The News from Frederick, Maryland on May 21, 1932 · Page 2
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The News from Frederick, Maryland · Page 2

Frederick, Maryland
Issue Date:
Saturday, May 21, 1932
Page 2
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TWO THE DAILY FWED1MCK. MD , SATUBDAY. MAY 21, 1932. \ JVct/s Cnufcncs J4COA £5/117 RECONCILED WEEIU.Y SIXDAV SCHOOL LESSON All Saint*' fhorch. Her. Doagiass Hooff. rector. Holy Ccrnrn:;niiTR. 730 m. as. Ch'jrch school 9 45 a. =. S*rvxe and sermon. H a s . Snerirsg prayer and address. O'clock. rso St. BtnuUtac- Chapel. Her. Douess Hooff. rector. Cfcurch schoal. 9.30 a. a. St. Timothy"* Ch*peL Rer. W. Owtngs Stone, -near. Church school. 9-30 a. ec. Holy Coaucuzioc and sermon.: I a re. Cmlrxry Methodist Epbcopal Church, West Second street a: Medina! Park. B*v. Dr. G. EUis Wi^iams, master. Church scboo'., 945 a. m. Casper S. CZiae. superintendent. "Assured Protection." :i a. si. · Epworth Leagtx. 6 30 p m ; ad*r. Mias Z/o-jise Joaes: topic. -What Changes are- Taking Place in Our Bodes?" At 7.30 p. 20.. fosnh In a seri« o! sermons on "Youth and Their Problems." Special topic. "Religion." Tuesday. 6 !5 p. rn.. annual Ladies' Sight cf the Men's Club. Wednesday, 7.30 p. m.. Church Farn- 2y Nigh: service; topic. "Genera'. Conference." Thursday. 745 p rn,, ope.-vtta "What's the Matter With CJy?" bj Junior choir. EraaxeUcat Lntheran Church. RCT. Amos John Traver, D. D, pastor. Church school. 9.45 a. m. Morning worship, II o'clock;; Woraan's Day: speaker. Miss Edna En- fte. missionary to India. Lather ]a*ru«. 6 15 p. m. Monday. 730 p. m.. Mothers' Leag-je Wednesday. 7.30 p. m.. Bible study. Vesper service. 7.30 p. m.; sermon "Following the ; Centennial Memorial C. R. Church. j Bev DeWi" P Zu£«. pastor. j S 20 a. m . Cr.urch school: 10 45 a ' rn. worsh-p service, theme" "JefiUft and '-he Al* of Youtil , 7 30 p m . spocial Young People's anniversary I day program. Pageant by Jr C. 5.. : and music by :be Christian Esdeavor j c-ir [ Wednesday. 645 p. is Pastor's Cass j 7 45 p rn prayer and Bible study. | Pnritan Methodist ChapeL i Water ctreet. near Patrick. Co: M. A Rusjst^. pastor. S'iad»?» and Friday*. 8 p. m. S^niiv school. 2 p. m. Y. P meet-Eg S-rsday. 7 p. rn. . ML Hope Auemhly Of God. Rev. H H Nucly. pastor. ! Sunday School. 10 a m i Prayer s*r. ice 7 30 y m. Preachtnr by p«tor tonight. 7 46 p Walkenrille M. E. Church. K«v. T. W. Lloyd pastor. Chirch school 920 a rn. Epworth League anniversary and in- stal^UoQ service. 7 30 p. m. M: Pasant M. E. Church--Church school. 9 30 a. rn.; worship. 10 30 a. m.; sermoc there*. "The Sunse*. o! LU«." Christian Selrnre. "Soil and Bod ' ^ 'Jie subject of the -ilir Sunday morning lesson-aerrcon of th* Cnnst:a:i Science Group ol Fr*3*r:cJc. held at 11 a. m. in th« lodge- room c-r P; ihian Cast on Court street. .Seventh Oar AdrentUts. S:er?-p'..coa lecture on "The Mystery of "he Liitle Hour of Daniels Prophecy " Sunday e-.«ning. 7 45 o'clock. Pythias Castle, Co-^rt strret Sabbath school Saturday. 2 p. zn.; sermon. 3 p. tn. COUNTY CHURCHES Trinity VLttomeA Church. Rer. Harvey S Shu*, pastor. Sunday school. 9.15 a. m. Worship. 10 30 a m. Intermediate C. E., 6 45 p. in. Sen.or C. E.. 7 30 p. m. Junior C E. Saturday. 