeral pi s lit glass opper lustre p i t c h e r s satin glass berry set 4 Wedgewood plates 8 riemi tasse cups sauc ers pore elain tea pot other pc s of iron stone pressed pattern glass brass t a n d l c stu ks brass hand bell, loi of old tinware deep w a l frames sets sleigh hells ( rod ks jugs 4--( (, frames oth( r frames ItV doll M ilh bis que head ( 1 9 1 4 ) small German doll ( 1 9 0 1 ) i hild's tin dishes St Ige brass sleigh bells old ladies Home s ^ books » V a r of the Rebellion" authentic hoop skirt dress i r a 18«) old v a u d e v i l l e cards flat irons t h« rry seeder old harness sleigh frame runners Some of the f u r n i t u r e is refmished some in the rough One large c o n s i g n m e n t has he n in storage for 23 years HOI SF HOI II G(K)I)S- The following from Mrs F el.In W i l l i a m s of I mon Kndge who has discontinued housekeeping along w i t h one other consignmenl--C oldspot Window \ i r o n d i tioner only used "» nights Westh frost free refg W « s t h apt ele« range (holh like n e w ) i.ilaid offee lahle i pc Ir suite (hesl drawers huU h cupboard utiliU ( a b m e l base (abinet nl itf..TMi ro( ker (. ^ dishwasher redwood patio (urn MI in mer rugs iron fry pans dishes pans garden t«ls and man other a r l i e les too nunie rolls to mention TUtMS-- \S|I on day of sale no properly removed until settled for Sorry no msp« « (ion before me.rnini; 01 sale Sale w i l l start on lime A c o n t i n u e until all 1 sold Sale ( ondu led Kv VI STIN HOHN \ution.-er I'll 775 2%4 MKT7 ( . K F F N A \ I T \ \ T F K lerks ( l u n c h Bv Henver IJain ( hnr h Of Brethren) Ni-M'SPAPFRl 1FWSP4PERS

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