2 p. m. Sunday school meeting, home of G Frank Thomas, Wednesday. Willing Workers, home of Mrs. B. L. Thomas. Thursday. Worship, St. John's, Buckeystowa, 3 p. m. i Text: Gen. 33:1-11 t The Inte-rnationa! Unjforra Sunday {School LxMeon for May 23. * * * , BY H'M. E. GUUBOT. D. D. j Editor erf The Coacn«aUoaalfct. The re condition Jacob and Esau came late, but it w*s rery effectual · J when it came. Probably it was made. ' poaiible by the fact that both men had ! grown in wisdom and also in moral outlook and character since the day when slackness in the oat man and duplicity la the other had brought tragic separation betw««n the brother*. On the whoSe. the story of the IBOOQ- j cillation u more creditable to Ebau th»" ' I ESAU VvAS THE AG~K.£.\'£D PASTY; THE St. Paul's Episcopal Parish. Rev. W Oicinss Stone, rector. AdarnsWAii.--Church school. 10 a. m : cvenir;? prayvr and sermon. 7 30 p. m Reformed Church. T. Henri L. G. Kieffer, D. D.. rnin- jster. Suaday school. 945 a m. Morning worship. 11 o'clock. Rev. Dr Kieffer will preach on "The Christian Fellowship" ,_and speak to the Junior congregation on "The Shamrock." The jcholr will reader the Te Deum in E flat, by Buck. Christian Endeavor Society, 6.30 p m.; leader. Alfred Outsail; topic, "Kov. to tFse Music in Worship" Special music*! program SPEriiEs; worship. 7.30 o'clock. Mrs ret-in and Miss Yost win sing "O. Jesus. Thoa Art Standing." by Risher. Bethany Southern Methodist, Flint HilL R*v Kat G Barrshart. minister. Sunday school. 10 a m. Preachin?. 3 p. rn.. pastor: subject. ' Conquering the Unconquerable." This is evan;el!st!c service of revival serifs. Special rr.usic. socal trio from Church of Brethren at Monrovia Quarterly cor.ferer.ce May 29 at 2 30 p ni -i-ith pry-aching by Dr. J. H. Wells 3l Wishmgton. Monroria Church Of The Brethren. Rev Elis Wagoner, pastor. Sunday school. 10 a. rn. Worship. 11 a. m.; sermon by Rev. Edward Bixier. New Windsor. Communion services on Saturday, 2 p m. Rocky Springm. Sunday school. 2 p. rn. Prayer meeting Thursday evening. 7 30 o'clock. Mrs Mary Kemp. leader. BurkUtsville Church Of The Brethren. Rev John S. Bowlus. pastor. Sunday school. 9 30 a. rn. No worship service, the pastor being SCLUB IS FINAL i! Christian Endeavor News Grace Reformed Organization Heard Dr. Traver TaHc. TALKS ON "SINCERITY" BY GORDOX PALMES The regular monthly meeting of the county union executive committee ariii be h"id on Pricay evening ai the home of Miss Edna Smith. Woocsboro After tne busuiess meeting a social will be heM with the Woodsboro society. A ^rge attendance is expected for the C. E. rally ani institute which -rill be heki on Wednesday evening, at 7 30 ', o'ckxdc, 21 the Svasgelical Reformed j church. West Church street, Frederick. j Mr. Chevney I'lli outliae a program for j C. E. work during the summer months. On Saturday evening, at 7.30 o'clock "Sincerity marks the sticcessfel 1 Xever pretend to be asytrasj that you ; ^ vraT ^-;-'",:· evcmi*. a-. ,. JU « t ^^ ! are not." said Rev. Dr. Aows J. Traver, Dr -. fc * ^-T"~T eluiea ? ! «?P 1 s ^-' : . . . * _ . . _ . »^«r?a«' o f "hf* T«?:^ma'^inal S?o«etv pastor of the 2\ angelical Lutheran, , ' of Christian Endeavor, wii Society address a church, speaker at the iast seasonal Esau TIB the aggrieved party; the were no reproaches »TIO is rather slac* Younr People's Society Rotitzahn. committee Hymn, scripture reading, prayer, reac- seriM led him to expect a "warm" re- saiv the great company with Jacoo he , quiaitivertess. ceptlon. However. Jacob had largely grown his selfishness and his ResponsJbiUty had sobered him. teas to his credit that he was more concerned for the safety women and children Chan for At any rate, he protected them »ent forward hanself to me . the risk j hie sunlight pouring tnrotiyh and the possible wrath of his brother. ! clouds 0.1 a dari anci ci; -Jlt.rr:;-Xy fjr ihat th ..He bowed himself to the ground sev-j The man of aggressi-.^ »^lti=h am- ; rather than for what th* remembered £ h v e :-«n ' Glade Reformed Charge. Rev Frank A. Rosenbergcr. pastor i St. John's Church. Woodsboro--Sun- d-iT srhool. 9 15 a. m : ·aorshlp. 10 30 i i ni : sermon theme. "The Anchors for j Toda-. " ' Glade Church, \Valkersville--Sunday ' school. 9 30 a. m : Young People's So, v.e'r rr.cetinz. 6 30 p m.; topic. ' How , to Use Music -r Worship:" leader. Ralph Wesley StauHer. Worship. 7 30 p m. Church Of God, Brunswick Charge. Rev William A. Herplch. pastor. Locust Valley -- Bible school. 9.30 a. m.: preaching 10 30 a. m.; C. E., 7.30 p m : prayer and prals* meeting. Thursday. 8 p. m. Brunswick -- Bible school. 10 a. m : Senior C E. 730 p m; preaching. 8 p m : Junior C E . Wednesday. 6 45 p m ; pravcr and praise meeting. Wednesday. 7.30 p. m Grace Reformed Church. Second street, east of Market, H«T. Ralph E. Erarlman. mijiitsr. Attention directed to change in hours of morning worship for Summer season Church school. 9 a. m. ·Morning worship, 10 o'clock Sermon thesne. "A Happy Home;" cno:r -win sing "Great is the Lord" by Heyser. lliss Rebecca. Thomas. Washington, will sins "Abide With Me' by L:t- tle. Junior serrnoa theme. ' P'.ease Shut the Gate." Young People's meeting, 6.*5 p. rr. . leader. Miss Erma Gonso. Evening worship. 7.30 o'clock; ser- jnon therne, "God and the Individual." Ice choir ·wiU sing. · In Heavenly Love tbidlng-" by Wooler. Miss Rudy's organ numbers: "Awakening Song" by Enge'.rcar-n; ' Mmucfo Pornposo" by Earns: ' Poerc' by F:- iich; ' Marche So'.enelle" by Rci^ell Braddock Lutheran Church. Rev H. C. Erdman. pastor. Sur.dav srhjc'.. 1 30 p. m. Preaching. 2 30 p rn. Mt. Pleasant Reformed Charge. Hev George K Ely. pastor; Tr.n::;.---Cnurcn school. 9 30 a. rr. : services. 10 30 a m. Mt Pleasant--Church school. 9 30 a. m. Myersrille Circuit U. B. Church. Rev. B. F Blubaugh. pastor. Middletonn--Sunday schoot. 9 30 a m : worship. 10 30 a. m : Senior C E. 6 30 p rn 9 15 a. m.; Sunday schoo! 1015 a m.: Senior C. E. 6 30 p m . Int-ermediat* C. E.. Wednesday 7 30 p - m Pleasant Wsik--Sunday school. 1.30 ! p. m., Se:i.or C. E.. 7.30 p rn.: prayer i mcet.r.g. Wednesday, 7 30 p m. ; Chitrch Of The Brethren, Rocky Bidge. I Charles A. Stover, Elder in charge Sunday school. 9 30 a. m ; worship. 10 30 a. m.. Elder John E Rowland. Huntingdon, Pa.; lovefeast, 6 p. m. Woodsboro Lutheran Charje. Rer. J Frank Fife pastor Woodsboro--Sunday school. 930 a m.; C. E. at Church of God. 7 p rn.: subject. ' Music Li Worship." Mrs. J. F Fife, leader; vespers. 8 p. m. Haughs--Sunday school, 9.30 a. m : 1 worship. 1030 a m. j Rocky Hill--Sunday school. 10 a. m : ( worship. 9 a. m. j Chapel--Sur.dav school. 9.30 a. m ! Our Lady Of Mt. Cannel Church. i Rev Jaseph L Curran. pastor. I Mass, sermon and benediction, fol- · lowed by Sunday school. 9 a m . ] Mass daily. 8 a m . 1 Church Of The Brethren. Tburmont. : Elder T S F:ke. minister. · Sunday school. 9 30 a, m. · Worship. 10.30 a m. Legend Makes Sacred Heart Church A Shrine Of French Utici Reformed Charge. Hcv Scv.ard R. Krcsge. minister Zior., Charles-, ille--Sunday school. 9 33 a rr. : worship 1030 a m G-.I~O. r.eisant H:'.".--Sunday school. : 3'" 1 p m . isorsnip 2 30 p m. Christ Reformed Church. Middletown. Rev John Sarnue. Adam, minuter. Church schao".. 9 30 a. m. Worship. 10 45 a m ; serrr.on subject, i ' Can We Follow Jesus Today?" The ' K of P of Mc-.-har.lcsburg. Pa", will be !ra«-v.s. i Junior.;a;e and Senior C E.. 6 30 p. rn. Presbyterian Church. Rev. Dr. C. E. Wehler. pastor. Sunday school, 3 45 a. rn. Morning worsh.p and seTrr.m, 11 o'cl£x:k. Miss Editn May Beck will s.n;. "Hold Thoti My Hand' by Brisks. Ereninj service. 7 30 o'clocs. Special music by a Qtiartet. Walkcrsville I'nited Brethren Church. Rev J-'hn W Fisher, pas'.or Wa'.Scersv.'.'.e--Preachir:;. 9 30 a. m ; Re-.. T. W. Llovd will deliver the sermen: Sanda school. 10.30 a. m : rrseet- .r.j .-f so-.ent;.-fifth ann.'.erary com- rr.i".?* 3f:?r Sur.dav school service. J-ir:cr and Se:-.;?r C E Wednesday. 730 - rn Mt Vemon---Sunday school. 1 30 a. rr. : M-v.ic-s" Day program will be given ·-. Waliersv.lle Sunday school. - 30 p ' Ziort i.ntheran Church. Middletown. i Rev. L Ralph Tabor, paftor. Sunday *:ho.' 9 30 a m Wor«h.p. 10 45 A m ; sermon subject, i ' Tr 1 .? New Birth " ! Luther Lcr.--:e. Intermediate C. E and Vo sr.s r" o:-'s S.xrie".. 6 30 p m. W-r "r..o 7 30 o m . serrr.on sucject. ' Abindrvnt Life " ! Dr. S T Ni-holas of Washington will j preach at both fcriices. j LewUtown Epworth League . The regular meeting of the Epworth i League of the M E. church. Lewis- i i town, will be held Sunday night at 7 45 J .o'clock. The program: Opening song, j Here ;s ih~ Cnur-.-h of the Sacred . "Where He Leads Me:" scripture read- | sas, control* the peace of the nation. i ing. Alocrt Powell; prayer. Rev. L. J j I Moore: topic discussion. "Hoyr Is Home By XEA Service ! Life Changing." reading. Hilda Easter-1 The church which, acccrd.r.g to ' d a : recitation. Ida Fetzer:' reading.! I'-gend. -o»itre!« the peace of France -.= ; Mre Mildred Easterday. son?. "Wond-; "Saore Coeur." Church cf the S.-»:-«l ' crful Words:" address. Hubert Derr. , Hear:. Set .-..-h up cri top of Mcnt- ' offermu: piano solo. Mrs. Ralph Rit- i martre. Mount of the Marti-rs. us glis- i tenour. announcements, closing song.! tennis shite -..31!= can be seen farthei ( and mizpah benediction. i ;han :he lofty steel expanse of Eiffel i Totier. Helen r _ _ _ jiano chairman of the ticket committee, and duet, Mrs. Chas. C. F. Stall and Ran- V. Gittinger and Frank Poland, i coiph ScuU: vocal solo. Homer D. Kep- of the supper committee at | ; e r; reading. Effie Stul!; [ the September meeting Keefer Staiey i Richard GrassnictSe: reading. Simon j was elected to membership. Invocation [ Stall: offering: address. Rev. Geo. K. j was given by Rev Ralph EL Hartraan. ! Ely; closing hymn and benediction. The j pastor of the church. j program committee, Mrs. Luther Powell. \ Lester Borer, chairman of the pro- I Miss Ethel Zimmerman. Mr. Carl Holtz. | gram committee, introduced Her. Dr. [ and Mr. Kenry L. Wachter. j Traver. who said he -would take as rus · * ! subject -Sincerity." a central subject of 1 Tent Services At ML Pleasant j Christianity and reioected everys-h^re. · Ten;: services are being held at Ms- He explained that the English word is ' P-easant. Tith preaching by Evangelist ! derived from the Latin, rneanir.; "~.;h- i Betty Beyior. The services are under j out wax" and said it onr»a3:«d from j ~"^ auspices of Bethel Tabernacle with the work of some unscrupulous sculp- I sermons every evening. The services in the church are being conducted by the pastor at the usual hours, morning wor- sh! P ll o'clock, evening worship at 7:30 j tors, who cohered up faulty parts in ! their statues with wax. so that from outward appearance there was no change. In inclement weathe- the wax · "'clock and Sunday school 9.45 o'clock dropped off and revealed the iSincer- j *= tb « m°^«3S- Charles H. B. Hagan superintendent. The tent meeting ity of the sculptor. Anr mar. who starts to cove- up his ! continue in Ms. Pleasant until May 29. faults and failures is lasin^-e t*e~pas- ! after wblcn meetings will be held at, tor said. He may be able to hide them ' Mt - ^^ and other county towns, from his fello^ man. his family and j * even his pastor.- but "there is an eve ! Mnacal Program that sees." As a livirs; illustration, he ' A musical program will oe held in years because o: fair trading A sincere life is one of satisfaction. I continued. The un- . at Paris . . .which. legend instrumerawl solos, a piano duet, sing** *? * ma!e 1TMTM-*- reading and . Dr. Traver continued. The on- ! a P^omnne, 'Hoiy. Ko.y. fao.y Lord s:r JP uIous traders. Tho boast over their j Goa Almighty. A talk on music a : shady deals, are not really happy, he i TM ^ « ^- ve = b ^ Mrs ' W ' B ' ! believed, but just shavriag a "nervous spasm." ' Whether you make money ir heart only man can realise , or not. to have in as France ^as torn with internal and i _ oa prerend . o ^ ._ ^ ^^ o / a sa£ _ I ^^ _,_ h everv . ODdT _ e-'.emal But it irasn'; until isfied man." Sincerity, tie believed, is \ salvation can be chat he has *'been "The fruits of discovered in rcls.- ns v.ith Germany in 1871 that the · also the mark of a saved aiaa. It is 1 tionships one with the other.'' which er.urch v.-as deSnttelv iec:ced upon At ' something to loaSt back upon when a j was the beUef of Chnst, he concluded. upo: the end of the irar money was obtain- i cti and v-'ork started at once. Taylorsville There u an ui"crest«ng storr behind je edifice. Back in the'h Taylorsv.lle. May 20 --Ray Barnes. J century a nun Marguerite-Marie, -n the i Mrs. Anme Myers. Mrs. Ho«arci Price ; monster:.- cf ?aray-le-Man:al. reported | attended the funeral of Mrs. Frank , that she had a \-s.ori of Cnr-st m -n.-hicn i Bond last Thursday I He told her He wished a church dedi- , --Mr and Mrs. Edgar Cienison and | catcd to H^ hcan erect-.-d in Paris. cay the church is~iieariy corr.pieted. : : i-itaSJ^^i^MiX^^iltS^^ ' 'itcr more than half a century of pains- '·* ·n=v-r.g workmanship The only stop in , !··; constraition came during the World j War. "hen German trsops were close i enough to Par^ to view its gleaming va'.'.s through field glasses. I The victory of France and the Allies j cier Germany 15 laid by many devout . f ', daughters spent Saturday at the home | The nun said that Christ haci tc:d warslrpers in France to the legend of j ]i? Trinity Southern Methodist. Rev. Nat G. Bamhart. pas'.cr. S'onday school. 9 45 a. rr.. Service, 11 a. IE_ s^rrc^n br pastor: subject. "The Ra.n o' Go'.d " dents of Hood College: leai-er. L Hiy Bsrsee. Wediiesday, 7 30 p rr.. prn;.er rr.evt- *!-*Friday. S p. m . ent-ertai^tncr.t. Quarterly confer^r.ce z'. Fl".t H.1'. May 29 at 2.30 ? ra. with presch-r.s 35T Dr. J. H. Wells. Charge. Rev. L. J Moore, pastor. ! Broo'ih.:i--Sunday school. 9 30 a rn : ; pr»a:h:n». 10 30 a m. ' Lo-ststoi-n--Sunday school. 1 3O p · rn : r-'-arh.r.r. : 30 p m : Epworth 7 30 p. m Burkltt^ville Lutheran Church. Rev H C Erclrnan. pastor. Burkitts\ ille--Sunday school. 9 30 a. m : ^orsh.p iO 45 a rn Kno\\.l'e--Sunday school, 10 a, m.: Young Popple's scriice. 645 p. rn.; uor- sh.p. 7 30 r-. ra. of Mrs Rosa. Franklin Miss Mae , her France v.-ould ha-.e no peace until i Franklin and Lawrence Dcrr spent Sat- j th:s ti-teh -»as fulfilled. | urday and Sunday at the same home. j The story was told all o'er the coun- --Mrs Magjr.e Crawford is ill and | try unt:". it reached LOXL^ XVI. T--c tnis church. They assort that France I ·aould ha-ve fallen had this church not ' "je-'n under construction. ImmediatelT after the World War i has been taking treatments at the hos- i king la;:;hec at the p;.:t-n-; .'. t'rcusar.os of French peasants and sol- ! ' JcfTerson Lntheran Parish. F^er. George H Sei'.er. pastor. St L.A».«--C'njrch school. 9 30 a m : T T\h.- :* 3-0 a. m y.- 7.-.T.--C.T.rch schrxl 9 30 a ni. St Pau'. s--Church school. 9.15 a rn : ' C"r_stian Er.deavor. 6.30 p m.; First Baptist Church. R«T. W C Royal, psstor school, 945 o'c'.ock. ~T .r»r worship, 11 o ct-cs Dr w^- s. LaRue, Was' will rjreach Evening -5-ors'ni?. 730 ^cloct. pas'^r nU preach. Young People's Societies, S 30 o'clxi Church Of The Brethren. Sev M. G. WUsos. pastor. Churth schao:, S 45 a. m. Worship. II a. rr. : sernion. · Wrio!-e- L*wtstown-I.tbertT M. P. Charge. Rev Ow"r. W Prtnre. pastor C^: -'.-.--S i-.cia;.- school. 2. p m : ' Trors.-..? 3 ? rr.. , LS-\~--.-T:.--S-r.daj S--r.»l 9 30 a. rr.; 1C 30 a rr. : rr.eettn? of o^ard .-.." s - e-\ards 1130 a. rr. : Junior ' rr. ; J-:r.^r C S.. I 30 p rr. : Sezi-or C E. 650 p rr. : Torship 7 30 p rn.; pra-^r s^r-.-.t*? »»o-^nc^i.ay, . 30 P m. j __»_ -- _ Lutheran Charict- Rev. Hfr.r. C Kraft, pastor St. Pauls. Myersville--Sunday school. 9 SO a. m . Junior C. E. 1030 a m : Intermediate C E. 6 p m : Senior C E. 7 p m . prayer rr.e«tir..e. Wednesday. 7 30 p m S: John's. Church H:".--Sunday schcol ? a. rr. . uor5-r.:p 10 a. m., Sen- lor C. E. 7 30 p rn St Mark's. Wolfsi ille--.Sunday school. 1 30 p m : worship : 30 p. rn A student will preach at both services--St Mart's and St. John's Trinity Reformed Charpe, Thormont. Rer S D Bngrht. pastor. Thurrr.ont--Sur-.cay school. ZO a. m RCN-ST R.dfe--Sunday Khool. 9.30 a rr. : wors.-.:? and serrr.or., 1C 30 a. rn. CresEerst^wr;--Worship and sermon. 2 30 p rr. I p;;ai ! ^Mrs Edgar Jenkins is reported an- , proving nicely at this time. ', ; --Mrs. Earl Wright and children ; Elizabeth. Louise and Mar^.n, were 1 · Saturday evening lisitors of Mrs , George Magin Jr. and Mrs Walter . , Clary --The dance was well attended at ! Sale's Park. Saturday r.ight An orches- j , !ra from Baltimore furnished the music i --Mrs J. C. Naill has been the guest ! of Mr. and Mrs. Carl Kndeli, Wasiung- :on. D C --Mr and Mrs. Schlcy Jenkins and children visited Mr. and Mrs. Charles ! J Gunri. Sunday: Dana Gunn. of Bal- j t.more, has been spending a few weeks j at the same p'ace. --Mr and Mrs Harry Moore and i sen*. Westminster, were Sunday guests of Mr and Mrs. Thomas Moore. ST. --Mr arid Mrs Arthur Hooper. Balti- I more, spent Sunday evening at the ' :o naught. A shcrt : rne af:c-r he was killed in the French Revolti'ion On " cesth the nur.'s story ·aas rev.ved and a concerted effort to collect funds and b-.ild the cr.urch was rr.ade. But aga.n -HP pTO'c*c* .ailco. From tirn? t.- time thereafter ar- iempts were made to builcl the church c.:ers made a pilgrimage to the church : jr to gr.s thaiiss far France's victory. ' i| The church stands near the s-te of · jt the mart-.-riorn of St Denis arid two j j| others who brought CnnsrianiTM to S France They were murdered on the ' mount by Romans, -sho then occupied '£ the land. Calvary AAethodist Episcopal Church WEST SECO:*D STREST AT MEMORIAL PARK G. ELLIS WILLIAMS. D. D.. Minister AN37A M. SCHAUTZ. Assistant 9.45 A. M.--CHURCH SCHOOL. Mr. Casper E. Cline, Superintendent. 11.00 A. M.--" ASSURED PROTECTION/' 7.30 P. M.--"RELIGION.·' This is the fourth tn s. series of sermons on "Youth aiKi Their Problems." SPECIAL MUSIC BY THE VESTED CHOIR A Cordial Welcome Awaits You Always at Calvary orn? of h.s parents. Mr. and Mrs. Jef- Sfenin? *Ksh:?. 730 o--l-:c: sermon. "The Ways of G^s Cor.real- Crbana Methodist Episcopal Ch»ire- H«.-. W B.^5 Hl'.ic't. rr_nister Arsbr -- Pirr.'Jay sc"r.c--l 10 a. m. I · ~.-r^~^".5 -- Sjndij sc.-xxl. 10 a. rr. . Tharmont I". B. Cltarge Re". H S. K;v.,::. ^^-tor. Deerf.e' school. - p m : «orsh:p. S r rr. . sermor. bv paster. doa'.ir:; -sith rural church Thurrr.cnt--S^-^day school. 9 30 a rr. - wc-^ :^30 a rr. t su5;-c-ct. - R u - ral C" -rc~. C rl nr^crarns 7 3D p rr. ; f-?-.-f .*---« at S oclocv. serrnoa 'by Carl Urb'.r. j y. j ferson Hooper. --Mr and Mrs W-J-iarr. Franklin and ! children. Mrs. Luther Franklin, Wood- 5 bine, spen; Sunday with Mr. arid Mrs i Fred Franklin ITnjon Gospel Mission- : tenday schocl. 3 p. re. Totr=5 people's service, 6.53 p. tn. '· Evening service. 7 30 o clock in charge of Harry Hildebranc. OOtl-o.5* pr£~?T m^C - -^5» ^-AT _·» St 2xX2ie or H-er^^z Crs^^rd. :;* N:r/- TTa-- *·-- c~-*w-- _DCwu.^«' *JVVCbape: pra-er c*e~.:r^ ?vTar 25 .r. c^. ^ Bethel Tabernacle. West X.nth s^ee^ r.ear Market. Mas Evelyn D Becker. Oistor. Sunday schoo'.. S 45 a m Cr^-rl-es H 3 Hagan, superintendent. Worship. 11 a. m.--' The Tabernacle." ' mon by paster. Thursday. 7 45 p. K . rrudweet praye- · aud praise service. ', 1 p. rr... prayer service j Evar-ss'.^t.: wriio* j tent ^a Mt. i Pleasar.t eiery r..ght. 7 45 o'clock, i Preaching oy Evangelist Betty Bevior, j Wasfctag".on. Croar.a -- S-.niav scJyy%T. 9 45 a. in : onli.p and scrrr.jn. '.". a m. Ttica Lotheran Parish. K-=--. F H S-.oel. ?sft-?r C~--a--S inda;. school ? 30 a rr. : o-^iLD. i: 30 a x. 3---.-.-.--Sun^iv srhyv 1 30 p rn: i . - .:.ier Lir--? 6 30 f. rr. . -»or- Thnrmont M. E. Charge. Eoi Zarl S H'Ttf". rastor sdav. 7 30 p rr.. 3.b S'tsdy Gracehajn Morarian Chirrfh. Rev E. D 3-^ncV-r rMtor. Sor.dav scr. x v i P 3-" 1 a m. 30 a rr. Eorkittsrille Reformed Charje, Rev Dr P. E K^^r.'-r '.irply pa?tor B-r-i.-\=.-.l«--Sur.iay school. 930 a m.; *c-j.i.TJ a"d :rrr. r.. I" 1 30 a rr. ; Tr-e Pr.ce of "r* Best " P.r.--.' sc;;xi".. : 30 p. m : worship ar.i s«nr.-jii. 3 30 ? rr. Y ? C £ 645 p m Worship. 7 30 r rr. ffoodsboro-Edsrevrood Church Of God. Ro- W-.tint Ja:scn. past-cr Wo\xl-XrD--S-r-.av school 10 a ra ; rreachlr.? 11 a m Sd?e7ocd--Sjndaj school, 8.30 a. a; preachin;. 7.45 p. rn. St. John's Lutheran Church. Thurnwnt, R-. K Corbett. pastor. Sunday sc'rocl. 9 30 a. rn. Service. 10 45 a tn. Vesper sernre. 7 30 p rr.. Wednesday. 7 30 p m, midweek ser- v.c? Mt. Pleasant Mt p-casant Mar :; --The Sevres :«rr. v-.f :h- Mt pvasant Grar.jt. ac- or s r.u-=Vr cf :h c era.-.!? 1 ^T?*^' - vyj ~ c J r?d 'o V -T Market cuc:«3 3. class of^s m» the first ar.d .tccrii decre-? of the orOr f?r t.te Nw ^rk«t" Grange ~ TW - ? M: ?:«sar.t H^xurr. Club rrw: ^edn;5^3y at the h-prrx 1 of Airs w M Mr? W T Biscr arc -jr-^ia'Lon "iS' Ear: MoDe-.i;- --Th{- Mr, PlMsanl p^b'_c school w.L | *· -\" ·· a ~ »»-- v . . . - .· . . ..:... a ,3.--\*. on ,.ic sc.ioo^ crc-tinds Fr.iJiy aijht. May 27. --M^$ Alice Etzlr. -s-ho -ras operated ut«ri for arjper.dicitis at the Fredenck hospital Mondav. ^ ______^-_^ i ii?^'?^ : Fi?^iFftiFi?^?^f$? s ^^ I AMileTbAnywKere BY HELEN WELSHDIER It is a mile to anywhere Since you have gone away. A funny little crooked mile I cannot walk today. i am afraid that I might find A crumpled heart you tossed Into tall weeds as" you went by . A broken dream you lost. It may be you waik slowly And wait for me to go That tangled path to find you-If only I could know! --One of th«- beaut;, spots of our towT. is the Sower garden of XL-s. C King. In the rulip bed s has ' 435 t.'.pj 0 : xhich 275 are now in ' an 3 ch-i-.r. C.V.-tn .; Gr ' St. Mark's Ev. Lntheran, SabinasvOle- Re-. Charles B Corbe't. pastor. Sunday school. 9 30 a m. Cor^tuin Endeavor, 6.30 p rn. and M. -- A-r.on; tho«e wV s^n: last Sun- ant dv. s,:n Mr and Mrs. Jaines Shelto-a ' -- Mr and ·*.:· y-r» Mrs Warner her g-and- Arn-= . SOT. Mr Bowens aid wife. Bait-more. Mr and Mrs. Ksr^ry Engelareci: Mr and Mrs. WUliam Sunday. Ixs.-.-.r.-..r Mt ?.;.·..-- ciurhte.-. Misses Jessie and Mildred. 3i.'-T:re sper.t SandAy -s-.;h the fam- Frecc :.:.-. Tlit Wilton dam in Alabama, cori- tairs 1 - t *1 fro f i t f c vard? of ronrr* 1 '?. Your Ship Comes t In When you. the skipper, steer its course safely to the home port and happiness. This bank . serves as a lighthouse to aid in avoiding shipwreck. Use its help--regularly by saving a little each week. THE FREDERICK COUNTY NATIONAL BANK XO. 1 XORTH MARKET STREET Wliere Banking is a Pleasure \

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